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The NFL's final four is showcasing four of their greatest quarterbacks

Jan 19, 2017|

Dale, Michael and Rich Keefe discuss the conference finals, and how the four remaining teams may have the four best qb's in the league playing for them.

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During his playoff. You guys are gonna not play again I mean you relish the opportunity to see the you know I've been through town and take him. You have an excuse to dress wearing. Houston. Hope you're. About the world there's. The gold standard if you will so you wanna have an opportunity gold plated vest. There have been awesome challenge sports. Not that levels that multiples yet. Roethlisberger talking about Tom Brady when he was meeting with the media today. I am and we were to discussing this earlier today on the conference call somebody said this might be the best collection of quarterbacks. In the conference champ Paula Jones Barbara bill down double on this are Arnold I'll go that far but it's pretty good. I mean it's as you've got four quarterbacks while had terrific sees. Since this year to a four correct to a terrific seasons at three quarterbacks who had great careers right. And Matt Ryan Allison Matt Ryan has had has had a good career and the numbers might even suggest it has been very good and borderline great. But the numbers sometimes deceive so I don't think people would say Matt Ryan before this year is a great quarterback there's there's good. You know that it before this year you know Matt Ryan would be probably with the other Matt Stafford. In the Matthew Stafford category and I think he's probably about half of the league as published on that but those other three guys crazy. Or three guys who have won a Super Bowl already and then now Matt Ryan. The worst career out of the four but he may BV MVP this year he may have been 11 MVP award today and the last he won the op pro football writers yup version of the MVP today. The last time that one didn't win the AP MBP was like 2003. Yell at it's it's practically guarantee. Are now you tell me if you agree with the statement I'm saying in the I believe it coming from grade. Ben Roethlisberger is the best quarterback in Pittsburgh Steelers history. For its fare better brighter yeah. That's not hundreds and Johnny Unitas about your gonna give it's about push back and quietly. It they don't get a that it didn't go up a storm. You forget about Bobby Brewster but we know Tommy McDonald Tommy Max has. Some things to say to you all I can I'll court Stewart slash if there. I got jobs at stake items to blow them up and obesity is a he's a great quarterback. Roethlisberger who. We talked about it a bit with Trent Dilfer yesterday got better. It looked like he was about with lie down to a guy that you'd have to worry about. There's certain things Ben Roethlisberger. Do it was going to be difficult to match up with them. And he has really tweet is gained Antonio Brown probably helps Levy on bill probably feels that. I Dilfer attributed it hit 220. Yard range yeah. Where he's patient now where he always went to go for that home run and now it's not there who who dink and dunk on underneath it that's only gonna give. All he's also a lot is similar to Brady in the sense that earlier in his career one of zillion games but it asking me do a lot have a better defense had a better running game and it out of their running game right now Bell's great but they relied on more. It'd ask him to throw a tie in the and then as the years went on a they became a pass first team they beat you receive no chuck we're talking all the receivers that he is had a over the last ten years they'll throw all over the place he goes from. Throwing for you know 3000 yards to nearly 5000 yards in the course of the seasons and he's really been asked that we do a whole lot more. All right so let's say because this whole Brady vs the field stopping this Tom Brady especially here in New England V you can try to make up yet argument but we got to put that aside that there. How about Roethlisberger vs Rodgers which guy would you rather have Rodgers really yes how much is dale yes Rogers Robbie Rogers about a quarterback yes yes yes. I still go back to Rogers. The stats are better. Aria yeah. And that is couldn't window at you when he wore playoff games at home why is he only won two home playoff games and his career path crazy. Not so I already bit it of itself haven't been as good ideas they want Aaron Rodgers talkative and secured. Teams have been good at. Hit his team as good as the Steelers chain's same unit the same well look this McCarthy's record is is pretty much the same as as Tom Owens Borough I don't get put the record society think well David similar defense is giving similar talent around them. Pretty much apparent. Abby over the year old. Romney is sometimes the Steelers. They used to be known for their defense than they had you know Troy Polamalu are doing is saying and hey James Harrison when he was defensive player of the year not this James Harrison handsome. Pretty good players had. Casey Hampton and nose tackle was pretty good and they had some guys. And then it became Roethlisberger team and so this the shift the focus went to the offensive and defense was. Those kind of shaky loan Aaron Rodgers same thing you have some great defensive teams have some great offensive team. I think about