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Hot Stove Show Hour 2 - Free Agency update and injury risks in winter ball and the WBC

Dec 29, 2016|

Bradford and Tomase are talking about the Cleveland Indians signing of Edwin Encarnacion. They also talk about Eduardo Rodriguez injuring the knee that caused him to miss time in the 2016 with the Red Sox, and injury risks in the WBC's potential impact in MLB's regular season

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All right this is the hot still show up rob Bradford and I'm with John the mossy bowl of Debbie I dot com we want to thank Pete shepherd for pulling double duty. Marathon man four hours it's a monster is and and he's just is spirited as we wore when talking about the hall of fame discussion and we get back in that because I think ball close our. Bizarrely fired up about it says a vote one step. It someday someday. We met him right before the break about Eduardo Rodriguez and we get into that as well or give you an opportunity to. How the phone line 617779. 7937. After we took up but on the time in the first hour ranting and raving in telling stories about wearing apropos teachers that water parks. Now it's your opera still in my pocket now with your opportunities the 61 theft and step 79. 798371. Thing that we did not get to that first hour John Tomas the it is the Red Sox roster construction and that's on the go very boring topic typically. But think about it this way in this them to bring up the name Edward Garcia today and you know I've brought up this name before. And in the last of these side with the Cleveland Indians we've brought up with name again. By OK I gather you don't want to sign him that if three year contract sixty million dollars. Because you don't wanna pay the luxury tax. Fine that's your prerogative. But as we sit here now what they're sitting here waited if Mitch Moreland playing first base against righty. In your mirror the intermarriage I assume playing first base against lefties. And probably Chris Young getting the majority of bats right against lefties. In a published an of wealth sitting at third base hoping that he can bounce back. And if he doesn't even if he can't hit it right he's your alternative Josh Rutledge. Playing again last week he had good numbers against lefties last year man and I think average relic of The Herald surfaced yesterday. They have showed interest in Trevor proved. That's not at Ford. He's he's not a competitor he's mean he's an upgrade and Josh you minorities and B&B RC EA might not against lefties. And so. So the problem with this scenario if you do not wanna go down the we know that your yet forty home runs a year. For the next three years would Edwin Encarnacion. And you're gonna do it this way in you can figured out and I saw someone today do zips in this in the that in projection in the got to fall short that's all well and good if everyone stays healthy. I can't remember. Them going in right now what this roster then going into a season. This game in terms though not having backup plans as they are right now and in. Acting that's a great point and it's something we haven't talked a lot about and this is what happens when you trade your on and Todd and these kind of guys on your system. These guys are probably the first line of defense against a problem being terrible says OK we need to turn we need somewhere in return for third base. Or somebody gets hurt and now Chris Young asked would be a full time outfielder now he needed DH or whatever you can you've got unless something happens to handling. I even taken a step further you start looking at their line up I know we've also article we pay a lot of lip service. To the idea that. You have to replace David Ortiz and that is easier said than done you know 130 runs created last year 3100 season walking up the door. And I into the sunset that's not going to be here replacement look at their lineups though. Let's assume that Pedroia leads dot com because we know. Farrell likes to go right left right laughs of let's just throw line up. We'll go Pedroia abandoned Tandy bets handling of those guys are all solid and well you don't army better Teddy. He beat could very well he could go through that period where they learn how to pitch to guys go here right now and that's a great point actually but I'm I'm putting him in as a solid guy but you're right. And you could even say you know Pedroia as healthy as he was last year. That hasn't really been his MO than in the previous two years but OK let's just grant them those guys. Then you're looking at what like Mitch Moreland main. Bogart's like Paul won't use if you're gonna go right let it would be morally yeah Bogut because we know and by the way of mormons number of last year here's splits were not were battery it's right out there were referred the counts are better against lefties right which is not his career track but you're right but last year. So venue the bottom of your order is some combination of Bradley Santa volley you know like Bradley had one tremendous month. Last year and otherwise we'll tell me out please raise these all of them exactly Santa vol. You have no idea you can't and even if even if you can feel the ball. And