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Boston Sports 101 - Patriots History in the Divisional Round

Jan 13, 2017|

Uncle Buck and George sit down with Nick Stevens to talk about the Patriots history in the divisional round

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Sound is sound card reproduce. Opening whenever it is. Means it's once again time Boston. Sports wanna won the girls how uncle buck. Big Georgie can't be here witness what I've gangsters and now I'd this is a Barea exciting difference because we have the return. What we had to return to great nick Stephens I'll back Abbas and air out. Guys first time logged time. Huge fan podcasts. It's it's brilliant attorney it's a a lot of buttons ports one on one nation this is my seventh podcasts on the station announcement. But you know glad to hear nick is just started that we too I believe of the Matty next on K app. Welcome back and I bill has other. Body by dreams in fact were taken out. This is that went bad. Good Linden new dribble two days. Most of them haven't actually as my opinion is debunking the entire welcome back got a visa. Who'd have thought they need it well the right stationing replacement it was the one and I needed them as well. It's awesome to be back yeah I'm right now in the throes of the move. It's it's a little less awesome right now because I'm to and fro New York all the time. This is about law. I mean we're accused me of yours of course George is does the pats videos with the and I can't say you're by far one of the top comedians from. So let us know what though absolutely it is so anyway last week George and I mastered octaves four partner patriot history patriot plant history. We have all but one in this yet the weapons that. It is ever go through to drive too because they tractor. So. As we begin all the wild card rounds this is revenge of the their standards in paradise while this hotel it's girls acts. Let's go to Carla six. You see where this is gone audience. Where other greats. Oh so anyway last week we had hint though don't deal wild card round pick out around playoffs. Cover all Petri about things that wildcard. Unfortunately. Last week and for the last six years really even frenetic last it was in 2009. Miners right and we don't deal with the wild card anymore gas than it's not a thing that they. You anymore. What phony though proved yet there's not the deep all right that's is it there aren't a lot of wild card games for the patriots jumped to mind. Two. This a bunch of your favorites that we national favorite and least favorite least favorite obviously was the absolute as weapon in the settlement coming out party 2009 yes absolutely nobody else to throw up nice job blocking on sides met life. The 2009 wild card but that was also Belichick's Lee's favorite team's account and the one year that it is that an open microphone here. I don't mean like you know I now but we got was like okay. He'll be able to be he's a bar might need that they get out of here was Dale's Thomas quoting the Jetsons when he was like immediately coming that snowstorm on Thursday Foxboro. And have been edited out of the Belichick documentary was out of football for just the coach's life for a year in the code so Arnold are a ball to partner. And the grip best one was I loved when they beat the jets in 2006. The rate game being up probably wanna Pennington played well for the jets. They were game actually wasn't sure the pats would do. And it was Korea it was scrappy resilient Brady was Mangini. Is now get me -- real scientific gets them in November in the mud ball when Doug here real dropped everything thrown at him could tell it idolize the war I never trust a wide receiver from Oakland to first names. So then now this week that it's. We're gonna go right into it division round now guys this is the this is the real meat of the whole patriots laughs because this as the most games nineteen. Post season division games bridges plays in a record of thirteen and six it like it's on you guys before and I don't tell Matty. There's probably two patriot games may be 12 bit. One for sure you can rank in top five not a patriot history of Boston sports history as greatest games indicator of the division round. All six of the losses still hunt into this that. Also all six will go through and we're gonna go eight is the on this one. Are we sure that they ought you to this day or is it just bother you because it's something people can bring up and kind of stuff when your crop because he don't need ammunition. Against pats fan these days that's what that's the things that everybody loves to try to rub. Any loss any negative in the face of a pats fan because they've just been so damn good for so long. That they get desperate they they go deep like they get historically that's what would anything in the seventies bother us for why would that. Why would something that far back the pain and I we're gonna. Go right through that it doesn't bother me and her daughter has bucked. This is when you when you hear you will believe it let's go and Sarah real quick we're gonna kind of it's over some of these ones that are as memorable or maybe don't have. The big story lines but there are certainly a lot that have meat meat on the bone so Pat's first ever give his implant game. Saturday December 281963. If you believe in Boston patriots they got the buffalo take on the Buffalo Bills while memorial stadium. Every time a call back abnormal editorial. That the good George Carlin to a net debt. Or right to give ideal Chris Brown walk memorial stadium an 8268 win in buffalo turned the ball over six times. Kind of a couple quick notes from that just. In my column acts are coached. The end of going up against Lou Saban who was the patriots first coach in the first two years you know buffalo and this. Darrell Monica was the bills as a quarterback. Replaced by future senator Jack camp. Jack Kemp in the name yes it's a make great head air act that nobody rock salt and pepper like Jack any elector from 133 epic. Airlock remember his nickname you know how Monica met. Get out. Take your pace for teacher your wearing and get out. Now Darrell Monica the mad bomber that's right man bombing was the man. That's and it didn't write a guy I think every paid I think I speak for every patriots and when I say 1960s. You can't let it comes to mind and that's it. They are the audience. It was they it was the den full of cigarette smoke there's a lot of drinking you know apple Gina big day for field goals in in Darrell the harmonica LaMont. I'm man not a game that Regina. I so let's fast forward now and this one it's a that they. All time worst loss one of them up there and in Boston sports a front for Adnan 20% traders. Here we go okay okay 1976. The New England Patriots as the Oakland Raiders. At the coliseum in Oakland okay now. You were you may call the history in this game OK was the horrible and drank call. Roughing the passer sugar bear Hamilton yeah it's Kenny stabler. The snake yet oh horrible call because any better remember when you watch the video it's not that bad in fact I think were able. Hit. It now what's his name the rams Kurt Warner yeah harder on the hit on the interception yet yeah. It was a reception right they started an off day and dancer Mary Hamilton get state. That was back when you can make it's a talking about the raiders because the raiders perpetrated the worst hit on human being an NFL let alone patriots history Cordero stunningly but at the same time. This was back when you could make. Incidental contact obviously people weren't looking too like. You know clubbed somebody over the top of the header cause grievous bodily armor can cut somebody. But sometimes you rush the passer and there's a little incidental contact is as one of the greatest flaming garbage causing history this is why. Almost this is maybe when the patriots fan persecution complex. Absolutely in this is also the best team that they will have for decades because they were complimentary. They had blown out raiders earlier in the season they'd beaten the Steelers. In Pittsburgh. In the oh by the way the raiders only loss of the season and I applaud the patriots and they wanna inseparable. You might also make me more comfortable if when you say the raiders could Disco and jittery Tuesday. Gases. But let's and here's something that I'm that I was looking at when doing some research on this and I'm trying to put in the context of what we deal with these days sports median. I can't rate make it collectors show like Bleacher Report. I. So you had a patriots lead the game when he when asked him do it after our Africa the fourth quarter all right pat Boller and midfield movement it's one he'd. And at that point they have a chance to legitimately couple first downs and run up clock here. Instead. Sam bam Cunningham to call for an off sides on any. First down run by Grogan ends up getting called back. On third down the game forcing a fifty yard field goal attempt by Johnson now we all numbered John Smith. The guy kick the famous arena ballclub yes Obama. Did John Smith goes forward now can you. Hear what Johnson it's field goal percentage wasn't logged 60%. And that was a perfect you know audio. The