Rogers is a better statistical quarterback. How much better. But hey if I have to have a guy I say our. You gotta you gotta winning game today. You can have one of those two quarters or Roethlisberger on I'm definitely on and Rogers. Without routes. Are you winning game the only quarterback had taken had a Rodgers is Brady yeah. Yep I guess I to me I think it's pretty straightforward Brady Rodgers Roethlisberger Ryan vowed that I needed a guy that's left. One through four. I think there's. My final o'clock Brian Roethlisberger really. I owed his base an awful. More big games Roethlisberger able to get there fly whenever Rutherford where you're right I'm talking about that I know but I I'm factoring that in and of say RT I know this guy a fourth quarter of a playoff game I would be more confident Roethlisberger Debbie sue them out and until we likable why you look at more than Iraq. We obviously but I've seen him I've NFC Aaron Rodgers with a great playoff run and I told you guys before one of the best playoff games have ever seen live one of the best non Brady. Playoff games a team from quarterback lives. That was in a 2010 vs Atlanta. Actually that same weekend where Wes Welker is. Is sitting down for a series but returning punts are returning today when I first putt but it but he says he's sitting now perceive that same weekend I think the day before. Aaron Rodgers went to a man and shifts liked them and it was surgical it was beautiful it was poetry. So I've I've seen him do some great things but. Roethlisberger. Throughout his career playing a lot of to fight Rodgers brings some bad weather games. Has been in some Super Bowl for the best Super Bowl won it. Personally. Most saw as he lies scares were at quarterback ever to win a and then. Made one of the best throws I've ever seen in the super ball to limit yep literally only gets full credit for the ravens because the book but I don't know that but Aaron Rodgers numbers in the playoffs are. Just silly but it that there are there off the charts in some of these them this little run that he's on right now on top what is it like 21 touchdowns no picks. During this morning street that it got to whatever else it is. He can make throws that Jared Cook throw was insane. Older you get through pick it there's also one on one yet throughout Korea series and he's he's a veteran Dallas yet that's right that's right after their hype it up any day because I think they were Brady got out prior governor may have had a great day right. I just think he'd been Roethlisberger can make all the throws by this I like Aaron Rodgers more I think he's maybe a more accurate passer he's a guy who. Can you know Ron and pick up the first down as well and is sort of at the complete quarterback right now so I would take him. 6177797937. Is telephone number. A promise right back to the calls that you coming up next Sports Radio W media. Our number three dale and Holley with Keefe Sports Radio WEEI. This hour brought you by AT&T. Mobilizing your world on the play the radio trolling game here for. News from the Pittsburgh steelers' practice today. Neither Leavitt neither Levy on bell nor Ben Roethlisberger practiced today. That's the radio patrol game neither absence injury related however recordings of the Pittsburgh Steelers given Monday off. Don't make Super Bowl plans that's capella Bob Bob the patriots played that way that it just prepare for the Super Bowl be tempered. A big game absolutely yeah it's about taking your anger is not at all 53 players on the practice field today a roomful pats. We spotted them with rather than they have ever gonna get your tip off from brown and a half days or odd that I was thinking of trolls. Tim bands. All male formally at WEI. Who's gonna beyond the it's about pros from promotion some teasing and I he's gonna be on the that they show on Friday going to be on a whim out. Friday launched I don't know what tired but I know I heard them talking about today that he's going to be on the program bands he does actually make that he brings a good point you know we still sensitive. He says I'm stunned Goodell is going to NFC championship after all. Brady Belichick Roethlisberger Harrison all his best friends will be at the AFC I think if that's your data from the patriots perspective but the Steelers like I have a forgot about it. Really good tweet by him. Roethlisberger suspended for six reduce your cable was deported James Harrison gone back and forth with the commissioner of column all sorts of things. Just go hang out what kind lord and doron ballots go back although it did how little party you guys who cry about he'll also lauded mark. Yell cry about disease Super Bowls to thanks a cult that. Now it's six ranked. Get together. You know ignore it when I look. And I am eager to learn and teased him and stuff without bring in the guys got to bring our our program Guerrero have been during the interview and I did she said yes so did you moderate that. So your mind. And all school. Don't let you go to agree your mom now stop you know ago it's on your mother that was. And problems did he not called for him. Who were pretty sure is still on the federal witness protection program and so that your mother now I. Grow up in an interview I did she said yes so her mother. I think so. Dot com after on Friday with the original. You're gonna leave Boston may be that moment that moment with got a right Jamal got joking right after