and be a serviceable that are yet to prove that he can hit against lefties yet so that there's a question there and then Leo glee with which to me is also bizarre. Is that bizarre to you that they're saying these are starting catcher and then there right now he's starting catcher and at the last month of the year it became painfully evident. That. They learn how to pitch to him yet and and and let's be objective about this a sandy Leon has like ten years of history in the minor leagues. That says that he's like at 232 to forty hitter. He's got X number of years in the big leagues threes they won ninety theater. He has like five and a half good weeks with the Red Sox or he is about 847. The inner. And while announcing that he's close and that the closer to the guy that's won eighty given what he did for that last month of the season where he game. Budding back terror at the suddenly you look at this lineup and you go all right look he's the real deal. Hanley we assume is going to be maybe the same guy with more anti aging and let's feel like there's questions in the starting line. Right okay so this is soon because you can make the case and you can make the off the case for exactly where you're talking about. Witches it works out right that that the master plan works out. And I think that's it easier that's easier case to make that actually find the solution to what we'd be in the card receipt with which. Well what if someone gets hurt if someone gets hurt here what is the widgets are there because they are thinner and this is. This is something that they can answer that you initial question by by bring those that some things what we think. But it's the question about what if somebody gets hurt I don't know how the into that question the only way you answer that question right now this is bizarre it's in drafts. I mean it really it's does. You have no backup at third base in the putt putt putt like that you wrote devers is ready yeah Ferraro is gonna he's not an option. You like you said Sean our shot when Connor gone. You have nobody in the health field you. Try finding a prospect in the outfield. Right now with remotely close the reds Wright's rants. You know if he's even on the forty god bless deference yeah exactly yes so yeah and so. Basically the answer to both of those questions just ask has brought calls. And least we know what happens to rappel when he plays full time he gets exposed and that the that'll be their answer admit that but that's. There's going to be boy in more than one guy getting hurt number 111. Guy and it doesn't work out. And that and posts are only the guy that you can't you can not lose with. Item policy and if you guys. It out about compare that the last few where I'll be nice if and we death on thing. And this is the guy who had thirty moment eagle that you don't have anything remotely like it means that probable animal ever. Ever the best problem in law will be anywhere close to the impact in merits could be what you one last chance no chance at all and and I mean this points to one of the deficiencies. In to browse these team building approach it is very much standard line. The big league roster to the exclusion of everything else OK fine you of the young roster you wanna go for it. But then it's even it's notes op at the like you said there is nothing in reserve so. That's why you need a Tyler pollute that's why. When you encounter bullpen troubles you don't have that arms that can bail you out. And I think this is so we're gonna look at as the season and dollar note calls the second 61777979. Threesome during the conversation. Brought this up earlier tonight with them but he. Clementi the Cleveland Indians are better team. BR and people around here will be well you Chris Gayle Uga B ports so deciding on UN David Price you have the bullpen. I'm sorry. I apologize to everybody I. I apologized everywhere for telling the water parks story once again I apologize to everyone this day. The Cleveland Indians are better team and they should be ranked as the Red Sox but they should be because you have. Part of getting the World Series is only part of the conversation. John wealthy do they get the World Series without two of their best pitchers and two of the best pitchers generically. They are bought their rotation is every bit as good as the Red Sox their bullpen is better and I would argue now you'd take Ortiz out of the Red Sox and adding and the town. Indians may have a better offensive they've which they've replaced. Napoli with the Nazi on and we think he's the better than aptly goblet now lately the batters. Party Internet audience party Hispanic and our Edward wanted the party Boston but that's not happening. In Michael Brantley who with arguably their best overall player. And play last year and I think he's going to play this year yeah. So it's. I think this is this is an opportunity to take a step back in the know that group. A lot of people. Who rents arts in each of the media are going to be one of the best teams probably. In the American League but there are some things that weeks ago in the spring training when where on packing your bags and B was our eyes wide open. And that's one of them. 22 extreme. Comparison. Remember. They'll