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Dale and Holley's Freestyle Friday on Thornton's last day

Nov 19, 2016|

All topics on the table for today, including best wishes for our pal Jerry who is headed back to Barstool.

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Emotions are running high today Michael. Going to be emotional day for us here crying all morning stands out that little boy is that might have been trying to get him change his mind and it's not working. After conference call it you don't just just let's start there and let the good point. I mean you're very Alaska. This is that the final day of the Daylon highly important program you are part of the program on the mast at. The 10:30 conference call this morning. Michael you're there yes and was there and was there I was there the guys that acts groom. I'm out not know however I have a very valid read op loads of which are valid reason. I forgot all checked and other I was in the office and lighting it. You are I mean I think I Theres I was in the office the you got your 10 AM. Our conference call at 1030. Anna is not in some might past and future employer. And I don't have that talking is currently don't have the top these people you don't owe them anything anymore and equity audit and order or hit he's hit. Good I don't know them any day any day occurred about 45 minutes later became an alternative forgotten that during there was a call in during the meeting you found out yeah I can't say everything and the city right now still a little bit money so you gotta gotta let it get it out I don't know he would talk tonight but he in this field. He was second deport my cats and future yeah you all. I'll it was a follow up so I can't work meeting I had to go to and then John what are meeting for for the job that matters to him now. Slightly Bert. Was some talk in immediate many of spike gets it it's sort of felt like one of those sitcom so they do an episode we realize they're just spinning off another sitcom. You know like it's Joey from friends or. And it only got and you go to the Jefferson's where it. You know you watch and all the feeling of salt Jefferson's. Because they wanted to show so that's what it's like it was not intentional is not a slight I was totally intentional RI or important people octave and I flat out forgot you guys are really important to me and I am I'm looking forward to. I get a lot today is gonna go like you know you don't have to view be diplomatic hole and a body that whole last resorts are good candidates at work are you gotta I gotta take on Robert Byrd. Take out people here. It's it's been bought a lot of things yes yes it's got a lot of the waters run deep Michael yes. Last fifteen minutes he's canvassing Jimmie to problems and the elements on Apatow. I shall now give me work like to score going add any body I mean that people have some people have they have gone it you. Is it is today the data to settle fabric. I have no ill will towards anybody this has been a phenomenal experience I appreciate. That it is really ought to organize your ran out sooner than their record that's at the Africa. Take your family business I don't enough mattresses. There are butchered but draw what are. Well known now like Ike I get this is not how I saw this this happened when I always wanted to do was to. Take the cool Leone family legitimate and I did when I was here and then we could leave the old job became legitimate while I was gone and it's it's going to be hard I am night continue to did not bwic. With you guys with our listeners to be able to like. You have a voice four hours a day or people drive and home it's it's gonna I'm an officer and truthfully I'm a little concern content wise. You know who will be here to blindly defend everything Bill Belichick has ever done or will leopard you. And not out one time they consistently as well as in why can't I I had no I haven't just lost the history now I know there was nothing there was never say somewhere. Stay consistent don't do it today and keep your record and keep your record clean. I've I've when he gives me a reason to criticize article about this I think in the opening he used the word metric is a verb. Well you know after all that well well well that's all. And that's still not a mistake you're director still claim. Because he was responding to a question. Is somebody opposed to him and they used it the same way. We're gonna we're gonna play it out of the entire thing for Ian few minutes regrets because it I related it was really good. So his first mistake was actually not his mistake it was that organizes their medicinal effect at. Still perfect took a liking your idea I watch a flaw. I realized out alive. Its own admission Thornton and a mission. And I did a good job here you do it again but it's a good job a great job here either. A nice job of and of a gap being in adjusting quickly Europe quick study. So if you weren't an error repeater no you know not one problem. All right there were some errors out there repeatedly or somebody. I'll argue I don't know I don't know. And you know it's a job that looks and not let we're not trying to pat ourselves on the back. Or may go up is pat dale on the back it's a job that looks easy especially for for where you sit dale. If you look at it oh yeah I can do that it's not as easy as it looks and you came into it that the key figure that figure that out pretty quickly. And you adjusted. And and you picked it up. I'll tell you what I did your coach abort your code to bow out like that's the word I used to Manning and the other days asking about the dynamic of a set like I get. I want to there were two guys who have been together for a long time to really competent guys. Who I don't don't need me if there's anything a person should learn in the world is that. There are no the general. On expendable people if that's the of the right words so. I I get in to this and it's a dynamic you guys have a chemistry and it's about read the room and fitness and a multi taking coaching it's exactly the way I put you guys were great nothing but it. Constructive and here's this will help and tried doing this and and I know it was. Very often far from perfect and sometimes in my multi was not properly connected to my brain I I admit that guidance to me about four times an hour yeah never not it would never didn't how fun. Detector tests rate Jerry's performance on a scale of salt to test him. That's British so assault is that bottom detached part of the periodic table it's just some weird kind of anti matter elements like I. It's mostly it's fun it's never not. Fun to come in and talked to guys that are bright able to say and bring different viewpoints and can disagree and not. Hate each other not glowering Wendell when the Microsoft. Not sit there are gone and he's accused in this guy it's just it's it's all part of the. The fund and the Willie Geist talked to one. Do you think you think I'm strolling price day. Mike's all of the good talk show hosts in the controlling. You know why they love them in Seattle that is that right Indian bend eleven there I think he has. It's OK yeah I think it's just wanted to compete on the shelf. It's like. A goal he gets one and half thumbs up. I'll grow old school for you guys it's like being any. It would be like Vince Lombardi. Trying to coach the run and shoot. Okay yeah yeah yeah there's there's the old school. You know hours sweep offense and then there's a morbid gimmicky offense. And you eat you fit into one and you know that and into the other is not fit the system. It and that the system and the city is not used to be a city not in warn that the city. That's what it is a I host intimidate the guys if I went back to Cleveland could be terrible. Just like act is that not the place anymore. I have to go back and have to listen for four years before it sort of thing on the radio. We don't adjust if you leave as you leave a city if you. It's not like it's just in you when you come back and always had just right where we left off everything is changed. Yeah I was thinking that earlier in an office who are talking about Tim bets. Good host what really got I mean knowledgeable. Likable guy but same kind of thing like you just kinda came here and made a mistake of trying to do. The Pittsburgh guy on Boston radio edit edit edit. We have to be honest about it too. You know it and it's important to think of talking in Europe is that I've talked to are employed to but yeah. Yeah but that's what governor got god it's about who you are you can't just say hey I'm from Boston in oh yeah I'd love to be. On Boston radio. And and pretend that you've been you've been keeping up with that and that was one thing and like I don't know the Sox ball our board. His his bosses at I'm not the bosses that we have now but they try to peddle this lies that. You know he's from here which is true and he has NASA and and he's been keeping up with the Bruins and the Red Sox the entire time now you have it. Because if you've been doing that you would like to keep your stuff if you would be to keep but the Mariners in the Seahawks. Don't do that. Don't want to beat people figured out people here too Smart to figure it out extremely quickly. Which are all about you can't fake it I think the twenty hours on the radio. You can't fake who you are to probably take two or three hours but essentially. Who you are the court comes out. And you can't get that sense of what the guy