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Jae Crowder's lament about C's fans cheering for Gordon Hayward becomes narrative about Boston as a "racist city"

Jan 6, 2017|

National media sunk it's teeth in to the Jae Crowder story and turned it into a referendum on Boston as a racist city. Dale, Michael and Rich Keefe discuss it, and dispel a lot of those theories, as well as take your phone calls.

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You know what ultimately happens in this town what happens happens is that once you once you're done picking the meat off the carcass. Of the you know once once you're done pick and over Jae Crowder and what he said it Wadi men and should obscenities should you tweeted. Then it's guys in the media are. Say anything about it. It becomes media on media crime which is like jays over here still talk about these orders over the apartment and guys in the. You later. Talk to is right now this is about you know. It'll start it would it would be out of the public not about me. So as the media media crime here. Also money Jones has got people pissed off today and it's gone back and forth with with different media outlets and you're guy is he Gutierrez has got people all upset that your boy after boy boy. Most people but now what's he he's so close this column is he I just like I like it. So I Gutierrez is saying about an open up the money Jones has been going back and forth and he likes he liked very much he extremely active on Twitter. Yeah all the time on Twitter all the time and he does not back down but Gutierrez is with the with this statement the cryptic one. And they're all kind of cryptic I what you find is that big dance around the periphery. They don't wanna actually say Boston is a racist city. Because I don't know all like an eagle there but then they'll think well hug you know why they were cheering for. Or Hayward I mean you know while I tell you why wrecked careers as far as that he looks more like Larry Bird and anybody else. And als non. Rob warm and hurled like. Everybody wants to dance around it because they know that that it's almost like the third rail. Here there be dragons don't we don't we say and don't say out loud what you're trying to hint that I have more respect they actually sent it to be honest with you have been well would you. I did because because the way they dance around it it's like you know what I mean. Yeah outer don't make any day and it's that report. I don't know I think the one guy. Who was in the as you said it bungee away but one guy has been that whole conversation. Is the guy who really matters no wonder if anybody blow. Listen what he say. Because it was it was take router this whole thing started. Which take router. After the game he beat Utah Jazz 115104. On Tuesday. Jake router has agreed after the game streak router is upset he. Oppose the home fans were cheering an opposing player now with them. Let them let them and most time. The special certain guys. Free trade rumors have been out here for a couple of years Gordon Gordon College coach. Is now the coach of the Celtics there's a connection here there's some intimacy. With Hayward. But most time. I dole like little like. Especially when the lakers are involved. Kobe's involved that. But let me think pre game and in game or to your opening. I don't bet that it's all the same umbrella it's just cheered for an opponent and that that right away and I don't like that but pregame. The one time he gets introduced and it's not like they stopped the game it's not like they gave the Kiev to argue and you'd is standing ovation at the big big bowl beat each year or make clap for Orton were. During starting lineup. You'd go out hit it reignite. And there that back or not for a crowd hurled. Yeah and then the other things aren't so bad that happened there's a crowded it was your game is what is best games of the season. That went on Twitter. Probably where the guys sort of fell off the wagon he went on Twitter is going back for it and peoples they love it or leave it today and he's okay well no problem leaving Nittany retreat this old house. He fouls the Orlando Magic briefly I don't know how that ball. Up like Kelly. At that moment for me. At that moment it was just a case of an aptly. Taking things personally. Having his job. In his mind his job a question. His hold fans who we thought they were completely loyal to the Celtics all things green. How could you all things green implement jerseys that I've definitely got out of my skin now everybody there's not a dream. And then you're you're rooting for the the Utah Jazz and Gordon Hayward. At that moment follow sensitivity and and that's and defensiveness and insecurity. Became the story of race in Boston. Jake router never. Went there not one time and take router today take router today. Is is talking about his analysis of popping. Up. Yeah. Sort of. First day guys that it was a better idea in theory and it opened Jim he has terrible I like I mean it's it get it I loved the fact we haven't and you can understand again they guys are a guy. Like all the appear here's the here's here's the money quote obviously I don't wanna leave Boston. Obviously I love it here obviously the fans that treated me great. No doubt about that I still stand by what I said about how I thought that's respected. When they're cheering for Gordon Hayward. He. Didn't like them cheering for the other team he'd never. A right to put a white boy. Never felt anything like that right right well. Hearing. For the other team. And I I'd like you said Michael Whitman. For one thing it really makes us look on all. Well let's take a lot dumber. Amp they've. Got. On. I'd be about between Brooklyn and if you're part of a recruiting process with the GM and Tom Brady you're gonna go meet with a guy that's not the same fans have an impact on other probably don't want they'd view and guilty plea. Parts. Because I'm old now out and I want. Run on. Him and limit them should be over. Which they say we are. I go to work. Like what we're gonna put a good. Admit that occurred there's there's one at the opera that yet take that. Air jets what ticket. Yeah I hit it it really. It's amazing how obvious things happened Q. Because now take router his words. How words how those words be interpreted. How those words be analyzed. It's going to be. I hate that it's the case and I pray that it's not but I think is gonna happen. That's going to be. Do you buy it would shake routers then don't read it. And it it's now now Jae Crowder but think about this on usual. Mix is going on here. Take router starts are complaining about the ads. Cheering for another. Boston fans cheering for a player on another thing that's respected him eight field that perspective personally. Okay that's all he said it Italy so that's that's act one act two. The media gets involved. Media says it's all about race. And they also like heaven wait yeah yeah you're right that's knowledge that the media gets involved it becomes a story rate. Act three. Jae Crowder comes back gallantly here. And now and I. Four I believe will be well you why he's got it to himself. Now that. We know why because. There are opportunistic people in the media. Day. He's handed us an opportunity to talk about the race baiting Boston populace. Let died at this thing to say stuff about a racist and Austin. He may not senate but we're gonna him. And an air here's another thing and look it's there it's an individual it's it's for for everybody we talk to a guy yesterday is that he's had an experience. From the fifties and sixties and still. I can hear I can see there's been no sarcastic here the pain in his voice he he's he's pained by the tortured by his arms like. But it's an individual experience for everybody so you can talk to fifteen Jake routers. Over the course of fifteen years with the Celtics. And say hey this guy's black male like you hear the guys black applicants. Are Oscar Austin Austin. You know Doc Rivers and go to all of the lot of great Celtics great never had any incidents. Politics. One person this day well. The well Martellus Bennett today tells the media to let my family loves it here I love that he year you know he says. People who are gonna pick up on any. Statements like that and I kept up. It's really sad I have an elaborate about about what art I gotta tell you if you are. I just under one of those people just don't. I had just an idol like the I don't like generalizations in general not dangerous ones are generalizations are fun. You know. You know people from people from Ohio do this okay there are those Buckeyes fans or or or men over forty Tuesday due to speak stampede. He actually said bock guys I thought I over under was three weeks is that it understood that it database implantable. They had the principal and hurt down the big cash. And they passed on playing in the playoffs and took a nap and let OK some generalizations are fund some of but when you start talking you start accusing people. Being sexist or racist or homophobic and and and generalized way. I think that's I think that's unfortunate so the folks who were there at the game. Whoever York. So let's say. How many people out of 181000 how many people actually cheer for Gordon. Let's start there. Heard. At a less than had to go through a couple hundred even if it's too bad. You cheer for Gordon Hayward. And somebody's telling you the money has spoken per unit that our teacher. Told you ruin your route for military form because you want the Celtics to win the championship but an unknown I don't know. Oh I'd know what the newspapers from. What you last keep who's a better rapper Eminem. Yeah. Yeah them back I got it's really. Amok well. I feel about it now with a real. But that'd that's. That's the biggest frequently point out Crowder. The sort of swept up in all of this and how about today he stay out of this fights an effect that it just Matt and they were cheering for a small or slightly better than he is he probably feels threatened by the big difference to mean. Haven't arraignment yesterday Kevin Durant superstar player top five player in the league. Gordon Hayward I would say in a vacuum better player than Jake router that's huge right it's close at Crowder. The wanna go anywhere at the expense of some accord and at defense in court. Crowned. Mom I come here. Up at the thing at least one parent and coaches with the online. It's and that's exactly Michael in it in a less obvious way exactly what people are doing. Just thrown out there. Not so and I'm just you know. Here's a bulletin OK with Celtics fans longtime Celtics fans like the next Larry Bird. One of the top five players in the history of the NBA I hope the but here's a bulletin. What calories well peak of the black he could be Puerto Rican he can beat Chinese he could be Lithuanian. If you had a player who was like Larry Bird could play like Larry Bird. Absolutely welcome him with open arms now Heidi what what they focus on his job he's got to be white. Well well how do you how do you how do you explain. The Brian Scalabrine phenomenon as a player. He's really turned himself to a good analyst Erica but before better as an analyst and as a player I yet. But he got into the game there was a wild there where it was too crazy and you mentioned when he was playing. And they get into the game and people would go crazy yours out. Is that cheering for this grubby. Is cheering for help like. I don't I think it was described beanie less of it they human genome there's another script and he and others are being evolves cities. Like him. So this I think for anybody who wants to say Boston has raised its herself with Aretha anyway. That. Is a better example than Schering Gordon word. Or one point have been of great players there were rumors about trading on that would be the one I would use outlook active that say YE him. Why and opened them because he is good on on television and radio. But if that means the race and now a second job because of her way to fans embraced him. When you come into the game on those great teams he was probably the worst player and he would he would get into the games and people would go nuts form and I and I couldn't figure out I was knowledgeable enough forum. But yeah he he was embraced more than a most twelfth man would be I don't really get then maybe maybe there is something to there. Yeah how I would say it is now that that deserve some investigation but in terms of you know going after a free agent player. You know cheering for free agent player whether it's Gordon Hayward or retirement to rent or Kevin Love. Al Horford. Who whoever it is or the next rumor bogey cousins are rumored guy whether it's a free agent guy or guy in the trade and just wanna. I'll let him know that hey here interview you'll get a nice soft landing. I don't have a problem with that I think. It's also interesting. Of how a city. And this is this conversation it's bigger than around warns bigger than 140 characters on Twitter and quite frankly bigger than four hours and dale and Holley show. How a city. Comes to be known as right now in 2016. How how you perceive it as a visitor of the city or this visitor this. 