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Dale, Holley and Keefe's Freestyle Friday Hours 3 & 4 - Isaiah Thomas MVP, NFL Relocations, Patriots Point Spread

Jan 14, 2017|

The final two hours of our freestyle friday focused on the NFL relocation of teams, Patriots and the point spread, plus whether or not IT is a legitimate contender for MVP.

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Our number three Daylon Hollywood keep Sports Radio WEEI this hour the program brought him by AT&T. Mobilizing your world it is a freestyle Friday so we've been all over the map. Mean I never thought ever in the history of sports talk radio that the new Eddie pop whatever come up but it had its day the Sheridan you haven't. Columns is reminded of Mike's all quiet. You know you don't think it's ever been heading pot might have come up. On another occasion yeah that was that was the segment code calling in Britain with the code. All the locals I'll answer the question cheer. And a nice pot came up during that the water or avoid of course would you like to have blow your nose or use the medi pot. The attack. Like that because Everett he seemed some abuse and any. I'd have to Wednesday he was talking at doing it in his kitchen that's where you do it. Hold down to the kitchen and the bathroom now the background and that's were snapped kill us suppose that I went our ups that I feel like the sink in the markets global pager are really explore the space there before the days of comfortable when I agree with everything Richardson thanks again it's literally one of the gross things you can. Possibly one that's also true. It is not wrong and there's bad. You know like you were doing a restaurant is echo certainly the clear the other side is now. Al pattern at work on that a little bit better about. These things about this incident until I. Little habit of my natural voice. Little lately I've heard of Kleenex I have issues that would. Indy would you do is you do a couple of back and forth and at a pot than you. That frees up load more than user to issues. That should be a right sleep better on the mug Jamie is that that that aren't operating jammies you've got to go help that fueled some injuries depository. And allowed to turn it up there are definitely when ready for an ability arteries and her equally grows so. My seventh of the Atlantic evidently grosser than police on Friday but I rented lots of things except for back yeah. Anything else but that as we get back to the calls I will I would give you this tidbit ESPN stats and info. Patriots last four home games against the Houston Texans working backward from this year. Week three this year they win 27 enough. I 2012 division playoff. They went 4020. 2012. Week fourteen. They went 42 to fourteen. 2006. Week fifteen. They went forty to seven sensing a trend here that Texans come did Gillette bad things generally. In 2006. It different than a week fifty week fifteen. I think that was one if you look back and can be wrong and it's at think Ellis Hobbs and a a nice return and game may have Danica kickoff return or an interception return for touchdown. And it I'm I don't think early definitely yeah I think that was left I think that was the story of that game. Am I believe that was the case okay when an underrated player what do yes they used properly rated these privately I've got just about right we knew we was yeah well not properly rated by Michael. Don't know that's throw by most. Most level headed to Michael would you say he was a leak I would say he was a late in the first half of the Super Bowl and then giants' Super Bowl. He he was he had he was by MVP of the halftime. I about a half I asked Saturday. If this if this hole I finding Gary I think yeah. How do you. Score hold them like it had Ellison's yeah feed of the game EH three yeah he had a 93 yard kick return touchdown. In the forty to seven win over the tech or his who knows what this where we're at about that that's right story that who knows. Maybe 33 it's a thickness of the product have voted for it as a cup I don't want to return this kind of stands on my mind that the Tibetans I don't either. You bet on earth was it like a kick return touchdowns and a prompt. I. Are okay all right we'll we'll hear a phone call being interest lol pickles and first 6177797937. Back to the calls have you guys ought to freestyle Friday. I Tommy's at. Your hate Tommy made. It's still a tiny bit. I mean what I agents are what. I'd. A little stunning little global pretty amazed. At saint. I think it was tugboat that was kind of tongue in cheek thank you sort it kind of joking zealot he had like some laughter in his voice that. And nobody ever at that point. I'm watching them since Jim wanted. That could be anything I've watched 78. Guidance 2000. Were bad we have 25 years of not. I can we liked that one if you don't want it twelve. Hey hey hey I called 108. I thought I might play announcer for and I like Iowa and what he's what he's telling you though is that he's had enough. He also says younger he seems like he never lived through with the scholars live through ready sort of grew up on the biggest win all the time. That's not to I've talked to a guy yesterday thanks Tom in touch we got yesterday and in Springfield and they end up and comer in the business really. Did a good job. If they're in during the interview and he said yeah 126. Tony six then. You know. In this this is kind of routine for me. And so. When he six years old that means he's eleven. When Adam Vinatieri makes her a 48 yarder. So it starts to run of championships when he's eleven years old from the from the time is eleven for the time he's 26. He's got nine championships. Right in no losing seasons. You know I mean just Fleischer Ari. All that he does IR yeah it not right idols yeah is eleven years old so hot and act like I almost can't blame me blame somebody. Or hey Harry you're spoiled your tablet yeah. You've been all but no there's about being spoiled little but the other thing about having that winning fatigue like the other caller did it's a first world problem there's no way it is but that's insane to me the Packers and if you kind of expect. The majors to make the playoffs that's one thing and you're. You've probably showed at this point it is always do how could you not but it took it out like you know wake me up in the games are closely I have a guy like that that I think is. Very I'm gonna have to a year off if it actually from the from this victorious next yeah I would fall another team now than that and become a jet. Span never a season and it was both games. I think it was the all the and nobody had but early in the fact that Michael remembers stuff like Ellis Hobbs kickoff returns now Alice I understand it but there I said Michael has this. Brain thing go and some times that. Kind of freaks me out like you'll remember specific names of callers and when they called him my friend what they called up my best friend since. Appetite Kevin Harlan Ullman and etc. but I text here freaks me out even more than Michael via a text says that the 2006 game against the Texans now. Was the last time the patriots were there silver jerseys. If that's true that a fact that that text or remembers that it's a little freaky we're so well over the silver silver jerseys they had not a good guys in date it didn't it in goal block I don't know how I got to remember those I didn't like that I. You know it is funny just looking as speaking of jerseys looking at this as a globe story you know Dan Shaughnessy is writing about and that the people and Houston don't even believe that the effect the Texans are gonna win this game but along with