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Hot Stove Show - How the Sox got Sale, 12-7-2016

Dec 8, 2016|

Mut and Tomase are joined by Rob Bradford to talk about just how the Red Sox were able to pull off this trade. Rob's sit down with Dave Dombrowski helps to reveal the timeline of the mega deal.

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Let's again thank our body can't Laird morning producer on Kirk and Callahan for putting that. In chart of the show to get though it's also gave. That's up there was a Chris Sale is can promise though like last year's open that ran at 6 o'clock tonight the monster that terrible. Open for the fuel fuming that stayed I just wanted to let somebody it was the wrong opened thank you Andy for figured out gently series while we all got worked out but. That opened stayed the same from the first edition the hot stove show. Basically through February 12 yeah. And it was once coming up once the off exit like we were doing that in spring training and we might have been doing hot stove just a spring training sort Ken Laird promise did a great job at the open he's promised to sort update that we need to get. Chris Sale sound of some Tyler Thornburg. Reaction to Mitch Moreland had a feel about Mitch. In their Salt Lake that for next week we thank Ken Laird for doing that tonight mostly about. Ot Chris Sale and taking your phone calls at 61777979837. I would say of the three moves yesterday. The wild like the least is the Tyler Thornburg acquisition I don't think you double lot to get him but. This feels like. Should be headlined hey if Carson Smith didn't get hurt a trade dot dot dollar there's no way. They trade anybody of any worth four Tyler Thornburg. Of Karstens at this healthy. And he's a risk anyway because he couple years ago Johnny Ellis had Tommy John surgery did. The PCL whatever it is in his arms he. PC PQ and I don't as did their TP accelerate PR stuff to the plate let either one of those instead it worked he was good last year. I'm David Cameron you Barack SS and yes it's pretty close yeah. Dave Cameron fan Rask brought about or burger at the deadlines that'd be great acquisition McCall and high risk because of the injury yet. So you acquire a guy that was good for one year like our grants is high risk. And in the process here's the worst part of that deal. You've essentially handed Pablo Sandoval third base which I think of all things that happened this offseason so far. Is the crappy it's the you have said OK. You are fat you've got hurt we sensual way. You're tweeting up pictures on December 6 trying to make a scared to you've lost weight and now back guy John for two years has been worthless yeah. He was handed third base yesterday by the Red Sox that is well you know in a nutshell. Why have all the moves made so far. I really don't like the Tyler Thornburg move for what it represents his risk what it means a Bobble sent. Yeah I mean I'm not as down on and as you are because the stuff is tremendous and the results last year are great. You bring up Carson Smith says in. You know if Karstens that they're healthy they don't have to make is still make this I bring up Karstens and it does then is this just going to be Karstens that part too that's my biggest concern Pete Abraham said that he's taken his. Now that is my take not OK now I'm pretty sure of that massacre. That. I asked him yesterday people are now. About the elbow and how close he came having Tommy John how worried he was any of you hear his comments and read his comments here. This would have been the story today had not you know Chris Sale they acquired but he. So let me just read you a couple of these Stevie and idea got a decision to not go Tommy John surgery I was hoping it would haunt me to be honest. It was an extremely tough situation I definitely was regretting it a couple of times when it wasn't exactly healing quickly so in a starter Tony fourteen as a great April. And not also need feel something in his elbow and it's shut down by the started you. And he's out he comes back in fifteen after deciding not to have Tommy John taking six months off. Basically just starting it's the growing like. Way too late but enough that he can pitch in fifteen wasn't very good and pitcher Tom whatever. Comes but doesn't blow out his elbow so that's the the positive gets a full offseason and sixteen comes back and has a great year. I definitely say throughout the 2015. Season that's what he's referring to. I was pretty nervous something would pop. Just because not having surgery never knowing if it was gonna happen again but going into this season I think the thing that makes it fairly good about as the fact that I didn't have any flare ups whatsoever last year so. What we're talking about as a guy. Who has elbow history elbow problems in his history that's legit that he did not have surgery to fix. One year where he was able to throw where it didn't feel painful. And now he's yours. And now lets us that your holt in the process he traded trap a Shell was your third base insurance for big fat Pablo any prospect for. I bats or risk so in a nutshell I know people are lauding