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K&C - Christian Arcand, Andy Hart and Curt Schilling dive into Curt's Hall of Fame chances 12-29-16

Dec 29, 2016|

WEEI at Night host Christian Arcand, Patriots Football Weekly's Andy Hart and former Red Sox starting pitcher Curt Schilling discuss Curt's complicated legacy

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He's current and Callahan I'm so sick server upload is that they're gonna explore that market Sam Bradford worked for a war war so to me that the starting point who. I can promise you go restrain her first report urgently need the collapse in New England is using Adam to get that headline out there. I don't through everybody's spirit for everybody withdrew committed hacker you a couple of years ago blocked me from FaceBook because we had disagreements you remember wounds about didn't watch it because we are desperate you're very square I don't know if you're acting like a pick I'm offended that you posted something like that. Don't care what you are offended by it. No that's fine someone put it matters to me boy and you are the reason why we are where we are. That's it I'm dying Gerry Callahan I voted for Curt Schilling great hall of fame I also think exactly picture here I'm evoking McCarron because I've had enough. He is a menace to society I'm appalled by some of the things he's done and don't talk about lynching and say you were joking not OK okay and he can turn around at that hole was only joke I hobble the why do you take it down he has gone over the limit he really needs to to grow up. That Thabeet is my problem for your show thank you very much on Sports Radio WEEI. Good morning welcome in church Callahan show. Here in this vacation week for everybody arc and in the big chair in the heart here and then number thirty in your programs number one in your marker showing. In the house is well electorate and nice to have you guys to mourning period thank you. That's helpful disingenuous based on via lead and we had to. Number one in your heart I like that lead in that we don't really get I got a call I got an email earlier in the week. When I put my eight availability out there for this week I said you know I'm gonna have these days this week madam mine night show which is on six made doing great here in the and whatever days you guys need me this week Albion. Chris Curtis is about their heads to chair by the lakers showing coming into us and I'll learn a and I just I could I could picture Kurdish in his little the moratorium now mixing up his little. If and I we always evens out in the happening here it is this is the result of at the mad scientist and soccer's Curtis. And Hillary are you plan. That is the plan both sort. Kurt it's nice to meet you person final very nice to finally meet you do we've had a lot of disagreements on line and I nearly well it's agreements with my wife June indeed there. And in the art here in as well as we this patriots Friday now as we get ready for the regular season finale here at the patriots in the dolphin pool we wanna start out here with. Early and often this morning and welcome your phone calls and it's 617. 7797937. Is the I would say ever lessening chances. Of your hall of fame candidacy which is now at a 52 point 7% according to the Twitter account at not mister Toews. We've had a lot of discussions about this year on the airwaves about you and other players in sort of the whole hall of fame voting in general. I guess my question is this skirt we'll start out here how important is it to you again the Altman. Not in the slight not the slight. If you talk with its ever talked about it right it's answered a question. Simplistic. From the support of it's a it's that we were Stockton which I have no. Control over the process. I I know the people that are involved in the process. Some of the best people ever known support people known. It's impossible to think prepared their their voting for anyone without some sort of bias on which is fine. But it's and I'm one game and or struck audio since 2007 race and my vote total in your depend and that happens to everybody and you know. The only thing recently happened. That really really disappoints me is Buckley Buckley going. Now. Full and this. I was out yet on. I didn't hear it and here being spiteful and what he. With that problem from yes it was a breath that what I would take part he was talking about how disappoint disgusting and why I mean. Steve Buckley knows me very very well amber and I would consider him a very good for a the same human and anti. I. Is. His reaction is extreme for me for someone that knows me he knows that it. While I don't have a dark past that went. He knows that that I actually won her arming them one he knows me and he knows a lot of things and I've said. He knows little collect Nazi memorabilia. You know and duties to the commentaries and the last couple days is kind of fueling. That image that is out there that it can be formed from the truth I. Think the thing that upsets in the most was the teacher not so much that is world where I think most most reasonable people talk about the I'm buffalo wants to people who but it deadly word right now it is he did the issues with your world work through collection which I'd personally don't have much of a problem with but in terms of some of the other. In terms it is the lynching they find some of the other posts that you made. You last year I wanna say made the joke about well John Smoltz of the Democrat that's where he got right which you're obviously getting rice he's very concerns his thoughts observer yes about as much as you are right but he's got a record he supported Republican candidate. Why is this not a problem for him wise and