this story there's a picture. Of the patriots against the Texans at Thursday night game. And the patriots color rushed uniforms are just Phnom. I hope they bring amount. In the middle of the. Lou the probe no white girls are unbelievable. And better. It's we could've done the pat patriot agreed that they Trevor with with those you don't yes yes that's right yeah. All red but you've got they'll read Google blues that are. All reds a little distracting too much trio didn't look too much but but that blue with what the rules there are at the Charlotte is they are bringing us classic in general. Outside of the whites yup. The color Russian history in general certificate. I had a pit stop where there are other than the white you know or you're that good at. A for the most part the color rush uniforms are abysmal. Awful it's it's a guy to integrate that. Is that there are women aren't I don't today that Nashville. Did that the mustard. Not awful yelled things that we saw this year what about the dolphins orange. Awful bylaw that would you like Zelman yes off those were great the Seattle Seahawks. And right I did on that the the the highlight or unify all lava up Baylor basket yeah beautiful pass Tara on the the best. I'm of those you know you gotta do I do cholera that that do that graduate some teams going to the all white of the goal there was you know I think it was and yet not to go there but it was black vs white. If you're watching the game like it's called rush but the collar like to get it to your purple red or green and admirals. I like them and. Got to get uniform you really wanna hold onto it and that's that's something they're going to be dealing with in Los Angeles now the chargers because they had a great uniform right. Yes well one of the last quarter of great great uniform great logo now they're color rush uniform when it was great. It was it was I was all of our Eric what are they don't as normally and I and I remember Denver did it and they had the old school beauty yeah alma. Yeah ask the Broncos are like downloads that you and I know. How you got to do that in the page you wanted to do pat patriot the same helmet they slap to different sticker on. That's are ones come with a of those if you look at the same actual caller I think as their current home as good but they'd change could tell out. Or did you play this up before the show that the Los Angeles chargers were getting a lot of grief for their logo giving it killed on zucker and it took it down and have it put it back out. It's the same logo it is they tweet from the color. So it with a baby blue with the yellow. Right well all is that's stupid like he bought the Dodgers since symbol with the well outside as I would like that out our guys have public now back at the hope that it is worse. It might be worth and it actually made it worse they're getting openly mocked by other franchises. I said the Dallas Stars yet Saturday. Put put the Dallas cowboy star yet in Dallas Stars colors yeah instead of the cowboys is it's okay that's fine. I SMU football tech colleges are confident now making fun of them now. Because if you look at their if you just go with the chargers if you just keep them this film keep the logo is the same lightning ball there it because it's not the lightning bolts in San Diego. There's just a likable near the chargers amnesty if you're gonna remain the charges keeper logo tickets like San Diego however have like an ass di re a Bolter and the editors at the lightning ball. And you can now this might be a stretch of I it may not work but you can you can kind of make that our argument then that go to party Marino route. What from the Anaheim angels to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and almost up so you're trying to do is reach out to the whole community yeah. Tell people in San Diego looked. We may the chargers may be physically Lou leaving (%expletive) and San Diego. But our hearts are always there and you guys can come with this. That's our well yeah value they'll let our help borrowers hundred miles hundred miles to Carson cal cup and we need to pay weed out guys. They want you did the you're kind of if you would like I don't see the patriots game tomorrow at Gillette Stadium. Beat and I colored 6179310937. When a pair of tickets to the patriots playoff game tomorrow to let courtesy of Bud Light then ninth color 6179310937. When a pair of tickets to the patriots playoff game tomorrow. That number only now all our other lines of title and waste them so that'll work for it 617931. Sarah 937 with compact the calls would you guys. Chris is in Boston Chris I don't. And I get close. Our rightful so about a caller. Seen in maybe he should move to. ABC moved we. And the delays are. Maybe you moved to Cleveland. Oh that's their words. Like winning. It right and then at our neutral egos what are being hit debris. Or you Robert Kraft. I did think it'd. At one thing and and they get dropped them. That the. Well I will say just let the commissioner never hands the Lombardi trophy to a player that just won't happen doesn't happen has never happened they always handed to the owner. And the owner usually ends up handing it to the coach yeah. And then eventually they handed to a player you know usually the MVP gets the at that not incomes up. But but they would never go from good delta Brady and. Not a master's here and ask you guys' sisters and seriously are as opposed all those up and down out of other revenue other rooms are seriously are talking about within the snows and I think you're not a micro I don't I don't remember a time. I'll never do in the kitchen next say that I don't all right if you're if you're in another part of the country. And you're looking at the patriots. What they've done to achieve this year. From the from those who who think that the patriots are cheaters what do they down this year that makes him Jeter's anything. Now the best though the best that crowd has is. You know your quarterback didn't play four games aren't you cannot open that door or they'll say. You're kind of grasping at straws but you'd say well we didn't know about the other infractions until later so maybe it's something we don't know about how does the bill that are real and let them down the road I don't know anything. Right now but this year Tom Brady did serve a four game suspension. Nobody has brought up air pressure this year not nobody has has brought up deflate keep interest it just doesn't is not mention. So and then recess at this way is. Instead of dropping in my can do all these things in double digits novice is a possibility. An alum I'm reaching here but is there a possibility that. Win you win fox. It happens for the patriots and Brady and no quarterback has ever done this before. And no coach is never done this before. Do you just do you step back and saying. You know one I respect them. Our spectrum now respect David LR for hours for the patriots like the president. I saw the effect on our greatest guys 39 years old the he served his suspension. He's still he's been classy all year everybody's tried to bait him with. Trying to go after the commissioner. Go after the league be angry he says all the right things. Here's a 39 year old quarterback the oldest guy to win a Super Bowl he's got five titles. You know one. Like. I no nothing nothing else it odd but Michael if you don't respect him now after a floor to MVPs may be a third probably not but you know least in the mix for a third. If you don't respect him now. Not like you would now up tomorrow. Because if you if you if you put yourself in the shoes of of somebody in middle America they have convinced themselves that every championship. Has