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Hot Stove Show Hour 2 - Reacting to John Farrell's interview and Red Sox starting pitching depth

Jan 12, 2017|

Mut, Rob, and John are talking about their interview with Red Sox Manager John Farrell, the Red Sox approach to breaking up the lefties in the rotation, and the platoon at third base.

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All right so if I was upset about. The Red Sox investing. In zero back up plan for Pablo Sandoval. I am more upset after hearing John Ferrell with you guys year tonight on the hot stove show 93 says it may I ask all the questions I know the word you're. Couple who are doing something you know we talked about off the year that when asked about certain beat writers and so moving and shaking your key guys but not to ask those questions. I would like to know it takes about an even knowing what that means that I'm curious what we should be asking him but the heat and if there is bizarre and what do you think Ian Brown can't go to his left if there's been some movement on the beat elected no Johns takes on the beat up a red scare on the Red Sox beat the whole group in the golf cricket as a colony that among other questions I would have asked can be guys I'd say 95% of what I would do you guys nailed. Our I would have been a little bit. More and more emotional on the the the wallop a delusional. Yes because he he admitted basically you guys. We are gonna played a guy strikes at third base which is June managers speak for. It's January 11. Thinking about what to what Pablo Sandoval OK we able to. You would Josh rock clinch their third base that is eight holes operative well I think a big what their I would open rightly or are they appear here in Ferraro. Well what you gonna find is that he's good against lefties which has like always the good numbers against lefties and you realize it's fourteen bats. So it's better than that I guess that's truly only do so much. But. I big deal listening to pharaoh he kinda goes out goes way not to say its policy involves job to lose. This I think they still wanna keep that narrative of this is going to be competition. It worked last year. And we're not saying we can't just say he's gonna hit against lefties because we don't know if he's gonna hit against let these. Which is what they should say by the way and if they came around to said Pablo symbols lost weight you lose grade where putting all our us support behind them doll. All it worked last year and offer publicist involved that it. This hour should be should it is so it should be if at the end of the rotation at third base at first base to what extent. All across the board I love it would look back competition that it should be a competition I think there is no shock that rock ledger brought cold pizza not it would make it would make for. A great story line but it would also mean the pummeled San a on an atrocious spring training so competition he has bought. If you go to his next one about playing it strikes and you lead to a platoon. I didn't look at last year will look at small sample size would just look at his career. Vs left handed pitching as a right handed batter. Josh Rutledge has 144 games under his belt he is a career to 55 hitter against lefties. Where they 307 on base eight for fourteen slugging a 721. 9800 OP yes eight home runs 31 runs batted in a 22 walks and a terrific 86 strikeouts don't forget he did most that cholera. That's all makes it worse afterwards that but it irons off because his wife and her sideline reporter that's great she's she's not getting your stimulant which showed next week we'll have rob we'll talk to about Josh from the right side as he worked on his and strength. And his wrist action here in the offseason it's very. It's heavy to 55 hitting third baseman and he's already admitting 34 days out. Yeah I'll pipe to that spot. Well yeah I mean he didn't say he made a point to say where I played guys ranks in the middle like we're not we're not ready to say it's the puts him just to be clear though what the case of if he said that what it. I like I heard platoon I heard you just heard the word and as confident as I organ athletic guys strike to third base and that to me is managers speak for. If Pablo I think that's I think it's going to be he may he was careful to say that we are not. Committing to a platoon yet but it's not artery between the lines that that is they. Distinct possibility. You know what makes what the other things takeaways was what it's are about it water rotary is. Subject the timetable. Well it's like the visa and getting in there a dead to evaluate. It didn't seem like. They were totally out of the woods yet office now and why and why should they be after what went through last year where. He three days he's going to be back every day he's the only shag involves. Takes a little tumble he's going to be back in three days and it actually turned and alexion. Yes so it's. Errol you get to you get this spring training and you don't have Campbell we we said earlier in the show. At some point and might be in spring training. Wait where's Clay