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Hot Stove Show Hour 1 - More on Baseball's Hall of Fame voting and the character clause

Jan 5, 2017|

Mut, Bradford, and Tomase are talking about candidates for the Baseball Hall of Fame, and the way some voters have used their votes as a platform to reward or scold certain players by voting or not voting for them

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Parker quiet this he's not hot still feel slug Sports Radio go. Coverage of what. Red Sox offseason job earlier manager for 2070 featuring WEEI dot com mastermind rob Bradford wrapped. That's my hope WEEI dot com columnist John Tomas. All right Red Sox studio host Mike might Netscape. Yeah I've hot still be struck by 24 flyers balky back. In my heritage plumbing and heating cooling electorate course that I've talked to the business daily champion at a time for the hot still. The Sox. Sports Radio. LA without this week at the top incoming prospects. In. The pipeline of Major League Baseball and prevent it can be won the one month do we have the top few. Red Sox writers WEEI dot com rob Bradford and Johnson mossy of the top top vote for her way if the object of these. Because that's three guys the best or not I think your better than other people on the Red Sox beat dancing at a best two at WEEI dot com better than can't layered. Better than Hannibal. But animals pretty good mates excellent. So good to have you boys are going to be back capping your pals. We're back we're back big. We are well we got we are acting. The big night for restaurant place but mud is so full of vim and vigor we had Allen recognized you anymore will be good part of the show you don't know how to show has evolved over the line at forty week I think that's into the deep jumper Douglas and the PG you traffic I have absolutely did that. Married so how is the Schobel and rob help me. In thirty seconds or less what is changed since last we spoke about the gracefully if you could if you could do a chart the ratings went right. Into the clouds did the day yet why you were ago. I didn't see we had not yet atomic guess open like who grandest actually it was the only two shows we have Eddie. Just to torture you can read know how whites you have a much had disdain you have for gas. So yes yes yeah we still had got to wait we had people Sheppard was awesome. In that seat and now even when he left I was awesome in that seat it jarred was as always awesome in that seat so I feel like we are. We we we approaching a perfect game when it comes to I've Stokes. Well I'll take it right into the a no lose that perfect game for you were about do it surely chapel yes I'm like your back and like John Boston predicament we're gonna get rocked here. Hobbled actually get to some assorted Red Sox and and baseball currently is begging for the wave back the troop wave back. We get a fine man on the Boston I'm sure we are back quite way to what would I'm sure it's in their somewhere patio find that. Hot in a matter of seconds and it's someone will get to some assorted. Red Sox items I'm sure. But I'll be honest I continue to be just. Next Athlon next Barry asked at the fascinated intrigue maybe that's what it's much but. This hall of fame group that where the votes are being posted fast and furious at not mister Toews. A which jog to mossy is a current Dave voters already sent his ballot and so he's already count in the hundred some odd boats that are already there a Micah millennial. Steroid guys up through Twitter she Tim Raines can't miss. And Schilling continues to get smashed when it comes to voting. On but social media lawyers are saying though he's he's right around right now he's right around where you ended last year which is. Now 38% of the votes and moved 38. That scenario like this is where it all goes up for Curt Schilling so at this how many votes that we know. What the results are because mr. tip not mr. Thames takes the votes are on Twitter at surfaced. For 38%. Of the voters that we know what the voting for him right now. Curt Schilling's a 53%. Last year he finished right about 53%. So bye bye here is the alarming. One was feeling. Total change of heart when it comes to not voting for Curt Schilling is all of the voters that we know. Far and away the most 4121. People said the Curt Schilling was a hall of Famer last year. It is not a hall of Famer this which is. Amazing rob and it's been my debate for a long time how can a guy be hall of Famer one year and not the next. And he is lost and as you go through this the distant as an example on like Barry Bonds has lost one vote. Roger Clemens has lost one vote Trevor Hoffman. Who is trying to get 70%. Somehow lost eight votes they I was all they ever a year ago as the closer he's lost eight Jeff Kent has lost six. The only guy double digits is Curt Schilling and that is to me directly tied into. Is is antics on social media in addition to his political leanings vs the political leanings have some of those who are. Voting not jump to mossy who could not be. More diametrically opposed. The Schilling politically. Once again you Castronovo for the big lovable 38 in your hall yeah I don't think it's the politics honestly I think it's not you have teams now I don't think people. People are not saying he voted true I mean I'm not advocating Donald Trump he would not be modest. That would be. But the mean but it would still it would still be I