appropriate. I think because I answered questions that. And that that in this day and age. The very Bible lesson Leo on when early in my career but there's currently it was in 2000 and what. Was writing about what it. Does that we never. Spies would never said anything we call it was Emery in the club that he was. Great team like me. And articles mean for talking too much. And it is it's an honorable war. Because that's what it's a democracy. Is that the answers. Or if guns and locker. Apples and oh you know I'd and that's advocate that night. Idol in this category. And opportunity for for Mike it's at nine from performance on. The world news the world the world there'd be looking how you feel better. But deep down somewhere I mean you'd like be. Ahead as the saying right that's. Because this. I would be in this respect the people. You're not above it you know out of my opportunity and honor and but but I'll pay is 99%. Recognize the people. That. As your team. Without a people she roots group of people. Yeah I like it could be that at at the time recognize. Him. And as you mentioned people in the ball game move on instead I would much worse than new. You. Does that mean that's an issue in the week view is what you Don. You have said. You have collect. There are bad people do bad to bad they write they don't talk about things bill on my life partner and after ever shots. Itself. I exit people in the news for. I haven't made major mistakes. That night and mine are mine. Because the things I believe and I don't get offended people. Like you. Know you know you. We have different. Perspective on. Nature and it's not. Expect. You. Your Twitter and on people where you are prolific. Alley it just a couple of them all. Right. I. Mean it's not like that to misrepresentation. You write it but it depends on. Democrats took. Literally announcers. Literally been here. Leading literally and it. They took him literally. And knots every set and they ought to be you know Max. And it's not we have is a Muslim and Mexican. And that's the way. Because of the message you can help you today. But again if you have to be. Sure. No one ever. Back to Ian vision. It with and your. It at all. Try to. And more. On trying to be the well as the example of that jam that dinner where he read the first stroke which was tremendous yeah clearly started to feel himself a little bit off script with -- medical loss and that's the bonds. And in the the crowd came out from the Boston could you. All. And end. I've hurt a lot worse this was a locker room. Here here's the thing isn't. It doesn't look. Like the Wright was also 59 years old at the time in the locker room talk. You even in the locker and we the world with this but us. Yeah at a group of guys Latvia. Because it was funny. It was because. Most powerful man in the right is right something funny and he was it. With. Eyes and I saw. It. So. It's. The oh he's secure and he's insecure and everything he's. It. Partly because it was not coming out the way. But stuff like that. It was. The optimal. But so you're comparing that. That getting in all I'm you know the free world once all of the INS. Is. Is that. Try to hit eight create an image of somebody off of soundbites. Or Twitter art tweets. And I that's that's unfair because the world we. But it's it's it's it's it's impossible to know what's idiot at least for president that's part of the capsule is the presentation of all absolutely. Or he got the opposite for you shouldn't be. York you're in rent a threat to get along time ago right unless you. Murder somebody your go to jail in the okay users got integrity and Hernandez right but other than that. You have statistic you performances and great they were ousted the US. Because I'd like. The one in my career were. Up. I figured when there's there's there's been. We don't want to get all of claimed the stuff that. Is in all of the people vote. One of the you know I'm an observer I'm telling you ought to be and it is that they you'd you as a Christian. In my life. Steak and a lot of other people but they acted in one more important to be suckered you like that. Because. But but what matters and that's the way the world works on the east side. It means either and I don't think it's. That's a Heisman when I fell at his apartment Heisman Trophy they start sending mature out in September oh for our guys here that called the he's got a funny name. And unfortunately right or wrong with the world at a point that the problem the 99000. And is. That. Adam that you wait people to do. Right ought to be certain away. Should be. He could be yourself. A present myself why it was game four. It included note. Negotiate them all myself. Because. It. Your people. Wrong. And the people the mean. You know it's fine he's not that with the new. Most things right. Awards spurred you knew and recognized for the things you've done you'd mentioned here and is it your net. And bright greens I think it's. It yes you can count the evidence won the honor your right I mean it's like. I. It. Your advisor who brought me in the right and you know he's though. The guy or know what it is but he's he's taken I'd be yours. Is going to be lower commanders. Bit here that nothing about it. If you look at it this. Week. Up and some are around him. If you if you trickery human being that was that was the most it's desperately. Depends of the Jewish people in the because. The people work. Are you as a departure means he was all out the other the other way but it's far too. Athletes. It's far from that. World. Of lies. And Tyrone is ex wife sent. That was in court no doubt why that's 110. I am not I'm not condone any. But but. One line what you can not condone it but also stated the most differently. In the pocket