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Trenni and Tomase Hour 3 - Domestic Abuse

Nov 6, 2016|

The two talk about Domestic Violence in the NFL

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Imus I had bopping to design and I think it's it's more like her lover by. I'll young. And a foul. Hi never cease to amaze me with your stupidity and your ability to elect the other way when serious issues arise. The latest. Is Ezekiel well it's even aware this Friday news this little little bit like a Friday news dump. But I just think it's more so but the at a palace in trying to sort keep it on the down low. Missy Elliott did have domestic violence issues prior to being drafted by the Dallas Cowboys. They said in the denser that they said that he was a risk. Two drafts so they did he is that the ever 700 yards rushing it legally at the league. On pace to possibly set a record in the NFL for Ricky rushing yards this season. But now. USA today I believe is the Allah that initially uncovered this story. There is they set points case. Dating back to July of this year. Where he is on again off a game girlfriends and think she's listed actually in the police report as a friend with benefits. Aft WD. I think just that time lamps sake I think there's the July thing was what we knew about this is from February so this is different this one is from February. If I'm reading I I was reading it as the first was from February which they knew prior to the drafts. And that July now is the arcade era lets you either way there's an ally and it is July Integra they're out sue. Accounts of domestic violence accusations and calls to the police. About Ezekiel Elliott. Same woman same woman. Again not someone that he considered according to the police report that I read a a girlfriend's an ex girlfriend who became friends. Not no visible wounds she did. Did not accept eighty an ambulance and hospital in those she needed it. For the police work halts it not once but twice. And once again. I'll let you handle the Jerry Jones apartments and Jerry Jones just look at other way coming up with excuse after excuse after ski. Yes so that the timeline of this is a little confusing because all of this stuff in the is in the it's an attack none of it is new I'm did just that it's coming out. OK so. Well once again argue about things this was yes of this of this most recent one to come up apparently took place in Florida. Before that I believe was in Ohio so the Florida line. Prior to this coming out just a few days ago of the NFL has been investigating may be conducting their investigation. And he could still be suspended and all of this but they're taking their time and so. There's a story Jason market for on CBS sports that I think last week talking about how today investigation is ongoing and Jerry Jones is basically saying. Hey listen you know this stuff happened so long ago. In in in America. We use our you have a right to a fair and speedy trial and and a lot of time has passed this guy's clean MEM found me thinks he's clearly clean. This is basically what his argument boils out here. And he says people that have a lot more information and I have have given him a quote total clean bill of health Jones said. I do know that all the real information that anybody has is that he doesn't have an issue. So we are right back down this rabbit hole. Of if an NFL guy does something wrong. His team does everything they can't say nothing to see here until the evidence becomes overwhelming and since the evidence is not yet. To be fair anywhere close to overwhelming in this case then it's washing our hands he doesn't have a problem. But again. It's such an enable its. It's it's an ably culture in the and I felt right so here's a guy that they knew about this that drafted him in the first round anyway. Any you have to think and you got this the second incidents. Oh here's this this whole people who have more information and I have been. And we haven't gotten all the facts and just so tired of that being the deep alt mode for every NFL team. Because you have law enforcement on your stay. When your players getting trouble this I mean this is the story they came out last year about the Pittsburgh Steelers right that they have their whole guy that would somebody on their team gets into trouble. They've got a guy who's also I think a state trooper. Who sure that it's handled differently yeah. Well has former FB ICI an eight bit that ties with. With and Adam probably about when and maybe as a woman in there somewhere with law enforcement history this is that their job is to investigate. To look. Despite everything you can't you do not eight million dollar investments. In guys that you have not believe that it. But this just does not seem to be cancer for at least you do not care and then when it does come out it's. It's law I don't know how we could've known about the NS. USA today Jason market for a. Yes so what makes this worse is that apparently at the most recently meetings in Houston this is again this is from Aachen for a story and CBS. I'm Lisa Friel who is the former New York prosecutor who's. Been put in charge of domestic violence cases because the NFL. Kinda like put Breast Cancer Awareness Month well we'd better put it chipped and charged that because everyone votes day