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K&C - Charlotte Wilder on Brady’s pajamas; Gerry has Twitter range; Alex #2 calls in to set the record straight 1-18-17

Jan 18, 2017|

Hour 4. Gerry enjoyed Charlotte Wilder's latest article about Tom Brady's new sleepwear. Gerry talks about the range of topics he posts on Twitter. Alex #2 calls in to talk about the breakup.

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He's current and Callahan I'll start with the elephant in the room if they had things like FaceBook life when I was in college. I would not be sitting here right now I'll dramatic alive for which appreciate that the language on the video is regrettable mobile will be. You ready for fast it was foolish of him to do that that was selfish for them to do that into big considerate with Gerry Callahan we are America's climate champions with a target date of 2050 from going 100%. Carbon neutral. We're going completely yeah. Steve Harvey with its front yard and see a lot of backlash I have to apologize equivalents of video Whitney growth being dragged in front of the TV have a photo op for Donald Trump. Who first. Runner up this Colombia. And Krugman heavily. And attention to this thing and doing. If Brady throws up a clunker. It will be his third straight post season clunker can't hack at the end comes very quickly she is going to fall off of cliffs Pittsburgh wins this game and Brady's average you're darn right Kraft and Belichick or heaven that lets have a launch Curtis you're sick let's have lunch and talk he doesn't loan balance. You know will be on Sports Radio WEEI. I apologize for that last hour we do it every. Big markets portion of the country does for an hours the rotating third guy announced he broke up with his boyfriend and he calls for. People as he was sending out pictures of his young bride that's obviously right that today people do that for caught by it. That's why bring excess now what what's what Micah Micah breaking out because my goal. Senior. Was sending pictures of those junk every but he he has really always do these guys who learned of some your really good looking guys that ESPN to accrue. Is GO PTA is now he's currently working. Scrupulously Q he looks at and Sosa route that Ireland's groups that are graphic you we asked trendy this question yes it would get told you stories in the second various look at the guys marquis has the guy got the good luck and a they'd be that. Guess good. Which used which would be the death up close and they beat him heal the woman comp. We've run a compass and buses Alex. We asked trendiest if she's she's equivalent to make popular stories could push it again to my knees she she's never gonna give birth which house she's decided to adopt obesity if you were going to would you. Conceived with the mediation said Phil Perry was there for a good choice I heard yesterday your first peck. He's a top blitz he's very handsome clean cut guy. -- carried them to let the bad course which you mean physically he's handsome and a lot of who's about blowing a lot of options boards to meet our men hand true. Through gimmick Eric looks like a skinhead from the Harry needs external hard runner ever I please can I hate the idea of hair growing them and you act like heck I couldn't rob Bure had. It right back you're certainly right about that could be very nice to re elect the rough I want to. The and her. This could lock rooms as an enemy it's like Kurt with a totally bald though and shine its account the stubble updates. And okay being comfortable and feel we guess who we Vincent who will be the last person she said Tony master Rodney. That's against. What's he write a PDA this new nick kfar no he had to yes Fido is now. I'm sure it's there is older and older. And think and someone that's more of your age group demanded parts about looking guy. Slowly to mind first choice is short it is old story. Kiefer madness. I keep once or twice he's young handsome dale. Daily app for sure on good if he could have a much better shape I was feeling frisky I'm that your guy out of the points that's enough from this little figure. I didn't get our don't I don't I don't you Elway a fill parry I guess to be at the top my last yes posted on Friday once again. On the same page on scene to see much this diminish meter story in the daily news today. As though I mean you could say I guess you could say apparent rock displays whole crew with Belichick could have as many more rings Embree I guess he gets its it would approve it. Isn't really does give you need like facts for examples trainees can throws I don't buddies he says it's ray went out with us and said that he's you know more count the number one agrees. But you know what bush met his militias premises it. Roger have more rings and Brady accused coach XQB just feels like a championship we grabbed a what does it mean it's an easy take to have because everyone knows. A good Rogers is physically