mean your right about. But it didn't say that it's in danger guy I don't yet so I'll that's anti maybe think Johnny Damon says anti journalist but it moderately instead that if he said hang trump they were and there are people who it's not vote for him I can you say you're would be proud to be modest when he won probably about poker that -- although it and I now what I should be favorite ice can't say that it that's my evidence for being somewhat politically motivated here. But you are someone who is able to amazingly I can't believe saw all they voter that's active basis separate entity. What the player you'll get wants them now what is the brown loses errors you'll get elevated. Amazing the job to mossy can separate rob. What did I give the baseball field and what he might have. Said or done on social media that it is slow us beyond based on John because they heard a filly called up and kissed his but the couple weeks I was on offense so it sounds like guy you know that parity now so that dated July baggage I gotta give trumpets and we've always had a good relationship. We may disagree once in awhile but now I anticipated this kinda reaction from people back ran third today and I made it clear when he was calling me every name in the book. And I told him he was completely unhinged which at the time he was I still gonna vote for for the golf iron to study was a lunatic. He hit Piazza's lunatic tendencies that. That shouldn't be enough we talked about this before the whole character clause is just mushroomed so far out of proportion that people using it to justify. All kinds of reasons not to vote for people aren't. Just here's here's a question that would that it and the politics. In in John please answer. What percentage oh the Boston or I'm sorry the baseball media do you think lean. Them that I think it's like journalism every area probably three quarters now I go back to the GM at least the GM meetings when the the election was going on in the next day people walk round coma toes. So and I'm on Tuesday and I think it's a big deal by do agree with ma I think that. Big part of this is political because of exactly that I don't think other people are saying he supported trump I'm not voting for him it's combination. Probably it does work out from it doesn't help you right about that. I think you know in terms of journalists and sports writers like we deal in facts and facts and Thabeet. The domain of the left in the reason the reason like to hurt and I'm just saying and I'm being honest with him. And stuff oh yes era hasn't it factual and you ask a very fact that your prerogative of eggnog sports yes it is yeah. Yeah Russia had nothing to do it anything knows that and act as our our college routes as far as any rush are now. It Rangers wrap their radar now the ambassador. To. To Japan now is vote. You might at least that was the night you guys will get a degree I'm laying out a scenario for him but I the only person who didn't vote for him raised my way is the loss to. Them. Easy easy voting for your you are the anti voted as she voted for Schilling and against him sure how many of those I'd probably not bad wall look it we talk about votes gain and Bo lot of votes lost. 23 votes gene for Tim Raines not a single vote lost in other words 43 new voted for Tim Raines. Nobody so you obviously didn't vote for my dad never voted for and I I mean to me this is what's wrong with hall of fame voting. That Tim Raines can be a near unanimous selection in his last year on the ballot like. He's debatable that's the whole point of the candidacy is borderline it is not. A slam 91% are virtually a 100% of the voters to vote for him tells me that there's something wrong let additionally robbed your point he's 91%. Basra this yesterday's hunt opens an updated yet but of the new voters guys who are first time voters this year. He's a 100% yeah ever won a vote this year that's voted for him rates all of fame that is years of Jonah Keri Chad fanned people hammering people off a late hour and I and I I would of voted for Tim Raines still I still would rival for. Neither 1% is a sign that people wanna be part of the I voted it while he's buttons I delivered their brains club like that people want what is all those leftover election buttons and or away I'd vote. His view in that though the Ortiz I love the military the Bears teacher could they'd jump jumble Y if those feature and the one that the one I don't know why I'm so fascinated with this this guy. But Edgar Marti Jon Heyman. I'm not fast enough and Edgar Martinez. Right now 69%. But I mean we talk about votes gain the most by far 29 votes game and that includes me. Yeah in and souls thought I asked you because you're sitting right here. Which is it more which is it 'cause a lot of this week you'll we're gonna talk about Clemens and bonds I'm sure. That whole thing about ways to eggs in the hall Flames though steroid guys are discounted this. Throw my hands up and the ego. Congratulations and to Martins because he did play that Aron even though he's not linked to it. Nearly as much as a lot of other people or is it the David Ortiz conversation which we heard more and more and more this year I think it's a third thing at least for me is. At the ballot opened up a little bit we had years for awhile there when there is sort of a backlog of guys. And you were trying you you had more than ten candidates you could only check off