'cause residents that the wholly different category as a visitor. To Boston. How you perceive the city to be racist or not. What is it are you looking are you doing an analysis. Of the schools. He beat the schools are racist are you doing analysis of the judicial system. You know black people in in black and brown people can appear shaken Boston Anglican like that or looking at one time in Boston. Have somebody come up to me and ages they totally disrespecting me call me out of my name. As can believe that happen right in the middle of of Dartmouth street. So what is it. Because I can tell you I onshore onshore out of 181000 people in the garden on on Tuesday night insurer unum. A racist. Others I mathematically. I'm short but there's a protectorate of the art on view in a lot. A lot of races living in a city and it being racists it I thought to be. Sure does the job and so. If if at at Madison Square Garden one night. There are some guys they are able to smuggle some. Sheets. Under under their under their shirts and they they put a night they'd they'd pretend to be the clay or like a work plan. At Madison Square Garden. We called New York he rates the city because. That happened at Madison Square Garden. When you ought to think. Are are are there are their instruments. It happened in a lot of cities in some problem. Some of these snapshot. Just becomes so. It does move on in the court's history and some of them become indelible images. And I think that what that's what happened in Boston over the years. We have had busing in Boston pictures. Air for people were seeing it. All sorts of cities states and there were. Horrific incidents. All over the United States the Boston. Has had a hard time I think shaking. Into every time comes up and knives and you know those who grew up here. It is it all the issue because you feel like. It. I mean this is not fair you know it. Happened in 1975. Where the deep brown incident happened in 1992. Now. What I needed noted. That change your mind you know it appears. Like outside of Boston you aggregate fair share. But the patriots storied ethnic. Kind of you know I oh yeah sure you into anything to the ball right out there like near you know in New England that's one thing but outside knowing. It barred. Yeah. Isn't Lacey it's a big part of it to you don't have to do analysis of news at all you know with the racial climate is there right. Nudge nudge wink wink say no more I mean your year when he research that it. But he bought into what you just L island braces on used to examples or thousands of others note all all the other players that wanted to ignore the current team. Where's Jake router maybe the second most popular player on the team but I had as 10. Over my manager Brian. And it's harder road for defensive specialist. I think I let nobody dies but he. I agree that Crocker the fifth suspect that court work or Bradley. Now but it just and the Bradley has eased the defensive stud Allen Kirstie anything later part of an eight dollar. Payment may start out of comment on four case that of the at least favorite felt on the team that's why guys right now that you that your users with your partner the only victim teller. The break. All of a dog or Boston you must like that and I think it felt anybody anybody. About a white player Boston got a made Kelly Olympic. Our Bruce you hear Kelly obviously talking about you at the pigment of your bad today. 6177797937. As telephone number tax minus 37937. You guys are all lined up we'll talk to you coming up next. Ellen Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI. I'll look right that's the game obviously sort of absurd. It's it's hard most of the blatant. Come Twitter tour and on this. Woman's world and that's what. He also medicine. Plus. Obviously I don't lose both. Of them look here. Did have a tree in your. No doubt about it. Through December I want us. How broad perspective when children were they were a little bit faster and Ahmed some of command of the basketball player who put. I'm worth more film audiences they're. Air by that it's out and about Gordon Hayward the Celtics seem like a destination for him. Because you know prestige as coach Deb Butler Gordon Hayward you know coast above that. And odds say it is. I issued in the kidneys say that you'll bust out let you could the media tell me that's the reason why we have in his dale compensation. Hillary never relationship these from The Who was co chairs and it is as always ought to buy here that's why up that's that's that's that's why the people in the. Router glad that. You goal and had dole. Exactly why Gordon every gives those glance in Boston. Really mild. Door elucidate why let's just tell us of loaded with tips I mean they wanna dance around it they wanna you now Olin and old. I don't make it's I don't know. I don't I don't think that the people who were cheering in the in the stands. Were cheering because. Brad Stevens was his college coach at Butler he's right. I thought why they were cheering. They were cheering because and and I think it's ridiculous notion they hope to be able to convince some good free agent to decide eight. Both fans were always nice to me in Boston when I came in played their Rendell signed with the next year. Our tournament. I sold it that he you can think it's ridiculous so let's just let's back away listening to work with Kevin Durant cardinal Dario are right let's back away from let's let's take that out altogether. Let's say that that fans of Boston not hearing him because Brad Stevens with college coach and not cheering him because he wanted to come here. I think that's why did that well but they wanted to come but it is okay they're tearing them because they're tearing him because he's like like like like I have. I can't you know there's other white players worried you know go nuts that we have heard anything about any of those other guys. Then why not take erratic right now or over there but not for him in the playoffs last year at army accounts have a Singler. And now I'm. Format honors from New Hampshire get the pictures that going on. I they want him to good player I think the the Butler connection is only because it's he's also got maybe realistic like maybe he would come to Boston because the he does guarantee you got there and got a better chance and then you do right back to where he was probably Shelvin Mack was in the same game and on not partial to act. Unless unless you know he hated Brad Stevens of Butler. Hit a graphic that top got to get along where. Here a lot of players is it likely reform. But it's it's it's. This whole thing ignores. It wipes out a year in our history. This whole conversation wipes out 2016. It's almost like 2016. Didn't exist. The 2015. Thing with with Kevin Love. And he started it yeah I thought I'd just making it a lawsuit for you. And people around Boston. Yeah oh I sit around. You know there's a white guy compared to about that. Cannot compare to all of our our flat orbit which is gonna start. Kevin Love to hear. And think about government. Didn't notes from army yeah who did you know a lot of ice maker then I got off its. Eminem performed her trick and opt out of our guys are so well notes that the thought. All of the live on beyond that and there are no we have standards are definitely Canadians. Prefer. Jones up. And hangs in golds you know everybody know he knows people. He wanted to conversations aren't. That would Rondo and Kevin lovers it the way okay. Well I read it once a year. And he was gonna get traded he did and I'm getting traded just not to you but it wasn't like he was the player that he had no chance of getting. And also if you look at the list of the top 25 top thirty players in the league there might only be two white guys in those attitude that the Celtics have been linked to. So what if if they start really embracing. Outside the top fifty white guys then maybe you have more the case that he thing that's weird. Is there going nuts for this guy to what what's going on here that hasn't been the case so I'd they're ignoring. All other examples of when they wanna play. So 2016 night Tom Tom Brady and take router and others. Kelly Wright and try to woo try to woo Kevin Durant. Ed and Al Horford and they they were no 1%. And so that happen that they they wit to invest this tells you. But that's a sign of progress. Like I went to the Hamptons. I've got dark at the ballot. I don't know the story Bentley. The rant that like it's meant he's got a red card he's got his manager at a rented out so the so his old team. And an end like that like rent a hotel. Like worse words confine with. Under brass owner. In the Caribbean and remote that. Closer to admit I'm most of it but it does that they stayed at a hotel because they were they were they were on the outside looking in. That's where I guess indicative ignore all of that and go from 2013 2007. Or go from. 1965. To 2017. Connected Alia. Let's get the calls that you guys mikes and stowed in Europe first on Sports Radio Daylon Hollywood ski. Gentlemen I you don't and I went up. The whole thing outrageous drives you crazy and it's really pathetic but our play of Michael you have brought up Brian Scalabrine a little while though it. Why people increases for Brian Scalabrine but I'll tell you what it is. I don't know you're around here yet Mike in Boston and Nokia wiser and richer she was probably too young. I was a season ticket all the many years ago on 54 years old now this guy named Terry to rod who is the twelfth man on the bench and not telling you saw it. You think it was wild Scalabrine to come and that means we all want to rot. At the end of games and black guys are right now and he was a terrific heights that he would come in jail records every Alia yup. And go back to themselves Weickel. Not I don't Scalabrine and I opened lower again strike outlook once rooted clapped a scale during the white like jail last. You know I don't use goofy guy I thought people like him and clap on because political ball. Oh look I I and I was joking when I said. He was the human genome now when Brian Scalabrine did it again is over so I was like you know you see Kevin Garnett laughed and in point number geno. Well let's put fans who did Scalabrine is coming in OK we got this one in the bag here we go. Eighties to bother him a little bit armour a birdie and