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Keefer Madness 01-18-17 Francesa's Hall of Fame Picks

Jan 18, 2017|

Rich Keefe is back with a new sports-themed edition of Keefer Madness

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These are madness yeah that's great to keep her madness. For whom the cutting edge and talked about ducks wearing clothes and stuff which keeps. I like him I don't much like him. I like bridge they just guys make you love. Subtlety this one of the strong. Other segments from. I mean she during the almost the entire bottle horrible. They say she exposed yourself to deputies assaulted two he would tease it kicked over her bed pain causing a hazard. The bulls grabbed that a big bottle of captain Morgan and just guzzle it like cats are especially keeper Matt is not a force was up from the last you for men last week where we discussed the bridesmaid don't want any bad and create a hazard out of that idea of an actor Charlie but I have to put chocolate ice cream about the poppy growth in Prague. I was asked about them and really one that was the one we're dale effect change belief criminal case and then all of the kicking him to hit it. Here's lap I could go on out there so this day a sports related matters that we've the first porcelain Mattis here on WEEI while. And it involves princesses because much like you've got the oil for oh I can't. Migrants took it over as party keep the madness this is very topical this was from yesterday also I think sports on house on Twitter for. It by going through it all exactly but I mean he didn't go through Wednesday August Bagwell and bonds then and it reveals that he went through the whole ballot. Odd couple guys he really at the thing about apple were to play this is on an edited from yesterday Mike princess it's like the baseball fan. Bad well. So he's yes. Our golf. What had. Happened and that's about it. Right here at. But I bronzes at the Q. You just need to use them poorly inflated ego just BQ air cause you know the little Cabrera know. That's Europe's Orlando Cabrera Cabrera ethical every day rental. Orlando comes right he's on the ballot by princess who's gonna is gonna die out and vote. Spoiler Cabrera though. Roger Clemens did Q. Cured people are those steroid guys play doesn't say that I thought it peculiar that big wallop there on the ballot there are eligible and I think you were just felt like you you that you people will vote for both of those guys you get that you. Close you know Trevor Hoffman no off. Hoffman oh yeah heat he considers Trevor Hoffman just log growth to. Trevor Hoffman no doubt noticed no audio hesitation that you think about it took off like 70% of the electorate is really great. No great closer he just loves give him Carlos yet bill. Close do you know Trevor Hoffman no. Derrek Lee no photographs no like this you know it's I don't know. New York City does right over my advice I got no idea and that is about most and Masada. It and it gets federal. Analyst you have the pressure grip and a predator how many guys does he run through one. June 03 rating at 34. A group was like very very close department would like seven home runs short of 500. That does not had a problem now. Freezers room for immigrants know like this you know why it's I don't know. That is there is the Q. But senators did you did you do that in general Martha rose well predecessors no. I was tied up on Arthur roar yeah. Oh our admiral double or the row Arthur Rhodes Freddy Sanchez under your experience a fall guy Michael there's a baseball for it's it is always available to plug him at second base hits in three to want me Gregg got to have good what professional professional better strategy yeah affluent but he's not all sort of sense as well. Joseph will be Q. Sammy Sosa did you. Expect that you definitely you guys Gary Sheffield is definitely Q. Didn't want expanded Elliott with the Yankees have won experimenting and all great player Messina aside 500 home runs 500 I routers are absolutely. Isn't there that know Tim Wakefield no mom Casey Blake no pepper Elmo and let me. A it hit the eighth seed like barely remembered Casey Blake they let people like on the ballot. Are. Wait until everybody thought about that. Read this kind of off because it's an alphabetical order that he gets the Wakefield relented and got up my life I've after you've got to jump all the Rebecca he's ahead in the now. Tim Wakefield no Casey Blake no let the world know Mike Cameron knows didn't Juno. Vladimir Guerrero yes a little. And I got a guy. Got a guy got it there are good job the rock Tim Raines. The problem when you what do you think what do they are well. Is critical what is ago go to I think he's gonna say love on black. You know moss. And a Wednesday. After some thought I always thought it was on the rated at a diesel famously yes. It. Rock