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Mut & Curran continue discussing the Jamie Collins trade and Patriots mid-season awards

Nov 4, 2016|

Mut and Tom continue to look at the possible motivation and impact of the Patriots trade of LB Jamie Collins and also talk about some of Tom's Patriots mid-season awards

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But until Bucs and falcons here on WEEI Mott and current picking through the week it was for the patriots in their bile week headlined by the GB Collins I trade to Cleveland will get its mother. League issues here as well including some fallout in New York. They player's wife. Not all that thrilled it's mom my aunts are mine I've. Gosh couples I know you that. Bad job enemy but he player's mother who claims she might do now is trying to pack of 500 before the end of the will try to oilwell ball 500 before that was excellent for not for this hour. I feel pretty good about 6177797937. The phone number the economy current five point plan as to why. Jamie Collins is a brown number one wasn't playing the potential. Exactly what we've spoken about throughout the first our. When you look at last year some breakdowns and then this year really only one game you could point Deb say it was a really good job by guys at all pro player. That was happening enough and it's. That is the first and main reason the on field stuff as to why he's elsewhere which leads to number two ongoing issue in distraction potential and a limited role distraction being non stop playing as much anger about it poisoning the water. Could be you have to guard against that for the patriots and I think of that second play of the game in which he went rogue. Write his own thing it didn't work out would shine out to the coaching staff has being an example additionally. When you have a player who's that persuasive as Jamie Collins can be because of the respect he has from his teammates because of his talents. I think that. Hughes being disgruntled could take other players with amount and let's make a mistake on this too and I haven't matched that this at all on the show I think that there is to satisfaction. With Bill Belichick for his defense of coaching staff as well beta ten men on the field they are twelve and on the field they have players who are responding may have. Repeat offenders in terms of mistakes they haven't settled on defense the players meanwhile feel as if their chain to the porch. And not being allowed to make plays and at the end of the game. They're told that they are the ones who are not coming through and I think that there is this is an important mutt. The patriots bay have caused. With this trade if feeling Richey Amy Collins was being scapegoated. For the travails of the defense and I'm sure that with the number of first and second round players on this defense who played at a high level terror they may just as well save manned. It's not Jamie let's stop playing the defense the way we can. So pointing back at the coaches I think mapped traps Patrick or Patricia pro we had a worse year then Jamie call or at least has an impressive for a guy who's supposed to be really good wheelchair. It'll mean they are me Caroline I wanna get through your your five point oh it's a circle back to the coaching staff number three the business side with columns in the pan it pretty clear that. At this point they had no shot resign. Though shot no interest 900000 dollars. So 450000. Dollars left the money wasn't. An issue compensation was a patriots value. Back compensatory pick they're getting back even though we comport poet. And say it's not that much when you do look at it from the other side. My defending the Traber when you do look at the Cleveland side they gave up great player who'll be in the patriot system for four years. If it's a third round pick. In exchange for a guy that they may have only three games. I'll never for what Bill Belichick will put up with at this point I was curious about. What you meant by that is that on the field off the field caught up with. Everything. In it was interesting when Bill Belichick was asked I like trillion yesterday about. Whether there are occasions when he sticks with things or whether he has to be. Very decisive and Belichick said you know there are things that. You watch. And you finally come to a conclusion so you know I don't know what this mother tried anymore I've had a sick of it get it out here. Said that with the Microsoft surface tablets for instance of and I think at this point in his NFL career. If something's not working he's not gonna bangs head against the wall if Jamie called at this juncture in his fourth season is playing a level with doesn't align with what he's capable of I got a base head against the wall is gonna say okay party's over. We're moving on but I think that's really needs to be looked at as well because Belichick also said if we're trying to do something and we feel we have the personal to do it. And eight guys are doing it right or nine guys are doing a rape only one guys to Ron about prevents us from doing right well maybe we'll stick with that. But if there's one guy doing it wrong. And ten guys doing right. If you take out of one