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Josh McDaniels' options are waning, and can Jimmy G. fetch the #2 overall pick? 1-13-17

Jan 13, 2017|

Glenn, Lou, and Christian talk about Josh McDaniels' potential fit in San Francisco, the only remaining opening, and Christian breaks down why 30 year old Coaches fail in the NFL. Also, what can we realistically expect if Jimmy Garoppolo is traded?

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On you wish. Fort Wayne alimony and 48 and Mike did you you would lose go to the same high school we did okay you remember something called the oxy posse to remember that the game they used to roam the halls of Framingham line I don't remember they all remembered the legend Lou you know mouse is. Earner with cool and Lou and Christians that with what you said. Are you like that but I ain't even if it's that even if it even. McCabe it's even shot a few days I'm really kind of had enough of your adequately easy Christian I think callable in racecars I'll give any credit to deploy are now on Sports Radio WEEI. It's actually football hero can no. I know some of you are are fearful of doing that because. Donald Trump will be in the White House. Next Friday but that's okay we're gonna talk some football here and 6177797. Any threesome will get to all of the playoff games. As well which is if you guys noticed things are squeezing out here. For Josh McDaniels he's got one. Possible opportunity. And that is in San Francisco so the chargers are hiring Anthony when he was the guy that the Buffalo Bills and Terry put goals so high on right. Here's the offensive tornado down buffalo so apparently they weren't that guy with a given that one game tester whatever he failed. And the right are hiring thirty. Year old Sean May today. I know he comes from a long lineage of you know football people in his family. It may have it in thirty years old. They related to look what he's a liquor doesn't. LE OK. That's what he's done he's done rallies thirty years old salary is thirty years old you can be 31 this month that that'll Israeli charter or you tell me when it but I think this is going to be these acts and her. Disaster did we ever really knows. Why don't you recent history has no war zone that the young courted the young quarterbacks are young coaches first year young coaches. Let them and they they lose and you can go back to. Raheem Morris. Tampa Josh McDaniels Lane Kiffin. David shall they gave David Shula and five years so I might be your family won nineteen games against him here so but then there's also so what Rick Tommy mentioned a guy like that someone will mention Don Shula or. John. Robinson or something like that hidden in the old days the guys would actually be player coaches and it would be like 28 or whatever you gauge comes and I don't know this guy you know because. It's tough Freddie is gonna guys this team that are older than him. He's thirty years old a unity let's let that it sounds I think that does play a role in it Aaron as a coach just think of like older do you think of respect. You don't get a guy walking in the older then I don't know beat carries that kind of presence. You know to be like young managers and again I remembered like Eric Wedge to be was always got that was young but when you've. If you knew all he felt like he whistle you know there was respect that it was just that he can handle it. Some young guys that try to lead. I don't know this guy I think that it's difficult thing he's gonna be coaching guys his same age or old I don't have. Twice as much experience as him. It's obvious about 35 years old I retire and storage seven. So pumped 3534. And this guy comes and her slob gonna respect him because the guy it was an offensive coordinator wants some what one games like Michael Durant right the rams hired to get the rams friends I am Wade Phillips as a defense according so can you have little mix of old do you. Right so he needs to lean on somebody he can lean on Wade Phillips for guidance. So personal he's gonna have to. I've earned his trust to earn my trust undergo that he knows what the hell he's talking I think this is one of them what he's doing he's never ran a program. They you can't just go from opera's cornea to head coach like guys do all town it is the easy transition coaches on your pixie. Is that a Surrey coach from minor league football something like that not that that long ago isn't this case though I guarantee you. He probably presents himself a lot older when he's an in into this sort of OK and I don't is yet he's really good at that probably second level. He's got that you know Jim McKay so he's got a history and they said the goal of the lineage in the family and they're taking that into consideration and the third one look at Saint Louis. Also the defense of side where we're fine here's our problem our quarterback that we put everything out of line for with a number one pick. Really sucks right now he just can't get at that you get what they did that would skirt the system it should get internists around. And I agree with you I think it's a recipe for disaster because it's all about Jared got and it Jared golf simply doesn't habit and he's not good enough to play in the sleek. Then that's going to be the resonate for me I. They called all look I think all these guys. They