sign Nelson Cruz. Because why. You Grady Sizemore. And I think he's exactly like that. But there is OL a little bit of that element of we we don't need to do that and know Cruz is a great example of these one year need time but we don't need to ago all I'll. Because we think we can get eyewitness. Grady Sizemore was going to be part of the equation right. Mean if you remember the size Smart thing like he gets there and it's sort of like whenever we get from him his grave the Antarctic and then I'll by the time opening day rolls around. He's the starter and it goes from like. Will play in the air in there to we will play him every single day until we cut him. Some guys do on the phone lines again if you wanna join the conversation 6177797937. Rob Bradford. John the mossy hot stove show guess what we're talking baseball gave. And cape aid and it. You look up guy's wallet column exactly and you look at the oft mentioned can be as good as they work at a candle back ups she doesn't put more pressure on Carol. To manage to games like tighter credit spread urgent step that last year obviously. That someone would open that appointment does put so much pressure on per barrel ridiculous I. I would I would say this Dave I think it pearls. The criticism was John Ferrell 80% of it come from usage of mobile. And I think that their bull that's one area if everything breaks like the white I think that's one area where you. You can get by I think they have enough depth particularly if they hang on to pom rants in or someone like that so that's my idea right. Former tight tricky department got the ball to when I actually am the second time around that's when he gets in trouble. You guys notice that the when he gavel. John John and I think you pretty dug in on. On your view of two Pomeroy it by UW also dug in and thanks for the call Dave yeah the the ball well dug in on what you think they're gonna do it right. Because waited for. Yeah Al I think they're gonna start right now today yes I again I think they're gonna start and I think it's a mistake. But you ride that today the last couple days maybe he made their decision for a and and maybe we will actually miss Clay Buchholz comes if they intimately and I get that I mean I get the political bureau right you'd. And I got into the argument with a low about this about. There's not that much of a difference in terms of what troop armor ethically buckles though. Right and people wanna hear it from seeing Clay Buchholz. But. Clay buckle would go on the piper runs which drew Cameron scuttling three. Right now so yeah you might miss some I don't have a problem. Them doing what they did with Clay Buchholz the united still think that's realistic you'll thirteen half million dollars. It is bizarre one thing is things is bizarre about the clay buckles we have never show. Since the buckles things right. Have we know we did last week we last. Okay. We sure wasn't when my award winning podcast and what we did a podcast we did an emergency special and aside part of we were we are contemplating a fairly guest. That's right you're. That we just we decide we we want to get the Arctic callers. By Willie Pete veto it fit. And that's why it's not doing as I know that's not true at all he did a great job the job. But would Buchholz. And having people in the organization activists. You. When they picked up his option at thirteen and half. They thought there was going to be a bigger market for schools that when they trade for Chris Sale they thought there was a bigger market for buckles I'm surprised there wasn't I mean I'm surprised that they and we were wrong because it seemed. It and it seemed to meet with no pitching available with Rich Hill off the market and you know sale traded. That someone would look at buckles on one year thing NC that's worth. More than. What it basically came down to would Bockwoldt wise either in this is what happened. Either you want me to pick up thirteen and a half million dollars in new mommies and if you if I do that I'm not giving you any semblance of a player. Or you have to eat some of the money he might get a decent player which is it is there was. Exactly what you said. I would take buckle by it was a team and thirteen and a half million dollars didn't seem like a lot of money. Is particularly if he becomes a free agent what's getting me he's getting Martina half million dollars a year for four years probably. Hi if it is hard to wrap your hatter when he was he won't he would have been the second best pitcher free agent pitcher on the market. It's Alvarez yeah like three in third ears open. If he'd just been and maybe just because of the way but you know what he'd probably he'd probably get multiple years me what I think the small market is in sort nothing we can predict I think someone tweet this now. That. You had three closers. Making more than Edwin Encarnacion. Yes I'll law is that's a man it's insane and and just to go back real quick thinker nasty and so. The Red Sox go Mitch Moreland and all that but. They are going all in on this year and they're going all in on the next three years and it's a little bit of a mixed message today and turner how to deal like we don't wanna give up a draft pick it's like at