in the street banks. Not from 3000 miles away you can you can watch nets and you can read every article you can't from the the Boston media by. Until you engage with that that guy from Everett and we have heard the phone calls from the Al about it Rhode Island however I'll call anybody that. No I mean until you know what the fox popularize thinking it's really hard to do is jump in the air in and relate I feel listen when I couldn't I couldn't do this. I would have to live in Seattle for ten years probably to be able to carry one shell ends in Seattle for an afternoon. What should allow with some Jerry and 4%. Positively. And some Jerry porn I mean it was earlier today earlier our stuff out. I consider part of God's are we allowed driven out well because dale I was young I needed the money I'm sorry no this is this is this is some flat out Gerri porn from earlier today down at Gillette Stadium. It wasn't him. What metric that is open. Apple's. Are you can take those advanced web sites and nurture them. Wherever you want. No it never looked at one would care a look at what this. As far as quarterback goes read coverage of all the movement receiver that that's not so. That's where there's an optional so. Quip or open. About it. Clearer picture some balls in my foot on the video from those core right in the throat. So it's time in decision making execution but it are often to team. That's what the passing game and its seniors guys you know untouchable cordless battery to coverage. Make the right decision on the connector through. I don't metric is all. It's so. Deficit for the smarter production. I I. Yeah cigarette. Great to right now what exactly what to what metrics reflect. Victor Sierra is the key to get him to open up I don't think any of us is figured it out laden. It's sometimes it's a really positive thing you'll get going on some story about Paul Brown as some yelled the best drive of his career away our. But that would it's something that really hacks a mop that really goes up sideways it's it's a lack of sleep so good he's like. I don't that the head of surgery at Mass. General be an ass about some did doctor Oz said brought it up well it really really have to answer I was. I'm curious because we also a room with a merry month yet and get out some days there are more fun and others are an American life Sunday's storm not as much fun. What's the one common theme we've come out of these Monday every Monday even even the two bad ones. As he left him are saying you know he's really relaxed this year east. The heat he actually see how happy most the time. Latin look we likely isn't and he's not pretend like losing but he seems like he's teen. Heard somebody earlier today say. He's pissed off this year he he is mattered everybody this year. I miss read this guy on most Mondays at manner. As he doesn't seem pissed off to me this year circuit last Monday balled up like that that showtime where he's been in even that he wasn't pissed off. He just didn't want play. Yeah that that after the Jacoby percent loss the buffalo. Guess that's a tough loss is that an invasion and accounts and everything calm he was short. You know all or you know I'm not as opposed to like not a short V within minutes that you. As opposed to like that's ridiculous question I don't know what it Dahlia Golan that at eight again just trying to. Just try to flip the page but I feel in general yes he's been. He's been in a pretty fairly. Consistently good mood. Let me ask you guys this on a free stuff Friday left Friday's. Not this Friday this is a sad good by Jerry Friday but overall free stuff writers at get go all over the map. Do you buy what would Bill Belichick is saying about some of these web sites if he makes it pretty clear that. It and say pro football focus but. But sites like pro football focus that try to. You know break it down and try to say okay this guy's a second best safety in the league that's it holds. What the hell is that that's right third best guard on that do you do you buy what he's saying that you know you can't really do it that way we're going to. Keep all the time. But with his own metrics is all I've surveyed got threats from pro football focus as the sacred AK. They don't know what the assignment the wreck they don't know that the guard was supposed to do this they did it. It is getting better bigger they're getting bigger bigger or or more more attention I don't know of their actually getting bigger when it comes to the bottom line but. Mainstream media that is paying attention of pro football focus like a W the other night the sun and I game. NBC in the introductions. Villages have Tom Brady Michigan and David Andrews Georgia they've got the rankings. Underneath the position hey David enters this according Propofol focused you're 28 the 29 best and are in the league. Already Arnold put the disclaimer in there about the fact that Chris Collins worth owns it. As I did not know what we're gonna let isn't at the site that Chris Collins does could cut beat he bought it I think. Chris Collins are now is the martyr of him because now here's the gist appoint a make. G shocking isn't it but Ellison using the pro football focus rankings if that is in fact and I believe it is the site that Collins worth owns now. How much do they pay. It'd be it but my trigger this edit other beliefs and are you sure you don't want to go to this is poured some. Well that's that and if that's a case that debt that is really I have no let dale that does that explain a shell game if they're put that stuff up there in knots and this is Carol Mosley paid advertisement. Also it was the village just blew my mind that out and the reason. Pro football folks are ready and outside I'm reading here he is also the owner of pro football focus lacked a sports statistic monitoring service. He always Smart movies every owner now I don't know I don't know not it invest it owns pro football focus so cheat shocking isn't that NBC is now putting the pro football focus. Rankings up there on the on the introductions I don't feel as though I've underestimated you mister Collins were at first of all. He killed Bill Simmons with one punch. And he backed off of it away that I don't think he should have been it was a great one line I didn't think he was capable of against the most thin skinned person in media. And now he he cleverly owns this site that is start at legal work. Analytics. Hats off do you Collins worth. What are still knows who owns it. You know Lynn Cutler when they sit in their in their pre show meeting him and in chris' talk rebel all the pro football focus rankings build wall outlet be so cool. You have to get the white yet not let him. Atlanta budget welcome uttered what your children what the hell is that the plan that would love that. Telegraph. I'd get the popularity of a site like that because there are so many things simple ball it's hard to have an intelligent argument about you can't site goals against average again. Look at it guys you know slugging percentage or whatever. So you're out and about who's the best tackle in football. It didn't act good good luck I started trying right. I think Nate sold it was almost as good as Joseph Thomas what so you have this people go to that it's it's shorthand I mentioned the other day. Some unmet told me that Pat Chung was on the top five safeties last year and now he's in like the bottom five out of like 88. I don't know that but if you're Bill Belichick who understands the game in your own team. Down to the to the sub atomic level you're gonna resents always just come up with a. What is his walk off line. They think. They think they're better cut what was it was a mining and I missed the walk of life from Belichick that last clip Andy. Where he he said that was right before we came back source quarterback goes. Hello yeah. It isn't smarter if you. That there aren't Smart a coach that maybe give us our our culture is all it's so this little smarter if you. I'm Chris Collins worth Twitter profile. It's as SNL that's the only indication that he works on Sunday Night Football. Bennett says pro football focus CEO it's almost like he's more proud of the pro football focus our that he is the Sunday Night Football part. Yeah he's around Pittsburgh covering here at Arizona right now dale Steve you've of this lake. And candy supernatural ability to find little fact lately that I would never know how did you find that out and I remember reading it. I think it was over a year ago and I remember reading let's hear it you know people keep athletes and particularly our acquire restaurant. He say it would abide pro football focus and apparently he did I say he Sam months and boss yeah microscopic threat that Sam Johnson bought. It it wasn't. The president and Erica well let it goes the theory that I'm now gonna espouse that I've been like working on for a little while I think Hutu. Have some extra hours in the day that other human beings don't have. But now I'm always astonished at the the information you guys can glean gets. You know other stuff you don't believe you watch TV you're breed and then you know little things like that you don't wanna match that would deal on jeopardy now and you wanna be a jeopardy. We're here hero street barely certain he would bury me on jeopardy but diesel and I barely series are wrong but this is tiger where this is idea when these little factoid is little nugget since dale has. Dale I'll take Chris Collins worthless 500 I did not know what so what Alex sugar sure it 617. 