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Mut & Keefe react to the 2017 Baseball Hall of Fame elections

Jan 19, 2017|

Mut and Rich Keefe are talking all about the 2017 Baseball Hall of Fame class and the voting percentages of some notable steroid-era players, and Curt Schilling who lost a significant percentage of votes from last year to this year.

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Now the ballots are at any Baseball Hall of Fame adds three new members set to be sent to Cooperstown a this summer to be Jeff Bagwell the former Red Sox prospect thank you Lou Gorman Tim Raines and pudge Rodriguez his first on the ballot getting in a at the catcher position mob would you guys until 10 o'clock tonight here on WEE on a hot stove show. How well time here this evening 7 o'clock Bradford to mossy. I'll join us here in studio reacting to all things Baseball Hall of Fame rich keep it here now Tony very spirited. Wish it was on the air reaction I want Michael Holley yes I was very upset. About some of the way this ball went down last ten minutes Bagwell rains and pudge Rodriguez in a I don't think a big surprise based on the not mister Toews voting tally to keep track of you right had a very good update pudge got a late surge here because much of the week he was on the outside looking in a and three guys like Bob hall of famers and abide a vote rich they would have been part of my ballot this year along with smothers who did not get in the I had three guys were the hall of fame consideration here to. Yeah and Jeff Bagwell pudge Rodriguez I definitely to that in Tim Raines. Maybe not as enjoyable for ten and I thought there were ten guys out he takes. Well I know people are needing the rain love it brains why they love him. So much Everett Dawkins different stories about how he's the the Rickey Henderson of the National League is nobody had a chance to see him. Of the stats don't entirely backed that up it played a long time is a nice player. Remember Tim Raines he could steal Bagger to rock grades is he really. They're revolving I would say you know I would see how well and it is highly do what Twitter wants to do you're out there that vote for Tim Raines I am man you'll get people care for now in things about some music right now than the Expos and that is now. Larry Walker is not going to be in summit he's got a good to see back well and putt drugs Robert Rigas gated a couple of guys who played during a certain era. Guys who Maryland happy the Royce aero Mott that in these steroid chicks dig the long ball era. And those were two great players during that time and you that they didn't failed drug tests. We are these TBWA writers like to pretend they know who did the stuff who didn't do the stuff and things like that. And for both of them where there's been sort of rumors or innuendo. Two dated for back will be 86 point 2% and they got as promising to eventually getting the guys who. In my mind deserved to be in the hall of fame or worse step. Closer to that well a couple of headlines here it's I would get your reaction throughout its 617779793. Sevenths wall wall footballers expect here. On the station last couple of our last couple of days it'll be like that up until. On the double header on Sunday able get into football later on tonight but put this election here tonight we start with the news of Babel rains a robbery is getting in. That is part of the story. Trevor Hoffman. Missed by one percentage point to get 74% of the vote tonight rich. 327. Votes I believe he needed 332. That's correct and he would have needed 331 if not for one Seth Livingstone of the Cleveland plain dealer. Who wanted to send a statement to the hall of fame so he signed his ballot sensitive blank. No that would count as a ballot and would count as a vote that did not go to anybody. You dummy BB WA about one of them aren't morons in Major League Baseball and hope for this thing go into that here is second. He misses out by 50 with a shipment war I'm glad Amir Guerrero Whiting is borderline on people have him in a I have often and by the way it Guerrero 71 point 7%. ID at 317 we fell fifteen votes short it feels like pace in the way this thing goes. Off inning Guerrero will get in a next year they get even a marginal bump up in the voting process that's fine I mean I probably wouldn't have voted for Trevor Hoffman this time around but that's not want or I would look at him like Mike Ireland Ireland anybody in my view is that the most dominant closer in my lifetime it's rod is Rivera and Trevor Hoffman. Yeah but probably but are you don't often was was. Good enough for Rivera is a no brainer hall of Famer like just because so raise a good example just because you're the second best leadoff men errors because of the second best. Closer. Does not Mac team you don't put Jamal fame please in my mind. Whereas agog Vladimir Guerrero arm I'm surprised that he didn't get him but he absolutely deserved it and play a dominant