had an asterisk that sounds like Alpert and Rhode Island logic oh boy okay. I always loved when he brings that you've got a fourteen the air pressure scandal in a number 2001 supposedly they they they take the rams' walk through with an 030 forward all of us by dates up of course no wonder they want Expos until 2007 but that's how they were doing it. And you you win it. In 20162016. Season. There's nothing. There's nothing you can say so naive about it yet to confront your own irrationality. And why don't like this team into Tom Brady's doing. That sounds exactly what you said but I'm sick of this thing yet even if they didn't cheat they wouldn't be well liked. Like great teams that don't she is still good enough of them again like that you get sick if it's not your team they have a lot of success you don't like them. I asked you guys this question off the year why isn't that the same. Feelings of animosity about San Antonio Spurs report. But they've had a similar they have period of excellent there there are good comparison because they've done and over a big length of time and it's you know same coach. An insult and other retired us for a Dorgan Brady Thomas called second rate sort of change that works out there but I would I I think the area has some that are doing that which San Antonio. It's not. All Boston fans of San Antonio went to a team they have and and Michael's right they are kind of this for a while they're kind of boring there's not a lot of bandwagon spurs fans you know that's another reason why teams. You end up heating certain. Franchises is when there always are out there fans just pile on to their front runners in the wet and have that with the spurs that is it is differently they're terrible the success. But not how they're viewed. And selling and their best player in the easy easy basketball fans basketball player like hardcore basketball fans. Kind of guy. But you know kids in the playgrounds and I'm going to be Tim Duncan don't imitate Duncan it takes up fourteen seconds to the bigger battle okay hurt it up over the ball I don't know how that would again a topic of depth up. I. Okay I'm Rebecca I'm not coming out not very well have a poster crop of get a rebound outlet in and around Iraqis eat it. They didn't have that kind of divisive personality and its. And I didn't cheat. Up I mean I don't noting America's wealth doesn't but there's also other kind of powers the route that they went against him whether the lakers like thousands of a polarizing team in India and you would go up against them more than later on what the Miami Heat like urges teams that they would face that. That's where you know casual fans would jump on to lose it was never the spurs. And then and then with the Yankees and this is old that's his money and that some of the hatred for the Yankees and outside of Boston we got our own thing but. Other parts of the country hate the Yankees to. And what it used to be was they spend more and everybody used to be if they still do yep and the Red Sox. Just been more than everybody else and I just hate that they they keep showing up at a World Series they take all our best players we can't pay them they tech they pale yes it was understandable. So open Brit even did yankees. Hatred ever match. Patriots hatred nationally. I I think it was similar. They are close but again I think just football be more popular baseball that I and that's is going to be. Even if they're sort of equal link is gonna you're gonna break the tie just because of them the league and its I don't think people hate him Montana. I hate it now and back to your spurs point he's pretty boring. And great player but kind of boring. Can it'll always Brady's kind of boring. Aid he doesn't say anything that you know touch his people law. LSU you hate his pajama commercial write something these outings more more commercials on the the next. But it is funny not even in Peyton Manning's late show with John that's an okay you can say that dale and and maybe disease in these very he's very scripted at times when he does his interviews. But you wouldn't say his life his board don't know known and say what went out and out but I think that the celebrity now he does a Larry and and Gisele factors include only the jealousy slash hatred thing is. Perot is real with them now. It's hard for me to figure out I mean but I think I think there is no it's not hard for me to figure I'll take it all back. Again America says you cheated on you cheated that you have cheated cheated on as a occasions that we know off this is them. Two occasions that we know up there yeah probably others that we don't know about you are cheaters. But in the campaign. In the campaign I think if you if you win this you can probably. Pick up some. You can win some battleground states I don't know here on a new could if if they win five championships. I mean I just imagine. We've we've seen a quarterback. In our lifetime. Went five championships and this is this is free Super Bowl kind of stuff does pre Super Bowl territory when you hear via it what Willis of old timers will tell you hey. Hey Paul Brown. He knows he would not program they were in ten straight championship games in. In your being polite you say to yourself well some of it was in the human and a and you know it was a different time in yet. But to do that in the modern day is amazing that the people outside of knowing when we look at it that some of them. We'll get back to your calls in just a couple of minutes we'll talk to the playmaker Michael Irvin coming up next Sports Radio WEEI. Once again just because you'll be watching the games this weekend and I'm sure you'll figure out between now and Sunday but the National Football League has proactively. Moved Sunday afternoons division AFC division round I game in Kansas City Steelers in chiefs have moved the game from 1 o'clock. Until 820 because of an ice storm that's actually beginning today and tonight. In Kansas City expected to go through the weekend. They are talking about accumulations of anywhere from half an inch to an inch of ice. And in some local spots even more than an inch device. So a lot of the National Football League has said in an attempt to make sure that. Officials have time to clear the roads and get people safe we're gonna put the game off until late twenty I'll be curious to see if it's safe to play at then they don't really have a choice I SA in the NC record great solution to the problem now there is pushed back 820. A day. Patriots would love that would meant. When they go ahead. And went out of output Monday. The real one I was missing Monday Night Football this week that you know we complain about it I was missing. At the you know he's kinda get that routine. In a part of the route Monday night raw though it wants. What are they added they are better and I start now guys can now give me some some tips. Monday night raw I don't want would have looked for are rights they get court that in some nights alone on east and the look on Michael's face life when he comes into the office and and then and keep an ire discussing wrestling. I mean deep into a layup a deep philosophical wrestling discussion. And Michael comes in gives us the I Rolen walked back but but I but I gotta go up Adam Stern who you know pick up some of the characters in because that is our exit today rocketed the we talk about the good it's like a basketball player like a hockey player. A Brit Wyatt. A lot of guys wrestler on smackdown article is I think okay he walked out. With that. By the way I'm Michael Irvin has been pushed back to 505 okay all right so back to the call her ordeal that Kansas City Pittsburgh and the