fear they want this job right and they worked for in the bus harassed it's like a dog that chases the truck their whole life for whatever final league puts their mouth on the bumper. And they did it and Lego. Now LeRoy do you. I guess the big problem I don't know what the hell up I don't know what the hell to do at this and I don't know be ready for I like experience life experience. Just different. Imagine just all the other issues that come out just off the field issues. But how do you handle your team what's your philosophy dealing with punishment who are you finding who who you are not fine how quickly. I do your does your team does give up on you because they don't believe you know what the hell you doing. I hope he does great hope all these guys Dugard but the odds and the history tells me they don't result both names I mentioned Rahim Moore all these guys. All young in their thirties. A Rahim Moore Josh McDaniels Lane Kiffin David Shula. All of on had a compliant 31 the only all of on 131% of their games. 31% of their games. That does not and they all fired all the more fired Miguel's into a second year where he Morse had a good first here's a tennis that everybody was all fired up. This young coach Dave man he can relate to establish here. You'll hear. He relates to us it's had to say it's a different type NFL now guys are getting happy old. You know uptight guys council to do in cracking what we don't like to practice. We like our video games we want our comfort zone you know we want our all this stuff wanna be just pampered. Date so he's gonna get a lot of that he gets us. Okay is long as you wind hole and as long as you win they're gonna get you put that out and then wait to wake you start screwing up. Got it hurt you got to put it who the hell's a backcourt I don't know who it is. And then you will this'll be your learning experience you'll be a coordinator again Libya head coach somewhere to smaller college. And this is what you're gonna Kutcher to. And you two years away from going into a brand new stadium. And so he probably will get two years but he doesn't have success in the first two years you know with the gonna sit there and sales knowledge and Greg he's gonna think we don't know it's actually more annoying guy sort of start to off and what does it does not home it's a stub hub two years stub hub arena whatever is they're calling it 30000 people are going to be there yeah it's great when the soccer game there. It's all filled up and people are app it's going to be packed determined chargers. I'll docile employment charges. But another playing in the coliseum. And but that's not an infielder historic building policy for the they they got more people for their first two pre season games and got. And either regular season games. Even though to start up pretty good note it he'll be fired after two years yeah yeah. And a Mohawk and a move into their new stadium enable any team maybe would help. That'd Josh McDaniels I snuggle actually an offensive quadrant. And then when he's still 3839. Years old those appearances that experience I had in LA for a couple years. Helped me and now I think I'm ready again. In a better job it'll be it'll be yes all right an article. And I'll sit down there Z or what how you different what did you learn from that first experience what would you do differently. You know oh who is inspiration so we talk about his dad was a coach. There's only says general manager years ago I was his das is out of the general grandfather or you know don't know you so young it might get a grandfather and Jay gruden is picked is the head coach he's he was under. Right that was set up so he was so he's probably gonna take Jay gruden is. Philosophy is you practice schedule you know everything that he did OJ girl is probably has to be implemented. It with a OK so we were sitting here a week ago we were we were talking about the possibility of the patriots losing the offensive coordinator their defense of coordinator. And here we wanna comic serial general manager on the GMG look at clipper so so the guy who makes this vision sometimes you're serious out he's day. Matt Patricia got his two interviews he's not going anywhere 'cause those jobs have been locked up. Josh McDaniels is down 21 possible game. That would be with the 49ers. Kyle Shanahan apparently is the other big candidate for that job and then they're talking about the possibility of Louis Riddick. Running the personnel or carry me the nicked up. Who is in Arizona right now. All right so dose of the possibilities. They are looking at going to San Francisco I keep on reading. The people that know Josh McDaniels was saying he really likes that up Saturday. That he'd like starting all over and I agree with him you can start the fresh talent you can blow everybody out you can start all over his problem. Jed York is the owner he is now gone through three coaches. In three years. Does that tell you that you will be patient ownership but you're gonna go into a situation which exit he's gonna be five years is do you don't. Think he program political. It was a guy Bradley out of our. After ha those that are of the government stats yet you know for us all of the old line coach Jim guy who got through our president o'clock. This agreement matches he didn't say council is going to be