you you guys confided meter maid you can find anything. I have full confidence you. I go back to. House's circa 20092010. Stell. I think cannot talk he talked about like you know this is I'm a likeness crazy yeah what what's gone on here. So but you know daily to be actually right maybe it was a geno thing. There are rotted the games we do. But because I don't I don't remember I don't I don't remember as we do but he sort of like year you know here's your victory cigar here's the player. We got a couple of weeks a year too much of that you know now discoveries like ivory also way you know redheaded guy so even. You know how what are the percentage of white players are in the league now you at a red headed to make the last dispute cannon bought originally couples I don't rare gem get it unicorn I don't have. He was beyond like he was translucent but look at it like you might wait. And I mean and you know again he's NBA player but anyway from buy a little more awkward than some if they don't let you guys at that the fair statement you're so kind of work regardless of color bit awkward up. Out of it's funny about that and and all of those things you say are true. If he showed up pitcher playground and you've you've got five on five game goal one of the best guys in your neighbor at all plan. He's better than anybody out at court oh god yeah yeah I mean he would kill anybody else on that court but then watch the Celtics game on my god I can do act. I was only 69 I can be that guy. Known known. Probably it probably couldn't do that Corey down on the tape recording I don't panic on guts glory. It's a one have to wonder what at a conversation grads even an average Jake crouch and you know I think enemy strategy on. You guys up Brad like. Like it's not a you bring it to me say that I like. I feel like op they would like mr. in this so say. I I honestly don't think that there will be any conversation from Brad Stevens or Danny Ainge both guys have indicated publicly that. There are OK with it they were fun thing. And Ambac I think Danny is even joked that peck peck of it if it gets him to play like he did the other night cheer that chair the next guy to whoever's coming in tomorrow night cheer them. Jeremy what lies lies that take that gets you part of that's the that's departments and other things yeah. All right so just you've gotten back here mine are probably top two GA and Brad talks after the fact and Bradley admitted to whom you know at surprise some of the things he treated. And Crowder sort of said the same thing to him that he said immediate today. Yeah I should've done this this in this but I still stand by. Cheering for opposing players which probably with the whole conversation was for Brad exactly analyst up on Twitter probably not a great idea. But you know he's keeping them in the back of his line yet again due to motivate yourself yet they wanna replace. Then that they don't they don't like Cuba that don't appreciate your game and you do some things that they don't see whatever it takes because. What he's on his game I don't. He's not a great player but he's he's a good. Topic player for. Even for championship team like if you earn a championship and BB a topping rotational player take route I respect form. But at times and I kind of kind of floats so if you knew that the stay engaged use. 6177797937. As telephone number text line home and all day long 37937. Dale and Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI. I mean is beef is perfectly fair on team crowd here vs these fans I mean it's one thing if you're gonna sit there and court the LeBron James a Kevin Durant some mega star that you know is going to be entering free agency. But when you're talking about Gordon Haywood with a nice player very good player might very well be an all star might be an all NBA team this year but so far has not been any of those things. And you're sure you're cheering for him ahead of a guy like Jae Crowder who haven't Goodyear 48% shooting forty plus percent from three top defender really fits into what Bret Stephens Delhi and has been part of your sort of re growth after that Big Three era. At and that you know that little sort of slide that you have and yet you're sharing Gordon Hayward here and I don't it's again it's nothing against Gordon Taylor but I also put this out there it's Boston they're famous for him for being you know having Larry Bird on their team. Gordon Hayward looks more like Larry Bird and other player recently so maybe there's that Boston connection there that could kind of gone. Everybody. Israel Gutierrez use does that sort of say it I don't really want to say it and. I think and here's another problem. If. It is is a big problem. There are few big problems one numbers addressed today. Nobody was talking about Jake Trotter how he felt. So that was addressed Jae Crowder you guys inherit. And I take router came around that man I love it here don't have problem the transit treated me great I don't like fans cheering for the other team. Israel group Gutierrez. Made a very common mistake that's being made out here he said I don't like Boston fans cheering for Hayward. All over crowded acted not that I have nothing to do you crowded with not moved to Crowder was you know not pushed aside at the cheers of the night Jae Crowder is the one who made the connection. It's not like the fans were chair like a picture somebody is not like you have the opportunity. Mean you know the two minute. Soap box up a former threes say. Or because I want to have an eclectic crowd or. Or are they are not are not going to make not. I had. Now they just cheering for Hayward. I'm so so I by the way not all night long need. In the long after pregame that prayer that you announced that the starter that your Portland that are locked up. Hey hey maybe they're here in two years. But I've but I think part of it is. You have to in some cases. In this town. You you do you do have to be here you do have to be here you have to have. Some knowledge of what it's happened before. They're just throwing this out here like all of this is unusual but can you believe the Boston fans were cheering for the player has been happening like I can't. Happened worse than that we talked about yesterday it's happened in games it's happened with rivals that happened with the guys that certainly aren't gonna come to Boston. They weren't you know coach Bryant was not gonna play for the Celtics at some point no there it used to getting cheered. He got now with getting cheered. I was at the game was what I like it as a productive outlets mortified. He was getting in VP chants. In the car. I was there. It was discussed. The fact that that they now. Part of the congress that we had that in mind and it's the lazy dispelled the need it requires some work. Couple clips to find. Out what was behind you and oh light light bird and its name. If that's the worst that you know I'd assume that the whole city's rate. Right. Byrd of me. And that Alley that knowing that. Now these are guys talked about that from my source a source at the white guy convention told. Let them oh yeah but are not so bad. Guys since Larry Bird. From all over the world do you know Raja you know Wally Szczerbiak has been here radio. Right. Right yeah. I don't think he'd like Wally and I pointed out Raef LaFrentz. Wearing it theory. Hitters 180s Warren I. It's it's dodged is not a zip. Celtics fans are sitting around saying okay. Please give me a guy. Who can be as good as Larry Bird and newspaper and looks like. Is eight Paul White guys who shoots threes in the people who are an item he looks more like Larry Bird Gordon. He doesn't mean and nobody should that no physically or going yet apparent. This kind of appearance apparently has no on the Butler. At the very unique look at that bird. But yet in that poll. Part of me to sort of blanket statement that cities' races because they cheer for the one way play the part of any research. Ayers really think that they didn't chaired chick like that is pretty upbeat art exhibit your great work. Ole Ole broader problem got out now which is. Wrong you're wrong got a reality point in the backyard and I thought that the earth and I got a cat overtake Crowder was not a good thing isn't. It keep going to get more points mats in Wilmington game and I need to. That Garrett it's an art so to me yeah you're right dale and Ali erupt. Archer. Pre game post game that are miles the only guys are fired back at a special thing that immigrant died because he cheered fact. Probably are against you think oh what. We. Say about point two opposing arena or stadium is that. The biggest compliment and it is being well how about your road can they respect. That when you go and a top player and somebody cheering me. I think that's what my issues and don't say I am Gordon Hayward carpentry crap shoot it well. Wherein. There purity and share for the again might direct competition out. Pregame warmups in the parking lot. That is that is disrespectful. Or not we are New Jersey he's going against you you're gonna bring them there at all dollars. It was in India aside from that. Kidding itself your approach on the future for the opposition. Look I do think that and and Matt your your right that there are certain times when it it not only is allocated to cheer for an opponent it's the right thing to do you know and when. Mariano Rivera's making his last appearance at Fenway Park absolutely you should you should cheer out of respect for what he was even Derek Jeter at any mind that there. I I mentioned the Steven Stamkos thing is based explodes in a in a hit the first period of a playoff game because back gotten and is playing later all the whole shield on. You can read can respect that applaud that but this idea of the chair really really hard maybe you'll like us any complaint forests. That's Yahoo! is a must. Sorry ass article that's Yahoo! and Callaway the NBA has gone in the players to a themselves that the quality is his pitch meetings and recruitment that's Soledad in the hands even if it's a slight hope that's the only the only time Gordon you're comes the awesome all year long and if they think that they can they welcomed there maybe it'll have some part of that decision now I don't agree. But that's that's the clear up have your cake I doubt it. I think I think the I think the fans are. By the fans are responding to what the league news. I look at it and they don't have they can't sit down in an invite those that fit the the players in themselves but looking at him. You lost out. At least publicly that this is your public. Answer. For losing out to Kenderick are moderates that. Are for change. You want to make the change. It was a family atmosphere and in Golden State he liked the way it is now. Okay. A year that's only. If that's the only explanation you've really given. It's not like hey I want to play amber it's all one player in the warm weather city. Want to play a big market was that he'd be at least not appear and look at the and I like you look right there rob okay. Reports that they have now and water with an arts center at 6177797937. Right back to the cult just a couple of minutes Dele Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WB. Guy gay tonight talking. A lot about. Old brouhaha that was started by Jae Crowder which by the active Wear unanimous none of the three of us had any issues with anything he said after the game. About not liking the fact that hometown fans were cheering for an opposing player. I'm not as had an issue with any of that now a wealthy stop the right right right I'm saying he had all of us sort of think that the whole Twitter thing was a bad idea and evidently he now thinks it was a bad idea as well. No it wasn't started by maker. You