about one line and receiving from. This right but it but again the little that's evident. Everything. Contrary. And there are some to be said for really good people too bad really bad people do really good in his ointment that I it was really good people and that things are. Things. And making sure you know that they did them. There's a difference. You know. Well there was that I loved that George Bush quote the more Texas when he said. We judge ourselves on our best intentions and others on the worst actions yeah something that. And it's for and and but the bottom line went into something like this I understand that. Voters. But our thoughts are to clause. Because. The the slippery slope. Now what the next guy do that awful it would push again because the tweet it's. I can look across this this group of people. And it's funny I realized that this ballot. Why it's Smart that players don't vote at all. Because. I'd look at some of these guys that think oh he's in the about hall of Famer because you're the best player in my area butler's Meyer but then you stack of statistics across and maybe maybe not that. Look at this list and I see guys who cheated did steroids as the guys. Who at a domestic abuse charges the guys who did drugs IC guys who through games. And stated publicly dealership admitted throwing balls it actually is and I mean oh. My character you're gonna put my terror there on trial. Get some apparent on our guys that we and other guys lives so their legacy would remain even though it doesn't don't talk about lynching and say you were joking. Let's just recap a look at that I don't no real details of how you feel about these guys. And some in the audience that's listening Barry Bonds in the story guys you in Europe out. Out. Only guys who have been convicted or guys that you know Oliver to report mean what you want your outer that they are. The unfortunate part about it the document. Out there that is sent troop date. Much like WikiLeaks is a path a I mean when you look back at the testimony we did before congress. It was the only guy of these guys but the truth everybody's name has been named everybody's. You know it's almost like. It's fine everybody's added. He was the only one I've I got pissed about him trying to stick upper Clemens amid because Roger was huge part of my character and and I was devastated when I heard that I don't remember that conversation. There's a million statistical reasons. Why you should be in the hall of fame there's a million statistical argument that could be made and have been made in should be made and personally if I had a vote which I don't I would vote UN I absolutely would have would have been no question for me. I think the only way you can sort of look at this is it for talking about. A voter who only cares about total wins and Cy Young awards rent and those are the only two criteria they vote on. Or this other thing here with the character clause which I think is. Probably about a slippery slope of this as there is but it would is that he's not a hall like slammed out but you're not Pedro I mean now I don't buy it. Even though it's at that analogy because. A page right about him. That your but Pedro Wednesday no doubt well gamer which goes to show you wins mean. Dog not the most part he had been in three year I still believe if you and I on the numbers. Across heiress his three run was most dominating in the history game by wide white mark. Even oracle and because of what he didn't need it. But it. The Cy Young stuff I laugh about because that's as a group opens on George king New York writer. Left drop this ballot the MVP because he does the ball for pitchers yet he DOS. It's ON you know I. Toward points. Which to end and I and all of yours I want it unlocked the Cy Young Nam which coast it's. And the players sort in my Mike. September 30 Randy Johnson was you. Know in September. 9. It was. I should when he gets a young award. I finished second two guys that years it three or four years ones were unanimously in about the disease but. Sit there and now I'm one bell. Of this award as far as criteria means. Six point 77797. 37 that if your phone number here 37937. Injured number on text you can find all of us on Twitter. If you're not blocked by one of us which is possible that I don't I don't block and I don't blocked any more now really no I knew you know block me I well you well now. Wow I knew now. I don't feel like one like it did. It because. I like that people use the block it's it's a badge of honor I don't like yes that. Argue was well look I got locked me in are now than I have yet muted now that's the way to do it I'm with speaker team that we just adds them at least three that was just signed with 6:1 in the morning good joke about it most that they've been through you know. I've a lot of friends disagree with that about her I mean Steve Buckley can beat her oh wait a certain. But the BAA. On. The picture ID act and I don't Steve buck sleeping. Should I care. We we get into our people assume we care more about things actually do torture. We disagree. Tweets offended you. I think you'll find the date meant to be what you thought they might have been meant to be eaten for the trees. The fact that there you thought they were a year and I'm not terribly interested diving back into this because reference to more things to get runs in just what you and I disagree with on the Internet but though yeah I mean we can Newell will. We'll go and some of that as well and also I wanna talk a little bit about a year. Why some of these voters invoking care clause maybe doing it for reasons that I don't think of anything actually do you care accurate thing to do with the state of journalism not just sports but in general what's