this point you are all in. What is the harm. If you're gonna go that far trade away all your prospects. To give up a draft pick and get a guy who can come closer as you've said many times. Than anyone on the market to replacing Ortiz products yeah I mean as you talking in my blood pressure go higher higher higher artery. So I would I won after the break I wanna get back in that the Edward and Ganassi and and dynamic because not only if the conversation about. Should the Red Sox have gone after room. It's why they didn't go after him. I brought up the subject that blog earlier this week. Well what if it was David Ortiz what Dave Ortiz says I wanna come back for 45 million within its we can't do deck of the electric acts. And also. The change in dynamic right I am sitting here right now and telling you. In the rob Bradford Brad folk power rankings that the Cleveland Indians are ahead of the Boston Red Sox. I I challenge anyone to tell me why that shouldn't be the case 6177797937. I'm getting really bad and I'll tell you why it right after. In hot stove show. Rob Bradford John the mossy Debbie died dot com people can't see but perhaps I was doing the robot. I am. We had we had some good George Michael conversation. Yesterday. I think there is here to like baseball. Did you the second baseman watch the health gossip but. It's. John nice on deck careless whisper it Josh wrote a catwalk to music and a lot of it was awesome actually. That became like a big thing but democratic. Brokers handers and me you know I that was call that's called force I did the com ID. Confused. Most headlines confused George Michael sports machine. Let's go to imitate this goes tape. I was choked. Show utterly awesome they didn't know those who are the same George Michael that you edit in the the sad thing is as editors. This is not regard demographic down by reference to George Michael sports Regina. And people in their twenties. Are if I describe what George Mike knows sports machine was the view it what what kind of show with that if he was basically this guy. Who had a button it was. I'm like a real the real polite neat yeah realty in man died when he went it'll highlight press it and it's code. Let's go to tape in and Uga beats five out right like. Like they would start show they replace Hewitt hit the button in like ten seconds later goes it. With it was like the Bob logo panic button yes but it was also like he's another one give back for the calls that it. But it's like the can open for cash might that aren't in the open for cash. And they have the war the open market elevator so I always thought all they have this guy's in the the depth of the building and then they they have them come up through the floor and there you as the elevator comes out when the bunch of money appalling now. Now with like eight paper machine a cardboard. Thing oh barely open adversity in this high school bleed to. On to do through my family that's Robbie Bradford the back. It was so good supporting bit it was not a futuristic my dad is on big money member big money. On it was like it was just one of those things the ball in the real lenient. The color it would money he won ten grand and he missed a million bucks by the backs and really went at it you know my parents and opposed screen porch. My dad went seven dollars. Because there was is that. Is how you you knock that a lot of got a less classy yeah like he strike you yeah like one of the whenever you knock down for the it was a dollar and related dollar. Seven dollar and my dad literally this. I would I would I did it tell you can tell you because I was in second grade so and they run ninety of them. Though it was by remember my dancing I've gas money now I hope and I hope they put the cash super of this this. And weapons or site quotation marks. That's always dagger that was that was a moment it made me happy. Among the baby's dad was way in Edwin Encarnacion. Ended up settling for. Three years at sixteen before the break we're talking you would mention. About wanted the Red Sox. Won an eagle after now like three tax we assume with a luxury tax. Man. I would make the argument that ice day. So why so what the electric and the luxury tax would cops cost the money there three times over three straight years over. 50%. You would be able to reset to get a lower percentage if you go over again so that was another factor. The next year if you sign a free agent it's a qualifying offer you you don't you lose. More valuable graphics. You choose a thousand dollars in international start. I thought out and Dow did open for that yet but for national news a million dollars in a national signing bonus. So all of that and if both type a things start adding up. But my point as always been my point IC so because. There are a lot of hitters like Edwin Encarnacion. The unifying. And even if you want it Rome and that to me 2018 creating class. He still would be one of those. Elite players. The Red Sox need these type of players to build around this isn't signing policy in law after world's third thing you know we opens yet. This is the guy who I would guarantee I would. I would bet my my VHS of my dad out in the open for tax that he would be hitting forty all month a year. For