it is. Outside the box thinking in a good job good guy to acquire you every inning guy in the of your. Guy for a Kimbrel your place Koji. Not if I SA didn't like one of the moves so far that is do I do not like in more soak in the series talked about which is a fraud the prime number one yeah. I still think the the handing probable third base is the bigger chance they were gonna do that either way so police it was insurance and Johnny right now you are any hostile broccoli hauled I mean he had exactly but he's now have brought cold battle level where you concern you still have you on ma oh away. Don't know KO BI Chris Sale ultimatum that. Yet so. I mean Thornburgh if he's healthy will be a good pick up if he's not there will be a terrible pick up and we will find out soon enough it'll be like got another Karstens that think I'm actually more down on the Moreland signing really annoys the gold Glover so he's gonna be your full time first baseman basically Hanley because you DH plays honored twenty games of first. Yes I mean still play of the majority snapped two thirds recorders whatever. Numbers took a big hit last year. You know and so if he's the guy he was last year you don't want him playing into games you just don't if he's a guy it was two years ago matching right hander pitching fine. But you don't know you know really gonna get cute and drop furthermore I kind of look at it like well. If you're gonna go all in with Chris Sale and blowing up the farm system and all of that. Why not just go all in and getting carried us Diaw and yet you lose the first round pick because this is the last year grandfathered in under the old rules and all that. And that's a big deal when you've traded away all your pride to be killing them if they signing Kronos you know because I know because I think that would be that would be consistent it's almost like if you're gonna go in go all in well you know lot that in due. Luxury to not nuts and saying oh we're all in the report Ott Toronto and I agree it if I wasn't pouring in crossing home but I would have been four. On. You know Carlos Beltran for on a one year deal Matt Holliday and a one year deal those are guys that I would have been interested. Across he'll long term Robin I've battled about this I just a twenty million dollars per save your money into something else don't chase Ortiz is. But then Jose Batiste. They they came out today. Was that apparently even on a one year deal that Jose Batista was open and maybe even a one year deal with the Red Sox. They apparently told his representation. They're not going a luxury tax this year so. This feels more like the if you're mad not mad at them browse it is still like something Hendry tells Dombrowski hey wanna be below this year avoid attacks and reset all penalty process here going forward. So for better or for worse. That's why they're not doing it and I'm not killed off forks I don't think four years in 95000004. Years pattern five million for economy doesn't it would take that that's the thing. I'll right now you're Rais. Because it seems hitting Nomar know Cameron market and the did tonight looks like he's gonna end up in the lap of the Cleveland Indians of all teams amazingly replacing. I'm Mike Napoli within Kharrazi don't. Or more I felt like OK this is so what their plan is they're gonna win a different way. This is not going to be the 900 run Red Sox in 200617. Avenue still could be I mean you've got I know you luster tees but you've got Ben and Tandy. You got bats these guys who you are a year older like you're still getting gat. I interrupt you keep. A you're just I'm disagreeing with every word out your mouth and not letting you tock I would just say. When you trade for Chris Sale he George David Ortiz replacement we're going to be different team. We will score 3899. Runs this year John not a hundred. But we're not gonna bash her way to victories or new pitching and if we can improve our defense at first base Hanley was fine at first flashy was a it's a slightly above average. As for some not not get him. But Morel was a gold Glover gone through our infield defense we got better starting pitching we think we improved our bullpen. We're gonna win more those games score four fewer than four runs and that was the big bugaboo last year low scoring games they could not win the third worst record in the American League in those games. There when more of those this year what feels like a win less games they score more than eight runs yet that's the new Red Sox in 2000 I mean here's the thing you've replaced. David Ortiz kind of with Mitch Moreland offensively. And Mitch Moreland basically. Is Trevor shot I mean that's yeah like that's what his numbers so. Travis shots probably kind of player you would have been looking to trade for. I if you if you were in another organization Steve's that a car talking about Chris Sale Steve your WEEI. You guys OR IST. Pace so I just really quick before I get the LP. For those who are who are looking at that's after the wreck our CO our expert. Arguably one of the best pitchers in the league where it would have been national Cuba. Adam shrieking the joke