goes to Iraq. Well them and that's the case here potentially would Jamie culled in the defense however five team can handle because of talent I had that the defense is talented. I don't know how talented they are after. Donta hightower in the middle of that defense now I think there's dead on the back end. Patrick Chung has played well this year Malcolm butler's played well in the core piece of their their talent there's talent up front. How much talent is there in the middle of that defense she becomes. I'm gonna flip to another aspect and then come back to that care the offense is so talented. Got. Did it can come before. You know it's at its. 2526. Point game team conceivably. They're a threat to go ninety yards every single time they have a ball which are there structure so you can take this risk quote unquote. So that your defense is championship caliber not just good and can. Hang around and make some stops but needs to be championship caliber because at some point that's going to be necessary. And I think defensively they've walked themselves out onto a little bit of a shake UN. Because not a high towers frequently injured. Jonathan for any authority on IR with reportedly multiple shoulder injuries. Well multiple both shoulders. All seven of his shoulders RE ST and he won yet to poke emotional or. The furthermore. And I am part devious thing it was fairly unproven in the Patriots defense Kyle in north wind and Roberts who's a rookie. Ana wind Roberts you know runs a rally aboard a China shop at five elevenths but has had. You know. In two. Laundry dryers you know on a regular basis I mean he's just smashing into things out over guys you get concerned about he's like a latter day Zach Thomas. So. And camps stretching it with how good he can be but he that I always open I was playing. Those guys don't necessarily hold up that can be very light at the linebacker spot if that's the case. Then you're asked to catch on to play at linebacker level in your media leaving you so it'll likely air act air Jordan Richard immortal one of these I don't know what to what Richard starts. I really don't have to see he's another guy he just look at. You know people in the office of that I actually do anyway aren't here toward Richards will be. When they took it he was on that list right ago they took who guy was not anybody's board it has say around Stanford yet another a second round picks excuse. I don't know which would records. I guess this is maybe an unfair question but if someone year you were maybe your golfing and threw the golf course can not human said. Tom do you like the tree. Is that if the last and I say no because he's so talented and I I I would I try to find a way to put up and at the end of the year because this is that it's in the Brady window and the best place you can't during the pre when that's my sort of short answer what. Which risk you won't ask you do you like. This trade for the patriots. I would CDU. Best player doesn't always mean best team so this morning the recipe then that in F one of the good players is that playing to his level. And might be a detriment of the team get an aloe okay which so I like. I everything has to go back to history I mean it's like you know picking stocks. Entrusting whoever runs a mutual fund to whatever you know and I'm not mr. business side all I know is some guy picks the Sox for four. Korea and you know Belichick his and you lose money answers there's resonate looks good point he makes these picks. They work out he makes these really drastic decisions. And generally speaking they work out on the face of that I thought Logan Mankins was a crap idea. And what happened I don't know after four weeks or take a really crappy idea you know after eighteen weeks. When the smoke pitted when the Super Bowl because awoken Mankins but also didn't hold them off. As from aperture you're going back to the talent on this defense and what he's done you'd sneak. Equally is that award miniature. Said he why I completely agree with that this defense doesn't know what it is you're eight weeks in week nine of the NFL. And a I don't know what this defense has come with or without Jamie Collins but it attacking defense are they've been operate oh there's no. There's identity of the offense they're gonna spread you well he Brady's gonna pick you apart at the point you are weakest. I don't know what the defense but here. I DNC here's the interesting thing is they want their identity to be we can be whatever we want to do. That's what they want the red it'd be big what their identity be identities to be exactly which are saying but the problem is. There's not one of those things they're currently doing really well there's not a good run stopping defense particularly. They're not a good. On third down passing defense they're very good in the red zone doughnut at quarterback they're not a turnover creating defense they're not giving after the quarterback now some of this is. Tyrod Taylor saw no pass rush. For one reason. And later Jones on a pass rush for another reason. So you can look at those two things US don't pass rush was different reasons one guy to wanna rush. Because it was too mobile the other guy he wanted to see if