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Late Night with Arcand - WHO SHUT OFF THE STATION!? 12-6-16

Dec 6, 2016|

John Farrell is back with the Sox and there is debate to be had. We take a listen to Tom Brady's Monday interview with Kirk & Callahan.

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These fees late night with Christian art can talk Sports Radio telling you. League night with Christie and art can. Right now are Sports Radio WEEI. Hey Kyle Lowry. Late night Sports Radio WEEI thanks for staying up with me here arcana now strangely taking your phone calls it 617. 7797. And 937. And your text messages here on the board at 379837. Public sex ornery here to start up this hour. Number one text in the 774 singer the Sox thinking it Curtis Granderson. As our next DH. You can get someone off the day out now and then in the outfield do you like the option or would you rather go after anchor Nancy on. I give him five years twenty million a year you can give Hanley days off the first. Because he doesn't always stay healthy. Well. It's injures and her Curtis Granderson is a name that's come up yet and her debt. I get him for real short money if it's any sort of bidding or anybody else I would stay out of it. I thought maybe they'd be a little more aggressive going after Carlos Beltran that didn't happen Matt Holliday had totally forgot was even around I'm surprised he signed. That one year deal with the Yankees and passed up on four million dollars. The qualifying offer he got from Saint Louis I think wish seven area of seventeen he sat for thirteen is Eric. As that was dom. But I do you know. It doesn't it doesn't even make sense for Israel well he's trying to hang on win a ring so we leave Saint Louis and go through the Yankees. It. At the thank you mr. sterling. I'm not I wouldn't go out and making the hard running Curtis Granderson. I'm not sure Curtis Granderson. Give you that much more from that perspective anyway or give someone a day off now and then in the outfield the now is next DH. Chris Young to do that. It's Chris Young as good as Curtis Granderson now but it granderson is certainly no spring chicken. And it. He's not Carl's Belcher any I don't know I did what granderson do last year. Sort of feel like he was starting a falloff in many had a resurgence and I don't know. Guy like him and can be an intriguing possibility. He is. How old Lucy 35. At that news older. Last year you at 237 with thirty home runs and 59 RBIs and he is 35 years old. Thirty not thirty home runs and 59 RBIs Teddy do that. That's amazing for 64 slogging. How do you have thirty home runs in only 59 RB that's a lot of solo home runs. Wow. That's hard to deal. It's hard to hit that many home runs. And have that few RBIs. How did he do it. Played a 150 games Saturday only driving 59 orange. Was anyone ever on base when he got to the back. Ever. That's why I'll. Yeah you know listen I didn't really hit thirty home runs last year quiet thirty home runs really driving 59. Fifteen it's going to be. But my goodness. Yeah you know what I take it ensured they're a fire granderson. Those numbers don't blow me away at 335 on base percentage slug for 64. With thirty home runs thirty home runs and a thirty armor as Citi Field. Yes they aren't sure. Figueroa granderson fine. Short money maybe a 12 year deal match. I do it. I would spend a lot of money now and get into a pissing match or some other team of fort but I would get I'd bed Tigger and anchor Anderson sure. Texas as a viewer as upset as I am about Beltran. One year out here to get an eighteen million you know left handed bet he's a great transitional replacement I was I was pretty high and culture into I would like to see him get him. I thought it would have been ideal actually. A one year deal 39 year old guy we know is an age 2829 home runs probably more. At Fenway. I would have been. Very okay with with Carlos Beltran coming in here. I think that would have been another situation though where. It's funny but you know a 39 year old DH. Suddenly. Is a valuable thing. People were all hustling to. Train and and get these guys these older guys who can't really play the field anymore and now were Blakely is gonna be DH is an these teams that they've signed with. Matt Holliday is not gonna play in the up he can't play India feeling more. Beltran tenders morality mean all these Al he's the ages of signs and maybe that tells you more about the about the market right now. But it's interesting and it's sort of gone down at this time my prayers have been answered. Yeah we we it's to put a stop says the baseball talk real quote we have a very special caller line one right now for the first time in weeks months even. I get to hear the melodious voice of my friend and yours GK in Quinn GGK. Where if you bet I've missed you I was worried about. Patient and I tried I tried to Asia in the I. Yeah I hit it or not. Somewhat generic dot. I try to get at it that it. The station I want answers I wanna know who is. Affecting the broadcast speed