how talented he is a gift ideas. And even Brady agrees on the no one else could do the things he does so he put him with a good coach and a good team with a good defense increase and in his career and it's easy either. Guess that he would win a bunch ratings. That's no knock on Brady a do you think you'd have five rings the appellate check. Now because is too many variables. Brady's been remarkably durable. In on a Rogers has been better than Brady in the playoffs better now it's hundred grain better numbers just a better in the regular season. Yeah he's better quarterback it would have won more games shall not pass from Brady Manning he's just the winner he just wins than the regular season numbers are off the chose. Rogers and to get Rogers has a much hours even Tom Brady plays and a much better conference than Tom Brady and a much better to what did you worst team win in the power of this or Mike McCarthy is a brutal at Hollywood's so I solicited percent of his games these are great Roger's record of I'm well also said all along I think Roger's a better quarterback. Every eye dogs better quarterback of Brady's had a better career and Rodgers will not match Brady's career. Alex you think breakup with reform or your dream because as I don't wells who's gonna matched his career numbers record nobody no way he's running he's gonna run away and hide in terms of greens and and division titles and in a twelve win seasons and all the weaning records are records for winning games Brady will on the mall when he's done and and many of my thick will be untouchable. But of course I mean just look at what is rattle Brady in the playoffs pass threshers sticking it to him right. Okay rattles a lot of quarterbacks but does not rattle and Roger of course of the years is Rodgers played all week. Die like a decade I Super Bowls event. He's been to you won super that's that's a knock a guy is much so the Bill Rodgers up its us all and others is that's your fault that some wasn't last year I mean in Arizona they came back because of him in in Austin overtimes that's on Aaron Rodgers as they are your best quarterback of all time you have to go to more than once who bullet it's easy jacket maybe I'll just got a good eats isn't as Agile and the full time quarterback for nine years nominee twelve win seasons as head to to. To Brady does that falling out of bed that morning he dies but he does it with a better team a better coach in a awful division and and but awful conned by their record in other conferences are divisions is that it needs ceased their other divisions were Brady is a better with -- percentage they do but the road for the Packers is tougher than the patriots that year in year out it's a tougher division in the NFC I mean look at it was it was a staffer and it was a tough wasn't Michael three in the forward remaining in there and you had these teams won eleven out of. Thirteen senate considers 'cause she took so she's a fourteen games Adam I don't what this means but consider this this year. 12 playoff games Triton to uplift in writes only the second time in his career has won more than one left in in the season. Always I agree he won the Super Bowl to play the wild card we Q you went for no. When there when the Super Bowl up in and he was unbelievable anarchy does Oilers he was great he was great. Is this year is the first time since then. He's got first yes. Now was at that have been his fault every year no open at some point you have to say for touchdown passes against Arizona last year I mean that's not his fault they lost that game that was a final package. Guy in Arizona one. I pointers on this course and you ask that Iron Man number it was a high scoring game they've lost high scoring games and play us before that's for that's on his fault that well. Don't I agree but it's if you're the best player of all time in the score racquetball time get a go to Moore went to boarding. You do annual go this they will tiger Sunday you'll I hope so in like Matt Ryan. But for the theater of them all and in where we're on our way to who who hers again. A week in Houston is Houston runaway Houston. Brady vs Rodgers is just. On roomful dream. Brady vs Ryan is feels likes them and Mays and knives and that was the best offensive rob the younger doctors and Russell MVP in the NFL and some oh just opened this. Now I'm not popping off its credit it is a lot the chips they get. And so smooth and just and the timing I don't know what they do wrong last year but what's his name Shanahan is who's. Gonna get the 49ers for a company should because what he's done there is just. Fasten. Them for what really is fascinating to watch it borne out practices of the day let's find the right to the war he does not I'll tell you about on the field he's great to watch. I said this in the day Alex and I love this in the of this they got. Pinned back. By Seattle in on the 100 hunt. And they came out. On the 11 down in shotgun. With