going on here and when he sixty's so Logan now than a year over the course of the program your phone calls at 6177797937. Quick break. Curtain talent and art you know art showing. In here on this Thursday. It's skirt and Callahan with Kurt committee ahead and Gerry Callahan. Once Sports Radio WEEI. And as someone who was fourth with him. Covered him would interviewed. That went with him over the years. I'm appalled. By some of the things you know and from a journalist or journal was that the industry is is is the thunder. There. And our objective and Eddie could turn around it's that old was only joke cop probably why do you take you now. So don't inspire people that do stupid things and that's what you. Beckett curt in Cali and guys are up mark in Schilling in the heart and here. That was Steve Buckley from my yesterday with me felon with them on on. After you put your finger of airway were so when I tweeted that a commentary comparing Muslim extremists the Nazis right. I didn't take it down because I just felt like OK. There's a reason to take them because it's out there everybody's pocket it. And people MF meet that no land for not taking it down. So in this our development like all right you know might skip I dug down and people are blown up. For me for picking it sounds like OK I try to blame game wide data it is. So it would stop I thought OK I didn't I I even care about that sort of don't know when Jones Arab people think that we first I took it down first I'm ready to get down everybody went nuts. And public and I can't remember what this came in the middle of but it was that. It there was much more ports up for me to talk about or want to talk about it's like I got it I want I want and the but org goes up off the rail more important baseball stuff for more I I can't remember what surrounded that there's I was like that was a big guy when that happened that means that's all anyone dot members of the I don't know that on the baseball in the ever know that's like a comeback from a Twitter feed that you have eleven under a public. Are out of it about it but like. That was being kept I that's why when I tried to kind of play the game public. And as you said. Bad decisions have bad consequences and this was a bad decision. Where you're not being what was event does that bring that we I know I never I never said that was about this isn't that that they have the Muslim extremists yet. Not that the decision that the bad decision was between it. Okay I'm right. Side but that was that was a bad decision between advancing your everything it was a it was a conversation to be hat. That that the comparing extremist. Granted not a part actually that that mean wasn't right that it was it was a luckless right that you think 7%. Are in 1940. Over almost more than it's Amber's. But when it's like it wasn't actually a far off and opt out that BP issue with the prop with a comment. Because now that was an issue with the comment every site and their mother follow any studies that sort of thing as much as you do I think would be a little closer but the numbers it was more like 35% but it can't get the and that's the intent of that is comparing the two is they're very similar. In fact I would art I. Oh god yet. Yes it in their beliefs and are ideology and their belief sure yes but in effect today Kerry Collins were care we're acting on behalf of the country of Germany whereas spices is acting on behalf now known Nazis and acting up that your country where German I mean they were driven out aren't apple and not the ideal of David they are part of the German. Political system I mean this I'll ice is not a part of the German political system fine. Right that would that's they're acting on behalf of the state knows what to help but they know they they can say they would they were never act of state. They were acting on behalf of the points ideologues who took over the four hole exactly racist. It took over but I mean but in 1932. The Nazi party well whatever it was called back then was democratically vote I mean they were like well prices was never Democrats I was leader of the beer published where they don't want to jail. And then they came out of jail and took over the German doubt that the comparisons are less and you can look you can end and I I I. I had exit as you can Google. And find hundreds of comparisons between. May bite. Really Smart people in his mean the Nazi party and nicest and they they are far more alike than they are different welcome. And I don't think anyone's gonna argue with you that the Nazis in crisis are both awful people. But the part that people got upset about which you know I mean you're not do you know to keep the reason what you were cited because of that comparison between regular. No no I didn't prepare regular Muslims now I know but that was what the OK but again I didn't do that. That's what working and I mean I don't mean didn't it said so how's that workout at the end Muslim extremist right now how'd that work out at the end. Meaning not all Germans became not he's now these normal Muslims a small percentage are gonna become bigger and help. Was that not the point no the no the point was that a very large majority of people stayed silent. I would argue. Most of you want it there's three billion Muslims in the world how do you think are terrorists. Probably a couple 100000 okay then why are we dealing with a worldwide problem when there's hundreds of millions to billions of people that arc terrorists they're not doing something about it. I think they are doing okay but bats and a lot of people would advance stop it if if if the Nazi party had been stopped in 1930 that we when Hitler. Right that's fair market but not adding get the sense that that's that mean and