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Kirk and Alex don’t like Betsy DeVos; Cowherd thinks Brady’s career is on the line 1-18-17

Jan 18, 2017|

Hour 1. Kirk, Gerry and Alex react to Betsy DeVos's confirmation hearing. Colin Cowherd thinks Tom Brady is playing for his job this weekend against the Steelers.

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He's current and Callahan I'll start with the elephant in the room if they had things like FaceBook life when I was in college. I would not be sitting here right now are drawbacks to lie approach appreciate that the language on the video is regrettable mobile will be. You ready for fast it was foolish of him to do that that was selfish for him to do that into being considerate with Gerry Callahan we are America's climate champions with a target date of 2050 from going 100%. Carbon neutral. We're going completely yeah. Steve Harvey with its front yard and see a lot of backlash I have to apologize equivalent to maybe you heard me grow being dragged in front I think they have a photo op per barrel from the first. Runner it's Colombia. Krugman had probably pay attention to this thing in knowing if Brady throws up a clunker it will be his third straight post season clunker can't back at the end comes very quickly she is going to fall off of cliffs Pittsburgh wins this game and Brady's average you're darn right Kraft and Belichick or heaven that let's have lunch Curtis you said let's have lunch and talk. He doesn't want that much. You know will be on Sports Radio WEEI. I like is like this is real. Picture of a lot as well you sometimes you walk in there's nothing dad say. Not a talk talk about. Today is a smorgasbord that's it's us it's about eight plus girlfriend and I wish in many things through right I mean Kirk account you can pick you -- ultimately if you can no longer let Alex opera these guns allowed newly hinted at WB Izod graduation released yesterday guys off to a hot start this news I didn't know Mila Kunis host of a top yet though I spin rate to three times but we finally got out of your first or her story nothing gets by you on hold possibly go up do you now benefits you. Allegedly let's not there at all. Apparently they're being sent me vacation time apparently again it is being highly obviously you get molesting cases Kirk someday you'll get as much as I do when you now. And they only weeks give an issue that line so easily onto yourself here so and so unlike harass him you Richard I'm not tell them why. Because and the business like are you this guys is afraid to say how old is. I told the five is important to. Our field Woody Harrelson outside all the greats. What was your get your 55 absolutely no question so we can start anyway she's going to slide. I'm. And I thought I you are a lot like. Some of the hosts at this cool gear. I'm not. Some legends made your card full regime vote today who call. Reiterates he's one immigrants he has rich keep his friend of ours rich people loose when you had Ramon was very happy that he was getting benefits yes finally. And it's rooms getting benefit rich I have a stretch of a big spot the Monday after the suitable brewers have an afternoon game always in the book signing. Hollis New Hampshire he can and we just revert myself from cover to leave I've heard him he is now stays I would much. They're good together with those guys have good chemistry connect those two outs and Alex you mere Alex Alex that the real regulations thank you you are earning your money so far you're cranking out the cones that you work a little too hard the second the second gay columnist and history of WTI dot com first of c'mon closets democracy we as we all known and everybody knows who it is. Right one that's pretty and I don't we're talking about well I mean from that historic for the website now David may not be assured us that hasn't been given a morale. The big question we consult with management and we can start with -- power Beaconsfield that's sporting news story we start with Roger Goodell that care about it's or Chelsea Manning which kind of care about. We start with mark Walsh editor at that was fascinating. Do you think or quit sports and I don't really speak. Don't have much of this or not it was but a lot of time it and I like Marty like Marty Dino love Marty published in the bars and my voice who part of a good man wearing a good man. You think is in he had he wouldn't carbon neutral mean I don't see those were 2015 some someone told them Marty that's a cool thing to say that progressives are saying it go out carbon neutral. Give a look at the globe Cuba little by another kind of antiquated but like an actual globe on the paper Agilent. But all's well I don't know always have a school yet like I looked at what the other day that a look at how small Boston his master's is in respect to the whole world. If Boston is carbon neutral. As Marty Walsh or anyone else think as a massive impact any effect on on the client can't inherit the plan what's wrong I love that gold you can't hurt it can't hurt so they call it it's a new industry Cisco. I'm I'm asking you again yes does it have any effect yes on the climb corset it's little effect. But the oil guys and Jackie you have looked at them it's really a jobs program is what it is because it is dad who don't know real job is like Solyndra it is the united right actors totally Solyndra it's it's it's welfare is when it clean energy future green and when your judgment. Boston Globe to closure eyes and spin the globe round stoppage then this that there is that there's just so I would do it right of sale green well what we do the crossword puzzle cheating some geography course. Vote in Georgia it was too that trick. What's next to Georgia in case that they're trying to figure Alabama Florida it's not that old Carolina and AM the time but that on to right. That hell hole achieved. Yeah that's cheating yes yes it will mean what do you do when you spoke. Do you keep in mind sharp as I would the end that's the fend off the the the darkness yes the year regardless inevitable dementia. Monday on Monday that he's excellent. Sort of I guess we won't start to get that Atlanta off the queen will Olympic headlines will be yeah Chelsea man special all gonna save Chelsea well we can't we can't that's why elect and Al I can't