the next three years at Fenway Park. So I say why not. Why not. And that what they'll probe back to my face is locked pretax and we of these other guys are to be making more money it's gonna get increasingly uncomfortable budget lies all of that I understood. Buy it does pay the money yes I think there's probably a couple things one they don't like the players much as you'd call okay. In we talked about this so. Oak so that is that is a topic that I don't think it's been brought up that would just assume they like the player. But I agree with idol they must've not like the players are you in any of inning gates right and Billy bean which is bizarre because. Billy Beane was the high bidder. For this guy. Who. But will they never are high bidder for anybody they are better for like middle relief pitchers. There are high bidder for the best it on the open market yes though so I think that's a big part of it they don't like in panacea around like you'd. And an audience out there and the other thing is I think. You probably you have an ownership. Like what is John Henry preached for you know until we hired him brows deep but. For eight years before that it was young talent young town the game is trending towards young players he'd have a constant supply of young players. I would think that there would be some resistance and ownership to. You know pissing away another draft pick and international bonus money all that stuff so. You know Dombrowski does have bosses to answer to so as much as we say well if you're this far and no half measures just go all and he's got buses yes. Answer to a maybe they're saying hey we need to maintain it now by you talked about being younger in normally I would agree of those who shortstop of the even an outfielder. The as the guy who is going to DH and play first base. This is the guy who's it's it's a global torque position. And he maybe gets hurt everybody gets hurt. But my thinking is that he can probably do that with a lot not a lot of injuries along the way even at 33 in 34 years old. And you said it before. There's not a lot of guys in this game who can approach would gave her keys gave you don't care feet hitting from the left side or from the right side I don't care. I doll. And in so this was a guy that could do that and then Atlanta three years. Three years. Call and it's down again it's quiet it was there to be it was for me what you're talking about right here. But now three years in wait three years to the team it means you. The second best team in the American League because they did I just to back up a little to be clear I'm not saying that. They consent and capacity because he makes them to coal. I'm saying from the other side if you give up. Draft picks in international bonus money. And that kind of stuff you're hurting your ability to. Field that young talent base the need for the future and since you party traders await some prospects. At some point ownership it's okay enough. Now we have the others people people brought up in respective they would have to do traffic use opera called fine proper. The bring up Batiste. And oh but these two would come here for two years or immediate future if some of these guys I'm not that it ought not. Done when it seems like he's too high strung I think you'd game and he's not a good and lost. Yeah that the big tree that but not. He could take a punch the only got a game that's great. Right new. York and give up draft pick up there. And arguably probably picked for from either really mean it but. To me you give up. Up on traffic before him for three years this guy is going to help carry your. And once again and one will continue that conversation with and we mayors what if and we goes down. One of them happenstance. You do not happening hitter like that whereas before you always have it like in a guy game Davis. I yeah I mean you're you're completely right and it's something that. We are overlooked were overlooking the way this offense is constituted right now. You don't you have handling is your one hope that you know we just retirement 3000 guys in the middle. And then around that year you're basically saying we are gonna win with a pitching staff. And you know it's going to be a but that's what they're doing right. Mean that that's what win win when reached out from the mountaintop all things have been shouting from this little studio we call the mountaintop. And day these all the flaws in the plan goals while we're building through an unbelievable pitching staff. We have better defense gold glove first baseman and it for an down hobbled him Novo third. And a good defense across the board this is how we're going to win real into a little bit differently this year. But this is how we're gonna win. Well OK and you all I mean that's with me they are going to win. That the caller that called up about on all those of aboard even on the can be good team. And for John pro he's gonna have a good ball and you know united. You know reports though let league qualities are one behind early. 