of GK going he had an unacceptable. Like yeah. Pat Riley got especially today. GK what are you doing up so late visited it late at night minded as we are what are you doing up right now. Well I just want to I want the patriot. And yeah. I've got a bit later how the game yesterday. Asia and not and is allowed. Sure you have good I good overall game a dominant performance over a over a bad team beast though you got when those games. It out they have. Sorry bit. Yeah I you know this Monday game's going to be a tough one at the top of the Baltimore Ravens yeah. DK how would you Thanksgiving I must now. It was in our mind was stand fabulous I had a great time and I'm looking forward to Christmas do what he got going on for the holidays. All. Unless I get well it might have gotten. Ali and her like dressed list and that they spend it. Or it. A part that I know that what it. And I'm not. And and then. And then as the next. They listened K not the plan ahead that much averages are asking for Jed at the gimme a break down everything you get it's why are you make your plan you colony its army in a weekly you know and then we'll go from there a cut. GK it was great to hear community. That's very. I actually do Christians. I call back any time don't don't go so long that problem now worry about Erica. Thanks deacon. He came when he. Warms my heart to that point really that. I'm real I'm real space Meyer critique yet as we should just figure a quick second to explain to listeners that might not GK frequencies to call the Red Sox review and been there in season. And would call every night and it would talk to Mike and Nancy and mark obviously as no appreciation for our agree listeners so. Arc and and I quickly became very very fascinated by GKH re all once actually only glowing things to say about that the Red Sox who wants to while she hopes everybody's doing while she's just a nice old Lee. Who's calling sports talk station at ten past 1 in the morning and in some listeners aren't necessarily fans of ours and she buys it we have no time for you sir are damn whom do not appreciate GK. We love where do you live early oak she calls please yeah it mattered at least once a week. Certainly. Now attacks are saying. How I did not receive a qualifying offer from Saint Louis what are my what my thinking of that howdy lose money I thought he lost money in this whole deal by signing with the Yankees. Maybe I'm wrong maybe a thing or somebody else but I thought for sure I heard today or read today or something today that holiday forward. And forgo on an extra four million by by go to new York and not staying in Saint Louis. Maybe opted out or something I don't know exactly what happened there have been and maybe I heard the wrong information but I thought that I thought that was what was evident. I granderson is not a free agent by the way either via trade if they end up take Enron and him. I thought that was an unusual man I didn't united assert looked over the freeagent less than that I that I forget about granderson deny and he would he still under contract. They have to trade him away from from the match. I don't know I don't know what I'd put up in a tree offered for Gallagher Anderson. He's a free agent in our guy and I take around. But if they want to announce something real something tangible. Back for the grandy man I don't know about that. 6177797937. Inch phone number 37937. Asian number on text. The big news Red Sox news of the night however is and who their next DH is going to be it's the managers going to be for at least this season and the next. Policy gets fired I mean I guess a lot obviously happen in that's one thing people need to remember is that you know he's not sign on for seven more years. It's this year and next year. And if the Red Sox. Our good. Don't worry they'll fired John Ferrell. Okay that's that's something that will happen. If the Red Sox ever. I don't you wanna say get off to a bad start. But if they do get off to a bad start and we're coming up on the all star game and it looks like the blue jays in the Oreo. Blown past them I can't imagine that that would happen I really can't. I can't imagine added that pitching staff that offense. The bullpen maybe a bullpen might end up costing you some games but not enough that it's gonna put Jon Farrell's job in jeopardy I don't think. I think they're gonna have to really screw Upton and everyone's gonna have to go on the tank. In order for Jon started. To lose some of his job security. And I just don't see that happening. Now I call call me crazy but I feel like a team that just won 95 games and has. All of these young players in their early twenties continuing to improve and play towards they're you know contract years. Is a good thing and and I think it. Enough barrels lucky to have been counting he's gonna just T let that you know go to waste. He's he's a lot of things. But I think I feel like you sort of gets the big picture here. Any understands you know that. Despite the fact that this team was pretty successful