came all the way our quality were really tackling we're tackling this issue head on because we hired a woman like you'd. And so and he apparently was sort of like brow beating her in a hallway for people we hear about this is the keel while yet. Investigation now. No one has said exactly what they were saying but it's still seems a little. Like she supposed to be an independent investigator and here's the owner of the team of the player like haranguing her and always about it. The end just to get the time I write so it was a February incident this is pride the July stop which if you go and that's been cheap posted. His girlfriend posted. All of for bruises on line and their awful like. Her wrist her arm her neck her elbow she's got bruises up and down that she claims where a result of domestic violence. Now no charges are filed they didn't feel there was enough evidence she didn't go forward with that so maybe there is actually another side to this story but. Given the league's history to have Jerry Jones saying that. This guy. Has a total clean bill health and that all the real information that anybody has is that he doesn't have an issue. I don't see how it's that simple. Just. It's one thing after another even now eyes and times I'm just detected debts that fine at the photos I can see them. You know I scroll up and a second story and debts and is Baylor sexual assault scandal still no reports stills the answers the Baylor team today's allegedly wearing all black game. Because of the firing of our riles. Over there repeated problems a sexual assault inhabiting at Harvard. Where they need men's soccer team for 201222016. Was ranking players on Google spreadsheet open to the public. And saying very lewd disgusting things about women with their vote with their photos which was public. This is not like a private email chain or private texts chain which. Is that and now in and of itself but I understand it happens this and I get it not stupid enough to think that you know. And pre girl comes on TV or you see a hot growing camp is that you and your friends or for that in that format. Matter the yacht ya don't make a comment about it that this was a ranking system. And they get found outdoors and their their season gets canceled and people don't understand why. And they civil harbors just trying to make an example and I say that I'm glad Harvard is making Big Apple and because this is where things start ease you treat women. As though they are nothing more than ornament. Now we're just objects to be idled and looked at ranked and rated all the other things that we do our secondary whether it's academic or athletic achievement. How many times do you women come out and say I actually read a story about this I think it is. Odyssey might and then during Ray Rice act scandal two years ago about the problem. That the what are the biggest problems that people just flat out don't believe when it when used day. That was really offensive to me it was loud just kidding I was skating I was joking or outlook does it matter that you just that he thought were joking around. It's still damaging I want yesterday. And I met when differences in children's hospital and I met with a bunch of patients better and he really helped and it's one that. Only nonprofit behavioral health units in Massachusetts avenue at a hospital in your child's mental health issue. An emergency room they tried to transfer them to this at this facility. And the number one thing to Osce that these young men and women talk to me about. We the influence of media is particularly social media and the way that they are viewed as particularly the girls saying they were asking me what is it like. When people only talk of what people you know. Don't value your opinion simply because your one what is it like. Went to talk about your appearance as people talk about my appearance on the time it really bothers my self esteem and somebody touch me because they thought it was okay. All of these things are reinforced music. How Ricky is Harvard is quietly vale is like that anti though. It's tests. It blows my mind. It blows my mind that were still in a that we still live there. What I take its value IC HEU. Elvis is difficult. This is unacceptable we cannot keep this up and because I'm standing up for it now suddenly we're making up. Now we're not making it out and one thing leads to another and those who say there's no correlation. One thing leads to another when a man thinks that it's okay to talk about to touch. To say and do whatever you want to woman there's no consequence doing. Then it leads to other things are actual studies actual scientific studies that show at that nobody wants to listen I know your I don't renting you kind of on the program but. It's just and I know you agree with me it's just it blows my mind we're still here and people are still you still got an older and FL team. And high profile people you know people is defending the Harvard soccer players that it's is not a big deals is locker room talk or you've got it out you know the owner of a football teams and always got a clean bill of health. That even. That's knee injury or talk about a guy who. Slapped a woman around and punched her and physically abused year. And it's still well but you Russia's you mean he's a really tell us