better case recently 215 or 25 on the season OK to Johnson's career after the Gupta is between 25 in his longest. Was a 49 yarder. And he admits or extra points that year whatsoever about when I don't art this just goes keep numbers to. Ontario. Even go to Vegas gusty early when he succeeds it's it's also his career long. In his entire it was fifty yards and came 82. Okay oh. ET this same year that a kicker when MVP that's right our six years as a mark mark mark Mosley yeah. Since it isn't as an insane it's insane insane to think that. Kicking at a 60%. Google percentage was good back in the day volatile geysers. I you can let him know attempt a fifty yarder when the baby could coach find or even go for write the closing in out instead you're gonna have somebody who's never keep that are his career who only makes have. And Oakland. So I mean that would be Sports Radio gold these days right right for it that's. I feel like that a problem was back then it was so difficult to put it fat sausage fingers into the halls and actually he turned the rotary dial I can I have WEEI 65000 believes this is because the yeah. KE. He the so the ticket obviously no good with 4:12 o'clock and he Steele emerged as the raiders down. The field for the ultimate touchdown and win. So I rink that was certainly if you look at history sports or hows and why when I was 177. For a year later but I was alive. I was alive and it has not affected me I mean that's just proves any depth younger guests. On the but. You know that's the way it happened to be addressed congress and president Warner members later on for his you know giving him the business one of the money calls off. In the history. On the officiating in the national football. I really is down there. Given them the business idea I think that's what all that. There aren't just either receiving or giving the biz to this point and it just the body you know we were up there facing off against John Madden game like that knowing when man Golan and John Madden just. Legend just means it's icon just the only guy who visited their own hospital that. Really really. Really should be on the I its potential candidate for the NFL coaching. Just because of his overall impact of a game. You know what goody two right now this podcast you to right now and watching John I don't have let it. After a podcast watch a couple of vintage. John Madden Miller Lite commercials and Obama got so much for chase out the missing me so. You're kidding me so good our back Tommy thanks in that eight out of their wealth is the best in the John Maddon has his way Brady with a Indy Brady would dig beneath. That's our god those five minutes. Now that it isn't gonna jump to 97 need now. You we went from like heartbreaking too embarrassing okay 1978 Sunday December 31 against the Houston Oilers laser actually yeah. Given the getting six points according to Vegas on this one. They're coming in is a five seed the patriots who finally won their first division title. And what happens. Chuck Fairbanks the patriots and coach has been shopping around decides gonna go leave the patriots for the university Colorado. To get back in the college go buffs are ranked so. Are our. What you care about the ups if it does it. Allah that before Parcells. Sold the patriots out in Super Bowl 36. Yeah when he was basically the HC of the NY GA in his mind authority was on the sidelines like a dead body. That chuck Fairbanks just party Parcells before Parcells Parcells. You are absolutely and then so fairy must every does this. And Billy Sullivan finds out about it. Number a little Billy Sullivan Billy solvent so mad Fairbanks who literally gets off the bus from the airport at the Orange Bowl the Pitt take on Miami last week of the season. And he gets suspended. Billy Sullivan says you don't let your suspended he suspend them for the game the patriots go out there with co head coaches to get blown out. Why I guess point six to three by the dolphins in the orange ball. Billy Sullivan panics calls his son chuck Sullivan who's a lawyer in New York if since legal documents written up. Fairbanks is forced then to send a telegram the Colorado I think it will no longer engaging in further negotiations until my contract with the patriots is up. This season and that is allowed to leave after the season. Tell personal programs that target yet apparently. Doesn't services. Billy thought he wanted to have them out in front of us and saying that we have done this before subdued. In case anyone coming to throw its program is those were the result tweets. That's not that's always a character of weird stuff. I was a full stop after it's also Fairbanks that gone now one of the great coaching minds of all time bum Phillips. Well I mean that the greatest what kind of a great namely that Phillips that. Coach of the Houston Oilers four. Was it like it decade with a cowboy with a cowboy hat war aviators and a cowboy hat indoors or out. Every game seven is coaches were so bad as it is broken I'm Tanya smoking on the sidelines barely clad cheerleaders. That night with winds in the Gatorade and if that's what football was a real men and of course at one of the that's at 56 greatest running backs and has now Earl Campbell should utter the best who I met a couple of years ago or men. Can't walk. He's weakened again he could get away when you talked. About a bat out. That well the problem he really don't ask blank or feels that the plane service in the astrodome. Was really just to sidewalk with Mike Green carpet. Ops has allergies so bad. That these guys in the attack on like a ten or fifteen year career was short like sixers and the most. Four under cares a year for six years or it's all banged up but I will say this. Oh. Man he's he's like he's like the sausage he's eight for omen if it really does give you do if Roman but the ground. But the that it is live now in 3114 after fallen behind when he Ford announcing. 97 need a tough loss to use those who would eventually go and go buffs. Let's fast forward and 1989 and just for me. Is one of mine like childhood. Greatest memories right I call this a cargo okay game and that's what made entirely by myself after he shared it. A fifth bury the bears got a but if but he well as. Good keep us. Price edit the patriots come up at point 614 win against the jets at the jets as a wildcard. Going to Oakland saris LA despite an ally. Guy and it they're getting five and half points and they take a Marcus Allen generators was the cut quarterback was Mark Wilson at the time. That there was market or it was Mark Wilson and his remark drew top Florida's that was the shots on floors fantastic and command a street as though but many injuries the floors the it all out there. And they pull off and completely. Unexpected. Twenty seven's when he won win. In Los Angeles at the coliseum Craig James with the over a hundred yards rushing three. Catches for forty yards forced six turnovers OK they were we racist when least cheer for great games. Of course the picture there of Augusta you absolutely welcome waging. On the the hat but what what was funny was the patriots finally meet the covers Sports Illustrated almost into the worst cover even receive like going to check Google machine. And it's this game the running down the field and he's completely covered by some courage to tackle legalize allow it though literally like that some guy like came in and goes you won't believe this. I don't have any of the picture than this. We all gonna lose so badly that one picture that we got from Getty images that it is this picture of Craig James running you kind of see his skiers Kadaziz ailment from the top I can just say also law look at that picture of the patriots in the throwback will now throw back but then actually uniform but at the patriot. When that miserable on everything. As much as we romance at the patriot the logo Arum where pat Patriot Act as you buck. I love it's great I love the romance it like are those days now those were. Those uniforms were ugly I love the logo but I am 100% on board with the color scheme the uniforms and everything flying Elvis. Every will be wearing when Libby is this summer at the see. You liked the throwback games. I was thicket where once here right you read throwback Brady. And I love it yes it it's accurate rappers yes. They're awesome I just call for its year that's it it it's great. So to top off the perch the big base hits yet the epic victory okay is. A notorious bite and then happens after the game Knick you remember this fight how long it. Gets into a shouting match. With pat Sullivan as a comments feel how long from Charlestown right okay had been chirping all week the media. About how to pick as he was oysters the patriots draft and will it. So he talked about how the solomons are clowns now that nobody Boston literally said nobody Boston bleeds red white blue like that you green to the red for the Red Sox. There aren't you make it look right now so he's pretty much spouting out. And pat Sullivan's yelling to him during the game where I am now an alleyway right now anyway coming off the field. Pat Sullivan. Back and hit him. And Matt Millen comes out of nowhere and and clocks. Pat Sullivan in the face. For. One