said its holdings to write a positive remarks were word. They were not an issue OK and no other folks in the media hijackers is issue. Unfortunately is issue. Was obscured by his race. Take router for example. If Tyler Zeller says that game or Kelly says that game that. I'd really. Be confused but I. Am pissed off. Don't wanna game Drake a great win over team that really can lock you down defensively. Our fans doing. Sharing for no other later. This is Boston the Boston Garden. I don't like it welcomes it. What was intended to be. I don't. Care for others for other players. In the car. But because the speaker. Is black. If you Wear a Celtics Jersey. It becomes you leaving boss you're leaving the Celtics do leaving the arena we go into the city. And me bring up things. That the speaker never. Brought up in Maine even frankly I think he's an intelligent person I don't know. I would bet you Providence about some things. That par par being. The Boston is racist but and now we're happy. And probably would be shocked. By now he's been made aware I'm probably was shocked when he was told me they said that's what it was me that I'm right. Oh Tony and start. He does about the conversation about appealing that's respected. In his own arena. And it went somewhere else. And so the whole covered the whole point was never really analyzed. If somebody else says it. If that happens tonight in in Chicago that Chicago Cleveland. And when they brought. A product that LeBron runs the city I got but it happens Chicago or or or Orlando or Houston. Conversation. Will be about the incident. James art says. When people come here. And Rupert the other team people's raised it argued the agreement and our team right. It's all about it okay what can fans whether fans have a right to do it I've paid my money which everybody it goes on different path. So went on this past because. Crowder. And he plays for the for the Boston Celtics the Boston Celtics to be off. And here or what if it is others. They wouldn't know what to say it cuts because a year ago when they were doing the same thing for Kevin Durant nobody said anything like nothing Saturday Anthony Davis. Comes without make you pay here programs yet. People talk about Astoria. Of the inconsistencies in the fact that. They don't just want white players on good players don't really good players out you can debate on how really good Gordon Hayward is but at least he's you know a guy who's desperately spotting potential all star he's not the scrub up quite. Maybe he's up the difference for the team at the separate debate. I think that's why. Look anybody can comment on sport we talk about sports and other cities all the time but you really wanna get down to that. The nitty gritty. Oh. We're not qualified talk about the nuances. The Dallas now which we could talk about it like big picture a debt press got an MVP year how good easy easy Q Elliott. But really to give until it. Talk about the Dallas Cowboys where they are now on where they were in 1995. Over or 1993. I can't do that I'm not hear about that invested in the in the cowboys have a kind of conversations thinking here. They are coming into this conversation cold so it's not like you can understand Celtics fans are not thinking. That Gordon Hayward is a top five player in the league and we got to happen here because he's he's a guy who can carry team to a championship. I think this Abby Celtics fans understand. They're not that far away guys are known rich delta group and they're not that far away. From winning a championship and one more good player. And rate what one more good player can have you. Kind of pushing. Pushing the count we're clearly challenging the. It was there one good player well I. Failed the nerve pain that I pass. Let's not talk about embarrassed at bat OK here's the thing about Terrell davis'. Camp ought to bother. You know bad guys. A group. I'm awake it would incidents we've been thinking about. Being on what you do do quickly he might win it on fourth and dismissed compromise did a couple of hours. Had like two out now if we can about it cracked when 984. Point 950. Jacksonville wreckage after next and sports radio's dale. I don't got pregnant long time thank you. I'd I'd just a couple of opening of all why it ought he can't always be too quick to jump to defend ourselves. Right are just couple quick examples. This idea ought to be a racist out of the perception that is real. You know from their people from other cities. Whether we try to recruit an auditor earlier relevant at some way that they see yachts and a goat directed the ideas of just trying to. Visualizing what Larry Bird was. And like that which candidate is the symbol of Boston's latest picture white guy agreed China. Well let's put that equipment okay. But let's start what a what you get your next point. A little. Oman earlier that on a ticket that protecting them among cherry. So you say perception I'm always a little I'm comfortable with perception because that it almost gives it puts all of the puts the onus on me in it allows other people. Just to be reckless and stupid. And it just hey I perceive it airports true it takes the work away from them or put to work our commitment but. But that's different arms expert to protect public askew said what Larry Bird. Was the symbol of what was Larry Bird. We're jumping quality. I just kind of gone back to where are what what the eighties back and it is ought it's not so much what Larry Bird was on the floor if you try to. Kinect and to what the audience was. I mean we know that yet yeah it's predominantly African. Got it don't have got to get all that's up arms you tell me I. I forget what other people think you tell me what was Larry Bird as a player he is with Dion was overrated was he one of the best players are what was. No. I don't think they think the drug pitchers that we can't just tell me what you want. I really lucky was about well icon that and possibly look out directly to try to divert from what might they are. Yeah okay I look in your next point is I'm just confused about it. Get my sir sorry about that might they put us try to connect wherever it was so the white candidate and that that has stocks and yeah eighties whether true or not doesn't matter. You're right other people needed yours off all but that they get off the audience be to do a better job of being aware of kind of where our city comes round. Those reports. I'm about 100. Pod is called back to the idea of you right to edit but it's kind of that running joke outweighed out we. And I know cart it's awful lot you know elements great player if you about it like edit as wrong as that is you know we do here errant error. So I mean I don't. I don't have I don't think I've ever heard that until this moment there are so that even better that he's a white player. You know I'd you'll hear from time to time from so I hope that's our you know. Are articulate friends but I mean it is a real thing echoed aren't so well I mean I. I can't account for for the folks you hang with and and that's fine if if if some of them are actually saying that. I I I'm almost a loss for words that it the fact that cattlemen is say it is a great player. Is even better because he's white. Nothing that speaks to there are racists in the city even Hillary the city right they've they've but ball have to be true. Yeah I mean their tactic clearly clearly. When he. He put and is subject I think he said he wanted to talk about Boston as arteries through the process kind of racism. And I think that's point. Point is you're gonna find that. Philadelphia's got a race slightly York's got a race you're you're you're gonna (%expletive) you're gonna find that almost anywhere ego. I mean United States and in even throughout the world that. That's why I'll always have always said while. How do you like that yesterday in Boston this kind of perceived as this capital city of racism which I think it is foolish. There there's no such place. There's no the capital city. Go where. And terrible things happen but viewing go to New York or Chicago work and go to LA is going to be all good now north. So. It's it's really strange thing it's really strange happened. At the perception argument you can't tell. I don't care and I hit it OK that's fine it's it's fine as an appetizer. To. Hippy the entree. If they hate the perception is that OK good we start the conversation. Only a week are we gonna stop there. That's over stopping the perception does this therefore it is no we we did not guesswork out of the real work starts not to start ticket. And figure out you know why this isn't what it means but just can't say while they perceive it that way and they are we just got to deal with it. I guess we got to deal with it and they got to deal with a. Charlie's and run silent each night. I don't know I don't solid gold. Just just to comment on what that left urges that I you articulate bright and so what I know America our allies or our. I don't know I think tested so the freedom that his friend but I do I regard well look upon our. Upon a third sub Brian Scalabrine up phenomenon there which absolutely local phenomenon that they took off. And I think it's more rock I think Billy kinda danced around it but. Not that fact that a matter rip I I looked up prior to celebrate it by chips or so as. It just took me they are. Like Derek. And Egypt's you know he we want to know why Ali had are Carla other point that the reason he just broke all men I mean the plate so greatly. I'm really played about 42 game but he gave that 200 foot birdie and there is no longer close two and also I think everybody just want to see them do good outfit and that's all. You know at an end and that that probably is part of it as well you know Ali it's all good for him look Brian gets that gets to get in for a few seconds here all all out for him but. But I do think you know generally speaking when you saw Brian Scalabrine game was over. Oh for sure yet your your celebrate the victory in your movement on from there but. It did turn there been other players there have been other teams where the worst guy on the team gets in any doesn't have that kind. There's not that kind of love affair when them. But I did in the might have been the total package you know the way I actually looked but the way he plays that is those the whole thing put together and it was on that team to where you had three hall of famers right hand and what what a difference it was a or those bad teams at the got a bad player on a really bad team. Now that was the guy who was on one of the best teams they've had the best unit that lost when he years. I don't feel obligated by the way to stress this again. He's better than anybody you've ever played basketball with or against in your life now I know that he was the worst player on the team and we all those things people say. He was so much better than anybody you've ever played whether anybody you've ever played against then. Because of the relative rankings of these things we look at a golf guy like Adam thirty seconds all you can even afford to have him in there. And it it's sort of follow up on the perception thing to perception vs. Perception being a conversation starter here's a perfect example humid and hall of famers on the team rich. The 20072008. Celtics so. Before he got to Boston Kevin Garnett perceived. That there was an issue in Boston he'd heard about it. You still concerned about it. So he called a friend of news. Who is. God father two well one of his children Chauncey Billups caught on develops and you played there may have been there. What's going on a Boston. Not if it is great. You'll love it. You should go via an opportunity to go go. And Kevin Garnett. I don't see color but he's black. No I got Kevin