why Arab really talented running back don't wanna see his life ruins. Yep I mean I look at it in the bigger sense like. This election. Thank you for real enemy does know those agree that this election has taught us that words matter you know so yes the things that Donald Trump says incites. People to do that you know whatever but but this is about that that's just more macro way of looking at it. Historically. The things that we say quote on quote casually like. In the sixties and seventies and certainly not as much today but for a long time. White people would casually used the N word like it like it had no meaning that that has meaning that reinforces believes. You know as a kid all the time like we would call things of that game that bracket. That those things actually matter I know orchard and indicate B radio here but it's true those things matter those things have an impact in so. Years ago I would have been out the end it's just put guys say. But the older you get the more you realize that these things do have an impact and they'd they'd just lay the foundation. For behavior so these words lay the foundation for future behaviors. It's an idea that again. That. Again and my female point of view is that it's reinforcing this narrative in this ideas that. Women are less then that were we any president I I was going back and forth on Twitter asked him if Bert Greer. Who writes from an important quarterback in and you know we're friends so we had a conversation on Saddam was no not a jerk for Smart nice thoughtful guy. And I understand that it's hard for someone. To it's if you've never. If you've never felt threatened by words. Or actions you've never walked on the street had someone say Al smile honey why she's smiling. As though like as though you have the right to help me how I should book when I walk past. I was younger kid it didn't bother me I thought I should be smile and that's gotten older it's like why should I do what you tell me to do. And I do I I agree with you that I feel like. Those words that they matter and may reinforce ideas to two younger women over and over and over again and younger men and younger men. That it's okay and that women should just accept it and it's OK for men to do and part of my. Might thinking changed when my sister had my meats because it started to think about what a world Michigan grow up and where she equates wearing a score. Like you know I hated. When I John Gibbons said after that came this year a what you want our guys just put skirts on a waiting game. Because what do comprises. Ocean replay it like when it should be actually women as though. As I am you know. I probably physically weaker than most net. Just biologically that's the waited but that doesn't mean that by by just might gender I less capable of something that someone else differences don't make you less capable and I added that I think that's really changed it should not that I'm actually a little ashamed to say. But it's at my sister having a child for me to think differently about it. That I couldn't. In an of myself respect myself enough to realize. That those kinds of words and actions are. Yeah I mean to show much times have changed in 84 when the Celtics lost game whatever was to retreated lakers in the finals. Larry Bird came out and said we played like a bunch of women's weekly and and that was like a rallying cry you know the Celtics can't play keep clam like women and then. The tail came out and clothes line Kurt Rambis the next game the Celtics won that series and that was like. There was no one's saying. And I was ten or eleven whatever there is nobody at the time saying will. That's offensive to him and you can't save that so times have changed for the better but clearly you know this thing like the Harvard thing comes out you realizes still waste ago. Wreck because people just assumed that it's it's not damage. And I'm an IE nine and one of the things that they said to per SE is her going back and forth is all I'm asking you do is listen to me I'm asking you to listen I am telling you. That this is damaged that it's that I bet analysts before I've bent I net. Good ones and bad lies and both are equally embarrassing. Because. There's a part of you that feels like. This is all you're noticing about like at a friend we are talking about you know dating and I said to her like one of the first things up like an online dating site that someone at Centennial I think you're really hot. And so I just was such a turn off that she was like oh my god I'd give anything she's likable always tell me how Smart I am. And I see you've no idea I said it sounds crazy but I would give anything for someone to say the first may notice about me is how your really. I love to what your take on this or. I love the fact that you read a lot or you go to museums or you have an opinion I said that so often particular ages is all about white women look like. And when we just say that's just boys being employees if you think that that doesn't that transfer over what air not college anymore like to think that magically stops happening when they leave Harvard or do you think that they carried out over and to their offices. And they think it's okay they think it's okay that when you bring in a prospective employee and maybe you haven't you the chance