push for Austria ice storm desert south Golan on everywhere but we are here. Ready to talk with you guys 6177797937. Is telephone number I'll wanes and seek concave Wayne I don't. Very good Michael I'm gonna keep you from the F rustling of discussion here current mess me is that it's. Sorry I actually am an old school and rainy macho man savage and Ricky the dragon steamboat yeah favorite but I am I shot my age now. But Michael I would listen to what you are saying about Brady and getting that skipped championship needy earning the respect of the lead at first I was like. You know on each side and I'm like I think he's I think Michael crazy. But then it dawned on me growing up on the topics and I could not stand the Chicago Bulls. But the more Michael Jordan won an ad budget by each advised by the Taiwan matched its one. I would gun heating I couldn't beat him anymore now I was just clearly needs at what he was doing and by the time and actually on Arabic I forget it. I can't meet that guy anymore he's great all the pain best player ever and that's what's called a day and I think. That's going to happen Brady I think they're going to win it this year he's gonna get a script. And it's gonna it's gonna step back conversation all right we check and now he's skis. Surpassed mine and a became even mention Marino where or nevermind star bako are on rats are even Pete Manning. Registry and I think that's what's going to happen this year so Michael home I'm on your side now. All right Wayne appreciate it I I hope plane's right but I don't think so. Day and you know here's the other thing with if they if their privileged enough to win this thing when the whole thing. A patriots fans you'll get satisfaction from the response of fellow fans. Fellow fans will just if if you're there in Houston in your team wins in other. Other cities around especially if it's like a boys yeah I just really can't stand you gotta you gotta talk and you usually you're gonna be obnoxious. You might even get that from now Robert Kraft Jonathan Kraft might have something to say to the commissioner thank. That why you're not you're not gonna get it from time every now never if you want and it's so similar and we would beg him to do not do you won't get it and part of that's part of the the reason I don't think you're doing it for political purposes that's just not what he does but. That's part of the the political. The political strategy you wanna get some people on your side who who hate you tell them with kindness. Yeah so I don't there's a big difference between the no heating a great player. And then also just not recognize the fact that they're great like for example the caller mentioned Michael Jordan so do we know when he's winning his fifth title in 1995. At that point and I think he's the bad player or you're not given Iraq given the respect in that regard. But you don't have to like on like for LeBron James I hate LeBron James he can win the next three titles you're recognized as great on the bluegrass players every degree is player. But I'm an old never ever like him. And I'm sure there's a lot of fans around the country that say the same thing about Brady and schedule never lie. Combat eight in in the bronze a great example. Do you think it it softened a bit your. You're just like LeBron James softened a bit after what they did in the finals plastered down 31 all time great team then you see the performance from LeBron. Now could that it has to you know is it winning for Cleveland honest about it and thought of now now now gotten. Roger Cleveland for that now I that it didn't matter to me at all but never questioned O'Grady once. So him pulling off that that amazing comeback that's just another thing for already an amazing player. So I think that's the differently as you can recognize who's good athlete should be able to do with Tom Brady regardless of what team your fan. And it's a great point let me ask that you think in the produce we have to think like the rest of the country we don't know when it's sometimes hard to delegate is it just target my own hair just trying to figure it out but. Do you think these folks the the most vocal. Most rabid anti patriot people patriot haters they they truly believe that Tom Brady. Has gotten to where he is by cheating or do they recognize him like you you with O'Brien you're ever sent abroad TDs I pray he's a great player I don't like right. Do you think they look at it that way hey Tom Brady's great player I don't like them I know he really didn't cheat and no he doesn't care about air pressure in football just like saying it. McCain accused in New England fans. Get to those they say and what it changed if you found out that LeBron James had taken performance enhancing drugs. For me personally. Now and again that's gets into the you know a Barry Bonds of these great products over the great at all those guys that are are going to have your cheating hoped it to ten and we have that but even even the biggest patriot hater. Even if you claim that Brady cheated. You're also talking about. You know the error couples agreement in area here not a lock it up clock here I thought cross their rights are brought something that is so. Miner in the grand scheme of things that if that's your only argument. I got are you not if you believe like if you believe he'd be better player because of that the masters on you I think at the very small percentage of people. Yeah but I have to say. And I'm not saying any names but you know as some folks who who may have walked in and out the doors WEEI. At the beginning of the year. Aaron Rodgers is struggling and it I heard it it was between eighty year it was Texas here vol one look at air rod. His stats since. He can't pump the football is up that you know 55. Shirt come. Now he's got and then get a guy and I never I never thought that was an issue to appoint him to air pressure letters Ericsson Vermont hey Erica I don't. It. What they mine Eric Young yeah but he was that. Well talk about you know kind of the irrational opinion. You know anti patriots fans. I think you know assuming that where to go on and you know Super Bowl this year I can do what art. To discredit the team insults. By a party heard. I had a giants fan you know we are brought up Brady. He mentioned you know well you know Brady might go onto win but outlook prepare for first burst orchid. So are doing now that you would have won that to the floor. And so this you know obviously there's precedent for straws reach it's there any way to discredit Brady. You know obviously we can assume you know Brit on record to start the season with Brady and we'd like to think that he you know. Could have gotten it done so I think you know. We'll see what happens I think you know there's always going to be those doubters. Yeah I'm surprised that's the best the best for the giants fan can bring to the table case. As you are there for those first four games who knows what he would have done somewhat in nobody's counting the three and one to his record he's not he's not absorbing those -- not only is up to play in twelve games you won eleven of them. You're 28 touchdown pass with two interceptions who cares what happened the first four games wasn't there. And according to pro football focus had a great season of his career. Which when you look back at 2007 saints who. Fifty touchdown passes. The only thing about this is a lot longer something that exist that gives us doubt in the NFL. You'll find from the author. Old sometimes you do vote by the way players will tell you that all the time. Sometimes players get fine for nothing. And and they appeal finds all the time and a and always get rejected