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Mut -Selling to get Sale, 12-7-2016

Dec 8, 2016|

Mut discusses the blockbuster Chris Sale deal and what it means for the Red Sox going forward

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Up until 10 o'clock on this Wednesday night Sports Radio WEEI a mile would you guys hole. Start the Red Sox and other things to get into over the course of the next two hours and of course with your phone calls at 617. 77979837. Beacon Texan as well 37937. On Twitter at Mott and UT. WE eEye started the night tonight argue with John to mossy about the philosophy. Of Dave Dombrowski and trading pot prospects to mossy writing that it's okay to. Like the Chris Sale trade but hate the philosophy and I don't agree with that and I don't agree with that Tomas he's take the check out. His column a WEEI. Dot com makes this thing so much different to me. Don't get your phone calls here is second of those waiting patiently as we talked the year rob talked to date their brows -- got caught up on some Marat. Commercials the beta builds here. What makes it different for me than just help my god the brows ski is. Emptying out the covered here is the about a young talent on this Red Sox roster right now. In bets and Bradley and Bogart's and Nalbandian candy. Who came up last year and flashed right away and maybe LB rob but he looks like the next. Of those all star outfielders. For the Boston Red Sox. We have those four guys. Any have a young pitcher like Eduardo Rodriguez. You've got a pretty young core players there. It is not a group that's going to have to or theoretically should not have to you. In a lot of cases go plugging into their farm system in the next three or four years for major components. But the dividend AAA. That will happen along the way. But it should not have to be for multiple pieces. Barring major injury. If this were a team that had the end of term veterans and guys who you thought about moving on from it a year or two. I'd understand some of the outrage in trading the prospects by Dombrowski. But given the blossoming of all these guys at the same time. This is a very unique circumstance. And you've sold hi I'm Michael Culp pack. You may it's a little bit low on monk caught his value might have been a stick better is Mitch better before he came up and struck out a million times. Why you found eight team that at one point you heard it Brodsky just tell Bradford last hour. They were sniffing around he would say the players but. Seemed a lot of rob Basra only reported. That in July date White Sox wanted bad in candy or bats or balls. In the deal to get. Chris said Chris Sale. They back off those wants and needs. They get prospects instead of Major League players and the deal gets done. And I would add more problem of the deal if they'd given up one of the young stars off the roster quite frankly whether it was bad attendee bets Bradley Bogart's X venture. What you keep backcourt together. You contend for championships the next three years and you allow yourself now. A 36 month window essentially. For Dombrowski. And bear it and ran and the front office where the guys are in charge of drafting and signing international talent. You have essentially. 24 to 36 months. Try to restock the farm system. Not that it next year. Tell you in one drafted got the Jason grow and that guy immediately became a top prospects for your team. And logic to trade Espinoza still a bad trade Michael Culp knack for Chris Sale. One draft pick logic to that theoretically. So yourself three years. Any giver yourself by the draft you resell the Internet Matt international market after this year. You say under. That CBT. You reset some things you don't take the penalties and over the next 2436. Months you're restock and they failed to do that. If they get stuck in a spot where they have to. Go backwards to gulf port that the criticism will be valid. But if they're able to win or get to World Series you're the next three or four years in the process. Restock that system. So they eventually after trade bets or Bogart or Braude or bad intended that can't sign them all I get it. Let the let those guys walk for draft pick and they have a place and ready to go in Nebraska this team have done their job. And I have faith in a brows ski forget there is this. Fear Dave it's like people are seeing goats of this guy. Because he in the past has had issues putting steel over the top. I would just point out Detroit get a million year old owner want to win it when now when he did some things there that even he admits. May not done there if a different situation. L think John Henry saying make us win next here's what can sell the team. John Henry saying wait again next year plus the wind. But I'll waited they waited at win at all cost mentality. That would have been hate make Chris Sale trade in site at winner Ganassi owned. And score ourselves our international signing money and more money out of our pocket for the next year plus. They don't feel like they're doing now what do feels like they're doing is what you should do. If a young team NUM prospects it deal the prospects were premium talent Chris Sale. So I still love the trade act of Brodsky editing Tomas he's dead wrong about this. And I know probably trading prospects for a team that is as young in their core as his Red Sox demons. 