to hire someone you bucket the one who's hotter. That's different that they add to that so are we that just doesn't happen with men you cannot tell me that that happens at that does it I've not been on any arrests. I said I said design yesterday said I said the next time IC a hot it's NFL reporter's list for men is the first time. Ike. You know it's just had summit I'm sure people call it insane or tweet so who cares no use your bad because humans is your preview your madness who cares what people think. But it's not at that reinforcement that that is the quality that matters them or. And so frost and and to bring it back to busy Phil Elliott thinks of the dad's been storied names the girlfriend you know so I Google the girlfriend just a CEO are there any stories that were missing. And what's the first thing that pops up heavy dot com with a bunch a pictures ever in my bikinis and lingerie records so this is. As though she's somehow deserving of that yes you know. I'm sure she's on way eggs right isn't there like oh like a website that's like whites and girlfriends of athletes or something a sports stars like. You just you don't there's there's not she cannot tell me that there is a male equivalent for that you cannot tell me tags panics yes that. Either tiger phones. And we. We're gonna Mike in a car. Mike now what are your thoughts on Ezekiel LA had in domestic violence in the NFL. Yeah well I mean. First off I just want a cholera could what you just said you might be critically we got a lot of guys that I know about site YouTube seem like a lot opera all I've got right now. I really enjoyed the last couple weeks well you got them on the ship it out elect our I don't think Jack. The climate in the NFL being what is lately where you know it right break party and out you know judge brown and it can't know that. They're the real danger here of going too far the other now. What I mean by that is you know you're saying it was sorry I haven't read a lot of ego of the storied. What I heard what you guys say it would axe. They acted girlfriend has called the least white. And there's so much knowledge and I'm wrong on that we've correctly that one charge higher than what it mattered I know your. Coca I don't that you have to be careful about casting that person and an end passing judgment. All the eke out come out I think on the prior situations. Are different now why details are available rituals would. There isn't that terrible so are available and edit not there's nothing here that any city. I'm iPad experience not personal friend of mine where he has figured it out Derek. Arm got upset with him literally trashed apartment I mean broke dishes. All the sort tables are Richard. The turnaround all. And luckily my friend I've read that might have gotten aged and take yourself on and actually video are in. Course it is actually a demolished it are meant so he had he protected himself and he would want accidents that go way up. Had he not on that he would yell fight to. You'd think I had an very large there and you know he could have very well particularly caucus would probably bet that that the small girl won it all back yeah I'd be happy really careful. You just assume that everybody is guilty of what is happening badly all I want to. Yeah I actually I I've given a lot of thought to this and this is kind of the same issue there's a part of me that feels like the NFL should not be adjudicating stuff because. We've already seen that their decisions are too heavily influenced by public opinion and by which way the wind is blowing and where hard on this guy and not art and that guy and we need this information come out and so. Why is the league in the in basically trying to take to the job of the police you know. So I do you have there's there's a part of me that feels like. The NFL is not equipped clearly. To be doing this it doesn't have investigative powers does. So you do run the risk. Not having all the information. And let's just say because this is a possibility we after admitted even though you look at those dad's been pictures but I must say I don't think she did that to herself. But let's just say that. These two have a complicated history in relationship then you know it's not what it seems well he's now being judged. Based on something that the police wouldn't pursued solo act. I just I don't trust the NFL to do anything right basically and I don't trust them to be in charge of this kinda stuff it's almost like they're taking on more power. Then they'd deserve or can handle responsibly. Yet a problem. Is though that is that so often in domestic violence. Indymac and domestic cases of domestic violence. The women are terrified their edited to say we think we've talked about Josh Brown right were Molly Brown wise afraid to press charges she was afraid to push forward even issued and I called police to twenty plus times. If she was afraid of losing financial stability she's afraid that if he would go to jail or would get yet kicked off. The giants that wind currents are support system her financial support system would go away. And to that it would became even more violence. So it's so hard because I and I think there's also a psychological component to it. Where you know where a woman is an abusive relationship there's a part of you that feels