you could make some throws in the picture but. If you look at. This defense in this is what the patriots. Since Bill Belichick has been here there's points which you. Come to these conclusions from the defense is playing that well what are you what are you doing OK it's great you have your million defensive ends slash outside linebackers. Sheared wine and cheers and Ninkovich is one. And Chris Long as wind and and that's awesome being broken play wherever you want if you wanna put him over the nose that's awesome it's it's genius move and god knows what. Sometimes you got a lineup of recovered to like Belichick used to brag about the giants would recover to all season. And nobody could score on us yeah find out what you can do find a what's your best eleven is. In your nickel in your dime. And in your base hit and stick with that stick with Betsy my notes intricate it's part of the what I'm presenting. But I do think that their ability to be multiple when changeable sometimes works against them. Might be better at the end that it would be if you weren't a changeable in transition defense all the way through the year. On no GB columns there in the middle mouse will see the gets Seattle while weekly Sunday night a pretty good test their Russell Wilson. I and that offense as promised your phone 6177797937. The phone RB can also text him if he can't. I spent the time on hold at 379. B three civil get to wall between now. And falcons Bucs at 8 o'clock Dave indicate on this patriot defense next up on Sports Radio by day. You know whats up guys yeah date night great. I agree with talked somewhat but again not to be ever not got to make a play in the break ups and that the world submitted a fictional quarterbacks wrest away right. Heal well from Syria and of course as we know they did they really won't know they're really love yeah there really. And but again the going to be like 2011. But he offered is good not to caulk was alert to cloud eleven. Defense and some makeup played this year adding that can communicate. That's a very good parallel that's a very good parallel data 2011 defense was one that it even and that's who Bobble the ball is bouncing all over the place. Fumble after fumble after opportunity to make a play. And they were able to do. You know there are a lot of good plays a novel patch on responsible of them Mario Manningham catch what you know BP did that play makers and Collins. As the breathtaking ability issue pointing out I think Dave to do that. To make a play on saint but again is there enough kite slapped nick plate and I think crop was. What sort yes so would have been different abuse Super Bowl to maybe it played it and not attached now. So the place they may may want to game so they often face a release yet and the parents potentially. Could win the simple even without cults. No doubt I agree I mean it's a better offense now that it was in 2010. Although it's similar in some ways excuse me 2011 Brees better now than it was cute though Brady's better now than it was in 2000 dollars and you know I think that would got a we have left out that Lombardi might appalled as punch on not matched it was two balls here. I don't know if it's by product of scheme or by product of injury or by product of cheered we drafted people shoot. The brown Michael Barr well that contention I couldn't decisive we say that it was Michael Lombardi Villanova patriots. They had this year for. I think Yeltsin the could find tape of him praising. Jim Ball shared play. Op earlier in the season by eight you know. I don't remember a big stretch for troubleshoot any point this year than we saw last year to collect as a better player last year Thomas that. Accurate in your mind to Bausch I don't think he's been there is seemingly on block double as he was last year I mean to you could see some you know you be watching. The play and on us only watching sheared and all of a sudden you'd see just how from the pocket collapse and took issue was just running someone. Which quarterback which is what Jamie is this your B Donta hightower does when Donta hightower is besides I'm going through whatever size player. On the offensive lines are or whatever fullback is set tab me it's it's pretty amazing to see him just bench pressing. Mass of people. Sheared was drafted two years before Lombardi ethically hopes they go Iowa of the doubt on July put them Mike Lombardi good on outs of that up. I either color match in the quarterback's not facing any rest of the way he's right about that. Even into the playoffs there's at least a scenario where. You don't face the upper tier quarterback until the AFC title game. Yup you somehow avoided Pittsburgh Ben Roethlisberger. And Oakland in David Carr. In the AFC title game and you got to play. Trevor Ximian or Alex Smith. Or Marcus Mary owed as a stretch or rock cost Weiler Houston or Andy Dalton in Cincinnati board Tyrod Taylor buffalo. If you caught that team at home. You're getting the middle wrote pops quarterback and if you could avoid it. Car and Roethlisberger round one. By early phase one of those guys who's now in the in in the super. Right that's the AFC this year yeah and actually you know we gonna see if you if you have a number one