of the great punches. Matt Millen Matt Miller as a gas and he had Sox. Owner of the patriots right now and not Canada not Billy Sullivan Axl is suddenly GN yeah. The deeper always GM that's Kirby oh. Jonathan Kraft yes yes yes I bet them GAAP. So I edit OK get mad at strip that's and then the clock and I'm showed on at a rate that's articles wraps up my Janet time in ways I wrote my child brides. Young is obviously Krause girl so it. That's actually our names so young she's I thought. A deficit as related to woody Allen's wife Cindy. That the that this is pleased to be dating so wrong but now. And it's in the related that there's two sisters. I assume though that is as when he got a Google I wonder what he's he's a mean man known assign happening with the anger at the right there's going right across pats face hazy busy getting fired battle lines are being christianity district. That and just kind of an odd static after that when I was doing is the pats played for opponents in the plants in the 85 B six season. They play off for them in the regular season OK they were two and four against him in the regular season we're on tour to yet. Number two was for an all yeah regulars are the legacies and they were outscored 127 in 97 in the regular season in the playoffs just in the AFC side doing three you know. Outscored 84 to 48. Okay and then got crushed by the bears' 46 to ten suitable so in the playoffs the running tally of points. For and against patriots. 94 and nine before blow while tied up and that was with 36 point loss of yes they did Intel I was in human error yes I was nine years old but yet there. My week my father's is tickets we what were slowing yearly one particular. Why go half as wild. When now when Linda Franklin hit that they're footage feel but this artist out there and lead. At the my father. Good side every Davis scores first watch like. In debt that the that so let's ordinance passed over the next year. It was a patriots this when that honest it is when my worst out of Los is the patriots go to Denver this time the division series John Elway he's the only guys doing anything that seemed as honestly. Those eighty Broncos it was Elway knows about it. They go to Denver they lose when he adds points you know four sorry 2017. Tony at Tony Collins buck. Was the. I'm sorry Tony causes them running back you 46 yards. Tony Eason thirteen point 4419 before you get two touchdowns sacked six times can we all agree that Tonys and truly. Winning or non winning division Tonys and was the Rex Grossman of patriots football playoff are perfect analogy just like somebody who just had no business quarterback in team. Into the playoffs alone to a Super Bowl. We all know that just like Herm Edwards says. Ain't nothing. Happened. After midnight nothing good happens he's speaking to the new players and the rookies in the league. Nothing good happens for matrix and in the policies. Denver. Researching this I I did catch some amazing stat where Eason actually. Threw a touchdown pass on a flea flicker you didn't like in eighties we quicker prep most you to to Peru. And I get a tech. Mobile music and that's pretty high fourth of July. Hurry either. Or whenever we had great years ago but I asked if he recipes but he a they had a a flea flicker gone right. And oh and it. Really terrible game actually with. Would he do he he ran it through protest every deterrent to panic yet to text their adamant ten it would tend to happen. Third thirteen of 32 for 257 yards away garbage game our city's east end up getting set in the end zone to cover the spread for the the bronco fans it was who're getting giving four point oh great players. But honestly that was one of those years it means we just have the Celtics win an 86. Peter to go on a Super Bowl in 86 the Sox World Series. It was like a that's gonna happen every year like I felt like my kids feel now with all the success around here. But it was just debris that that was it me so I hated it and very ever sent out sure of course and do it. The team this message is the area as well if you visit Denver you're like man. The city's beautiful. So many great places to eat deserves agricultural seen mountains everywhere 300 days of sunshine. And I don't have to aid this place we do together as they Boston sports fan as a Boston sports fan it's itself. It's absolutely operas it's the name it's been a miserable miserable in their missile silo or something underneath the important. No that's an Indian burial ground. Right. Since it was a that was you know I still that would still pains Tuesday. On let's go down in 1996. OK now Bill Parcells can and we kind of resurrect it all the crap that we had to deal with over the years yeah but ten years after their last division series appearance. I narrowed my spotter. Watching them go against the AFC defending champions Pittsburgh Steelers at. The pictures first home game since that game 78. Almost twenty years since the patriots have played. A playoff in a match at home which is insane to think it'll know second in their history Dave parents is 1960s and moan now when they don't make the Super Bowl every year what we're winning the Super Bowl every year. And it used to be decades. Dazed almost two decades between home games are remember that game. Is I think early on Bledsoe opened up with a bomb that Terry gland through the fog that. Solar wind that sitting in my C via yet because remember it was it was like that one of those weird. January like fifty degree days where I so wanted to just all the moisture from the melt this document in the air because you know a lot of people called fog bowl two yeah. It's my father says to me what they gotta do is gonna go to. They got to go deep early eat early hands on him like yeah whatever dead birds play Terry Glenn bomb down to like the one cursor goes right in touchdowns. Second drive the patriots. Keith buyer he's biased when our car a little bit so man yeah was the man in the middle debutante feet running down the silent. And then but the top off was our. Our second year man Curtis Martin in a 78 yard run. Record breaking at the time are absolutely remember what was so great about the game was that because of the fog they had that huge fire horn. They go off whenever the pages scored a touchdown long. It was glorious with the pom Pons Parcells after the game at a press conference. Goes come on back same seats next week to talk about Zain bombs that was great it was great it was the it was the start of like what we thought was going to be this great run of Parcells and the us little that we know he was our package. Any news and world which shoppers workers there were also up Pittsburgh results are utilizing the old Mike Tom Zach Yucca Mountain will put in court else that Stewart do we record of members. Cordell was. Oh for ten on pass attempts that I believe that don't pretend he was over ten over the had some bad games against the patriots and sometimes the best team doesn't win now at times and you know who also the bad game was Jerome Bettis. He must he must never millions and everything that it against the pats held the 43 yards and Nazis in the 14100 but he's got a single talent which would just be to run into use. I was that the bus was like a less strong more vibrant. So showman version of iron you're you know I mean like Tom MacKenzie yeah yeah he was. Honestly one of these guys you would see terror Cincinnati with Arab the Jetsons or rather than pictures of basin initiative that they it is in a tie it in fact I still love effect. That a couple years later when net when the Steelers won as a bulls roughly Roethlisberger and power. That he fumbled against the colts in almost lost it at the act into Roethlisberger clips that I picked up the ball. And he if you re watch the video he is is great look at his face like ha I just. That's my entire career gone yeah it didn't immediately as Super Bowl in in Detroit he's up on the stage getting handed the trophy with not a forty largely. Here for the Steelers that night deserve that may be the only person deserved it. Was Antwaan Randle El threw that perfect past irons or on. I am happy. Hines Ward. Knows rod and it was a dark sound no was. You pick I think minimum Hines Ward Holmes on Atlantis here he did a couple years later on. Without the great game that was on the news or in the midst of something really special also adds time and it. Beat a franchise like Pittsburgh which this company AC championship it was it was some pictures as we sentencing before you know. Now let's fast were one year later and we're up against the scene stealers this time January's added we third 1988 and Steelers. Me guess the score was it either I didn't look this up I promise was that either. Was it 977676. And it again they were giving six point I was that game the patriots to come off that great game we talked about last week on our show. 173 win against the dolphins in the wildcard round we Pete Carroll now going up against both congress senate Bill Parcells. And the only thing he can take away from this game besides. George who's gonna mention that the big run the court also were wrong. What is the emergence of a man that we would still love it that night we hated Mike Furrey