five wines with no back Novak just run came out throwing I don't think I've ever seen that. In the pros I mean we know what happens usually hand off. They get two yards announcer says in some breathing room and off again at the department Lucy Kim comes up with a run down through and through performers on the way. And like that they're fearless and throw all day. That will be a good game if they get the Super Bowl. But the build up the excitement the two weeks before sub plots won't be anything like it will be there's nobody here's a map right in the title we have lots of calls but I don't care I'm taken. Over here at the ritual yesterday Amara in and do my thing on Twitter read my callers hang on. Hang on calls will get to you I promise I'll get. Start reading this story by Charlotte while the dollar Brady's pajamas ride yet first thing I've sent a child while I was surprised. She wrote I thought she would be in therapy or maybe. In a room undercover is ignoring those like you know like a lot of people who. And from a shark like Procter L now and she got harassed online some people's or that are online which is brutally like I don't happens to us but I can imagine. How scary it is. Then I said well it's short while she not only wrote she voted Bo Brady and the patriots meaning the same. Trolls who made her life living hell for days on end. Would be back at it right emotions and syndrome but I gave a crevice that she's writing she's running about the patriots but then a source is running with the pajamas. So this will be so laying it would be like collapse or it will be pathetic. I gotta say it's not. It was funny. It is funny it is we the it is AG it is all hockey and is also truth to it too which and I and I don't agree I don't think this trip to a whole Porsche it was a wonderful. But exist if this forget that okay if this sport in the global Harold. There won't read it that would Laphen they would say that's pretty gutsy to take time to Al should be. You know. I want to we get the pajamas ordering them right after this connects to small that they rumbled Allah like it'll tie which you literally writes in her column access. She writes the sleep where which is the word under army uses that she crosses and out. And writes I think pajamas in every reference. Which is pretty edgy to say that there were couple lines with a group for the whole thing about why these pajamas were quietly. Help you recover which is marks and ridicules the whole thing like we talked about this the other day one of the keys to good sleeper praised those are the keys to good sleep including. Air quality is key keep your room clean. Contaminants like animal dander and dust restrictor breathing. And she does her own translation translation kill your pets before bed time. It's boost for the whole thing like that. And made me. Tropical Hershey you a couple of times is just a good words pretentious and just comes across as so the attention is all brand dollar ten dollar cook book the hundred dollar pajama top underdog pajama bottom comes across as pre and I admit you and I if this were. Peyton Manning or Aaron Rodgers would be marking spot marquis I mean obviously you're wearing the jams too bad that it wants you could argue that twice they sent it to us tonight I wouldn't let in which means she'll that's what you want to tell you I'm ready fan idol telling you unlike you and I am I can I wouldn't phase I would get that this series of these I would want I wouldn't and let me just give grimy between Andrew Bennett tended to all of the I would never go with a loser got in my in my life I would never -- with a pathetic child you're gone and it's called sarcasm -- out across the sarcasm to enforce it do Chris you really think Chris that Democrats should saarc. Not not Alex now in no way shape reform that you guys just could look at it knowing that god had you know you really chords right it is it's not here's what it was you really think that I guess look at sixteen the number sixteen again belongs to repair Miller numbers. I care about what a Brit Miller quite sick of what he did. It's it's I was much like the whole concept is funny to delete your accounts. I tried to irritated me to feature count your account so a civil range Kirk is one note. One note exits trolling the mean all the writers trying to mask the can be funny. But that's it doesn't have another key measure arrangement I uniform numbers yes a chilly rain I'm a missed out between its implied by the Daily Mail today and yes reds struck out outside of politics and if you noticed. The slower his movies and television please put movies and Hillary or do you get it was last time between the book. We don't assault me talk Twitter account where it portrait range on tour winners here I have more rings than you which we we James Woods and anyone John Spicer a series uniform number god yes that's brand is unavailable. While it's volatile well people can do. In