6177797937. A phone number. I have one major problem yesterday about get to that your full call has promised Scots and a self first up this hour on WEEI. Scott good evening thanks your patience but. My arm are targets could include certain. Purple drug approved a potent and how would welcome talks on the beauty and I got Compton. They're analog and keep calling him out and yet I look up close right now yes sir yes it looked like maybe a body. Acceptable. Are we to predict when you talk. Totally view I think mark doesn't lose realized. A year ago in the it's in my article book. That it was in the interest of the team to treat them at the time because. I concur about between veterans and young talent is still good and pac ten. They want one moved away. There were multiple. Cultures I think right now. This one. Putnam prime position to be equal is content so I think that's something else to into the mission altering them. Got a makes him the favorite I mean at all they're the favorites to win the World Series but saw their odds go from ten to one down six to one and at some places today. 521 the win the World Series there is buzz about this Red Sox team that's the player you've got. You wanna knocks on the moves to browse he's made EA perfect well let's not. He's that is issues he is not the perfect guy he's not been perfect here. I would really question the troop Padre its acquisition. Certainly partially because the player gave up but the other bigger part of the player that Palmer rates is the picture pom rants is. For half a year he was really really good. And by the way when you acquired him. He essentially at an innings limit on topple what he was gonna do when he got the policies he couldn't pitch for yet to pitch clay buckled in a playoff game. You could even pitch draw upon rates in the post season. Get a pitch around companion to start Clay Buchholz. That is a kick in the knots. When you trade a prospect is highly regarded as Anderson Espinoza and that guy by an appeal next Brian rose I have no idea. But on the trading got a highly regarded I want to get aid at a more solid commodity a guy's not Kevin innings limit. I doubt more than half a year of real success under his belt. It's why the former trade yesterday I don't love. Because there's some major risk and a guy who is spin it. As hurt as much as Thornburg has and had one excellent Erie had a good year 2015. Where he admitted there were some arm issues of last year pain free. Stress free he was terrific. That's one year of it and two years joy almost got Tommy John surgery. So it's almost like Karstens Mitt 2.0 and only the trade itself but the picture itself. Who knows when and if that thing is going to go. Any other reason I don't like the former trade yesterday is that. You have given hobble Santa ball the old green light at third base I mean I really really really wanted some. Former competition. For Pablo Sandoval spring training. I know they are trying to do the right thing with Pablo and kind of see their investment play out at some point they probably put the work in great or give you shot but. To make him and brought Cole your only option at third just seems dumb to me. You're putting you're you're eating way too much credit and putting way too much faith in Pablo Sandoval. Rough field average is not going to be ready next year. Is a way to get Portland yet. Let's say devers ready 2018. Okay. But holy smokes. Rock coal and Pablo Sandoval at third for team it's you know. The favorite the American League navigate two World Series. That's what I have an issue that's YE if it adds to not liking the Thornburgh trade. Yesterday. And maybe is rafter writes tonight. That. If they're getting calls and starting pitching. Is there a chance they starting gets moved four. It was slightly above average third baseman. Is that even a trade that can happen that make any sense I'm not that makes any sense I say it all on the goal which one trip starting pitcher for. I slightly above average third base that's been. But it would be nice to sign a guy. Or bring him in to compete with Pablo Sandoval so the problem doesn't just look at the state on December 7 to go boy green light for May. Rose service. Sort of a plate of ribs. Room service a lawless chocolate Sundays but I'll make it to. Terry Francona style. That's my dearest to I don't trust him I thought he would again odd John Ferrell can't Powell dumb brows ski can. After what happened last year and at the course of three weeks to eat himself back into shape. The trust that guy with third base this year to me is is sorrowful are. That's one part I don't like about what they did yesterday. As part of why you don't give. There browse yet an A plus plus plus plus plus at a boy because there have been things that you can criticize and debate and talk about what makes it on. 61777979837. Mike is in Brighton on the Red Sox rotation I'm Mike. Trademark ally about a bit. It's such thing as many lefty starters were Palmer and say oh and I don't think awkward is all I I think he's right up there. And he brokered sale arts but I'd keep it. Or a bit starter he's got a jokers like