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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Big Gun Trade Edition 12-07-16

Dec 8, 2016|

Inspired by the trade for Chris Sale, we look at four other major Red Sox off-season trades and whether or not they were net gains for the Sox.

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And holing his. Al-Qaeda is gonna play music collectively to come up with a 44 months ago and it. Part four brought you by eighteen feet. Mobilizing your world. The big deal the Red Sox made yesterday got us thinking about pat huge mega trades. And how Leah the Red Sox have done vox AC/DC singing big gun. Let's take a look at some votes on today's forum for. Nobody out this is over that they must have hit the back of the green Garcia. A foul ball it goes through. Free Martina. I'd like fingers he had. What. So why. Boy you can. Who are you going to get through that front that's they don't want kids are food players who would take years. Yeah. Well November 1997. Dan Duquette pulled off the deal approaching free agency Pedro Martinez was traded to the Boston Red Sox. For Tony Armas junior in the future mr. Elisa Milan know Carl Pavano. Pedro is consigned to a six years 75. Million dollar contract with an option for seventh year at seventeen million dollars at the time. That was the largest contract for a pitcher. Up until this point and the jury's out on this one the greatest deal in Red Sox history even better than. Then Varitek and load from Seattle this is the greatest deal ever. Because you got the greatest pitcher in Red Sox history if you are at all. How can you do better educated better and need to get burned and all he did in the U could have gotten burned but if I like those other guys turned out there ready guys who would mess up you imagine. What twelve years Carl Pavano would have been like. Org or twelve years of Tony aren't eating at that there was just there was the perfect trade. So no brainer when it. I hope so rarely ever trade no doubts no regrets whatsoever nobody freaking out. No no I figured out no no doubt got Pedro Martinez and have the Red Sox acquired Pedro Martinez yesterday I also would be freaking out. Starred Ralph rapper they did not acquire Pedro Martinez yesterday. What we want to just said something regarding Pedro I I was bird knows me by her all and still not display case. You can make something out of nothing. There's that that's a problem idiotic it was to start but people don't know the game. I think that's the utmost respect for Pedro I think is probably the best I've ever this well he's a great guy. We get along I think you'll see a play about some appeal doesn't mean a thing. Don't sit something stupid or something acre like I could you know amongst the and let them but I'm not totally irresponsible. Is that doctors don't know we have a huge maybe dot. It is starting. And he would know about stupid things to say. November 2003 the Red Sox sent lefty Casey Fossum righty Brandon Lyon the Diamondbacks along with a minor leaguers Jorge De La Rosa. And Michael Dawson. Curt Curt Schilling. One your World Series how can you do better now because it wonder where you got it got the best combination. Got two World Series but your over the top no doubt about it there that broke the curse can't all of those guys that you mentioned. Did hurt or white got back. Problem but it did get well I Diawara scored regular growth came back of one point eight and wanna nanny did and didn't come back just part of the I think it the other Delhi road living in a ruby. Collier right at rodeo guy horn they came back out there advocating erotic about ninety pounds the Casey fun at others get a guy on the donut that never work. Brandon lie analyzer closer that year when those that I committee that those who got the brunt of the bit of a mess there yet. So that was that was perfect. That's right. When. Three he got some losses come up here. Credit union movement did you read. Or church and you're done and well Africa. Back possession purchases were so an extra pitches doubts and I stupid you don't get out. It's pretty simple they got him off. So personally assess. Campaign didn't make those decisions are. But after about his performance on the mound wasn't as consistent as his post compressors. November 2005. The Red Sox acquired Josh Beckett Michael lol. Guillermo Mota. The sent down top prospect Hanley Ramirez Anibal Sanchez move cases Delgado and minor leaguer Harvey Garcia. This from the little closer forming. Five. Ultimately. It at the end of the deal you won a world championship and it's good are the other ones were a plus there is an eighth. This one's just slightly now now it's today the thing that might that might keep that in NA as opposed to an A minus is that Michael came in the field to the so called throwing. The guys that Florida was just trying to unload on you at that time. Tell you had no one big guy you traded became a top five MVP candidate. Hanley Ramirez deputy and a rookie of the year so it was a terrific player terrific hitter for awhile and really I think says. You know would do it was a good picture. So but still what a World Series and yet they hit it took awhile because in 2006 Josh Beckett not very good 2007 I believe. And Hillary has also it wasn't like this series started there was the Marlins between then and now he's been this he had missed all. There's been a lot of injuries there there's been a down season so it's not even trade away a hall of Famer straightaway guy could play that enabled all star teams and into the good player but. For what you've gotten returns that the on the waiver to