this season and you can you know are well their loss in the play out and over there 195 games are on the east. And they didn't have the plan wild card yet. I would like to sit and run and that buzz saw in Cleveland there but you know what it's over the blue edges they could have had home field Christie and that's clearly jawed barrels all of that would've gotten swept in their home field big deal. There weren't going to be there aren't suddenly going to be Cleveland of course I'd mind. That team was added team is that and I I don't like the phrase peaked early I think that's a dumb phrase. You've peaked early now okay. Doesn't need to go on the tank the end of the year which they did. And it carried over into the playoffs. But I don't blame fair for that I'm not sure you can you blame her for that. What I tell everybody I guess take it easy now when you know maybe trying get a bag the playoffs now there's one game after they clinched three Ed that was the that a pitcher. Henry was Henry owns game right. He came in to pick sand next game after they claimed they lost that game and they wanna game. And then they just kept losing delusional and you just like. Mine. You some and then down here. Give me something to feel good about going in his playoff series and they didn't. And people still felt good about their plan out years well Porsche shallow. And price. They'll be able out dueled Trevor Bauer well that was just it was Cleveland was down right it's number one in two starting pitchers out that anybody you know including me really took Cleveland to be a serious threat to people more happy that they would have to go and see. I was happy data that he Toronto I think a lot of fans are happy that we can have tax season. Yeah. I wanted nothing to do with her honor. Or Texas. And Toronto took care Texas from the Indians the carrier. And and it took care of the blue jays in the they all almost took care of the cubs. And they did it all that to their three best starting pitchers. That's amazing. The Red Sox have lost two of their three best starting pitchers. Maybe would be talking about how John Farrell's managing for his job and didn't get that extension this year because I don't think he what do. And I wouldn't necessarily been his fault either. But if you watched four sided it was Stephen writes I'm an awesome one of their best pitchers over the course of the year and that was his fault so. Barrels Saudia was Jennifer while I was young girls while. And I don't know for sure no one knows for sure that Stephen ray would have continued pitching and it's Cy Young level for the whole rest of the season heading not. Dole back in the second base DC was put there to pinch Ryan and again. Did this Steven Wright thing. I would say it was pharaohs biggest leap up in the year which you agree with that. Was there a bigger one now and I wouldn't agree that that. That was even a I was being facetious when I said it was John Ferrell spot is a little little insane. To gist is that a professional athlete in 2016. Died back in the second is that hurting himself not a yeah freak accident should I don't think it was something that if Stephen Wright had to do a hundred times he hurt himself you know 99 times I think that was. Just an awkward play in it in now. Those things happen sometimes. Bite. To put him out there. When you add other pitchers who you could have put out there were probably a little faster than Stephen Wright in just think in. And who have done it more recently who have been pinch runners more recently who have had that run the bases. Drew bomber answer right there. Tarvaris pitched in the National League recently. He's run the bases recently. It was in San Diego early this season he ran the bases with that when is the last time Steven Wright had to go on and run the bases. Was stupid. That was not a good place to put him. Especially guy it was is important to your success at that point in the season ST or what he would start to fall off a little bit if your remember yet about two bad starts in a row before that. In a base running gaffe or nobody was really convinced that Steven Wright to be able long term. Standing in tibia as a good starting pitcher and he could rely on just because he's a knuckleball pitcher great. Demand she do it. God. He was unhittable. For the first 23 months of the year. And I mean really unhittable like he was thrown an eighty mile an hour and a global. No one was coming close to it now he looks really strong there were points where he was downright dominant. Unless you know there was a third of a rain or it was a great human outside early it was really yuniesky completely fell off come all the big Steven Wright supporter I just figured it's insane to go which Jon Farrell's fault that a pro athlete when he sixteenth can't dive back into second base job early call that in knuckleball pitcher who looks like he has the foot speed of on our. Can't things from the Lorena. It doesn't look like he's very fast is the point. It looks like you know your friend's