like. Well I wanna believe them like I fell in love with dispersants or don't wanna believe that this person. Is going to continue doing these horrible things to me I mean I don't know if you read any Apple's peace in Sports Illustrated fouling the Josh Pratt she is the mother of Eli apple would please. Quarterback for the New York Giants yeah student deletes that. She really took an about the task and she talked about how she stayed years. Which and with ice father. Who abused her four. Deck and I think close to a decade and it enough times that she kept going back and why she kept going back to understand the psychology of it. So that's that's what's hard is that it's it's difficult also completely count. That the police and judicial system to handle this I mean. This is a really extreme case of at that look at what happened with. It's it's this race chaired. I mean you know she she was scared in the family you know I think sort of based on the reports. Maybe talk her out of going in getting restraining order were getting him help and please don't do this is makes things worse for him in and look at how and I think it's. That it's really complicated from all sides it's just go to your point that maybe the NFL should be handling it. But I also feel like. There have to be some consequence for action. And even just because there's not. Have a hard time I wisely and not ice Major League Baseball I mean. You know. You can argue that rolled a chat mayor Jose races. You know punishments were really only two or three games in the NFL but they've worked something. They weren't start you know rob. Rob Manfred didn't stop and hand behind you don't hear managers saying no well but it's not mean art died as it doesn't seem like is that now. There are guarantees accusations out there we are tape we are taking all the necessary steps. Two to look into this matter and to punish accord at a car disciplined accordingly. And the NFL can't do that that's what that's what I don't get an you've got just as many players in Major League Baseball making just as much if not more money. And yet they can they can manage to do the job correctly and you can't at least again maybe not perfectly but they're at least doing something. Aren't their their far more proactive I am to be clear I'm not saying the NFL shouldn't suspend guys for this stuff isn't our our ads to investigated so like. Josh Brown you have his diaries he you have stuff he's admitted. I'm Ray Rice who had videos of these things are different Ezekiel Elliott is unfortunately. And he said she said that doesn't have any. You know police it doesn't have a court case it doesn't have an arrested doesn't have. That kinda stuff to back it up so when you're putting the NFL in charge of figuring out what happened. I don't trust them to do the right thing by any one. Involved and as far as Ezekiel elite goes if you read the USA today story about the February call that the same woman made to police. He admits in the thing it says. Basically. He asked her to leave his apartment because she was mad about something she at CNET social media. She refused the situation escalated and I'm just read the story Elliott told police that he attempted to go to his room and locked the door but she prevented him by grabbing him around the waist. And so he pushed her to get her off him. And again you where we're filling in blanks the arts is on right there. But I would just say boring guy who Jerry Jones says has a clean bill of health and doesn't have an issue at this. They are ways to get someone off of you who is a hundred pounds lighter than you that don't involve. The blowing her off the view you know to the point where she gets injured and calls the so. That's why are you feel scared and up the cult that you call the police so. Again does that pass the smell test it doesn't you know a bit and so. It's not hard to envision him having done something along the lines of what she's reporting when you look at these pictures. When you read this story the latest story when you consider the fact that she says there were five different instances. Incidents before. So all of these things add up to be NFL being in a position where it's going to have to act again and come back to what you said about MLB I don't think they're equipped to do. Just. I mean. Yeah I mean I'm not asking them to. Solve the case per say but they need to find a better way to publicly handled. I think the waiting speak I mean. You know these players go through and we're up against the out against the clock but I know these players go through domestic violence training deepening your owners through as well. A little bit of how can we be better. How to better equipped to help both sigh it's if you gotta keep going back to the NFL his family. Well they care about family make it really truly about family by having resources on both sides protecting both sides because. By and large most of these women and by choice. But they give up much of their own financial security peak days they they look at it in this part of the reason there's a gazillion. But people are suing you never know if players are about to marry a pro athlete. No because I nodded my hired dom ma. Is. Well part partially solved now all sob but I was about to give up my career I wanted a career and you