tell what side of the fence you're on in this huge. Approach LC Manning getting sent shortly I think really it's essentially prize here traitor treason treason is lawyer like that I want to get bought the question justice of Chelsea Manning were still. You know. Bradley Bradman Bradley would would never never got a show I ever had a ticker at that you would be wrong it's Bradley Manning would rot and die like Willie McCovey he had has changed he would be it would be partner and there's no way no way Bradley Manning. It's. It's it has commuted no chance in other transgender population. Through this is what's important to do this menace in the White House. Two more days. Now we have to wonder how much would damage command to a 48 where you where you staying for the inauguration to so much talent you weren't stay in. People write about people to know there's a gay dance party outside of I. I have thoughts and while I'm gonna neither am fine down the and yes I am I here and now I'm. And I went right subject to extract very listening. I need to go it's Bradford call things in the sand no forget a dance party. Well if you're. I want to Brady PGA's a lot of reasons and they call mister sells this Karstens with going to be in question a an update of our Presley. Our Karstens. Who cares and he chipped my case and Pfizer from Arizona got a quote. And then you can also. You don't seriously honestly support. This move free. This anti Americans. Crater all got to view it or even happens condos that are you just Brazilian assigned to anti it's just a quick question well that. There is an upside to this obviously no decent American wants this guy this girl this. This confused. Trader pretty nobody nobody nobody nobody but. At least now we can bring in and all this talk about WikiLeaks in with the damages with images that if you support of this. We are done talking Wiki leaks because this little maggot. Did the same thing you accused potent. He shot well and I acknowledged it would have been much wouldn't it was much much worse but he fed secrets what Wiki. What's more towards a public I'd like what's more important but he did Hillary much much much but I me mine emails Cabrera is the fact that at US soldiers were torturing prisoners. Were killing civilians this you want to go about getting has cast a guy classy people can get our allies you know he he destroyed any trust we have on the battlefield. Without trial as he did. Immeasurable damage wooded it was much much anger in there you think. Who ended. And they're what you think Putin did source says her years five years as an illness they slow it has always had a good Christian nation is facing death. That's what he was facing. When he was first charged with treason he should have been executed occurred this ballet about what happened and I don't like Oscar varies almost worse yet seen as a bomb building. Eighth hole which shows and of hundreds. Hundreds of skilled people and showed no remorse for every time out from aborted the he would have he would have been pardoned by the Clinton because guys but he wouldn't. Could in 99 yeah express any remorse any celebrities of course have come out like guys saw. Lehman well Mariah whatever his name is tweeted yesterday that because he's out now he's ended the day he gets out of prison he'll go back and play Hamilton. High performance Hamilton I mean what are we doing here is what I wish that I should got a Persian. I know that no remorse or did Nellie Morse who turned you have to be you have to be whacked out rally she likes Obama. Like Bill Ayers you have to be one of these total crazy anti American zealots to think this nut job boards out of prison. Nor regret and that way if I didn't presidential pardons hate them. Publicly as he's freed thirteen hundred hardened criminals drug deal that hard in yellow bottle you're disabled or parents not machine gun toe and drug deals out just seen this whole news. What would have been good one of those on 130 barbs. Have been an abortion clinic and he would never ever would have been afraid to one. 21 abortion entirely and he never would have been injury nor should he did we showed the good people on the right place is government buildings that's gets can now and it was coffee right. What what if you ask Obama what to innocent. I don't know. And country as an explanation. Do you think that Bradley Manning ever would seem like today. Yes and do you think today is there enough time president trump would have pulled this whole time I'm 48 I was is that enough time. For herbal bird built that turns off and hold on I had enough time by the way up there one you know. You cannot remove the fact that she was transition aide because she says that in 2009 Q is leaking these documents who's undergoing incredible mental distress. She's out forgot about that you don't you don't factor that in itself until they don't mind you think back issue. Due to realized that bin Laden had some of the secrets. That this trader revealed. On the in this finals I'd Wikipedia. When we raided his home and and killed him do we know what went on for years straight when a friend rated as we know is that they were put to use we raided his home Jerry he was so far removed from the Sudan and as a hiding and then we've found peace in Los. We found these secrets on how on the element as well he had information to our enemies. They've gone right RP any detail to go to prison any didn't go to your 67 years than half the longest sentence if any whistle blower average yes it's a long he was sentenced to 35 years which is what he deserved he took a plea to look at the he shouldn't like he should again X acute he should have been and probably firing squad before it time to transition. It was we lop off yet L. So Pope or builders and if the law office Wiener that's true just has to change name and get away put out some lipstick and Obama will let him go here's Utley and Manuel Miranda last night on Twitter sobbing with gratitude here in London Oscar Lopez Rivera's coming home. Thank you bodice Jesus that is nausea or puke you evening eBay and you have to be embarrassed that with this this man why you lost and the White House like this is a good part in Chelsea man you know the lead and in what are onto the world does everyone is bracing everyone is bracing right now. As he wakes up