6177797937. As telephone number text line is 37937. It is a freestyle Friday. Will be all over the place will talk Celtics will talk Bruins we'll talk move keep bats will talk him BP. Will talk obviously the patriots the chances of grant making that flight this afternoon are next in nine since he missed his third straight day of practice today. One doubled down on your on your Ian Rapoport vs Adam shipping yeah I think it goes without saying if it was just that Bruce could be there now. I'm just too busy to celebrate the spectacle on tonight and a flight 3000 miles. To a game that they can probably went with a 6177797937. Michael Irvin a playmaker joins us at 430. This is Sports Radio WE yeah. And and as I promised. Yeah he did deliver deliver the book as promised you bet thanks here and it's. It was an honor to be asked but I use read it in good health. An idea that it did you save the franchise with the least I can do. If you could see in the look on his base about four minutes after that. When Belichick came back through the door with the book saying what Jerry could it could just sign a form. If you could see the look on its face at all. Then you do. But yes there is a Christmas fellas we'll look at the man has said. Got it just strike me down right now double K I am I happy I act and under god out on a high note. Say they Q lowered calm but yeah totally mind blowing. Experience and a guy that it yet I haven't. Being clear about this. He's Soto like my my hero in this world I've ever read that in new in in anything you setter down I'm I'm actually shocked you say that sound bite I would play my cards close to digest it and check it out to be too revealing by. To live in the universe where he asked for my autograph and I've never asked for ages is pretty pretty bizarre stuff and a markedly from that which it's killed it just me Monday. I'm think I'm gonna get those like a virtual reality. Mask and just do our shell. From my house like I'll just you know you'll be there and Michael you'll be there and I'll just pretend that I'm still you never asking the size of the four. This is economy. And I just seamy side of some for anyone's short it was not was very grateful for my son's wedding. At the rehearsal dinner I wanted to present his his wife now wife was a lifelong New Orleans Saints. And I wanted to welcome her through them that the marriage not a patriot nation. And Bill Belichick signed a football for the ball but welcoming her to patriot nation couldn't have been more. Accommodate not only that but he went out of his way to find the proper kind of markers and you don't want that I don't make me that little overweight on his side these days. Mean let's call the Super Bowl slightly rosier urgent debt to Taylor and Loren welcome to patriot nation Bill Belichick. Super Bowl XX review your hate it lift the listed that the these these signs all football's like that adaptable and from my father didn't my father's friend he's. Have you tried to tell you what I'm perfectly I. Truck doubled it to take him out needs to what was kind of your unbelievable hey you know what. You guys are mentioning. What dale was mentioning a mr. jeopardy himself Dale Arnold limiting that Chris Collins worth owns pro football focus. And you heard bill Belichick's response. Yeah I do those those living daylights advanced metric football website. Maybe its response could have something to do with pro football focuses analysis of Jamie Collins. You're near what they say well Ali I can't wait to yearly basis we share Tim best available players can players going to be available in free agency. And number three is Jamie come outside linebacker browns. Starts off despite reports to the contrary. Jamie Collins was not playing poorly before history from the patriots. He current he's currently the fourteenth highest graded edge Russert at rusher in the league. Thirteenth highest graded inside linebacker. If he was still playing that position. So they're kind of put it out there that not that the patriots are you playing poorly but. It goes against any kind of notion of not a good fit with the team they can get the production from somewhere else not acorda pro football focus. They can't get that production from anyone else because he's the number three. Rated available free agent. 2017. But again liquidity ranked just outside linebacker in insiders like thirteenth and thirteenth highest. Grated inside linebacker and fourteen I degraded at rusher in the league OK they're number one ever available free agents is mean number one is doctor height. That's not. That impressive for Collins who would you guys agree given. What we've seen of him what would his athletic talents are. How long he's been in the league the kind of coaching he's got we do you know would you be satisfied with him being thirteenth and fourteenth well at his respective position. Cordon pro football focus the patriots are nuts. Because I have I give you the top five available free agents in 2017. I think you'll recognize. It's our program number one high towers has said. Number three Jamie Collins. Number four Chandler Jones. I'm surprised. Didn't it didn't miss the government I think. The cardinals say they wanted to go long term with Jim Jones. Well they probably deal but if I'm Chandler each Collins I wanna you know let's say let's let's see what's going on here I mean they they have said that they were interest that but he hasn't indicated. And the fact that. You know no matter what pro football focus says the perception around the league it's pretty unanimous that Charlie Jones now is in a defense where he's. You know able to. You know kind of freelancing and do his thing and that he's he's among the best pass rush is in the league right now. So yeah GA Julie Jones to be nuts to sign with them almost a completely blow them away with an off our. According to a he's he's gone to another level with the cardinals and he's just beyond just below Von Miller with with quarterback pressures. But they say at times Jones is completely taken over games from the edge he's he will still occasionally have games where he doesn't contribute much. But those are far fewer than they once were Jones a top flight pass rusher at this point and he'll generate ash heap of interest. This offseason. I don't want to Maryland now and ally gets sit here and disparage Jamie calls for only be in thirteenth and fourteenth but I can't argue that a landed Roberts is higher than that. And there is dipped their missing him right now. Collins for all mean you don't is up and down performances. This team right now feels like it lacks athletic schism on defense. I think I've had a only reason we're saying that is because of that that last game. I didn't I didn't hear you saying that two weeks ago. I was beginning to get concerned because of the the performances that they have a lot of guys that I. I can study tied up himself and set Belichick when it rev limit he was ready. Says Jerry from blame at the accord that they had shot us right. Like you know that they've made too many mediocre quarterbacks look good right now for for me to feel settled and. They have a chance to turn it around because dale read that the stats the other day and that the best quarterback they're gonna face is Ryan TM those like eighteenth and. Not to metric you guys but in an passer rating what the hell yeah sell if they don't end up. Near the top of the league given its schedule. Then it it speaks of the fact that people concerned about the defense are doing so for the right reasons what can take those things flex its military. Where you want metric on notre. The by the way and I promise we are going right to the calls but I wanna thank the nice folks start market Rodham ignited Chestnut Hill. Had a chance to go visit with the there today Neal and Leann in the and the whole group down there. And they sent some fooled over so younger including a little surprise will bring it here later no wonder what that is a little something but I don't know what that is but it was it was very nice and and they really are are nice folks down there and it was nice from the sense and stuff over some the only and thank you. Start market route nine. He not Chestnut Hill will get right to the calls but you guys coming up next it's Dele Hollywood Orton. Get to save a whole lot more delight Sports Radio W media. I give any another breaker Owen Thor he's going to be Becky management to let him have his gig back. I had face not make it easy you know like you what don't you want everything to go. Completely sideways ideal last they don't you want to be happy to to go that's not the case right now. Thanks for nothing. Out of AM ED appreciated and well done. Our tears by 430. Now we can have before pat. I won't quit you don't want you all you hear me Iowa and we have Roy Firestone and like old school staff that rim forest fires gonna make people cry. Maybe what you guys start bringing out all the champions of the past carrion a trophies. Yellen Michael comes now again we're not where. Done in the show goes out good because I'm expected a full blown it'll Big Papi day here can rarely mentioned Roy Firestone that anymore that's true that OJ got through it. That was set it was so powerful his. Yet his performance there that when you think Roy used it Roy Firestone you thought of and was the most over the money was a movie count they're going to require you know