politics and and and and I'm Bradley Manning and Rick Miller Mary kept. It is a range that's true and if pageantry as well some might be format that I gave regular preference over him on board that'll. 21 blogs sort of ever of ever talked to a Jamal while Brooks is totally feel. Now hitting it's because of pandering to lomb board appointments with a great man and lovely nice nice guys get a lot of honesty I don't know Miller. These are wearing number six for the Bruins the year ago skiing tomorrow I analyzed elect bush what is a real problem with that. The hockey the sanctity single digits doesn't think of the sanctity of single digits. Well what is about Clinton liars again and as disease and blindness once wore number six court clues Aqua numbers Eddie green or number six. Think I was the guy who walked in them and have been them hockey locker the other day and stepped in the middle of the on the was a rock was there. These that was a big story that's on the logo if you can't do that beaver Bieber did a few years ago he spoke to be. Wouldn't anyway I would go I have to hand child while it is actually good bounce back collection. And I wish more people were this sardonic mortars apparently she writes accord to the website the video which is mostly dramatic shots of Tom bray pertaining to sleep he. Sleep way across so. I think pajamas army to harness the far infrared. Which is a type of energy on the infrared spectrum this several benefits of the human body it's for me he just sounds like he's in the alt. Because it's like oh here's well and defend him is he believes and he's like correct east I don't think he's ripping idol I think I don't think he's line I think concrete reason temperature yes anybody he rips people off with a plug in that you think if you like the job. That's seems like this owning your English thank for joining sandwich or injuries they believe some of its wacky saying the same thing with cruise and he's taking a cruise. Really hurts families would you agree it's really. Hurts people she could put a cup and every once the three dollars according cookbook buying what's again what's body that was a chance they'll enhance that is buying these pajamas and it's gonna help him. It's not well. It's not got to go back to my friend that is unsettling news if you something better. All that aside apt to forget it's like I really like the bottoms. Tops elect. Normal teacher I mean it's just so Harry bottoms really made me feel like the inferences were. But it's arrogant mean who can afford 8000 bucks on pajamas to Detroit what you're saying and I don't Larry street Ike and a marketable item Gary to let it fly zones was back but you have two main routes are people who buy things you can't afford. Right ass and it broke up bright rays of ripping as an upgrade that's operate these faults yes dumb enough to buy when he puts out these pajamas at the infrared he classically he knows how we don't know like it's that it's it's the person selling its volunteer noticed capital it's all. I going to buy it thinking it's gonna help them it's not he's taking a hundred dollars that the desperately need you know if you went to new desperately need yeah. Some family a lot of support here last time and that's that's Brady's fault he's been under an easy he's Allen's whatever as liberal as if it's a world government of Barack Obama takes that from Oksana zit get it in the form of taxes that's okay. Know that Tom Brady just put something for sale. Not just putting it Purcell sues you see it eats sleeps like all of are you guys enjoy it if you walked a Newbury Street right now a couple of plays you could find hundred don't pajamas. The don't have in for red. Right right. Those people into taking advantage they're not lower click Brady Brady knows that he selling this to all the route that was it right I also don't I would say those people if you by 150 or jump in Newbury Street they're not saying it's guaranteed treatment. They're probably life better sleep. You know probably slow I don't know at this and ready than means goading is from my pajamas I need. To Wear either vina currently have a much running usually that's cause you I'm kind of view that quality assurance I need to breathes he's you mentally at the wheel and I don't actress you know you live in it again yeah is that these are extremely comfortable light now over and I don't by the topic. I don't know exactly but T shirts. Although it hasn't background. Yes sir I just addicts are actually Trace that long but it's legal we know how long we have shorts I'm much shorts. And there's long pants but we have short pants and that's sort of a good. The brief brief was to breathe that it apps and I recommend them or its website in. Jesus under armour dot com the economy is really cool metal box you get the book yet the Teddy bear yet but often our caller told your lined up 617779. Seven I've reset we'll get to call empowered as well as all the