yes. Yes that's it for you coming up our seed because most patriot fans know nothing of re able. Pre 2001 page agreed. And all we heard was that he was some scrap bird. Somewhat and the anger that to some cash special teams guy at third a third down right guy down specialist at special teams guy. Yeah you know year proverbial. And a path to stop them on fourth and fourth of golf in the wind at third at the goal line status of the ball downfield when the field goal in Vrabel and now the strip sack. Let's island that was in that premise and they in the Kordell Stewart run them very early in the game actually was up forty yards out and looked as if he was going up big going out of bounds yeah and should adopt on the silent almost catch them. I think he burns who do we have Eric Eric Collins maybe it was one of the last games do and that that gentleman army stadium. That's for your state dollars gas when they've built veterans memorial Three Rivers and river from Cincinnati the same old multi purpose. It literally took a little bit later Patrick of layered triple there. The bulls had the Astroturf Edwards is miserable playing service miserable environment. Awful places now the three cities have beautiful amazing yet Allstate. And the Steelers were going to play it member who are going to win super bull but it's funny actually we forgot to mention earlier 86 when the patriots have lost that game to the Denver. The following week they go on and they have a game which is the drive. We stood in a famous generally gave John only against the browns. So now things being cyclical again Denver's involved in a a Super Bowl appearance following. Fine art division series loss. 2001 now. Now I mean it's amazing some forty years this for you is in and look at where we are yes from Pete Carroll and our. Team being kind of stripped away by Parcells the jets to four years later we have ballot check coming off a five and ten year. Now say if I 11505 and others are now being 115. Week we get did dad the number two seed because remarkably. The raiders had. Who lost their last three games include a final game of the NHS was yet John Hall kicks a forty when your feel. For the jets to only that they in the desert. And then they lost the following week to the jets in and Leo Leo the net loss yesterday had to come back and play in Oakland again upon week. Into the patriots and that I'd hosting Oakland. It on asked the NFL's first ever Saturday game playoff game two pets no service that romantic. Larry tablet doesn't happen in my twenties others don't fall perfectly everyone night where Oreo. Was. At my friend Dan's apartment and the west village of New York City is my birthday just started dating the person's normal life America and our. And I remember thinking. This this this is how these things go the patriots. I mean this whole thing with this Tom Brady guy this is new this is different I love it but. They don't win these games this call out he fumbled I mean this was fond of great good for us we made it this far. I guess we'll have some stuff to look forward to that turned it around. Bullet. When Nat and bubble happened in the and hit happens I Woodson yes my first spot is. That's the thing. They asked if the patriots right if you look good at it. Think that's her hang up there's that play there is something there's they hit theirs in what was funny was at the time I was watching my buddies out the on am at the time. I knew the rule that the former world you know that temporal but. It waits. Over yes over it that it's a 100% yes it's but let I'll be honest fellas I'm. Out of port and then. It is not a replay solution it went well at that point that road and right and it brought it back. Down but it clearly been knocked free of his hand and I've got two at the time all man. This is a Michigan on Michigan crime. Charles Woodson. Not in the ball free from radio on such a perfectly called play on and and where and how good I get that as the balancing act last game at Foxboro Stadium. You know and it was just like this is just such a patriots way for this to happen men. You know while cold and of course right saves everything might buy reversed the call. Things happening game. That they even led to that point person we weren't supposed to win that game because they had she every rice and Tim Brown probably the most to dynamic receivers. There. The generation he had a great running back and Charlie garner him at a better quarterback who did it meet peak who has a checked it was again and again that was the immediate thought it was it was a West Coast offense wasn't actually was next year because I think Warner was was that. I think he does yeah I knew he was and not fire a couple years for the raiders yet. This guy that guy Jon Gruden who was in his he was her idea it is check. This I am I believe there actually favored. They were well according to baseline now they're paid patriots were given tree. I know that's the classic I see a spread resurgence that is one I'd I'd bet on the game time I. Allegedly. I. Everybody thought those of the raiders. Had Al chance and they are obviously did too and look at the look at that. The twists of fortune and fate that it took for that sector during their favorite look at the heroic place. Look at the amazing efforts by like Jermaine Wiggins Larry Izzo recovering a. Fumble on the Troy Brown. So after Brady's towards the test in which he runs in his spikes in balls him goes like Sonic the Hedgehog in roles like into the ground. That ensuing. Raiders punt you know and by the way. People forget the raiders when they got the ball back. First play ran for like 89 yards. They had to do was pick up that once you are right I guess not twice in a row conversely supple on in the final and I think of one sabres he's up probably with humidity and pressure and Zelda select plus. Troy Brown gets a ball. Arizona field gets hit. Boss courts lose it probably goes 1015 yards before Larry Izzo thank god picks back up. And Brady won't when he hit Tenet around he had a horrible first half remember people actually believe they were going in the locker room. And value of those reports of people talking about now you know political so Maria. It's debris comes out as a monstrous second half and and a 45 yard field though for military there was no icing the kicker now when he gets kicked it. And Peter King said you know for years afterwards I'm not sure where his thoughts are this points on time. He called it the greatest plane to raise kick greatest play in history in football and its union file. No nobody this thing goes out mythic Belichick still marvels that kick everybody does and when he goes to the hall of fame. It doesn't matter if he's not going to he could win ten Morse who rules with the Indianapolis and kick into his sixties. He'll go and that all came not from one single play and a 45 yard line drive and it driving diagonal New England snowstorm. On Saturday night divisional playoff game to send it to overtime with a about a minute like you don't get any that is the definition of clutch the most clutch play. In new England sports history. Apps union. The Owen to play all of the driving that far and actually what's funny is that. The end of raiders kicked your ticker. Genachowski McCaskey you know who wants sideline himself by Peterson is on squirm. That's that's true story of the jackass is not in us he actually hit a 45 yarder he felt for her eyes and Ford hybrid of that game. So. That happens and you know. Everything's kind of re written the entire franchise is this is just changed my boss sports history is rewritten. An end in Vinatieri instead he goes my concern wasn't necessarily my plant foot which is can I get this thing off high enough over the line. Right you know because it was just it was literally one. So in Greg Gumbel and fill some who in the game back then that was Ottawa com and I have to worry. Out of talked about we've talked about we've talked about earlier. And ask them what's right here. Yeah out that that is the night that everything changed and I think ESPN has done pieces on this before I'm sure we've all probably a lot ourselves to go there. What if he didn't hit that kick what if Wilson's call what it would since tackle was. Keeping him when he when he won. And he went public that point I mean it did matter much I was picked me I was picturing the you know an aching again slip and fall. Charlie Brown missing the ball away Atlantic and nobody could because it's her it was like we all felt that it's hairy. Six in the Super Bowl because Parcells that referred to or not is the kicker but a football player after he tackled it was down. How are now some militants are doesn't somebody for the cowboys. But I I had. Faith in him. For some reason I thought he was making their kid you know when it. Just because we were in New England felt like that was our year in the hole. You know or we all of Malcolm Butler during state and if there. All right so two years later patriots are back in the division round 2003 January 10. Against the Tennessee Titans bubble people they're giving six points against Bill Belichick and Jeff Fisher and they asked definition these days than those vascular. He was out as eight. Great