as prison cell in Colorado. Joseph Karzai India has got its fingers crossed he's got his fingers. In its stock options and choose who you gonna released today. Two good questions is Aaron and in this maybe take an errant columns of errant. While Aaron if it and it's all banged up entering the game trans confused I don't know yet you make a good point it's been sick. That's true sophomore a great moral guy was big radical damage was his passion and he does take a lot of drugs that may change the way we thought we'd we'd have to get to Friday we have to stop. Is this menace this is a rages and are even you have to seed. Even the inauguration even knew I could tell apparently is that people line of people aren't flocking in DC from what I read this thing so now come Monday against a guy I don't want to know you should be actually Beagle would you go talk to the powers that be here now. You're one you're talking to one power and he cared only a part of you are going there are no hotels I was only 200 don't details sure you have some. Older gentleman modest when we signed some currency for the they could see in my main town in a hotel ended Quaid is begging for replies Tuesday. His RV broke down. And Randy Quaid is literally tweeting at Donald Trump asking if he could open planned route and say we view. Sea doing one night there Gerry can be back Saturday now so on the line we wouldn't schedule is wondering so I don't trust. To be 200000 protesters I'm OK with that you know. The anarchist make me nervous you're not one on the verdict on nine an actress now won a protest and Alec easier does it mean the U protest things like. Decisions. They make you Supreme Court rulings would you protest and he can't stop it an illegitimate president John Lewis I'll say that I stop it you're gonna have wished I was curious woman yet of this. I think the troop presence to be was with the secretary project call nominee yesterday who gave one of the worst performances. Even that dummy like trump has to watch them and say OK I made a mistake. By the way she admitted. She's the Susan. What's the last name that did the nominee. Saatchi democracy that's in office and yes. Whose husband is what the Amway guy GPS system to editor of the reports of socket take salary first indices adjustment donated knew he gonna say 200 million dollars she she is she's donated millions to school vouchers to be a practical hurdle to improve. Our educators say the woman is woman who is gonna serve in the president's cabinet she was asked if she thinks the president is guilty of sexual assault is it yes. Should just yesterday during the during the during the hearing and Ellis editor craziest and then they asked her about a guns shouldn't say about guides the U this year and yes that was ridiculous answer I I think I'd love a love I love this answer mess and what you people India and why. Let me know I know you my thoughts on all report these guys could come before it's great defense for just answered you guys can come before the sentence anything right so you don't cancel the other side did a similar answer for eight years ago you be flipping out yes flip out. But these are my people her but she's she's. So incapable and so bill passed in this job. It is frightening I watched as. Yesterday with my mile wide open like oh my god this is. This is actually going to happen I loved the Bernie ouster of your family had not donated to originally and three talking he'd be sitting here great quest actually. I Bert and of the stickler for any faster than what you pick a free college which is his own great idea. Of course it's a terrible idea it's a radical kind of check out there that's I agree and she put and I heard him someone players who. Listener she won't go along with free college I'd go on the public school first and well Republicans called Reese Hopkins because they're working so we're about so well. You wanted to double them why why should a secretary of education why will wasn't as big. Pro voucher pro what he'd charter school advocate she's never run a business in her life in the charter schools in Michigan are horrible. Absolutely dreadful say underperforming. Right that's my only my goodness how spin this one. Place in around schools this guns in school. This I think that's best left to locales and states to decide. If if the underlying question is can't say that you can't say definitively today that guns shouldn't be in schools. Well I will refer back to center and see. And the school that he was talking about and want to be Wyoming I think probably there I would imagine that there's probably. A gun in the school to protect from potential grizzly. President if president trump moves toward his plan to ban gun free school zones Lee's support a proposal. I will support what the president elect's does but senator if I. She's so Israel pointing out the different streets and Rory school I understood Wyoming they adopt some inner city school they went around to questioning for Betsy device how many and joining me grizzly bears have gone in the schools in the attacks do what you do you think a gun free zones are gonna do yes on the dodge schools. Oh really so if you have a gun free zone and Adam Owens comes in the right oh. The sign a seat now kind of results aren't or war or how come back later publicly teacher comes in who's mentally ill when he decides to shoot up this class I might pick regardless offering comes out right and then I hope I hope teacher's gone. Right to the teacher doesn't shoot him in the shoot the teacher and an exotic solutions plain to me again how in in sandy hook or Virginia Tech predicted this two examples right. How many do you need in Virginia Tech was a gun from I don't sense it was a country so you can just let me ask the question Alex. Who's a gun free zone and 33 kids students. Was slaughtered. In and the the murder of the gunman knew it was a gun free zone and by the way a couple of the guys. Had to leave their guns in their cars right this is West Virginia arena Virginia. This is rural Virginia some of the guys had to leave the guns in the cars and as a result. They would defenseless they were murdered you and explain to their parents that was a good idea. The Virginia Tech was a country's I don't think anybody says that and free zones or stop the violence totally not sports