that like people making him out too I mean if we I mean we have three legitimate lefty. Starting art is that lake. What do you think. Well I I think if you have like you know. Fourth for Joseph has skits like video crap would on a talent there in the role left handed but. If it's Chris Sale. And it's David Price. And it's Eduardo Rodriguez is three of those four. I have zero. Issue with because it's a leaked or should be elite talent sale especially like at. These are not guys that right handers just pound as look at some of the sale numbers today tegra. I've Red Sox that's on Twitter had that the number C. He doesn't give up many home runs a lefty teaches that dominance so. If there are middle of the road averaged left handers Michael I'd say you know what balances thing out but when it's sale. Price Rodriguez. And pop beret it's I'm with getting these and that rotation. Because of the help that should be there. I don't have an issue with four lefties given their tell the guys that I get set. One other than my I like I know you're big court street its stand up. C have you ever seen a movie Bartlett. A RLA city. I have not give me is should I should IC Mike and bright you are I'd I was born raised with our art and everything like that. It definitely definitely a movie you should check out one under for our July. PH AR LAP phar lap. Yup it's going to be hot line it's maybe I can drop off at the Studio One date for your like got bounced vehicle whatever. Check it out out whatever it certainly if you love for racing which I think duke are up. Yeah I think of kava degenerate player and would be insert via search right now from full time job here thanks for the call I'll check it out are always good work 1 morning so much wanted to come out 1980 three's there could be you know cheesy music. I think it shot up like it it's all things or someone recommends a movie and at least five candidates on Amazon prime or Netflix. And I'll watch the go out of my way though 85 to track this thing down a paid a large Amal fort. Up Polly bail but it's our course racing has a huge I library are great movies to choose from seven point three at a tense ours that's not that. It let it ride gives sea biscuit. A couple others that are good I'll check out phar lap Michael and bright. Good move recommendations on Wednesday I'm Michael in Boston on the Red Sox Micah your next up on WE yeah. It's thanks very much you got. My main concern with the trade him. I was just getting about Madonna's you know and relatively Yankee for colleges and so euphoric but they all. Quite sure what people get their money they get so sick put up at all. Mozilla might but basically. Trailing all at all wonderful. Would have bet these excellent players want. You mean Michael I've Michael but I'll I'll I'll let you finish but that what you just said is not even close to true. On you traded a very highly touted prospect to spent a month up here. And Hispanic guys now orbit the Major League level if if you if they try to ban intending or bets or Bogart or Bradley guys that. You set a Major League talent or under control contract wise I'd agree with you. But you trade a prospect should not trade Major League players because these guys not proven to be Major League players yet. That's why don't I think over the next Jerricho. The Sox because the pitch and primarily. Should be concerned about. Up about I don't think much that speaks. Quite. I've placed who's aging and I don't discuss failed but we've got to tree at muscle repair audit going gulf air. And you know how good bad and maybe Boca. Go out there Eritrea is in the back to play. Enter bad attending. A hot dog Jackie Bradley junior. Really it is very. Jackie Bradley I think is great about it but we expect an average. And an intent to throw out. You know so. I see your debt your your your you don't see any future for the rights are. All I IC are a lot of red and giving up a one we gave up four. A bit of relief pitchers that quicker if a cop didn't. Have these clothes are and all we ought to look at the name of the game and our current. Basically got robbed them so you're not gonna see it will all guts of an attendees are bad. There are gone now. She got admiral Mike and and thanks your call and I think daddy's. There are these two shot there are two sides to this argument here and Michael represents a side I just don't get. They kept Rafael devers. They kept Jaycee and groom. There are allowed to draft guys I don't lose but hammer this point I don't wanna steal but I like the way he said it has he's right. Because of the young players you got three years to restock it so yes there is a stress on the organization to go get the next Bogart's. Go get the next Michael Culp pack. If they dull that Mike got we will crush them if we get to three or four years from now. And they airy cesspool of talent that they have let walk. And they're out of the playoffs there waited 7580 games and they just they they are this huge talent gap. That we will hammer them. But in the time being your young. Talent on the roster is already very don't worry about the next guy getting there priority there bats Bogart's Bradley. Ben and candy just caddie and a last 36 months. They are the young controllable. Talent