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SNE Sports Saturday 12-17-16 Segment 2

Dec 17, 2016|

Scott & Jason take your calls, texts & tweets on the Celtics and Al Horford and the huge Sunday match-up between the Patriots and Broncos at Mile High Stadium

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Got something you wanna share call 4017371287. Sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. Welcome back to southern new England sports Saturday and WEEI Scott critic she review on a snowy Saturday morning here in southern New England 4017371287. Is the phone number if you like to join me. You can also send me your text this morning at 37937. A couple of quick text to get to you before we go to the phones for the first time this morning. From the 860. NFL wants more parity in no one else can do what New England does for so long and that's why. They are targeting the patriots. From the 401 the patriots get the harder penalty because they are repeat offenders. Don't disagree with that as I said earlier I think their punishment was much more about spy gate and was about to placate. And I wanna hear the NFL c'mon say that. And here's the other thing. At the very least if somebody else is guilty of doing the same exact thing that the patriots did which is allegedly deflating football's. And apparently that's what we had in the Steelers giants matchup. And I wanna see punishment handed out there it doesn't have to be the same can be lighter it can be a fine. But I wanna hear the NFL c'mon say yes they were found to have their footballs deflated below the legal limit. Here's how we're punishing them. And the reason it's not as harsh as the punishment given to the patriots is because. They are not repeat offenders. I won't say yet. I wanna here's somebody from the NFL say. 4017371287. The phone number. Tex signed 37937. Let's go to the calls Dan and Cranston your first up this morning on southern owing on sports Saturday good morning again. God. In that the I it although it didn't block the block to get it believe it gone now. With the waited for him I totally agree with him but it did it. It that it can and if Republicans and what does it. It's beyond even more than that it didn't know how much did you know the way it did I. The rule that you go get it at all or whatnot Kevin I only did in applied only when we want unity she. Yeah I mean. I knew you knew something was rotten in Denmark win this season after deflate gate they were gonna go through all these protocols to measure thought balls before the game at halftime and after the game. And yet we heard nothing about it there was no transparency. No numbers were released and I'm saying in my say wait a minute. And if the NFL really did believe in proper inflation of footballs and they really did believe that the patriots were cheating. The nation come out and say hey listen we've done some testing this year. Here are the results of those tests. And clearly it shows that the patriots were breaking the rules but they never did that and that that was the first sign right there. That that you know that they would they were just come on hard after the patriots more so for their past transgressions. And because you got 31 other NFL owners that are completely jealous of their success. At least adorable little yes I. It but I want to look into. The game. And then gamely to me. Hit the raid and for whatever reason I could not figure out why. You don't think when it. I would I would won't shock you to. Go. How little they write it and he beat that and we don't doubt it you don't need. It turned pro when he got him pretty. I'll tell you why they did what they did it hit its Flacco is simply taking what was there what the defense is giving in the nature of playing deep zone coverage. They weren't gonna give up any thing downfield. They were just yielding up underneath stuff and then breaking on the ball as soon as it were released and they were you know gang tackling. And you're right I mean I I think that's the way you have to try to beat the patriots. A you have to come out and be very aggressive offensively. And attack that's secondary in attacking that secondary does mean not just going underneath. Budget trying to get them you know split those zones get them where you know they're switching off between one's own defender and another or flood zone and force these players to make decisions of who to cover and where. And and your right to ravens did not do a good job of that. But in today's well right I mean the department special that it. That the Pentagon probably. On creating unity. That I did it at that. Point Elliott Bennett. He didn't hurt. You know I'm like rod is probably pretty much anything he can help he'd really been paying them any good about it you know I wouldn't doubt but I. Booked all are we haven't had that I'd. I'd say if this guy is completely healthy he thought he'd not run. But he didn't even a really really really well I think people on the right. Wing would provide immediate Elton. Yet Denon and take you got a phone cause I don't disagree with anything you said there at the one thing I would say is I really don't question Crocs toughness he say on micron key plays when he scored well. I think a lot of grants injuries have been injuries and quite frankly he could now play through. Such as the one he has right now now you can argue sometimes maybe takes a little wanted to come back because. He's worried about his brand. More than he is the welfare of the team. OK Al I'll give you that but I I I really like Bennett a lot and