seed in the NFC holdings treatise he deck press got. Yeah eight Dez Bryant too but I mean you know it's it's. They are far away the gap is so significant for the patriots I mean could see the falcons may be in and Matt Ryan who is on two Russell Wilson that's the only us pretty good. But. In the AFC it's you know you can afford to do disagree adventure defense giving who we are coming up again. Pilots talk to love Robin Hudson New Hampshire on the Jamie Collins street would mutt and current up until. Thursday night football we had rob. They don't I don't like the end of the columns. You regard them yeah you're a bad thing. Editorial you gonna get the money was looking for is a possibility and he made sure there aren't commenting on the what is went go to. They don't let your gonna get your current law. Records she's like that happen in the ban would not. Not at all. Every area. If rob. I mean I can't. Still that's a hypothetical scenario that I just I mean could it happen sure sure the united I would imagine that any number of people would their particular lines of work. But you particular. Now the command they see them do this I say I need more money on beer is a volunteer and get pace anymore money and you just could again I Obama now you're hitting it 300. They're getting right now another not gonna get an accurate. Again minimum wage much better this. Particularly the other I just seems out of at this at a character well we heard not. Maybe it happened this year rob maybe it just all the sudden need the money part hit him when. Com be your said the first hour. He saw last week he wasn't part of the game he saw that he was going to be using marginal player in Atlanta Roberts gonna play against running team a buffalo. Maybe at him like what was he saying it after the Houston game when you up on fourteen tackles and was all over the field with the best of its player for why. It's like Doug the spot to do open may be a producer role produce stats I'm pissed poison locker room. Message sent I've liked. Yeah I mean look. There is between masters illness which I think was certainly an illness and no fame situation but this year he showed up. I think late in the week with a hip injury very early the week didn't play. And then was questionable for two weeks and then suddenly after being on the injured brief report last week or week if someone was sealed. There was an even on the injury report at all. So there's a couple little weird things that have gone on around him. But again this is weird stuff that really doesn't even amount of smoke as much as well. So. They have that jays in a car talking about the trade and Mike Lombardi you can hear on WEEI every Friday with Kirk Cali and I checked. Three. I urged. You too. Flying in April but by happenstance. The day after the patriots beat the Texan. Film are Cooke and Kelly and like gut we'll party on our. You're so. And create or coding how good. Collins did. But then the party kind of wood off on the Internet all on call and seeing that way and he was in error. They've basically had to give calls to cut Clark. Every week to try to get him motivated to up play. It and then he was going on seeing so he took about. Plays seat he didn't couldn't. Effort. It and is. The last thing he said was that the defense only plays as well as KB. That's across artifact Jeff I'll go a step further thanks for the call he went as far as say. Op on Wednesday it was all the guys that he says that to Jamie Collins with the he had he said on the record nice to say to Jamie. This defense is going to be as good as you want it to be. That he was that import of the defense now the other stuff be said in the aftermath of an amazing. Thursday night game. I'm Laura call but he admitted I'll Wednesday that you said after you know remind Jamie that this defense is deal could be as good as bases he was Brett. He's a ship that's absolutely worth look at foreign trying to find that later on because it is instructive. If Jamie calls needed a pep talk patio confined treated well I'm not gonna we're not out of personal. Immunity to grant him like that apparently don't. After answered phones right now it's at phones you up and John in the car he can't. To keep. Ease of ease the best producer at the station can probably double Pete. Wilson. The regularly. Solitude as well get a break and come back more energy B council calls one a it is another general NFL topics including how about baseball. Beating the football Sunday night which Roger Goodell I don't think ever would have expected. I during his term as commissioner and the detainee issues in New York in the aftermath of the Josh Brown fiasco Tommy current year from. CS and any dot com let Tom explain to you. All the football IQ watches them addicted to football all want to do is watch it on me watch it. Listeners out there Nixie gonna watch all your football week at the bye week all the Comcast coverage or pay about that. We'll get to separate Thursday night football now gains box color rushed here on W week. I older some. Midseason awards. Which are sure you're doing this week with a vial equal a year mid season awards between now and 8 o'clock your thirst and I've football Bucs and falcons