and now. Very regrettable interview we did you want to call out of jokes. Do most people are saying your beater. You are right rural paid that's why I'll ask you people are saying it Steve's on the truck on Steve Europe first on Sports Radio. I have to remains a jury. We haven't always agreed to terms what are as you look at it I get a little own play. This is huge areas sure is often show a man we have learned a lot and no Wallace general tickets which. She's at all times and challenged quite of this so called to white and some shall watch and all you always will also vote. Actually remember this critic schools on you Barack strategic. But what do you do well I know you're well. Are items that didn't bring tears the guys that we got a chance now I mean their right palms about even a truck right in the home of Larry and shot at doing cartoons appeal would look back at it realized that it mattered and it actually were really didn't. Just I'm just a monkey trying to sit here and talk about sports every day would you guys know what they're doing so thank you with he had some laughs that's Steve then. Might work here is done now I'm just gonna. Leave this mortal form and I'm just gonna turn into pure energy and go back to my own planet thank you guys Peterson's boat. Peter you don't like I tell you earlier we it's too much just call basically today to say thanks Jerry for a deterrent to any media oh collapsed. I don't know how long you've been on their butts at the UUU. I bet some interaction on social media so here. But he's Gypsy you have to Allie I'd like to fork up your book and look at comedy I love reading your stuff. Just did a pleasure to listen to all if you. As you depart today Gerri thank you for keeping me entertained. And I got to hope I kept to educate a little bit on social leader as well. Sure I have items start to feel feelings guys. Like some cold blooded you're right now I'm about Defcon two rate right now and I'm gonna try to. Get a backed out to Defcon one night and I didn't come here to have this be like an outpouring of sincerity is wanted to talk about will keep Bentsen. The bell when amateur runners injury you know like to give you a little bit of a break governor Mitch and rookie best maybe next guy did you cry because most people thought it was gonna win the MVP. Yesterday. Well actually multiply your body's human VP eight he'd. No it was actually he will be ready the favorite it was pretty solidly second though. And and I think they got this wrong if they some. I do I think that Mike Trout is the best baseball player on the plan and his team won 74 games or whatever wise and I know that's the classic age old argument yeah argument about MVP. How can Andre Dawson BA MVP of the league when the cubs suck and I I've heard it before I've made before. I think I I don't think you can be the MVP of a 74 win. Do you like seventy like the war stat. Because I think the worst that ten point six to nine point yeah I think the worst dad is in that they're not that that's the be all end all but. I think it's creative for arguments like this where a lot of guys those guys are at a disadvantage. You're the last place team in your great player you're doing everything you're supposed to be doing. You're studying you're working hard if you're hitting the baseball means to opposition players did everything. But the guys on on first place teams are doing but let's get a crappy manager crappy general manager org just don't have good players around you. You've done everything you possibly can and without you they be worse and so I think that's what I try it is right now is his organization is going the wrong way. He has goalie and I agree with that he he is dynamic he's unbelievable. And so you look at his numbers. It's hard to argue against Mike Trout. For those folks who wanted to to have to denigrate the accomplishments of Tora develop is the interim manager of the Red Sox what was the common refrain. Well the out players played better didn't mean anything. When was the last time during the baseball season you think Mike Trout played a game that meant anything and Okie that's April and and and I yeah that's was playing games that meant something. All 160 tool heating oil 160 to be answered that yet. And it. I I said some in the same spot as you Galen that I think. Those those second best guy one. But I'm not outraged by well I got out of all it wasn't one of those and I feel like we're we're in agreement here it wasn't one of those totaling justices. It's just. When you've got two guys that are that good and might Charl was great no question about it. Then it generally comes down to who led his team to the playoffs. You know that that's moralists you're you're tie breaker. And battering and up that's a good tiebreaker. Will keep. I don't think it's fair to say and will keep that led his team to the playoffs it's it's better say bookie bet was on a playoff team while he was a huge part of it he was he was a huge part of it. David Ortiz was a huge part of a guy we talked to yesterday Rick Purcell over the huge part of it David Price down the stretch was a huge part of Zander Bogart's Jackie Bradley junior. I they had. Some all star players some guys who had terrific seasons. Whereas the angels. Goodness. In my trial yet Mike Trout in the guy that you feared it was Trout. Pitching staff wasn't worth much. The rest of the lineup. I let my truck has a has a good batting eye anyway. But you look at the 441 on base percentage I'd do that too from the opposing manager. Tony well John I'm not pitch and am. Eight probably would have had. More home runs any lower batting average and excuse me lower on base percentage if he had people around him that. That the cat the folks around that the Red Sox. Mrs. throats aged 24 year so irate is unturned 25 yet. I believe it right yeah. Any threat to VP once or 25 and and east Tony threes. Enjoy it watch in this guy polite because he's a once in A generation player and he's got to be great for a long long time to come. I just think bets for all he did should of one. I'm fairly certain that on his last day here or its main goal in life mr. wood to ignore every signal like given to get to the break yet that just to complete the cycle that two year. Mission that he's had here spitz won 777. Died 7937. Daylon Hollywood for Sports Radio W yeah. Our member Joseph dale and Holley with Horton Sports Radio WEEI the final day where we get to say Daylon Hollywood Thornton but we should make it clear to folks okay. While Jerry has decided to move on go back to its roots go back to bar stool. Undertaken national podcast become a nationwide start coast to coast. Torturing anybody who's not a patriot fan apparently but that's beside the point while that is all true. He sort of going to be around here from time to time it's not like he's you know where we're shoving him out the door when we're gonna see them that the front side of him again. I had my exit by exit interview and they said you are now officially a part time employee. So like McKee guards the post to the pour our exit data we don't do now out Nomar that grind but I. And having to get up the McCracken known. So yeah I'm freed up filling in the irony or use the facilities sometimes by facility at me like the buy gas do you have a problem has got to oak middle of that Harold undermine our Mike all right guys well I know they're not at all. Yeah but it still be part of the equation Michael and I got a dual book event coming up soon that will be plugin and so. I I appreciate that I appreciate that the it and say look these guys. Train you up they coach the hell out of you and after two years you leave and what's wrong with you never darken our door again I'd much obliged there. Are your podcasts you've got to just got troll the rest of NFL to be 3031 teams will be the enemy's list and then you have the patriots. Not if you're trying to build an audience now and yeah I think like you guys or I'm capable of stepping out of it sometimes to know what I'm coming from a patriots fan perspective. But here's all the interesting things that are going on in the NFL and I I'm not gonna hide who I am by. I'd love to get someone on and talk about. You know what's going only with Dallas or. Von Miller is alleged sex staple whatever it is the the NFL is the story that it still drives America's so. Will figure out exactly what it's gonna be but you can't just do a patriots podcast people. Are you there I tell her I listened to an early and. No no listen to it. People have you noticed the national national media national fan base is. Upsets with the patriots. Whether whether it and look at what what that's okay now because all you're looking for some. In the can for listens download it click on whatever yes yeah well be so yeah that it serves its purpose. Are no matter what no matter what the reason is. You put the patriots on TV people watch nationally. And evidence of that is Sunday's game. Highest rated game a long time Seahawks and in the patriots there are two for the patriots not the Seahawks. That's my story and stick with that but if you read you read the story somebody at the column. On the patriots. And air for. Colorado where they're from Indianapolis. They get tons and tons of feedback from patriots fans and fans from around countries just the Waco. She'll look at the neutral sites like pro football talk. And the patriots are never not in the top of the defeated and I imagine your political