player. But well first your on the ballot urge on the ballot is dubbed the voting things rich where guys don't want to vote certain players and they say tied obligated birth Balladur. That dumb ass argument. For Guerrero followed guys who will give him. That was the top five going five guys to get 70% or more of the vote here tonight. I Edgar Martinez ends up at 58 point 6% that is up from 43. A year ago he got a huge bump up an avid PH is gonna get in prior to David Ortiz. He is trending the right way that is not the big story building in Babel rains are Rigas getting it to me is not the big story even Curt Schilling. Dropping the percentage points he did not the big story big story to me is. That the jump in voting for a couple of branded. Basically guilty known steroid guys. Roger Clemens got 239 votes Richie got 5441%. That is up from 45 a year ago. Allele and a 199 votes we picked up. What forty votes from last year to this year. Barry Bonds got 44 point three year ago he gets 53 point eight this year up 10% and it. I I I thought these are two guys are rich that would never ever ever. Get a hall of fame. They've both got big time increases Clemens got a 67% increase. After getting 7% increase last year. Bonds gets a 810% increase basically offer 7% increase the year before. These are two guys that I would say based on the results here this year. On. They got a shot and I would've thought given Balco Barry Bonds Clemens and McNamee stuff. That these steroid guys would never get in and and minus reactions seeing this maybe you disagree. Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds are going to be in baseball things and. Someday I think they are I think it's the turn over and voters there's there's more voters. Mark that I etc. probably our age you may or don't hold it against them as much as some of the older purist though those guys this is unbelievable this happened to the game. Bud Selig is in the hall of fame now yeah I think that's a big part of it. And then even as they said you know you know Bagwell and podge don't have the same. Connection as I Clemens and bonds still there's still some mystery there and if you're willing to look the other way or that you know. Both guys in like that that I think you have to be. More willing devoted two of the most dominant players in baseball history but regardless of what they were doing it. They didn't tell us to go back in the strike the MVPs fit and remove the cy young's for Roger Clemens is career so I've always thought there there were bowl. Hall of famers and this is definitely a big jump I heard an interview to encourage him and he was saying that. If those two got around 60%. This year it'd be more inevitable that they eventually did end. I still think there have to be happy with the mid fifties because that is a whole 10% higher than there were last year. And now they're about 20% or so shy of getting in all together so they so got a bunch years left on the ballots by the gag right and it ultimately didn't yet know. Not vote to be in the way it works right now because there if you're saying you're voting in the mean you're just putting them in and having a nice plaque there and and not acknowledging and all what happened your eyes this is why we all know what happened well this is my dom. Bad sports take when it comes to this and that if you wanna put these guys in at some level. ID Balco on that plaque is for Barry Bonds I need Mac in his testimony. And on Roger Clemens like he'd think is gaining get a plaque like everyone else did how could you possibly say that some say Tim Raines you know the assault Famer anyway right. The Tim Raines gets in yet to build those candy back in the days. Little book I should be added this calls out of equities at gabbana didn't break any I guess it's like these bring new rule. On. Playoffs every rule of law and a tough battle it's and you think he's Altman were never test upon its steroid obviously rumor is part of the era. He gets the same type a plaque and same acknowledgment the bonds and Clemens do I affect those guys should be lucky to get the same kind of plaque there half the player you think Tim Raines the better player than Barry Bonds on no I don't. But you got derailed in the hall fare Barry Bonds not yeah I don't Barry Bonds Roger Clemens Manny Ramirez have opened those guys are was bear on suspended for wanted to get the did not get out there. But I edge there there is a now Balco news there between the book was written by Tim. Mark turn a lot out of ESPN payment forget the other offered up ya ya yeah I was pretty heavily di tale about his presence of for its anti drugs between the clear eccentric okay up Roger Clemens was at. Is is a former player of it team is Andy Pettitte basically said. He used during his career Jose Canseco tolls on the use plugs out of there not at all have a lot of sand box of writers today saying we don't think Jeff Bagwell used yet so Zane Yost they use it out of