right absolute joke people would be at that dying today if that happened in balls I'll. So I couldn't Cardoso. The people were content to our heart on your part because of arm velocity it's. You took out one of the best pitchers are in the league so. I'll put on. I on my original point is it any concerns. In the Red Sox of movies you know prime. I'm rarely lets see. Starting rotation you know conduct are obviously gonna put more right handed batters he opposing lineup in the you know the wall there and confident concern and you know what the Red Sox I mean I I heard the he had the possibility of your trading either writer buckles in you that you get extremely extremely heavy lefty. And how does that work probably how you look at after going forward. I'm not worried about it because I mean just look at the caliber of these guys left to right it's almost like when. When Farrell some time to talk about breaking up the right handers at the top of the order last year it's like why if it's Dustin Pedroia and we'll keep bets in Zander Bogart's like. Those guys are all great hitters it doesn't matter I've I would feel the same way certainly about the top two guys. David Price will be better next year Chris Sale as dominant the left right thing doesn't matter to me. It doesn't matter to me given the abilities of those guys and I don't think they should be afraid to run four guys out there I don't and if it's operates the fourth guy. I have no issue with at least to start the year. It sounds like that they'll have some guys to trade in that back in the rotation. We'll see it they do with that we'll hear from Dave Dombrowski coming up bottom of the hour 730 with our friend rob Bradford. Who joins us for a couple of minutes from DC and and rob I guess that's the the next question will hear more without Ewing Dave coming up at 730 but it seems like it'll a serious press conference today. That if they're gonna trade some of the starting depth it's gonna happen prior to spring training is that a fair presumption of odd day to browse and Red Sox. Yeah they're in no rush out right now but they're also don't wanna get to spring training game. And get an uncomfortable situation because. Let's say and I mean it it's several stars and you can say after. Than what we might totally silent starters and he'd do that just knocked it do it and I heard you guys talked earlier ball are cold Turkey and a half million dollars. I just can't it and I understand the value of the relief pitching but I can't beat them today you'd quake buckled Turkey and out million dollar guy. If the ball I don't watch mad because the other part yep backer and is that it's a numbers game in the all bad. Keep everything out of options you know argue Kelly you cartons and Europe born virtue of several and that you have last. So even if you're gonna put article there there's no room for ought to steal some of these guys so it. Yeah so so my point is an event at some point in the next few weeks I believe they buckled will be treated. Yeah I'm with you rob but I think you also have to factor in the fact that Karstens Smith is coming back from Tommy John Rocker to see him for awhile and early no Tyler Thornburg could be join in them I mean who knows so. The idea of a numbers game of the bullpen we've seen it year after year after year you can talk about that now but reality has a way of sorting itself out very differently. Yeah well well here good thanks so we're talking about every starter right now OK trade one you still have six. And in so you have six starters. Go someone's still have to go look all that and I heard you say earlier jaw that you are all Brent was well. If you do trade articles that you have six starters. Auburn school in the bullpen Rodriguez nipping on there right isn't on there so yeah every bit. It's so weird situation and I don't want after the Chris Sale trade you kind of after the dust settled and every one lose all of my goodness aren't article back Vail you realize or at second they doubts have been legit starters product chaotic. Well it's chaotic I wonder rob if you if is it as simple as Rodriguez has the most trade value of Dombrowski wanted to say. OK who's the guy to get to get the best return for be here if your reads Don Tomas is Kolb that aids is all boy. RR RR RR biosystems stinks I got to fix it how do I really punish it. Is it as simple as Rodriguez gives you the best return. Of those three guys in the trade market. Well. Yes the answer is yes but here's the thing. I think it gave them Brock you like a lottery is a lot more than some people likes war camaraderie use Spiegel back to last year's winner being out there. Where he said we aren't sticking call on Rodriguez. So I I think you like the idea of having now. That one they still have a young guy is still a young pitcher. Who might be a popular rotation pitcher so I think it like that idea and that's why media act on it. I think another thing what number does he read you know obviously we've talked a lot today about young players and prospects and how he values that but I think one backed. When a guy reaches the big leagues a young player and does