analysts and his spice and okay and my guess is here to be talking about applicable Arnold's today. Like his health that they know the patriots are. The vote the hobbled that wield this to say the least by. Yet he can't just focus on them and utter it would still haven't formed division but. I love talking football took again without forming the video lower our work the other flip of the finer points or are common but nevertheless. Pomp. I forget love talking football and to be able just do your own thing and have a podcasts that are messy and conversational. And people interrupt each other and all that stuff it's it's a great format. That said I'm gonna try to take everything out. Learn from Sydney here for twenty hours a week with my eyes and ears open watching you guys cut because Britain New Hampshire wants to talk pro and you know Brett gun. Good good care reverend Michael fly away and they'll quickly. Respond that's kind shoot. Really know that the military but that's an accurate so hard drive Fred would know that anyway and the Bruins get. And they've got nine back to back games this. They need a reliable backup goals I love the game last night don't like the results but they can't have took a plane goes back to back only flattened home and home. So where they've got to get dispersed. I think they have a Jeff I could open is a good backup goaltender. I helped so I don't and and you look I think he's pretty close to being ready to return he was on the road with the team he was practicing with the team this week. You're gonna play him last night they've got a couple back they've got back to backs come up next Thursday and Friday my guess is he'll play one. I hope so at what stage it achievements. They kiss. I'd like to light hearted. But he and yet it was clinic that I can I ask you guys of course a personal question going there it's disturbing. Oh good disturbing. Personal question and and I'm. I hesitate to do this it's early on trite now but I can't go OK so has this thing happened and it wasn't quite sure who go to the doctor doctor doctor so. So we had this guy over the house to do some work early this morning. I won't say what he was doing the terrorist historic all right while so it's wearing cut. Doses of the night until that Asher. I thought the house this morning to do some work OK aren't aren't Andy in high demand while whom I ideal and NC you know here it is in any good yet. I cannot use your math and for all no no no not no ma'am and no he didn't he drop to do tonight. Tagged out. All shades of August it can do that and isn't there sort of I mean I was. Like I wasn't able to say number one or number two when he asked because you don't think that you'd think somebody who wants to use the bathroom. You've never met this guy before no love east bowl that's ball never met don't. It would have to be a real extreme emergency. Right I mean I. Don't come my house until you deal. Our stop that it's not about the market kitchen or anything like that yeah that's all. All of you know there's apparently kitchen I mean you don't I'm taking off to a went backwards with these self conscious about it and it didn't seem to be yeah well well we have Jerry mentioned at the herald's aren't good enough. Got a bag of Canada. I think and got to read material. I'll be with get him to mr. Arnold but I've got to take the browns those Super Bowl. Yeah well. Disagreed and thought that was a little eight iron there I don't work at a guy's house and I know that this is common I'm gonna be a couple of minutes late I find. Clean it and kicked. Fast food restaurant always a good place that they kind of don't care if you feel guilty go buy a cup of coffee whatever. No I kid you not normally the biggest office. In the goodness of some press that for peak at Monday's solid hold onto the game starts a little bit. That you don't want a woman and if the play that desperately. Pulled me. Looked hungry. Politics but no that's leaving it smells like. Female reporter. Why would I think why would anyone be creeped out that was a video link in the hallway I know what it lies. About fifteen minutes and these guys but it tackle but he uses that. The audio. Well over the past part of that was Terry knows it's. There was a guy out there that he thought it was real. Threatened to bomb the videos being a hoax. While. You can't just sucked the air bubble ball using Euro lips that's ridiculous. And you can tell that it's not actually like a regulation. It's. As bad like twelve hours on that break it down like as a Rooter film drama. The Internet is a is dark place filled with terrors. The the patriots injury report is out officially ruled out for Sunday's game. Rob Gronkowski and Chris vote. Couldn. Jack. Get the win. Patriots by about 141000. Note Rappaport all the rap or are important well it is is doubling down on it today although it punctured that rated. I don't know that the difference is original report was punctured lung. The tweet to basic perforated line. Now I think those two cent baskets in the in the past you know I don't will be you know the medical answers as to whether or not that it. Adam shipped to probably thinks he's back off. Carlyle capital puncture now it. Might get on the field yet Nancy. Like I am real neckline is not make in the trip not not the world that he's hurt obviously but. Isn't that easily niners team that is given up an average of 31 points a game that has lost by an average of eleven points a game. And gives up on a bunch of bunch of yards on the ground so they wanna. I reestablishing ground game this is a good time do it. This could be a big league Europe like game this could be the big James White game even Dion Lewis you get some carries and and boost your average up there 67 yards a pop this is the team you wanted to against. And if you're into fantasy football might be a good week to pick up Martellus Bennett. While he's with the limited limited participant I think he's listed as questionable as is Julian settlement go on and is reachable and go and as the only tight end on the roster. I am I have no doubt they'll put James doubles like at H back but not to run routes or whatever it I don't know revoked and he aren't out of football. Sometime on Sunday but everybody everybody is in there you know what if Chris Hogan is borderline. And your face and a team that gives up a 180 yards a game on the ground. Why why risk. Keep them all it's going to be a run for his game plan anyways public it'll look like what it did against Miami last year only successful. Meet Asia and a safely back I don't take a look at act yeah please. Respect the calls that you guys Tonys and Bridgewater Daytona I don't. I still at the Tony Tony Tony so are we haven't had that the in my right. You know about about it while he's not dead Tony Levin Vieira still on the social. Both their arsenic is all caught on like and and I liked it always. Just like he created army's that we talked in but he crawl walk back on several. You know hole. He walked recent. That's the sweetest thing you've ever said Tony like a fungus Earl Ward died and I know I got. We've missed you are a lot to show which it's your circle like this. Should just tell that the latest. What they're about. Support. OK. Well it should be split. You don't go with this guy. I get race car breaks you know. He covered judged by. You know an. Ox to get gold rings party like I mean. It was against by the agents. Oh did. It was a big pot it would show up based on where we see all year which I only see. Them to get the FB eight to one. You know he took mr. restore ops. Look Mike Trout I I honestly do believe this when I say it Tony at thank you for the call I think he's the best player in the world really truly get I think he's the best player on the plan. I think bookie bet was the MVP and I know that sounds like a dichotomy but I really don't. Think it is are you guys think you should go to the best player on the best team of artists are the best team but at a team that's got some car. Didn't I disagree when Andre Dawson won the MVP that year so he just don't think a last place guy should ever be considered for because how valuable is a guy if he's not there they're gonna be elastic is that going to be in line they'll be worse the world he worked so well then this they'll still be awful if the angels don't have Mike Trout who are. Like they're terrible I hear there are Larry they're not a 74 when teams show it but what I 74 Nguyen T much you know I can't I can't. Act as a player why why should I have to. Worry about all other aspects of the organization now you're asking me to be a good owner to be a good general manager cigarettes and I'm not hurting it's his fault or responsibility be a good start it at at gets started called Michael just. So since it's not his responsibility I'm not gonna put that on Eminem's gonna judge it like a judge other baseball players how did you do. Vs the competition they all played against the American League they all have the same opponents. And and except you know one guy was facing the Red Sox and White House race in the angels but you know Mike Trout face the same things that same things and we'll keep bet did. He didn't have the same pressure. But down the stretch. That McKee best hip but he is facing the same pitching and they came it was a pretty good numbers MVP numbers. 