well. But again I was comparing Muslim extremists Oka and and so I would say if you take port extremists on that week it's currently races. I'm comparing Muslims and what's in no form or no matter what ever do. I'm smarter than that and most people are Smart and that and that what got people hot was that he often was on the on the on the right people react to an inch and in shock that wrecked and most despicable evil human beings that are lower cost third rail don't now we're watching. Men and women Christians and and homosexuals and women. Earned torn up buildings be headed on YouTube not in some movies. That's the live world we have been and it's just a mind it's always a minority of people. It was only ten Muslims in on 9/11. That flew planes and goes hand it was only about thirty to 33 people that were in that. The ball. In 1932 bit or not season was one of them it's always a minority it's when it's not a majority does it do anything that we end up where we are. And that's reasonable. With all of those things you just said why did take the week down again and again I ask you said it was when there's basic stayed pretty reasonable explanation I wanted to try one why didn't work try the other way I'd market up. When I did did not extra and took it down. There's actually I won it's funny there's kind of humorous story around how that tweet happened and why it blew up. And I'll tell him but I didn't take on it but it when not one ticket that was that while it's out there forever. And then and this one when it blow up on like Butler. Ago this and I don't want to answer something I shouldn't have to answer elected them. And then people went nuts and it's the we the human activities and I understand and accept my suspension 100% my fault. Bad choices have bad consequences and this was a bad decision in every way and in every way I am my part right. I shouldn't every way I should've tweeted a car that's not the form right it's a big conversation it's very deep conversation. And but it's not like stop tweeting thing and no. So if that was a bad decision with a bad consequence and it was a bad decision and everywhere because I worked for ESPN. Yeah. Whether you want you like it might first amendment rights were never pray they were never bothered. I I have never I've never complained about my personal emirate but when you were somebody else and they make the rules. You've been following a fire now and my biggest issue was proposal or wanting help with the standard he has been there. Mean they were very they're very liberal left leaning hard left cup which again that's fine that the bosses that the Michael Bolton but don't act and and and portray yourself as power inclusive when you're actually not. Which is what my point. I should have waited because that it was the right form out conversely can have a conversation. About prices in the Nazi party in history forty care OK you've taken on much more inflammatory and I would say new ones like difficult things like the transgender issue I mean you two guys that would know. Edison new wants problem that affects larger people about it if you didn't know I'm sorry but if it would everyday I'd listen I. I reached it was a FaceBook post by and that was the form to do that all assay. I read I read posted the picture I didn't post the pictures are posted a picture with my comment. Well Mike I I should be held accountable for McConnell was ironic comment was it man as a man no matter what they saying you should get rate is about and outside like men's restroom was made for a man opinion and women's ressam was made for a woman opinion what we need our government about the palace. Welcome. Apparently he's had some a man to man no matter what they sent. With that in their somewhere I don't know if that was part of that that initial but but again. My commentary I stand by today Oca. And play how's it how's that the right forum for that conversation what. But it's the wrong form to have the Muslim in the night Seattle tonight but that was FaceBook Allison Twitter FaceBook Twitter tutor for blossom apps you can have a a lengthy drawn out back and forth on FaceBook you can't do it where we can talk more you can right market right right. Some sense but I don't. It doesn't seem to me like the lack of characters what was what made the form appropriate I guess Michael it is because if you learned anything in life 45 minutes is I don't answer questions yes and now right and so at this into a big long tweet. Read where you right out of exile or a lot of people do that every day I card and doesn't really work I would argue that this out of this I found out that this is this is the only form that I think I work. For me. Is is radio because it is uncut and Britain is not censored or edited. And you know if you don't like me you gonna find a whole lot of other reasons apple like because I'm not gonna. I'm gonna stand at the public still believe that Mike here's the thing. It has nothing to do with transgender people although the picture was horrific because it was missile gap Marty rod just the puzzle clinic tenancy. But my point whistles in the camp that Obama doesn't belong in the bathroom doesn't like in the betterment doesn't blow it up not okay ever. And you know there's no reason for that ever happened we actually have people believe our government should step in Tel people where they can kick about the that was so far up the rails about the actual discussion in a world where again. Christians are being beheaded in the sec Muslims are being beheaded through current crisis is not just a Christian who enters the thank. Muslims are killing everybody. There. Are Muslim extra to save our country get enough but you know Muslim extremists are killing everybody