Sports Radio WEEI they're very specific gag I did him on the website today with the senator Phil Perry. Is it a video or is it a slide show or and or just think a blog. Will cure blog posts and this well at all theory well. You later on but it's there can I say something's not specific to your website you know explosions. How did you know NC. Because everybody says it's not really groundbreaking nobody likes what are your likes like shows up. I like advertisers you like clicks the only slides auto show slide show I watch. Besides the bar stools like to them amply naked girls have some clinic. Which it's it's there for I have to research it's part of research for the show. Is your post patriots like Shalala thank you. You do a couple of news and notes from. But the game on your best and worst at best and I'll I'll click through that I am Monday morning picture clip thanks buddy it's annoying as hell don't put up best and worst that is actually from the will be used to do that. When it was. And at a sports section. There's people there who I liked very much maybe 12 McBride. Chip somebody on the inside their in the patriot games terrific you know Jim Furyk Campbell duke on. Carry Washburn. Nor proceed audience and repeat it jumped me basically taught number of people would four point nobody oddly now. Two and a Escondido resident I might be used to do like we used to do a bunch of stuff. Calm after the games they agreed Monday package that they would do what they're after game. Coverage you stole from. Best ideas are always bore the thrust borrowed and fine tuned and actually better so picture. Samir war between Europe for a the beginning and exec and so you wanna hear com's awards ten minutes from now. I hear on WE yeah I don't pay quarterfinals on the Comcast what was written Riddick the reaction in. New York was offices Cadel. When the baseball beat the football so handily Sunday night I've pretty good match up from a market standpoint Philly Dallas football. Against World Series game five there on Sunday. I think it must've probably cause a fair amount of navel gaze Eden. And also Goodell being good go and Joseph Lockhart whose new public relations flack being shall lock our. The rest of the suits and flax and Coke bumpers being who they are. How we spend this Roger here's what we'll say. It's historic with the cubs. But Dallas Philadelphia is supposed to be historic reduced view would be to copes with. Jacksonville Tennessee. Still worry about it it's the election. Something like that. I mean it's continuing strong it's it's unbelievable it is daunting and if they are not. And I'm not just talking about 345 park avenue on talking to one patriot place and you know Jonathan Kraft to wait you don't have a lot of respect for the work that he doesn't work that he's done since he's. Risen to a level of prominence only him and Robert Kraft to really. You know was on the ground war of building things somebody asked to follow up and figure out a way to make the game more palatable. Then it is right now and we've talked about a thousand times. That it's a thousand different things. And one of those things this quality of play in and of things the officiating in the it the other thing is. The over involvement of the week itself moving on with thing is he over form of the officials dispute goes on and on and on the artifice of the NFL. The big one want to everyone and everything. And try and make it Peron put on their own stamp on it just makes it difficult to swallow. There's got to he's been going through Kraft. At the league office for a multitude of reasons not of this the least of which being what happened with the flaky but recently probable league enabled. This is only worth a couple of seconds of talk but this this whole thing that the league is done with. Telling teams they cannot send out video clips on Twitter and the that is. Baseball was all right to post things on YouTube for simply can't post highlights are vines in my instead. But you baseball although the copyright within like 24 hours and take out. Football it was great on Sundays for you can't watch every game you're not era TV. You saw highlights immediately for not some rogue account on the from the teams the page it's not a highlight of crop touchdown and here's always celebrated. It'll lead them to decide you can't do that because. In my pitted or so freaked out about ratings this year. They wanna get as many eyeballs they can on TV and when how's everything house. Very forward thinking guy like Jonathan Kraft has been at the front of technology and the media and how to would be it's Tuesday. That's gonna drive him crazy that he being micro managed on the patriots. Twitter account. Like teen detail at all and knowing grow we've all had on my understanding our bosses Tom I would Arab. I would have to check this. More closely before it says no this specifically to be in effect but if I'm not mistaken Jason muck and four of CBS. Said that there was dust up between Jerry Jones and Jonathan Kraft. A boat just this topic. And this is what I have to check my belief is that Jonathan Kraft was the one. Who was exasperated because. He didn't want the stuff share. Real yet Jerry Jones was the one who