Kevin Garnett Kevin Garnett decided he was gonna play in Boston and loved it continues to love it. So it. Because Kevin Garnett love Boston knows conversation continues because he loves Austin doesn't mean there are no issues embossed. For him. It worked. And so when other people. Say it will Boston this Boston is that they. You just have to be a little more explicit. About where you come from. Nobody is gonna dismiss it if you're if you're feeling. As the people have been here and they've had terrible experiences and people have. Have harassed. More people have said things to them it'll that's part of that's part of their story with Boston. They have a personal story and didn't like it and they don't like. But those who were just kind of brought it out here. With no with nothing to connect to it. I'd demand a little bit more. NB nice simple money Jones spoke to some players on the team. And said okay what's your perception of the city of Boston have you had issues here. Do you enjoy playing here do you is it something that did you don't into it would be nice if he'd gone that extra step what that. And then if he still had the same opinion based on talking to players who were here then bill which got a bill. That requires work and stuff like that odd Dawson is a new Andre Dawson I don't. Thank you as veteran right here my man sort of a better than. That's right a truck like that. So that I just wanted to contribute to this conversation because the have a theory that Al Horford put a battery in Boston fans back at the start everybody else and they now think they have more power over the situation relate to our number one. First. Came on board here there was a quote this father. Stating that you know one of the reasons you chose to come Austin was because of the fans and because of the atmosphere because over into the game and they weren't so. You know it's a little bit like the phenomenon around Seattle where these people nothing they you know that they have missed its ability to drop. About our favorite color so I expect my favorite color of 2007 teams applied dog detected it. I DOS that you take your time. Yeah well I think there's truth to it I just think that you know I mean what I don't think they have that much power Kirk Kirk. Blood but I but I still think that they want to you know if they wanna fool you they can do I just sent this national storyline that. That this is something about races is insane and I think it's just it's so soft kind of pathetic. You know it's it's an easy way ago. And and that's too bad I think there's truth to the Gallup who cannot or you don't want kind of armament we're going to shelter when I was younger we're much father doesn't. Is not best in sports same way I am and and shall regatta on the court and everybody just kind of lit up and got real excited and fit their saying. And he Caribbean and immediately his reaction is that stellar you know that it has his first thought without knowing about the background knowing that this something happens whenever hadn't experienced or his. Or assumption is that once. Associated will resort to think it was a look I don't necessarily know that it was. That the true. But I I think that that it like to see what people construe that war. Where were to be related to race so an endless. Appreciate called us and thank you I'm being taken to task by a couple of folks up on what a couple of one guy when we got one guy and tech finds an op. I played with Lou I played against Lou welts and organize the OK you played with somebody acting against somebody better than bright it's calibrated your. That's and and another guy said you know I played I played against people I. Eyes gala is not better than anyone I've ever played with or against either has a clinic neither is to repko. Explain why these guys hang on with the Celtics when they sucked looked unless you're the blew out cinder guy. Unless you played against a guy who's played in the NBA play with a guy who has played India. They're better than they had played whether against a player at the view that there that's the point I understand all of the west is. Out job we're. I don't want to act yeah. That guy I thought our people prep school backbone knowing that you are immediately got an event in India and I brought it up that. I really one of the few that I don't think it's about me would you would you play it on right. Number and protects them after earlier draft in the first round and that upload nets the raptors the growth. Are you might not be better than Scalabrine I don't accountability on he may not be. Ali is really good Courtney Sims of the seven footer to nobles that over the pacers so those two guys and in via. Where they are on your team bargains are plea bargain you don't consent. Go and it's on right handed down on our scanner where is. Let's call it genitals were in the face of arts that honor it was quite it quite a poster pictures. Certainly go to somewhere your daughter and apparently candidates. Not a dog our dog I'm very proud that thank you very regular guys want to clarify current affairs in Washington. Arthel let me just clean up my my commons at LSU played width. Or against somebody who has been in the NBA that you hadn't piety with their against somebody better than Scalabrine. Georgia red skull oral clinic or whoever else wanna pick on here. And as a friend of mine once said I'd like to have the talent that the. Worst player in Major League history has ever. Get there and you played wins are better than that you work that will middle. He works. OK okay and I architect. If after tomorrow okay. Like at least out that made me play. Andy's in rubble with me and I need. Good idea to. Good. Well I get a drug that's a little bit here because I do I ought to be very respect I don't think I'm pretty sure he got the only people who were treaties that have no shtick I really believe that. And the land calling and I can get a genuine opinion. Prepped well I believe that Israel Gutierrez is trying to skate a little bit here we're talking about our audience let it go by. But you don't want he caught himself he almost said boxes notoriously known beat it says he beat Al where he was gone with that but he corrected himself and cuts up to edit. Payments would be in heaven Larry Bird. So that one I think east view of that but my larger point here in the kind of wanted to get each of your opinion on your experiences in bought. And I don't think you don't wanna be can speak for either he raced but both of you have spent some time here in Boston and the question. Here is about how whether or not it's a racist city I mean there's no question back and that it was gotten at no question history bought it. Is notorious. You know we have an owner of the Boston Red Sox notoriously racist so I would be interested to know. Given respect and inevitable in view of. What kind of progression you've seen him look kind of expansion if you look at in the city. When it comes to that and especially Michael US travel throughout the country and Venus or try to formal couldn't eagle how that relates to other. Eat and other community. Yes it's a question and I've talked about it here before. During these conversations generally get too far off track because I still think the the reason. The reason we're having this conversation. Is because. The perception of Boston took over the reality of what Jae Crowder was complaining about. And I think that supports so take router never talked about. Hey I felt comfortable in Boston and you know it's notoriously known athletes have a hard time playing here. My teammates feel the same way they don't have the guts to say it but I'll see it right he never went there. Is that that wasn't the point the point was he want anybody. Cheering in his in his arena. But. Since that when I before I got to Boston did not wanna come. Had family here I'm a big sister went to Boston university and never laughed so she left Ohio. Who would commit to it around and Ohio she's on her part. But and it was it. It sees she had great experiences fears that lives here. But I felt like you know grew up in Ohio and it's come like a different pace and you know coming here and those people are crazy I was generational thing. But when I moved to Boston. A lot of people. Black and white and in Asian and Latino. Called friends of mine asked me all the same things out a black people there like my sister's there. That's so I don't it's one like it is not what what you think it is so I get the perception that. What I don't understand is anybody who has spent time. As an African American. In the United States of America I don't think I just don't understand in the person. Any honest person in this country could say they've had experiences. In Boston. They haven't had anywhere else in the country. If you are in public. But for me. Experience of them had Boston. Mostly positive with them pretty negative in some pretty regrettable let me terrible. And other places too. So I I I barely gets pushed back against that whole. It's that there but every where else all know it's good. It has not been my experience and has been somebody else experience. Well I don't wanna which anything negative on news so. I consider yourself blessed consider yourself charmed but I find hard. You would Chicago long enough to apathetic spear. Don't Chicago when he two columns I forget how many. Thousand. It's got a lot of that factor yes I aren't asked that again marathon I got out of what did you reach out about the state Alpert and yeah yeah I was alone. And didn't make. There was enough time to that the collapse 6177797937. Its telephone number. Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI. Air by that it's out in about Gordon Hayward the Celtics seem like a destination for him. Because you know Brad Stevens coach Deb Butler Gordon Hayward you know coast abundant and odds say it is. I issued in the kidneys say that he will bust out let you could the media tell me that's the reason why we have in his dale compensation. Hillary never relationship these men who was co chairs and it is as always ought to buy here and as light up that's that that's that's why the people in the crowd clapping. Oh and at dole. Why Gordon every gives those collapse in Boston. It's always easier to just sort of be insinuate. Up and not have to actually you know have the courage to say it yourself right Nolan. Did know. Sure I don't know. Now I don't know a and M by the way is that exactly what was going on last year when they were doing the same thing with Kevin Durant. They ignore that I have a minute story no doubt about that that they put up those don't exist. Not a publicity year. Or change. Motrin I I I hate to be so cynical nothing. We are stock would this perception we meaning the city of Boston up we are stuck with this perception outside of this area for life. Nothing's gonna change the fact that we had a black governors are racist. Add edit that the fact that this is the most liberal state in the union bracket. Rate. Even media Simpson's episode that was generally praising Boston had a little line at the end about the undercurrents of racism Sampson. Nothing. Like yeah but there are undercurrent of racism in in this in this city. There undercurrents of racism and in many cities I've visited over the instantly guys questioned content of course places that have dissidents. Word of course. Hey look. It just talked the talk to people in any city. Residents of the city about what they've experienced. That I that I can't tell you about. I can't tell you about the history of Houston but after Houston. Like what they've experienced. Have you ever and that an experienced any racism and you know but I went to Boston once. I'm a ten minutes ago about it I know I. It