but again the log books are glad to there aren't very journal I was very widely thought. I am more shootings have a real support of the island cent of yoga teacher he's trained. And he's an analyst fire ominous sign up in that school in that class. What was would the downside would be exactly I notice he is I mean I don't in this fires and what happens. Orders more people and I more and the crazy I include huge doubts AM. I mean jealous if they're really gotten to know it's answer not gonna tell their family. I'm glad they believe their guns in their cut and die like dogs. Because this mad men knew. That would be defense which the family likes and sixteen year old exodus or Franco's eyes shooting Rampage he's done as a gun and I haven't filed a teacher has it gone and and can take a beacon of what the whole situation of kids don't have the release elegant also again. You've had an -- knew that was a gun free zone he would become note that it I don't I didn't say the pitcher so if you did you bring guns into schools and they're being much more huge it was very very Jerry's cherry is deflecting your review of the of the secretary of education. Because what confirm it just looks like say you were saying to Hussein is he's grizzly bears a break you know what's stupid is. Suggesting that the rules and Jessica's grizzly bears great Q school making a whole notion what coral she world is he. Well I know the answer is still wild man come different she's Stew role Wyoming is different from downtown OK like that was boy wizard epidemic of Jersey bears break in the school and I'd probably not why what's the point but she said are they different is wrong Wyoming different. Kids who live in yes I would say in the mountains. And have when he moved to Boston is different than you know western mass attack from potential grizzlies. So she's organ that's hotter actual attempts she's saying that's their point. The point is it's different enroll you want allowed guns in schools because of grizzly bears at a great argument from needs some say then why did she say like yeah what you just said that you probably its purpose regional partners like that awkward way to make the simple. That's obviously and by the way her obvious answer that the it should be left to locales is the best as I Archie should say that to M request I'll add to your eye people. That's wanted I don't segment that they want people Ronald on Obama he Michelle Obama schools citing federal when asked why shouldn't they comply to federal standards used his education is best left to locales and you know that's who says me says says every spot everybody yes I do agree that if you know your area in your students better in the federal government is no question that so you don't know some people bureaucrat in Washington Alex knows what's best for schools. Is that the totals in Alaska Texas and Alabama outlawing sex education all that stuff which is start. I mean that's and that's as I did I leave you could shop and he picks a bureaucrat in Washington. Knows a better in Mississippi some small town in Mississippi and some small town of Washington State better than those people comply to federal standards of theories he took a question and that is the question don't you think they know better. Hi in some bureaucrat shot and he spends little towns they don't know that sounds better but all schools should federal regulations that they comply TS like discipline Cabot the disability like that Jerry listing its schools so all scores shouldn't be up to the federal disability requirements so in her world not all schools would have wheelchair ramps because the localities is Ontario may not help her running for that right so you have a little school again enroll Wyoming. And it's illness ten students whose teacher. And there's no kids in wheelchairs. Over guns and and you're gonna make them when they're night and Wednesday wheelchair ramp cost 101000 dollars. He's gonna make them built with my career one dank but at Augusta but there is none now and you know carry that out of that solution built the wheelchair ramp. Even though or no wheelchair and this that's a burro race cool and great I like an army is such an anecdotal point we're not really talking about what that is us major schools in major district that be able to escape these federal guidelines and not just immensely one. Spend this money you really don't have to. He knows no disabled kid. Because Washington knows best and of that argument I'm how we start here but there are 61 don't you golf fired about guns and why only an assembly is does the ones I care about Imus used man in the White House who today is gonna free hundreds and hundreds more criminals. Today is going to. Do much more damage. And he's done already you watched the next two days it's gonna get ski 6177797. Knives have lots and lots more to get to today diminish Mecca. Calling coward and I say. I think mission met when he rose pretty dopey the sporting news things obviously stupid sure Walters was not so bad fellow while literally glued column each compliment and got called out and horse plus a whole other world just over a McCain even compliment the little woman of the ladies the world without people think and you know he too hard on her what I I don't think that she's guilty to she should be have full time job that you should be writing may be getting married cook them aside and he has owners wanted to know I was actually gonna tell me. That she should put off nursing school and keep writing a leadership yet you can keep given a shot right because I as I told you. This column if this were in the globe or herald. You and I would both be commanding that writer it's and this is outside the well I agree with things you know this is by the way land cooling. You know right great Tom Brady and this would've. Gotten people's attention yes legal. And we can tweeted though a mature won't reads as been nation probably you can tell me what you think of this column but I mild employers SP I did try to did you think it was a good column very worthwhile called her BJP is yes yes yes I mean we joke about approaching. Took Brady task for the pajamas right and that's a good column for a woman. Obviously from the man who would it be known as try to was sick she's only twenty seven's 2727. I perky Callahan with Alex