6177797937. Its gala Hollywood fort in Sports Radio W media. Fourth and final hour Daylon Hollywood Portman Sports Radio WEEI and a final time I get to save back. Act. As this is Jerry's final show is co host of this program not its final show on the station. He will be back on a number of occasions in the future filling in on the show and other shows. And as he said officially after we finish up here this afternoon he becomes a part time employee here. But goes back to his roots that are still sports and we'll have a national podcast that will be coming. When does that start and. No not for a little bit we wanna make sure that we get all the ducks general. And make it work from the beginning like he you know how sometimes there's a great sitcom and they knew C season one of it. And you say wow I wasn't that different show altogether signed fell to cheers or whatever. We'd rather have this thing be perfect right from the get so within a few weeks I'm sure. So that's what's going on and you hurdle Roy there remixing are open. He'll be back on our final drive about forty minutes from now or thereabouts. I backed the call for you to outlet latex to brought the good argument Michael let's let's you know we were talking about. Moakley and and Mike Trout yes Dexter says LeBron James is the best basketball player on the planet then that's Curry's won the MVP the last. Two years. It's a different argument because. Look you're arguing. Winning records. Seth Curry is not getting the MVP because his his team won you know five more games two more games than the bronze team. He's getting it because somebody is looking at his stats any apps have been a good team like an NBA NBA would never have this. It and I understood detection right NBA would never ever ever have this debate because Horry NFL yet but there is no way. That eighty a last place. Team as basketball so appear appear that great in basketball. With five players around you primarily for forty minutes tonight most of the best players play. You know anywhere from 3742 minutes some of the you know the legendary minutes for some of these guys. If you're that great in your team is eighteen and 64. You'll get consideration I think the closest was probably. I'll Westbrook. The year to rant. He had the in the Jones fracture. You think that's what it was called that is something something with this foot. So let's frank yes I am at a government that that's what it was so they were forty and 42 or 43 and 39 they were eight cedar just out of that they missed the playoffs. And he was he had MVP consideration. But that's more like a little not look courtesy not you'll never get it. Affect. I'd like to know if it's ever happened I don't think it's ever happened in the NBA guided didn't make the playoffs. His team he was the MVP Alex ever happen. Or the NFL leader in the history Italy like Japan and I Christian was talking about this earlier today if if Drew Brees went out there and through you know fifty touchdown passes in an electrical Orleans saints didn't make it no chance he would never be in a chance no. Would you agree that. Winning should be a factor yet but not just permanent but effect. Yeah I think you should you should I try to figure it out especially if it's if it's close as if it's very close. They are right now hot how part of the team do. How instrumental was each guy to his team. And you start factoring the other things defense in. You know leadership when you start getting into those those. Qualities that can really put a number on either be a factor at a pivotal question. But that that I don't think I liar I don't think guys should just be ineligible because they are on terrible teams in baseball. Now I fill out our hockey how would it be what would you be eligible for the heart and hockey. It's hardly any hard and they are tripping no I don't think I I can't invasion. And I thought man I can't think of one but I also can't even envision a scenario where you know some guy Kazaa puts up MVP numbers but his team doesn't make the playoffs. It in the NBA in the NHL in the NFL for that matter. If you do that if you put up MVP numbers. You almost have to carry your team to plan this this it almost happened yes it's gonna happen just by default they all of one sport where it doesn't necessarily follow. Why is that just because of the length of the season isn't because. Baseball has a bigger tradition of being based around your numbers and that's how we gauge individual performance that. We don't necessarily do it did only. You can only carry it seems so far in baseball from your excellent position as an as an MVP pitcher or position player but a basketball. Your LeBron James you're stepped curry. You're out there for most of the game. The doctor for 404048. Minutes. And you're interacting with everybody on the team. And so. Yet your your greatness does translate to victories. And at several techsters who were saying you know what difference does it make it the angels of the Red Sox won the same number of playoff games. This is a regular season award that's what this it. I'm saying that. That's her feelings he can outlet did a good heart doesn't it hurt it's still stings. Is Trout winning the MVP akin to Anthony Davis winning the NBA MVP if that ever happened. You know pelicans only the playoffs but Davis is so good and I can even picture it happening now way to would be akin to that. No because even though he's great. Anthony Davis. He's still not seen as the best player and in pain in basketball right whereas Mike Trout. And the these are Oscars that best player in the American League's best are baseball's been absent without without a doubt. Well it would keep finish in the top to his entire career yes. Credible either one or two absolutely amazing Internet age it when I know yesterday either a little wetter wanna finish second we'll see. Pretty good are back to the calls Casey's in need of hate Casey I don't. Ought to guard Kasey. I wanna get a call you know get up cable shout out from. On August 1 lesser of any but I just want to say I appreciate Ford's contributions. To your show. You know I think it's great that he gave stairwell shell and not also lower host Imus this station haven't gotten patent it and kind of run out out. Well not these you got your job for being are we triple you know into our court we reap great and it and it spiked up. Isolated keep keeping an appeal unless there are no wildly yeah we're gonna get Thornton's advice on. On the next person. You know I think you should be able to. Have a say. And the next person's going to be maybe you can tell them what to expect. Do's and don'ts. While I want someone that's gonna make me look good by comparison so well that was actually like yeah all right Stuart say this I mean what are you ought to hit it particularly a port candidate. Little light headed out that Matt Thornton was better than I thought somebody who makes the makes it missed Jerry even more rent. Dave's up in Maine hey David I don't. Hey when has talking baseball MVP's site talking about Paul Johnson Phillips mint yup that just decide that. Vote for UC LU permanent member but I just wanna give my your kudos to your show which is the best sports jolt. Says that they don't show of the early two thousands all three of the chemistry is wonderful. It had done it excludes spending at the end Roy street which I very much enjoyed. It has got a great thank you for giving him a shot out to their you know they are kind of annoying but they're they're really good at what did you think you. Well it I love network or an edit tool we have to already a lot of that and down. Also what it is Burt Jerry goes sees the streets soon defender common sense is regarding the placid to placate which is the biggest note job ever got a great appetite I still can't even believe it. In that same regard I respect the pick you guys will stand up and then Brady and Belichick rate the ball because this bill does America it's like. It's not Russia. And three quick little things so when the state Gerris Georgia. They should've kept him put the bang up for the regular season they don't have that they're soft now. Per minute here reminds me of the sport's version of Bob Woody Allen. And finally I would like to see a replacement chair Jerry. We teach yet but probably not happen. Appreciate all thanks for and I love I love people want to know about Woody Allen Jack if you tell way Brian if you take away the personal. The personal life that aspect Jack is there's no yeah. I don't think he would be offended by that that comparison. Woody Allen. Kind of like the there will be the witty curmudgeon but wasn't what reality at least who Woody Allen was. On camera. Woody Allen was this 70s80s. Version of who Larry David became a Curb Your Enthusiasm different. The blood of every joke here you know he was what I heard neurotic you know that's it thank you thank you and that's better weapon perfect. Chris and Rhode Island sacred site on. It's Chris. Well generally I I expect he urged I'm a law. You know my era oak. That's that's why I came into this job I wanted to be the hero to other grown man Roger Goodell started the fight. We U we're gonna decide when it's over my friend. Guy is gonna put something out there for discussion. Hello I'm excited at a couple of trick that will people took last night you know as we ought war. This cycle is that it was and how much at any time honoree. It reminded me out Gail I'm art when he crashed into the wall and it was definitely a standard. Under and Dale Earnhardt we lost era. Art you know art sports here. I