dad. You put them out there are on the bases when you and many other options yet she's pro deadliest in terms of that meg segment. But also and I think even knew Grecian but they're all my friends to add as you've seen bolts it's like. I'm completely making no I am friends with a two year old Jamaican boy he's a great conversation. We make each other laugh at this guitars Anderson earlier saying he should not have been out there. Don't you think part of it could be on him where he deterrent and say why you putting out there. Why you know drew apart there's ten other people he asked to put in this position that Steve right. If you are you on the Steven Wright in resisted more I mean if feed. Managed to judge on the based on the basis because I feel like airplane players now who say why are you putting out there again and we all. Com the image in and Wednesday do you manage intelligent. So he's he would be diva for going out there but it's still not. Anderson attribution to decide to put him out there it's simple I don't think there was you know way he'd eaten the blues pulled do something needed it most players react that way the American. Five in order from their manager. But it was an order that should have never been given at the ages it's it's ridiculous that a pitcher who is doing and on natural act to be pitching a baseball is unnatural acts rate bought. You put so much. Where there. Beat tell yourself that one little thing like diving back in the second base is the end of the season at in saint Anna a guy who throws the ball. Often lose knuckles eighty miles an hour over and over and over again. And it's fine and that's what it says knuckleballer. Ice finds an apple volleys pitch forever. Is thrown a ball eighty miles an hour and he's gripping it with his fingers gripping problem. After harder to do that much anyway. You still have to take all that impact. You nobody east European each extra appeal like it's it just. I I don't know. How somebody can I get the point yet maybe he should have been out there but the fact is he was out there he was in that position in need. Gets hurt how you get hurt in that position. It really is not stony. Yeah and it worked out that's at think they didn't have the deepest bench at that time if I remember correctly guys like Chris Young were hurt there was a lot of guys on the mend. Was a little odd that it was his first decision yap like. What other opera options did he tapped others didn't seem right. You're right and it's actually says Tricia before he had heard officially complete game shattered against the Dodgers that true but the two starts before that against the trade in LA not good. Against the trailer for a two thirds gave up eight runs on eight hits and then the start after that was against LA on the road trip. Went five innings ten hits you know three runs. Not not terrible but not in nosy area went up. The Sierra and the European. In the threes. 333 inning was his tone of the area at the end of the season. And may it was in the twos. Allen Joan it was in the twos Vienna Jersey area with 218. And July it started you know we kept winning games but he wasn't quite as dominant. Benny had those two games against Detroit in LA in any at a game with the Dodgers and then. Well we don't know what happened after that. But things were starting to the point I was making there's two things are starting. Look a little less you're starting to look a little less like himself he is looking human sparkle human. And not liking knuckleball throwing cyborg idea I just don't see that being the the events that led to this Red Sox team getting swept in Cleveland the event that led this Red Sox seem to not clinching. A home field advantage in the first round now but it did leases. Stephen Wright not being able to pitch form for the entire month of August or September and that loses in the detriment that was that hurt. They were there are struggling you know I mean got Buchholz. Going into the bullpen and then come on back and Eduardo Rodriguez started pitching well too but they never really had that. That full rotation where you looked at all the guys and thought okay this is this is good let's let's keep this up here drew Palmer and I mean imagine a Stephen Wright. Pitching it close to the level that he had for the first two and a half months was your starter at the end instead of Rodriguez Palmer answer buckles. If you replace anyone of those of those three. What Rodriguez wasn't. Really right when he came back either right away yes sure he got better because enclave buckles was an EO Clay Buchholz at the beginning of the season was there are sort of out of necessity. And everyone just assumed that all while Eduardo Rodriguez is coming back and everything's going to be fine and things worked fine for him. Right out of take it you're right 61777979837. If your phone number we're gonna switch gears when we come back. And hear from Tom Brady he was on with Kirk in Jerry and Pete don't meet shepherd Monday morning. Any reacted to becoming the