calls and they are weighing in. On everything that we were fair to Charlotte all right all of us Euro off of the rough line too by the way this is a grabber things from anyway this is true. Men claims to be out exactly Alex number two on the line and get to him. Only doing it seat so he looked around. That's our guests had any god or a musician she is in wood and three goes down. Much Earhart. Horrible horrible like eight Rahal and we've got a little back to Anglican twelve sunset. At least Greenland is going to be an and an unsung over and over that's okay how much money he's made up that. No he plays of replace all the middle America you know summer he must have some other goods on these he's a good singer. We Keith is great I love to meet these huge masses the questions. A million bucks who were who agree with him not to beat especially dumb festival isn't exactly the bucks hit commit America you know whatever one's home of the July parade this America's. Like how do you it was a good America can tell. Hearts and he already was Friday. You excited but I mean I get there. I'm not sure I don't all think you know certainly didn't know where it's early morning and old are literally it's an eleven elevenths you gotta get there they are indebted to sponsor those awful and can't believe the you know the crowd wants what's in my. Wearing their we had a unit after. It's good question or think they'll have some some Puerto parties who think wait and like that hit for a concert and you little it's like going to New Year's at Times Square. Or it's basically what you don't know I'd like to do do well here was the worst experts my life and Mueller's divorce experts about it Boston once and that was for New York is twenty times worse and it doesn't look way I would more easily nine degrees like TC is good energy there like sightseeing elect walking around. Are people be out there Jerry and I this is going to be some great people watching at a union killed so I think the year yes I felt like a spot if I can't kill him to be pissed because you know the ambulances in issue don't talk to leader breaks through my work. Who must. You can do myself that's strip in person you know he. You know. A phantom Stabile honestly if I announced that CO XX a little Alex Roemer who axle nervous break he said I'm Alice she's number two. She's on the line right now hey Alex. Good. Is sellouts number two Alex is it is who won't you Alex number one is a little nervous right now out number two so should be. I Alex. How much use of the storm that. So I this so Twitter that they got to talk have loosened by. Figured it's his and lying side is not good enough so there are pictures of that. I know I don't I don't think we want to tell the blank out there was a dirt bag and I lied and I deserved it and cheer. Yes Williams that she did he just said virtually that you shoot a virtual. Couple days later he can't talk impression. Old cola all of ours you physically dragged him. We don't condone that if. Chang talked me into this you know drag America that it won't. Edward polish. What what what what what would mean. So you don't wanna talk to again it's over. Now it is not selected us anymore. It feels off it'd Alice Alice and we could see this he does feel terrible I guess that maybe he's do you think. Shed you know that are concerned they are realize that isn't on the issues but you know. Business scene are trying into it. Right and then his image here. You say he cheated you seduce and pictures that's not and that's it did did the whole Anthony Weiner things you know NTELOS before why did I did once. Sauls. And there is I wanna Camara pager or you know just not let my body anymore. You more odds and I got through it all I didn't lie about you and off I take all the blame for which they set. This site has since he outcome all okay why did give I I'm I'm without to a that's. I know outlined to us just like us. And will not only did yes I cheated once yes. Okay -- it's let's elegant middle but it viewing out who would bring Alex you did not think it was in the real time in you when you look at you shot irony that you're married or anything now but it's still you have to do an excellent column monogamy white mean. That's the beauty of being young and single that you put journey law. Well if you abuse serious relationship that happens you can you could be hurt like Alex and relying as never is never he never the right waited. And says he's as it will play in the field. Hi I'm sure that we're now I'm sure that was an agreement that it was not eager now movements not what is now beats you reaching out to oust Hussein like to call you this that's it a slimy we are talking a lot prided we have and it you know I think we are drags you out of here the place and they drag Eva did push me. That puts me. On did you fight back now at that point when you know you're on Jerry right now as a result of it and it is Simon like if that if you're