coach. He's the co MVP Steve McNair. As as well about the threat and. McNair made Fisher look better that I think Fisher actually made himself look right because. McNair as we came to alarm was great there and was awesome when he moved on and to a better system with a better coach in Baltimore. I don't think Jeff I mean history it will not proof that our show that Jeff Fisher was held a coach but that was a which Eddie George in is tall handsome pre Broadway prime. And it could receive a good receivers that really tough defense. That one of the best centers of all time and Kevin Lai pats couldn't nobody can do much oh and maybe that's because also the game time temperature was. Forward degrees that's right outside it was much like Georgia's favorite movie frozen. She passed since a copper and the you know I try to tells the story Betty to my sister that game and they were so cold. The date they my father has the tailgate and he goes these games he went and started to grow in the back in the car. He went out of the hot dogs and a grounder back in the car I think that he and I didn't. He said even the bar even a burner and dogs he put on after ten minutes which the bicycle which is it is so what's more impressive is who Julio this game to. Adam Vinatieri kicking a from that's literally suffering of the Flintstones and edit the US was not zoned in and pick up older older and older. 46 yards kicking a brick in that cold as it it's unbelievable. Oh billion dollar trivia question that they went their another 113 to ten. The wide receiver at the Ed McCaffery light if you will through something as the one dropped the pass and it. Drew drew had an amateur and a seventeen to fourteen I was seventy ports it was I was at I was searching yeah he literally dropped if you watch so gaga drops that great play McNair threw a bomb to get in the field lowering that I committed have left. And Drew Bennett drop. How cool it down for an hour becoming less because that neck if Beckett completed. David does a candidate John. And and you know this did it two or three years three at a file for doesn't it doesn't happen. On. Yesterday Vinatieri forty when your Bob can we ask you guys this. Brady's lone touchdown pass was a rainbow bomb to what will receive more known for kick returner Bethel Johnson who they re nice guys. Points are always key card unit and its there was always that third report receive. Without Johnson had a great reception that game and one regular season game against Matt has a bomb Seahawks went into icy game. At the it two maybe three important catches in the history it is. Clusters of old as our allies and he has two or three rings do yeah and La via lucky guy. I the following season. Following up playoffs Sunday January 16 2005 we are home again this time against Indianapolis Colts. And we had beaten the colts the previous year in the AFC championship after that titans game. And that yet the ad the line in Vegas was still like giving us any love we were only giving a point to the colts in this is where the point where. Everyone thought that Belichick just own men and that we had proven that that. That the passages style crushed Manning every badly beaten no idea 2000. They were sick that day that was definitely. Payton calling Belichick is daddy and it really funny thing is. It wasn't really. Break like we came to notice Brady vs man it was all about Brady vs man but the funny thing is it was really that they treats defense that would stifle Peyton and Tom was in game. The right right here is pedestrian stats. Yeah I mean for certainly from any time 4742. To 38 and no touchdowns and pick. Brady was you know manage it managing ask eighteen to 27144. Session topics. But the Belichick vs dungy I mean. In a dungy was known as a defensive guy coming out of Tampa Bay he comes up there and the patriots put up to what you know now. In fairness it was I think it assess only 63 patriots in half on. Debris had dad hit David Givens wait a third for a touchdown. And then got a one yard touchdown run later in the game. But you've got to remember in Bruschi matches this and re watch some video when he makes it right on the air to every stock in the post game. That this was you know deceased after the that the colts had meals complaints about the patriots grabbing a 25 yards. And that the first season of illegal contact after five yards well. When Bill Polian wrote the way ambulance all the way to a 45 park avenue says that he complained about the way that they manhandled them. And that AFC championship where I think to ally had to if not three years three interceptions and and now Randy airs that went to Indians do. But again it's a snowy days Foxborough and I mean it's it's opposite end of you when you look back at ease these and you know epic games. That the snow following a Mac game the previous year's AFC championship the one against Miami when they won the division twelve to nothing nothing beats. Just snow coming down so this Saturday at a hope the snow is really following. I'd it's I guess I can you imagine how miserable is some of these senators loss was extremely or very well aren't they have diversity jackets will be very it's not 2005. That's an hour winners given a fine in the following year. Doesn't 2005 season. But it's January 14 2006. And now we are two time defending Super Bowl champions and we're having to go to Denver. To face the Denver Broncos hammer giving three or we're getting three points and we are. Down here for the patriots but they've come on because in the wild card round is and I have a fashion image in this one as well. They beat the jaguars are wanna say 28638323. Things memories and they were had a really up and down year. And I remember Willie McGinest. And either like strip sack and a touchdown return or. They made it'll pay Orszag says at record in all time record he Pawlenty like say like you wanna always order it in and out when you're in LA double double animal style and the the momentum was building up you know what. This is Belichick this is Brady this is now what they do even when their man down. They can put it together and they're gonna kick there ass because this was not the most. This was the Kubiak offense this was Jake the snake the zone read it was this summer for gas X has not and a what does it. Exactly rhetoric gets it together as Jake plumber told him there was nothing that impressive about this team except for elements of their defense which would come around to bite the patriots on the tip. And policy every you also had a Corey Dylan with. With thirty ring in his pocket he yeah 144 yards in the previous year's division game against the colts this year yet thirteen gears for a pedestrian 57 yards. But big lead them only days or as Corey Dylan looking like he treatment area. He was is expected to get involved with Corey Dylan not a waters of course this is so. And Watson. Makes its way to game now chore Brady throws it. I mean he also agreement that Brady now you know what's agreements on Brady is that I can remember it like all five of his horrible interceptions. What does it like five of them right. To rule forty. Odd it was one sensible at thirty also against Carolina we threw eons. How terrible on the Dow thirty and so it's about 49 I'm gonna forgive him no one that was picked up not by cagey right but by the other awesome linebacker Seattle but it is the one earlier he through Jeremy. Lane picked it off cattlemen tackle them broke a terrorist McCain couldn't play football for year. 031. The audience Stenberg. In Indianapolis and the game. There were that was it it was championship they are desperate but it's like it always seems to be these little back out of you know back in the flag comes around. Indeed he does like a muzzle them popular little short you know and you know linebacker or this secondary guy comes over a hundred fell on his ass against Miami in the task force. It is Scott air game Bobby partners with peppers are lost the tournament fourteen to a pianist he's. On B Miami too you know another house of course but. This time it was. A pass intended on third and five for Troy Brown goes the Champ Bailey who returns in. The field. Now I had given up watching it but yet Ben Ben Watson who's on the team had not given up trying to track him down on the other side of the fields right. You know so yes a Champ Bailey has Iran so Brady throws a telegraphed. Look stared Troy Brown who is you know probably still is most dependable receiver even in his mid thirties that point stares him down. Throws this little out route. By the goal line and of course nobody was really running rubber to that points or try Iran had been set free or anything this is just a quick little's you know over and out. And Champ Bailey picks it off and runs and everything. And the schemes so over this is the worst. And that its economy in the Freeman and where Ben Watson in your life it's literally worked at the Kentucky Derby you know I don't know if this horse. Had to run on the far outside the track because chipped lately. Is running out the silence of Ben Watson has a run at isn't it an aortic. Happy I'll yeah that guy he's like a 140 yards. And chase him down and to this day. I still maintain is that