here for years because he'd get studio this is 49ers went. You look at a commodities signed him say he's going to be for a year we know he was a please hold out out for years and you want it's it's Kelly there's no you don't bring your guy in like that. And not give him a few years to to kind of put what he's his vision together aegis get rid of but I agree with because for years we sat here is that Josh we games won't leave the left unless the perfect. Situation comes up. San Fran it's not is far from perfect San Fran I mean as far as talent wise roster goes is again any worse. Than Sampras Cisco. I mean think Cleveland but the San Fran have a date Joseph Haden. The San Fran have Joseph Thomas the Sanford have both Jamie Collins but you know it Pryor's a free agent but. What do they have. The personnel wise no observed I'm just looking at our era would take a great situation for just calling remembered awake when ever he made San Fran is the one that. He'd he'd he'd like. He might be buying in the early stories were hurt remember was that. He was hoping they can Syria we get that gig and then the tool of home would be able to. To work together and then we heard there was a connection with Riddick I don't know what that connection is but apparently there. And maybe that was part of it. Heck would you trust the owner who would you trust and Josh we addressed a job where you're going into a job with the they've gone through three guys. In three years. Enjoy it is one thing being thinking you're ready to kind of you know beat coach in this league and lead a team in and win as you've learned a lot. It is nothing thinking you can actually put roster together. Right I mean that that's Asian born with a young guy who ever Mike Beebe is ready it will Wilson who knows but somebody. How much experience of putting a roster again OK Josh you think you can coach in this league a lot of people feel like you're ready for that but this is more than just. Culture this is putting an entire roster again. Needed to complete all. And do it may be impatient owner. What's their draft pick recipient of the of an apparent the second worst record. They number two seconds Saturday a catered to a one deeply that obviously was the worst. But he hears situation. He's an end up bring in our border with them. Say good bye to drop below on. On being about to Wear it on December Cisco. That quarterback and so Colin cabaret gone Blaine Gabbert I think these to a bunch when he still may have this view but he's a career back up guy. And Christian Ponder depending camper next year that's fine they're gonna listen there are also pleased to tell Leo and found Zoolander pain RX coaches are and everybody so it's a total it is okay take one for the team that should start all over again. Will end up making it back somewhere down the line that's really that's so to your point. They have no choice. But to ride this out so if you're gonna do it and Josh is your guy and he says you listened your your roster socks the socks it's gonna take some time. Damien my guy. Today the most important thing I need is a quarterback I tried to get that when I want to Denver didn't work out he got stuck with Jay Cutler. And we had to ship has bought out along with our are our number one wide receiver and everything else I just went down hell I need a quarterback. What attracted to people you know let ads we all make mistakes right and that's that's. He would do are we not that he would need to do it up and get the second pick overall for Jimmy grow no way so yeah the second pick in the second round. Agent Jim problem. Can I think he did not nagging injuries and trade out you do I have always good I am so it wasn't through a series already whatever you really think you get the second pick overall to be up aren't. But if he is day if he if you're considered him a franchise quarterback just like the draft. You use your second round pick. So you're going to go on the draft nobody double the drought want to say and what's what's the difference if you spend a draft pick. On some kids out of college and we can name mall and give you all the names who. Who the hell knows what they're what they can do. Which you have an idea with drop Liu bin with the you've been mentoring him your part of the reason why they grabbed him. I would take my chances of that union it's a second round pick on quarterback do you use it on this I'll thug second overall has so much over I'll pick no sector overall today there's nobody that Pakistan has the most organized thing at a world order errors and have a 49ers who those cameras is polarized gonna pick of the draft. A victory garden. It a safety now they need a quarterback and again assign them they need a quarterback's eyes so light. I looked it around and look there you've got to witness why would you not just ordinary girl but overall draft you're gonna pick mix Robiskie. Out of North Carolina woman according to John Watson. And here's the deal they're gonna have. Top picks in each one of the rounds they can also take that number one move down in the first round. Get another pick out of it he can be quietly. And you can decree it would it. The thing is that once you get that quarterback you get their quarterback for multiple years erect a good sign him for multiple years. You're getting grapple for