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OMF - The National Championship game takes way too long, 1-1-17

Jan 10, 2017|

Glenn, Lou, and Christian open the show talking about last nights thrilling NCAA Football Championship game that ended past all of their bed times. They discuss the game, and who they think the big time NFL players will be.

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Are you ready. Beats Fort Wayne were moaning and 48. With the coup and booing Christina and that matters is what takes place in between the lines on Saturday night now I don't I don't really go too much to the the Vegas betting I don't think that people. Really good motivational tool this week Vegas has put a number out that to me is amazed at what has its sixth team points now the would you take the point. Well picnic. We beat them twenty is that enough I understand what's called somebody oh without. On Sports Radio WE. One thing we found out of Kobe perhaps you guys out there or they we found out is that Lane Kiffin is the most important. Coach in all of college football that's we found out last that we learned as one thing we learned from. On that now that's that's that's hello in a surprise her tee here's the problem is you know start to show off. And just let let everybody know that today the glorious day or it was a Laurie is there again because that Orton and NFL and on and a lot of time wishful. You've dimensional right now. Now and then on your Saturday lives Saturday and Sunday little got my industry at a mock like Adobe residential loans are. Is watching college and nobody was watching you on that show it's part of I don't know. I like Beaumont Sandra judges. The question that reflected and judge who's questioned why why these games so freaking long off did you stay up but glue to lol did you stay up for the whole video unfortunately. Died so I watched the first half a gold there's a watch second. Black hole and what time that the Google Maps and even like to I don't know I it was it was I want to tell honestly 24 to anyone's missed that race and I missed the game went out and watch the game and I missed the game of the bachelor was over like 23 hours before but also really important and I passed with him at night she went upstairs of the bachelor thing and I did that honed in right she runs separate bedrooms anyways whether senator he's doing rooms in football we get into the -- missed this the glorious day a glorious glorious day because. For the entire day or lake it's the what ever he wants he's now it which is officially termed. It is flat. Steel. Yeah you follow I follow him downstairs in the cafeteria like that you re a food doughnuts being gone me and they have an awful long. I mean Sarah a lot of big O letting it waffles or ball in Iran says send somebody down they get to solve currently got a fall in my hero what miles. I want yet I wanna look like my till we episode the Super Bowl right withdrawal play goal in the Houston that's like three and a half full weeks away. You gotta be derelict 2530 pounds by the a different guy you law really going to be at the pool only available to Aaron -- recent years we won't believe it until the afternoon so your fat bloated so I guess is this a lot throughout the object I called an outlet for the people okay. Sin bin. Anything you want pizza. Donuts he. Says today yeah. Incident occurred again they are there any cap. The character but their deadline as though you so your last meal 730 asteroids beyond started today doing the the same diet that Lou did over and was my dad loves north lions. So we'll see what happens I'm sure you'll too little or no and under torture me at I supervise all week long life and I can only don't crap they bring over the radio road to be doing my face to him I tell you what you do that to me. And I will find it warrants out and actually bring him over to torture little low I don't know. It's ideal I don't large Amish you don't learn that the doctor yeah I'm excited I got a categories I got a question record would you do Michael why these African college game so. Long because there comes a first down the clock stops yeah it is and it's national title game a commercials are ridiculous. That was a long ass game that was dictating it. And I enjoyed watching that game which I'll tell us what you thought well what I did or weakness which you mature I'll sleep like I did but you know the ratings it's a different event. And we'll still on things but just eleven to twelve leavened with 1230 whatever girl is probably the highest rating the Nielsen rating boxes were still has been was sleeping on the congressional side. Points so you're celebrating you're still getting credit for watching although nobody is actually paying attention to until they get up it was. You're right it is so long and it's like the Super Bowl on cracked because odd that the games are. The great game long enough into a national championship which is basically the Super Bowl and all the ads that are played at all at halftime is longer towards gets every. Falling asleep during the play I mean it's and it was entertaining. Thought I'd I'd loved Watson again odd that was legitimate because you did you I was watching NFL players in armies Alabama defensively everybody. But then to commercial to come up nearly eight minutes long and it's you know way company issued 3531 might. You know agency falsely Buick and woke up early try to cure watched the last four minutes to that was it sort of pass boarding to everything. And it's just pisses you off the lottery game. I want fell asleep and the first thing I dig the DR did a fell asleep in the person and you look at my opponent find out that data Clemson want to write holy crap. It does happen and Gandhi was fantastic. It is remind yup just you know taxes verses I was in Alabama when Vince Young I know Texas vs USC. And the roles bull when Vince Young ran an infinite touched down the always see the iconic feature all the confetti falling down on Vince Young that's tied the game and atlas. So I didn't fall asleep watching the game I deliberately went to bed and said screw it I'm gonna wake up in the