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SNE Sports Saturday - Steve from Assonet 11-26-16

Nov 30, 2016|

Our in house handicapper, Steve from Assonet calls in with his predictions on this weekend's NCAAFB and NFL action...for hot dogs not money!

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On sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. I hope I've never really get some red headed homes review that I live in an air race Saturday climbing to the battle is doing what what Saturday radio program. Yes. That is the voice of Steve from a settlement are. Resident handicap her and yes we have a big weekend of college and pro football games in fact. We saw some played already on Thanksgiving gain again yesterday and well let's let's bring Stephen NC when he has in store for us this week hello Steve oh how aria. Our Lola chicken muddy. They would sorrow couldn't get on the air last week we had semi technical problems so we can get the show on the air but we're back this week I hope we got some winners force and OP had a good Thanksgiving. Well we got big big thing due yesterday. Today what are release. Q are simply might end up so. Yeah. Thank you bet on. College to keep these were. He's up I had only been out plays but give way to use. Review. Are all right let's start with a college teaser Steve. So Kate we go to a lot close. My beloved USC trojans are seventeen. And one half favorite. Over the fighting Irish noted there. A lot. More slowly but it. They've done stick or they open the girl. At the destruction of the Wendy's being taken away but the that was not. This is a revenge game of the throat slash here itself then. Notre Dame won't audit 131. They opened the game all year on the six I in this game for some until it has been up and all the great. But he will be decided later on this evening at 730 what you've talked based on Colorado. If you'd Darwin Beck being. But the trojans Libya where they will be in the back well check it should be based in adult. He's watching this so the stakes are very. That is to stand Arnold or that freshman quarterback the government. The real deal got. He's gonna get some balls well I'd trophy not what Linda is the rookie but he gonna get on to arrange my. So what we're gonna do when a team best seventeen. Points down to eleven and and a and that's where one of the calls to these idiot. Don't let alone but can it. I put seventy out of reach achieved equality is just the Saturday alone. And I probably game house looking for in the game I was looking forward on the big part of why. The visiting U mass commitment my couples is. Our governor and a half point underdog little rainbow warriors lol why. Would whipple's cute. And but oh well so let's go let's go where the score well older rebel warriors could do some bulk. That means strengths schedule Angela is that is. UMass minutemen schedule. Or hate. It but they all books. Thought Earl directing. The BYU Cougars. The Louisiana Tech boom brought the Detroit throw the group we'll let you know because they are ranked in the top what it right when you have played. You script the actual quote rebel war is missing and okay. What is straight. Now that would that might not so much so an indication that let you know that the end of U mass in my book bogus tip board it would deter the rock around pretty good quarterback who's cute in footnote bottom. Pretty good building block out program our local bullies. When this game outright. But that even asked them nice cushy. Jews may spread. But UMass I expect you got the wings came out. Well then you should take him on the money line Steve forget about a decent up. Of course. Just look at stake at the show will put them in the east Obama. Auction in new equipment and that's true all right let's zero ODs. The other well to dean people that you. First let me go to Baltimore Maryland. Tolerate. Any ball ravens are four point favorite over the visiting there he'd been. There are reasons let all want to win this game yes there is a revenge factor. What does not beat Cincinnati in three years old. Last year they lost eighty people and he bank stadium. So that's just one of the reasons but then very have been. The other reason is on one you are a couple. Super Bowl champion that vote. And outside of the field we and move. And I don't think it's well bolt it in that go well he beat me. And Eddie is banged up everybody knows that they are triple. This game means that the ball or baseball capitol there's been able Pittsburgh did not want to be behind the well this game means everything the ball. Are. You Rick the fact that they are strong effort in Dallas. Lot last week but don't competitive. What does that Eddie. Lost their own apple. I mean they'll look to move them swing what to do that potential pop up off the bat to swing. The battery that this cotton. The human body could shore up the Reagan was empty but what can earn this spread all the way around Baltimore lost to. It. And that is a spectacle the route we go to respectively in that this game. Well Florida should all vote on. Miami in the stands and paper. Over the visiting number seven's there 49ers. Number seven got a little while water we were near a strip. Next to one side. And ninety year old. Hedo on the side of this you know front is Cuban community and down well more and more and you really know what the real deal. Now it's written on the back if you gold they and in ninety hole but it could become a part of my hand. All Miami in the game. They have the quiet despite being street and equipment last. Month that it people talk about like it was at the ball. Well that's because they've they've played themselves almost out of the division race so were early with the patriots taking control that I. I don't know that people still take him seriously to threaten knowing when in the division. Well I don't think they got it like that on the division I think picked up despite on while what else is all we do with the but one other number they get the sense that it up at that point but yeah I heard. Well that is who worked but thirty of 32. Rank in the you know oh. Jane majority via this guy is all right when they are better our is read it to Ronnie. In the end as well aren't you up for our. There as well you just can't stop by in Miami picked stirred up all. But hurdles placed in a position. Where the battle of what the rule book there's no way that the forty markets and when as he. So what but no we're gonna. Buy it from an app down to one. But I am so these are all more plot to. Miami minus one. Hi my last question for you Steve I'm I've looked at this line all week and I can't figure it out and when I see something like this usually I can smell a rat. The Oakland Raiders right now have the best record in the AFC's okay Terry and two. They play host to a Carolina Panthers team has just been awful this year. And to make matters worse than market outlook weekly who's in the concussion protocol OK they're leading tackler playmaker on the defensive side of the football. They are home hosting the Carolina Panthers the raiders. And they are three point favorites. Why is Oakland only three point favorite at home. Against Carolina in this game that looks too easy to me are they expecting some type of let down coming home from Mexico City I mean it's. I don't get it I'm I look at that line it doesn't make sense to me. And when I seal on that doesn't make sense to me usually that means stay away because they'd there's something going on there. What do you say earlier in your diet tried to just be his last acts that among. Little. An open at a local school. Put some reason which I don't Appleby too. But he's not a coming out very consistently. On Carolina what went for the read and it was Greg app yesterday now doubt the reasons. And you are right in Denmark you know what I mean battle it out I just I just know all that the bottom open outgunned. On offense. Eight cents. Won't book reader is that the playing much better late. There's been an issue in this game it would do 100 sent it to gain that red flag to school. All over the place as far as capping this yeah. I would still wait for. All right. All right I just looks too good to be too I can understand it. It stated that probably what. Honesty we probably end here but the. That's exactly right Steve O got a great Thanksgiving Danks is checking him thus it will do it again next Saturday. All right Steve from the summit with his picks to team teaser in the college ranks USC and UMass and a two team NFL teaser with the ravens. And the Miami Dolphins will take a quick time out when we come back on the other side. Our number two of southern ointment sports Saturday will have three things also Eric scallop venal from patriots football weekly will join us. When we continue on southern owing on sports Saturday on WEEI.