have to I see these women are Smart. And they have degrees and they've gone to college that's where they meet a lot of their their significant others but they did it. All ops that this person can chase a dream that's going to be very financially lucrative in the short term. But that is putting their entire life on the back burner so when you're tied to some in the arm. Where you don't have. What is your way out. So you're you're stuck in NFL does nothing to help that side they don't look at how. The the culture around the NFL where you have to move at a moment's notice you that you know Europe. Your life is tied to how well you plan feel that again he drops prices at these these guys spam they ate. But it's a violent sport that is now showing a somewhat of a sordid history around and linked to violence at home. You need to get some resources so that both sides can be helped him one side doesn't feel trapped because I think more than anything these women are really each. It looks like Marat as there's a lot of calls. Honest on the lines of we'll get to everybody general Michel a mile bread and hang out we will ticker up next to UT. I feel today is like its twentieth anniversary or something of two packs first album. Like maps that access Esther Cochran. Just like Bruce hornsby or Steve Winwood are signing rob tell me it's to back it is to talk. That was the to plug version but doable. Changes. Deaths. MM the meant to pack now actually I was always more big summaries. At. Big east. West. That are not. And I Alba an actress is in its subjects. It's. An area none of that none of that though so we are lights on point on point. There. We got NPR to appease the Al prescribing are hippies. So we are talking. Led mishmash of just problems. With football but mostly about Ezekiel Elliott's. Who has not charged. With any domestic. Violence has not exactly does not have any domestic violence charges but his girlfriend has had to call the police numerous times there are pictures of bruises on her. These incidents that the cowboys knew about once again her feeding a little bit of ignorance and it and how all the information and you heat it is given a clean bill of health. Jerry John sort of talking as backside again. And just the frustration it's just it's like. We know week or two with Al. This popping up in camps the NFL come up with a system I thought they did come up with a system of the six game minimum but they booted that out. When they only suspended Josh Brown for one game. Where. This doesn't dominate the headlines because you've got a system in place that doesn't allow it to dominate that it's. And you know here's the problem with this one Ezekiel Elliott is having a tremendous year. On one of the fanatics taker this time it's one of the league's marquee franchise's. A league that is desperate for star power right now you have the patriots and you of the cowboys. And you have like no other star power Ezekiel Elliott is and act press got they are the reason that the cowboys are on the map. In the NFL you know wants no part of removing him from that equates no part. Because then you're back to the patriots and nothing else and we know about ratings we know about. Did you know waning interest all of that stuff. This will be a test of the NFL are you willing to come down hard on a face and on a signature player and a signature for it. And the first thing I think of like you're saying Matt they sure as said and it features of the not a problem coming down on Tom Brady for something that was ridiculous compared yes. I now I hate comparing I hate come magazine get to that you got your your united date the crux of that point of part of your argument lies. Well we'll see if they really will take a you know a big names. Athlete out of the sport on Avery doesn't so so with the way I compare is why would you take Tom Brady out Edie got as personal vendetta against him. You'll sacrifice Apogee won't sacrifice this for something that is arm warm part I'm not saying he definitely deserves a six game suspension. There are. There there's little it we are as much information that this is we did say Josh Brown. But once again. It seems at least on the surface it seems like the cowboys. And the NFL were a little willfully ignorant about how. Maybe this will just go away. And that's so frustrating to me because. It's just again. It sends a message that. We don't care that much about domestic violence particularly when it has to do with players like a great party or still serviceable. Italy or worse than to be guys second make an impact on the field. And all the stuff that we do all the Sotheby's raised its lips are less hiring the fi now and no more campaigns. It's just we don't actually care about. But it I don't radio now I don't think they do. It's it's it's it's it's just as of as it feel viewer of the NFL. It's just becoming a lap I I can't tell you. I can't tell you a for not forgot there's an equivalent ounce. Thanks for doc was and today they did a game of leg and I eight think it was ham. Got an even thousand say the jags I was the previous week. It's not as Tampa. Somebody whatever that doesn't matter I I can't even tell you where was I had no interest in it. At all. The pitcher it's not being honest began a pilot to Packers game. I'll watch a little bit of