morning. And watched the end of the game and I'll know the outcome and it's worth watching the end of the game I'll watch it obviously I watched the last eight minutes or whatever that was worth watching last statement to the lead changed went back and forth. But they have games this won't have national championship game and expect to get. Could a yeah they do ago you know it is West Coast. You're gonna fall asleep at 11 o'clock W yeah they'll do well at 8 o'clock 8:9 o'clock in the world are watching and Hideki in the ratings probably the highest value asleep about statement. Of the highest ratings ahead Knick game but the other thing too is when somebody's got an opportunity to beat Alabama Alabama one of those teams. One of those schools that just has been unbeatable at distill it right so what somebody's got the opportunity you know. That you might be seeing this and it may have been Nick Saban is not gonna go down as the greatest coach of all time you sit there saying I got to watch him but I do. I gave up on it is finally talk about all in a ball players and so that their quarterback deal hurts a quarterback. For Alabama he's eighteen years old he's eight he. And that he should be graduating com and each graduating high school is becoming Al. Be a freshman looking at kids or 1516 like that's how much farther ahead he is Libya and let your right you come on I got angry that your press he's got he's got here's. But you look at the guys around that they're just just look at an Alabama company got a bunch of them also. Mean it is ridiculous. Like that athletes are paid and have the running back both are brought to got to got hurt. So Kirk cousins. Sent out like a side by side pick it was one of him of both Scarborough at when he was in tenth grade. And the other was about Kirk cousins himself when he was Atlanta and eleventh grade. The difference between the two is is is like is it's ridiculous but both are brought in tenth grade. Look like a cross that just like cycle path. Like he was just jacked beyond belief look like a grown ass man. And there's Kirk cousins with this just long day leg looked like Tom Brady has not come by pitcher like mine it's like 1050. Now what does it mean when you watch Alabama. Does and I think if lobbyists do with the numbers that they rollout peer they don't look that big. Twenty got to get the close happy to see it right Selig was it hasn't looked pretty good I'm seeing Anderson they point to. And you're like oh look it's a little corner blitz BC 22 up. You know to me and NEC to close the public good god whenever they get to a defensive ends on that team and Alan and Anderson. It and it was dedicated Rubin the linebacker Oscar. And they lost the tablet the losing team here but it's I cut god that was fun those guys did after that was a lot. Phone I get up fourteen nothing incident on this one's over. This will soccer we're we're not going to be around long promised for this game and then obviously clinching go back into it so does John Watson. As declared he's going into the draft. And because he's coming off of a game in which it was pretty damn impressive against what people were referring to it may be degrees defense. Of all time in college football people gonna get all excited about a three or did you guys see him. Looking at his game his skill set as big a big NFL quarterback a new light. Is it last year his the software as last year was better than this year this year he was assuming all over the place and maybe it's undue pressure. Etc. look at it so is he Vince Young. Is he RG three is he Cam Newton. You'll well who is he gonna look at that offense the offense Todd Boyd. Who who's you know he's in the NFL anymore with having the same amount of success that its Tom Watson is having. It's the offense that they run is sold just tailored to their running style and they're the only read half the field. And they choose and they always have the best players. You put Mike Williams. Got their tall good god wide receiver and it is all all you dumb beast you can't do that in the NFL. So your always gonna have an edge because you you have better running backs. You have the taller more physical wide receivers. And if you miss. They're gonna say the grass and the NFL doesn't happen and then a poll that it's an interception. So I mean is he but here's the thing EJ Manuel first round drastic. Tim Tebow first round traffic it's the blood in the water is the desperation it's a look at this guy's makeup. Yet he's got the painkiller a look at his makeup or you can't teach what yet. I just think the college game is so different than a pro game. Spent and when you talk about quarterback the most important position. I just don't think it translates well guys really don't I mean there's certain guys that crap shoot right even even skid in North Carolina mr. Beers yeah. OK our ones played once season cared off. There are golf. No no freaking clue who it is big crapshoot terrific in college and people sitting in the body you know we had the physical make up the play in the pro. Yeah well something I'll never be more importantly it would be. Is it armed shrink talent or successful intangibles as a beacon journal competitiveness is your. Audio is likely to. Yeah Google's wolf silly little meetings like hired of them. Execute the game. I know he could to get logic and national collegiate that I loved to teach you obviously you laugh. And at the quarterback this year. Better be more than loving the game right I mean it's got to beat decision making accuracy. And arm strength because we know it's. Or rather. You know I think it is the college level. You know. If the if you lack that arm strength it might play at the college level because you know the windows much bigger again in two and but it the next leveled at safeties that much back to back quarters up much faster they close an X you know that the you know it's an interception because you get the ball the quick of the zodiac you know the arm strength but beneath the accuracy with your top guy like Williams who's an absolute beast. Will you can't get away with at the next level that's why you know you're evaluated NFL level