one year and then next year. If you kind of lighter and what are you may not know what you've got a long term which may not know what you've got even next year you're setting it on 24 million dollar exploded it's fine give god point four million dollars for Josh would know what he Josh has an opinion why is why it's so crazy to think that he's not worth a second pick overall. If you're at your other option is a junior was a lot of college. The same but but tell me well what's the difference if you're good if you have the pick it up the first pick in the draft. And you know we want as your quarterback and your options are other options are a bunch of kids out of college. I mean it's so what's the different and you annually I don't say what's what's I don't think out think it's over. Sixth of the deal you envision a case of Josh McDaniels gets the job and stand for him he convinces whoever it is that he's with the Jimmy grapple with the guys will report. Is gonna pick the second pick overall to get. Boy you can you talk about put some written eyeballs on your belt air guitar will put pressure on yourself. It is indeed it is if he's arrival I signed him right away is I've just it's like Josh drafting Tebow the first round right people looked at that you've got to be kidding me. You give up the second overall pick from drop low you better become one of a case. Lou I get a quarterback I usually a long way but Louis I'm assuming you you you trade from and you extend of Saddam for four years whenever the US doesn't matter. The fact is that if you need a quarterback. And it you have the second overall pick in the draft. Dropped bizarre to pay to pick a mixture B is the odd to Sean watts and the kid out of Notre Dame and another kid Kaiser. The song Kaiser. Those are your options. Me not long have the XP or. Save your acidic and I don't that he Depp puts on Josh they want it goes from. You know what happened with rich. Sydney's its branded resort to go but up. So it's a lovable patient with the now listen you give up the second overall pick we paid him a crap load of money he could be sauce Waller you're done with a year to. And you know here's what it looks like you don't have it only lasted eager to be grabbed the guy like if if he does do the trade with Cuba grapple and he's got stressed out. In short order looks like it looks like the Oakland Raiders. That would deer car first came there. He's making plays but you can tell right away that's the future we gotta get an idiot what is your you can tell now. You need to help them Xoom hits the receivers he gets abuse you straighten year old line it will take time but at least you know. We don't the word out that guy anymore. Christian this is a team the San Francisco 49ers if you look at position by position. Talent wise they have. Very little now and looking at the wrong at all don't have any they have a I didn't get what you gonna do when you're gonna come in and you're gonna bring Jamaica rappel and the owner Jed York. Who is very little patience is gonna listen Josh McDaniels may candles sit there going this your guy this is the guy. And so the got to sit there and say okay let's sign them up for a big because the only way you gotta sign him is for big money. Because he could go into the free agency next year and the open to to cop. Competition in he's been OK or forced to pay 2.4 million dollars for franchise deal. That goes up he replaced with the score. He doesn't have the receivers he does and that's why does he does not running back and it looks like crap yah and the ownership Nagel and Josh. What the hell did you say probably equivalent where we're at three went what you think you've rookie quarterback would look like. Either way you are taking your web control of that guy you're out there filming a US Imus I'm assuming you speak to trade him he had one year. You trade them you resigning you do it every need do to keep unprofor. Treat it like a first round pick in the draft. You're gonna have the same issues with any of you draft. But as you know we are team like San Fran. Our Cleveland Webber might be. It there's got to be there's no quick fix. You know there's got to be that's unleashed I just about saying you gotta kind of feel like our Chris hopper is on there by the Ross I goal is to build like what Dallas as a player with Dallas has with their offensive line. You know I got to build this team to the point where when I do find my quarterback he actually looks as good as I think he has to Glenz pointing to Jimmy drop below. You might think that he is Nick Brady both the crap that they have he's not gonna look that good. So we need you to build an offensive line. You get some weapons there it's gonna take couple years and then you sit there three years now it's okay now ready to go find their quarterback in Nast the missing piece here it's like Houston. Date unfortunately they thought Oslo was the guy but you build a defense you get a couple weapons to be to run Becky got a weapon and outside Hopkins. In nice okay now we're ready. Because if you put it a great quarterback in San Fran or Cleveland he's just the Olympics could. Quarterback and no it doesn't matter noble after a look good so if you it and you run the risk of using that sect has no clue overalls and others and that's understood. I'm telling a judge