something jumper husky holds on to them that that's the difference the guys who have not made it and I don't really have a question for your up and dentists under certain stating like. The guys who make it he keeps. And if they haven't yet made it there on the block. Yeah and go here Dave Dombrowski might fireside chat a bit to browse the India and this week. By one of those things we talked about what they'll trade and that the phils traded in regards to having that Major League peace. And it it sure sounds like. Pat The Bat the non waiver trade deadline. When they were talking fail they're way too good there was that guy you were talking. That young player and it was going to beat you have to be one or even to go. Young players you're talking about we're still brought you don't like trading and not what the nonstarter it's just what can we get on you here are at it like. Then talking about Chris Sale it was as unrealistic as we thought it would be all along to now where it was obviously realistic because. You didn't have to treat those. They dropped rap for WEEI dot com and at the winter meetings all week I covering. What the goings on a busy day yesterday for the Red Sox a report out Toronto today says that. Jose but pieces agent heard for the Red Sox and they said look we can't sign a guy even or one year due rob because. We are not going a lot tree tax this year do you believe that to be the case and it. I went south like that happens is that an ownership dictated thing or is that come from Dombrowski European. Not an ownership thing and and I think it right for a while I do believe that stuck a law I also believe that they hope jailed. Because they don't wanna article they've been east. IP. Like why would why would you do that why would you sign that guy and that ought to one year deal even a two year deal and and also give up a drop. You know I I know that they're trying to bridge you still literally trying to force the issue there. But it just wasn't happening but I do believe I heard been told that all along the way that. That'd be big. Competitive back balance tax is a very real thing and somehow some way they're gonna end up on the substance out of. Yet I think the other thing you have to take into account is. You know so they've depleted the farm system they're gonna need to rebuild the next two years they know that. And some of the penalties I think people are unaware of it's not just that you pay a luxury tax if you go over. Now you risk falling ten spots in the draft you risk losing some of the year international signing allotment. So they are real penalties on the player development side and on the draft side. You know it if you're not under that number. Yeah in the broke you are in today said when asked about are you comfortable. Where where you're out financially because you're not gonna say oh we're at this level and we have to get over to this level but you said yeah were comfortable where we are now. My feeling is that yet he's comfortable where he is right now BC you don't. He'd make one more bowl you'll be under attack or underwear wants to be you know we're all trying to guess at where they are written. The public's money you have to spend what you just need to know is that they're right around there you point out Jon is not so much well you have to pay. Two million dollars if the other penalties that you have to pay for normal for the third time. Is it as simple as Pablo Sandoval all's only competition at 30 Rock call at this. Well rob. I'm so witty man and so what you might do it I hated I needed there this so this so after yesterday there were so many thanks to. Sort of digest. And important or think I got pushed back. And you trade Robert Shaw and everyone knows you first talk and you flawed player by the promise that you look at what they have. And okay you have been Travis and person that could be instructing scenario. But that person isn't ready endeavors is not ready Beverly is ready might be different story but right now you're right immediately it is hobbled to knock can be. Rock hole you know I starter at third base it's just not going to be that way. So yeah it that was a little disconcerting it would have been trap again in. Posted this afternoon. That clearly they were gonna traits Robert Shaw because you know big as well the guys are the Royals about what Wade Davis. And the Royals like Blair a lot better than Trevor shot well and adjusting to be part of that was that shot with a guided reporting out they're not reliever. Rob great stuff but this week from the winter meetings as things wrapped down and I had a chance between Dave Dombrowski. Up earlier today layer of chance to let people hear that coming up just couple of minutes thanks figure a few minutes and I travel safe back from DC. Just put your feet up. Smoking cigarettes and enjoy the other guys. Now smoke something here it's rob Bradford WEEI dot com on the beat. For all things Red Sox in fact we come back you'll hear all the insight from rob and Dave Dombrowski. Part of the hot stove show on 93 point seven W media. Who were sitting years in the in the sweet for the baseball earnings with