these guys did too. He tackled and that should have been a touchback and not ball the one right. Like Arlen is scarier sent an escort touchdown and his ice that night my birthday and all of our dreams of going back to the suitable Mike Anderson. Coopers and again we talked about though. Generally these losses just the aegis you just remember that's through its area missed his first post season kick in that game and real loud bark that nobody else scared and at this game I can't believe. It's like there's god are. It's wild to think that you are so invested and came after back to backs of the Austrian four years and yet we were still life and death and that. And that situation. And I Pittsburgh and that beating Denver in the EC championship. They go on top experts smoke them than it was scrapping in Seattle that's right it was yet suitable forty. That that is were going to win here. So now I'd let's fast forward now slowly to the following season 2006 season January 14 2007. This one actually. Brings up fond memories from Meeks I had a my buddy. My buddy gaelic so my body at the injury at the game in San Diego actually went out there for them my buddy won my body's is it living in LA time my of the body flow madam. And they went to this game against the chargers. We're giving five points and this is this is the dash charger team in history. Yes this was the best charger team they've ever had since before. Ever and with all respect to air Korea L. Kellen Winslow did and found its people. Up and loving watched in the eighties and into his head coach. Schottenheimer. Shia party football. Which does that Coke bottle glasses and my panel of that what do you like playoff went. There were fourteen into going into this. They were kids it regarding these for the patriots that we're just the rag tag pats who strung together. A couple you know a top twenty at the jets that economist there Tomlinson Natalie put up a monster careers the ultimate fancy here bias yet but he he was 23 for one. When he theory in this game in the scheme. I got back scored a touchdown in this Michael Turner everyone's fantasy handcuffed right. And it was doing calculus on them. Let commandment number and then don't forget there did Shawn Merriman who is like the satellites and a the beast is there any action in Atlanta. Philip Rivers top of his game at that moment so. Was this was Philip Rivers thirty years. And they completely put the offense together. They should have smoked the patriots because this is. Reche Caldwell. This is Jakarta. Two back at Doug Gabriel had been cut it was Daniel Graham and Ben Watson Jabar Gaffney went over 400 yards and three this is yeah. I'm lay up forget about the fact when they get in the cup they would dug it real Jabar Gaffney. I eat like Doug grow as a floating corpse and yet they wanted rejuvenation machine and played some awesome while he played great to Iraq after it was fugitive. Eighteen and 181. Years I guess it was huge student or tomorrow for the sake cobble it eighty yards. That's let the stat lines drums as big as his eyes like that. But the receiver of the day and it's not because it is 39 yards he missed that he caught that day. But was Troy Brown. When he strips. I think I say the receiver that it was Marlon McCree because he Electro Rent district on my perception that's unbelievable. So yeah Brady throws awful awful in herself victory there's another 10 yeah you know this is the one of the ones you don't think about because of the fact that Fred Brown strip some of his other original TF the Detroit free and brown bailed them out that night that's right. So patriots get the ball back. Binary Everett able to score four yard touchdown in tied at 21 apiece with 436 left. I ask is that the ultimate selfish play of football intercepting the ball to win a game and trying to return it. Well let me. Let me throw you point counterpoint on that in the Green Bay vs Seahawks NFC championship a couple of years ago. The guy elected not when he picked up Russell Wilson press fourth pick in the fourth quarter elected not to return. Is the ticket near midfield Packers did nothing where that and then it goes to overtime and then Russell Wilson it's curse on the ball this was sealing the game. This was gonna Selig probably. Account account that a with the fact that. Everyone was doing these undermanned at midfield after the ski which has been his latest game. And in Allegheny how little he got mad a lot of disaster that the other places they did Shawne Merriman stance. I'm very little there left very classy person. And that team does that play as the republic of genetic code yet. That's it one more thing where is Rafik called will's favorite Amy Adams. Which one is are more than one name. Guys. How fast in that. Stroke. At the cubs. Choked him. But it says. I guess lack is another question what is receive called wells favorites Sylvester Stallone with lockup disease in jail because. Let's elect a laugh at it let's go little ads in and around the object reference to food. So a couple of heavily distinct things that happen this. Following his gain of patriots go on to lose in the colts in Indianapolis. And have telecheck. Coaches is first pro ball. LT. And I think that's also when he. When Tony Gonzales Helm over to the senate when that little romance. Blossomed. So bridge are we to jump to January 2000 and now we are. Can't wait to detonate Jerry talked to be precise on this if I can guess before we go into this game it's features jet roars. Brady was again I didn't look it up I think in this game he was. 220. Wa. Low. Standing here we should FaceBook and I've been a stance I was pretty right he was on. I. Games he was brutalized. A game that as an amber and had a rough game which he has talked about in the AFC championship podcasts. He annihilated coach Mike Smith inject Korea's defense feed. Just like electric steak knife through them he couldn't miss anything that's where the think that snapped to the Kevin Faulk art into the end zone to welcome play yeah. He and then needed money turnaround. Except it wasn't a soccer ball fake to me through all these kids so motion everyone's like he has suits steer. And it's really that David or the active guard and that was so this is this the patriot closer in the people are members of six. Yes a major six you know season. But it was 1414 and half. Which is a shocker and they only want it by 113122. Put on even when it gets a line once. Patriots by thirteen. I really yeah there's an accurate. But. But I mean honestly if you look back at the that the jaguars. Where they were at that time and their overall kind of history. To think that they were getting that against a sixteen and a patriot team and yet he Houston Texans are looking at steering. Down the barrel of seventeen and asked this weekend. With the Jacksonville team was trending in the rectory did Maurice Jones-Drew and Fred they have that double headed right with coach. Mice that Jack Del Rio Rio hotel Rios endorsing Mike Smith was the difference or either. The wrong way around that. Fred Taylor and moto a young bowling ball in mode you know. They're great receivers that he was Keenan McCardell and Jimmy Smith. David Gardner is primed the good team to really you know you write your knee thing about a jaguars now until such time. There Cameron of fox Ehrlich who wouldn't. The the funny thing about the patriots ever since the 2007 season. I think even more so than when they won three out of four super balls is when every you play the patriots in this is often the case for these teams that don't have long post season runs. When you play the patriots that is you or Super Bowl. The funny thing is a lot of other teams look forward to playing one Super Bowl year. The patrons played between 1015 super doubles every year not even including the actual one itself and they always. From for the most part bring their AK and every one of those games cajun. Spy under style risen to it yet. Laurence Maroney twenty yards for once when he to him on his own way in the game. Such potential that guy and the following season Brady hurt his leg. From one and a member I'd definitely beautifully don't last Friday in all this if I could drain Fatah Al of course like I lost at the at. Then and it's the next year in 2009 they they lost a wild card heartbreaker at home we talked about last week against the ravens. So this 210 generals around yet. City or passing. Sunday January 16 2011. There hosting the New York Jets team that previously. They had destroyed. As well thirty's my amateur football forty bad history. With their loud mouth coach Rex Ryan all of the patriots did lose in week two it's when he fourteen. Packs an eight game winning streak to meanest ones. And then it. And I were together in this one that's right we will watch from. Say several bodies are zero what you remember and drive to nowhere. We were at the stadium bar and grill and now clothes on and cut frequency. We were so the bar was full we were soaking up and so side it was me. My brother my dad's from other friends Georgie was there. We were soaking up and excited because the way the pats are playing in the rest of the bar was fooled once. I hate to say it. Hate cats and band wagons