it and a host sports finance on a night but I'd much rather watch like the Celtics Sunday night. Then help explain area played stats watch back. And he considered yeah I mean I widget. Here's is for zapatero there's garbage. And then all of this stuff that keeps going Ike. I do want to be careful of the call I think it was Mike Carr recipient he had a friend who had gotten into it with a girlfriend and she. Now it could be easily Valentine's story with the other side you know and Nat. Particular case. She was trying to sort of frame him and make it look like he was the bad guy I've rented the same thing happened to him. And it is devastating for him because he was a public figure and it came out and no one believed. Other than those of us were close to sort of knew the dynamics of that relationship so it does happen. It certainly does happen but what I looked up early to a domestic in the domestic bats back she. They say it last that's Ike. Rape cases rape all street accusations are slow is like 2%. Also that's a violence accusations are a little higher. But it's about 7520. So there is a larger percent of it is can be considerable chunks or do you have to be I think you do have to be. Cautious. When accusations about allegations surface. But they're still a large chunk of them. At a legit. And to dismiss all because of a small part not being not being true I think is sewed. It. But there at the people think are the people. Who's out we'll go to Brendon and Salem. Brendan buck a TNT. Hey guys aren't I love this it's. But I'm so I wanted to make one game in the entity that kinda 2.2 to top out which ones I don't know if you ever heard the term rape culture. Yes but I don't used to running out. Really stupid and not true and just got that people out where we're we outline. Well what actually kinda turned mean and realize that. Reopening is the rock turner. Yet the Stamford Stamford slow summer. Yeah and that as and you realize that that is so true even though I and a 32 year old white man out thinks that. Domestic violence and he'd wanted to absolutely abhorrent and I would never put my aunt Donna now. Not everyone thinks like that and it's a real thing. It's terrible. But my other point is specifically with Ezekiel Ellie and I could be mixed it up I thought that. There were text messages released showing his girlfriend trying to get her friends. On to say that they witnessed and abusing her when she didn't. I'm bad I'm not sure of. So I don't know. Is Sharon there you know what I actually just pulled that up a little bit ago and had a chance to read it on to add Spain now signed. Here's my only thing like a lot of these cases when they say there're no witnesses right into the top. A lot how are no I how often they're gonna be witnesses to like. I'm in my apartment where fighting in whenever like. It there's probably other forensic ways like bruises that Mac thing. That should that should provide more evidence there was no witness nothing happened. And it does say that did the headline that Brigham is referring to says a witness claims Ezekiel Alley it's girlfriend. Asked her to lie to police. Say I'm assuming that that means that. She asked a friend to say in the text messages are. Earth summit the last news Mason if they asked each raked me out of my car. You wanted to play I. A bout what happened last night it's because seeks lawyers about calming again hurry text me back. So. So again the senate. Isn't this is a little it's a little. It's a little Fuzzy but yeah I mean it is it is a possibility that you discuss record as saying before is the NFL really. Should they be. I I just don't trust them to be equipped to adequately investigate these things like you could see them. Waiting a few days to see what is the public reaction to this latest revelation. If it is how can seek yell Elliot be playing this is absurd you know the NFL has no dignity whenever he gets suspended. Whereas if it's well we don't know the full story there's holes Bubba but he doesn't get suspended that's why question. The NFL's place as an investigative body. Because I don't trust them. To act objectively. Yeah unfortunately though they went out that the whole reason they went out in particular Lisa Friel right because she's still worked in a prosecutor's office like this is supposed to be what she is. Was brought it for. And at that they don't user edit it and it's a frustrating. You know from my perspective today Lisa Friel. Feels influence so I wonder what you know looking oppression she's on it like I would love to know when Jerry Jones said to her. At those meetings last week exactly now how much does she feel pressure to. To not really bring a camera on my guy you envision wrap it up c'mon let's wrap this up wraps the wrap up its been two months right investigations overtly make in my got a bad eviction that. Where finally make Iran and don't don't ruin as far as for finally you know even without. Tony Romo we have a chance to go to the super bull don't screw this up for us yes because they think it happens a time our outlook back to the phones I wrap up this topic. Coming up our right activists on TT. Are about ten minutes is our final hour here anti NC if you guys into the story earlier today outlook mossy and I were murdered eleven threes starting next week off