you're going to listen I know you've had a quick cook when all of the other guys you realize the position that ran and you're not an idiot you can see the roster this is gonna take a four year build. Okay but we're gonna develop these young guys you receivers that you draft and as you Jamal. Grab a bouquet but we gotta get rid of some guys I will make it work published there is no difference. From trading that number two pick overall for generic rubble in as opposed to grab some comic con others there's no there isn't what's different alleged David did no difference is big no no I don't look at all the happy let's get colder people chime in connect here's Mike and carmike. Our guys Christian about it overall. Drop it out. It not work out what they could do is keep yet the first fourth. And then. In short burst out there or second rounder depending on like. An outlet. What the industry is capital or that it got back out they could probably get in developer now. Oh yeah that start at right. Out. The value then points. There's always crop. Overall. Scenario that you don't question. What could give the 49ers crop oil and air burst out. A load it would be. Out and then. But overall I gave that up for it or not drop off. Now some might say here's the thing is I don't wanna play GM and say that's not really the debate on having the debate I'm having is why is he knocked. Worth a second overall pick out what is the difference. All hold on hold on analog hold on. What is the difference you need to Cordoba you need quarterback anyways so what would make you feel better if you got to waste the pick anyways on a quarterback. Why would you pick one and just use it anyways on Jimmy drop as opposed to some kid out of college. Whereas we're we're you have to pull out where you have more upside where you have more potential upside. Sean watts and I Clemson. All our Jimmy drop low from New England. Yeah it's a question where's are more potential upside for US head coach is that just John Watson or is it Jimmy drop below. Honestly I. What does it what does it would just. What do you quite a lot of it appears that you talked about gave them clintons have you watched over the last three years. Yeah I know clue what you're. Talking about. I want our you have what what the national championship game last two years against Alabama shirt. Guam are all Syracuse stuck this year you don't you don't pay per. I'd Bob Hope but can't but well I know New York is noted eight. I know they have called I know their weapons wind. Again I can't sit players right I Kurt Kurt should tell you about my. Fire incurred a Lee Corso in all fairness she did watch an hour the battle of the differences yeah we'll went back to the board did the view as an attempt to. It differences through that is the money that is gonna have to be attached to him. And the control that your well it's it's hectic gospel that you don't eat great eating give up pick for Greg Simon is a free agent could trio. But now he's got a 1920 point one million dollar cap hit the next three years. So losing taken a shot in the draft pick and missing out. To me is this costly is having your guide its nineteen point twenty million dollars on the cap that they can't play. That's tougher overcome then and flaming out a draft pick. Any of the things that do you guys kind of agree and we're gonna get out here second. That. Josh Morgan is probably has a pretty good idea yes what the value of Jim grappling what they're looking for yes but I don't you that you already count and yes but they also also think he knows that if he brings a man. With or personnel around him and convinces the owner to give him a four year extension. That he's putting his ass on the line because that is not going to be able to produce you know forty UB don't want you'll be running around. Fighting for his running for his life so the wheels got went so well and we Albert Daschle college athletics on Russian ponds but but but but so none of the money you got a row because you gotta pay the money. So if you put a young core made up there Oki gonna have a running round until I get a drag audited again modernity to hurt you're gonna get him shell shocked. All all I heard are assuming that he's going to be mentally off all that point you'll be her closet some teams aren't ready. Some thieves is so far away with the niners in his category they're not ready to bring in thank god they did that the quarterback of the future. Because he's not gonna develop given the talent they have around that's that's natural. I thought through all their right to throw graduated way wanted to get to the phone close at it and hope that if all else the quarterback and hope we get some people's support your maligned. Who is rocking Twitter before during and after they show that bloomer Loney. We are back to moral or waiver Loney at 48 right now much Sports Radio got. Real quick doubtful we go anywhere we've got some. It's shifting news come from pump rates FaceBook is that it challenging eighteen months. I've made it difficult decision. Who no longer proceed with the legal process. They look forward to having an opportunity to overturn the field this fall. Quarter of the season for a mere misdemeanor. Needlessly turned into a case remains striking in its disproportionate. So Sunday night the patriots quarterback will be 24 year old should be no problem. 