a you can take that into these guys back it and these guys have had to resort to. The monitor bomb. Back to the call 6177797937. Tonys and Bridgewater hey Tony. Yeah I had guys go let's go good for. A lot of talk a little football with real quick on pop one like army what brought these two issued its look if you noted that item like I all the Katrina. Got to find them like five grandparent is going to come protect them so that all stripes will more upbeat. Like you know exactly that's what. It is he all the east went up when that perhaps offered as he had to tell what it's such a big deal that would that it. Well would would have been hard to ignore it I mean I mean at at at the point that Tomlin addressed the media. Everybody on the planet had seen by them public Makoni RO. Yeah rest that they only met once respected and what would happen but anyway you know let's. But it'll be a threat right now is like you know the penny loafers because the fourteen games left on the pool balls follow offsets is hopeful. It's it's really amazed that three out of four top quarterbacks write the check it twice spot at Grady school. It's it's really amazing about these princes at this consol. They're at it Tony let's take a step further who's got the best defense left in the playoffs the Patriot Act. Like an Indian papers been saying. Offshore oil in the best one lap. It's also O'Donnell like 21 point disruptive like that but you can you guys without supper while these errors they. Other altered so last fourteen out of sixteen years but also burger and adding to it and Brady didn't like what thirteen of fifteen laps Opel balls. Yet like since 03 it's one of those three with the exception of Flacco lives of one Joseph Flacco the only interloper in there was like. Oh. Opt out they promote and Gregory on data from all three yet he wanted to go from Brady's first that you have to also add Rich Gannon but if you start of the second Brady's Super Bowl there's only been one other guy besides. I would just reiterate them what people say about we ought to back at how far are. It almost op the past and to do that it's going to be a great week at all. Watched them all this loss of innocent that would watch about it at it but I've talked in the seventy points like that Pittsburgh is like. It every discipline to. I double I double what problems thing anyway it although we have city to make the playoffs he's kind of bump. He's overrated like Rex Ryan once had all Tenet all my. These two of them better coach and ref Rex I have no favorite while I do think he's much better coach Kelly I have yeah hate hot as I I don't like it. It's I think he's a great coordinator yeah yeah horrible head coach yet. A spot. He started he started out a house fire and that is that a myth that did not exactly let Mike yeah I would hear it live this level article what is by I territory in the sense that you look at all these offenses that are left in a while this. It's really changed. Well last year which just last year. It was the best defense in the league and they won a pretty good beef from their office is probably better album more the accolades debated very good great events and regardless statistically where they where they ranked. But the Broncos defense they want it like that's the one timer yet still Peyton Manning team but he was terrible Q he was similar to Roethlisberger in the in his first super. Yeah I don't know if you can go with any quarterback trend based on that's that legacy as one of it's either Brady Manning or Flacco and if I ever. Yeah Brady Brady Manning Roethlisberger Flacco with a warrant. Are another way of Sanders. Tom Brady's been an eleven AFC championship game so that stat is Endesa because the guys has reached double digits. And going to the AFC championship game so obviously it's gonna look like Amanda. Even when he's lost in those games though it was a bad idea while you live present saying and so. Back at that front just BAC chip which are set that is the team that represents the AC in the suitable as it's just those quarterbacks it's warm Tom Brady league in his court Bakley. I don't know I mean I don't out how do you make that argument Aron Rogers vs Matt Ryan Roethlisberger vs Brady. Well I'm. Tom Brady at the point is Tom Brady has been to that the impressive part of the stat is not that a while. You know look comedy and account few guys on the list now look at the same guy who's on the list more than anybody else that's what stands out to me like obviously. You know that it's got to have a a a great. Head coach where you should have a great head coach most of the time and a quarterback helps. And it that's a nice formula. But in this case we're really talking about Tom Brady just owning it the AFC's since 2001. I was thinking about that is I was driving in today if your player. In the AFC but especially if your player in the AFC east. Their whole career is going up in flames thanks to Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. You know NBA you're probably great player young you're probably did wonderful things Ben Roethlisberger is probably a great player hall of fame player probably. I'm gonna sit there at the end of the whole thing and using him. Of those years where I thought I was really good right and he's going to the AFC championship game where he's go to the super ball like the Celtics who LeBron is slightly off that. There's there's there's our trip to the finals