electric. But that but that's the projected that the Muslim terrorists or their killing their they're not picking and choosing when to run a truck over people. They they're they're probably killing people Muslim but don't care. It's all about it's all about death and destruction and everybody that doesn't follow a law difficult for the break here Robinson Charleston it with a thought in the hall. I'm rob it's not good morning guys run I'll down by the way not a not a coach Charles Brown I'm sorry excuse me Charles downs and well important distinction. Well because just aren't there we had a record. When you. Go. BR. RO. Or. Alternate not want to. Like Eric as well. Degree it. And to do with sport management or editing right now. I'm an expert. At these guys yet again. The court expert eye yet they all our time at. All or. Quit. Out. General manager will directly to a ball game baseball all all. So. Are the rent. A straight. Ball people that guy in the supporting the ball. True rubble at what makes you think he retired general managers are current GMs are gonna have the same biases that you're talking about the these journalists have road while. Or more and no more tired the end everybody has abide it's not like they are not the real Jerry era but. Knee. I did general or are not all sport a direct knowledge. All in all of its people so called a great against the journal decree that would expert. I I agree on that part. The other did the challenging part about that about baseball front office people is. I can I aptly know guys who would be like will listen to this exit off and treated for all of name correct I mean agree deal are if I don't want this guy can offering but I traded Wendell like an idiot rate and I don't know how pervasive that would be but. That would be something. It would be a different kind of bias right there would always be biased and even less than that there would be philosophical buys rights guys that like power hitters guys that built their team certain way and are gonna sway towards those guys the only way to detect bias on as the maker numbers. Thing you you you get but he asked somebody creates the numbers right wrecked it right there's always a buy it you did you blow maybe it's it's. Maybe it's not 300 wins more because maybe it's 250 maybe it's but that enticing guys to if he wins who. I don't like the compiler. That because late twenty years. And years rev Wright whatever is ready there's always yours ago and and that's why there's no perfect system 'cause I hear this all the time last week. Bill Belichick was kind of as much as he will be itching and moaning about the probable and how that's voted on well he's a voter coaches vote players vote and fans' vote and they putter altogether and come up with a probable and you don't like that. Well what is the perfect we have an air watch a perfect way should it BP the both the popular vote or should the elect their imposition go back to the other the go back when you talk about coaches feel Omar won a gold glove first basically except I mean nice to me. And I think those awards. Are important players they become more important like I thought Google what was always one when it that's gonna I was. It to me it was a war and a war that spoke more about like work habits the care right opposite end and so. But but then when you see a guy you like some guys just like off when an and his. Turner in the ballot with. And maybe below Famer in camp a hand like that like that nice Mike Mussina boy and yeah I think he catalog titles for lots of gold glove for Mike Mussina got to take a break you're 6177797937. Asian phone number phone lines are open arcane here was shelling Andy card here in for Kirk and Jerry on this Thursdays were trading at W media. If skirt and Callahan I was doing missionary thing reach rubbed his hands are good he's had nothing to say. I'm of the that's not what I'm corporate talent can't I don't have. Can't see fox Sports Radio W. And 17779. 797. In your phone number here are again the skilling and Andy card in for curtain here here this morning I think everywhere that they don't expect your phone calls start things off with Johnny guard Rajon. What if all thanks for the call more job. They occur I go on with you one time before I think with Kirk in Nigeria saw I was up front about the fab settle left kind of guy and I've if you want must have been drunk and I believe. To simulate my thing would you wouldn't. Why the need an up by the way I'm a truck that I when it comes to tech and social media what don't get all of that I anticipated but. Why the need for these big provocative things. Did you initiate an unlikely to run your seemed to say well I just speak openly areas so the question that I talked about peaceful look I mean it seems to me that. Before you between between who has sold whatever. Some of these things you've got a goal. That it's gonna create a you know what school. Well first I'm OK where that would approve storms secondly I don't make anything big. It's I post and say the things I post and say but the media the media decides how big or little something's going to be. But you agree you clearly want people it is all I read it because you're sending out I don't I don't otherwise it'll be all right I send my opinion out there aren't there I want anything. From the week. It's meets expressed I feel about something your socialize and that's social mean nobody reacts to. I don't mean people react if you wait what it and that's fine but here's the thing you have to put time and effort and to finding out people you don't like what they say and do. Like you might you come across my Twitter feed by accident. You don't come across my FaceBook page by act you're looking at you today all