you are a 1000% correcting you say he has been playing injured. I don't know if he's going to get LT between now and the end of the season Chancery now when you're playing football every week at this time a year. Everybody is nursing some type of injury normally you know get better they just manage those injuries until the season's over with and then truly. That is when you finally have the time to heal. But I like demanded a lot and that brings me to this week's game in Denver. I know there's a lot of confidence here in New England for the patriots in this game tomorrow and and I share in that confidence okay. Their defense has played much better these past couple weeks against the rams and the ravens and I look at this Denver team and I do not. Like their offense at all. I think their defense while Gerri good is not quite at the level was last year when they beat the patriots in the AFC championship game. So you know I look at all those things and I say I think the patriots should be able to go out there and win and I do take a one on Sunday. But I'm guarded in my optimism because eight. That's always been a house of horrors for the patriots they've never played well there look at Tom Brady's career record against every team. He has to win seven lifetime in Denver. Okay now granted. The biggest factor for that record in Denver isn't the mile high altitude or anything else it's a factor to that good teams OK so we can agree with that. But the fact is. You know I think it's a mental to cling to this patriots team I think it's psychological and they go to Denver saying lol this is always tough for us to win out here OK so that's always in the back of their mind. Then you add the thinning hair. And the fact that you gotta get that oxygen early in the game until you become conditioned or used to these elements. OK the other thing is this Denver defense is good particularly their secondary in their corners. So. The patriots strength Tom Brady throwing the football. Gets neutralized a little bit. Against this defense. So how out of the patriots go about attacking the Broncos here's here's what I would do and trust me. Bill Belichick's forgotten more ball football and I will ever know. But I would establish the running game of the Gharib won. They are the 29. Ranked rushing defense in the National Football League the Denver Broncos. Get their running game going we have the gare one. Challenge that offensive line to play the way they did last week when they dominated the line of scrimmage against the Baltimore Ravens. Get the running game going. And we need to pass the football. Use Dion Lewis. Used james' wife and use the guy that you just mentioned Martellus Bennett. Because that is where the Broncos will be vulnerable in the passing game. They're not gonna be vulnerable on the outside your receivers are gonna have tough match ups. All day. With the Broncos secondary. But you're talking about getting matchups with the linebackers. Right now you got something. Get the ball to Deon Lewis in space teams are quite get it to him in space Martellus Bennett. In a matchup that favors him. To me that's how I would attack the Denver Broncos on Sunday if I with the patriots and and I have a feeling they will. And I do think they're gonna try to establish the Garrett running game and just try to pound on them. And most importantly listen you're on the road. Don't turn the ball over don't give the Broncos. Life. Take take care of the football and the patriots have been excellent at doing that Tommy Brady had only his second pick of the year last week against Baltimore. And it was a careless pass for Tom Brady he normally does make those so. Do I think they're gonna go out there when Sunday I do but I don't think this is going to be necessarily easy easy as as a lot of patriots fans seem to think I guess I sense a where a few weeks ago there was not a tremendous amount competence here because I think we were all worried about the defense not licensed just the opposite. The defense has had two back to back very good games now two weeks ago we said well it's against the rams team that can't do anything offensively rookie quarterback in Jarrett gossip. But this week it did it against the ravens. And listen if it weren't for two horrendous special teams play plays the worst spice Irish Jones. Hitting the ball on the part returns to get the hell out of the way and then seconds later Matthew Slater coughing it up on a kick off return. If it weren't for those two special teams gas. New England. Dominated. All the more. Dominated them. They dominated in the trenches offense defense special teams. I mean their punting unit was great downing the ball inside attendants on the one yard line they blocked a field goal. I mean defensively they gave Flacco nothing downfield. They bottled up the running game. Offensively Brady pastoral afforded yards against the court unquote top ranked defense in the NFL. They did what they wanted. Against the ravens that was the patriots best performance of the year. Even with those two special teams gaffes. So if they play like that they will win in Denver. And I don't equals he Cyrus Jones returning kicks for the rest of the year I I I do not think we'll see that. 4017371287. The phone number Texan I'm 37937. JT's and east Providence good morning JP your next on southern knowing when sports Saturday and WEEI. What. He gets to turn turn and bank. They may be updated pretty similar return in the mattress or did. Our cargo and NBA basketball while we're at I think my mistress sacred and spoke alternate. Comedy