a woman and he's a man that's a crime. Again so I wouldn't elevated to stay there wasn't a real knock them my track up. If I stayed warm weather center in light of the world would have that was who would you move I would not have called the stories and when you've got your ass kicked up probably anyone can yup it's it's not too hard to beat me he's bigger than you. Bigger than me but I never I never thrown a punch in my life I mean I think agreement with a boat did you view purse would you work with that I had my ballot papers departments courtesy Curtis caddie unions are rattled by college of they feel bad feels so it sounds like your he's hurt you really are the the supporting her helps him I feel bad for Alex to this when talking about calls too yeah. The approach to lose he's a private citizens like Alan Roemer Russia famously it was next time I don't know flaw you know you're about speck in the big quake as you're famous. Now when you met him. Once your things and I got the pick and answer. Celebrity Alex rattled like football guy that shows a total vertical Adam is in them Baltimore hey Adam. Oh. What did you tell your morning. Or direct my comic huge area the lift and you've often talked last twenty years. And I really enjoyed you know your perspective you're very provincial. You know I've created most the target politics not all the time but your journalist you ask questions. Bob but it soon after Kurt came on the radio evil when John was told us stop look and feel it it really turned it in pop album out. You know very mature. And I have no problem all the guys speak you'd think it is beyond sports and I think a lot of listeners as well agreed that it is very engaging. But it's quite frankly I'm not engaged by hearing about Kurt you know proclivity for masturbation it and gently about you know Alex it's. Behavior is well and I'm speaking if you Gerri I'm stricker Jerry. We were I have to say we were infantile juvenile long before Kirk or Alex came along but. Let me let me department subject I mean you can have different opinions and be affiliated but have you but we don't expect me about you know things that. Junior tied to speak about it by Robert masturbating and you know that's it's really expressed from the very immature. You're mature person you can. And in in my defense again long before Kirk came along I would say Dino and I were juvenile and so I would say took a two a pub higher stream out outside your personality or being yourself not to listen now let's open I don't think we lowered our standards we broaden them I would just say this to Andy for short. I mean I archaeologists say Adam if you don't like it that's that's okay. I stop listening even and a Vietnam the wife call today that it. It seems that your that would have put countless patriots fan because I love Boston have been awake at ten years listening to the radio listening to deputy Ike. To keep track connection with all the. Or book we're very lucky that the most did not in fact the numbers have gone up but that's listen if you don't want to listen that's okay in listening to you talked to the kind of guy honestly I'm not trying to appeal to. I gotta find you particular interest. I let me let me dress up went quickly to grant we have a great point and that's what's so sad about it. Is that the numbers are up senior executives yelled in order wage keep people years on you let it keep engaged it's kind of way to yourself now way. And it's all like to add that solid base hit ever saw Adam hold on the sought in a much response. It's like the show starts nice amnesty wacky outrageous things we talk more I would say close and any other show in America. Are on the air like we talk often and exploited in just call it usually it usually Gerri I have a phone conversation like in the middle of the day like we talked today. It's about as close what sounds like on the year I think is in the initial on the view this. Rummy Cheney I agree on a percent but let me ask Adam holt and the whole idea. It so you you hear it like Kirk talked like buffer that's longhorn nation rub your pin or he might swear whatever and you get offended. Indeed it's a question being offended or not decided. Particular attention at all. I would say Adam Alibaba but your friends Adam I assume that we have I would say rather Georgia eyes are pocketing cult talk to me to your point at all you have friends or guys when you guys are together. Do you is it all mature conversation dignified. Calm decision or you do you get juvenile and infantile. We get Cuban island Republican out there let the jury that I object. Your. I don't want to speak like I spoke out to people about the X. Right you know you're right but I would say. Honest if you listen lots of the key don't I would take him out Tamil talk masturbation the percentage of the shoulder muscles small nation. 