ten names and then some of us like me voted strategically. Trying to keep Alan Trammell on the ballot and all that kind of stuff he would vote for guys who needed the votes either because it was their last chance or could you wanted to keep them on the ballot. That cleared up for me and Edgar was a guy had voted for in the past didn't have room floor for a couple of years and then added back on this year so I think that's part of it it. Here's the frustration for me it does tie into you said rubble take your phone calls and it's well 6177797937. And act is the dreaded two words. Character clause which you've gone over time and time again. Placed in their bye Kennesaw mountain Landis you want to keep the black Sox scandal White Sox. Out of the hall of fame. So. And out people are to use an act character clause to not vote for Schilling this year to a minus 21. Yet guys to either you know cheated or highly suspect they cheated in Clemens and bonds. They are minus one and minus one respectively they are up big time so they are using this character clause John Deere point. It's goes back to the political part of it too. Levy their political opinion on a guy yet they don't wanna use the character clause for players that. You know we think week in and in many cases we know what it comes to Balco cheated the sports Sochi is character clause no big deal. Showing and team's character does I mean I can't vote let's be clear like bill only reason bonds and Clemens are still on the ballot is because the carriage club lots of people still refused to vote for them for the Bowker so I think. That this is the first year we've seen their totals really climb we'll see what they look like on the final votes are in. For Schilling he is a borderline candidate he doesn't have the wins he doesn't have a lot of like the career length stats for enough B I think he does 3000 strikeouts. That historic strikeouts and blocked it great post season a lot of people see him is borderline. Every guy. Not voting for Schilling isn't doing it because of his politics there's been a handful of Britain columns about it. And he's lost some votes that way but I think a lot of people just see him as borderline and we shouldn't. Lose sight well it is the other bizarre part about it we're talking about the character clause which is which Schilling. His no one would have said anything now some people might not like the Monaro Odom because that but what he was playing this it was a very charitable guy. This guy is guy that did a lot frail last his wife to the shade foundation. There was not a of the people some people like him could they thought it was a loud mouth. But still nothing like this it wasn't until he got out of the game which people look at this look at that look at this. How much should we factor that in because. Right I would think so a bit during the game during went when he's playing the game when he's collecting a paycheck to play baseball. Then he was viewed as a very charitable guy who did a lot for a lot of people right gap and I ice. I think what this comes back to his because he's borderline. People look for reasons to just shift that needle you know one degree in either direction and for some if you're 5050 and you say you wanna lynch people there like now screw you. I have a feeling he's gonna gain a lot of those votes back when you know the temperature of the country hopefully settle down a little bit over the next. Glory this year I think he imagines he's borderline in a lot of cases these borderline guys. Are are going up year to year down drastically for borderline player John. Doesn't have I think it's a one year thing I honestly dale. I I mean they'll prior is a guy that again speaks to the absurdity of this voting process that for a year it's like if this is here hey Kurt is that the penalty. Of what's going on politically with you everything else I'm not voting for this year but it 20172008. Team your back on my about. A big hit it right arm to give you another example. How ridiculous some of these voters are well. Eight votes for or rapists. And and this up until this year where we have all this different conversation. To me this was part of it but you look at. The guys who are eligible. And Giants that it sometimes you have got it just too many guys are too few guys or whatever there's certainly enough guys on this ballot. Plenty of guys who you could vote your top ten. And you wanted your votes for Jorge Posada. Is unbelievably reject. They're great point every year we do that was comes up hoping to go to the bottom and say okay which ridiculous players that are on the ballot for the first time. Got a vote and my guess is this is just a list of the guys who voted for so far I'm sure what about officially come out and jock you may agree when about the last couple nights John these early votes aren't the Internet savvy younger voters you're gonna get the snail mail. Page in. Votes from the old full weasel hang on their vote. Forgettable for people they sort light that are on the ballot for the first time who don't deserve to rods point. Any Sorrell sold the I don't I don't actually I mean I wouldn't vote personally for posada but like. A catcher than a fifty OPS who played on a bunch of World Series winners. And was like heart console player on the radio hall of fame guy right now I don't got lectures last name by his rightful place he's probably sixteen. Here is my