there there are a lot of misguided and I had Manny the other one here we're talking about it Manny is just. He got bank twice for that mean he got he got caught a big ugly and work even A-Rod didn't actually get caught in your right on the clock and get caught now got caught a. Couple I'd. I put him in because what he did prior to that he didn't get caught prior to that he was playing an arrow where I was so many guys were were doing that and he was one of the best players. I just the best players in the hall of fame. I don't hold onto this the stiffer standard about how well you know after the fact like you know there's all these links to the you know different steroids thing. Seven MVPs. The big take those away they stripped those so over that decade who were who was the best player in baseball it was Barry Bonds bonds a Griffey you can make it to UK's bonds is the greatest baseball herbal time you could you can look at the numbers you both Rome. They didn't remove any of those they didn't say how old discount these home runs in those home runs. They didn't do that so I want him in the hall of fame shirt there was a little asterisk by his name or at least a description of what was going on around them. I don't care he can I would you do that I want I personally don't need I think people understand. What's what's surrounding him in the in the fact that. Our here's this guy maybe the greatest player ever he gets in now on his seventh year on the ballot adding people donors a lot of those guys in first now. Rain is better than Barry Bonds like now he's he's not so he. One of the big headline out of the announcement that that will rains and Rodriguez pudge Rodriguez kid and it it's the increase for the steroid guys bonds up 10% Clemens up. I said it's I think 7% it's actually morgue that's about 9% and five a year ago. You know 54 this year. Manny Ramirez who I thought given got I think again to suspensions and of his career on dodge and razor Dodgers in Dodgers. And a 105 votes. 23 point 8% for guy on two different occasions was spent about visually based on egg back the last one. Essentially ended his career retired and I'm not gonna take under game outside here are gonna go out to go to Korea where he's playing he's gonna play in Japan now now yeah some sort of like I need not New York Penn style leagues the independent like Long Island ducks. A guy and natural pride it's another. Harvard like valor reliable yes he gets 23. Point 8% now say what you want about. Is better hitter. They'll layer walker better hitter than Gary Sheffield. But he also has the steroid. Stain really on any more so than bonds and Clemens go by the suspension of it. I am forty gets 23 point 8% now to be assigned a meter mirrors it's all right went amazingly is gonna get himself a hall fame with those twos is thought. Understand though and in the right -- little more clear cut so if you just say I personally popular vote for a steroid guide to be in in baseball for someone who actually gets caught like sort of the princess that you as a mock an MB sixty QDQ I know what he's saying we don't want bonds and Clemens and that's not a what else they know we can't write that he sang the cute I'll say so I think it's open player gets suspended it. For anything. Are they not eligible for the hall of fame. What what are we talking about so hopefully get to say this guy's got that Michael Pineda had a handle that pine tar on his back or never really get suspended for game so when he gets suspended for games so he's not. Like he banned from baseball this isn't even Pete Rose this is completely different mailer mere I would put it define different argument for different day actually maybe this is the day but the only Davis says the cavs are let out but back any Ramirez he's the guy who. Didn't get suspended between 98 in away where he was one of the best players in all of baseball bat decade Ron. He was as consistent and as good of a hitter. In the majors and that app. After that it gets spent her early in that late in the deck in early 2000 wither and they do it I don't know I don't know there are not there reporting those guys that they played under what are the rules were as crazy as they were they were their hiding stuff but the testing was batter whatever else. As a matter those numbers still stay in those those records in all everything else still stand and then after the fact yeah he gets popped. Four. Steroids or whatever those things were that he got popped for UMass needs they were together that they are there. But he gets suspended he serves the suspension and then moves on its not like where is that written that if you get it. You do hit for steroids that you can't you're not no longer eligible for all things. I it's not read anywhere rising as a voter you're allowed to side and ended uses it it showed its ugly head this time around. With that ridiculous and I admit it's ridiculous character clause right in your use of the Iraq parents