where when guys that stood as the athletes in every round of the day. I've NA appear in the AFC east for at it I mean how many careers has Brady cost. Coaches and players saga quarterbacks McCourt reckless it is impressive. I like I like it more than the coach less the coach Lewis is also great and it's all it's only getting better by the day ago the early attic to it. But the starting quarterback list is one of my favorites so. Ryan's in Rhode Island hey Brian I don't. And then that I just don't. How much uncle because Portland or Rogers and I can territory reason why they've lost and why hasn't won more games. On the go back a couple of years ago when when it Cristiano. They're like an open don't and I think it was before pork. And in the Jeep that was completely collapsed that was offered such. About global specialty is quite well bosh within a joke for the ball and blocking aren't good enough to receive the ball. And go to paglia where they got Arizona and apparently on the part of the literature over the double wide open. On there all the time and that Erdogan that Turkey are European or not that much on whatever. I'm in the portrait that aren't true don't let two years what got you the autumn when it comes to coaching and defense. Mi Jack you know traders are tough crowd for coaches. This is a tough crop variety don't so we are here one we don't want yeah when ever we hear we hear Mike Tomlin is not a great coach and look at his record and I don't know what's not to pick I would disagree though you. Yes great running well and one. What was hall of fame in this in this league great and and today's NFL absolutely. There are many of them Bill Belichick is in the category by himself Zealand Belichick now. Greatly hurt his magic. I'm am grating now what I see right now in the league who's a great coach Italy Belgium Belichick is hall of fame coach Belichick is part of it is Earl as it is competing with ghost Pete Carroll. Compare Pete Carroll Q Mike McCarthy compare Pete Carroll that Aaron Rodgers. Didn't ask you said Pete Carroll great cultures it would conditions you said they don't want a condition that you have got. They have got Roger does better under a lot better okay is is Ben Roethlisberger a lot better than Russell Wilson. Mom there's a lot better. I read tailored to I don't know I think he I think he's better who what what what what he judging them on I can't take doesn't know if I play I think Mike McCarthy. Is a great coach that you say he has Aaron Rodgers well I don't have to wait for his next job pocket ever say the guy's a good coach had to take Iraq. His lips are asking anybody else I think you hear all the time Aaron Rodgers can bail them out there could be bad scheme who always I was Heath Evans or Trent Dilfer talking about. You know air Rogers he can make plays even if it isn't it there's terrible play calls he finds the weights that get the offense in good position that he puts up points all right how about Andy Reid. I don't think anybody that could coach Andy Reid. Does winning percentage of 602 but this is still lower than McCarthy is still lower than. Mike Tomlin. I don't know if it's lower than Pete Carroll's because Peter had a a bad year and beginning as he is trying to get them going in my patriarch this is 651. So yes 65% of his game he or barrels despite 88. 65 anniversary error area 65% from McCartney 64% per say I'm 44 for Tom. Then suffered. Just looking at that number of them and just rank and hour or so what I'm doing that and Super Bowls Andy Reid is never won a Super Bowl don't guy I didn't say I can't say Reid was a great coach I just put among policies either good coach he gets into the playoffs every year. There's only one guy like you said in me and he's right here who is this consistently puts his team over the. X level Brenda and hasn't been done before in NFL history some of the things that this guy's torso he can't say. Was not present Belichick well. But I don't audience where I understand. Bruce in new report Abrams. What's up guys so why are doing great things three words why he brought etc. one as much like thoughts. Can't. After at Michael these brake coach another little advantage. Tell you and I'm a big factor. It didn't happen to sit in this guy so. Sucks worse than that you're. The major problem. Not a go for the kill is probably more so it's 121. Critic. I got a links and not you know finally elect these guys backing it I don't. The back straight up the got a lot apple to read to kill and are using it. Our after I bet venture a longtime Packers fan he said he sucks sucks worse than say. Bart Starr is a coach for is Greg of the legendary Packers with the was he worse than those guys. While it won't admit. It the entire day. Obama. Certainly I don't know it's a red hot bartender brought the quarterback it. Utah home and while we're on the patriots. The patriots Belichick still wouldn't go to it anyway and so ultimately do. That's somewhat cynical to make it their. I made a Holmgren went how many upcoming Super Bowls anyway. Immigrant not want want want children don't want it because you don't shut down tour albeit he's. Now homered channel one mullah slot at least so. So I'm so it's a bit Bruce and just follow your logic is saying hey you've got those guys are bad name to guys just being silly name old school Packers coaches. This play that one game at Milwaukee every year got it so I named those guys that