can't believe I struggled bracket Archie who understand the damage that. We don't even know yet. I wanna pay to come out and I area and especially not art godlike figure what it is. Are. Our thanks. The two guys go first epithet that I look I. First volleys in the concussion protocol that's one thing at the bit Ron Rivera announced today and no updates other than he's in the concussion protocol but there was a photo. Posted last night on one of the players in mr. Graham accounts. And it was a self be that the player took with Lou keep in the locker room after the game. That's what we were told it once I'll I'll stress that because I never know what to believe that's right. If if it was in fact back. He looked pretty good. Smiling you know it's violent Cameron and you and you looked at the picturing you went. Point if that's what it is I'm relieved if that's how he is now I'm relieved now that doesn't mean he doesn't have a concussion. Right right and it and and he he does he's in the concussion protocol it doesn't mean that all what he's fine now look at the picture smiling at his gut. You know I tech guys and look I'm not trying to be I'm not trying to be cynical here you guys know I have our our run hot and cold with. The social media from a decent. Luke warm streak right now in in that. Is he sent out a tweet today and intuitive Stewart day. But I think. We are all fair enough thrown off the scent. Of the real of the real story and sometimes even in people's personal lives they were all you can present an entirely. Saying the life. In pictures. On social Gloria you can make it look like oh you've got the most fabulous life and everything is great to get the most fabulous wife and the most fabulous kids in. You go to interest in places and there's always some something dynamic happening around you. And a picture and that picture. I don't like that I. I saw what I saw I saw the moving pictures. I saw it looked equally breaking down I saw a guy who was school Lewis panicked I was scared income gas used apps last night so. I can't I can't speak intelligently about the earn our comparison I just know that that is eighties. That was as sickening. As sick being seen. It last night it wasn't as dramatic. On Sunday night when drunk got it. But you could see when when crop stood up and and jeans territory directory. Went to a woman and basically said you got taken out Gary I guess all the look in his eyes it was like there's something wrong here. And it was it's it's frightening when they look like that plate where used to seeing these. Highly paid highly conditioned highly trained professional athlete squat there. I wonder sometimes how they get up and they get up. Once in awhile. Don't get up so yeah I night terrorist strike kept trying to tell myself with grunt like OK there was no head hit you know this was in his chest but. The same time you got to remember watching Mo Lewis hit Drew Bledsoe is another clean it right in the chest and it's split his aorta lateral. And he was bleeding internally and almost died on the field it took emergency surgery to make it daddy's he saw the sun come up the next day's sell. It gets harder. To look at the helmet to helmet stuff and putting your rearview and a hand that is part of the game you know TO point earlier dale it's it's just. There was a time we could sort of say got his bell around in all while he was punchy and just you know kinda shrug it off. It's getting harder all the time and that's the elephant in the it's the blue whale in the Rome. Detroit got the future of football and I should have asked this yesterday but it pops in my head here today did you guys read the stand gross felt piece yesterday in the globe I did about Marc Savard. Is yeah it's of our says I still should be playing right now and and from an age perspective. He's right he could still be era and he'd he'd still be a star player. But the Matt Cooke. And and and support this talking about this he said he was unconscious for 29 seconds. Now he obviously didn't know county lets them and I told today they were watching they've checked it on the video. For 29 seconds he was unconscious. Nothing. And you know Europe is start to look at some of these you know that that they hit that ultimately ended his career. Didn't look. Was that big a deal you know if you think it's a good point DL and it's one thing we could've because Michael Irvin is who we is. We didn't follow up probably should've. But what are you just say we are talking to. The biggest hit he ever took his career risk from Vince to Glen yeah and he saw him coming he said if I catch the ball I'm gonna do what. Be unconscionable I don't really honestly I go to sleep. And that is happening him and his career he sees it happening now. What's the effect of that you know is is this a real conversation now. It's not just okay suck it up. And and give back to playing football or the game will go on without you. Our boat this both things are true yet the game will go on without you and your average fan does like to get back to playing football. If you can't do what they want somebody else do it but. Life after football. That's what he gets really serious now that the extreme examples are. Are. Dave to worsen. And in juniors say out. Those are the extreme examples but that's an everyday examples that I have this conversation for you need to think about. Your health here I think about. CT eager to think about these things. And at sometimes. And we're about the same age and sometimes across this mine I remember talking with Roman Phifer who is working who who's working on the stuff mound at the film. Blood equity. And he's talking to a lot of people was talking to John Mack he's. Wife. Was taken care and John MacKey doesn't remember. A lot and he's got dementia in some sad stories amidst all from hits. You know one of the stories. That John MacKey is wife tells is that. He's he's so detached at times. For him to get for her to get him to do things. She has to say hey this letter is from. The time Paul Tagliabue. Let's commit certainly. And Paul Tagliabue much pressure T. You know do. I mean it's just obvious it's heartbreaking that absolutely heart I mean these stories so this is what we're talking about talking about life. After football what's the effect going to be. Marc Savard it's 3839 years old is now coaching his son's Tripoli bantam team up there and apparently loves. But he's telling the story about he has to say it was wife. You know the game's at 7 o'clock 7 o'clock 7 o'clock asks are over and it's 7 o'clock yet it's 7 o'clock. That's 3839 years old and while so and and you know he's going through now a look he's a better place now but he was. For a long time he couldn't he couldn't turn the lights on in the room man. He couldn't leave the house. And and that's that the cumulative effect of of these concussions now on his case you know. The first on the Matt Cooke one was just flat out dirty play this isn't something that Savard didn't put himself in a vulnerable position. Savard didn't do something that could've helped cause his own injury. He got cheap shot and quiet buyout but. Still remember it yeah are too soft for awful awful and they read and an adult conversations about the the Bruins responding. It even if you respond and and I know a lot of people didn't like the fact they didn't respond quickly. They came back here and cook got into a fight with Shawn Thornton I think very quickly early in the first couple minutes that's it that's okay that's temporary stuff. What's your what's your guy gets hit like that there's nothing you can do to respond and that did the deed is already been done there's nothing. Marc Savard can dude it is. You can't undo there. There's no billion taste or bad therapy you can undertake right and it's we put the blinders on we try to forget a lot of votes some of the stuff we tried out. You know not forget Junior Seau which is sort of put that aside and say well that's not that's unique case like you've read something like you know what you're talking about. In it makes it really hard to forget that football is a house of cards and it could come crumbling down if we see enough of these things. Bob Bob and etiquette about your next on Sports Radio stellar holly. Yeah I would give her what the movie Dutch and I shortly but let me give you what you just sort of guys. What is what is your actions to kick cheers all caught export and you kind of you know Russian go and it's been. I mean I don't know what you as you acknowledge it looked terrible and no doubt about it unless you can actually it's all caught their export what are you going to do the. I'd also like I'd find a solution short of anatomy you'd just ball I don't know I don't know into the extreme that you got to be a step somewhere in your Bob I don't I don't know what it sounds like you don't know either and to just address I don't yet I don't know that and nobody I don't think anybody here is claiming to have the answers were just talking about some of the risk. Involved in playing it. Guys were brought everybody and should not be do you have a Q. But you secretly but he gets I. No and I don't want to mimic so I don't know I don't have to talk about football and we're talking about what we saw last night. So that we get to mighty mites or it was Bob McCann direct and Charlie and I you can it's do you do right it's yeah I'd obviously. Which reached. Trojans a better player you know overall car and