2% of it up to get through the whole time but it's I think I knew you would just say it pops talks. While you know but I need. I'm not sure I agree about the results yet. Machine that you bring in the respect that. Either do the job interviews this interview and Erica and me out what else you. Yeah. I think you're very slow. Q I think you can't portrait couldn't get the secretary Patrick and it is very holds absurd to say thirty what's going steel. Your genuine opinion I think oh it's well thought out. I think Jerry January's provincial again I'd I don't always agree with them but at least you know didn't genuine that if there is a journalist. Why is that certain type of of a quality. Of engagement at the level of maturity yep when people have come. I think Jerry talent I think leveled Mitchell and he's used to say which one among many him he's not fake and that he's not part and and and neither is Alex I'm all natural. What I pretend that what equipment and went. Like when what does that that is not I just told it's not let. Are you okay when it went to do that Letterman's I'm asking Stewart. Senator. You do that would. At any topic that you need to create an. WHE. And the question mark but but answer eighty's he's the same the air so that means he's not pretend. I think a trailer in Andy's an eighth hole but it's not pretend what radio shows do you like other than Jerry really. Good good on that beyond just I like I'd like yeah I don't listen to admit that much quite frankly onion did the other side that since this amount. Another economic Baltimore bought tomato stakes fault what sports is a horrible. You know that's why it spills while Boston's board and I really engage that's like connect in the you know what that's still you know hang it all there. Wait may I'd be honest you maybe think about this that the big notes as we need better morals and actually not being sarcastic. You may be thinking I'm gonna try to be better at this that's a stunt. I think. I would just like I am I here you know obviously they'll be much better than ideal. And if you say he's in the country at Portland thanks I want to be contrived it's like being contrary to black genuineness. Always agree I agree I. I mean I'll I'll I'll be August. Opinion but let me finish on a short I I could be I could have an opinion that conjured cured. Not that they could. I don't do that Adam now what I do you I agree it is I do master but have done it during this conversation that's kind of sort of upsets you but the truth that would you like a nine year old daughter to see anyone a master beating them. Exactly that's the point of that that they felt that you tomorrow or the fact that our society that. I've gone for six and that's my main line in such a drizzly for twenty years god. You're good at the right help these people into one with -- show carries all the Melissa Adams is we're having fun we're having a good time leave me alone and I'm really sorry if that offends you but very along for the ride put some hot except he presses buttons that take right where are enjoying ourselves Jesse's open main necessities pack. Say what's up them a big girl. So don't all of those last two callers but I can't about sports. Thank. Yeah I don't thing on but auriemma was saying Nat. The Packers seven years chapter division in the tax. House now. Matt you look at Apple's ions the bears. And Minnesota. Whether lions easily suck but Minnesota's had some good teams the bears are psyched the last couple years but they've been good you recently I mean who's been good in the AFC east. That's at the jets and I don't attend. And I would compare that. The Minnesota Vikings this year to saw my bills. Agreed that the vikings are Krauss asked Jeff look at that the whole Brady creepy and do this I mean those remaining teams were really good. The ravens had really good teams Steelers have won multiple Super Bowls mean teams have been good news he during the run right now audiences are what everybody just seems like I just. And yet we get them into somehow the first round of the playoffs it's always that Tim Tebow Broncos to Houston Texans. Twice you know the Indianapolis COLT I want the shares he shares extreme but like rethink the once he Nancy please provide 2007 amino agreed to. But I airlock and Houston Texans may have been a team Tebow led bronco is. Yes that they sure of that reason they call that divisional black and blue division for re both the pitcher it's detestable Richard when Brady's and five intuitive sense of TV of course yes and but the point is the division which means the the road to the playoffs right most and why was I mean it's been lousy and raise a big reason why no question. Why they edit edit edit sorry 12. I do think affected Brady and Belichick have been so good choice of whether the teams in division and a desperate decision here it's coach's quarterback I GMs for whatever but they've been woefully mismanaged analog to reason for that is the patriots right. Ryan's got a Walpole Iran. Good morning won't it won't