Matt Chatham multi unit now the players get fine for nothing all the time. It bodes well for a final number of pressure on talks. When we don't. As we care about right right Tucker and Adrian a round back into any. Human being could do that ever since they find an okay we're not doing that anymore. They've won how many Super Bowl not. And how many of it into. To poke our. Talk. You know people like to think like that to be rationed. All right art. Figured it's not happen and nobody out like that right there he is you know a lot I give it well integrated Arenas who back a little wait a minute. That that don't speak so soon because he said that in the that was when the Broncos were replaying the Seahawks in Super Bowl right before that Super Bowl in New York. That's and I took place now when when when the patriots beat the Seahawks. Brady was on seven Marshall Faulk. And he was shocking that on said he yeah he is pretty actors and up to him. I'm thinking actually he may have kissed his feet there. I didn't give a book without pop put massage meant something there a dimple area. So. But it goes back to behold the entire call on the greatest EE you don't say something that's a guy's face the two might say when he's not around. He was he was kissing up to Brady music hall you know mister Kraft you know it's it's amazing what you've done here but we're nervous calm when the week that played Saint Louis and he was saying no Marshall was. Bill he can behind scenes. I'll behind the scenes maybe but it. I think he's as advocates public personas changing of anger about something else there. They are in general of the big deals the rules are you deal fact that somebody thinks they stole his ring yeah. Yeah uttering I mean they want more over twenty years ago. This is terrible on. To poke our. Got not. It's there that there are other browsers are you saying that that on the sector perception that maybe your perception of him and that's. I'm just stating the facts. As always 6177797937. Michael herb in the playmakers and pushed back half an hour he'll join us just after 5 o'clock. Alon Hollywood keep Sports Radio W media are if you're just joining us you have not missed my cooler in the playmaker. Normally normally with us at 430 on Fridays during football season he'll join us sometime in the first 1520 minutes of the 5 o'clock hour. So he'll be with a I mentioned to you guys earlier I like being strolled sometimes if you cut it we got a couple of strollers on the on the text line on on the text like first when says. I don't like Brady's game system quarterback who would be mediocre with a different team and coach patriots a proven time and again they can win without them. That's good when that's tech hot sports clinic at tech and at and and after that different phone number right after that Welker he's 39. Having the greatest season of a pro athlete ever with a trainer who sketchy all caps now off c.s are TDs. Can actually believe it's the avocado ice cream right. Somehow there is not just the other cowboys it was the camels I got that they're you know Ali in dollar in debt that is there pajamas. I'm telling you that this people by the way that you were to become rational. And well I want as those extremists those the extremists but I'm telling you. If you want to created new revenue stream here. Sports Radio WE I got there yes through revenue stream. This patriots haters ball. Up and Phil and promised to meet this for a couple years on still I'm glad I'm glad I didn't do it. When I set I was gonna do you know line of thinking because I'm exited generous person that would that would LT thing and classy person. You know on the classic person because I'm so classy wasn't thinking about money. Monetize this I talked charge one dollar. Instead of having it in like some ballroom. Inhabitants today you know within a place called Minnesota but you don't whatever scholar at one dollar and a mall America. Or whatever tobacco and a big facility. And its. It inviting people before no costs. What did you dollars which in the patriot haters ball national campaign but it is coming on the patriots we get some money. It's just patriot haters there though they won't. Be satisfied those be angry they need at least one or two patriots fans also go because that's like ridicule passes like the time okay see here if you if you put them all together and they're all agreeing with each other nothing you nothing you there's a spark there you need somebody that things authority months to governor Arnold brought the sides. I got it out now so good now they have. Warmup. Or about this I cannot tell jokes. Don't jokes fair reward violence and you're kind of response patriots haters ball is the the atmosphere is there are more than ever before. And it'll be in you'll you'll have even more. Monetize Haitian opportunities. If they won their fifth on this one it's gonna be the opposite of we use MI wonder they're going to be hated more Tom Brady's gonna be hated more. Denny is now they went a fifth. On other and had a very good businessman I'm not charging him on dollar you know Bob I box iboxx. Would you would you president body out right right that's going to go to arts and how much would you pay to be around other people who hate on the patriots how much did you pay for that. Own I mean that's why I I think probably I know how to do that may many F arbor and I don't hang around with the easily three to five dollars seems about right yeah. For that sweet spot four dollars four dollars come to the writers Ayers or order a good spot super balls are down by that I have on on very severe there that hate on every single super pastor of patriots haters bald wanna hang with these folks. You have you don't think the market with the money I don't I don't mind taking the money carpet went ahead and let them know what they are with them. Yeah it is how much we pay it at that these file and be more of a heart rate they pay up to date and let's they paid it. Yeah around other right like minded patriots haters that he put in like a few props the some video cameras some pompous all of well but you just put that brings the banners to put all that stuff out there. And then use the book that so you have north front in what you do for the centerpiece for yeah table. You have to under inflated football and patriots eight you know banner. Yeah nice little centerpiece outreach day although the young person say you know sixty and I'll be defeated Joe Banner I think patriots fans also hated that yeah so that and are not all the you know I hated OK it's all right there's one in this room who wanted them to keep it up doll now. And they're like all of the cars that Michael has got a Florida has endeavor for the history of football military first time. And I'm like a division banner everybody wants division banner nobody goes sixteen now. But you mentioned a patriot haters ball on the table they'll tabled a big like that doesn't talk about restaurants like a wrestling event now it's like wait for it money in the bank. Yeah okay. Hall and act like it's the one event he went ethnic. Or at least eight big numbers go that reference the goods Obama. John Leo we we had little shall outing are great and he will have a she'll outing. Upcoming. All gold in the garden and and watch wrestling men and amp Michael explainable to a supports it ought to I don't know about that Richard you actually show up on time I'm like these other him. In all be there early hit me. Over the real early. Over the due shortly I wasn't late. The other two Michael and indeed sponsored in 9 o'clock they go stronger but I got they knew when the man the good that the good back and let the party down on your for the tree limbs always out there because I. That's really pretty. 