Buchholz. Well order gonna do. Because those last three guys them we can all say we can all say when those last three guys there's something that we can point to that. Might he rail and correct yes. The last three. It's shoulder to shoulder album pre shoulder right so my guess eyelid surgery. Just to you know he's nine he's certainly in and ended in was taken other rotation for whatever reason but there was something there. And even in the the post season press governor Dave Dombrowski. We expect we expect the op tolerance to be ready by spring training will why a lot gal I wouldn't you if I view. So oh. Yeah the other takeaways mutt. That was that was the big one to me you asked the question there at the end about the rotation good for you. It backs up my have my theory that's amazing that you had that before you and did play the John Ferrell and boy. They bite you or don't break get a break up the lefties. They're gonna start reports I you know what before that interview I thought our. By the I heard his answer any we got a I'm rob it's an interesting situation there and they have so the first thing you jump to as we get a break up the lefties yet but if you have four of them like I said I don't get it in company says so explain how are you put reports Seles smack dab in the middle. Which is where Obama is ethnic violence earned severity listeners for lefties after him no matter where he pitches that the mossy and there's four lefties after a wasteland this this is all good because they keys for the tenth straight year we can talk about who's going to be opening starter. John Farrell won the last two revealed as yet he takes it to the bitter and there we don't get the the march 15 story from Tito about calling on mustered the trees stand yup it's O. Now we we go to we're going to be going to be they gave me navy. And Annapolis at the end this spring training that's because John's former pitcher he takes that is a big right to pad the until you guys but do you think that you know for example buckled knows. He's opening day starter for the meat. When he fell when he was the what he was the openings are they aren't they let them know they let him know he doesn't like soul Hedo. Let them knowing offseason sometimes. If interest rates to go and buy it and by hiding Ferrell would generally doesn't how these guys and show. Toward the end of march and then is all a week later we fine. And we ask these guys I don't know I don't know our noses the united gun nuts those but what I don't apply he's the case. On the evidence that somebody got a currencies are subtler kind of where art teacher by the duke figures there's always usually one who you can get the cracked. So once you get that one guy who likely are we gonna pay if you appears the second and the third game they get that that you can sort of piece together a little bit. This is the final sprint for this is what these guys do in spring training folks this is their job down there are based on a fun and they try to get to confuse the guys into explaining. Who's gonna start opening day I don't know we define readers of all Alina we have Donnelly find that I open that we have to give Arafat take opinion. That's the world their B ports and hug Hamas the call and Marcelo opening day starter disgrace that it won't be the hot so I'm trying to think what the hot take would be there isn't one other if they started I. If these are David Price opening day yeah that would race in my tracks here locally. Yes colon out but Komansky trash and burn the team down gas. With David Price as the opening day start in my first column for WE yeah doc so if everyone else I mean whether it's for cell that would decrease able. And I was gonna say anything if it is David Price after the Jiri had and the playoffs and in the Twitter reaction out it has a coroner. You you've told me how important was not a reality that he keep eyes and it was a nightmare that much as I know that you're wrong you're you're misrepresenting what I said doctor showed evidence. You're misrepresenting what I said I said I don't know why I don't think he's he was taken the right path and doing the hatch tag. Oh and a and you can't lose a playoff game in Hawaii meanwhile why do you deal with. But the given day with this even eat you if you wanna go to the giants stuff he's going to Miami at the dazed as what you do in the field. And I don't think that what David Price is doing on Twitter at any viewers to go on the field it's it's a Brad look. And I would advise him to not do it because there's no reason to. In a note the Twitter stuff while it does to me is it gives us a little window into his psyche you know it's not. It's not that the Twitter stuff is causing him to pitch portly it's that the Twitter stuff is a reflects right. Of how it's in his hat that is pitching poured dynamics I said the Twitter stuff because I think he rubbed some fans the wrong way with. And I brought absolutely because if he after that and after fans were annoyed by his season. If he was named the opening day starter I think dad be the one thing abuse or what can be or at the it's a reaction to. In a