next week right yes it is I'm off the week after. I'll pass laws on the tee and somebody out. That's the next two weeks removed at 11 o'clock hour that both of us thought that eleven at three shifts started today and we are both wait for the element shifts. I don't know why Tomas it was late but I was riding my bike and it took me longer than I anticipated. It's a traffic. I was supposed to meet associate producer asked the tennis in this morning and bring him up to the studio and poor guy again here. 1045. Yes that he had been here for fifteen minutes and I came sprinting in. Completely disk and Bobby and I can't find my badge I can't sleight bin. I'm on the late on the mass and then Matt morale the producer Matt low personally that are out yet. The act blanked in the masters. Matt morale comes down says and he doesn't seem really frazzled by the fact that neither you nor I are zero utters yet. For our show that started a minute ago now we're fifty. I I mean I guess I'm happy about that these guys. I was blades. But however I'd use extra. Hour so. Now I. It was terrifying. Because there it's fine for me to ride my bike here it's super easy to take at half on the river away. However when you get to the exit to win the studios are. Got to get into traffic a little bad Wallace it's Dicey I shouldn't have crossed all the way over distance sidewalk elegant Smart things but I did like click right away access panic exit at four minutes to get your. So literally like Elaine of traffic. Cars are kind of spotlight. Go around in this item I am I I haven't clicked in by. So if for some reason Nike equipment issues now. There's no way for me go like that I'll I've fallen are sometimes. You do that because as currently mountains. Now. The gush yet you don't Wear those mountains because I'm upset I'm I'm not. And that daredevil the enough that award and that from the act makes no sense. To do mountain biking. But I have a road. So it's just easier like goodies like clips nightclub she's expect cost up. I don't mind it gets you better pedal stroke and I and nine clip in and out pretty easily but I mean I have had. Close calls. In traffic not like Mike clip innings. It's a is there is nothing like stealing a car that base and naymick. I can't on bikes and as I can I fall I have just fallen. Before Blake you know choice you just a couple of the ground in and year pews and you look ridiculous and then. Well I've had some nasty spills. That it's so you don't think about maybe not. Open him in there really can't as a lawyer Ivan there's an idea like it when you go tickets booked at night bike pedal. Sweet Bragman penalties air politicians they're like just little. Odd season you're on. This ballot the bike shop sounds needlessly treacherous. Wrath. I for the most part Mike and I again I'm gonna win the bike rider I'm not one of these people that was fine on him at sixty miles an hour and a dozen robberies take the right hand turn. I am an overly cautious bike rider because I'm terrified dynamic right pets there. Abigail was music earnings and I'm now gonna Google listen to music. You have to be aware eggs out of light or thirty miles an hour but I have site with kind of at the top of the hill but like. At the top of the so I don't ride my bike dinosaur park hill into the main traffic I walk my bike down hill. And it cross over the relieve traffic part of my like my neighborhood. And and jump on that. But like SARS. Epidemic. If I need children's. Mother made a Billick agree green pants grade at whatever yeah. Unlocked by an it's great isn't nice I mean literally it takes me about twice is lying on my bike and it does to drive here. He. Late today so I know I felt I don't want to belabor this bottoms of the of the feet that you have to clip into how do you get them out like you always ask her follow over that's their right they come up so and high stress situations you might not be able to run right like you and I I think about it so what I you know an abnormally writing I think about it I got him on clip here can get immunized stops time. Does that seem like a major design. That you can clippings about yet. It is funny that you take a span class Acela doesn't know how to clip out there like stuck in Hershey's and it just like teak is set to take issues off like it's like pull their feet out of camp figured out and chuckled a bit like. Onkyo offers timer. But the agencies. Is it allegedly is it more aerodynamic. I got like scribe tribe ours on my bike and everything leaned forward really go at it. But I. I was scared cat in the you knew him though. Do you fall a couple of atom system I haven't seen bag of balls off so late fall. And it really have to like one clinical well. It. So that's alien at this hour are economic like that just we went from domestic violence and you know terrible ways of communicating in treating women do have an ice serum sorry. School grandpa and made their equivalent there an equivalent there's so it I don't find it. It's not like you bring to me out of all the possible Graham S that's true. I figured no Helen Aaron. Yet so I can get that acts that aren't we weren't average daily. I like to you like to give you what you want to Nazi. And you're always right so we'll talk all Celtics basketball. I coming up in the final hour of T entity.