142 round pick out of eastern Illinois what was the problem making his debut it's hard to know exactly. Are Goliath like when your buddies don't jailed Tom Brady is just about done. It could be his next game he plays that could be a year from now but she is going to fall off of cliffs. Tom Brady is going to be a bomb in short. York. Tom Brady is at home watching and I say anything. Anybody gonna get a couple more for you because I've watched him over the years that's what's most impressive is that the fire seems to get bigger each year. It doesn't bode well for everyone else regarding the Cleveland. And the crowd roars of Tom Brady comes down after the 49 yard punt game it. Brady begins his seventeenth season with a New England Brady under center one deep Max line left. Really tasteless now if you drops three steps looks just right past caught quite an elevated have a big dance is out of bounds helped definitely like Joseph immediately. Welcome back his first play of the first down as of today New York. Zero good. Collins the glades. It's something she's been Greek. I want you gotten you rewarded that he missed the first war. Games of the season. Because this team and she did so are you done amazing busier but there's no way he's the MVP completely yes. It is irrational and impossible. For any one. Don't even put him in that conversation. At this point Tom Brady is great player he's not as it is to be prepared for a couple of what. But the key is going to fall off a cliff. Some guys wanna pleats were some guys want to play here's some guys like me wanna play a lot longer than that probably because they've been told her like they could never play. That is something that is the case. 39 years old Stenavich stick pro football focus. Yesterday and animal feed you some heat formula you know budget numbers together hopefully they'll let us etiquette of the 99 point whatever debit fees at the same pools. That add him as a declining quarterback not even in the top twenty a couple of years. But they claim that the number attached to him with all the gate numbers is the highest number they have every given for a season with a quarterback. He's freaking 39 years old so if you're the patriots and you're looking at this right now why would you even think that there's even a cliff insights. So you've you've managed to move to make here in the offseason and that's where wrote we're talking about who we found somebody that agrees with it and let's go with. Here's German Beverly. They would seek God's Jim was so highly. Exit the in the line. Because it to all including most. Josh. It kind Britain's met on a first contact to speak to get your first thought the it plays at about what they don't even make that look. So. That the UK because all what you sit. Critical policy both the offensive line that Nicklaus quarterback luck they'll trust god I mean I'd love mom public split up till July and so like. And that Gilbert McCord I guess what is not a lot out. I want to know how devastated at the press kind of seen it. He was the second and board it was and a quarter Kellen Moore that's what they want don't know sorry Kellen Moore was authority on the roster as far as the draft none of that was a guy and the draft that they wanted. Before him he was on their board. And president was the next guy they were pissed off at me as. I'll let you know but Pimco rim Sophia you know I mean it's a drag additional Corbett and I believe in. But he doesn't have time to throw a football is that any weapons whatsoever Andy's Kitna get them killed. And I just I I understand but some some potter it's like OK it's your team. Reluctance of the draft that that tackle elect Randy could you tell appeared near but now that they're taking care of their offensive line. Which gonna make a guy like I'd look a lot better and Iran back right it's gonna give their quarterback a little bit more time to make throws to their guys. And then I mean yeah B idealist collegiate quarterback now when next year but it just. It doesn't hurt you look at the Dallas analogy it's like OK they were not paid to quality and need a quarterback to their office a line it was strange because they're running the football. They had tons of talented Dez Bryant and everybody's so into it it was an easy why he ran third string quarterback and offensive line and so Google put amoeba they can do anything they want to media DiMarco they could run the very next year when it will Romo got hurt Oakland's art and DeMarco Murray left. Roma got hurt they could run for grab it when any gains either what will we be saying today if tech press Scott was drafted by Jacksonville. And he was pulling for them this year he was their quarterback I don't know maybe he maybe doing some more games even. Who made it into I don't know maybe he did it mists of state but he was really the only guy they had. So I mean I don't know Blake morals and everywhere getting caught all these kill them but now what end. I will give him more credit for what he did in that conference and I would. Gusts and it was a complete portals who's playing in the AC so what did you think he should have gone program. What think based on. Woody's second topic for Olympic. And her skirt wasn't rocket fire on that I don't care doesn't matter. I