winningest quarterback in the history of the NFL also hear that next don't go anywhere this is late night on Sports Radio W media. Back to more with Christian art can now on Sports Radio WEEI. Bet here shortly and WEEI play pilot Eric Cantor we're gonna do right now. I hear from Tom Brady he was on was heard Gary and Timmy shepherd Monday morning had a lot to say about becoming the winningest quarterback of all time. So without any further ado here it is for Monday morning on the curtain Callahan show with teacher per here's number. I talk radio interviews brought to you by house lubricate. Northeast electrical distributors might pillow digital federal credit union in DC DC if you can't buy your New England Cadillac dealers. Tom joins is always on the team to outline Tom good morning. I do and I looked at numbers like question I'm sure you've heard this I think yesterday we should 201 wins no. That's right yes and yes that that's more than anyone else to did you have a chance to see Brett blogs Brett favre's video message to you congratulating you. I did a different sense to me in. We were in touch this week a few times. Different. A couple things that we're talking multiple ISO. We we exchange of text messages to and he's he's a great guy from oil slipped up to and he. Played the game for you know there's nobody more physically and mentally trust America which he. Incurred that streak there yeah it was incredible in. You know of course really looked up to and so it's really really cool. When did you start when did you start. Becoming aware of its record of the numbers summing it just kind of popped up a month ago or something chewed it scene for awhile. Yeah I don't it is probably you know definitely you received an ambulance and even columnist Peter and think about that are. You know I still really don't think about these types being. And because we're just you know I feel like we're still so much. In the middle of it it's not like you have time to reflect and think about it that's really. You know. Agreed statistical work very record. Shockley got pitcher just you know you're focused every week which are trying to do here. Not thinking about anything that you'd try to think about more you're tired you know but it is cool. You know I have so many people congratulate me in India. In largest. Etc. before but it's it's a girlish team records to Meehan in there's nothing you can do and so poised individual it's although. You know the collective effort and to be a part of something great teams and great coaches it's. It's been a privilege for me and it's been a privilege took place for this team for as long as I have been. Looters but that I love doing like playing football and get ready to play shall also. Outside of my favorite that's kind of what might do you know we're we're all my energy goes so it's. Very rewarding when it pays off in winning conceptual world trying to accomplish and I got a lot of people around me that support me that are just as committed. And I and so I really share in those experiences with everybody else and I think that's. That's really have a feel. Idea pharmacy very cool did you happen here from the guy whose record you broke Peyton Manning and how about I saw the lead tweeted a congratulations did the commissioner reach out to. That that the you know I I did hear from page and so I you know he's. Again he's someone that I have always been in touch referred you know long term I've known him for. You know sixteen years so yes he he sent in a very nice note in. You know a whole lot of respect and I have a lot of respect for him and all that he accomplished and so. He's not he's a great guy we've we've got to share a lot of things in common in. Just always appreciated it as well. And heartbeat come on and that the commission that he wasn't either I don't hear it weeks. Atop reach a long time you don't. IP or you get it's by the way tell your debt that you for the kind words that's the question is what's really been out about rebels Friday night here. But yet that's it's a nice things about me to go over well a couple which goes up so much appreciated but. What we got before the one played through leader blog the touchdown that's prize you win you 43 oversee a 43 or 41 go for a score like that. It's nice when that happens because you know I look we're trying to get that perhaps we are and we talk from the situations you know run for yards in the and think it's amazing about Gary you know it is no one talks about you know peace be it and mean our company trying to seek gone through the defense in north catches them you know we've always direct. Possible game in the rain. You know bunch of years ago for four years ago. He just you know he's got a great long speed in he's just say yeah he had an incredible year so. We're gonna need it we're gonna need contributions from from all different areas because. All the teams are tough now and it's you know even yesterday we are graded wasn't perfect but you know we've found and made enough plays on defense