I know people are trying to pick people are trying to say but I don't actually have a ticket I don't know what the terms. Here when it went when I when you say it it happens here. But it doesn't happen there. I find that. Dishonest. I think either either it's what are the other so I'll I'll I'll be nice and say. That's not my experience and not people I know that that has been their experience but maybe it's yours or say it's just. You know what it is you knew your analogy earlier on hit the nail on the head for me. Outside of New England. There's a perception of the patriots than ain't never gonna change. They're cheap and now lie in there they give their their dishonest. They won their Super Bowl titles illicitly it is that they should strip them I mean. It's never gonna change Tom Brady's it cheater. Should email hall of fame when his time comes up Beazer cheater and it won't matter what he says it won't matter what he does it won't matter what patriots fans say. That's it it's locked in stone. That's unfortunately perception of the city of Boston it is a racist city. How was it at one point probably a lot more than it is now and and your point about there are elements of racism in every city in America every small town in America. Every Hamlet Bergen America has some some semblance of racism. But the city of Boston had a well deserved reputation for racism. Fifty years ago forty years ago. I mean we're talking to Larry Bird like this appointed Hillary to play here thirty years ago for crying out loud right the technical as pre. Not to mention here unspoken racism wasn't spoken. The Simpsons this shot and Simpson's. Everybody taking shots yes. I Kevin's in Somerville hey Kevin I don't. Triggered I don't know sought. Not much of a kind of a quick point here and it actually worked out as the departed on amateur ball in the art. It fell upon that the Dutch bank governor. I would think ministers for a while there are dying. Over. Open elevator. That. I kind of fell it. Fell apart whether Ed did well while our mortgage you know it is now and we all. Across the accidents. Recently killed in. Hollywood struggles who bought back at him. Charter member hit me in its name but Richard this thing so so within the first thirty minutes or not the first fifteen minutes in the movie. Leo DiCaprio is involved in like two pretty racist scenes the first is with Anthony. Where they're training in the running on the field in the center black awesome Eric screw. And then the other one in the office. When Marky Mark to send ridiculously racist. Saying referring to Alex some bought and police department talks. The media just continued to shut perpetuate I grew up and that's my whole life. And you know I'm on the side of I didn't see any of those comments as being directed at at a recent spurt from a recent statement. I don't know it's using stop enjoy much of the arsonist in richer than manage. Thank you Persia. Especially the rich you're the man part get out the best I hear anything else that is about. Rich you're the man is still he got a long way to go captain for you get to our call yesterday key flyover. Keep lever doesn't keep lover teachers. Back to back days. Weicker. Keep law and look at this was keep your romance into the man. Man but note lover. Of our believe. Although it did with. Beat creepy. At all now. It. Well let's creepy about not to elevate its funny when I brought up that lost weekend in Geneva back when he was the products and you thought it. With your Patrick in San Antonio Patrick I don't. Bought them in Boston picked up Patrick Carter Abbas today Patrick. I got grew up north or when you I don't know it I don't know if he could walk so I have. The perspective a little bit here. All of them and he states in the US in many countries in I don't think Americans going in his online orders. There's biases and his tendencies are but actually don't. Where just being in a religion art hello did you kill spot. He had all over the world every day but now. I Patrick got the Americans know what racism is but. Well I I I I get an apartment on nowadays. You know people bought a multicultural com Ivan Michael Black from twenty years. You know I don't need a little bit of insensitivity also but in general. Over the last you know 1520 years since boxes and experience includes what success. I've been defending my town all over the world and it several frustrating thing you know. We intentionally lose so many years. People outside our our our area don't understand that's what Apache come on we don't care. What race religion such large helpless when we watched. And that's that's the key is we want to with your winner in I'm tired of defending. Everything else that doesn't matter you know. At and that's why thanks for thanks for John Meehan your perspective. That's I asked you earlier dale what can be done because. You don't depended. That you know you're so area united you are a must be true you know and fighting back. So if you say nothing. Your. Your you're guilty of everything I have accused you if you push back against it well I like them. A backpack nobody since then I'm looking at an all caps text I don't think it was written by Jae Crowder Monica could have been gripped by Jae Crowder says. The racial amnesia of WEEI's hosts is nauseating. Defensive middle aged white men declaring no racism ridiculous. I don't think any of us none of us have suggested their is no racism in the city of Boston in fact every host I've heard on his radio station is set of course there wrist. Just as there is an every other city via what we said is the idea that Boston is a racist city. Is ridiculous. Well I would say. Zero in on on the issue. Zeroing in on it adding Boston. Comes out in this case. Ahead because. The issue itself. Was described as any racial issue even win. The guy who started the conversation. About being angry never mentioned. Never mention whatever. He wasn't going there now now. Now. Here's here's here's a thought. Only way you could criticize Jay Crowder. Is it. He's upset about Gordon Hayward being cheered. And not upset about Kevin Durant being here. Are you upset about Gordon Hayward BQ being cheered. You got upset about more upset about Kevin Durant last year than what's accurate and Huntington it is fair why do you say that. Come down to the players how good he thinks the players I've got Crowder and no that's not that's not a Jews headliner and I think it's more Jae Crowder thanks Kevin Durant and help the world title yet in the court Heyward can and why it's certainly that that aptly like. Is that it took somebody makes it Davis makes it a thing go silent Al Abdullah the agent Ari can help yeah mine. It is just one of those things. If you guys out of the completely. A forthcoming with you as now it's always a danger yep but not exactly. I always tell the guy. But it's something that wrestle with for a long time. Just my personality just don't like. I don't like easy answers. If it's an easy answer a ticket but a lot of things are bird. These topics are so complicated. And I'm extremely comfortable and just. He slap an easy answer and things keep going. And that really that bothers me in a lot of cases indicates evidently. I haven't that's an over her up against a break in the case of our most recent presidential election and our president elect wins. And some people who didn't vote form like me okay. They're folks say well if you voted for hand you wore this. I didn't want him to win the Arnold and there's no packages that. Millions and millions and millions and millions of people all think the same way although reform for the same reason that bothers me. And that's something I wrestle with all the time and so on this case I just can't can't do it can't just say. That everybody you know those people. Yeah you you've gone around a mourners say whatever you wanna say about some folks in the audience. You keep going onto the next day you just labeled those folks all of them as racist. That's reckless. 6177797. ID 370 island Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W yeah. And yet you're cheering Gordon Hayward here and I don't it's again it's nothing against Gordon but I also put this out there it's Boston they're famous for him for being you know having Larry Bird on their team. Gordon Hayward looks more like Larry Bird and other players in the league so maybe there's that Boston connection there that could kind of gone everybody. Israel if you're gonna hand data have Bob. Balls to say it and here's the other thing here's the other thing. A terror I keep finding people wish to be offended by the us. Very virtue if and that's I was trying to get our our guard Jeff. He he was. About forty minutes and scored on a road of hey Larry Bird Larry Bird it was a symbol of this. Burma and you're there and I are Brothers John and Eric Bernard. Nobody looks like Larry Bird at a district court Hayward economy. We're talking pick Gordon Hayward. Good player he can be and Jim. Bought themselves. With the cones up as the with the players have is a home game. You play that game by himself the next ten years and still have a step Larry had odd. Don't say Boston is looking for the next Larry Bird so only. Not only do you think that. The city collectively. Millions of people in the city collectively. Our our colors truck. That you reliefs that tell you when it comes to basketball. Think they're written basketball IQ is just a minus something in Boston. Anybody out there is anybody any Celtics fan when they draft Kelly Olympics. And Danny Ainge he played Mary distract the next Larry. I think that. There are a lot of their race for the Olympics. Like your car it's it's not like like basic will want as the next Kevin McHale and Boston. They want out. It was one of the five best players in the history the NBA. Yeah I'd like to have another one of those like getting punished or wine or you're looking at the I had to weigh that out right got your form you know the best white player amber because each year revenues embraced him he must walk great white players ignoring the fact that. You know Paul Pierce logged Kevin Garnett along Leo now I think Michael Jordan was the Celtic we loved him this year. To switch area and magic is Matt America's. We loved him he wasn't itself for the use of the huge fan favorite here. Which was a little weird that whole thing went at that Larry Byrd's night when Lara Greg opened up his jacket he's got the Celtics featured on underneath the violence that. Ratios on the cell phone we don't have an operation of all the shots and calories. Oh. Well technically really don't have a racial Colin that your guy decided to name ratio ought to call. Up. You're hiding your hiding for so about society that you're hiding places they fear what tournament. Well you know it's it's really funny that when your last caller the guy from San Antonio little white guy from Boston I was living in Texas because. I'm a white guy from Boston who moved to Dallas eight years ago and lived there and you know I. It now but I'm back here in Boston. You know I don't see a lot of confederate flags flying around you know inside the 128 belt like I did when I lived in Dallas so I don't know person and I'm also married to a black woman so I mean I'm I'm acutely sensitive to this stuff by two children and so I'm aware of all these things may be more so than the average white person but you know. This city in my opinion is no different than any other city but I would like to just point out one specific thing that I bet. Bit references this situation I'm a shill for. And I I've been dual core partial for a work for about nine years and I did it the whole comment with the Dallas. And one of the thing that happened in my time in Dallas was. That early on I