Dave Dombrowski and and Dave asked ask you first. How does this week lineup to other winter meetings you've seen a lot of suites a lot of winter meetings houses one line well. I think that's that's a hard question and answer right it. There's some that have been bigger and little bit more fancy there's some that have been smaller but it's a workable suite which is the most important thing. And for us we have a big group of people see wanna get a mauling here to get your work accomplished so it it was able. To meet our needs well you know we talked a lot and we ask you this about oh. What's your deal like Q did you leave the sweet and he said you have the the organizational meetings affiliate affiliates meetings yesterday so you get a chance to leave this week. But if you could real quick to take me through what at a normal day like today was was it you wake up and your disc attic right here with a bunch of people in this week. It is. Pounding the phones and looking at computers and things like that western normal day like here. Well today was a little bit of an abnormal thing and it and the reason why is because we had a general managers' meeting actually skipped from Major League baseball's serve but he had to send one player. One person for the club. To attend that meeting it was at 10 o'clock in the morning. Because we have you review the basic agreement some points with that so today would be a very abnormal type day but a normal day would be. You're up here you get into this week around. 715730. In the morning. You have coffee do you have pastries for guys to come in. We usually schedule a meeting to start here at 9 o'clock with everybody being here unless they have other some other meeting commitment that they have to be and let's say player development someone has to go to. Player development meeting. But that allows me is sort of get ready for the day go through on my emails from overnight. To all the readings have caught up on the Internet. Go through the papers in the morning and be really thoroughly prepared for that meaning. Then when everybody's your oats in 9 o'clock we'll spend the first day we spent a couple of hours. Reviewing. A lot of different points what clubs are looking for who may be available what we wanted to talk to other clubs about. But most mornings that would be about a 45 minute meeting where we if you are. Where we stand with every organization discussing the different players topics what they're looking to do any updates at their door and outside of what we know. And so we have a pulse of everything going nom because sometimes your three team trades that know what other people are doing are important. Then what will generally do it that point is I will stay here stay in the suite with a couple other people. Send out the members and organization. To go down a mingle in the lobby and talked other organizations with their scouts and personnel. To continue find out information and bring information back here so let's say you started nine you finished at 945. You might tumble going to be accurate. 3 o'clock in the afternoon Richard constantly know that somebody may reach out to your come up here if they have information available. That happens really all day long that we come back and regroup to that same thing. Deal with the media. About 445 and do some things afterwards generally with the media and then at that time we try to have dinner. And then after dinner we come back and do the same thing and a lot of times we get done we'll send them back out on the come back up here at 103011 o'clock at night. So it really you don't usually get to bed until around midnight. But it's an year back out of the next day would also was kinda different as a lot of times you when you turn and the phone rings and your cellphone rings with sorts there's a text that comes across with what about this idea this club trying to do that because. During these four days that your basically here you come in on Sunday. We have a dinner on Sunday night with all of our personnel here three full days on Monday Tuesday Wednesday night after the rule five draft on Thursday. You're in a spot where you may as well take advantage of have an all your people here. And one of the things I have always found that the winner meetings which is such a better time not only do you have. The other clubs here which end up making contact easier and then you go from one club to another pick up the phone Erica all of their personnel. You have all your own decision makers yours so if you wanna talk about a young player when you have people from player development you have people from scouting that. Have been in the spot where they've seen that player play you have all your people that have. Scouted various organizations during the year give their feedback for comparison you have your analytical people here give them their perspective. You have your medical people here that can give you that feedback you have your international people there was a one of the deals are talked about the other day somebody mentioned. A guy believe in and I was a big part of the trade that was a guy that was enough. Are