played great. Into an organ in the stated on the stretch. It's Tom what about how was at the without crock obviously. First full game with items that should back him. Did you feel like you're in sync with. With the play calling and particularly towards the end people gonna ask you know why you're in at the end of the day was it strictly because you wanted to get more reps. Without Graf being in the line up. Well I think it's you know we're all these teams were close you know they're not handled yesterday you know 26 to three at one point and but you know we're trying that were playing for a lot here so I don't think it's ever. Great to take your foot off Padilla hospital in in a week to use many reps as possible all the guys out there 'cause. There's different situations that come up that are continually gets sixteen weeks here to try and now. In each of the practice but there's really you know there's not a speed there's not urgency. In you know there's not a decision making because none bigger unscripted and practice you going to talk about his place around. It is defense was as we can get in your became a naked you know then it's all about decision making really under pressure. You know with everything on the line so the corruption get Malcolm poke him in Denmark Ellison president played with you know the better get so. You know we. The broker has been a huge part of what we've done he's from the focal point of girlfriends since he got here. And it's always more challenge and you don't have the caliber player but we're still going to be able to. You know find ways with the border on the field that's what our job isn't a surcharge takes a lot of pride in that and I mean no one wants to distort now what do attribute that we're gonna keep fighting and try to fight waste of root ball downfield and score points and turn over have been important for a separate defense to a good job in the ball off for them. There were doing a good job protecting the ball so that's been in good form together because that's been really important part of the reason forward into this year. You know we we talk votes in the last week after the crock these came out Thomas Kirk and an expert I should say yes we're we're identify yourself. And dust and we saw again at the end of last week we talked to a Broncos an empty measured before the show to then obviously last year when you and I had a discussion about how's Guerrero. It it seems like Archos is a guy who might benefit from that kind of work and when you told us last year. As book and these guys get hurt guys and how to work out you do with a different way. It seems to me now with all these injuries rock might be a prime candidate for that kind of change I'm asking is not knowing if these are done am I wonder if you look at it you see the nine surgeries. The three back surgeries the ACL the army you think the same thing when you seek rock or maybe I'm wrong he's doing that stuff and on the. There are you know I think it's it's always have to be individual in you know he's still with certain things that you know are. We're almost impossible to avoid on the football field. Yes sometimes it's just bad luck. You know and for me I mean I try to do all the things I can do to avoid. It's many things is possible won't be proactive as possible so that. You know I can you know try to be out there every week so I believe if you had a great foundation it ends up being a lot harder to get hurt. In them you know that's kind of where I always focused on my time and energy over the course of the week so that. If you know you're gonna get that you know you can assisting these impacts and helping your body be prepared. Two to withstand those things so. You know what definitely. Gone about it a different way than probably 99% of the people that have played you know itself. You know I have a lot of belief and conviction how I feel and you know I tried it. I tried you know instill that in the guys settle with but in other. You know some guys definitely understand it work hard it'd been been wanna do the right thing and you know sometimes when you're young you don't feel anything single white or any different time and energy and something that I really don't feel. There's a problem in. You know I probably took for me to be. You know thirty years old to really understand the wow you really notice a difference and I know certain little vigilant but not on a real catastrophic. Scale so. You are working part its fuel and as best they can't I think that's important. In you know every step of the way every year you know you try to improve on different things so. But is it just charges a friend and teammate and somebody who benefits you. These are kind of thing where you go to gronkowski and say hey listen I mean it's it's probably worth it to try and take a look at this or do you stay out of the way. Aren't known yet if I'm on capitol lot of conversations with chrome came in and in you know everybody that I play went. You know I think I have conversations with because they