6177797937. Terry's in Melrose taped. Are you know I'm definitely you know let's get so at a certain you earlier talking about the color matched up dozens of forms and am. It was senate and a thing like white. I don't know why I said the white ones were good. Oh you why I personally said that's a little bland delicacy and light a light liven up a little bit. Okay let me tell you that they have to put life in therapy parents are the colorblind people. Because when this whole thing first started an addiction team turns the chance in the bill that zoo in green on red and green and it got color blind audience could not. Differentiate between the opportunity. I don't misunderstand me because I don't wanna I I don't really prejudiced against anybody. What do we think that the size of the color blind audiences probably oil probably bigger than you think about it I've added a significant all size it's not because there was no white and they're not the spent too much time on this but can you see other games were there's not always city's all white uniform and in all sports I like the lakers will Wear yellow at home Bradley bet. I think it's because the colors of the opposite collars river is and I think that's why so if you had. Read verses a different color like a white blue I think you pulled that off so though that's not why game I don't need to see you all white jerseys and cholera. 6177797937. I'll we'll talk to the playmaker Michael Irvin just after the top of the hour we get right back to the call to view as well Sports Radio W yeah. Fourth and final hour gala Hollywood Keefe Sports Radio WEEI. A brand new. Custom open for the 5 o'clock hour the way from Argyle Royce through new addition. Reference there. But let it be something for you. Zahn now Portland yesterday on the patriots there's also a I don't want to Portland. Portland it was the sister though sister station a winning. I don't Portland or so I. Which it when we thought yeah report minority topic dictators ball in Portland Maine Portland Oregon and reload Alton portly and the country so. They I was asking them they had asked all their pictures questions and I have one for them that now that the Portland me Portland Oregon. What do you guys think of Damon live there as a rapper. Really good day. I know I felt like he's salt. Is solid. I've got the visit well. Let me just let me ask my producer of my producer is really like the big hip hop albums and importance known for all of a pop cultural wait wait wait wait now wait a minute I had to get from him. Before I got an answer from him as that. What's your favorite rapper of Malta. This would even start of you know dude you argued I think console what do you got any idea how. I don't worry about our question and projects mark he didn't give you two got. One was gods. And the other was imminent. He said nods and MM that's okay we're. The real answer does that a good idea he said he's OK he's better than anybody else who's been out there. A professional at any other app India but he's OK off. Yet it was a news and information station to Europe Gaza Sports Radio station yet and there's no love to look Roy. This is not true says David dollar exit their dollar is better I believe civilians who. Given that diesel and editing and I was really good. He's really good it is important that people. Are now learning he was a good interview with amity and they gonna have something else any yeah I weekly gig on the others ignored how invalidate exactly. I don't have an eye at Canada I I've got home opener about the myth at all. Or says he burned them it's okay burns alright. So. Don't interest and it's totally disrespect so he's solid. Itself it is nice to us because he took he took Isiah Thomas ruler on the court yesterday yet our agencies. Disaster factoring in everything else as you would you rate that you didn't always outed Willard over time things Millard would be a better better player that there aren't as well that KG saying. Isiah Thomas should be in that MVP conversation and yeah it KG no no less than at this and he won't win it. But should be in the city be in the conversation of course. Our little strong he's he's been great but. This if if Westbrook and Harden or doing what they know how long is the converse in that super doesn't like well now let I guess to man conversation. Westbrook and Harden yeah that's it. For MVP in Attleboro are great players vote guys have a great seasons like Isiah Thomas and he has he has gotten to be hard being have a tough time and officers as being all India. To the guards are lower guards are really pillow there's two right there he'd be just the first team about. NN I we were talking yesterday about the Greek freak yes the alphabet. Hit OK if there are certain things that you just have to factor in certain things that Isiah Thomas can't do so you're comparing these two players one guy is. 59 the other guys simply to. Yeah so that the genius of him is that he had seven feet tall he can do a little bit everything but Isiah Thomas is never gonna rebound like him. So. If you see. Look at look at that look at the numbers you really can't compare all of the numbers that really ethical you can't go assist by assists and rebounds and a rebound the things like that but. You don't if I don't get that I was extra points because he's short and I giving him extra point but there are certain things at a time are you just like lady rebounds well well but at 592 averaged nine rebounds a game for an average eight rebound. Eight and nine rebounds so I mean there's certain if you if you compare him. What you say well that the conversation is between Russell Westbrook and James Harden the Russell Westbrook is gonna get more rebounds. A than Isiah Thomas James Harden can get more rebounds and Isaiah Tom not just gonna happen okay. So I'm not think that but that's my case for MVP of the rebounds at all about everybody I ever brought a re like you well why would you say that you're about to elements anyway. There are all around there all around game is better at what they're doing with their teams is more impressive. For Houston to be the third team right now on the west right for James Harden put on these insane numbers and facilitate the offense to score more I mean it's slightly morbid score more than Isiah Thomas. To the assist numbers which Isiah Thomas whether he's 52 or 72 he can compete with the system you wanna do and he's not on at that level well and why they're more impact or player and seeing what Westbrook and have a knock on Thomas at all. That those guys if you if you take away his my case for Isiah Thomas is very simple one. If if you will if you look at the Celtics. And you say they're number one score is. I.s into the club like I I Garcia. About the war don't worry about him nobody nobody and did you go ahead you gotta fight not only do you have a scorer. At big times court. You've got a five this size factor into this again here nobody high up you got a 59. Score. That you have to shut down that's your game plan. Most teams look at that and then licking their jobs mean. I thought we got to do. Apparently who gets shut up in the National Basketball Association get do we shut down the smallest guy on the court we can problem we can deny that a ball that on the playoff knowing that and they go in and they still a boat so during the playoffs I know I got I want it but we don't out of order regular don't need help if I mean the MVP because he's 59 you brought that up every time he's doesn't matter who's got a lot more to overcome than the other guys he has he has his