Venezuelan. Was from Venezuela went to the Dominican Summer League and then pitched for a couple innings in the instructional league. And they had interest has been a key part of the deal and I can just turn of the individual that so we had no idea we don't wanna move I got. So it's been half and all those people here haven't John for earlier we can just reach out what do you think about this. There's so much can get accomplished in a short time period and it's exhilarating and kind of sometimes you get tired but you know you can get rested when you leave the meetings. You talk about exhilarated you're talked about not your average day yesterday it was probably one of those X Torre not your average days. And I know the you've talked a lot of low how it unfolded the big trade. Chris Sale trade. But. As you got into yesterday. We what was the thing that that made you believe that this was gonna happen was it. Where their ring Conn took something off the table was it just a changing. The vibe that you're getting from from the White Sox what made you actually feel that this was gonna. Where else I I really wasn't sure. I knew the Milwaukee deal. We had agreed upon that late the night before. We just figured it was too late to start all players at that time would have a tough time reach and so we we held a deal to the next morning so. His first thing in the morning reached out to start on Travis show off and then also they were on their player Tyler armor at that time and then. Ben Crockett was reaching out our players are from player development of wood to bottom Pennington. So we are already doing that. From the night before conversations. Ric Kahn has thrown an idea at me. And it was a situation wars that well if we can. People sometimes are real we we threw a lot of different thought processes here. The key to them and I understandably so was always a spot where they can get monk caught and called back and it was building around them. But the first players they asked us where we can necessarily wanna give them up so there was some give and take and I'm sure they were talking and other organizations at the same on. But it was a situation where finally. The night before oh which would have been Monday night he came back to me and said here's some. Couple extra players and that was the best job in dios part that we like. That we would consider making the deal. If you would be willing to to talk about them and I it emphasized that we really like those players but that we are in a position that. We would be willing to do better at that time. He got back to east. Late that night match it late maybe 1030 ish as we had a people in here and said. I need to do some more work on these players get more information. So at that time I thought we had a shot. He said day by I think this this is the deal I think that we would make but I just need to do little more dig in on these players so at that point I had a holes that it would. We get a shot. And then he said I'll call you back at 10 o'clock on which was Tuesday. And sure enough memory cons very promptly called me right back at 10 o'clock and says what we've had a chance to do some some work on this. And if you're willing to make the deal. We would make the deal. And sort that was really good. Until we said that what that I really feel comfortable because. You just never know we take place in addition to that he said. I now need to speak with his owner Jerry Reinsdorf I had talked to our individuals with John Henry and Tom Warner the night before kind of just fill them in a where we were. Just have so they knew and so they were aware of it but he hadn't really done that we're jury. So I need to sit down with Jerry. Get a breakfast meeting you thought it might be a little tough that time back with you we have some other things going on he finally got together with them around 1130 so there was one time we sit here. And then coming back. But an hour later after that so that we have to deal that we needed to be a position exchange medical information I really felt at that point. We would be fine because I know our players from a health perspective Margaret chase but. It's you're sitting on the edge your seat the whole time it happens because until it happens is not a deal. Well you to be honest and go back a couple weeks ago and every time Chris hill's name came up I thought well the other wrestler Tribune trusted. But the price should be two great you're talking about a guy who this re left you're left on his contract. Two weeks ago let's just say two weeks ago when night if I told you that a Major League piece wouldn't be part of it would you be surprised. Well you know we really didn't have many conversations taken place a couple weeks ago but abuse said that I would of said well. It would their shock to me. Based upon. Some just preliminary conversations that we had. Let's say at the general managers meaning because it was apparent that they might get off completely count and also with boss. We had enough minor league talent that was good. So I think it wouldn't shock me now during the last summer time that Nasser I would have been very very surprised. But