all ask me about that too and it cost me about you know my routine and Kim quote has definitely been very committed you know pursue some things that are very challenging to overcome the football player and you know he's in he was dealing with you know different injuries at different times and aggressive from those things are can't hurt perked up two point. Yen down. You know I think everybody can benefit from it that's why. You know I've that's why makes them look the conviction that I have a talk to different I drove leads that are texting me all the time Wanda. You know understand more in you know it's pretty cool cause they do feel like I have learned different way and I wanna show that a lot of people. You can say you keep saying you'd learn a different way at what point do you say. I do with the right way is it appears you've done the right way Tom when you think of what you've done at this age and a wealthy man. Yeah because I. In the dirt I think there's a right way for a renewed look like everything at Madison community so controversial for some reason you know it. Click religion and politics and all the things that really it's really up to the individual to choose and everybody is different goals. You know and Michael has been you know after I felt like title I've. You know learn how to basically general. Try to keep my body from getting injured and I just feel like you have to be out on the field can help particularly what value of my to the team. What type of it has seen if you know come hurt now on the field look like Iran missile did not quit. You know mister Kraft and in the fans and I just you know do you view you can't help the team when it got out there in different positions require different. You know levels. Strength and conditioning in. You know I think they key to sustaining. You know the impact is is how your muscles pliable and that's often long and the ability to absorb the hits and really balanced and that's what we're focused on and so. I spent a lot of time with ballots were coming and keep my muscles moments often along with that goose is good nutrition and keep my information reached down and keep in my model really hydrated. You know legally cross country flights that you. You know you you do a lot of things to be tight preachy you know you and I stayed very hydrated so it's a combination of things. And I feel. Put me in a great position to. Take those hits in. You know again there's some that you can't avoid and that's part of football but the ones I feel it you can't avoid those little of that board and I think that's. You know why how I tried to stay out their personal. You it went to the party said in ninety said state briefly didn't stay long. And you were at the stadium 8 o'clock five hours before kickoff is that hard to do mean do you. Is it hard to not you know hang out the party and have a few Beers and not sleep a little later at this point. No it's not for me because. You know I've. I think they'll get time to you know sit back and reflect and enjoy those experiences that I date. I take them for what they are all those guys were at the party did not play in the backstage so. You're it is important Rita. Take a rest and you know it was nice to see you know a lot of guys that I played with but I concede or could you know my meetings finished 830 at night. You know in I wanted goats stopping and couldn't important meets you know see those guys in the and you know mr. Kraft to put on a great event and I wanted to just. You make sure I was supportive of that and then Arafat to get you know get to bed so. And then to get up the next stage in the be focused on the game that's that's what my energy was that it's not a sacrifice that look you know in India today. I love what I do. You know I load the experiences that I've had in you know that's what I enjoy I I would still like my motivation is. You know that. You know I could've should've done better you know and the battery after every game that's what I think outage couldn't on this shouldn't on this and I think it's. A little maniacal because she you know you do if you deal with so much stuff sometimes the games. You know it's it's there's a lot imperfections Opel and flooding perfection which you do out there. So it shouldn't make a split second decisions and it's gratifying when you're in command of the game in the manner that was pretty good game. You know and that's happened definitely and that's switcher which trying to strike force so. And it's for me but I just try to put myself in a position every week to be the best I can before Mateen. By Tom we'll talk to next week I expect. That was Tom Brady from Monday morning with Kirk Callahan and Pete in each ever gonna take a quick break here. And be back to wrap things up next on late nights were traded heavy we via. Patriots and Bruins Red Sox Celtics and more let's get you back a Christian I can't watch Sports Radio WEEI. I'd just. A few minutes left here late night Sports Radio WEEI wanna crawl into it quickly it's 61777979237. We're