all star talent. BP towel on the course bets short about X Bogart's. You just got Chris Sale. Enough five years has been a start in the American League he let the American League. ERA whip strikeouts complete games opponent LP gas. Every matters. Don't go anywhere and yellow White Sox. They stunk. And so to date there are still people and I hear a lot of disappearing act like you're out of your mind. That you are worried. About the next Bogart's and then next cope act when you have. Rodriguez and the four killer bees RD year. And you just got Chris Sale. And the worries other got to restock the farm just in closing that. The same type of people that in the Garnett trade happened back in seven saying IE can't give up Gerald Green and Al Jefferson that as the voice of Jett who nobody owes his pops in time to time our producer here yes jet is right. They tried Ryan Gomes jet. They traded. Al Jeff sent Tommy Hanson is of those people into the treated tan. That's that that is that tie and any win a championship and and still look how well. He could've got to rant. Get a second day ahead the rant. Trade derail it for that championship. Is that dumb argument. So you'll hear a lot of Digg like that last caller gave you're allowed to have the opinion. Why is still. I don't agree with the I don't get it especially given the player you got back and give the White Sox credit just did. Tag this on a BM what big the last two days. Ricotta stare this thing apart. He is staring it down to the the based sports and the foundation. Any dumps off sale from a cot and cope second two more prospects. He sent Adam Eaton today and outfielder good outfielder. Ships at a meet in the nets foray better package. Theoretically the what are you up for sale. He got the one that's. The one the three attic the six prospects. From the nationals. Four at a meet in a very good outfielder. Like they got done that were. Chris sailboat would have made sense. So if you're gonna Tarek down this the way to pare down to the White Sox do it all wants. Talk with the Yankees did last year they I give the Yankees credit they trader off some veterans some talent there. And yet they got they'd get treated danger Miller. And got back widget town and they they were able to midstream. Restock. And Dave to browse U Wallach it would Dave to brows ski. Gotten the SaaS bit astray before he left there. Michael former go to Michael forwarded for the tigers last year. Sosa said he can't do that a couple years. So I'm not gonna bang on Nebraska for not restocking the farm system a day after he just got Chris Sale. But many people are us makes us on. 6177797937. Is the phone number. I can jump out attacks at 379837. Always on Twitter at things open 24 sevenths at mutt and UT WE EDI. We'll continue with your phone calls Dave Dombrowski an hour from now great conversation when rob Bradford. A very busy night glad to be here Sports Radio WER. Stack falls we'll get so mall here on a Wednesday at 61777979. B 37 acute Texan as well 379837. On Twitter at much and you'd see. WEEI for the 617 love the sailed the it was still a huge hole at catcher and look back. At the 0407. Red Sox are very tech 2013. With salty. I've said in not they've greatest example given that. As to replace in the playoffs guys that command a staff and call a great game pastoral series champs. Have kept it short leaders are catchers are about as good as the bag chopped lettuce tall things why art is back guy. Look here what you think happens there that is just an in Waltham Justin thank you for the texted 37. Hot 937. San really own came out of nowhere. And to me he feels like again a situation where. I'm not sure expect the same return I got on scene nearly all last year the guy I'm still. The most intrigued in his Christian baskets. Because as of broad defensive ability. And I'm not gonna be surprised if yes in Leon starts the year as your opening day catcher. But at some point during the year because of the ability commander pitching staff Vasquez takes over full time. Because if you're going to tell yourself. We're going morally pitching and defense approach. We sale price or sell or your starters and now at first base of moral and second base Pedroia Satterfield Bradley right field bets. You write plus defense have been Europe plus defensively. At four of your eight positions let's not include pitcher here for a second. Well why not be plus defensively and baskets. I give Vasquez is back there yes you are. Kind of a soft call offensively. But when he's on defensively he's as good as it gets in the throwing game. Blocking pitches framing pitches. Calling a game that ties him very good in its worst body when it comes to that even John Ferrell in critical. It's articles there'll be publicly about his game calling abilities. I Vasquez is the guy. How big it'll be opening day ankle Leona scary at first look at this thing but. You get baskets back there also an EF five positions now with catcher. That you are plots defensively with that pitching staff that's a damn good combo. So that's light long reaction of the question about catching with a steam and you write is no by no means they lock. What the opposition looks like. Market New Hampshire and on stock Chris Sale at 