for. Turkey Callahan on Wednesday 617779. Seven night for seven I did not think that Jimmy grapples will be part of a media story lines and my friends on Howard. But I heard with Christine Leahy in sales on the choice of a mug concern for your friend I'm guessing things aren't going well. Because he and I heard in the heard no one's. Listening to no one's noticing him and Austin's. It's hard enough to get knows when your on whatever zone at this one of these on campus wonder what would radios. That exports it shows an FS one. Get meetings after the Ana FL season in seeing skip Bayless every second of every game opt out and that's one is actually got to put. And the Philippines on this one that's an app to app that's the only way people are gonna turn but you gotta I blame the program and you put skip Bayless and its findings then following. But to put which cannon shot. Byrd for a long three hours. It is gonna launch an inch are. With its launch in. Money to with a hell watch Max calendar for three hours on the Olympics where he's an ace Smith is sure law while Britain illegitimacy Thomas Tapeh central. Stimulus is sort of Stephen is my people watching I Greg Stevens was vigorous no question if this doesn't even know Paul Rhine it's Aston a few months and I I've I don't know I have no desire to watch skip Bayless would he give instant at this point right unless you see him take a beating and people we watched hoping Steve most of that time in July rose around beat mob member Orrin scrupulous yes but I can't -- both what you are trying to guess when I saw what Colin card her recent years that the things are going well somewhat today. We need to you need to say it's opened fire on the way to miss me. Protesters DC let's and set himself on fire. Takes guts that drives statement doesn't hamper in this in these United States too often people that but that's salt here that we commitment. That's commit CI respect put this is more committed like to see the guy in France who has won again deported who that's sailed the screwed that that lady status around in. What's the place that he did it's one main media to a pitcher. Harris nailed or screwed into the ground hoping that would let them stay in Paris that's Kenner. And this guy in DC who has that we get ready to lead set himself on fire. For whatever I forget we're probably for climate change because that's important and right yes but Cohen cowards and so laboriously saying. Tom Brady is playing for his job last year. All I'm telling you is if Brady throws up a clunker. It will be his third straight. Post season clunker. And core raw apple all is as good as football gives you as a. Known quantity it back up. You read a Rommel who Max has a year left. Where you're getting somebody you don't know anything about at a college in your praying that he's good so I'm just telling I don't hypothetical. But if you look at Brady's last two starts Bill Belichick ash has never given us one moment. That we think he deeply cares about his players that are retail baby. He gets ready a year early not a year late and if you think he's gonna get held hostage by a situation it it's not gonna happen. Be honest there's some truth and what he's still your ride the there is some to him that's not that dumb there's some truth about what's dumb is like the idea that. There to look at he plays poorly on on Sunday it's like three left in general that's something park. If he plays portly. And the season ends and as I always said the one caveat is if you actually think score Rob Lowe is the kind of guy who can be an all pro Pro Bowl kind of player for ten years. I actually think Belichick would consider that before moving on from Grupo. You'd have to get 200 jobs you'll have a conversation that you think there is he will be considered it yes all Abby on the table guests in this offseason gas trading Tom bring us up early does Brady have to play for the guy. I really matters part of the story we're not Arabs he's not he's not. The discussion will never happened out it is a 94 rating and they lose these 77 men lose it's not like the goodness okay is savvy severing its treatment that game on its own story you know I mean right is to be more about. Two I think grapple as the guy what we've learned I think more than ever we always news. As you point out Gerri this this final four weaken his Thomas the thing that we really don't know if it's a quarterback right. Before it's Maya I think it's like any league has ever been more as a dependent we still is right now we're cute. QBs are underpaid undervalued Rio all that all the man as you can't win which which leaves you with. Which which reason Brady Belichick is considered the best coach ever the smartest coach ever is number twelve if not for Robert Noel I don't know if he wouldn't be coaching here anymore is being defensive quarter is somewhere. It is Bruno's third or fourth two but I like. You know just another breach write these down or is this system. And that's why I think the value of quarterbacks right now Belichick what sentence as well if this guy's gonna be really good for me for the next eight years or nine years well we have to have that talk. Like the bigotry Tom bring up season I do not I think the ball like to cited to trade route would probably right I think it's been decided. And here's why ethic. It makes sense for everybody you know you could drop below. Mean everyone's happy right raise that Acropolis happens in the capades and play. The patriots are happy get a good first round for us from slightly yes and not the topic because they don't want that but they might get the twelfth pick. For or something like that maybe Chicago's pick. The gonna get a top pick. Maybe they'd trade that is 2.0 for a second and two or whatever but but they're gonna get value for a guy who wouldn't play down by his crazy getting them into into giving Belichick credit can forget had a conversation you have to at least could I think there's some things that just. Go without saying and Tom Brady staying here I don't thinks at least two or three more years goes with -- did what you would wind crop of fifth third touchdown pass against Miami and electric was watching an offense it didn't cross his mind at all think she's I can have this for the next and I'm sure is dead but can anyone honestly and not one