problem Tuesday that he had a nice career and good for him but he's not a hall of fame guy and even if you want to make you keep forum you can make eight could you make a much stronger case for Larry Walker for instance that okay up so Mel did it melon that a what you right now. Guy who is respected writer he's been around forever. He'd vote for Jorge Posada but not Larry Walker. Nobody walker isn't being lumped in with the steroid guys if you vote for bonds requirement that I get that. But why would you take away a vote from Larry Walker and give it to order it without that yes I like corporate paper thought he's nice. And. Had a better career war than Roy Campanella. Maria I mean I mean let's annex I am I have a hard time unless it's absurd like him like the guys who get one vote you know like. I can't even think the vote of it like you J. D. Drew got a vote which would totally be for me or rob if you like that that bats they'll be back to earth that's indefensible. Back or eight decided to me is not indefensible I mean you can defend it I wouldn't do it. Personally you just said it once I get that. But when you're not win when something is so cut and dried like you are used Larry Walker as the example. When that Larry Walker is so much closer to being all paper that is an even in our durable statement. So that's my probable. I would love to get the mindset of why you voted for or papers on it left this other guy who isn't linked to steroids off the ballot and up well at that Bobby played in the Arab by enemies and he's certainly not Larry Walker's not viewed like. Piazza or as well I don't know I mean besides the same yes same. Things greats at their Walker's a better player than a solid and played aware it could play at a World Series he would that the strike in 94. It happened on a very good Expos team that year that are now hall favor Bud Selig. Under his watch that season went away. I had I completely agree rob but that frustrates me but I keep coming back to guys like. The gutless Jon Heyman who wrote a lengthy Kolb all this on what actually wait too long I agree it's. It it's it's seven pages long and he goes through everything broken up and tweets Nvidia and health thank our real fire to his credit aids and as a like snap it's that it's not a slide show. Which looked at him at that it's that I Shockey might not like there is not the the Kevin Garnett I'm sorry the Kevin the rain storm you were talking about before which was awful enormous picture paragraph enormous pitcher paragraph. On journalism but in the middle of this. He tries to defend himself on not voting for showing this year I just before I read this one part. He's already gone on Twitter he's already gone on radio here in town and he's admitted he was offended by. I'm Schilling's tweet about journalists additionally he will not talk about his political leanings but. Attic based on what I've read about him he's in the exact opposite camp of Curt Schilling but he writes today among other things. And about about voting for Curt Schilling. I never considered how he cost Rhode Island tax payers millions of this field business. How I used to get letters what does that have to do it he'd gone and so what is that other than any I've got to get way more ridiculous line job which amazing. I never considered Alley cost when Allen taxpayers millions that this failed business or how I used to get letters from family members. Complaining about how he and his dog. Would ruin Thanksgiving there. Know our. That he has a not see memorabilia collection. And that last one took some doing it to disregard certain Johnny Damon hall of fame voter. Is throwing these things out there that are talking about ruining Thanksgiving and not to collections and trying to tell us this and back my vote. But he's including it it is is I GOP's on Curt Schilling. And I think break a league since World War II happens like crap that happened it if your memorabilia collector like. And he's an idea that that's such a misleading state. And I can't believe that I end up being the guy defending Schilling this is not usually my turf but once again it's going to be called and said like you personally I mean that that's I haven't had many conversations and probably get the drops back to it and all my god it was like route you and I have talked about it and now rob. We have Robbie and I thought this out we thought he finished up with Seles have a bar for these air quotes him or he's real quotes for character and integrity. I consider pretty low for hall of fame and I think I'd fit in again category of counting players on field accomplishments to be 95% or more of the equation but. Human rights when Schilling reach we did a joke about lynching journalists. I just couldn't respect myself. In both for him get recognized question here I didn't read the entirety of that you holidays dig taken home I think for minors and Davis and I would ask that I regret I don't do our trailing due audio book Alli do Wikipedia but the I only write books John came in one thing I would be curious about his voting also. So he voted for bonds but in both requirements. Has yet that's where it. It is yeah I guess it's full boats here at the time you voted for on Vlad pudge bonds McGrath off in mussina rains. Not least Smith. Or papers not a and Edgar Martinez. So Jorge Posada that ever. Curt Schilling why Al comeback to run this time I take is why why almost everybody