what I have Brett Favre then having Aaron Rodgers so I did your guy who didn't have Brett Favre. Ed you're making excuses. For for the reason he's got the same amount of Super Bowl titles as Mike McCarthy. Every kid. Excuse tonight on a more. That's an excuse it'd when he won one super ball we talk about he should've could've Whitaker and if this had happened now we're just I'm not the facts. I like I understand where their their teams our fans out there who hate their team's coaches. Look I don't we could find Seahawks fan to think Pete Carroll socks because. The march and I mean our provinces mama's on him that might be one of them are actors Germans and other yeah I mean listen we we actually in the sound silly. We actually have callers here to this radio station. Who continue to critique or be critical of Bill Belichick. I battle hard to took album. You know based on the records and everything but we get on there's a difference between critiquing images saying Sox. Or not a great coach the you can be a great Coach Brown everything you do is not perfect it's right every a lot of other we get sometimes is only reason Belichick wins because of brain. What you know that's an extreme yet it that's wrong and it's an extreme. I mean I guess there's somebody out there who hates everybody I may be rest and if that's that makes the world around. And they can write there's no sand tomorrow morning on his radio and there's no shame there's a examined the hole. I only reason he wins is because of Brady let's say that's true good is on my side I gaga has got them right. He's keeping them Jim's on the road it's and so on my screen hey Jim how he did Ontario. These guys are. Does it say. It and I say Bennett. They'll begin that Brady outlook that's like Aaron Rodgers. Few days. And starts saying. You know large and greedy you know in these categories and play. I know just the right now might be true and I margins are so. But I just tight end and what patriots. Patriots played over the last decade. The best expenses this league have been known as the rate. Here's the ravens' local Pittsburgh he is breeding it personally. Carry it down. Consistently seeing outlet. And so he's playing beat out the best in. Your era. Let's go play. At the great point if you're you're there really is in me to think about because you have to factor in who factoring in Super Bowl numbers to. Share so if you if you play your same great opponent yet so that's at least six up. Six great opponent couple of those were giants teams which I'd be grudgingly say at least one on had a great defense. Yeah the first 11. Rate defense. They're playing great at the right time. Unfortunately yes and the other thing we talked about this. I think it was a Monday who we're saying. Aaron Rodgers has better numbers and Tom Brady and in the post season but I'll Brady's played fifteen more playoff games. At Rogers. So you know seventeen vs 32 who knows maybe Aaron Rodgers likes it up at his peak he's privileged enough to get the fifty more playoff games in his career. Which is which is questionable on itself but right now but the gift fair. Does he lied about the most fifteen games or. Is it a mixed bag you know nine great games six games that are not so great and then that 100 plus a rating that he has comes down to about ninety. But it is pretty remarkable. What Rogers is done he's had two bad games in the play offs. And we look that we're I want Tom Brady is thirty interceptions and 32 games which is so who unlike him in the regular seasons are regardless of that and that's the Super Bowl or it's wild card weekend divisional round whatever. He has thirty interceptions nearly eight interceptions over the last six games and he still 23 and nine by the record is off the charts. Aaron Rodgers has thrown nine interceptions total in the post season. So I mean he when his team has lost I would say without that's. Yeah that's. And that's not like him either. Was that the miners out dead so at nine interceptions in I was seventeen games 6860. Oh Rodgers only played six to get this says here I'm gonna profile office tenants six our starters are even better for Brady. Yeah okay are. So six nine interceptions sixteen games as a regular season that's a normal season for a long airliners guy he's had a he's at 33 touchdowns nine interceptions. In the playoffs. Well what I'm saying is that that play offline is like a typical regular season for him right. Where he's had some four I think he's some we have his regular season numbers are dirty account is that a couple of 45 and eights. In the regular season so nine interceptions over sixteen games. Is pretty much. Even knew he was forty and seven this year and so it that baca thing. But it's similar like his his quarterback rating. In the regular season first career is a 104 point one. And then in the playoffs it is an even 100 doesn't really I mean there's very little drop off there. And see for Brady it's different because if you look at. You look at thirty interceptions. Over the course of two seasons essentially. Count. And that will be fifteen interception proceed fifteen interceptions for season which is not hombre he's literally never is never done that in his career right so it is. It's a little worse. 6177797937. We think we know. Why Roger Goodell is not going to be at Gillette Stadium on Sunday we think we know. We'll tell you how and why in just compliment at Sports Radio WE yeah.