26. Starts Chris Sale goes deep David Price goes deep. Not an apple want match in nations to do you bull junior for five starters which killed you for two thirds of last season. Should be much better again it is yet and for people who say well and they have done this that again. Under the electric that's even more the make the announcement happened. That's where all all stated stated they had a case and he couldn't. It wasn't go through bully me I tried to go through their roster broke through cots contracts. Good luck yet you'd have to find take a percent. Through in both the guys that makes that not possible because you have the thirty million prize in the party million reports fellow. Thirteen million to fail like all those guys are gonna keep him. Ambling and the mean this note guys that you can't you with now. Where Euphrates. Problem might make cookies for the Pedroia. But Pedroia of the bargain if he's gonna do what he did last year raised ten million bucks and not knock in about it when he when he two million dollar player like him now though the Edith can't do and so for the people who wanted the real wrong. It. Once again. And I'll still say they didn't like the player like they clearly didn't like the public we keep tuchman and that's the omelet. While in the news this lad in the idea that I guess if they had fifty million dollars worth of cap space for lack of better term. And no worries no draft pick compensates and compensation attached I'm still not convinced. That they would prior. The only choice you look at the other team matching Cleveland you look at the teams could they compete. Does one player who has been rumored. Out there that miked Al in my adult food American League east contender. Contenders. Yet Arctic. Tampa is not this team sport. But there's one picture who is being rumored that he miked tell that might actually. Have changed the entire way we look at the American League east I mean to the level de Chris Sale. Team how we look at the American League east is this tease I'll tell you that is right after. I don't have any plans. To compete in that at this time. You know I've actually been out that a lot recently and alms knowing that the C Matt I had a Shannon work load that I had in the cold attitude argue. I just feel like if I'm gonna give the Boston Red Sox. My 100% best effort and trying to go out and duplicate you know workload that I put forth this year. I can't be ready to pitch. And and competitive games you know on March him. The other thing is one thing that really worked for me question expert trying extra low and just spoke my delivery not. Oaks and the resultant and religious. Concentrating on some little thing that. It takes takes time to develop them. I take out these sack I think you know that opportunity by competing in in the World Baseball Classic so. You know my. My loyalty is first and foremost the Boston Red Sox maps. My focus and a that feel about in our could be completely wrong I've I've never done it. And I'm not really low and take the chance. You know not preparing well and up good news and Red Sox. That is the smartest man in the world reports fellow. On the dale and Holley show. After he won the Cy Young. Talking about why he will not participate in the World Baseball Classic once again. That mention he's the smartest man in the world. And this is exactly what he said is exactly what every one of these guys. Should be saying the teams ever that we are handcuffing I'm sorry the teams are evidently handcuffed. By a Major League Baseball more than usual this time around when rob Manfred putting down the hammer don't discourage these guys from playing good John you remember. Document BO days in. Even bend days there was will find a way for you not to play and Lester Alfredo says that us and they tickets on its you need X. Though they're playing now all you that's a nine month thing absolute. But there was they learned their lesson from that 2009. World Baseball Classic would be disastrous. Ice came mean. Pedroia got hurt. Youkilis got hurt. Daisuke it was never the same Daisuke was coming back in pianist spring training for 85 miles an hour. It was it was terrible terrible and that's why the lateral Reeves thing no brainer and a few plays now. It's insane it's obsolete today if he goes and plays. Out in in we know that the the need with a week. But stay though. What does that tell you though I mean that that's an injury that occurred singing injury February. OK so it's a February injury that started August. Is this what we're talking about same knee right yes same hands. The fact that it is still tweak a bull. In December nearly a full year later what how does that give you confidence that he's gonna hit the ground running and when we show up and. And by the way is the guy who admits that he is of the mindset. And eat anything physically wrong with them in Jones. It affects how he views on the mound and he thinks about this isn't me saying the guy is thinking about it. When he had a hamstring thing but he backed out before that start. I just I can't patent might line worry about. And it was even when he came back from the neat thing. It is the brace that no brace now changing the mechanics deleted and facing the mounds that are not mean the whole thing. And and by the way you're competing for a job but I wanna pay off nineties. Which player it was likenesses that one game which everyone knew the answer those