mean where does and it doesn't matter think we could you're ready to to have right now and not raving about it we're just using that as an example obscenely why would you. Use of putting in doubt rims on a fee I don't civil no it's actually more like a Lamborghini with some light. You know little wheel barrel tires that's would be could Carter tried to drive it fast but he just doesn't go there yeah east up powerless and if I would New England. I would take that second the second pick overall the draft in African heartbeat I would even question even a fight fought but you're right around it has a chance Olympics around that's the case I'd get daylight again argued when you don't do that year your first round picks and a drop down at 32. Right 31 whatever it's going to be and it made me do you even swap and a little guilty in my opinion it would you do when you're trading it fell in San Francisco trade down. We UK we wanna first round pick we don't wanna second topic for grapple we wanna first prompt that has San Francisco comes back cutest couple if we get a first round pick in the 20s40. So you'd think epic you'd drop down on the draft if you San Francisco you get more in return now so using the value. Of a second pick overall in the draft you're able to satisfy doing that get your quarterback or another pick maybe I in the second round you're gonna get sucked me. It is a second overall pick probably too much probably course liked probable writes chuck and I don't know but if you're gonna use it on a quarterback. You gotta you gotta burn down anyways yes the uses edge your your owners say go get the best quarterback out there Solis won best quarterback out there and it gives us. The best chance to win for the next four years. Is playing for the new in the pages right now which you've got to got to use a pick anyways right Josh yeah I do bossa I got to use the you've damn second page you've got to be creative with the you've got to move down due in court how you wanna get over west. Can't do that Scots in New Hampshire Scott. Let's just got to. Okay. I look so. Like you're not I'd agree that is where all on the model based sixteen point seven pound. Big blue model and he's. Anyway I don't think there are. Background check out but it might be too much. Here is they're too much fun. Is. Now. A either unemployed or chemical are eager here. Or air. So just to summarize do you think the second overall pick is too much to give up but Jimmy drop low you agree with Christian. Who dust off. It's up some rights but that's okay Christians sometimes conflicted himself with here's a thing if you if you're going to. Whether it's whether it's too much not really doesn't matter is that it's no it doesn't it and it's a big scheme of things if you miss it you're not obvious that point I'm not if you don't even quarterbacks all of that if you need a quarterback I just ask you okay. Willard won't won't give you the most upside to win the last four years we let me Anderson and that you can talk to lead did to me. She's designing a little item and if not hesitant trillions ago. The guy dial. We all are not a problem. All left but Paul. Lumberjack all of their broad ball rally. It will give you I think that same question who gives you the best upside the best chance to win for the next four years. Based on the knowledge that you have of the quarterbacks that are available assuming you have to take quarterback. Right that's that's the thing you have to get a court sold you'd think you'd be better off with a problem. Game with a roster the way it is Cisco. Or. Mix too risky at a North Carolina but that wouldn't necessarily be my choice but I not a thing you need a lot of brought marketing of the second overall equities are rules. This event on his I'll tell you for joining yeah that's a question are you. You need to carve out tell you need cornerback yeah you can't draw and I believe on I had. Separate stores and I know I don't rip it out of there real thing Shea got a living out of may lead. Drop of five point you know hitting me or not Alter its San Francisco is not giving up the question you panic that estrogen to elevate our. Our air they all right I'm not if they are they. Saturday on the uprise and beat you you need a quarterback you're an owner of San. Cisco forty niners just hired me young good looking guy to coach your team right and isn't any topic or just propaganda without my OK and you're two options are. Mr. risky. Three options to keep all options all the chorus amounted to witness and we can't trade out of it you have to use the number two pick overall notes fox. And I'm OK with it on the art do what you need to deal gives the best option when money's no object. Well you take it if I am the general manager of the San Francisco 49ers I am not giving up the number two pick then you're then you're still got Cora I am going to create. I want I got my shot down draft and I don't wait had to do that it now quarterback you're about. By our Jamaica Robb tell you little words of ladies prevented. He may not like him personally if three guys individually Glen we'll Lepore go screw us. He's a fan of the show. I personally like amid issue export Wayne Loney and for the superintendent in this until 2 o'clock on Sports Radio W we. I am not giving up the number two Pennsylvania Avenue. Still not Korb I am going to create one I got my shot down draft and I don't you mentioned that it now quarterback you have Jamaica Rockwell. Guy telling somebody else to play by the rules. But that is the worse. I can imagine accidentally. You know I was we're gonna let mark Apolo take it OK okay but my. We didn't make it stick to the rules are trying to make the clock you know we got to get to the phone calls here's David ran the mellow day. Darn good Dave well you know. Good thank couple pop up on this proposed I don't propose this the other Christian has the number two pick whatever set. I don't think you don't check what message I want get outta the contract demands. Love that he would like he would he would death if if San Francisco can IBM (WSJ) makes what it. And said your I'll give you the number two overall pick in the draft you're telling me. That Bill Belichick would say. But here's what Bill Belichick would do with it he would get a low he would take it. He would trade to a team it's drafting a lower in the first round. He would get a first rounder next year any get a third rounder this year for that that's what he would do golly I wouldn't I would agree would you he won't you step back. But he'll take it. The Belichick what I checked I was going to be someone earlier mentioned that why wouldn't you ever since I wouldn't doubt check the temperature is God's sake you make it yelled get to market X I would go checked at you know I'll. As you can do that deal. We know he can do that the element you're telling me that have Belichick and his choice of a team giving him the 22 overall pick for drop a law. Where the number two pick he's gonna take two weeks. I. Well because you're seeing you for Mikey you wanna take advantage of that. You know you you want the futures you know me you wanna sit there and trader at second pick overall for drop down to the eighteenth to get their future first and a future second pitch at third and go to build WB eighteen releasing bill wouldn't take the number two we take the 22. He's not take on the 22 over the number today that each one of those slots have a valid and coaches have a list of them. The picture to 22 you bought something else and opera that. Whether to another good number what next year or copy your. All I don't think you gonna get much more now and for garage does exactly that country proudly about trading drop below is you know of this if if you argun duo beat the patriots. Can look at itself actually say when that would retrieve him that we got a guy that we think is legit. Football as a game of that anybody can get hurt even though Brady has had a history but anything can happen if some good if he goes down we still Jimmy drop below. Would you do expect breed a platelet next year and be healthy. So in next year's over. And you know your foresee a Jimmy drop below that sit there hasn't played in a year and a half almost two years. This you have that same value that he does this year. A certain we heard this. With Cassel would people thought they were going to get. A first round peck who came before arguing he won eleven games here. And people thought that was going to happen they ended up getting high second round pick and had to trade Mike Vrabel. Along with that for that deal. I'm so. Teams just aren't going to give TO but. If they do. If they if San Francisco don't enough. To give the overall. Number two pick in the draft and went with I don't see how you turn them here's Thomas in Connecticut militants. They don't regret and that reporting I understand. Then I gotta agree Christian unless Tiger Woods I would gladly give away that second round pick for brothels. It knows that now let alone not second round. Our second second pick overall good that I know I know you're dead you're saying that it's yeah I'd I do believe it is works more than drop below. But I think it's worth way more than a mixture but he's out of North Carolina. Now I think here's that's what you've summary you know here I think I pulled up like OK here's your first make believe mock draft. They Cleveland Browns take him miles geared tech deepens and Texas and am looking undertaken and you know the San Francisco for now is there supposed to take. Sean Kaiser quarterback at Notre Dame the next cornerback. To be taken. Off the board would be Patrick Holmes. A quarterback out of Texas Tech stupid moments you can become ponies to. God so really what is what. How would you rather die. Would you rather I shot my that's on cuts with some rookie would you would you like to go down fighting this and I like him no food or car references is good one for you. The difference is. San Francisco was not giving up that number two I got fans aren't allowed you have a point especially in the you're sure you're taking your clothes make sure I'm telling you you're gonna take a cornerback. If your goals take cornerback and you're gonna use the number two pick overall not use an odd tackle. Mino locked down like corner are or deep into them like miles Garrett. Who's like basically bond Baylor college yeah listening now and always she's and a I've seen him yet five I taiba let of Burnett's golden. Eight. Malik Cooke her Mitsui OMRB is he going to the jets so you have three cornerstone of the first ten pencil current affair as a hooker. The hookers again.