you either like Dorsey right and that's why I don't care about your epic. The only people on Twitter block he wants winner. That they disagree with me until I applaud people like blocker people used language it's not right or. People that don't act like you know all you've been in jail here in Ireland but that's not. But that. You know were and it again were worded at a time and a place where. The media's not reporting the news and started becoming part of the news. And that's a very different dynamic but also part of the median right now I know he answered that world and it's part of your world nothing harder for meat suit who. Says it is it is. They're kind of on acquiesced in and and accept the fact that that's mr. I don't feel like I'm part of the media the media. The odds are no but I am saying I all US players do what I've seen so many passionate I think you're right like crap. And now I walk tomorrow on NFL network are earning a paycheck this media giant rock. John crock when I played treated people in the media like worse anybody I've ever seen. Every day. Like impair human right. I don't like bull I don't like people that make people that that it try to pick a week people make weak people feel about themselves but instead of the media were uncomfortable. Every single day. And I couldn't turn the channel up his fast be on television. When he retired and and I was one of the guys I can remember that a hundred times there's no way. No she hits whenever you're after. Not Regina is in Rhode Island near Regina. Amateur I had I don't. I'm in pretty gang I ordered it today. Terry even now I don't agree with you personally. A lot of things. It ain't that there are a lot of guys in the college game. That I don't agree rich person are you on I think that it's buyer helping go boating courage that. It should be trying to like and they seem probable morning and how they got the call and voting are not the right now. Where. And can borrow aren't gate 25 guys that make certain panel and then eighteen votes aren't. Chart and fewer guys out of that. Twice I'd guys and actually going hall saint. Which may kill a lot harder just now guys like you who are a lot of people don't agree with you and even if you have a larger items and and everybody out. Cool don't agree that you and throw in their personal I it is. I'm taking that date you can particularly get 65%. All Americans better going trio in actual fact is they are people's personal quiet it's not getting 100 that a boat you know you probably. Intercourse to do it just beat value based on experience. I think that you can actually get say that he Pakistan of people or birdie aren't there swipe by Turkey. Election and it's going to be a lot harder or eight. I mean I don't know ideal. I don't like the 65% thing now as appealing name and yeah and number buffalo yeah. 65 I don't thirds think you're good enough well the whole third that you won and my biggest plays that might be issues is. I think I go from he he very different perspective view either you are right right and then I I we play that game it's very easy game plan. And and so if you're gonna accept the loss there are guys that I rent a month. He's got bonds got wrecked and that's again. So premieres mean Wright is all right and and that NRA rot. You know but then you see you come to a name where there's that pregnant pause that's an era wreck. And that we can't we it's too late to do. And it's too late to start that and that's the other issue for all these cops yeah they break somebody who's in and say well he's better than that. Okay that may be true but should back IV and in and out due to wrong now we're just gonna keep exploding on our errors dale Murphy. And and progress. I've played those guys work for you're here. Yeah Murphy should be an in your life sports trivia here's every sports trivia question the answer is dale Murphy and here's the counter suit to be cared clause in my if if character matters to these people the Elmer. One most amazing human beings of government but still very dear friend I mean just an incredible incredible man and I would argue for tenure but born so I went from behind what sort of feel. Yeah and was just unbelievable. There's another thing I think that they should view from voting perspective if you don't vote. For someone gets ninety plus percent if you lose your ballot if you do vote. For someone gets on with him there and it's reasonable for some etiquette lesson that you should lose rebel. Because economic tired I am I think you're trying to read other's votes not just Obama now your vote becomes that stops and guys on every ballot. Well that's that's why I'm sorry there's not ten hall of famers every its Sydney is in no person would tell me. The guy I've as you know rank them you just follow all right so you're telling me. That you voted for one guy here one guy here you feel the same about their Ralph Hall that's not true why don't I don't think should be in number because I think it's available and affordable because I don't think. I think all things here was a man this year and 31 guys it's not right. And some on the voting Fred McGriff. For helping prominence he's a UT went back to back to back championships and they can do that that's the problem with the voting to work through hat in baseball is seriously anything you want Micah it can be because you don't like some of politics it is the don't like because you want to write a story and make the story about yourself. There's millions are reasons why people vote awaited and elegant as some of those next hour also will have headlines coming up at 730 and your phone calls at 617779. 7937. It's our can't Schilling and heart in for Jerry and Kurt. Here on this Thursday back after the.