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Red Sox extend John Farrell's contract through 2018 - reaction

Dec 6, 2016|

Mut and Michael Holley discuss this Sox news late on a Patriots Monday.

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I would guess some breaking news. Dave Dombrowski announced that the Red Sox picked up. The 2018 option on job fair. They will not be a lame duck manager they vice student is first get together with immediate down they are saying. Some other things as well the headliner being that I guess they picked up the option for 2018 on the managers. So John Ferrell option picked up daily Arnold text line exploding at 321. What does it. We have yet to tell me when we come back to them what to say not short of words are you fans are thrilled right there word. The FCC does not allow me to use I hear on the radio I can tell you off the air. What the texts and tweets are immediately saying like that but at that for the first response at at June 2 that the retreat and it would don't why with seven. Why is after orchids are better than that I know better than black guy as question marks to listen to this stuff here. Not all cut back giving some more of that and your phone calls its dale and Holley know dale you missed bill ballot check waxy politically. On the 20012002. Patriots he hear that in final drive here on WE yeah. So I just spoke to job when he walked out here job earlier manager for about. So you results and his whole staff will be invited back of my anticipated that they will be back. Short of something else happening but everybody's welcome back I think it is very fine job for us. I was saved a prosecutor in the wrap up press conference Red Sox get swept out of the post season by the Indians. He's just spoke with the media at the winter meetings and add a layer to that not only is John Ferrell back for 2017 Michael. If pick up the option for 2018. And as you said the idea Leonel text line is littered so do reasonable or. Stuff on here not happy John Ferro was like my first sexual experience less than average sex or from. That's the message out there promised Robin. Are now that's up from the from the 860 so Ferrell is back British make a power move bring back Grady Little as the X would have been coach. Bench coach excuse me John Ferrell and Dave Dombrowski. Not good at what the expletive expletive. I have to explode I I they are. Is scrolling through here. I see zero positive. Response and under the tax line itself is a negative negative place you know what it's. It is. It's just that just a negative just a breeding ground of negativity it is. John Ferrell is the Major League Baseball version of Jeff Fisher which it might be up fair criticism what I've actually have Red Sox let's just fiercer one. He's won nothing no Red Sox are expletive now. Over and over and over again and Alan I oh this is. It's not a surprise they did this today because when Dombrowski no spoke eloquently about. How in game stuff is overrated yeah we had barrels backs that you do this is going to probably get your ice still and I am surprised they didn't have to do this. They haven't I would like to see what had no no I didn't out of the team comes out flat the beginning of this year and they get out to a bad start then. Yup right. That's what you have to do it because it's because the Mike McMahon develop to become the manager got these these talk show host these these negative talk show hosts like you. Or make it an issue on April whatever whenever they start the day one. It would be hey it was contracts that is down for a four game losing streak able John Ferrell make it you know they have picked up his option. In all a new looser six out of seven here it is again it's a constant story alas. You send a message to the fan base but more importantly to the players. This is our guy if he's a guy making that guy and that's what Dave Dombrowski did you don't you don't agree with it. But from a management standpoint I was directing and edit I have a bright guy but was the right thing to do. Yeah I would like to see I thought they were too quick the last time this happened to not just 2007 team but they expanded on. I've got too early the last time went about this and I I would of waited to see what they're gonna do with the beginning of this year because of the noting that Brodsky saying that it which is a bigger story. He's alluding to not want a goal that luxury tax this year so the Red Sox these people talking about big moves and Edwin Encarnacion. Replacing David Ortiz and signing Greg Holland. Eight million boxes span particle that luxury tax number and a browse is saying today that. And the owners have not said he can't go over but there are reasons why like the standard this year so. That's the bigger story to me is that they're not gonna have this is not going to be some major offseason free free agent standpoint. They might try to swing a big. Yelp filled Ole hole left by David Ortiz but not gonna do it up to date rusty saying today. While they ask your question in and then basing your answer I can tell you. We we go somewhere out after this. Do you think that Travis shall ever be a good major player. He's a QBs like. He's good now he's not great he's good he's a middle of the road typical of replacement player level. Hitter but I there are stature but it's a bench player I think he is in the brought Cole mall where fees coming outer -- Michael you're deep team your good team. He's valuable piece are Gary's way it's okay that's a nodding in the week it's but it's not great you rather you you're always looking to approve restarting for every day that's it's about Travis show. Can look at it this way mutt and OK that's good answer and efficacy of about the same way you do put. They may have that's a long ways and that answer for that DH spot might be right here in house. If you if