this time it went on. I think that's as some of our players matured and became big league players. The ask. For them were not as much as not as important to them because we knew we would make the deal but just tells you how good of players that they think that month conical peck are at as we do too. Did that help you talk about the asking price at the trade deadline their memories and the GM meetings. But you didn't feel like you're anything's closed for the White Sox. And it sounds like that maybe there were some bouts of Major League players but did it help going through that process. Setting the stage for this in terms of getting the vibe where they were it's. Well not really. And I would say the reason why is because I think that in Rick's case. It's tough from an organizational perspective. I think if they finally. They they've never really insure that they're gonna go in this direction. Of trading some of their veteran players. For young guy they've always been may be considerate. Hart was an and it's. And I think really what Kim for whatever reason I can't answer that question. That they finally reached a point that they said you know what we're we're prepared to do this we think this is the best thing to do. So. At that point that was really only a short time ago I hear that. So there was really a different. A different mindset from their perspective which then made the names change a little bit. So we're just today I've you know just got done reading that somebody else that he was traded for a top pitching prospect in Washington. I don't know that in fact I'm sure last year at the same time they really. Philosophically. Had talked about the potential but is is really first time I think they're prepared act upon. Namely he said you're it's never comfortable. In how these guys and I can say sit here and say well I didn't think you gave up. As much as I thought it still views. Top the top two guys Ko Pacman Cotter high level unique unique guys. Knowing that you've now given up those guys some other top level guys. Would you feel comfortable or uncontrollable. About giving up any more of those type guys say this is top five guys in your system. We're really prefer not to and I don't think we really have to do that at this point because we're pretty deep. But you never can tell what happens but I really. You have to be careful I mean we have given up a lot of guys but I also think we were really good big league club. But you don't wanna just keep given up those type of guys and consistent basis and and really our goal list and I'll only be good the next 34 years. But our goals to be good for the next ten years. And one of the challenges for us at this point and we talked about it these meetings the reason we have. The talent that we have here. We're because of the people in the room and their staffs. So we have. Those people still with us what their staffs. And it's a challenge to them to go find those same type of talents. So I do think we can continue to do that we do have still we have a young Major League club ball and all. We do have a little more than you would think player wise is right off the Vatican's it was close to pitch to playing in the big leagues we could sit well. Devers is pretty close Travis is close Swire whose clothes. Heard mark or Hernandez's close. So he starts that well and there's four guys that are pretty good right there and then. You don't really need to replenish many players that would be leaving in the near future with the big league club. We haven't given up our draft choices. The last couple years so that group of players from last year will go author get another full year under there. And their development. And we like a lot of those guys to. But us being aggressive and that's part of the advantage is being with the Red Sox organization we can make these moves with the Major League level. We can get better. But at the same time you can also go ahead and replenish your farm system by being aggressive by signing players making good decisions. And also good decisions from a development of perspective or. A Brian Bannister and his group tort and we can somebody's arm action and all of a sudden. Somebody has much greater desire for them as a prospect than they did someone else. They did before him so those are the things that if you have a good organization have good people which we do. You can go ahead and you can put an emphasis on that and I think we'll be in a position or continue to. Move forward and continue to find good young players which will replenish the system so. Those are you does this mean that you feel. The you have to be more aggressive in the international market the next few years because he takes them taken some of these top levels prosperous. I don't think we have to be more aggressive I think we have to continue to be aggressive. And course we're deal with the penalty this past year so on July 2 comes around will be in a position will continue to be very aggressive and again we have good people that are up their sign those players evaluating the players we have ownership support to go sign those players now there are some