cell phone lines on a hot stove show that opening game the rotation. It they are pricing in the opening day start over port sale and sale. That would give any adults is going to be cricket who cares we'll see April 2 report or whatever day it is there Pittsburgh as for the division. On some news today drew smiling pretty good good trader often Tampa he's going to. On the Mariner's. At last check wait Miley is. Part of Baltimore's rotation for the opening an expert opinion that means doctors continue my pom rants thing stinks. The blue jays lost it would you can Osce owned. I don't know not a great year the daily some URLs rotations exactly the same with that terrible idea awful always an off on the eve Tillman Guardsmen. Bundy was it at the end of the year for the new Miley amendments. Menaces like sixty you know I've got to give it to true. Today in a two cat finds guys see me you know Lou whether it was. Now what's is name I'm going to name the guy they had just basically out of nowhere. Couple years ago. I'm an agreement to be one of a million guy yes I know what but anyway I know our they have but no they have history. Duquette has a history of of plucking these guys out of nowhere and I've been serviceable star well there rotation that Simon as is the Taiwanese Tammany sudden oh yes Sam. Yeah where you Jan thank you Jim I don't know. It was good for that he's still there for it was that's what I mean that's been of what I'm saying is when me he was not major signing when they when they acquired well. I would just say looking around a division here during the break at the office I mean Chris sales the big move right Chris sailed to the Red Sox is the big move in the division. And I can't look at another team the dailies were say boy I really really like that move for that team I'm going to Chapman Chad really good at it. Get him back for yanked I guess I sort of expected that it had its cattle like many get traded it was Ari look affordable back to the Yankees. I wouldn't put on the Chris Hill can go that doesn't happen very often does that mean Kansas anyway have a chance to struggled on the stretch but the chance was their closer. Which really blink an ice pretty damn good it's and miss you have both of them now that's the whole point I mean yeah both. In capturing this came out and said there done that this is going to be their roster. So this before they ever get content out from the White Sox as a whole new ball game I think I think he he's exactly what they need. And they have a they have a good team and having good young team of guys coming up like. I Frazier they got the Indians. He's going to be very dead in the guy's obviously got Chapman trade Millwood trade they're going to be a good team by. Did not improve that starting pitching is baffling to me youth and our company Avis sabathia several Reno. Warren all the same guys saying guys and to knock a year after years fissures in his wrist in his elbow against the surgery doesn't get the surgery. We know about Pineda you're right rob that rotation is still flat. You know with Sanchez do with heated the end of last year they. There's got to be a lot rob as of this year in New York based in the trade they made to get players back and re sign Chapman you don't have those albatrosses. Around you don't know scheerer around the Iran around. Now you finally get up airing judge issues a huge prospect. Gary Sanchez is going to be the next big thing in New York he was awesome yes Howard Albert ridiculous they were ridiculous they were raised there and so. I think the second best in the dailies. I go with the loses I'm gonna go yankees over the blue jays beat you know why. You line is you love on Nolan now or is aboard the tour bus there. Through there are different jobs to Mali's in the Booth and if I expect that Josh are very eagerly for Pittsburgh here. Rule I was just at some for you pictures of Joseph it's obvious today. In Jokester you know big for you fit and don't do that had idol help or Joseph the real irony that the company's definitive expert. And I'll. Loose at the blue jays starting pitching. That's why I like Sanchez also ancestral min. In just moment Estrada. Somalia and in the end how hat happens a great champion. Yeah I'm going yankees we wanna go I like the Yankees just because the jays lost think Nacional Batiste general Batiste and great year last year but. You licence to sort of lynch being guys to your line up. And like you said the Yankees have a lot of young talent coming up that was a good team by September ship great August. They were Rolen in the September until the Red Sox swept them in the and that sort ended their season but they are team finally on the rise they're getting younger. That's the team and the public is officially officially lose Batista they still sees itself there is a free agent is their chance yes the crawl back and yes you know offer this is hold different. Conversation but. This bunch of these guys it's like slugging power hitters they think in this day and age in the post steroid era that these guys you valuable. Happened last year it's happening and here's three or