61777979837. Mott would you guys until ten A mark. I don't have a good mark what do you have. Good paper ball. They let you are dialing your you'd be at deputy you have a group did daddy died. I think they do it a great job I'm not actually see you it badly and yet you with Arnold and now all a bit IG said that it you do a great job. They just hired a very good guide other former GM average Keith so I'm I'm I'll not be there a lot other than filling in occasionally but that you should listen. Ever date to be six to our rich keep for the boys in the afternoon. So I'd really like. What they did and I want you don't fighters there where would also create about yoga and he got. My memory certainly don't have read other top thirty prospect. Which I think any it would look at. It like I can view it. I know number rocky at the reputation of going and it's selling off and getting guys to win now when had he ever hold the 888 pick. In any of the plate is that it ever bit. Yeah it's a very good question about the yell so young guys mark that he is draft that turned into be. You know Major League players at the Bakken and take a look at it guys he's drafted that have you know gone on to be. Very good player though he's traded for young guys you trade for Miguel Cabrera targeted him ending give up a whole heck of a lot. GOP Jacob turner and Andrew Miller in that deal. So. I know that's a name I don't we just got Michael fullmer first test that is but the homegrown guys I'm sure there are a bunching up he did a bunch a places. He's been a Montreal when a team that of a story right after he left they're the best team in baseball 1994. Salt all Osi back and how many guys you drafted there. There's little odd then that Marlins system they won and in Detroit was on the doorstep a bunch times. So I'm sure there are guys barking dog catcher list here at some point give me a cup little time. Actually doing the show in doing that research for you but yes there are going to be guys that we pull out that. They were able to and to browse skis organization drafted in cultivated into very good Major League players that's certainly happened. Franken marsh field on the Red Sox farm system at 61777979837. I threat. She my. The distress I agree with I liked it I liked it and I think everybody mixes. The talent that actually. Along a little bit along in their career but as stars like replenishing. The farm just the right those are your thoughts where on. On the popular it DL where deck idea out in India ago. Are you elect nominee gets shady dealings and about all the traps one on one block away from that so. Easily and so quickly like quite an actress that you know they can get it back product agitated. I'd like to trade first the ball because you traded for guy amp operates who was having. He's only really great year and he traded at very high level prospect forwards are trading for Chris Sale frank workers sales got this great track records. Op Palmer it's inhabit but your question the fair one. Attic Hillary's they didn't make said the trade back was that they were already. I can't pencil Palmer it's into the rotation I thought I was gonna help them win playoff games but he reaching innings limit. And they decided not to add to redo the deal I certainly would've done it I I evade they were offered the deal by Major League Baseball do you wanna return this trade. They said no and in retrospect I wish they'd said yes because. The deal looks worse now given the have Chris Hill the next. In my act just like it it's bad are just as good as what you do you know what that question all hotter and actually mean I don't know what they actually did but you know they. To get something back out in order me. Yes I it was a mistake by Dombrowski I think it was a mistake made out of hope that pom rants a pitch for you and a big spot down the stretch. Any looked better out of the bullpen and he did as a starter but the trade ends up being a failure. In 2016. Because you got to the post season and a back often drew Palmer. He had arm issues he would reach innings limit and you want to be careful with them. That's a fail you do not trade a prospect like Anderson Espinoza. If you think there's even a eight a remote. Possibility. You get to that point remember that night they did the Dielman Dodd the trade deadline show here on WEEI. Have you get to September and this guy can't pitch it's an absolute disaster that's what happened. They've taken out of the rotation. So that once saw its its might but by far the least favorite of my Dave Dombrowski moves. And the only reason he rebounds if pom rants comes back and he was. He someone of the guy he was in the first half last year in San Diego in 2070. But that's not a guarantee by any means. Op on New Hampshire is on WEEI apple. Until tonight to marry you. I am excited about the deal up. Our pitching staff. Right now. One broke five. At their team American League in that can match up on five and a budget that would or dissent. We're going to be no one's going to be. A lot of time it took it that that they'd on paper the tigers made it right now the red the Red Sox have the number one rotation. Probably a Major League Baseball one through five in the American League the teams that match up I'd