get a hall of Famer return either. They'd have regular series all the famous personalities. Not all the time player it's harder than it is. A. And you can do something. It's coming from really really fast plan that was. He could be wrong. But didn't have enough. Costs colleges then play a baseball I mean I think. You know people have to meet whether it's it's taken her. You know stake so that did not bother you not on I don't think is you know they they got to be ready for the next game I think. My main thing was just the fact it would implicate plywood and play good baseball. That's the excuse maker Adrian Gonzales December 2010. At the Red Sox acquired him from the Padres in exchange for. If any Rizzo Casey Kelly Raymond Fuentes and. Eric Patterson. This is that's what's tough is this this week. And I don't because it but he result has become okay recognize you don't have Anthony Rizzo or if you're Gonzales and they got nothing that trade but like. Think that betrayed the subsequent trade. Gonzales. Think Crawford and a jacket to the Congo for them though that nickel to expect and want to ideally we Alia big enough. And Al they were all I gotta with unload money. But I thought they'd be able the next Pedro right now Purdue growth and I think. You know Gerry Alexander in the western check. Alan Webster metric. With my man James Loney James Augusta miles always says always say jazz DJ nighttime Vijay James Loney had a little food you know it got through. Finally. Here's the thing to remember when when Gonzales came here. He was raked. He wasn't in good his person out here here he was great and a second year he was an all star finished seventh in the MVP won the gold club won the silver slugger. Led the American League in hits with 213. Hit 338. OBS at 957. I mean 27 home run to 117. Runs batted in this it was great first year here I know there is okay. Yeah the problem is I think he participated in the home run derby. That 2000 eleven's third of the way and I wanna say yeah he had like 1713 home runs at the break. And had nine progresses things so yeah good numbers. That and that that continue the next year right before that trade you must've gotten word that he was going to trade. But for the trading with the hit I six home runs you're like me. Like a table setter but like wait you look like. It they've played ball yes in the first half of that season. He batted 354. Was seventeen home everything that he seven RBIs in half 31710. Home runs forty got journalists at home runs the second half of the season. He was on it he was out there not an exterior fifteenth home run. And but I think eight or nine of them came in in a bunch just before he got straight Nolan thank god play another problem. For Guzman who was the person. Not his fault no its second though yeah personal data. Second year of record player and you wanna go and got them. The I think you've checked out about a fundraising I'm up until about member of the appalachians and then they told me they traded my my best better member of the holding out I didn't hole. The damage there they never they never brought it up till that they were gonna we will guy at a. Why don't we hear about Kirk Gibson didn't and how many of the players don't like him or about Jim Leland. Ed who's upset what do you mean aliens pitching with a. Our love or rape Bobby and. Some people feel like you've checked out. Talk about half people like talking about it and I'm not saying they're out about this so quickly you know how quick. My man here Bart Starr. Or what butch it was easy to leave it under the US sailor and leisure and there aren't there but try to pay Edwards are a big red meat cart so. Was it just said something regarding Pedro I. Now at Busch owner I mean I. Well I would like Michael with credit card and a very good at that guerrilla tiger there does that gripped in the very proud that I hit glad. We were talking we're Bobby Bobby that such ignorant question on and on wrote that. Gringos. Are disabled he was not an hour ago whose Dick kfar who have the glue. That she wrote. Not me. I've just put out there on the very next week he comes into our studio Janet Fenway Park with boxing gloves and he's dancing around what he's been punched plan. And you've got a showman and you've got that on your that's part of your little thing and general stole that picture from me. Damn them coming after you Harold. Some of the day that the the premise here is the the Red Sox have made some major deals that ultimately have led to world championships some of them. Yeah. Now you can say that the B Pedro deal didn't immediately lead to a world championship and it didn't. By the same token if Pedro was not on the roster in 2004 they don't win the world championship. Even with the addition of you know they got Curt Schilling they got Keith fault they got Manny they get Dave and all that stuff if Pedro is not on the team I don't think they went. Yeah averaged just catch up to say that if it wasn't a direct lead to a championship like shilling shillings. Acquisition felt that way you know you get them. And in 2003 in November 2003 to win in 2004 you get Pedro. In in 1997 and you win in 2000. Nobody has not yet on your right but it your foundational piece for the they want and you got to that is crime records showing at the end you still great producer of the icing on you don't put you over the top. Or page are you needed paid dirty deals where you need just adult not being the covers are yet to get in the playoffs the sort of TV what I don't chilling agrees to the deal with Pedro is not here. Member that yeah Thanksgiving weekend trip to Arizona and the a when