Portland by Napoli Napoli is an otherwise rumble spills from Toronto ranges that are looking. You know I have a guy you guys Qaeda you know I've seen a couple stories try to force moderates are Chris Carter the the first baseman. Who he had forty home runs last year. Carter be basically Kelly does is at home run by Exelon its own right. But he still it's a prize yes intro by troubles the guy yet he doesn't walked at all. Oh we saw what trouble did the Red Sox in a lot of losers. He's he's a good guy and asked that two years in a row is there we have with I don't know what the spirit you can be one these guys would not be valuable in a league where. It'll only one team last year in the American League and 800 runs. It is in guys seem to have you value wide of these and it is interesting because it has to be something to it. When you look at how the reds are approached things that it they clearly didn't go we need power we need power bats Mitch more. And yet so these teams are all right without it and then all of sudden out of nowhere you know of Oakland. Who the toll goes against the grain it actually were conversation trumbull the guy who never locked. And they're doing. Exactly opposite of everybody they were in they had the highest bid for current RC on they were in on from blow. It's it's been a wacky it is weird is this ever happened at the two league leaders in homers on sign in I mean you guys that are Libyan Alan Trammell of the dale neither of bombers sign. He's got a that's fascinating at this and it is it's a passer well and yell don't even have an answer or so years in a row this is happen now well trouble David saddle for a long time for probably recite in Baltimore right that was a good as money but he for trial there for crumble as the qualifying effort that the cars sitting there. And and Batista. Batista I think that people this thing he sticks. I think that I he's he's a former arrives he had a decent and the year he can hit with power. I don't think he's a great clubhouse guy. So. Is that why would we send this guy for one year human draft pick if you don't have to. That's why the blue jays with a very OK you wanna come back and play first do it at our price so they wait until the draft of the the team wants to sign Batiste tonight it would traffic at the week after the draft. That the yes yes or how or when or if you are in the top tan. Are on the bottom ten how'd that one of the ten worst records. They you don't view of first round pick so you know a lot of people thought he lives in Tampa maybe they take Iran Adam. Minnesota just popped up out of nowhere and and they've made a play for Morris has some interest forum. But the blue jays are playing this right like yeah you wanna come back to are sure go ahead of lady completely wrong and why everyone did include the Red Sox. He hit it through a sign him to a ten year contract when one is rob gonna. Give up on them we are talisman when he's injured let's not an opera and the thing it would allow this game tonight but at the morning and Alessio. And little on it at that rob is on the deal likely I'll care would be on the deal right now you that's exactly right Jason Bay would not have occurred with the Mets. Who would not have gotten it would not get her over the Red Sox have taken Osce on if there was with the red eyes tell me I'm wrong. That he would have not hit forty home runs oxen quick hits weakened. Is off to play in Japan do you hear. Hot stove showed WEE I was just says some Fergie pictures of Joseph Wright's ideas today nothing wrong with that. I couple loose ends here for get out the hot stove united 37 WEE IMS John Ferrell. Get set on demand later on it WEEI dot com he's so he's playing at 1:30 this morning axe that's good spot for. Help people. People want thirty driver on late night. Oh Joseph what the Sox have won thirty let's go to John he never said platoon. Is that what you're getting your head I do higher I heard. Managers speak is in both he said I don't wanna say it's the senate with him & Associates in the world needs it Seward puts it was not talking about the movies talk about third base the Boston Red Sox the latest on the hall of fame as our guy Ryan Thibodeau now mister Toews. I'll post an hour ago 194 ballots are and that's 44 point 6%. Here are the ones you care about Tim Raines 92%. Bagwell 91%. Pudge Rodriguez 79. The latter Nero seven a formal circle back in minutes second. Trevor often 73 Edgar Martinez 67. Barry Bonds 64. Clemons 64. You seen a 61. In the big show Curt Schilling. Fifty Q he's he's he's actually stayed the same for awhile. Bonds and Clemens dipped a little bit. Curt Schilling is a better pitcher Mike Mussina don't understand this like mussina is an iconic cat our standard and either you are coming to emirates. And a new way you market. We you know we set you can't understand why Schilling's shining behind Mike Mussina now that chance I mean OK fine politics or whatever but even that. Put the politics out of my long haul any three vote people voters after Schilling look like he's. Last of the pitchers that mussina we brought is thought to Thanksgiving is John