vacant. Even though yes. Yes John I think it's out I can player who is out there who is being rumored in trade talks. Going prick potentially going to an American League east rival. Boston Red Sox is Jose Quintana and why you say well here's Chris oh. Let me remind you what Jose and does the boss it's. Every time Rosa Quintana pitches I take greatly. And going back in reference saying how many no hitters you have through the first five that made it. It's it's unbelievable I mean this guy absolutely owns the rights fight no pitcher. The reason out there yes or no yes I'm believes yes I mean it it's true it's. He's had at least. I got to go back and research but he's yet at least four games. Where he's either allowed one or zero minutes to the Red Sox in the first five innings of the game. It's it's ugly three and 0287. Lifetime with. On average it's 20 and it's there I think he might at a bad start this year not a quality start might be wrong. But this is that the one thing the Yankees the Yankees are setting themselves up it going to be good team. This setting themselves up for the future. Cast from doing good job of that but they need pitching they need to pitchers they need that pitcher and and a lot of people say well he brokered sale. Contract. Talent. He's got it in there. He's he's he's that good good pitch yet he'd he doesn't have the strike he doesn't strike guys out like sailed by he is hands. And he's kind of like the it seems like the Yankees have a guy like this in virtually all of all of their rotations like. Kuroda a few years ago or what where it's like that guy you know is in. Every year every year. He would be back. Except. To him so he's still coming in as Brian was an all star last year. He doesn't. Matt sale. By either it's not it's ours people now and in also his contract this contract. Is really really good though. He go to this the division in Cashman ray attachment rate about the Golden State Warriors stopped and all that. But they they know that they have the foundation. All of a good team the pitching the Chapman advances in. And some decent stars of potentially decent start. I have to think that there's a move like this for the Yankees. I gotta think because they're not that far away. And they're also not that far away with a lot of money coming off the book pretty soon the last is that the page Iran right. Last unit to pay Iran last year at the pace about via I think that's the case. And yes it is and and so they are setting themselves up so why not. A guy like in the and it is perfect and it they'd you get them with the apple pan. There right the conversation to and you forget you know they added Matt Holliday and who knows he might stink but I. He's a guy who has been successful maybe bring in the American League make DH or whatever and you get them the man on the one year deal. Like let me answer this who'd you rather have between Matt and Mitch Moreland and understand. It's different as the Red Sox won the dense and all that but early offensively which one of those two. Europe. You know might thoughts on projections mighty UUU. You tried to solve the problem Jon Lester with projections. Right and that should have been your lesson for all time. And if you can you can do it here or there but that's exactly what we're doing Mitch Portland in on a project unity can bounce back offensively overall protecting that he news which the split the via last year. Our projections. Ultimate protection. I was so angry in the show is and I'd now and let you know what people can do they want in your anger out. Next up tomorrow. Tomorrow yes tomorrow mossy. And I continue this conversation. Only if you consider continuing the conversation about talking about to drop. So tomorrow we're too bossy and are filling in. For the Owen app first we're going to be from ten to two before that. I implore you to listen to this show right before our show because I think it's been the first two hours are reacting to the the perking Callahan show which are Christian arc and Curt Schilling. Carts filling and that's gonna have to be cross over if nothing else with that died 55. The odds about speaker Cilic crossover. It's one Levy was this. A political poll today resistant water reuse this is like I've been putting a grateful follow you about oh markets Smart should he be will he make an author at the yeah. It was is fairly close. Through they have ignore the luxury tax and on third not on. While 5050. This one's sure Eduardo Rodriguez played the World Baseball Classic. If it's less than 994%. These experts now oh now anyway. Thanks to Jack thanks to patio thanks to Pete shepherd for caring as the first hour. Respondents could get knocked them baseball will be back next week another hot stove show i.s through much will be out of hibernation. And and it will start with putting guests on this the past. Oh perfect out robbed Brad present throughout the mossy some bowl game with the ball game coming up Gotti that we now. Accessible who have planned. You know Texas and Texas Tech Texas State and Texas Internet its bowl game being played in Texas is coming up in tomorrow I'll be railing against. All bowl games except the Texas the next ball game again we'll see you tomorrow night.