voted. If you book vote for bonds you vote for Clemens. How would the world I'm. I don't know I have no idea why you would vote one nut my three as him I can tell you why he has so he did a very close on another less crowded ballot maybe. Walker can misses in order walker can't Wagner Schilling fourteen is showing ahead of Clemens. Eventually climbed the difference between him and bonds from me is the narrative that bonds started taking steroids in mid career. To catch up to Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa came on for Clement is very believable. I wouldn't know what to believe with Clemens and he's willing to lie to Barry's old trainer Brian McNamee. The bully always a player of right now bring on the notoriety that it was a very good source. As ease so yes but I close but so it is doesn't care that is that these guys that boy Roy he's got he's got rid of me now you watch basketball because it's like. You that explanation of saying wall I know when Barry Bonds took steroids tests and I've and I know win Roger Clemens and I telling you Roger Clemens dated much earlier he could have never gotten this ridiculous. It's oh my goodness this gift that keeps on and that's why keep and you. Rob last night bring this up every time obsessed with the Johnny Damon's and I I admit that because I think it's so. Ridiculous and it's Iran's point not based in any sort of back now based in a sort of analysis just. I don't Brian McNamee Curt Schilling was mean to me I I covered Horry aside there's so in essence that's John Evans vote. Or talk about this the start we see your poll calls lined up at 6177797937. Is the phone every can Texan as well. At 379837. At the hot stove show hall of fame front sever center excuse me Bradford to mossy Mott here on WB yeah. Yeah. Next hour we're gonna hear us on the rob Bradford sitting out what Joseph Kelly. On the Brad Fo Sho podcast. Know W I don't wanna hear the Pokemon stuff. You don't now none of them that was actually the best barred women commission play if you don't like baseball why do you like yelling at you like Pokemon that was the best parts. Where where he justice does summarize it Joseph Kelly Hogan broke the news to share a broke the news. That he went out Central Park during the last series of the year at 4 o'clock in the morning and chased around Pokemon now electric skateboard. Ego well ms. Moore today there's got to listen to you wanna really get into the Pokemon Joseph Kelly scene he's wacky involves so funding and also the stuff Brad social podcast to play some of the baseball conversation. I'll later on next hour dale on the caper stop talking about Curt Schilling and all of Bailey RWE EI would mutt to mossy and Bradford native. It whats up guys yet listen in my eyes the voted BB WA departure hypocrite gap. I mean look I've seriously look at look at the way to vote on it telling me cylinder and Jack morris' audit. Assume he's not in either and neither of them and I'm saying and I'm I'm saying I think more should be in before shelling you guys agree that not. I voted for Morris I I don't know I would put Schilling had a Maurice but I think they're both were now I would really silly yeah. It was like. They had a Schilling just for the fact it became our young started early twenties and he gets stuck in the hallway and I know if you look at who these people got two World Series. I know she'll that are in the postseason but look at the regular season over the all consuming has three from what it's worth. Oh yeah trio came through with the residents and owners and I know it. Are more laps when Minnesota wasn't that good but he did win the World Series understated if if Margaret and I can teach it went in and Mitchell started early was thirty years old stories on court to. Yet at that narrative you bookie it's it wasn't exactly thirty Dave I get Hussein bank your call he had a couple years early if but he he found out late in his twenties and eventually kicked in its. John mention earlier if you look at John's called a WEEI dot com. I heard a lot of what he said and that the posting stuff specifically maybe I over rate. Post season pitching but he's the best postseason pitcher of my lifetime and so that ball time and that of all time assignment close I think. I think Jack Morris won three is probably did me as well 31 World Series is around the Tigers the twins and the Jays at the end can tell we're all about fact check. Yes that are like that that would be accurate or go to baseball reference if I'm being being being ninth. He's never Jack horse ready you are under three. Is he ended up having the RA career you are a it would have been high res I know he actually killed himself last couple years you'd terrible years. 