of the best seasons you absolutely a year at 39 and I look at some here in six years bring your grow -- I think somewhere drop low right probably about matters leader I'm I'm just 834 years it's somewhere Iranian telling week five when Brady returns somewhere between that time and now in Bilbray says that the critical and ratings and a great treasures and stop the conversation gonna be great he's gonna get you back in this position when you're playing in the conference championship game and maybe. Rappel as a good season in Cleveland or Houston or Chicago maybe maybe not we know Brady has at least we think we know debris is at least. To mortgage you know at least three or four I like he can't say Tom Brady has at least why orbit years he's showing he's just gotten better because she's a human being totally sipping a cool I don't think he's really can't tell me you can't guarantee meet each 42 we can have a good year Belichick's thinking. Belichick probably picking two more years if you're thinking two more years then you should have to grapple conversation that would be just would you would you agree that Belichick is the one coach and sport. Who would trade yes. Get the pick I want you guys would agree but I think even Belichick knows that this is in. It wouldn't work it would work you'd tell me to play it out so what happens in like April. You trade him to Wear the HM a team that needs a quarterback so you could threaten the Cleveland or Chicago hotel used to accused nutrient boost and you gonna tell. Abilities McCall Brady Brees going to be in which would Austin community and policy is always in your body your rights bill does is it like that. There are certain untouchables. Aaron Rodgers is on TouchWiz in his prime doesn't matter Brady is an hour ride has been a Big Apple backing him up rate is not that it's a different springs not done yet. And I know I would I would do what they're not gonna do. And let's say the conversation has happened drop low couldn't be under control for two more years right before you sound to an extension. That number twelve pick will be more viable to the patriots over the next two years the brothel would be sitting behind. Well course that's not Democrat problem trading ground or has no value to animal rights because he's well unless she's very bright of Andy's got Brady is doesn't get hurt. And isn't gonna slow down next year. And then grow there's no evidence besides just saying well he's 39 and it asked and what on that it was a good player W seventy. Not seven d.s are there so that the age does matter. It does there's no tangible I mean you can point to you in terms of Brady's performance on the field I don't look like you know right there's no doubt I saw what and you think. Colin coward thanks beat loses to Pittsburgh you know I mean I had said that that it etc. that's the day the Belichick you know he's doesn't have much of you know. Praise of the one knock on him. And we all agree is the best ever and he's playing as well as ever have this postseason. Numbers are not great they're not great he said got to eat seven point four rating thirty picks and 32 games operate. He's 23 and nine that's in the post season against playoff teams he's 23 and nine shorn away let teams like that about Broncos took Tim Tebow and the Texans in the Texans again ensure a plan. Well against the ox in the Super Bowl two years ago shore and the argument for his regular see you fix and acting break OC is keeping port touchdowns one a one rating. Is with the season the argument the season's often that he's in this cup and the vision. All the tomato cans or when the patriots to win the division picture of grow up blow with a starter they would they would try to beat DePaul beat to see the plant toward two seat right. And I we just fascinating to watch this girl apple will start for another team next year. The reason this argument is so dumb as cause people wanna keep Perot. Never really think it's true it really have to keep next year we doesn't play at all in a franchise to franchise and which I believe. Read the merchant dozens or it's 2423000024. Delegates up to 24 million the only way the only way you do it is to trade break which I agree it's never going to happen but would you agree that makes more sense than actually keeping both of them. Of the capable of this course right of course a good thing. A guy like dropped below would get you first round pick in return the first from picked that you could use on a corner or a pass rusher. Or hell if you really wanted to groom if you don't believe in percent you think he knew the quarterback and you love whoever. Love Mitch for B ski right and you get the in whatever pick in the draft the top ten pick. Then I mean Belichick or power to Stoops and it's from that that Howard has not recovered stupid disease thinking. It Belichick's look at this one game in the this big decision about moving Tom Brady he plays poorly on Sunday on its own is nuts. That's an outpatient I know I know. You know run boards came in deep plus in a lot of people kill them. I only Brady an embargo watched again last thing the game that's due him. Do my homework now what killed 22 ad and Honda wasn't about that and what Rachel was an acrobat is under. The guy and he was it easy on him he was ours I'd say that all right BC mines that drive B minus a stretch that ended in the white touchdown why is incredible from that I handled it at a many awards and other rescue critics deep for a person with Michael I don't I thought great he's great and Brad took away what a but the second that's if that's Malcolm Mitchell he can talk the second epic. Brees got the right it's an item once and awhile. But you're gore talk parading him for game out she did I take your pick is more important one drive in the second half and maybe I'm why maybe I'm trying to judge has. In my judgment cotta 'cause he was playing in the same game as the worst for myself also have ever seen rock while actually suck it used to ward off beat two number ones for Brady. Would you do. You would not. No no taught you what you would this rate forty year old I would not too. First is I think for grappling I would drive the rig I think chapter all by god you get a first in the forefront for a grew up short I prefer that. Two number one for every forty world. Right I