everybody you know the house itself that I mean yeah what would shelling have agreed to the deal if Pedro wasn't a foundation piece of this I don't think you would have. No man has got an hour you need to be Erica. Yeah you've got you've got and you've got a number one time place you've got a great team in place got a manager is two very comfortable with than Tito. That was his first year on the job so yeah a lot of things going for. Going for a guy that you trying to recruit to to the Red Sox. It is losing those first entries you give up now second two in their merit it terrorism and whatever happened. When Robert Casey Kelly whatever happened to Raymond Fuentes. Mean look at some of these names and it's like quicktime the first round pick right there are some connection to Carlos Beltran and they. It Eric cousins have a all right or what Jason was the twentieth overall pick in the 2009 to do related to doctrine or or registering a jerk because you know I. You know they wonder what will Hillary get an idea that you are being that your okay appliance Carlos Beltran comes I'll get a cousins Eric Eric Patterson whatever happened yet he also. Casey Kelly last year pitched in ten games of the Braves really ERA five point 82 in. Once start. The relief appearances. Is apparently still bill Eric Patterson played from 2000 sevenths 2011 has played since. So. Does if if Joseph on Mon Mancha. Becomes. You'll want excuse me not gone. If you're on mine got a becomes. If he falls between Anthony Rizzo the best players at any risen handling your media right guys were dealt away. It is somewhere between those guys a feel good about the deal. But if he's if he's better. In Brazil it is beat out better than Manny Ramirez and yet everything. That's painful can bail out I don't agree with you and that you say always take the picture. And I say there are situations where you don't always take departure are rare instances like you guys set a Mike Trout gets offered okay I'll go for Mike Trout well you guys don't get dealt every situation is that ought to read this tricky. This is. A judgment call and it's not it's not obvious. This is one of those situations where you don't always pick the picture by picture why well. Educate tell me get the Cy Young winner from last year so he's one of the best pitchers in baseball. It's gonna give you who has earned net start. And number one star searcher Wichita and you're not gonna go now. 88 and you have another Cy Young winner on your steps for your top two guys Ers are young went up so you and and I don't think that that we don't think there is good it's got it just got I. They needed another starter. Adept when needed another starter David need. Chrissie. You heard it didn't need could do it the Red Sox need to get Chris failed to. No it to win the division to get well I went out there on the division without a mighty good don't they didn't need him so. When you trade like I beg god becomes great you'll come back that pain. Why do we don't about the number one prospect in baseball for someone who really didn't need. All the close is the closest example here is is Anthony Reza. Who has become a great player for the Chicago Cubs now if if you want among cotta becomes Anthony Rizzo. And Chris Sale. I guess stopped being Chris Sale now and I think you've got to beat everybody went crazy yeah that's what if Chris Sale continues to be Chris Sale I don't care Q1 month gotta become the resort somebody. And if Edmund got a becomes. Rizzo I'm OK with that took I think Rizzo is a good player I've. I'm not going crazy Rizzo you called grape I don't think is greatly -- really good it is a good player did nice job for them how would you rate now as teammate. Bryant hit enough of that that's great player. A big big if he becomes Chris Bryant can we gotta we gotta get propped. Would we got it Chris Sale continues to go that's and I'm like it would yes it'd get it if you want McConnell becomes Chris bright. And Chris Sale continues to be who he has spent I'm still okay with just. If if they if they win the World Series this year you're baptism. Or sales at big part of he's a big reason you should do they needed to win the division now but you know what maybe they do need him to win the whole thing is once you get to the post season. We don't know what sailors but we ordered other prices maybe I guide Carolina and maybe even more so all my guys while the once you get there you need that guy. And maybe Chris they'll pin at the unanswered question but you know open this year to find out. If if I asked you to play out a bettors chants. One in exchange to probably the best thing that I know I know this is completely against Germany are very tuna but her but play along with one in next hands that you want Mon cotta becomes. A great player in baseball it's a one in what chants three. Wow I low. I'm at 33% chance that becomes a great player. I'd say one in five at best just because of the merits of 20% in his 20% chance I am great player not the Turkey not a good player you know not an Anthony Rizzo but a great. Perennial all star. Have it that yet or a perennial all star. You know we are winning 31 to. 80% 33 property clean it up. 50% ordinary eight to eleven all thought I. Prospect and are one. Yeah him in Barcelona and and that is exactly how did it. What I don't want to prosper but I know my goddess non native garb Grady league again about a now. Yeah not the words daddy's daddy's got a name tattooed on both left our thoughts and Robert Watson could you give us updates. I'm sure we can get the AAA box scores here for India also start the season AAA and he won't be their long.