sit at tiger is with Ballmer. And for a Lander they're very good. I'm trying to think top my head I've not try to think about compared other staffs right now but that's really. Well that's really the only one on paper he would say might be in the conversation unless I'm missing one in the American League the Astros are pretty good but. The Red Sox are by far the number one rotation the jail no doubt. We're gonna have last year by young winner. Probably up at number three daughter. Yeah I mean I would say hello I would you know what I think particulate well eventually I've got a big number two guy and any. May your ears your three guy could be in David Price I don't know about Rodriguez or. Friends up being the the next one after that but I hear which is at the very deep lineup and I'm not sure there's anyone the American League is really. All that close the I guess that I'm leading out Cleveland ran a look at it now writes you look at the 2016. Cy Young voting reports cell always number one he wanted either the Red Sox obviously. Not Cleveland has Corey clover. They also the young guys who got hurt last year. And Carlos Carrasco to be at some other so they're probably number two. And then Detroit with a for a land air and fullmer number three saw it's those three. Red Sox Indians tigers top my head the Red Sox by if I think by far paper and the best or take people. You get into the playoffs with that and you gotta you gotta jet so that have been. The theory this year and next year in the era with all the players I thought I'd better army bought. That's get a partisan thanks for the call tonight menaces. This World Series of Boston on the next three seasons they 2017. 2018. And 2019. Major League Baseball season's. I think for some people it's going to be you better win a World Series or it's not going to be worth what you've done here to. Diminish the farm system. I would start with getting there. Like if you tell me the next three years they don't get to the World Series out all of call this so little experiment a failure. I don't care body injuries. I don't Karol bad John Farrell is in the next three years. They have to represent the American League at least once in the World Series that's sort of my. That's a baseline for I'm sure their people up there that would say they have to win. A World Series here. And that's not completely unfair I just think if you get barrier city Indians this year to get their game seven lose by Iran Mets. That's not tough to hammered seating get it done but you better make the playoffs about that goes back up you better make the playoffs all three years. You better win a playoff series. And you better at least go to the World Series. Says it fair to compare it to Hanley Ramirez street in terms of what you need to accomplish in treating a top prospect. At the back and look at that. But yes I would say you know you when you got Josh Becky traded him there mirrors the thought was a key Beckett better lead you to World Series any did. It was big part of that staff in 2007 so that eventually worked out. And when he do that and you trade a player like dawned on Connor a number one prospect in baseball. Yet. World Series battery in a conversation. In the immediate years after that. 61777979837. That your phone number could jump in a on the text 379837. On Twitter add mutt and UT. WEEI. I'm lawyer fall calls we'll check in on Dave Dombrowski and his side drafting history. Only come back you're WE yeah. We're absolutely thrilled to have Chris Sale on board with us we feel gives us. A chance to win now. He's under contract for three years. Our rotation we feels very strong we think we solidified our bullpen earlier today but it only gave we gave up some good young talent. And there's no question he gave up two with a better prospects in baseball and cutting corporate we like the other two guys in the south India us. But for us just came down to that we thought at this point that this Davis are really a significant chance to win. They don't brows ski on the deal for Chris Sale he had an excellent sit down with our rob Bradford is part of a hot stove show you hear that at its entirety coming up you missed it. Around 930 or sell mob what you guys and tilt and they Christian arcana on WEEI late night the show that is sweeping the Sports Radio. Nation especially when he get to the one and QAM time slots 617779. 7937. Going to be Dave Dombrowski draft pick record. On the caller asked about players she developed in Montreal. Odd Charles Johnson have been very good player got at the tenth overall pick Rondell White it was an all star he got 99 the and a lot of lean years guys you have not heard of Cliff Floyd in 1991. A good pick dairy got markers -- late in the eleventh round Kirk Ruder went on to be ignited consistent pitcher and round eighteen. With the Marlins. He ended up getting Charles Johnson again after drafting him in the first round a couple years prior to stymie sign about a Miami. And again a lot of lean years Josh booty Jamie Jones Mark Kotsay Aron act in chip on brace or eventually getting it right 99 with Josh Beckett. And 2000 when Adrian Gonzales so. Able to get some good players there his best success in the draft came in Detroit. I 2004. Justin Verlander 2005. Cameron Maybin 2006. Andrew Miller. Who ended up being part of a trade Miguel Cabrera 2007. Report salaries are first tropics. 