they got suspended or your bad Balco or your Roger Clemens no reason that. That's the character clauses still there and wallets they're you can say the guy got suspended. Nicholas gets his character he knowingly cheap knock in a vote difference I had a ridiculous gray area and fired a course that is investors hang on to because. And I'll give you the best example lights down. Curt Schilling last year to thirty voters are Kirch that was hall of Famer or you're. A 199 he lost. One votes. Or the player carts selling brighter this year we have about all I know what happened back in the the voters didn't like any say EE EE blight in re tweeted a mean that said when some journalist. Based article on against him they voted against them and he has I think the biggest drop by far he had 52%. Of the vote he was trending towards. Getting new you know this works which get 52 and 56 and sixty might get the sixty essentially. He went from 52 year ago. Down to I believe 45 this year as we lost a big percentage jumped up from last year not as bad thought it was going to be. But to your point thank those same voters that I guess he's like I and the character author's direct. Are clearly using was shelling because he lost 31 votes and -- seat he pitched 1200 games yet this past year had nothing artists legacy other than. I'll be little active on social meet all of thing is kind of a sham in the sense that you can you can gain direct you can guess the either drastically either gain or lose votes. Years after you've played it's silly Liggett let there's a huge turnover in the voting body it makes zero sense. Likely Jim Rice is a good example or you know Tim Raines is a good example or some of these other guys who don't get in until one of their last cracks the window you'd you have good all of a sudden what happened on your careers over low back the baseball card is done about updating anymore. You basically you should be a first doll they were or not a not a golf him. That's why do you it now I guess it's different if you can only voted ten and I was on the stuff. But if you're not in right away that's not like we have to vote immediately these guys have to be retired for five years. So to me you're either in order or you're not you're not gonna. A guy who I think of the hall of Famer today. I will also think of the hall of Famer a year from now in the guys that I don't think Earl whenever I'm also gonna think art hall of Famer a year from except we have a ten person limit that's the one error by right Arctic like there's got to do on a bad buster bitches about that so that's their own fault because they log jammed all these guys bonds and Clemens should have been in ten years ago on Schilling are pot should be five years ago showing should have been in five years ago. So there wouldn't it there's only two or three candidates every year that really deserve to be yen so that the ten voting thing that's on that's on them while this gets back. Into the voting process will will populace we come back they're they're going to next year. On make you put your name on the ballot so at some guys make their ballots public now Tomas he hates the idea that the gonna make you all if you open the baseball fame. Make your vote public in 2017 for 2018 I love it because it keeps guys in check you've got to sort of back up your vote yeah if you were the person. I'm not a lot I am doing the segments are you guys might all there on Twitter who this laws. If you're the person who voted for Tim Wakefield the whole thing Tim Wakefield today yup got a whole available. I want you to defend you need to lose if you're if you're one of the two people that voted for Jason Varitek today for the hall of fame Syria explain your vote. Two people gave Edgar Renteria a vote for the hall of fame. I need an explanation on those and this is why there needs to be a checks and balances here. If if you can vote for ten. You'll X amount of time and a ballot. I'm thirty seasonable for your buddies and they were great Red Sox players Red Sox hall of famers and Varitek and Wakefield the idea somebody voted for them. And to be able to protect one for Tim Wakefield for the hall of fame today. Is beyond silly rich like this is that the BB WA a consent is using their votes to say thanks guys they liked it to charity events for them or. You know give the autograph to a they're kid. A long way. Wakefield got a vote tech got 23 got to a Magglio Ordoñez it's got three eggs. Article puts it at seventy that's in times its people to think went from Johnny Damon. I might have just I don't know right from wrong that he bought for Clemens and not on the payment third. Who set or was his dissent it's at if it was adult voting situation would probably John game because he's the one I'm in his article writing about Curt Schilling. Kemp mentioned that he never told people that people the family members a Curt Schilling would tell him up Curt Schilling and his dog rooting Thanksgiving. You