it's got to be all it's gonna be arm strength and accuracy and it's going to be decision making and smarts. That's it's just a very difficult position to play I don't think this I don't know this is my. Grade well at the com bond he well he's gonna interview wound up here's here's a great story on these guys thought or knew this when he was eleven years old. He received a house for something more done. And so worked monument or worked on was to do when this whole thing with habitat for humanity with nearly building homes are rehabbing us homeless for single family mothers like soldiers on Watson's group and one of those types of home hours. Single mom working their ass off Livan like a small apartment or shared a bed and all that opening. And there's a picture that I retreated. When he was eleven receiving the house for more done. To me it's just it's it's amazing grace note however is going to be what I what Iraq ultimately great but the question is humble hungry I'll be there. Kiddie play in the league go back to what Lucent I agree that the pace is so much quicker especially on the defensive side of the ball many of those players. They were playing even in the national championship game. An Alabama will have a lot of pros. Our guys that are going to be selling medical sales next year or they're gonna be doing something else you know go to law school whatever. But beyond the physical aspect I think it's upstairs it's up here. Can't elect I read a defense Kenny understands that some bright eyed at somebody because you don't see complicated defenses. In the college I don't works I hope there is quarterbacks like I do you know this industry we all thought that you know a guy a guy like Rick who is. And I'm just talk about the got it just take off to take it to the house and and there are guys Nazi guys that aired garage can still on Ronnie cap predict and but it it's. That's exciting. I mean that's what you want more rough thick book NFL and you watch games you down that second string quarterback or some starters or third string quarterback. That's excitement that type of play right there I'd love that she'd act on it or years of golf for five years ago we thought that was gonna take off. I was like oh this gonna be a lot of fun mr. gonna be a pocket quarterbacks but the can be other guys when things break down goodnight they're gonna take off for 2530 yards and it's just. It to stop you know it was just. They can't do it. What are guys you know they're guys that can run. And extend employees and also break down a defense Eric Rogers is that guy right. I mean they're guys that can do it so the question of and that's why I think decked a decks but out of Prescott's. Is different than a lot of these other guys and people didn't recognize. C.'s defense is he reads defense is the game slows down for him to the point where he can recognize. What's going on the other side of the ball. Most of these guys of the physical tools to control the ball ammonia right but it will ask off the charts at the combine everybody will get excited even NFL teams that have done this for years will get excited and then the find out next year when they throw home up there like Jared go off he's totally confused on what people don't need a quarterback first. Yet but I would say that that the recent success of Cam Newton a deck press god who bases basically single handedly. You know willed his team Imus to be state to win game I get with dot it was packed press got in nobody else's last year is all he's got he's got yeah it's at. But you still don't know if you get into the frozen he's going to be able to see whether with Disney dis did did disguising them on and then. But I am I got an annual same to him came from the same offense it was Cam Newton nobody else. That's all he got press that was the same thing. And there's another cornerback Adam and grant us that that run the same opens up a lot of them do. They don't make it from one reason or another but the recent successful collegiate believe it is no we came from this. Read off Manson always in the shot gone in you know Mike Williams an easy read a candidate things break down to spreads it just runs he's faster than everybody. That you're not faster than the deeper the linemen and the at a felt able it will run you down we'll catch you end they're not seventeen years old. They are thirty and it just does it work smarter the more just did they they study a lot more than not chastened but Sonia around campus. Ground in you know being you know. It is the pirates a close eye on that and it increases while. But your point that he's an accident by themselves this guy's got the animal wide receiver in the country. Right Mike williams' son will be a factor renfro that everybody knowing that loves to not notice these lights he hosts all Wes Welker. Didn't prop eight is because he flights. I don't know is the perfect city for Wes Welker Julian and allows them doing yes hunter renfro launched you know undersized guy policy was they walked on a lot has ward to show always late or go to Texas Tech. I asked if you announcement and he actually slightly theses shall ensure look at the ratings a little bit later on but I do they add up like all five or six of the stations because they did coach's son John. They did sideline they actually had Bill Walton on Bill Walton. Q Sharon Johnson was part of it Marcellus Wiley was poured there was a whole group of people a Michelle beatle whatever. And Walt dress up in like an uncle singled out for from head to toe. And may I honestly don't sanity I mean it it it's like. Don't believe we get new TV's and glad I know you'd be maybe downsized to a point TVs now in your home but he's ever see anybody go NCA you don't get a small one. They'll organized TV it's like I don't know about eighteen inches when he inches and you know will be doesn't it by one they want bigger. They want you to see it right you want bigger TV's. You know so I go to those of the channels and they split the screen up at the force screen yes they do present deadly game is now this little Frick and screen that is the size and elect. I don't wanna watch the game like this