don't want to break in the fourth and having Brady for team certainly trade him right. Does problem because I know next year Tom bridge or Sony's gonna for which you offer drop in position. To get back to the Super Bowl. Acropolis the coordination of the Eagles who bubble line of Brady isn't political white definitely better chance I of course is chance right but he would have to. Being real pleasant surprise he would surprise me be accuse some bowl Brady. I expect them to take it as simple right 6177797937. Manage meadow is Terri would say what meter. Mean there minister mean English meter ways and headline Rogers and have more rings than graffiti if he was Belichick's QB will pick through that. Five quarterback in the hall of fame. Right now that Aaron Rodgers better that he's the fifth quarterback to replace gates really geared Rogers do I just got done before you can momentum. Let it muted throughout. And forgot about that I was I was a good spot I like I happen like the punishment whose eyes I visited him which is good. He's got a great troll to much but in the public who's the hell right role I agree I agree I know you move from lines on your public menace got a little eggs have been bold things sort of measures trade that is made things up able right. Yes and I don't. It's not a bad economists at Rogers. Would or could win more he's not really believing you can tell he's sort historical chance right galaxy had to write something. This is nothing that that you can have any specific but there's no point describe say a while that's true I never thought of it. I mean Rogers. Is more talented and hungry we can agree terms of football talents Brady does not make Aaron Rodgers made it is more talented than any that's that's that is arguments Roger's is more talented so he would win more with out but I can have more than forcible that the election cycle where my issues. Right you'd be more go to more than seven I mean unit he would've definitely beat Seattle in that spot down ten I mean how do you know that. I mean you look at this playoff numbers they are just looking at them better than Brees Brady recently as an 84 actually outstanding size right 87 point four Roger's sixteen games means. A lot a 10000 QB it's 33 touchdowns nine picks and great. It's. Ratings much better accounts it is a much smaller sample and Brady I think we all agree is a different quarterback now when he was I think Matt Rodgers has to do different things I think Roger's a better quarterback in Brady. I do believe that I think he planned but the career that but we are Russians do for anybody make you make that case rose Byrd just I'm not looking numbers are better. And night when I want to play well wins open when we have success isn't. The Packers haven't been as good of a teen coming I don't I can Mike McCarthy as an awfully on the highway only on the Wednesday Jerry Rice. We went to Marvin Harrison. How many wins did you're paying coats have wins and we attacked was the court and attacks in the quarterback's right because quarterbacks are more of what's Rodgers when he percentages starter I'm guessing it's pretty damned he's 1945. So that's that's OK so it's exactly. To go and yes okay so he's 16 with 67% of starts with Eric. Yeah okay that's pretty damn good I am good scrape by Brady's is better understand that the what do as a passer rating clear pass for nine in six in the playoffs right. Raised twenty Korean nine incidents if you include last tenants six. But again a lot of those playoff loss and mean Mike McCarthy is eight butcher the clock he's a butcher at Indy games and it is not EBO well run operation green on six and we will agree Belichick's better and I etiquette in order good question of the elect. Forget bring them here but what if it wasn't Mike McCarthy would have Bill Walsh and in Green Bay and clearly you're gonna have better numbers for Aaron Rodgers I think trial where I don't know where Rodgers for the one of the suitable to Bill Walsh of the McCarthy like which year. We want. I so great there's a greatly. Brady clearly has two Super Bowls eat the packets that while obviously you can have six advocate of 23 some four right but EC two losses obviously I read him giant scheme could have won them. That loss for the colts would beat the bears that's Super Bowl I mean there are obvious ones you can look at. I don't see that with Rodgers really you. Now I don't mean I really haven't been close many years in a lot early playoff exits right I mean I think when I watch Roger's a quarterback I think he's a better quarterback Tom Brady but that doesn't mean. That he's the best quarterback ever you have to do year after year after you but he raises dice these 33 in a lot of those hall of fame as rhetorically is that it would da cook at this is done. I realize the idiots and Green Day were afraid that. Dump Harvard so and so the bench for three full years. Aaron Rodgers does this transcendent talent. Sat and watched Favre for 3000 reasonable informed estimates are that a good yeah obviously horrible farmers are great but it is and whatever Rodgers played back then he was good if you look at his ratings on Lehman hundred quarterback 120 quarterback rating. I don't think he Sloan I think you know this will have this discussion again in two years three years four years and I go like for you get tripped up these other guys ski trip up is when they sailing there are guys in the hall of fame because it's numbers on the same. Their players in the hall of fame guys look in the hall thing today. Who aren't as good as Mike Trout. But obviously. You know obviously trucks numbers are good he's good yet trust a much better player than. Tim rate is the numbness and numbers argument doesn't five quarterbacks in every quarterback these days it's not like at ninety but Rogers. We get numbers. Just eyeball look I question you can not and if for some Bradshaw for so. You know when Dawson. To own name. They couldn't hold the handle that complete adored got everybody in Washington now you say I would say hand outs would be one or an old -- -- would be one Marino's a different generation and talk and fortunately no questions ago answering essentially talking to generations ago one generation ago would be Marino Elway OK guys crowds and and your primary human league at the same time for a few years but yet but the -- that there are those guys to play Montana. Elway Marino. Brady's record though. 