mentioned that an actual story about the baseball hall of fame and so an idea oddly John Adams probably Johnny we pulled his ballot emblem of the council will be. At the of the public ones can also look for now this point. But I I need to know vote for Tim. Does yeah it into adjacent to attack like. How do you. I'd what you I don't hospital tonight Wright tomorrow as prominent mosque is going to be a little but rob doesn't. Well I thought I heard some of us rob doesn't have a vote they had to reset so when rob left the I wanna say Lawrence eagle Tribune a cracked he got kicked out of the BB WA because he came here to WEEI dot com. And their battle Al model while at and if we were all surprised at. At that point they were recognizing web sites now of course they are so he had to reset his countered some while now and also he'll go on to yet. He can maybe can help vote Clemens and bonds and yeah I mean I'm sure he will tell we're getting your reaction to this Bagwell rains Rodriguez in often a robbery at gog Guerrero just miss. The steroid guys are popping Curt. Schilling has down no surprise and chilling out of Famer. Still it he's not in that guys like tech in Wakefield. I get from throwing vote the ended too bad for J. D. Drew. Here's the ballot got zero votes op chaparral Pat The Bat paranoia about a no votes. Who else here pretty Sanchez move. At CL for princess and banners and now mature in prison now we have callers wanted defended Jason Varitek focus should be 6617779. 7937. As your phone number can Texan as well 37937. Your reaction to. The voting process the guys get in the steroid guys the guys who just missed. I'm not thinking of reacting with you hot stove show with seven right here on W media. Reacting to Baseball Hall of Fame voting tonight Bagwell rains and pudge Rodriguez and a Trevor often falls five votes short 1% Vlad Guerrero is on the doorstep at 71 point 7%. Clemens and bonds and Manny. Big stock up four. Either known or highly highly suspected steroid guys getting 5453. In Manny getting 23% of the vote. Stock down four Curt Schilling on who dropped about seven percentage points based on a game team and based on a i.'s reaction console should be Ethel and act intended to rich in a Beatrice and to see. What kind of reaction he gets nationwide getting your thoughts as well 617779. 79837. The phone army can Texan as well 37937. Always on Twitter. And Kieft when he won and it mutt and UT. WEEI Schilling mussina. You all the numbers and chilling it had a better create a might be seeded and Mike Mussina gets more percentage of the votes here today and chilling drops down I mentioned that what we're gonna have next year is. People having to make all their votes public. They actually might help Curt Schilling regain some of that lost momentum from losing 31 votes this year. On because you're gonna you gonna vote for somebody or not hope for them they can be sums of explanation warranted and we Schilling. We're in an all lot of people did last year we'll see that did not pull for a this year guys like came in Gaza Shaughnessy. I'm Mike Jalen of the Boston Herald who did not double for me either and now the ball becomes all the upper body next year so. Maybe a case where people are penalized and chilling in my mind stupidly. For social media interactions that may be come back around because given his regular season and is post season bridge I. Partially to slam dunk for me it's all guys all. Were some meat to I don't know if public ballots is gonna make a huge difference is we've already seen so many guys are heard so many guys say yeah I'm not bode personally. And all these different app asinine stories that they've come up with the volume fail me dinners or wherever else Thanksgiving we we've heard all these so people are admitting right now. The Dem voter forum and if you work for some small paper and you happen have a vote and you don't Loper Schilling. But he really gonna have to face the music but what are your you make it invited to come on in the morning show here in Boston they'll say oh thanks. Then they'll make quality per day available on our even though that's gonna change things I don't think people like domino have to defend not voted for showing they'll just use the the personality. Claus or the hell else their elders and they'll move on the character clauses going to affect a lot of this going forward and I guess with the explanation or that the votes becoming public. The guys who saw the increase guys like bonds and Clemens again you're gonna have to sort of explain that away at some level. Op amp for voting for those guys but it would Adobe so there's more accountability. And that's why I think this thing needs more of I feel like these guys use the that the character clause how they wanna use it rich. On the able for guys their friends seed Jason Varitek seed Tim Wakefield getting combined. Three votes this time around they helpful for guys they don't agree with or don't