was in a bind saying that the team should be able citizens they generate the content should be able to posted and Johnny craft walked out on the needing. I'm team Jerry Jones. And on this yet so well but here's the thing in this is where I wanted to ask crashed about yet what's. And this is what and I can tell you what's on the craft would say and there's always a lot of logic behind what he says in my experience talking to him. And it will be a look. That water's down our product and what does it lead to people are gonna be able with those small things and put them on their own. And frame them however they want on their own social media feeds. And the people just take it brief tweeted would download whatever you wanna do it in waters it down. Where is it and what happens next what happens when it goes to YouTube and that's the problem we do it walking a fine line between. Carrying. The social media is deep east of the day trying to get everybody enthused by big Sunday of football. They're not looking like. You know. Whatever I can't come up with a worth it's not racially for the party's tight race that's yarder went down piano I was talking German would be inappropriate for me to use Neilson book like some kind of NFL right there I guess arching into. Jack booted thugs to Siri can't use that I mean you can't have it he can't have it that you can't look there's only now anymore. Tone death in the NFL has been on things and make they tend to do that. Like you go back humor yanks beat the last couple weeks of these things like this that the league micromanaging putting guys in power that are going off of in doing the bidding of Roger Goodell wanted to appease a gallon putting those guys in place purses. Guys who know what day. Are talking about and guys have been in positions for X nine years in a swift beef on that outlook the topic on the crap about what. And what that waters down because in 2016 Italian people org. That they're viewing your product differently and it is a Hollywood Hills center right and you're right that's. He did there's a line that we're gonna get up. Two and everybody's gonna appropriated so we have to protect our brand it's the same foolishness you go through at the Super Bowl they chase in people's asses whose streets. I'm all for literally do that because they are Super Bowl merchandise without the NFL's you know local one I mean just did their. The ridiculous about things like that to protect themselves Josh indicate what stuck about the patriots. Kicking game Joshua here on W yacht with much and Carl what he got Josh. OK. Election. Certainly you know is right. All that well well that's got to drive to open up latter job we got to we got to our check in time we card yet heard it here. Is there any correlation to the white people won't act of leaked or short oval is. All our tickets and. I gotcha and I get a quick hits afforded Josh thanks for calling. Kicking balls are really of their own. Species. They're treated differently their house differently they're not part of the normal to flee Capel also. Yeah you don't have to really worry about that. Is being an impacting. Situation. Managers a year for kicker man I take a guy here but across the lead Dexter Texan I think it's what it's worth mentioning because I don't know what the ramifications world. On the craft and Jerry Jones policies Texas sister craft left and the topic was done and got a plane to go to his son's football game he did not walk out who and I leave that up there today. You know it was of the radio about hope. I would say that random text in my know just as much as do some luck and for a whoever spoke to Jason but before that time. The war on teams are finding for not posting again it's better than actual content of the game. What are the worker yeah for the they're using that or the rumble football. Schools that go mad at odds are good at it suits them and now. I John a car a couple of guys you mentioned here tonight in they Hanoi and I mean I John. Can actually OK so I've achieved as well. What's called Bob what about the why am I find them both kind of you know listen. For more perspective as we get some background on the warm. Don't know. Well. Wouldn't care about form. I think it would Lombard and who else who is responsible for drafting. And I'd have a hard time. Believing that god. Brought in for up and specialties. I agree what the court here. I agree and I think that you know as I was saying earlier to mutt. You know maybe we should see in the handwriting on the wall to a degree but nobody expected to see Jamie Arnold treated. Mingo seem like a guy that if Collins left. You know maybe you can have this guy at a lower rate you know you don't ought to vote. What his potential was but he'll write a wrote a story today when these two guys came out. Mean who was defensive end. Called was an outside linebacker mangoes six overall pick almost 52 Ming went LSU. He was 64. To forty. Collins Brno in twelve southern miss team. 63 to fifty. Mean go faster by a little bit both long arms both big hands call and they more explosive jumper. Actually set the planet's record basically in the brunch on prop so but mingle wasn't far behind vertical jump. Fairly similar