different rules that come and play here now. But I think we have the type of people that can make this happen so I think it's a challenge I think it's a fun challenge and I think our people feel that way and I think we're more than capable to do that. Plus question is what Corey says the beauty interview. This is winter meetings you've been through a lot of these it's from the adrenaline in this is what base is fun talking about baseball when baseball people in the middle still a winner. Do you have irritate your. A step back to say how long you would wanna do this or. Not really because I enjoy what I'm doing. And I think that's the most important part I think this is my fortieth year in baseball now and be a pop like thirtieth as a general manager. Our president of baseball operations whatever may be. And I really enjoy what I'm doing. It's fun. Whatever the how the adrenaline rush comes for the daily games. I enjoy it. I know I'm not gonna do it for 25 more years. But I don't have a certain timeframe on it because I really like what I do and have good people on it I think it's fun to be able book. Mentor and teach people to. But I don't have a certain timeframe because they're really enjoy what I'm doing. Both like so much and am only a few more hours here before you get to receive yeah outside here once again thanks I'll forward your extra. I was rob Bradford and Dave Dombrowski winter meetings judged a couple of hours ago and he was available for the shows we had that robs it down. I would Dave and I bang on rob all the time or worked in radio for long talent rob he's a punching bag but that. That's an excellent sit down with them brow ski specifically about. The timing of the trade their for Chris Sale what happened Monday night in a leading into Tuesday morning and and eventually. I his thoughts about trading big time prospects going forward and I. Will all come back talk or but the summit a beer at 10 o'clock a hot stove officially and that that people will be here. Up up until ten with your phones at 6177797937. The phone number war reaction what Dave Dombrowski just had to say in your phone calls. Hot stove show that I'll be here until ten would you Sports Radio WE yeah. Great stuff would they give brown ski and rob Bradford from the winter meetings you missed any of other conversation that rob have would days great insight. On these last couple days you'll hear it again around 930 here on WE you guys will be here until ten. I can't Christian arcana look I understand the reaction that. John to Macias had about Dave Dombrowski and I'm Gary Tang Wei had about David rust couple weeks or couple days ago but. I thought since he got here. It is very rare in sports you get this a an executive and a baseball executive who for the most part. Tells the truth and says what he's going to do. And then does. What he said he's going to do. And going back to when Nebraska got here a year ago and he said you know we like certain guys those guys get traded. We need a starting pitcher we signed David Price we need a closer we trade for Craig Campbell we are fourth outfielder. We signed Chris yeah. In this offseason to add to address. Hot in the bullpen. Power Thornburgh and said if there were things that came along that would make MA better team premium players. They would be involved. Secret sale. And so you can be upset with trading prospects if you like the idea the Red Sox having this top prospect base. And they certainly not the top tier those teams anymore. What you also got the respect that Dombrowski is come in here and he is not been phoning. He has followed up what he said he's going to do. And I don't all of these never blind all to the media they're probably some if things he's said or not said Ted to benefit his position the Red Sox position. But he is as truthful. And as direct. In what he's gonna do is any executive Ike remembered sports. And at the break down there with with rob was excellent. From the you know what happened Monday night when Rick Condit to Tuesday in the form berg he was actually done on Monday it would wanna call players it was blatant. We knew by Tuesday morning we had a shot knee in date how to scouting. Ol scouting team was involved in that too. I just insight and I got hurt before and act I fights it's because of the quintessential. Hot stove show interview. Very inside baseball but I found a very each human rob Ott and Dave Dombrowski and if you miss it again will have a four yep. At about 930 here on WEEI that after the show tonight. They'll be available on demand as part of the hot stove show on demand at WEEI. Dot com we sent to Aussie home. You guys heard his voice satellite crappy came in here work there being 60. We set a body here I'll stick you with a tilt and it. Our react more what you heard from Dombrowski and the Red Sox as they're constituted. I hear on December 7 at 6177797937. Tex as well 379. 37. And a trade today that would Washington to make you should feel better. About the Red Sox trading for Chris Sale. Ought to mossy out on a talk show continues here until ten in a whole lot including the Red Sox don't go anywhere Sports Radio WE yeah.