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Do we just take Patriots' division titles for granted now?

Dec 21, 2016|

Dale, Michael and Rich Keefe discuss the ho-hum attitude many of us have taken about the Patriots winning yet another AFC East title.

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Switching to football for just a moment you guys did you watch much of Monday Night Football last night. Eyes open and I did not watch atomic have you at least at this point seen that the video of the Cam Newton shocked yes yeah yeah. And no I don't think when I when I watched it live. I'm think of what the hell is going on here and then they give him a penalty for like flipping the ball at the player who hit him right right he gets an unsportsmanlike conduct taunting penalty. Well then I and I got to see it about fifteen different times in slow motion. The shipment that penalty. There shouldn't of that by the time he started going to we slide. The the opposing player was airborne. And he's a running back at that point so the whole idea of the head you know you can't make contact with a heavily to running back that that doesn't apply any. Yeah okay that that's fair but I think what you say most of the season. It's all I don't know if he gets killed regularly does an absolutely game one against the Broncos. They were just teeing off on them. And the officials and I think they got one. And they got one album but it probably should pat. Five. I just that day and because he's been abused so much during the season. I think everybody last night I noticed on social media was quick to come on you got to protect this guy. He didn't deserve to be protected on the play. This once earlier this job by the time he slid and I know it's a tough time anything but I think with the radio got up on Brady is giving himself find out at forty clear that he's giving himself up. I mean maybe it's not the most egregious example that Jim Newton has had all year but he just added to everything else that he's rather they they don't. Officiate him the same way as they do other core racks it's amazing because some core racks they go so far the other way. Where it's comical it's it's this this is even football anymore I've put you don't like. I dial it will be a normal sack in the turns into a fifteen yard penalty correct and then this guy can't buy a flag and then just add to it they they get him the penalty for sort of weapon indicted lacrosse Chester SC that's where they screw up yet that they got in my opinion the no call on the hit was correct. That the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty against him was just predict thousands joke that's where Rivera I think was going nuts yeah. It's not the okay you do decide to not give a penalty on my guy get hit. But then you give him the fifteen yard penalty. It was pretty certain that those. It was Walt Coleman right now are a wrestler last night so I was watching that part and the other thing I noticed last night and today. Is that all whole bunch of folks around National Football League are discussing while we were discussing yesterday. And my guy Bruce areas. Hates the idea. Of Cornet and McCaffery not playing in their in their bowl games. He says that would have an effect on M. This a team game massaging sort of sort of Michael's Michael's point yesterday you know that cardinal that you know guy like that is saying on I don't know all. On the other hand I'm I'm reading Andrew Brandt who sang you know he used to work in management for teams right and he said we hesitated to give running backs a second contract. Let alone forward just because of that the way you turn through running back ready NFL. So he was of the mind that they're probably doing the right thing yeah. Now there are there they're just as many voices out there clobbering these two guys says there are supporting these two guys. My opinion hasn't changed I assume yours hasn't Michael now. And now I get a few we've. We went over pretty extensively yesterday that you brought up something else you're you're talking about Carolina and and thinking you're in now but we're Cam Newton and is it maybe think of Carolina the Carolina. At six in Denver Dayton six. So last year's Super Bowl teams. Are both of these guys are probably gonna miss the playoffs. After going to the Super Bowl. And you think back to is it is any record in. If you think back to. The patriots. And where they are and this this whole. This whole run. Of fourteen out of 1614. Out of sixteen Vista titles yet. Eight straight. Division titles. So what are you when you go to the playoffs whether you go to the Super Bowl and when it when you go to Super Bowl and lose it. Your bounce you back here in the playoffs. Year after year after year in I don't know if you guys noticed it yesterday when asked Bill Belichick. You know. Howdy do you not take for granted or do you do you think it's it's one of those things that. You know it's hard not to think of regret any so I don't know like a never never even think of. I understand what bill why build says what he says sometimes. That would make him. A machine. When it right Ari it I really wanna Al I'm Debbie in that series. I would love to hear from somebody. Who doesn't take your program if your any patriots then who doesn't. Kitchen not take the division championship it would go this way but other images that you like that you win of the season with that as the minimum expect yet. I said here today. If we're sitting here on December 20. And you to see that it's it's it's an exercise here to play along with the Miami Dolphins. Miami Dolphins