like in and chilling saw the brunt of that this year. May not be called op at least you've got to at some level. You happy at a you know you both public you can't hide behind. Anonymous now you can't just bolt for say Tim Wakefield and no one knows full well well for two way I think. The best part of this will be the next time. I Ken Griffey junior comes on the ballot or the next or whoever that guy is that you think should be unanimous though we know it's it's ever happened but whoever that is when you find out that so and so is three votes short. Who are those three guys. Or those three people didn't vote for can write you a who who are you what what's your problem. And then on the flip side to match and Varitek and Wakefield who are those guys to the extremes like those are the people who really should. Lose their vote but I know it's not put in place that way but if there's a guy who everybody thinks is the hall they were but you. We are if you're doing rightly what what what's your angle why do you not think efforts in the hall of Famer and then conversely. Why are you the only person in the world there's four or 42 votes and you are the one that the think that Tim Wakefield bike helmet with a straight face by Tim Wakefield in the hall fame. Those people shouldn't have boats and. Yeah I'm I'm okay I'm okay taking people's vote I think that's what they're there's going to be feral was among some of these voters will seek Etsy voters decide look my boats republic. I don't wanna vote anymore I don't have to defend my vote like putting like telling people at home I like being able to. Not talked awhile about whether he's in the voting for the the president voting for the Baseball Hall of Fame in the case wrongly assert my guys get in. And we don't know we don't know some of these voters with former 42 votes cast we I don't know baseball team has tried to. We got some of the older voters rich get out of the new voters the Tim Raines vote this year is a major example that. We don't know exactly who is voting we don't know you thirty year how much some of these guys are actually paying attention of the sport. Eight checks and balances will give you ideas OK this guy clearly. Got the hall of fame an idea. Okay this guy's not paying attention and don't make it easier for them if they wanna go about it this way. It'll be easier to rid themselves of some of that older not paying attention vote hate the sickest all the 'cause maybe younger people much going to be and Erica kidding about that yet we'll soccer but like you are if you're not paying attention. Right there we wanna know who you are a wanna get people like lot robbed Brad Brad or Robinson vote. He can't get himself then. We want those guys voting were paying attention are passionate about via making their vote count in Texas the extra work. This extremes area of the promise Lago who cares if you know people are all gonna vote the same that's great but the whole point. But there are the guys who are briefings are or aren't hall of famers or is extra guys. Whether it on the ballot we don't know I guess we we do know why we we know what qualifies you to be on the ballot for the for some don't even get votes. Is comical and that I think there may be less of that with the public well we'll get the calls her second C you are pro this there were guys yeah it's okay. But that's the best guys is that is it steroid I don't want my Brendan Donnelly in the home okay will be a kind of my argument would be Sammy Sosa had hall of fame numbers our government for a long stretch I vote for him. He saw an increase from seven to. Eight point 6% nowhere knee that it's nowhere near the increase of odd Clemens and yeah I would say are rich just as guilty debit people Sammy Sosa so what's the U Tony's did you vote for all three of those yes. Where's the difference there wider two guys get yup 53. And and and 54%. One guy's getting 8% of your sandal these guys should be well I personally would vote those guys in but I understand why where the gap is because there are the people who say. Rob on the clemens' hall of famers even before the talk everything what we know exactly when they tell us where they'll talk like them they do it doesn't get that sense I do you have a release that reads that way. But that's one argument the other argue would just beat. Bonds is the best position player Clemens is the best picture of the last what 23 decades saw winnable for those guys and then I try to poke holes in summary like Sosa who I think if you really look at it. I don't use use all jacked up and a deal pub to the gills on whatever he was on a but look at the MVP votes look at the look at that the raw numbers he should be into Peters and Salem talking about the hall of freebies next up WEB I would much and keep. Peter to take out I don't lets us run what do much that actually one that actually agree on the percent to. The lesser one and about. Compelling conversations never saw it while you are so passionate about it too and I really regret that later in Howard's. You know like to acquire utterly ignorant and cracks at it like. The water out of the hall of fame. And let you know we're gonna put out these guys it's like I I just you know like at rock rained in the news. I mean having a lot like that expressed the state like you know this guy that guy shouldn't be but I know that most of ventured he would. No I mean. It's it's like I can't really find. That there's a way that they justify it with ease what the writers. I just I don't know I just this week I agree with you guys and I think they've got to do something about it. In I think is also a certain point about. What about the steroid I gotcha I look at it as the duration of the whole career. So if you look at look at art you know look I want you look at Manny. You look at those guys there I mean don't cut off banners slow that it for the drugs or. Died and it and they made millions of dollars doing it no one's taken where their money as far as we know Peter thanks for the call and the kind words no it's taken away their records their their numbers stole. My point is you you don't get to Warhol thing and that's the penalty for gay and suspended a couple times or Balco or. I'm clemens' case having McNamee any former teammate testify essentially. That you use to lure you to play god then that's that's Bible I wanna have a vote on if you don't have a vote yes. And I'll say this about we'll get to the break here. But that the Twitter phenomenon we're talking about. It is clear cut and dry with Tim Raines. Tim Raines I think was a ease border Gabby really good debate about Tim Raines. Jonah Keri were now we're several B network has but he's been he's been pro rains like five years pushed or pushed or pushed it they got a new block of voters in. On the Tim Raines momentum got going on social media Tim Raines gets in you would have man crises borderline just barely and I don't sound silly to do it this way but Tim Raines got 86% of the vote today. Sandy Colfax and get in 1972. Got 86% of them. Bush they'll let us publicly though again get your notice your dog sitting compacts. I going you guys Tim Raines got more hall of fame vote by about a percentage then. Yogi Berra. And 85% of what he had in nineteen of the top balance having to thaksin Barrick now hobbled Gideon 72 Barry Larkin also got 86 or something. Percent of the bow Paul Molitor 85. Ernie Banks 83. Frank Thomas 83. Pounds of much better hitter and I think in that raid yes yeah I would and so accurately 83 army killed 83. Say start to go down you say okay rains. It it almost got too aggressive and it's nit picky but that's we do in this business. Is this much France Asa eight those still are now 86 was gone through all of us are not out podcast and it's not court I Carlos didn't get that segment combined you know I shall be historic voting process on this is a year what ten for rains right that is on about the egg in bed for the entire 72 ballot I wanna see who those guys are back. Who is voting on that. DQ the Q. The Q so I just UGQ all these 86% is real aggressive. Fourteen greens yet seems high to me. Without the bump of what 15% or 70% I think from last year he had last year did did did did it look layer walker my. No grade the year ago averaged 307 votes 69 point 8%. So if bonds and Clemens have race that similar increase when they're gonna get this is it three years from now that to me that the bigger the way to go and they show. Talking about those has been in your Rent A Center like ours are vasser is like a little thing it's a bad call on the plaque and economic I don't take my neck my back Sunday ears well I not to go to Cooperstown that is why I. Well there's a boring policy it adds up at the scarlet asks wanna see a scarlet S on those. Lack happening. He's our home run king they're getting they're definitely getting in get the warrior phone call 617779. Seven ID 37 hot stove show at the mossy Bradford in here at seven WE yeah. The browse cute little blue. Plus the sound from the annual hall of famers next hour Bagwell rains and pudge get in. He tracked down Curt Schilling at some point the next couple hours interest and his take he's tweet about this tonight as CBS sports RD has the story saying. Curt Schilling is worth money kept the model holds that feels like the reaction to meet tonight and certainly. Not to go look for the BB WAA wind up players named Tim Wakefield Jason Varitek and Magglio Ordonez get votes. If Schilling loses votes here I'd 2017. I'm gonna give UA 23 hour. Head start on homework for tomorrow. Drew a lot of homework sites really it's it's the only hour you'll do it's awful all this week. So tomorrow just on just ready to go at six I will be with what Arnold Butte Pelletier picking at that time pats Steelers the car and I need these stat you're hanging your hat on type bodies that today that is BP. I'm picking the patriots over the Steelers and an error an office that I I need to what your hand their hat on to money and needs to it's we base had had lost that yes. I brought that a hangar yet. I think we've sent a segment that we output at everyday at 650 if you did there. Got a hat yet that this this or that. It's doctor Richard Providence on the hall of fame tonight richer on WEEI. Good evening Hillary don't do do you reach. How are ardent gun a little I got a little I got a little problem of poultry in the border and not problem arises nobody to blame and add it to the trainers. They own a team doctors that not turn them again I. When it got a common to critic imported plot also lol oh muscle weight. Which is bottled water guy but you knew you can't tell. Looking at that would most are looking forward to make all of it because it's not gotten lost their voice pitched just. And now they wanna paralyzed and when not in a whole grain. I mean a record alone but that's the wrong district. Ryan had a lot of right of the differ there right it all hole or to hold your horses keep. Parents you would admit though when a player like Manny Ramirez gets suspended twice at the end of his career I'd and the testing policy was in place rich and he knew the rules. When he did what he did. Oh. He's a native of being caught up mainly in Japan as the elderly business equipment operated out. Skeptic on the cents. But I think of a player gets suspended that doesn't mean they're not on the hall of fame like so what Rodney Harrison received ineligible from hall of fame because of the Packers are sent to his house ready these other players that begin popped for. For different things different sports it just seems like in baseball you you'd be taking your your not you but. I'm not you might I have for these voters roughly. Or just saying well no they can't be in the hall fame that's just you're making that up on your on that that's how you feel about it I don't know where your where you're getting that from when it comes to football there's also no character clause right it is as though you're all about the character cloth when it comes to steroid at least it is built into this and I didn't like the character clause but the good guys. But the carrot that that's that's the thing it's bait like it's a bit of Ty Cobb that. Sure big it was put it like it's its anyway are gonna give us our on this crap now out of out of it. It's never a dull dumb rule and announcing it that fits my argument for a second it was put in place by Kennesaw mountain freaking Landis or Joseph Jackson and other black sock White Sox. Didn't get it she was that the only reason it was put in the first place and now we are using it for. Our curt Schilling's means or in the case of steroids at least with a baseball you can say it's their much I don't like it in football whatever reason. I can't I you're goes up they're choppers on the ballot. And he's all van prominent voted man now there's sharper date ripping people left and right presented their drinks and that's good to literally every state if it nationwide torn nation Chardonnay the Ed I did their jobs. It rate in women okay. He wants to vote and in the Rodney Harrison got four games rates DH if you want it is no character clause their son not to give it a dumb way of looking at him but. In baseball for better or for worse. You can point to that and say you're saying just get suspended. They did he has been cheated the sport knew the rules cheated Pete Rose Chee wee on that double players who got suspended for other things and and that means they broke the rules. And so that doesn't disqualify them from being on the ballot you dear friends tested the Q. Sort of the point that out and you know what it does disqualify them very clearly. Good point. So I think take away. Of this ballot tonight is the steroid guys the big name guys especially bonds and Clemens as the big names. They don't also they're gonna get and that's my big news tonight my big news there would be it looks really good for David Ortiz. Right. If if Edgar file that lists zinni got twenty. You've got 23% he got to suspensions and if people are suffering on bonds and that's a good point and those guys you know and if if Bagwell who again to serve more innuendo but if he's able to get to 86 point 2%. Maybe people look the other way was David Ortiz being on the atlas. Nick on Twitter want to get our quick. Take country or brought that I got him in although it's very very bored. Public know me and if again I'll stick into the ten guys that I don't vote for ten guys that are on this ballot he's now one of the top ten I would have huge problems he got in but I would not edit their more deserving players aren't you mark six sounds good all right my homework you get your homework done go home study up Kieft when he won on Twitter follow between him. As much as you possibly can't keep video we're gonna can the baseball conversation hot stove show is up next to mossy Bradford a and you hear on W the.