2010. Nick cast the Donald's. And then. In the later rounds some of those years you pretty good Curtis Granderson round three. I stabbed their Joseph wells Amaya who was good for awhile in the eleventh round Alex Avila at around five drew smiley a second round pick out of Arkansas so. I would say there is H a a mixed bag air by Dombrowski in the draft. Ice probably had a better. Trade and free agent Ron. But he has in the draft but he has been able to. The call brass about talent and there are there is Major League talent in those drafts for. Their browse the other drafts that'll bowl you over. And say Watson the Red Sox past couple years ago now. Not like that so he's gonna have to be pretty good here is gonna have to do try to find a way to. Make some of the deals he made in the past you know like Matt Joyce to Tampa for Edwin Jackson. Which ended up being a great deal. He traded Curtis Granderson and the Yankees and then Jackson of the Diamondbacks are Phil Coke Austin Jackson and and Max Scherzer and Daniel slayer. So he has had. Are up pretty nice track record trading here. A look over some it trades now so the prospects he dealt courting double Jake Thompson. He traded through no names for Joakim Soria huge trade for them made a bunch of others you get to but I'm mixed bag in the draft. Very good market trades a little the last trade he made Detroit. Trading deadline Drake says that is to the Mets. Released Sasser and Michael former former now considered one of the best young pitchers in the American way. I Johnson a car on the Red Sox pitching surplus that John. A motto it's great to hear your voice heard mark the year are all former Red Sox game post game but. Just what your thoughts on non what you think they're gonna do surplus of starters they have bomb. I know that I read in the paper it'd. You know most people think it just kind of waited out which people come to them but. I'm addicted distances its armed obviously move sparkles and door former hands or. Maybe even he rod. Yeah. I think one of those guys guarantee John gets dealt I think sooner rather than later Dombrowski said today to stop they were you read in the paper thanks for the call. Odd Dombrowski said today. He is not likely to go into spring training with that surplus of starting pitching. That doesn't make a lot of sense so. He also told the media today then and headline right now on WEEI dot com has Dombrowski. Says teams calling on starting pitchers. Any said they've gotten calls on all their starting pitchers outside of their top three years that the note from Bradford. Predictably the Red Sox received a lot of calls on their starters after the sale deal gave them seven they priced for sell Rodriguez pom rants right Buchholz. And the newcomer Chris Sale. Dombrowski said that interest from teams involved Rodriguez pom rants right and bought colts but not the top three quote. We're just kind of sitting back at this point and it collecting our thought processes. But I can't say I can't say were aggressive looking to do something. We're really more digesting what's taking place. I think we wanted to aggressively make a deal we definitely do that we don't have a major role on our club right now to address. In our opinion. So it's important to gather information. I it's also one of those where teams are other conversations have taken place. I think our philosophy let's just kind of see what happens not gonna rush and do anything. But he Rhonda say that he wasn't throw taking seven starters so. My guess is they'll see away if someone signs a guy that makes a player expendable might not be available now. Or they see that Pablo Sandoval still fats still stinks and your third baseman. What I don't have a good grasp on. For the caller standpoint is which ones they're going to trade I feel like it's balk olds plus either right or are Rodriguez and it. Biting guest now be right. Gun to my head they trade right may trade buckles they bring Rodriguez back and say your rotation would be. The Big Three Rodriguez and comrades it is for lefties. That's kind of an issue. But they're for good lefty so I can't. I can't be too critical. When three of those four lefties are price and Rodriguez and sale not network. 61777979837. Is the phone numbers the caller said this does feel like gate. Red Sox review these last couple of days because they are the big story the patriots don't play until Monday night. Adults some shows did it today but I'm sorry I cannot get into. Previewing ravens today I can't it's Tuesday they don't play for six there's Wednesday Jesus. They don't play for five more days. It's too early. The Bruins are playing right now Pete Carroll the Bruins you're watching them lose. The Celtics are playing right now after which you care about the selfish watching them blow up the magic. So to me the biggest story in town as the Red Sox and no bits are also at some point. As he's out there saying dumb things went Suggs has done things I like to make fun of them I don't like him. 61777979. B 370 is the phone ever in my with the guys until ten. San all get to your calls next WE yeah.