are twelve and two. The New England Patriots are 95. And we're saying. Half the patriots and get some help. Maybe they can make the playoffs. You know it they're not gonna win the division. But maybe they can get into that he'll get that fifth slot that sixth and a lot. Would be people would be going crazy how could you not it's an amazing. It's an amazing feat so amazing that it's. If you have if you have blood coursing through your veins. You take your program. I mean the first from buys the most thing for granite yeah just make the playoffs playing a wildcard week it would be weird but it's good there is usually play that you play the next round. And it's been in seven Evan again that's why. Brady enveloped Jack but there's not even debates anymore like best active coach best active quarterback and that's one of the reasons not even it's even take active out of both. Yet no I agree I agree with all tiny well to meet the discussion is over for both these guys. I grew that obviously whatever that would what the debate is regarding those two. And that's one of the reasons why is because the division is a formality it's all of its all about Super Bowl oh wins an appearance now according to Dan Shaughnessy that has nothing to do with the patriots. It has everything to do with the fact that they play in a division of tomato cans well but that's at 5156. Out of. Gonna paper refused saying sixteen. I like the last sixteen years. In UN fourteen of those sixteen. Day. Had the best record those other two years too bad you just lost on tirades straight years the best record and it's not if they got in every year at nine and seven or ten even tenant six every year. Maybe shots have more point. But they're twelve for every year thirteen to three or sixteen you know. He can't just say other they just beat up on the division every year it doesn't bat they don't bit up other vision at Alito there's no doubt the divisions not good. But for sixteen years to always have the best record is. Insane yet and you do any act as an out and listen I wish it if if somebody has that the formula. Of how not to take it for granite let me know. Let me know. And and I will be on that program maybe it's like and awakened 180 program you just follow some steps and you will be a war you have more gratitude. You have more appreciation I just don't see what happens to me think about it. Padilla's Thomas. He's got to boot to a division titles. It like that without a matter who's got through. Ochocinco got one. Ellis Hobbs the third has three and a half I don't think I do and these guys. Brady Micheal field and went outside of his mom uses the third. Bree. Pets or two lead in fifteen. Or him you take out on Gary didn't play is fourteen and if. Fourteen division titles in fifteen years when Brady went when he's playing. The years that he has played. Is gonna division champion fourteen times. In fifteen years and I know we usually talk about Super Bowl titles. And I think that's the most important I think we should go with what we should grade it we should we should keep. Going down to the highest level is winning the super ball no question nobody artists don't like this does that mean we're talking almost in any sport may be without talk about a baseball as much. Or hockey. Strangely no mistake. We don't talk about. Eric who's the greatest player of all time is it. Is it Wayne Gretzky is it Bobby your is it Mario LeMieux north and way. Gretzky won this and the new one that it's more about in that now. Is that right it's more than baseball but it's you're right it's like there's the format debates if baseball and Taylor is basically Bagram air got three that's not what. It felt I picked up at that like they want to ordered eight games of the pitchers about Hillary get on another matter wanted to play I'll definitely let attackers spotted drifting off and there is so football look Super Bowl titles. Is way up there. But I think you should really think about. You how you try to team make the playoffs at the what was the stat the other day that the Brady. Is going to be and it's what 32 playoff came. You know more playoff games than anybody in history as two seasons. To full season the playoffs. I mean Elvis special gains and it's hard to. It is hard to get to the playoffs. And two when nine. There were talking about this on the telecast the other night there are great NFL players. Let me bend of playoffs if Brandon marshall's quality as Iran about Marshall loved as a player and player budget team's been all bad teams is never played in a playoff game. Bracelet and six super bulls that he hasn't played and yet it wild card weekend. And it that's astonishing. I'm a take you know Eddie. How much face up an insane which about Tom Brady. Okay the last time. Tom Brady. Was not. A division ship. That's what's your guess you mean a year that he played Nadia adding that it plays you're playing right into yet they played. The last time Tom Brady was not a division champion. Eight you what do you I guess with the popular song was that any. Path. What's that will will what will come back with OK what good is Chad Pennington had it on his it's up iPod. Or on his walkman was let them and a lot of walking a mile when he was when in the division title the minute this the popular song of the day when Tom Brady. Last was a divisional runner up to him 6177797937. We'll give you that and get back to your calls. Daylon Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI. It probably would take a program that attitude and division championship every year and that's one of those things they do it straight for