Rowland thanks to exit. I don't know I think actresses that. That's why he was a better pitcher and he's as good smoltz was smoltz got in what first ballot for smoltz and again and it. Schilling's hall of fame or whatever this thing into the ground he's not getting in this you're not gonna fall the ballot or anything but. I used to where's my guys Sheffield in the spam about Gary Sheffield is at twelve point 4% right now on he'll probably stay on he is a he's a net plus two. He gained seven from returning voters lost five shillings a net minus ten which is by far the worst I'm surprised by this. Curt Schilling picked up. Thirteen votes from returning voters I would not imagine that now he's also lost when he theory which is by far. On the most verses say hi Tim Raines. Who has picked up twenty vibe quotes. From returning voters so 25 people voted last year than this year said. At the rains now all Andy is but ninety plus percent teams. Very was that was Mike Garrett here. Thank you for listening I'll give you that wanna get tiger 6 December so yeah he's making the lack of 74 which led to John payment tweeting out. That if Vlad doesn't get in on the first ballot. Then we in the BBW air idiots wells and Myers is always get this is the guy to go go listen to Mike Hsu -- on this radio station last Friday and an angle Reid John payments tweets. The last six months they've already proven as a lot to be idiots and proven that John payment. Or might Jalen should lose their vote and rob Bradford John. She be voting in the play pool that I wanna go about my spicy not let's not cook is you know there's a there's a process that needs to be followed you should be vote. A super brown has polled think the fans want. I am ready to vote I can do it guys I can vote I won't let you down so we'll know next Tuesday's X one's eleven good spirited. All the discussion road nice. Fifth time in the last six weeks at a at a especially seven of eight bit robbed and keep track at all. And notes that the be at least a handful of guys go again. One of the guys is not listed here at that lets see where he is trending right now on the now we're Manny Ramirez. This campus John optic time Sheffield third time of the ballot twelve point 4%. Manny Ramirez 26%. As of right now that's almost an I Sheffield I now Manny was about a play that set field I'm conscientiously objecting to manage at least for this year why is he going to play in Japan you guys Khamenei better than I do all the weird thing is where he's going to play in Japan. Is this island that is not the usual week it's not the was the MP diamond upon yeah. It's is this team that it's like this independent league team that has its own farm and grow its own vegetables them. Vegetables as fats from across the threat of throws about somebody in this factory right now our united makes it I do. It's just bizarre so you ask why yeah because he loves a great deal of baseball well as as these dumb I don't question this reset his whole fame. Now now that it all Parcells keep coming kept coming back and would reset his sets Davis obviously it becomes fact if he'd like we need to be glee I'll try to lately they agree that if he comes back that would recess. Yet yet now this is like basically playing in the fifteen overly. Does not reset the Forman as someone who is as done through their ground and get paid well produced now. But I really don't is argued pay is much shuttle so ominous reports in Korea selling had a hell around feature a best for you for science. You guys gotta get out here OK excellent job by you as always about the interviewer John Ferrell was excellent people were talking. I don't be online on demanded WE yeah I don't count as that you mocked the hall of fame Robson to wanna predict. Well we'll be talking about you on double hall of fame next week and a mock that topic. You get a very good questions tonight about predicting things are gonna happen. What do we do week from tonight something happened we are 27 days out for so that they return we can play the rest the Alex Cora podcasts. But she can find them Brad show. Two guys talked on ABC. It's almost all picks will not be listening through the Alex called bit. Argue that dollar over a good next week he'll be good in view of the hall of fame in handling we said people they want still get tickets at the baseball writers' dinner on Thursday. Where you say go to this the New England Sports Museum website right yes and I. So did take a lot of players past former Sam McKee the president's going to be legit guys reality guys in the and the of the what are we can after that money and higher gonna sneak in place and watch that. I would not be there but probably there's wheel turning into Lhasa will be listening. All weekend long we will stay here the boys are out we'll get back in as a football stuff. I'm Clinton Roger Goodell and his. Reaction the last 48 hours of Roger Goodell. Coming at Gillette Stadium why is that important to patriot fans Chris price WEEI dot com wrote about it tonight why don't have fans need to see Goodell. Action led stadium that in your calls still stand here on W media.