so. Now. No Mike Mussina now that the appeal like that and it's a photograph but but you'll right. Rain mr. McGriff should be in for the Tom Komansky baseball instructional videos alone and yet. Aaron back to back you'd national champions we're grip with a better player than rains. Like little guys now that your little guy. That's becoming cool now. That you're trying to get it obvious that you know maybe. Yeah. I am not an audit of the progress we have based our highly valued. The rock Tim Raines. Ludlum. Always thought it was on the rated a big diesel so amorous yes just didn't know Edgar Martinez Oslo. Okay at RT don't let and I hesitate Edgar Martinez with a better player than Tim Raines and does not underrated he was that he was perfect in the property rate he was in great Britain and I didn't and now he's over rallied overrated and people who are not illegal immigrant and maybe at five minutes is going to be all of favorably which is this a princess that would vote on Melvin Mora no matter Leoville and is known Tim Raines yes. It. I. Know him more. And I got the arms out to get a lot. I don't know it was if you look at that given the Rea no. It was a Rigas yes. Okay now. Now are about now all about the second half hearted hundred green is not did he did you did I was gonna ask that he says he hasn't read that much because these smug guy Roger package. He became even smaller he got shrink wrapped. It is. I was only goes yes. Now is the only one left on my list I'm gonna say no Larry Walker noted Billy Wagner nomads there's no release Smith. A bit later and we're gonna front I got the guys. I don't know the again. Is the only one left on my list I'm gonna say no Larry Walker notably well I don't know mats there's no release slip. There. Curt Schilling are all at all or noticed real time. Just sniff that the big outrage that this cap and nobody goes Curt Schilling and chilling. On the air. On the parents. Have still on the air. Still on the air. Still on the air while still on the air. Grieving audibly. Won the World Series. Yeah I. I. And validate you how well they it may thirteenth second 30 crap I was thirty seconds to find it did in all of baseball reverence and had a lot of them that he won the World Series. Let the World Series. All in the World Series. One. Who. To really know and now again real time. Noting that there is still gone dead there a moment dead there OK then there must of course the Blix who left leg. Thin air. Read our angrily now have to grow a lot of also use. Well yeah a lot of our hero World Series MVP. They interview what we're our own World Series did say that because of them PP. And LC SM VP World Series ago. Was at a video op ON LCS. But there are a bit there. That there is in in it that way stereo though that there this is all real time real time. Let's label them. The decisions right and I do get the vote on it I think all good friends that it is. But wanted to throw that any research on it acknowledge and grow only the research and show on the air she. That hurt Al yeah there's not a real bad well. Please yes. OK the wide area of the Joseph of the QQQ. Sammy Sosa thank you. Casey Blake no. Way. That it happened UK. Blake in my in my hall of fame predecessors row. Always thought it was on the rated of the diesel for cameras so yes for rock greens a ligament there you know. I'm convinced that. He was looking in as well which he didn't and I are we not gotten a computer right to watch that show a couple different channels it's it's on the phone. And ovaries element maybe or we thought with me and him to get all the information we have this classic clip were very similar situation happened. So good player he's good fielder I got like who's a player I really don't. The cinema cameras come appeared I don't know threatens to rip off that's the main thing. And then you. Missing them anyway that was notes. Stats speak up. And I'm not I didn't even like Norman. If Lebanese reading in his lips are moving yeah. He finds he's good but I'm not I'm not so. There's the payoff. There is it blew a dim I don't care for a moment it appeared. I don't see us. I mean. I'd say wolf imperative. All of her well we will know very similar reminded me of one other one when David Price on the Ritz three rooms and price field you'll also a little largest contract ever for Red Sox pitcher. It. The balloon. Well the brows ski global blow up a this is an eighteen of fiber to to fall five VOR. Those bird while. Well we'll know in minutes through all. Whether he was right with the all of us elections. Except at a Q lord there's a little to kill the kuril. We gotta get out here mites coming in keeps gonna stick around they're gonna tell into the hall of famers are minutes from now. Tomorrow Peter King will join us here on Sports Radio W media. Us. Kind of in limbo. The browse these little book.