you fourteen out of the last six and then. How do you avoid taking this achievement program. I. Never even gave a second fall. So competitive and you just you know pinnacle of their play well against against every team every week. You know if the results are going to be so. It's a tremendously in areas that team has good players and coaches they were hurt. The dual sense things we do so it's her company. One genius on the text line. Got it I hereby and LA 10 genial last time. Tom Brady would not is this vision champ. Let's put this on the day and it's another one hit by Nellie. It's getting yeah. Now I thought for a moment. When you asked that question yesterday I thought all of this is gonna back at my direct literature found everyday it is a grudge about that a that's not growing up. You know those you know listen I'm not I'm not judging anybody. Parenting styles. And by that I mean I'm not judging my mother's spirit that's not that's not an unbelievable event spanking us. Some people believe in timeouts. And some bombs in Ohio public and that she never. That's note but there are certain company I can act up from a certain company that she would do. So you've got to have my certain company yesterday if outlook that was Snooki or out of respect for you dale. If it'd just been like a one on one situation he was gonna learn onion or somebody else like a bit of insult. This is what have gone out and I gotta stay and you guys saved me from from a from a beat Dallas and take credit that was a big arguments like. He can't chuckled there's an island in the eyes roll yeah. You know how to answered it but 2002. Achievement program. That was like with a company called. They've ready private citizens of the British police. I. Think that I didn't think our anyway anyway yeah. Our 2002. Pro Bowl defense. Also known as the retirees. They're probably since 2002 John Abraham a Marcellus Wiley TVs to restart ourselves our TVs muscle slightly yeah got to markers as a reserve. Defensive tackle. Trevor Pryce John Randall. Sam Adams and Gary walker yeah Steve Martin no I'll tell I'm back into the cat outside linebacker Jason guild and it Jameer Miller from Cleveland yes Cleveland had a Pro Bowl while. Long time and our recipes Junior Seau was it was a reserve inside linebacker. And with Zach Thomas murder murder. Quarterbacks. And this is about this say Madison. Charles Woodson of television yeah. Deltha O'Neal. Is your reserve or another is big picks season and it free safety rod Woodson formally television. Strong safety Rodney Harrison television. On reserve lawyer Malloy. Last time Tom Brady. Did not win the division. I mean it's it's it's really it's it's amazing it's an amazing stat and we don't talk about it too much we look at it together wanna division this man in the division it's just it's really what are those dismissed of things and I'm glad I'm glad bill answered that way. Articulate gently let's edit that. Just like that I'm not sort of players do your talking and them you just you would have to Tom Brady today Tom. You know way patriarch pet day are you excited you want another divisional championship. I don't know when you get to fourteen. If you say. It this number fourteen just like number three. And I had I. I think you're probably say you know it's a different group a guys you know you look around at some of the pictures there are circulating after they've won and in others the quarterback group one where. At decode presets ever been there before there's a guy like Chris Long was been a legal long time and he's never. Been on a winning team and so it's different for him there's all mix match of you know if it's not like the first of the second one because it's a completely different team. And I think belting it again answered. I've followed up on that same question of the US being like do you even allow yourself to to enjoy it as you know you have other goals. Any kind of chuckled at that one too and that wall of course not Basra and hats and T shirts to get the sense that it's not a long celebration. But it still a plane rides Augusta plane ride and they were stuck on the runway for a while all of the whole thing so. At that point together they're probably you don't celebrating a little bit than they know they got to move on the next thing I think they enjoyed it. I think it's you know it is Keefe in India ought to look at it this way. I'm amazed. By the accomplishment. Eight straight division titles in fourteen of sixteen that that blows my mind and I also think. So it's a. I I go into every season assuming they're going to be the division champion. I I I go when every season assuming double digits in wins. Right. Each sister's. You can you know they're gonna win double digits apart that is the division because they have yet to. Find a real challengers they like to play ten games out of the device that's about taken away from our his duo says they're only winning it because there's crap teams. But that's another reason why we assume it is because. You thought may be the jets were a turn into a real rival were two years they got further the muted rating of the AFC championship game. And that thing just absolutely fell apart you know Miami's been amassed for the most part Buffalo's been maybe the biggest disaster over the course of the the 1516 years. So that that's a part of it but another still. They're still better than all the other teams in the AFC let alone in the AFC east right back to the calls would you guys 6177797937. Trent Dilfer at the bottom of the next hour. For a fourth coming your way as well dale on Hollywood keep Sports Radio WEEI.