183 and 52 it's ridiculous and it's studies have the greatest career of any player as in no one's gonna say he could've made that for I don't think that made them throw the now is made to the cook at the you know that 36 yarder. Clearly but they're also in all things. Forget Michael Jordan we all think Larry bird's the most amazing. Small forward ever I think he has. And you could list doesn't things right now that in on Dominique Wilkins could do that he couldn't short but it doesn't make you a better player there's nothing can easily energize player that I don't think Roger I think there is slight read defenses. And fro with accuracy step up in the pocket Rodgers is their diet so how can you say they're more accurate passer better statistically I mean it. I think there are things that Brady can do and you can't define them like we defenses. I understand was look at it that's why he's so good at adjusting that's in that's. That SI story which you think there's nothing new and that I think there is when they talk about that pass through the Q. And this and that always an option young Frenchman Dion yeah and they tuck yes and and you kind of get an understanding of why some guys. Can play when Brady and others can't because it's complicated and there are options and guys again Ohman and Welker a really good at those option routes. Other guys I don't know maybe Joey Galloway. Maybe Ochocinco regardless and whoever round but if you haven't seen it in there's a cover story in Sports Illustrated and I give the writer timlin credit for this. And you said at the break Alex does so not much more to write about pre that we don't know of Margaret stuff. There's not much more football than I don't know did what he does is talk to a bunch I mean dozens and dozens of receivers. The plea would Brady beginning in in junior high. It would fastow through now about the about it does the idea was spared execution of the read like fast mr. Sarazen nutrients they thought they start getting as you're staying back alleys and for Randy mosque during the plane they scrapped edited by touchdown that these guys who's in Dallas I think so use. It was Toshiba again on its side it was it was there was six or seven. 7797937. With a couple calls your I would say that the 22 storage is today. Of operating that I felt were worthwhile I think one was much there's one other one would be a column by Charlotte while yes for caliber yet which I like to even though she was. Poking fun at Tom Brady and that he wonderful pajamas that he. Is endorsing selling and and the other might complain about the receivers both very good stores worth reading I would probably skip the lead but Tim Layton says it's cute but what if your brief and what would you skip this afternoon after a while to compare again he played with every iconic couple pass I thought I was leaning towards these guys you play with a high school or like work and in restaurants and right and you know coach in high school and there you know there. Life still is the typical outside times by a guy who just were you know is what they do county fully these guys story after story and Everett. I thought that much more interesting India Bleacher Report story last week about how Brady get married stuff and I diet you can MM haven't heard it's the lean other NASA is always tear gas began I mean how many more times when it's read that. How do you write about Brady though. Be in Damascus you write about Guerrero it other than Guerrero we've gone over that thousand times. Football wise unit to the table just quarterback of all right so give me an original angle that's I said when they sessions and regionally like the map like it again like execution right. Execution was he just talked to gradually recede but it should be that read it. What are they send you think Al Assad who has interest as it was not it was it was a huge as fast as investment that's that's fascinating and histories both. Let's go to nick and economy nick. Stage wanna cut they think we're talking about not wanting to trade. Go rock allow I'm ratings with a pretty charmed life health wise in the NFL and assuming that he's gonna be healthy the next 23 years. Is based on being healthy the past fifteen but it doesn't always work out that way and get one last thing I wanted to talk about. Many in piping hot take earlier where ET. Pallet Jack would be most likely quarterback to trade Brady. Belichick is not a quarterback yet. Now in sport somebody who trade their star east that don't just stay dogs you know who and he came with. Simon picked up SI that I got caught the guy can't pass from Tom Brady once it was great and out easy and and his son wrote a letter to Brady in April back it was awesome spectacular. I'd like new information but number I make smarter Hughes its like you're remembered nothing you remember nothing about her or her prediction that when Larry Bird was in his prime bird is a much moral and remember me much more urged the character that you reached a point lame as a point we bring New Orleans. Embraced scrappy underdog. At Michigan. I was acorda commission. It was always fighting for is like this I started doing something in your questions and you know I thought the same thing. He was five and five secede. Five of those five I was a freshman is senior notes freshman that own dreams start right thumb and no he did I think he started to play as a president of but it is a good question. You're 6465. He got a great arm. And why he's five and fives it was the conference that could only vapid to set this idea that Brady you know I understand it's a great story and unaware respect in the traffic on fruit picked or not. However selected who knows things first what he was recruited by a lot of schools and chose between what was it Gary Myers now Powell. Initiatives now we're talking about doing an element here but it is a usual Aaron Rodgers went right I mean public that for story what if Brady went to Allen Aaron Rodgers went to Michigan what happened. I have no interest in re themselves fastened behind us here. I our team coming up 6177797937. Tom Brady is and Tom Brady is selling super expensive pajamas now in the dude needs to chill at Charl wilder read some of that next.