everybody was last year. It you know he is little restoration of that stem and it is was this falcons are. Whatever conversations he was a better play he was a better player last year he was on a worst team last he was very and a great season. Micron had a great season on a bad team. Michael do you have in accordance tournament favorite pixel corps ball hard. Till Eric I think it was either Hank Greenberg or. Broke her at the Walt Disney wanted to race him although it's what target he walked international origination as sharp it was last destructive. And a pretty shall give traditionalist let's just. But it that's at that they're cute quote and but the fact many different time they've won it's from a different time to. I would love the Los Angeles Angels to say that the mantra. Micah they would be in last place forever that we're left places this year without you we're with you without you will be a last place for about ten years. I was like and it that trots contract yesterday. When we were looking at you know there we're gonna name the MVP and next jury makes some like twenty some odd million dollars. And then it the year after that it goes to 33 million a year. For a an X number of years 33 million. And it it still maybe a discount I just saw that Josh Redick sign gay. Was it for years for fifteen to some like that yeah show it point park college map that's bucks thirty million dollars a year yup but thirteen million dollars a year for a guy. Where I think yet in home runs. And 37 repeat. I said Tim home run ten hit it a 37 release. Thirteen million dollars a year yeah Trout to so yeah yeah yeah so. My trainer country American bad I don't know how to do it three uptick in will be entering his prime around that. 6177797937. It's Daylon Hollywood Orton Sports Radio W media. And which pressed up in the air and I'll John Diana can you describe the ruckus sir I know it's Cruz followed all the time the world as an imperfect place. Right that's it out I I have now got to just final movie the movie quote that we're we're gonna go out with a is that one. Well we look at some time I'm not gonna promise about the last breakfast club. Keep it at that. While I was putting this song and I watched the video forgot how weird look at it through the bus from this danger. Simple minds. I get a check it out to me it's just the closing theme it says breakfast club. And we like listening to a backed the call these guys 6177797937. I rats coming up about ten minutes from now there abouts Rick's implement Eric I don't. I don't tell what's going. A lot of track job I had shot on him. In football hockey especially hockey or football as well opt. If you walk the dirty stopped stopped to tell you gonna have to make the penalties so severe that the dirty play and keep it up I think quite about it. And the only thing I can say is actually. Possible lifetime bid depending on severity body injury caused quite content. I mean honestly what you all do what you gotta get through these guys. I work. I might go with direct hit it if I if I felt that what we're talking about was an intentional. You know crippling head shot that's tough to judge intent and it's Arlen time I mean yeah it if you could make that case I might go along with yet it if you know I don't. They actually had to get a W at the trough it's got going to be red and Juliet due to economic guy and he's out front like that time. You've got an opportunity outside that's going to be a bit because the player is gonna think. Twice about it if you beat doesn't by the way I believe you at this scale eSATA saint crack but yeah it was hilarious I laughed for an hour. Yet that was close actually and he he dropped that on on Jeff with this with a mustache. I hadn't thought about it took was accident it's totally like him actually a code is in Quincy hey Cody I don't. They would start our guys are howry. A military farewell and great response here welcome sort of any jerks me and I am appreciate all you yes. So what I want to get into do you guys think there's any relation. Without tort so what in the site yarn was smoking not wearing MVP. Meaning you can have the early on in the MVP. Archie Mecca swept in the first round and just general backlash properly and to get calls. Other thought that are the logic is state. They voted at the end of the regular yes there's an and in no way they voted and know and and the elderly are happy and in mind is that you know been at their two voters per per city. So the two guys who had Cy Young ballots in Boston. Were the two guys who had the MVP ballot box that. So you know if you are telling the two Cy Young guys said hey look. We're gonna vote Marcelo and so make sure you don't vote bets in you know we know that I just don't see that happening or me. So I don't think there's any big conspiracy theory look it's hard to argue against the guy why party said as the best player on the planet Mike Trout is that good. Where I have an issue that's the whole idea of MVP. Whereas I I feel like I could have made that argument. If all angels CN wanted to go on like People's Court with me and we stand there at the podiums I could make a very strong case will keep that's. Kimble went from leadoff to cleanup without. Any slippage employee I think that's been under rated. And while I expert respect that Mike Trout is the best of baseball. What they are gonna have a hard time. Just figuring out if it sounds like you you wanna say but you just don't want a phrase it this way. You just don't think guys the last place things should be all no no I'm not afraid to San at all I I agree with the phrase you just said it's how I feel. Guys the last place team should not be out earlier I don't think Andre Dawson should have been the MVP for the Chicago Cubs and and I don't think they were in last place but they they were not. That they are not getting their service for when team but Mike Trout. I'll let the league in runs. Runs scored led the league in walks. He led the league in on base percentage he led the league and I'm a little locks in on base percentage were obviously tied together because hell I'm walking into one up pitching in to him on that angels the well all that being said his career on base percentage is 45 all I know I'm and I'm not knocking him I'm and so I have. Anybody let you lovely girl runs late leads the league a largely easily get on base percentage leads the league. And hope PS plus. The guy had a he he had a tremendous season so absolutely and I would say. And I have thirty stolen bases. As well so all that all that up power and thirty steals two plays a good Satterfield. It's it's. Always a fine hard hard to believe it's most if not mistake. Felt like. You know some. Bum bum got an area. I didn't say it was a bomb I just sent I thought smoky deserved MVP more than Trout that was all I thought it would be closer honestly. I thought of anyone else. You know just too close to call during you know separated by a couple of points and it didn't come down that like the Cy Young wise. But it wasn't quite that close cans on the cell phone I can I don't. But it gets me up in the early nineties our work global sports via outlook are pretty good thanks always shoot for cycle that. You know more importantly the fight score almost everywhere sit all by some go watch the game much smarter. Couldn't help but think about that technology and how it might if by the we will work is that not only. In this rigid because solid spiral all or. As you something and impact of side of the and then ultimately. If you hit so hard about actually where exit and the passion for art. And that's what apparently the energy impact. And you know I look at the hard very hard Albert show all of its people say another hat and on the inside. What is so we'll have these models are you know energy suspicion that some or all our school where. Billboard pop that is that wants you all sports crush wants so woke up this new one. Sure but they are very relatively expensive and it could be could be more straight some. Well I say let her then NFL how I I understand your argument can but but relatively inexpensive I mean a linebacker might need a new one every single play. Based on what you just described you know a senator probably would need one every single play it would make. I mean that they're they're on a collision every single snap of the football. They gonna go through seventy helmets and games yeah that's a that's that's a fair point but you know of a larger and I've actually asset. A larger point goes you know did. Back to that caller we said we get is eliminate all contact sports like one you gold there. The conversation stops now copyright. Don't answer is nothing you can do I've I've mentioned this before in 1905. They tried to ban football they tried to call like it's eighteen players died plant college football across the country. And Teddy Roosevelt my hero saved football. By convening a meeting when he said what can we do they change the rules they legalize the forward pass football will need to will evolve. To stay relevant it doesn't mean you just wipe it out assay that nothing you can do the recent deaths. You don't feel little key cleaves maybe some in all it you know maybe some junior sales but will have to deal with it. I take break now because we got its final drive and we a lot of stuff we wanna get to between now on the top of the hour. That's coming up next including LeRoy street. Galen Hollywood foreign Sports Radio W media.