watch today eight African whom you meet tonight. But also a pretty shot that this that it's called and it's. I'm the total up to you got to have gotten better over time but I Alex it's that the president came frame man. You my favorite little point and I get a day out like they did it it it. What did he go concurrently our great. I was riled that was that was off that was for a that would rock. Studded. It. I ask you you must feel terrible ethnic. What you might think you are rattled Shahzad look at his face guys when you read outs is because you definite thumbs up frankly. How well he's way he fifth all really it's 5050 you comfortable that call was very uncomfortable was great this it was so great. Yeah Allah I pay a 5050 but now I do you feel like it. It. Is teen dream go from here do we do we have to have 88 yet come to jeez it's like conversion therapy. He ran his ride and I get a full time job. WEE he's writing midnight if you're not on line if you're not on the website is cranking out the call due to a great job doing great you think he's wrong but so that's always immaculate Kunis Simone and hopefully come the Super Bowl with a I was rob Bradford as the boss excellent self. Excellent yeah Jerry thought he was pro sports soon enough work. Any else trials right. Yeah I would disagree job on the ironically as they outspent be careful that big beer brats and himself you know he's his own securities that way. A true he would rob Bradford would be your most definitely I mean I I want to be gacy in Houston SP something that's version six regular business he got a ball. Awesome just an exit your now. Herb Sunday morning Martha did you suspect while on the run around is that true that aren't just muscles that because you can stay at one end the worker yes it will be in Texas. It's good question to wolves is not far that's what said he logs are more with Turkey Callahan in our country. Well Shumpert who it is on the line right now hey Alex Lewis got. Good game is solid number two Alex it is but you both. Alex number one is a little nervous right now out number two so should be. The last from out of its own tests on her ramming it docks spaces and engineering to canoe or is it possible we can have him on the casting couch at some point. Maybe when they were Noah god go I don't think he'd be Alice challenge I want to beat Mike you might now. My average number ticket pound good good. See you you know she do shows were gone I'm serious it's the second issue with the station is Kurdish again but like I agree the podcast is good so we're away on vacation the summary gosh decent shows together. It's all I don't think I'm so if you'll let sounder and had doubted that can does all the production on the drops. Mean he puts a lot of effort in this part of this chemistry though. We do they do a good job application. Short that was supposed to be when Alex notre fighting so you could relate to. Fifteen minutes too late I got the odds for the suitable but still it I find this interest I cross over sponsored by the signature portrait by her beauty shop. Seems safe to complain prominent guys OK yes ready and again us. The potential Super Bowl matchups. Atlanta vs doing. New England like if you hit the patriots are favorable for a half. Hi this agreement I found the patriots 33 wrong wrong doing then seven and wallets and that's too much Green Bay New England. New England two and a half 11 and a half. What casino business because this is unbelievable patriots minus seven book maker Jesus that's not going to be able and a desperate Atlanta Pittsburgh who cares. News by there was room there and Green Bay Pittsburgh Steelers like to have. Hours Pittsburgh favorite. UT I don't know what is it depends how the play Sunday yeah that's a lot course despite its patients Packers they both play well. It will not accept that you know when it that the money will be on Brady he plays well short conference championship again. My will be on Rogers but it won't be able to set points it is amazing the guy no one wants in the Super Bowl is the MVP. Who led the best offensive football this year right. That the notes of Manila branch I don't want some city stinks that the reason that true it's not in the cities in major stamp really cares but the falcons they don't have guys who will Atlanta before. So I was sitting down there. I was amid big guys really come up to the Christian called the Pittsburgh station equipment at some point during the show Axl sounds good. The mid day guys are up next board way reloading and forty we will see tomorrow morning at 6 o'clock. With us Padilla who think fame results we talked a hall of fame works my guess as to just beat Tim Raines and just well yes and Curt Schilling will come up short again. And I I expect to join us in the Mort I think you probable beer tomorrow morning at 6 o'clock. I would imagine that theirs probably. A gun in the school to protect from potential grizzlies who. Hello.