and I get three people a little quadrant boxes that are on the couch or three different quadrant depending on which you know I tried for a a five seconds on each one elect I don't watch the game like this yeah I had the same problem I don't want pay TV. It's curiosity think as you almost feel like you're eavesdropping. Into somebody's party gobbles and mister Dulles was miserable and he uses it they don't want them that I get to ask you got here because it it. It was just like it was like somebody had a party. Yet to sign there's gonna bring all the urges all the ran a Fran Berry collecting. Group of people a well all they all know I'll always know abundantly bill that would lead in the room however as well and Canada to do it starts. Or should not be. It. All the people who have been in trouble or girl user does Obama just blanket amnesty as well in the future. Yeah. Or clapping and wait I thought I just yet but I don't I don't we mentioned drugs we can contribute out of every one time it was felt in a week Hillis was sitting there alike. To Weiss a anything I mean he just like speechless. That's amazing and ESP you can actually talk about politics depends on what is always be weren't that he was he was green on that that was. And watch film script yeah it's irrelevant I love Billy Crystal brands I don't know I had no idea I'll always there always what he's asking quiche on John cities' where that black and and and that yellow line. So he's kind of explaining it to a black as the line of scrimmage in the and they in the yellow is you know the first down marker in school. Why is it keep on moving. It's like hey he thought it was actually was moved out. Of three elements that a guy I think it. I didn't do that I remove that or obviously he was like flat out stoned out of my life as well I showed up but I carried. No like a study of like the demographic of college football and stated we think that they want Bill Walton. Like we think that this is good question this is the guy I can't call it a guy college football's fans. Want arches high. Yeah. They love we make it what college football fan did you sit there and say yeah you know this thing about the cast who Shui on. I think Bill Walton really kind of brings a lot that is called football cry out. We don't it is at this my guess is that he probably does well he does the pac twelve games. And he probably does well. We young demo stay because he's out of it that the broadcasters Basel. If you watch any because he's talking about. A million things and often times not the outlook yeah. And I think ESP as part looking at those numbers. This guy we can bring him on it won't put him on this football game we'll have those the clip crowd you know Rachel Nichols Hamlisch old. Beetle and will be like they had like Sony different station some receiver platforms ESPN is to try to but I would Lou they had one where. If you were to look at that option SEC one as a sideline oh it was the see you and stock analyst noting that the homer channel resist the republic homer so you went to Clemson a Clemson and you had all the comedy was just. Just Clemson just center and act like ethnic hatred telecast right. Decrease breezy again I thought it was all Arizona at all homers. And shirts in LA and I think I'll hold that back I saw others. I had won the SEC I think it was a Taj Boyd in the senate is under Jones are you guys other ultimate X players. And you know I'd like Arafat be missing scenes making only in a Booth together on a coach river. There on the sidelines with headsets and a microphone. Is it really gain was Joseph Testa toward the other guy and our guys do with an old time guys you know make sure the sound was whatever was comic book. What is this and into standing on the sidelines. The other on the they had that if you can you if you Canada have billed this as a dual degree it is watching me like if they could happen hamlets that a responsible only maybe five years and a tactician ago. Sitting watching the game alive. And breaking it down every match they re trying to examine why and that's a little bit better than others and a happy new act elections. We have all these other able ACC coaches they had MacIntyre Colorado on there and they were breaking it down like that fourth and one and they would get more back early Dick Foley broke that down. It was just it's a cool like learn these terrible I'll watch the game. It's cool for ten minutes Christian the problem is the source said that you don't channel you have. You can't see the big picture so when they do that they're breaking up they in effect in a while for boxed. And it drives you crazy in the my dad was I tried all of them. Because I thought it was kind of Q let's go to anyways you and all amnesty with the delay. I started losing track of the game. It was almost there is a firewall watching 56 different games because they all seem to be kind of await your eyes tell me just think about you watch this thing in his three different windows up brightness to people's accounts to boost in the console games on. Did you hear that show that they've this stadium income he has completed. And at school tenured English. Angle all this is going on the Brazilian Paladino is an act but Gibson you're telling me your eyes are gonna football game. And you just listening to well I actually easy important and we're also an emotionally I don't think finances and the it did you know when you when you watch and I felt like I. All I felt like it was one of those parties and maybe because we're in this business and we have to talk about a game the next day I don't know what you guys can do it it's hard to go to war party. If it's a patriots game or home town team or even Red Sox if you gonna talk about the next sort of maybe the public loves it. Maybe they think this is really cool to me it just drives me crazy because I can't see enough to think. Kids in public though I'd get to the phone calls we'll talk all about this and will get a two reaction. Last night on the other sports networks to the patriots chances of winning. Coming up on Saturday night we'll get to all of the phone calls coming up next. At 6177797937.