404619560. So. Now I have no problem voting for Jack Morris regulations I approve your eye you compare. Schilling to small to compare Schilling can be seen he is a comparable those guys and he is may minus 21. In votes this year yea you know I actually I want to bring that up some mussina is getting all of this momentum. Would you rather have I wanna just like throw the numbers out I don't care about war I don't care about any of this stuff we saw both of their careers from start to finish. Which one would you rather pass Schilling and it's not close because the knock on mussina. Was always if things work perfect. There was a chance he was gonna block that night at the weather wasn't good area batted first inning that was it for Mike Mussina Santa with Kenny Rogers. To an extent where those guys didn't have things their way you might appeal to count on them where Schilling. Shows up with that the sutures show the day is that was never an issue for him. I voted for Kenny Rogers by the I think it Schilling if you look at Schilling. And mussina. Just remember when they are pitched that aero they pay the heart of their careers. Which were which do you feel like that is the case the when the Red Sox gut feeling. Oh my goodness you've got one of the best pitchers in baseball he create even without the post season stuff he was one of the most. Feared pitchers in baseball mussina was a very good pitcher but what's the. Beard like honestly nervous he was considered crafty in now and I'm not saying that that's not even meant as a knock it's just. We get so caught up in numbers and war you know mussina has a career war of like eighty so he's automatic for a lot of voters. Curt Schilling was a better pitcher. For all the years that they overlapped but Mike Mussina am sorry he was now mussina spent his entire career in the AL east and that matters you know about. The steroid era the home run era all of those parks the great offense and so. You know he didn't have any years in the N now like Schilling did but I don't care Schilling was a better pitch temperature of ban boxing in Philadelphia which is a whole damn ballparks delays Arizona not as much thinking and BA released late in his career. And if you compare how about smoltz who's already in. Sure compares very favorably smoltz has Saints did John handle that's voted them smoltz became automatic when he had all those saves Syria's. The dual thing abuse a great starter and a great closer is going to be off thing Schilling would have been a great closer to a big move made him a closer and well abstract. David Mahan got to take effect that you batters later it's going to inept to face era which is still the longest ball I've ever seen him off the back wall in dead center and smoltz also loved by the way he does the media thing Allen Mobley network as the game with a on Costas jerk he's everybody loves him Schilling doesn't get that same post script he's not lob ice teammates when he played. He's not while by the media when he played and certainly not what by the media after. RR woods went small game the Red Sox became the red ties him to Fort Myers set down and that's our report on the Braves early on my goodness that's great. But that every single day you would upon the Braves and every single day. Use an only it's not a lover syndrome of transcription. Do you view this. But you're right though about how he's handled his post. Career post. After playing. Schilling has not handled well biggest leads ever blow it is again this is. All he had to do was. Be on ESP. And beat tremendous by the way that's the other thing. Schilling is a better analyst than smoltz he's a better and smoltz is good showings a better analyst knock close he said nice things to. And another guy by the Lagos handed Hendry and opted to drop off and oh get back the full goals in the second another guy action dimensions first segment because he's going to be on with. On the morning show guys tomorrow according to the pretty accounts this guy rainy Miller way admittedly never heard of from Casey I know for a New Jersey advanced media for NJ dot com north Jersey dot com. I'll wind this scumbag is the headline says me will never give Curt Schilling other hall of fame vote. On right Schilling is one of the best pitchers I've covered his bat was great and bad Phillies team that I covered but he was greatly moved from Arizona and the Boston hall of fame worthy. Is awesome post season resonate in my estimation puts him right on the border. I had Schilling on my ballot at thirteen and fourteen of the first few years who's eligible. I rarely changed my mind after deciding on a candidate. But Randy Miller right I changed my mind on Schilling his recent antics. Forced me to re your ideal as a bat of about bad luck. Sorry I'm commenting gonna get worse like they are what he read about why it was such a mood tonight. And I thought I read a story that's go his recent antics forced me to reevaluate about his character as a player. Which ultimately turned Schilling into a no vote for me and 1617. And forever ice as is political views cost him votes but I'm not taking that stance. I'm conservative he writes. Obsolete says that the post season made a big about his character is a player. And because of that now that's twice now you know what I wanna back up that's a thing if Schilling wore a shirt that said lynch trump he's gonna lose a ton of votes let's stop let's operate now a battle man not losing 21 vote anyway it would. I would lose to say if he said he wanted to whale the president. He would lose a ton of bye bye bye Eden. Mean this is and what he did it I know I'm just saying that that's been the yeah argue by a bigger part is this as Schilling's counterargument if if eyes if I said something about lynching trump know what I care to I'll hold off what you want we talked about this ice at the Schilling we seem to agree that night what it's changed for you in the the months to talk show. We also our government said boy if he had been critical of the right person laughs yep but it would have been a sure thing where we keep making like. Where are