three calls stuff like that fairly similar. But. Yet there are very much. Similar players and Mingo in the times I've spoken to him. I don't like getting their defense is going to be a problem. He is it really impressive care. Almost it was impressive on your list of midseason awards Mecca and and battered these all the houses all kinds of good how concerned are you warned all what are your favorites if ever questions yet. I'm factor fantasy football team was named that while we zubaydah station I'll come back and get those who Tommy that Thursday at 8 o'clock we urges stay tuned. On please nature of HD radio this is pretty cool feature giving HD radio Hugh here. Thursday night game in color rushed for. At present at that weight easily trigger locked and loaded authors at a football falcons and Bucs he WE. Irish couple minutes away from falcons and Bucs here on WEEI get after the game Christian arcana till 2 AM that tomorrow morning Kirk and Callahan at six. They full sports menu by a week Friday Sports Radio WEEI go to Comcast sports net. C a sanity dot com and find out in fact. What the midseason awards are for Tommy current wanna get to dosing guess what they aren't a second but I want to thank god our body. Had a good day for pretty out Jim McBride your guy for the boss the yellow on Sunday had Jonathan Kraft ms. pregame show. On across the street on the patriots radio network saying that. Explaining the altercation or lack thereof we Jerry Jones quote we never heated exchange over it was more trying to get the definitions. Of what we're doing. It wasn't a heated exchange I didn't storm out. Grass and he left me to get onto his son's high school football games so there ego not heated meeting in effect. The text it was right about that the football game. And crafts of that on the green. How about your warts are we talking about here I go about twelve of them circuit motor thrown first one was the how concerned are you move toward. I guess what had what really is driving nobody when he concerned about the the second half second quarterback. Ice said. Linebacker depth reach a concerned parent. Next up for a staff opponent all stars. Oh wow. LeSean McCoy. For that what he did know week to get a pretty good game. Trying to think. Quit excellent games against this patriot team. Or can sorrow. David John was or could David Johnson the Arizona game wells. Zach brown in the patriots while little pills and rocks seventeenth that rocked Brady and then buried in the past after that hole and finally it was a mix of Libyan belt. All that and Antonio Brown Lawrence used to paint area stood like that what's next biggest second half. Pot hole the one thing whether beyond field off field something that the patriots will have to deal where. That they have to avoid. Injury on the office of I like it that's concrete mine was the success bullies. I'm hopeful what's the do we well week in and week out even though we are not really playing Richard pop performance level you're winning every single game by double digits as the patriots have now since Tom Brady is the back and you're gonna fees face a collection teams. Tickets which you probably continue to do that. Next up was the biggest disappointment. Ward the defense. But it's a player or can be whatever you want lack of aggressive nature run defense so Matt Patricia yes. Mine was ST to discuss oh I said obviously Jamie Collins was a bit of a disappointment. And Cyrus Joe's being an able to grow our Irish couple points doubled its regret biggest contributor was was a disappointment OP scratch central Logan Ryan in the second quarter can be disappointment and I think that. Two bolts sheered deserves mention as well real impressed with that book discussed key because if the anxiety. His performance will cause we Iran if it isn't for the next biggest surprise. Biggest surprise. A tenth to eighth what really mean. It is it gives a good are good or bad it's our league a good surprise. Mean I don't know it's an open ended. Chris Hogan. On the outside OK I get that you beat her up well six quarters you lose your. Eric I have the computer open and better with weapons for we like a minute let's let's Ross the most improved. Can't robbery Marcus cannon quota they have here. I don't know one more and I got 69 not number one and I mean being the only you know we and a half here. Tom Brady's clarity don't Hogan the up you know got it clout scraper best defender patch on. Yes that's Lyman S have been told. He's been good this year that the other day people was our coach and a half here. Oh doctor Scarnecchia about it. Why isn't anyone talking about award. Rule like that. The better crafted Jerry Jones and. If the book room to man and man okay 22 point oh seconds average. Or broke an 820 point six average for Hogan to guys 120 yards receiving. Only since 2010 there have only been four players to top for a season twenty yards receiving per catch. Go to the website TS sanity dot com for all your football and on Comcast TV all weekend on the football brings all the great shows. There Tom talked next Thursday thanks brother is okay. We got to go football coming up Thursday football color rush falcons box. Listen to it here on WEE unseen.