it was nobody was watching the game nobody is pay attention to the TVs except for maybe 1003 guys. And they were down they have to play like crap Alge Crumpler dropped that easy. As an allergy problems playing inside the first driver over the patriots stopped the jets and projector that there's that hinted to editors for it first pick in. But the patent was it for first round the first drive three in a row by the way the replays 3%. It looks like this is going to be joke this is going to be another blow out. 45 threes all the while this kind of the new banner ads prefers a panic. The bad and that's one of the five yeah okay. Next it did the jets and and on the field and missed a field goal you know like well. Of course jets like harassment are playing him earlier I spoke with the field goal like okay reprieve OK Molly in that regard I hate that I remember the jets on that there was third and I think twelve from the from like the 25. And a harmless talking to you saying. They ran the ball they don't want this there phrase that the pats they don't they don't wanna risk turn over here they want the three and then. Missed the three and I was like all the games in the bag games in the bag in what happened the pages of the same teammate mark right out of the seven yard line and off dude. Al out of the drop off was in excuse me fourteen I think lead is now a three nothing lead gee that sounds familiar so flexible so he's all over again. And then suddenly just the Patriots defense wind into his shell hit Deborah also. This Patriots defense for the for those two years for 20102011. Seasons that pats defense was bad yeah that was not a good that Steve. It all so you had that terrible special teams. Audible Patrick Chung taking a called it body sot something he so much prefer Patrick and two point out of factors among. Them after the release of the development the free agency. It means the most painful thing in command keen. Was the Bart's got you in the hand. With the can't wait element. In the patriot defense then stop and those that still. Got him the job he now as CBS because watching him every week. Is about as painful as we left at halftime we left the stadium bar at halftime and what or what's the fours which was our home. You know we realized its current world before. You know as for those tree is cut Nixon how could look at the big brain for good treatment. A quick veto it must the achievement in his afford it went this way when well yes it is my brain that. So we go to the forests try to come down a little bit and is wanted to Wii remote via news motifs but it didn't work. 1411 remember them. Not in debt and then that touchdown pass to Antonio is the best best in the past there's like nobody like nobody I mean preachy to mode switch like that. When that the patriot and a Red Sox were down. In 196 against the Yankees in Yankee Stadium in 2003. I was on the toilet. I in my little in my little Latin story that. Deviate so last year he was in the hallway to the kitchen. And nowhere it to believe it. And for the next four innings eyes didn't you do that you think it's a fan but that's who we do we we went to the floors up the borrowers we ended up watching you know branches last. 32 touchdown and now opt out of its Opel. I think I street smoked a cigarette or god and and films now. It it was bad. It wasn't good third every branch of pats fans say it is an it is nick the next morning like to act now jacked at Torrance frozen in the eyes and you think we'd watch a lot of patriots games together but we thought they had ample. And it was. We go to the trees beat the other thank you. I'd sell. Let's just skip that. Following season it was to get better. This time in the division game we had the Denver Broncos coming to town and normally we were the victim of haven't voted Edwards at. Us this time beast. Only this time it was Tebow to at least. A Tivo time. Are. Couldn't. This is the most testing. Past or bullet Torre gain this act that calls is that portraits Embry. 26 at 34363. With six patched and keep this in mind. Manning was highly celebrated for game in which he once through sabotage. In regular season opener against six unique player. In the Tory do recalled. Against the team coming off of one of the most emotional wins in recent post season history let alone. In their franchise's history with the let's rush tanning Q1 got back against him areas Tom and Tim Tebow slant pass that went to the house. That it was a mismatch. From the top everyone had been talking about Tebow because he was such a magnetic figure that's the headline grabber and the entire I think this was probably the last time. The entire world wanted the patriots to win because everyone just couldn't handle money more Tivo. But they got they got full on and Brady and his full menagerie of weapons they got. Hernandez. A back field the big. Hernandez is leading rusher I think he actually was I've avarice for sixty when your club which is almost a liar and a lot formed the our Abraham. I had this they'll launch at three I think three that's now a lot of people had been billing it them. Relievers John Fox is the first time name in the post season since. The Carolina Super Bowl Hernandez prominently touchdowns and get his. A 145 yards he had a knack at rumbling and with the over under forty pirates. But this though so the patriots of what going to have problems is that Denver defense sober summary of the teams did. But it was a Brady vs. Tebow it was. The Denver defense he was still facing. A lot of those guys were there for the previous Denver win and to be there after when he had trouble. And he completely about. Branson Welker words receivers covered and what is to stop the forty yard which current debris and it was always just like SO sex knows whether it's up and I was led to think it was such a statement I doubt it was inside of five is the monologue because because rate that's it for every. Final season to violate the patriots from 2010 from a jet lost. They've been in a division game every year cents. So what's gonna keep rolling so until current date people. 2012. Season it's now Sunday January 13 2013. And take on the Houston Texans are rival and now opponent this weekend. Who were giving nine and half points to. In enact gain you know sooners could be dealing with almost double. A few years later that job should get a job and the Texans and there all a white Letterman jackets yep. I'm season that they came in to Foxborough on Monday night. And mountain gets absolutely smoked in a Monday night air. When that awesome. Play were Brady faked the hand off and threw that beautiful bombed Brandon Lloyd in the corner of the end zone. The Texans. Came in thinking they had a chance somehow on the rematch. Patriot I think match up do what he always does and the effects. Pats played it great can't they pats own Houston in fox for a it's just say it's a mismatch every time. And I hated it certainly has been in fact somebody said earlier it's it'd the Montreal Canadiens have more when sparks from the Houston Texans. Brady roof. 25 for 4344. Entry test has managed job. Not bad 3451343. To touch on an epic. Stephen really 82 yards on fifteen carries but. Belichick was going up against Gary Kubiak the guy who would get better from a few years later. But yet from other team did the big memories for me was an island Texans Letterman jackets JJ watt. Have to say. Thanks for coming up they always help JJ watt Justin James has never done much. Its tests. I the following year it will be the patriots. January 11 2014. Technical this is a man let's go colts. Who have decided to take the previous year to gain July. Patriots have beaten locked and the colts earlier in the season. But they are now taking them on in the playoffs this is the first time adamant areas have any plan game. Against the patriots at. Join him on ever on the booed him shame on you won I think that it happened at the Boeing was Atlanta had a good 2012 season right us in the game that Sergio Brown. Broke ground are right yes woman yet. Yeah which inventors hall now but I'm just an average there are things that stick out from certain games to remember that happening. This aromas SI cover worthy folks like your blood for touchdowns. 2.4 care 866. Yards Belichick making. Took bananas bits for the first time that the and what would be many to come. Brady asked only had a threat when he tried passes they're 225 for 198 Andrew Luck did his best the omens effort at twenty for 41. 