glossing over what lynching and it's. But it was false it's a loaded thing like you know you can also ways that it you know that. GOP is not the right word but that minimizes it there is a bit there's a there's a long history of that word meaning something else. But it was a big group of people know what Curt Schilling mean by that it be meaty really want it to lynch all your totally missing the point no of course he didn't mean that. But when you win you'll highlight something like that there is going to be a backlash and stop being like all people need to have a sense of humor. You bet cry. The line across the line you don't like him because of that five with me all the hoops and negligible I actually I don't know why we're calling they let I have great but the thing. That's what I've read UK. You're taking votes weigh because it's something you don't like it was that I don't feel I am not taking votes away from him for my outgoing by you what I'm saying. I'm saying is. Don't be so shocked that people find that offensive because it is offensive by just look at it when you bring up that from thing what if he says he won the wind's romp. The other thing has more room for interpretation if you as Keating is the wrong word choking when every one and do but there's more room for interpretation there when you actually saying. I wanna leagues this person especially when is the president then that that I I think it's not big in the exact comparison you can do there. I think god bless Curt Schilling meant business and we're parsing these kinda compare I imagine that I mean he's gonna lynch I'd imagine that our admit voting for Hornets on the outrage. We can hold and the whole the all star game should not out for hold off. To be fair WBZ when you eventually get your vote. Will you righted I don't think I'm gonna make you write him Michael. Now I mean it is I'll believe isn't that the ultimate litmus test I maybe he might appeal on the ballot and feel like John I'm gonna mail your ballot for the US Canada definitely see that again and missed our lives I always I must see voted you know and I heard it I think Gammons is that this defendant that sort of practice before two have the vote what's the big deal means a lot of these guys to get votes. But as someone who is bleeding out to get a hall of fame vote in this taking so long. And it I would take it very very serious to the point where I would not even vote for Michael. Yes. And at any bought it does bother me when Jerry Remy gets all of our same boat as that your. Are quick break both received phone calls lineup including a call that wants to rip Curt Schilling. Through that as well here at W media. But still showed ID 37 WEEI to mossy Bradford mildly you guys until 9 o'clock your phone 617779. A seven ID 37 attacks line at 379837. Starting with the hall of fame any recent developments the continue to push. Votes towards Tim Raines. Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds and votes away from Curt Schilling. Frank is a Gloucester. On curt Schilling's hall of fame candidacy I frank. And you don't know what's up frank yapping your rank breakthrough. Slam brown switched at the guy's ranking since doesn't begin its been in the whole game. I took. A look you know a lot of them will talk about yardage Chilean was here in new. Q what was it and show the way it looks to you arts and should so overall one bit but I'm sure that was huge potential but fortunately a certain that there continues to. And soccer and that's what out of tired children. It was you noted several hundred slipped out in their depth and Corey followed through and now. Britain and he eats. And that keeps. The Howard yeah assert that a new age when you are that much about Kobe changed a couple of them all. Weather reports and so. We went to stand it when you need a quick reports and sort urgent more intimately east it's. It's been a bit. That's so many games ranks in the top of that one out percentage. I'm sure and not equipment and I want attempting to. Sort of them. Actually turn out and he and he was the best postseason pitcher of this era frank Dumont suited as a unit. I put a leaving years ago we won three World Series BC has got zero. It entered. Speed is so up and any other walk out there and pitch and approaching it. Turned awkward shot all you want to execute and ten posts again. Can post season wins to be seen as seven ERA of shoot through previously in his 34 rings three nothing he's actually. And talking. In the purchase more all star appearances Schilling and more cy young and all all yelling on the meals better career ERA Schilling I go there's all like frank he means is nice pitcher Schilling's all maybe it is not about it he put. In place check. And 83 complete games the 57. Schilling. A when he got his entire career he came pitched the American League did so at a very high level for a couple years for a shot. An important but well. You know Frankie 2040 for a second Cy Young in the American way thanks for Bruce your man that's eight if you wanna go bang on the if they are showing all you wanted to make me see the case but they're very similar and I would argue and it's close. I'm gonna put Schilling over mussina and I hear or franks doing but to say he's a phony and and his National League is the reason why Schilling put these big numbers I don't. I don't believe that guys I we saw do it in a Red Sox uniform for a couple