supporting cast no don't you saw hoarding cash has what does Westbrook out it was the second best player on the funder. The second best player yeah under yeah. That's something that I. That's a problem that's out separately from Ottawa bigamist Lara and Connell has been too soon here who's Michael yeah it is high quality at Yale lab jumped right. I granted are usually arms in the added that should Italian. I had a second best player on the Celtics is better in the second as wearable those teams you earlier that yes. They don't have a Al Horford they haven't Avery Bradley most teams. To them but I understand it has not yet running around it circled aren't that Mike likes Clint compel law I don't. That man's man's arm where they're my kind of herald that electrons feel like there he's got size. Is your. Like the supporting count our life is his dog and I as I'm not to out. I'll have a look apparently you haven't looked at argument that the government I would love to welcome you back into their. It's gonna check it out on Wednesday 20. I think we're a little gassed up point okay six led 77797937. Eric's Alec. Eight Eric. They I don't let me and you get hurt stop thank you thanks. On. Listening. I think that the conversation great for earth the audit because they'll take care of them in peak peak conversation about you know in about the and I was gonna say I see him as a cop buys. Score in the in the NBA top five player industry where he'd give the Celtics but when we are losing rural. Pretty bad. And it only got I think in the middle to see event. And we had like I'd been at third best record in yet EA closing the season and then sent and he's been that thought but score. And I don't think in his prime yet. I think you don't get better. Yeah to what top five score by it but overall as a player yeah I've score right now united stats he has in house is looking at stats that you know look at Houston I'm not trying to make this argument I've discovered a. I'm ready he does I don't know about an okay. Middle and at times you brought something up those were on the ground. I'm not sure about an hour with Serbia you like your court. He's fine he's hurdle time average of eighteen this year so they were broadly ourselves and and then you've got the same player that I had run out what do you say number number number of Ryan Anderson. You know like you know. And 40% from three point range missiles Crowder. Fourteen points a game that's fort. I thought how are right Anderson. I I model while I'd rather have Al Horford I wouldn't think I'd rather have Al Horford but they go. But. This year Al Horford is not necessarily. QQ we say it it's a different conversation that when a doctor doctor amen to keep the European and maybe. I'll give you the Houston went thank at a tech Oklahoma City can't wait. It is it fair to say Al Horford hasn't provided. What to expect them to. Well I didn't have the highest expectations forum I still think he's better than all those other guys I would say. Yeah I want a little bit more guys the dog and now I want a little more then on but he's spent I. He's the guy that wasn't going to be too when he intent you knew the stats were going to be like that he he's more of a defense you know pass her. Yeah how things that's right it seemed ideally you don't fit in I think he's fit in pretty well like him to grab a few more reap. Ultimately. I give you Houston okay Houston is they're supporting cast element look at me look at Oklahoma and I don't know let's go to Atlanta. I don't I don't I really wanted to be on I came under the wanna do this I'm not a because I have a I don't think I want that is related I started at a lot of play at that relatives thinks it's great. I don't think they're really wanna look at apparent. But he short though who MI I don't have it goes I don't I don't MVP under six point oh I don't Thomas and Ronald I want to hold onto the 59 and yeah he deserves extra points for them like that. I Argo what I wrote the 59 I think I don't vote supported jazz I'm not so sure about the time I don't like that fair enough 6177797937. Market not San Francisco mark Tatum. They give our guys are too great. Genitalia in the Hutus really concerning living out here it's a responsibility here. Ought Josh we it'll still thinking about coming a percent or so ago it just looking at disaster. Obsolete does capture. Considering you only can get to bite the head coaching Al well you do great austerity just totally unheard of even at his young age. And I'll just be really concern considering it's a patient or walk out here. Mark you're a wise man you're wiser and richer life I think. Maybe that's why Josh McDaniels and Matt Patricia are are where they are right now maybe they're not leaving I think they. Mr. Trish is out of places to go now while being based on weary interviewed and they filled their job itself San Francisco is still on the table and maybe they've promised a job to mcdaniels and he'll take the job when the when the patriots are done playing but. That another possibility is they're not looking at him and he's not looking at them if if if it it's a great point to bring up why. Why is Matt Patricia. Not hired what why has he not gotten the job is it because he has said. And I'm happy here and I just don't like the job prospects that are that are on the table or is that other teams looking and saying well. It's nice that you know the patriots a fourteen to wouldn't. There in the conversation again but wouldn't have this conversation for many years and I saw Eric Mangini was once a hot coaching candidate and Josh McDaniels at first I was hot coaching candidate Romeo and how it was hot and a candidate and Charlie Weis and. Does that scare teams away that may very maybe. In this day and age if an analyst just used the chargers is in as an example if the chargers had made an offer to Matt Patricia and he turned to and a would we find that out sooner or later. What would ask what you have that we know if if that were the case I don't know. Wag I let me I just feel like whom we would find out at some point from somebody. Now from Matt Patricia probably what's inside stories other hires right now we found out how anybody not gotten their first choice and that's and we don't are higher than John McDermott that the Baath. I want him all realize oh all alone. Well no because always we were fed that they were is gonna keep Anthony Lynn Wright and and they didn't and there's a whole fiasco about who the starting quarterback was gonna he's a I don't know he's got a different job so. We don't know yet but I would the other I think eventually we'll find out maybe not maybe right now we won't know about Patricia mcdaniels but may be will be released later on that. In other happy wouldn't wish on the today but that's because they knew they couldn't get mcdaniels. Something he might gut feeling is that neither guy I was offered a job. Yeah that neither guy has torn down anybody at this point. That and and their there's been this incredible rush. For these coaches this week and it really was kind of like warp speed. And supposedly. The McVeigh thing happened out of nowhere like like he just blew their doors off. In the interview process. And it may Welby that they separates him you know and we really liked mcdaniels a week going we want all the way to in the snowed out. Norwood met when and at that hotel but. You know this guy really does have four. Is it a is that a young man's game hours it just happening this way and I'm not descendant because you know this guy is thirty years old but McDermott is 42. Anthony led his 4748. Of the old guy. The old guys dub or he's just 52 years old yeah. So