3312. Touchdowns but. What next yeah first of which was to Alfonzo Danner I believe who brought it back to the two and that's when. Blunt force trauma hammered in his first of those four touchdowns on that night I believe that's Erica I'm not gonna look at that I Brahms are about they'll. Yeah half as good Endesa but and he brought himself to jail and and calls brought themselves to. But dot com because they felt the need to go direct hit it on our next year snitches get stitches it is also gets to. Actually it's funny guys as funny as Brett that because the following season 2014 season it was January 10 2015. Although the Baltimore Ravens. Or we're getting seven points. Now. You got to remember going and that as fans we always thinking dammit ravens caught bully got to deal that. Mean for that'll have a god why don't we have Revis if he's not there to a race Steve Smith let me let me let me walk you through this real quick. If I told you before the game that are running backs Brandon Bolden would carry the ball three times and gets him in here and she marine ago. With one cared for six yards and led Garret blunt. Would have three carries for a single yard and by the way that's all the yards we have to the point where when this. Podcaster did the research yet a look at up on multiple sources that he didn't believe his eyes just to reconfirm the fact that they had. Seven years. Fourteen yards or seen yards on only 76. So. Are running it was not doing it that night. That's why Tom Brady was forced to throw the ball fifty times 3350 for 3673. Touchdowns and OPEC. Joseph Flacco 28 for 45 today to. Four touchdowns two picks but obviously needed to things and everyone remembers the double pass and a man. Amendola. And then the ineligible receiver play that they utilized after halftime. To their monster plays and of course you as a member of the game in which the ineligible receiver play it was born and those college college game that's right it was Alabama against LSU. And of course Belichick being and at the last frontiers statement had seen the play. Designed by now disgraced former OC of these. He CT on lookers and tied them Lane Kiffin hello flight. I love the fact that there was so all my butt hurt in our after the play when in fact it was announced over the PA. And chamber in that. Step I Ellis Island elemental Ivan eligible it is what everyone else and they cry and complain because they didn't. Get enough time you know not a city officials literally said to the Baltimore Ravens don't Cabrera and a or. It. It was easy you know what are aside from the Austin. Awesome incredible play at all because with are also there is an edict in the offensive. Play calling in the New England Patriots it was one person there was the football for the patriots number twelve. That's all it would say so and actually see somebody else role football and of course it was going to be anyone should be in the former college quarterback. From Kent State. While that play I lost mine mine they were down they couldn't stop them. They couldn't stop Baltimore ever had a terrible feeling that the whole game Dennis that it was Kyra I don't actually know it was a that is that it was. What's his name Smith now who's that in quarter the game tied and now own game yet yeah Daniels who. Just seemed to sort of speak Kuby and he ended up dropping a ball later in the and in the end he was was gunfire early Steve Smith was a wounding revisit that first half. Zone read offense was grown great zone zone rush was great. Justin Forsett was having his way partially on it was just push in patriots all over the field left and right. And then just all of a sudden Brady was like now and that's enough. Now don't go by fourteen twice slice and accused. Unbelievable. On still wanna make every game's editor attended. It would is yes the mob scene could you. Feel yourself did you feel anything in that game at different on the that he bought beer took him seven minutes to walk practice the bureau's for a there's pictures of needy and guarantees for. So I all I ask that game. I had had at the end fifteen ass Saturday January 16. Two sixteen we are gonna post the kids the chiefs we're getting close view. Christmas here folks it's almost. In light in the spot in the actual things it was January past Christmas. The papers for a half. Cued the very difficult and you read that Kenzie chiefs. However guys it's one instance when he win and it wasn't going necklace. Is that now wasn't. Lot of Andy Reid ask clocked me in thanking him patriots scored early an easy. First drive down the field it was just like yours or do obvious and also there's touchdown. Yet Crockett two touchdowns on the second one. Made when he went six with. Little over eight minutes to go in the third quarter. On the chiefs. The game late but at Weston query does Jamaal Charles is out that's percent to act and there was a scare at the end humor but the Brady throw the clips the game. On the deflection to handled it. It burst out for a first down to seal the game that gets hit it's we're talking we can retire that's overtime yes. So that was scary I was without. There's that to me that like when you. Hear about telecheck. Being. Okay with a team like if they wanna go fifteen plays down the field yep eight minutes and kick a field goal or maybe score a touchdown. At feels like exactly what he's always happy go at Kansas City do or specially in the game like that. That drive where the chiefs I think ultimately got attached animated toy seven point. I think it took them close to nine minutes to score and Belichick says it just tape to tactic tactic tick tick tick. And that's always been their philosophy is to sit back play zone let them come to you and yes. The fact of the matter is big for a touchdown but it will take them for ever and all they do he's eating clock to -- 2713. Kansas City responded with a drive eighty yards in sixteen plays sixteen. It's not just knock it down but it it no there's X 113 remaining those six plays and Alex Smith's fifty passes used whenever they have the it's exactly because of that the way the defense is set up there it's an umbrella defense of one's gonna come in everything poverty and and that was an. So that is our last big trees division game. Going into this weekend in which were faced in the Houston Texans. Who have come off a victory over Oakland guys real quick because and we are gonna be. At this begat the big game as we get what do we look after the Texas George your thoughts. I I think it's patriots. Patriots by tan. Public that it really be I think it's cloudy. Because they can't because they can't score if the Texans missed outer than advertised defense the other the number one defense in football. Or because Houston keeps a close because the pats are in the Brockton gone. I I just I understand you point 414. Houston gets a couple late touchdowns. Opiates then close the neck. I don't see 45 to three again I don't 45 to ten patriots. Broncos 2011 playoff style. I see it pretty Indy win don't forget this is Houston Texans team that is starting their starter only because. He shouldn't be the starter and the baca who was the starter is still on the protocol. So they're starting the 72 million dollar waste of human time who gave the patriots a miserable time in Denver last year. He's not a good quarterback and operas not prisma. Harper's and often dangerous to any Davis the refereeing. Reagan and in the game to the Broncos that that day. Brock Roswell is not a very good quarterback he's slow he's long he's delivered this is exactly the kind of quarterback that Belichick's defense. This opportunistic defense that has come together for the patriots. Should actually do our. On the season. The 97 AFC south champion Houston Texans have a negative 49 point scoring differential. Good defense it's terrible offense even the pats have a Sloan ideas cloning and merciless in coaching and Kevin Johnson company. 24 point should. Comfortably when. While side and I'll say personal nobody's ever called a slow long Emerson what was it this line would you say this as a clown immerse themselves and nobody said you said we were they. If there oh loss to deliver yet nobody's ever use that describe us now with the regionally. On. Chairman the first game. IR didn't come back out the rest of the season. They at least had to prepare for that right and it went 27 and up and we took a 2%. Going for a 103 yards and running you know 44 yard bootleg. On an apartment one of those signature off tackle thirty yards rumbles ethics having said that. I mean I'm not saying that they can duplicate 17 nothing but at least double we just went through years and that they were sixteen and I think it was 1414 halftime because the jaguars. As a better odds are better off Bret well actually so the idea here though. Is that I think they get a win I think it's comfortable win I think in my piece of garbage time points. Because that office is just so so bad that. We haven't. That's remain consensus here pitchers are gonna I think the CAC championship and that's where you can join us next week. On Boston sports one on one real quick neck yeah fits these dots in the game just just that again a two sentence what would bitsy Sabo what's gonna happen this weekend. On Houston we have a problem oh yeah you do and it's in super well rested Tom Brady. Was ready to grab that via LT TE FB and shove it up that's out now that JJ had big Ding it's cabbage commissioner is in Houston. A couple weeks lettuce are used and you're not going to be housed a pride in your round yeah. It's going to be bring in Tom Brady. All right. That's what I'm that's my lover that's mine new. They are LC entered the are well for nick Stephens big George agreed to be here and they'll likely replies and join us again next week when we covered the patriots in the championship round. And hopefully we will be joining Nam. In and in that round as well so thanks so much we'll see you next go that's.