Greece said Bruins won tonight so that's lost. John Ferrell as the manager. For this season and the next one. Contractually anyway so get fired I guess. And the major hitch. Back at practice today and snapped Tuesday as they Yury for the Baltimore Ravens. Then Monday night game which I hope was it well at least be facts that I care for the big game and this is this Monday game tonight was awful. I just an awful awful future game that lead me you know why are people so called in the nine and I appreciate that. Before we go. There's one thing I wanted to touch on because if if we don't get allotted time weird certain. Topics and I'm not sure if they're gonna talk about this tomorrow morning or not Roemer is going to be in with them so maybe he'll bring it up but some pretty awful happen in the world today. Monday guess some some pretty bad happened Monday. And that was down to South Carolina. Where Michael Slater. Was. Allowed to walk free. After a mistrial was declared. In the shooting of Walter Scott which if you don't remember this one. There's been a lot of police shootings in the last year. Some seem pretty straightforward some seem. Very confusing some you don't have all the things you know all the details are everything on video you only see the aftermath or whatever. But this particular one. Was one of those no doubters. There's a trap was 9:30 in the morning there's a traffic stop. The guy Walter Scott get out of his car start running the officers later chased them. Into a backyard and some guy walking by just happened to tape it. Any tapes leaguer as Scott turned and ran away from minutes later fired eight shots in the Scots back. And and killed them. And then he rearranged the crime scene to move this teaser oversee that looked like you know he added in and and didn't perform CPR into any of that stuff handcuffed the guy hourly news on the ground dying and it was all captured on film the shooting was captured on film. There was no doubt. That this man was fleeing. Then he had his back turned that he was no threat it says the officer at that particular time. And the opposition army times now be used judges Slater of the cops brought up on federal charges too but he was also tried for murder. And eleven of the twelve jurors. Look to convict except one and we don't know with a one was I don't know warning of more really but one of the rural letter to the judge. Saying that they would not be swayed they could not be convinced. Beyond a reasonable doubt. That's later. Murdered this. Guy Walter Scott. And I'd heard yesterday that there we did that was going on and then today they they announced it was a mistrial slayer was allowed to walk out of that courtroom a free man now he still lasted beverage trial for the federal charges. And it. They can always retry him it was a mistrial it wasn't you know belly he was declared innocent. It was a mistrial so they can maybe trying to get with a different jury. But the fact that Lee. The situation a shooting. That was that cut and dry. I mean there was no mystery there is no what happened right before do we see the do we know the whole story we saw the whole story the whole story was on tape. Eight shots into a man's back is he ran away. And that officers going too. He's thirty home right now I mean you. And I think that's just an awful thing. And I'm not saying this is not an anti police statement. Because I don't think what happened in that courtroom today is good for the police either. I think what what we saw was an absolute. Decisive 100% no question about it instance of the system failing. In that there was one person on a jury. Who. Despite compelling. Overwhelming evidence. Refused. To convict a police officer. If you can't convict a police officer for what we saw on the video. Then what did you ever convict them for. And I personally I have a lot of friends in my life it's people who I've known my whole life growing up with. Were police officers I respect the job that they do I think it's one of the most difficult jobs in the world. Especially in the particular climate that worrying here in America right now. But nothing good happens. When it. An officer anybody else is caught on camera doing something like bad. And they can finally got to put on that jury who used to convict them. That is a bad thing it's bad for. People is bad for black people is bad for police obviously bad for everyone. And I wanted to put that out there before a sign off and I don't know if they're gonna talk about it tomorrow or not I hope they do but it's been some that would bother me all day long. And before that even and that's my time I want to say thanks to Brian G great job back there behind the glass thanks for the college factors and you Twitter followers I'll be back tomorrow at 10 PM. And also tomorrow the debut. Reach key from the afternoon jokingly to listen that either. I'm adding your have a great rest your head everybody get. Not by any means but should it become an absolute. Actually hitting harder the jets need. Defense.