found any time I would carry somebody who would come in to Dallas from Boston somebody that. You know lived here. You ought to always be extra friendly to be okay you know Boston connection yup yup yup but what happened is over time. But started finding out a lot of these people really want from Boston they were coming in from bought into the you know moved to Austin and order were just happened to be. Traveled often and have a coming back to Dallas. In any time any time I carried somebody like that white black don't matter what they work. Man or woman I would always ask them what their impression of Boston once and I'll tell you I have never had any city that of any of the city in the country. Every person I talked to love this city. No matter where they were from. No matter what color they weren't they loved coming to this city that loved everything about this city are you would specifically. Asked them about bear. Racial Turkey no connection if they weren't white just to see what their thoughts were none of them had any real issue where they felt it was any different than anywhere else and you know this whole thing there's a lot of things that go into it it's not just one thing BDD impression you know I've always said the perception as the backbone. Of the body just you know I think that it's easy to use perception when you have an agenda armed to derive. And I I think that it's just no coincidence that it just happens to be two guys from ESPN. You know good god knows support letters who love the city of Boston in their sports more than any place on earth you know happen to have these comments about this city because at this point it's all they have now. You know I mean anybody that's lived here for a long time I'm 46 public in my whole life with the exception of my eight years in Dallas. I am telling you I'd seen the difference. I remember what it was like in a way I've had black friends and I was in high school and I remembered not only where not to go don't don't go my boys got to the salty back in the eighties the Gonzales is bad choice but I've had times where I was in Dorchester with all my boy is where I look at. And exactly the person should be in that neighborhood that's not what it I don't see that if I. I do think and and by the way I wish your name what's racial but Ambac and I do think you bring up a point about young people. Their their perceptions of Boston may be a bit antiquated is that fair to say. That that you know that the stuff that bowl money jones' Sanger Israel Gutierrez is saying is antiquated. And based on a lack of real knowledge of what the city is like now. Maybe they need to toxin fox maybe they need to be and I'll make a caller to work come spend little time. I don't know hmmm how often Israel Gutierrez gets up here but he needs to branch out a little bad. 6177797937. Daylon Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI. Our number three dale and Holley with Keefe Sports Radio WEEI. We began today talking about well not only is that the big sports story here but apparently it's become the big sports story across the nation. All over the ESPN networks and now the entire situation here having to do with Jae Crowder is remarks he had to address the media again today and and didn't back away from saying he would like back the fans here in Boston were cheering for. For Heyward before the game the other night but but he did say he did acknowledge that hold the whole Twitter rant was maybe not such a good idea. You know delegate Shelby. Of paying close attention to how Jake Jake routers words are analyzed and how they're interpreted. Today and tomorrow. Can make a big deal about this and say at. And the only reason. And they were cheering for Heyward nor reason. Jae Crowder was upset is because of of racial elements then. I think you have to respond in some way you have to have some pepper response to his comments. Because his comments go against. The entire narrative that you refer you. We think there with day just we have to take out say something. At but it will be outlet once again it's an animal in that city and Ollie he's gonna say that I mean if they say anything my guess is they will now ignore. It it is now off their radar screen. Eight they they pulled the public opinion lobbed a grenade into the Rohm and scattered. And not just slink off somewhere else then and want the next topic do you the last off the interstate last Celtic. This day after he left town. This Boston racists it. Because all of these members seem to be quick Tuesday while we oughta know on Boston. But all the players vote played year and you don't recommend it to other players Michael brought the example not developed on Kevin Garnett the good place to play. Thank Kevin Garnett you don't Paul Pierce remote guys that left that's all that talk about all the talk about they mention you know how great boss wants that while the end basically of the area. A number of players that would when Ray Allen. Left Boston it wasn't because of the city it was because of the anti insanity about that it was more about contracts and respect in the you know playing our growth anyone to cooperate with one of those three they want to go through things in this Miami but in the last time a player has just come out in thought it's. The closest I can remember. Is the Carl Crawford rehab stints yeah. The guy I was in New Hampshire. I was calling him in Monday. He kept calling him a Monday that Monday was day. I was a euphemism. For something else or just kept calling them that and and in Crawford was very comfortable with in the guy that you wound up getting fired. Promised jobs and so please don't are all right who was. Off duty and was harassing Carl Crawford. That was the last. Racially charged incident I can remember involving an athlete in this town maybe I am forgetting ya know in. Still argue but it's just so closely associated with the Celtics in their their volleys. Media members who are in Boston and also the don't have he don't have many. Newspaper radio TV people in Boston. Agree with the national Munich yeah right. Aaron got off Boston has more so that all these other cities that you don't you don't even hear that either and yet. That's gonna continued yeah I'll ask the question last hour you know what I'm the gonna change. Or Mike Mathis. I don't think anything like this many years it's just stunned and in people's heads up Austin is the race city. Just like you know we may say. Up things of old slower in the south you know you write this like that which might be offensive to people in the outright I can imagine at defensive have to labeling the city as being racist but it's the same idea. Maybe today maybe it's not as slow or backwards that there once was but it is gonna always kind of been the currently. Yeah. We should also point out that there are other things we're happy to discuss would you guys if you wanna bring him to the table. I'm I'm glad to see that the duke basketball program but brought the strong arm of god down on grace and Allen January clubs indefinite suspension lasted one duke loss at. Last and now let's get him back out there. I'm surprised. I'm really surprised. And you've gotta you gotta be Morton one I don't want to I ain't that ironic that has now I think it's going to be back for eighth seed it's worth one game. So what are the only problem is. Saying indefinitely saying why again exactly it definitely makes itself a lull I'll RF stand politically. And as one game. And him you know they lost that he's back there were. If that was Virginia Tech wells up that in Virginia Tech lost if they're playing North Carolina the next game. Ultimately humans and if others don't we get away with one they didn't. Now coach case deal without that as well act perjury now. You've decreased now back up there you know. I was history. Others that that that you may have noticed last night we talked about some other things up front courts of of the weaken and those to be one talk football were always happy to talk football with it for her not that there was a lot going on down a patriots practice Tom Brady returned to. After taking maintenance day yesterday. I Danny Amendola was back for a second straight day at practice which is a very positive sign. Cyrus Jones is still not back and he missed his second straight day and I think Alan Branch missed practice today as welcome back though Alex Mitchell skirt which makes it longer hours. Leaving core is in now now they've got some depth again and he got am and don't come back amateur back in value had. Last couple games that Michael Floyd Floyd on doing is things. Yeah it Michael Floyd the odd man out in and we know we should not deploy no I don't think so no really how odd man out now so there you all of those receivers. And don't they have tons of tons of receivers receivers now. You have you have Amendola back Cyrus Jones out and go back at the toes right here punt returner yeah you can use him and all the parts are yes you got him and they know he'll be active. Malcolm Mitchell good receiver they'll like him he'll be active. And and Michael Floyd. If could you use Michael Floyd on special teams and as a receiver this have any special. You get a return that he would not return any thing in the NFL he had returned a few kicks in a scholarship to Notre Dame right really not in the pros and started trying to advocate Gunner. Of reasons to bring into the game. I don't think it's. He's got a chance if if Mitchell and a dollar both help the I think it's realistic pinkie could be inactive and are very low the blocker of the captain of the touchdown. I bet. Birdies and a lot more space and Amendola are more faith in the opera Mitchell that he throw in Hogan and gentlemen there's four wide receivers plus Bennett plus the two pass catching back. Are are there for form. I will also point out I've been remiss in this op Peter King will join us at the bottom of the hour. Eyes he does every Thursday we'll talk to him about the finalists for the NFL hall of fame are Pro Football Hall of Fame tile lobbying one of the fifteen finalists and what we think are what Peter thinks the possibilities are that that Ty Law will will get elected and then. There is a lot of discussion there has been a lot of discussion on this station certainly was this morning I was listening. The curtain Callahan and Christian arc and was on about the whole candidacy of Curt Schilling for the Baseball Hall of Fame. And and the number of people who claim they had voted for shelling in the past but this year they couldn't. I guess based on the fact that he reach weighted mean that that offend them or something which is a little strange to me but. Our focus and they support him in the past knuckleballer form before but not a mark on my husband John payment is one for instance an so. Not credible form they did not vote for a this year. And because of mean. He does love it does but I don't know what has to do at all with his candidacy for the whole thing happened and what is the worst player because of that that that is a big retreat street suite leaves everything in it. It and finally even the means world read tweets and it's like he was manufacturing the new other creative Emmys aren't used to sit back wait for people tweet it means that he could read tweets that means. Yet the last of the up 52 point 3%. Over half the vote last year I think he's ever gotten on the four years on the ballot and he had been trending up right. It feels like it's gone down. They they're illustrating up in people thought people thought he was softening. Politically right out credit at well however what indication that he gave you that you know. I may have said this sort of passed but I just wanna. I'll walk that back a little bit oh he's