here and it's not like by the way in that era Mark McGwire Sammy Sosa like those guys are in the National League it's not like. When Schilling pitched the National League with his punch and Judy league you have to pitch Colorado you had bonds I mean come line. Could hear from frank is the still there in the new year Mike Whalen on the hall of fame voting in a change in the process Mike your W me now. Thank goodness our mentality guys meet you please please be patient could have been out there while you're show is so well. It's making my point completely. Out of a out out here but the suggestion about the voting but. They're shelling stopped the true most compelling segments of your show. Have been right up to go to first you guys call. The talk to you guys talk about baseball. Is that made you guys are so good and so which part he was good ballot I couldn't. I would really have Richard what would you say you know he was hit that part of his career at heart and ordered if it did not Virginia I'll have a right to add that the basic. We have a good show grounded by. All the other crap. That this is slow and I know you guys. Seem to think you have to do it then I almost wanted to NB occupy now you are structured. On my cat like it because it is crap like that's what we're talking about because it is crap these voters are using it. This other stuff and hopefully he's got a totally a monster realistic I usually get to the melted cheese in the middle. Huge I just means that now that. They're talking about work again this sport show is great but so much it was bad. Mike Weir are like Hewitt for forty minutes on hold what the what is the point with the change wanna make with a hall of fame what they do. Make make them go people who broke anonymous make a credit goes through one to player retires. They get a vote total over their luck. And yet they're our potential so bad if you make a whole thing about yardage you're already been established by the voters want you to. And don't know that the people who won't like where we Academy Award to whatever. You don't go there are. They can't talk about it they don't. I wondered. What I want and don't like. I I want to know who votes for who'd like SY noh who's a W like John haven and as Smart guy like chuck Muncie. To get my wife what he had gave the NBA if you're talking about all of them and duplicated. So many darned what do player comes up you hit they check and come up to about a future hall of Famer. What did you say that when it is now the jerk than twenty years later but tender later or whatever. Your big wobbles you know it's about the players the experience to the politics would go into the ultimate destination. That would simply issued a plaque teach you the ball. You touch immediately drafted Greg. And if you go there the people that are George. Q can take they look at that I think don't have it and then headed into the minute actually there are the golden ball pick they love baseball. They loved those numbers they loved the way guys talk about they'd. While owning up to your tonight's place anytime ideas like oh this year that go to the basket I hate to say this with the basketball hall of fame is now better than baseball that I've not been to either one and long time and says the renovation I've heard really good things about the basketball that is the best of all things though of the conveyor belt that was oh yeah prime yet they love more interactive stuff and I go whether my kids so this is ally. I as you guys know I view the world through the eyes of our children. And and when I went to we went to Cooperstown we drove all the way at Cooperstown. And you're like looking at the plaques and you accuse you'll uniform for me great. But for the kids they're like Q this could the second floor the rallies and I phoned gap and we get there within the swung on through the basketball team. Not gonna do whatever town it's nice the Cooperstown tonight's throwback old school caliber that it correctly now yep we sure our new England and I knew I don't mind I thought it and it's exactly if you put the hall of fame in my town of classics it would be nice town can I tell you the last time as the basketball fan I know the exact day. USA men's basketball 1992. They played was it. Croatia the team with the the uniforms that was that day we are trying to get score and play well here. It was that it was in the medal round and it was to get Biron to the hall of fame. We took a trip mr. Toledo took our basketball team our cap basketball in his twelve years old yes that was and it was exactly where Gillick who wanna watch the pitches when my goal called Springfield cause issue which are team good. I'd I don't know as the game lawyer Torre wanted to shut down to coach because the Bulls fans standing in Jordan and Pippen like you're not scoring at the rainbow tee Jackie Garcia priority for thirty in the with the way our awesome is great awesome and a year and you go that who funded that team who who funding a country's Olympia Olympic basketball team right arm back. The grateful that Al The Grateful Dead funded that team. Hence the tees off it's a good documentary should go watch YouTube not that Ager walked on the basketball fame. Retrospective for that point 61777979837. The phone number hot stove show spent the first hour talking about all in all a part. Other conversation near our too as will summit Joseph Kelly. And rob Bradford QB.