Travis sharp could be your their basements of charger third baseman double standard logic DH instead of all is your third baseman. Trevor shock could be your DH and yes to heck of a drop off from. David Ortiz Travis Shaw is another possibility possibility asthma and kinda instead of ugly Tripoli where it probably should be. He has a right spring training he makes a team out of the spraying at third and once again. You've got publicized demolish their basement. As your DH so I just don't see them going out and in spending a lot of money and DH it's it's a necessary wild card having answer right there well. He's also saying today they were never close and it freed who signed that would include Matt Holliday and Carlos Beltran and I thought Beltran for a year to your deal was a great. Stop gap to get chewy need to go. There they're gonna rely on it and they got bigger assigned somebody whether it's Pedro Alvarez a one of these scrap heap lottery ticket guys Michael. They're gonna sign of the your point's well taken they're gonna rely on in house whether it is Travis Shaw whether it is. And I forgetting his name now Sam Travis who had a great spring training last year that's another thing got hurt and he was the guy I was got knocked in the were making the roster so. They're gonna stick and how series also saying he. They love Henry Owens and OS LES had a very good obsolete or does not eerie ya gotta say so there will go. 'cause he's got deals to make so we can't go out you can't ripped Henry Owens if you think he's got an arbitrator values. If you don't think yesterday he got created yeah pump them up. Just so teams think they. You have given up on but I'll tell you who people have given up on. And that is your manager John Farrell he's that dude and everybody have what had some I'd like this in high school on us and I was this guy. But maybe Iowa State they know what to do you know you're going to lunch room. And and day you know you see what table are five or six people at that table have a good time to another table it for people haven't have a good time. Then there's not only did. Only till it is high talk for eight. And if I water bits. And nobody's talking to. Auto biographical abortion ads right. And everybody. And nobody's is played him you paying for this therapy session right now played a minute. Let's go over and give this guy some let's go over to ought to. Everybody can't be. Why does she does explaining why he deserves love them and go okay I'm all for I'm gonna go give him well why. What is he done to earn the love a Red Sox fans Michael what does he done to. Separate himself as the manager until the source first year and down went with the world's here right yes and it wasn't a hard look it was that we are leery of excellent yeah. Then did a year after the World Series he finishes last when you fire and then. No not after that OK especially that after after winning. The World Series you know fire took 2015. Two years removed from the World Series another last last place again kind of terrible he said he should he have been fired then too we just give premiere closer yes yes jet fighter you could if you patty managing like it better you could've easily go to get it out yet imagine I'd better do it but they didn't they did so I. I would have said this. After 2015 an opt in a fiery. Which are now on notice. You've got to show me something in 2016. To tell me that you know what the hell you're doing that that wasn't a fluke in 2013. It's what happened about sixty much. With a Cy Young award winner and an MBP candidate. Okay and I don't. And how they got swept out of the post you've got to regain documents are young award winner beginner yes and it now we did that day got all of what everyone probably slow them up Marcelo at the X and its allies but out here you're asked the question of the ironically yes you thought you went inside uncannily India at the wrong guy on the site on but yeah. Yes you thought you had a guy. Yet Cy Young winner and David Price if we do have much else. On the pitching staff. You know you got you got a Cy Young season out of rich person. Okay Bible why do you have to extend them now know what what's what you are given seventeen. Let's seventeen B a show every year it's been complete. The up and down he's the manager of a roller coaster. You're displaced last last first swept out of World Series two times and as opposed it one time they had the worst finish in like fifty boundaries yes for the Red Sox so what is being a Jack Black or half of results so 200740. Days they show me here or not extension year. You got your way right you console that you missed your shall we a year was 2016. It just gave them a Shelby year it was 93 wins and winning the Al east and getting an MVP. Getting swept out of the boat okay extraordinary life list live in those three games shore so. But the judged on getting swept out of the post season that you wanna do that. If you overreact to the post season. What David Price sucked in the postseason and reports also in the policies and David Ortiz and hit the post season and look at bats and hit the post season and audited Jackie Bradley and all of these guys have great read. Regular seasons so who cares about three games that used. You use that as your judgment for. I'm idea of not gonna use that and say OK based on this year. I'm an extent about guarantee 2008 you already what's the what's the benefit to doing that I'm not seeing the benefit of that whatsoever your Michael goggles were acting but you've got to respect deals clock. Well we got other got to respect Ailes flock because we respect that people miss Bill Belichick earlier today my god what love him. Telecheck had on the 2001. Patriots of your. You romanticize that team like Belichick does you're not gonna wanna miss a Bill Belichick on final drive next year dale and Holley Sports Radio.