Eric. You know well as an actor Adam Hayes 38 but yeah. Biggest transition Maura beard. What did Zimmer got hired. Two years ago by the Baez forever he's won the or any real power or prolonged that it does seem like the the head coach they're getting jobs this time around. Fit more of that map Patricia mold. Where it's a guy has not been a head coach and has been a you know successful coordinator specifically defensive coordinator. And they're taking a chance on those guys mean when you look around I'm still not rule out mcdaniels to the niners though. Diners or sit around wait for their necks that they thought I agree that the coach I think that would and I said this when it happened yeah that's the last place he needs to ago. Can't screw this one up. And that's just got scroll up written all over it out there that's tough thing to Chip Kelly one year he went to air on and they fired them pretty quickly to as far as you when the season was over and we're talking about a team it's about to have its fourth coach in four years the means. You can't you get. Those better than that. He is more stable right. I don't think so not recommend that buffalo has made the playoffs what's on Buffalo's more stable than that is out there now all I don't know 72 a stable the wrong way. It's like it's bad stability. In seventeen years seventeen years and I'm making the playoffs in football and that's hard to do that. How partisan organization gets set back. When their hiring their fourth head coach in four years. So I just think that another philosophy exactly all the you're wired article is one at a again. You know you're gonna I got Opel eye system in place I gotta get my coaches in place you're going back to square one again. And think about it for coaches in four years what that does to an organization I hit. Here's at least. 49ers have something that the rams don't have the rams you know moved up to get Gerry Graf so they're bad team without a high draft pick. Sampras Cisco is a bad team with a high traffic. They don't have a quarterback but I am not sure the rams have one either you're facing the rams so there's another rookie got a coach in your division between Josh McDaniels at least. You have some experience. And so he would think you'd you may have a similar team amateur who's better but the rams better before I mean if you have good coach is teaching coaching. The better roster are ashore. I'm not who ran the nine rams and niners are about the rams because of the defense there's there's some guys defensively yeah its not its strategy not a not referenced now so yeah you have the you have the rams. In that division near the niners in there the cardinals in the Klein I believe. Larry FitzGerald one more year or one year older I don't putt Carson Palmer natural order going right we have the the Seahawks yeah delegate take. I think Peter King gave us what happened what the difference was why McVeigh got the job supposedly he went in and loved Jerry go off. Or is he said he did not gotten by that same day idea I loved Jerry golf it'll work with this guy bark and no doubt because. To do with what they gave up to get them. You're telling dealer exactly what he wants to hear now if Josh McDaniels. In a fit of honesty said you know I don't know Cisco has a franchise quarterback. Not you know why eating get the job Whiting get up for the job and that was declared our. I just think you know uncle Stan who's been very satirical business. I can't match looks that he by who the I hear could carry it so much. A boost in imagine he's been successful in all of his businesses by interviewing people who simply tell him what he wants to hear. And that's it beggars can't be up went on. Yeah of Jericho you really what you would love it. I'd opt out of my huge after the rockets' roster I. I let's and I got direct from now when did you did the united way he did as the other not as important decision either and don't Oklahoma City tied until you are cannot rob Lorenz. I'm David in Florida hated it I don't. First devolved government. Backed in or out of a little while ago put it. Look at all by this graceful when my goodness so just what are we talking about on the Roy wrote all the ground. Now she's already don't like right out. You don't like your agent. Nobody called them. Blown up. I'm fine. Funny or I'll start with the golf balls. I may think some reasons canoes -- at home repugnant replace it terribly wrong Apple's strong if one half of the white bread wondered Princeton like himself can you. And I do. A big fan. I didn't poll puts the button on the on the Charlie Wilson I applaud and data on the world that are off. I'm Kevin and Roslyn daily Kevin right. Don't get it close or about soldiers as possible. Eric. And did you get you know it would execute prisoners as I'm amazed at how everybody's opponent decides it's on this bandwagon or how great years and how good he's doing. What I'm looking yet. So right now are not in the position. To win any championship this year. What I see earlier promises. You a smaller version of the project. It's a ball in his hand and global players to just general. Watching him do whatever you do. He is gave a compliment bothering him. That is a smaller version of the beaches on and you said he's a smaller version of LeBron James and that's that's not a cop can't think now that. It is not a good thing about it I. No it looked good that it's not just me that's got instantly one. Bullet gesture question. Do you think all go to a good view and also so it's a party right now and engage. I do now don't know that don't know. OK so destitute so what's so now also been off compared to settling for. Are you immediate spurred a force in the eastern going in the first round playoff and maybe. Well doesn't have to do with Isiah Thomas. Is okay you. I. Retarded cabinet voted to give back a K Clemons Portis out. So keep were saying earlier that it's a two it's a two person covers a two player conversation between Russell Westbrook and James Harden. Oklahoma City are you what their record is right now same as the Celtics essentially that would force sixteen they're not gonna won a championship this year the Celtics are gonna win the championship this year. But Russell Westbrook is a legitimate MVP candidate that you're talking about two different things in VP candidate vs who's gonna win a championship right. Well MVP candidate I mean I was it's Hamachi could be and talk. Fuel and. OK so rust away or is it okay if Russell Westbrook wins it. And Oklahoma City doesn't with a championship are you as angry as pat Russell whispered as you appeared to be right now your anchor had I had any. Boys. Rob and they'll all of Rodney can hear that anger. Here let Eric. I would read we speak to troop Altria. Well okay. What could ever do like a triple double A the last time that happened Oscar Robinson 10. And I'd promised it would play. It would replace I'm going to go to we've from. On the Brooklyn where I like to feel basketball and now make other people on your team good I don't think he does that I really don't. I mean he may have one game we're what do you are a few games ago yes Christine it's okay. We saw it. Is that what did you come and culture. They're all so multi technology. Is she got a question in the months before contract. Is up for contract produced so yeah she got a question. Yes export let's yes. Yeah yeah you get him back they won't be around I will. And all Raza bills will speak the truth about it I'm good you are right they will give him a Max contract. 6177797937. Is telephone number our final drive which includes on Friday's. Keeper madness coming up about 545. Era Sports Radio W the.