always been. Pretty outspoken guy extremely opinionated guy. The I didn't know that that was part of a note and they were looking at that kind of stuff. That figure out of the guy's gonna get into the hall of fame I think for what he is. He's a borderline candidate. And that's it that's fair that's Barry Allan yes now it depends on what you value if you value and we talked about this hall of fame voting for football through. And I always. Always I give somebody an edge. Or give a push or even to places based on what they do in the post season because isn't that the point. The point is you can accumulate a lot of stats. I'm not dismissing that but you're accumulating those stats because ultimately they're somewhere you're trying to go you're trying to win. And so if you've got a guy who has done well he's in great debt accumulated and the winner. Yeah that's a serious hall of fame candidate. I think he is. These three guys. I think are. Our our very similar. Curt Schilling. For his re but but for a post season more regular season regular season numbers are good and Andy Petit. Regular season and post season. And Mike Mussina. I think all of those I think Schilling's better than those two guys well Jericho within the numbers now now now at its complexity and dale. Because if you look at the numbers especially for mussina he might be surprised. Don't know but he does not the post season showing no shelling out of a different show it got the post season over both of those guys that and are different term but in terms of OK now you look at mussina. Regular season. Vs Schilling regular season. Messina had more high levels season morally seasons that feeling that. But that. So so I would look at it that Messina is regular seasons better than Schilling's but the gap of Schilling's post season's over misuse was greater. About there's not room for both of those guys I think Schilling was the the better overall I think he has the better resume from a. And in and we also have to wonder now it's a different era of baseball now in different Arab but it different Arab based on analysis. Where women's. Kind of make you suspect we start elements wins people think you're stupid and you know nobody on Bali to win four pitchers. I don't think it's all right all right but how how you look at that when it comes to hall of fame candidacy for guys. Is it that take like they used to VA got 300 wins. Even if you're our great ally Don Sutton 300 wins but never really great. Where's that it because I I would compare shelling killing 216 wins in his career. Mike Mussina Stewart 270. The least important step for me but you're right there's a there's a significant difference there for pitchers wins is the least important stat from. Yet to be for all baseline for years it was 3000 hits 500 home runs through underway and I knew what was the stats but that's sort of brought up a window. Whether it's steroids or you're looking at OP yes now whatever reason the numbers aren't as important and they are not locks being in anyway. I still look at the high level seasons I look at Cy Young voting MVP voting. That's the easiest to me and you look back on an Arab epic I was constantly at the top of either one of those. Voting and then with a Alex Schilling may be only had a few seasons. You know in his twenty years in the majors I think he was a six time all star he finished second Cy Young three times fourth another time. That right there is very free and G hall of Famer but then for him you add the post season right. You add in being one of the greatest postseason pitchers ever the two World Series rings a World Series MVP all of that or the three rings whatever was he had all that together you say yeah this is the guy if triggering. That's the guy that definitely deserves to be in mama. As you look at the same thing you know all star appearances. For mussina is that Schilling had six mussina had five. And so he played you play for a long time he back that ugliest aggregate wins. It gets what he went into this final season right with the Yankees 29 but career ER rate of 368. A guy who finished in the top five Cy Young voting several times top five top six. He was in the air. Seven times. Never want it. Finished second. And never won a World Series. Was not on. It left just before. Just before the the Yankees the bad timing award yet they're right out there leopard got aren't right now because he is on the 01 team. He was on the 03 team that that went to the World Series and in loss to the Marlene. I was on the whole fourteen and gave up they gave it up to the the Red Sox in the left in no way they wouldn't in 2009. So back to the calls that you guys were happened it is discuss any of the stuff about football Curt Schilling hall of fame any of that. But we began the day as much of America has been talking about. Other comments made by Jae Crowder and where some people put those comments are Robson Dorchester A-Rod I don't. Or your computer club what's. I'm sorry I just wanna color guard Mo that I am I'm 48 year old black mayor embarked Greg welcome Dorchester Roxbury. We're clearly immigrated here and African island about revenue gold plugged in and bought he controlled the little kid I grew up in the late seventies as a little kid. In a child of the eighties communities. I mean the demographics change in Boston a lot to our lives and I'm just sick and tired of people warned from Boston Common Boston racial. And they'd be able just won a race date. They just want to pander to the current political zeitgeist. They just wanna get people riled up and create a story they don't know anything about boss and low post some of these black athlete. Well claimed that Boston's racial makeup complacent like Mississippi and Alabama and Florida in the political blocs in the race. And it. Makes you upset in the black person it and that doesn't mean that everything has to be ready. And they don't know anything the ball lost but they wanna call Boston racecar it's during the two in state and a workable race in a personally and haven't lost only America black person that you don't know anything about this city. Which cost people aren't from here like according to media. Wanna create a story and everything about eighty right now bought. Most actually there are for a city probably in the country. And at one point and hard that and as. It's simply too racial. A minority majority city in other words if you took all the minorities to to get would be outnumber whites out that's true today. But a couple of years ago that was the case. So it's embarrassing to be talking about this. And I miss him deeply to have a dialogue but it just just sickens me or you know the great race in Google and Austin. We haven't I don't think the problem Robby as it goes back to to the leak is the history of the city. The reputations well deserved in Alba but calling the Red Sox a racist organization going back to the days of Tom yawkey it's well deserved to say that. They work he wants. You can say it has its the truth the city of Boston had a dismal racial history. It really was a long time ago and again for those people who want taken parts every single word am I saying there's no racism in Boston that would be stupid. There's racism in every city and town in America. Wedding Boston's a racist city I don't believe that. Now that's easy for me to say. Among the middle aged white guy what they held a white. Well rob also said you know the folks who who who are from here and it first of great comments rob but he talked about the folks who who haven't been here. Commenting on it and sometimes there are many things you can comment on it even if you're not that place but in this particular circumstance with Jake Crowder. I think is very interesting that some of the strongest comments have come from people who work in the building. I don't believe are our guy who started the whole conversation went down that road Jake O'Donnell because they Miss America sports group dot com I don't think he was here. That he was writing about it. But I don't think he was in the postgame scrum. I don't think he was in the arena it was just he saw the comments he saw the tweets and their lives he well he's from your. Yet so he was he was in Brooklyn. Which has no racial Arnold always right there is. Sorry Spike Lee for making your movies but I thought I Daria and without our help robs a New York whatsoever old. Historically recently New York this thing happen in New York briefly I don't think so home come. Not Johns in Connecticut hey John I don't. Did could it mean so I'm from us then. Appropriate is that most and so we will if you've been down itself. They won't hold the door opened police fatally just appear it will hold the door open for its open I think you back. That's all I'm seeing people from around. Ridiculous. John it's a stupid statement. In no way you stand on self you know we've been dealt self defense it's stupid. Number two and the whole culture you gotta look at gymnastics. You're not in whom could buy your Jersey. The white guys that I could put on a pulpit mr. isn't gonna gonna put all the rubble treasures is different Celtics. Think it put on the bird and McHale. To fuel attic you gotta. I'll let. And I. On any of Iowa the electorate analytic beat you should even be wearing a lot not a totally yours. Alone. And I put on home at homes in the stands. That's Chile is it really light we're gonna say yeah all right. Singer Tommy goes mainly white bands arm where where Paul Pierce Jersey is that I'll pierce and Garnett Jersey defense. Mutinous military units sold her outlook interpret centered. So right now. Consult. What you know like John's trying too hard hit out at the stick when it Jersey not on telly when it at the garden a publicity. In a while. Back it's for their. All yours your dog owners these. Crazy. Right there my mayor Gary Washburn. In the Boston Globe. Wrote about the ground. Now we've we've been too deep groundout incidentally Wellesley. A lot of people used to tell me and I covered the Celtics. That look like deep brown little brother. I did the Rogers certainly not through the air that an idea. Eric Eric indeed use you know laugh at that same note you must were handsome until I got it he testified that I actually enjoy covering the very much. A fun guy but. In Wellesley. He said. As everyone knows our first thought Iraq had an incident wealthy with the police it was 1990 quite a while ago but after that I never had a problem Boston. My wife's from Cambridge are still got family up here allowed Boston I'm always the Celtics are hard always will be played here for eight years. The thing is that change happen when KG came Paul Pierce with your for a long time Ray Allen Rondo those guys the second wave of stars after the nineties. I think they get creative here I really do. And he said he was not embittered by this experience in Wellesley my experience other than the initial one. Which I don't think had anything to do with the racism. I disagree with the never it was a case of mistaken identity said they sent a personal religious connectors parenthetically that we just opened here. Our. The guy. They were looking for. The complexion of dale. Yeah. They Wada didn't Dave brown on the ground. Thought he continues there's tension of Boston like there's tension in New York Richard everywhere else I really don't get. Too caught up in the fans are great in other Celtics of the with the patriots here's the Moneyline here I think nowadays not so much of black and white it to bring money in Celtics. You've got cap space and guys wanna play here. I don't think an African American would not come to. Well talked Peter King just few minutes we'll get back to your calls as well at Stella Hollywood Keefe Sports Radio WEEI.