brought that it came in on. Yeah you know Vienna carbonneau finally he. Guys like that missed I missed character like that back at him and Serb got residential. How often we got an audit would let me get out the bureau and all know that he got somebody blocked a shot. And eat them all arrest Libya if not who retreat and go get some territory because you can't generate about Scott. Now under. A 100% I have a you know Al Horford was injured at the beginning of the year and then of course he missed that time due to the birth of his child but. No I think Horford committee finding he's gonna give you what you need. Are they need some other guys around him to start doing what they're supposed to do like for instance a guy like Jae Crowder has to be. More of a presence on the back boards. You know it. It's gonna be all right. We haven't seen this Celtics team hit its full stride yet because. Eight Horford missed some time earlier in the year Jae Crowder was self ruled out and now these guys come back and Isiah Thomas gets hurt and he's doubled the groin injury threw a few games. So he returns last night. And you know they look a little shaky I'll be honest with the at home against the hornets but in that third quarter they really turned it on in in the fourth quarter as well they all the way so I'll hold it. They can go get stuck out like that there Brooke predicting there. Anybody out there and it's going to be a tell all I know we have recruited did you talk about no well and all I. I bought realistically are we can get they can go get it 6789 rebounds a game you know debate at public are up almost present. No that's a good question I don't know the answer to that you mentioned early on snow well and he is expressed his displeasure with his lack of playing time in Philadelphia. He does it represent to me that it when you use the word anger that's not how I would describe Maryland snow well. I want Monroe fight somebody grabbing rebounds but got her wish you from the outside Scott. Out there a corridor are then another three point oh victory I took them to follow great. And we get a board were getting killed bottom but. Good reject right. Thank you TJP 4017371287. The phone number techs on is 37937. Let's say good morning to Joseph in the bucket of morning Joseph your next on southern new England sports Saturday. Good Joseph what's up. They are your brother enjoying Waco Texas jail. All right a taste in leaders know Joe's brother was an assistant football coach a temple but now he's on his way down to Baylor. To be a part of the staff down here now to resurrect that football programs and good luck to him Joseph. You. Boy added they'd be on my all. I think we've been even get him better not to beat out good I'd be in Denver on day. I do I really do Joseph I I just I love the way. I think this defense is starting around and it did to shape here right I think the losses of of Chandler Jones Jamie Collins. I've had a big impact on his defense but now I I start to see that. The players themselves are starting to adjust to life without those guys but more importantly maybe map Patricia. The defensive coordinator starting to figure out. How he can coach this team to make up for their loss and to maximize the strengths of the guys that he now has him. You know like for instance there his game plan against Baltimore the united that was very good Baltimore did not know who's coming in who was don't patriots only rushed three or four pretty much all my long. But but Baltimore didn't know who was rushing and who was dropping back in coverage. So I I liked the way the played the past couple weeks I think this is gonna be very tough game tomorrow but I think they can go out there when in Denver. And listen all you want him to do is wrap up the number one seeds so the road to the Super Bowl in the AFC has to go to Gillette Stadium you don't want to go to or anywhere else. We saw what happened when it went through. General last year. And the one place I would say this year I don't wanna to have to go through would be Kansas City I I think that's the one tough place to play right now. For the patriots in the post season or any team for that matter I wouldn't worry about the patriots go to Oakland to play the raiders. But Dakota Kansas City would be very tough because the atmosphere at Arrowhead Stadium is always a tough tough atmosphere for a road team. Oh yes Joba had. It is not an important. At a again maybe he's maybe a week ago and they stuck they are out of all the bad off at an all out and and on my hope the basic dental it would have been this yet and I you got the bounty. All right Joseph thank you for the phone call 4017371287. Is a phone number we will take a break when we come back. Steve from us on its gonna give us this week's picks we'll find out what demand from assorted has for us this week three wins and a bush last week and get much better than that. We'll talk to Steve when we come back and southern new England sports Saturday on WB yeah for southern new England sports Saturday you've got the Providence Friars hosting Wagner today at noon Johnny Joseph got the call for your writing or WEEI tonight. You haven't AFC east no fight between the jets and dolphins on the NFL network. And tomorrow patriots and Denver at fort 245. Join me Ed Dan's place in west scratch with a WTI water girls starting at four tomorrow. That'll do it for us thanks to lore. Thanks to Jason I'm Scott have a great weekend everybody. Peace he is southern new England sports Saturday on sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI.