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10-17 Late Night with Christian Arcand Hour 2

Oct 17, 2016|

We step away from all the things the Pats did right and look at what the Bengals did wrong. How is Marvin Lewis still the coach of this franchise? Are the Bengals the backwards version of the Patriots? Oh, and Pacman Jones and Vontaze Burfict are STILL raging A-holes.

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These these late night with Christian art can talk Sports Radio telling you. Christine art can winds up with the Sox pats decency stalker let's get it going with relief night with Christiane are you can. Our Sports Radio WEEI. Valeo final hours GI LA and I argue with you till two. The phone calls at 6177797937. Text messages at 37937. And I'm on it where machine is well anchored to dark and that there be a Indy. Talking mostly patriots here tonight. They won again. And one thing we ever really mentioned here yet then I'm. Pretty over the moon about. Is the work you get from some of these rookies. Really all of them except for structure opens whose band it was an active Sunday. But between Joseph tuning. To Kobe were set. Malcolm Mitchell. And now this kid a landed Roberts who I think they may have stumbled upon something here he played a great game until he got hurt. But that's that's a sixth round pick. From Houston. Yes flower should have fires last year talk about the rookies this year. Rookie from this year been excellent. I've I've been very impressed by. Their ability to sort of step in right away and some of them abetting him Vincent Valentine and Malcolm Mitchell on some of these are Gavin got a lot. But they certainly seem like they play. In the roles that they're asked to do. Currently on this team. Com. But really what we shop offensively today. Was the raw power in raw ability. Of Rob Gronkowski. Grant was a force. On the field. And more so than usual and I'm wondering if Martellus Bennett's presence. Is. Contributing factor ended grant's emergence or for logo the other wake is really I mean. Eat eat. That phrase pick your poison comes up a lot when you talk about dropping you really talk about the Patriots offense over the last few years usually it would be about you know ground concede Julian -- you can't cover both booty get. What do you do. There is Aaron Hernandez obviously in the years he was here but now it's it's more real than ever. With this offense. Any didn't even see groggy Bennett on the field that much together early on in the game. I feel like that changed a lot in the second half. Or at least it was more frequent. And I don't know if that was maybe some sort of set a trap for the for the defense or white. But it really seemed to work well. Bennett had a pretty good game he caught five balls so all five times he was targeted. 48 yards didn't get in the end zone James White got in the hands on twice. Which I thought was a real nice exploitive move by Tom Brady there to sort of go underneath. When they got the red zone it's that it just talking it up to the tall guys do that seemed to be with Cincinnati was trying to prevent. First few times they got an of their end it look like the vandals are really trying to press up. And and stop grunting abandon even cattlemen and everybody else from. You know again getting past them and when they did that they left open space effort for white to come around at the back field and ended up getting in the end zone twice that way so. That's certainly looked good. No turnovers by the pictures. No fumbles no interceptions. And Donta hightower. Emerging as. Perhaps the most important player on the defense. Jamie Collins inactive. Lot of people were wondering what sort of effect that would have on the defense I think it did have an effect maybe in the first half. But not a huge one and the only reason I say that is because Giamatti Bernard is a good pass catching running back for Cincinnati. He's a guy and a concerted do a lot of dynamic things out of the bag films seem like a perfect match for someone like Jamie Collins is to chase around. And it's not like Bernard went offer anything like that he had a decent game. Caught four balls for 45 yards didn't do much on the ground. But I thought OK well without Jamie Collins that guy Beckham might have a chance to do something but not really they're getting thin. On line backers I don't know when Freeney on IR. Mean sun mark Davies mean knowing there's the third linebacker furlough yes yes she did. And he gave up a couple of big boys. And again part Gaby is mango I think he's. Is a good sort of back up he's a good depth player. But EA got exposed a couple of times. Not that Jimmy Collins never has either. I'll never forget him get beat by Owen Daniels in the AFC championship game last year and at Pete Manning pass a cut. I bet he sees them playing as a nightmare marked barked hideous the child that again at that. Yeah. Many good never great game. But really I mean these winners a little bit here is that there hightower made up for. All that. Hides our sacking. Andy Dalton in his own end zone second straight week now that high towers forced the CP. That's a pretty nice little street that going. And this one I mean that that one last three with Cleveland where it'd ball bounced out of the bag in the end zone and it backwards pad that was. This is it real says this was that no you're going down in your own end zone bodies are a look at look at it for what it is a lot of defense is to go an entire season without forcing a single CD. Got to hide Paris Dubai itself and a that's in scene he also hightower also led the league led the team in tackles. With thirteen. At a second half to all feared was the other half of one of those sex. That wasn't the that wasn't the one in the end zone. Ours is another sector different point in the game that was hitting cheers that straight combined for one another thing I liked. With the way Bill Belichick. Mixed and matched his secondary against the bad angles wider here. These are the beginning of the game you saw Logan Ryan on. On green you saw ball or animal little bit. And after neither of those two. Seemed to work. He turned Eric roll. Who got away with a pretty obvious signs by now hold in the end zone. He was told and greens and down when he went drank gets the ball agree almost made that one handed touchdown catch the reason it was almost the one handed touchdown gets view Rose Bowl in the guys area. Not dissimilar from what we saw at the end of the falcons Seahawks game. Under a peacock that I'd that Allen was a little more almighty god you see NC Richard Sherman pop in his chest Al groh did you after that stop chairman kind of us held off the field says OK you know lets get discount rate. And that one I mean that was the end of the game that was that was much. Much bigger deal there for the felt in the CR. The act up or misplace not not great officiating only one I would say on this on this NFL Sunday which is now I patriots Monday here. At WEE I six point 77797937. Your phone number 37937. Is the number on tax on Twitter at Christian are cans. You check out WEEI dot com tonight. Which you obviously should. I would very much recommend checking out drags. Mike to try it. Or as they called out of Providence trades. Trades took the Bengals to task. Just like about a dozen paragraphs. Just written about wealth it's great. Barely get really let me give you a little teaser here an artery the whole thing obviously it's not a lot but this is this good stuff here. I knew he hears traders drags is opening paired Everett. Imagine for a moment the patriots players cavorting smiling and joking around in the locker room after an embarrassing second half where they came unglued lost the game to drop to two and four. Imagine Logan Ryan Malcolm Boller complaining about calls and claiming the refs had it in for them. Think if Tom Brady getting dressed while all of this is going on and looking around the room and signing off on a by just turning the other way. That would never happen with the patriots you say of course who wouldn't but it doesn't Cincinnati. Because on this day. As Dre Kirkpatrick and Adam Jones came off the field patriots fans started shouting no discipline no disappoint. Jones stopped in his tracks fifteen feet below stared up without a helmet on and continued to the losers locker room hit a nerve pac man. I like that the sentence on its own in this thing so you think that Antonio Brown was acting like he was hurt to get to fly our senior program you'll see if it. Get a nerve pac man well it should you and Vontae is perfect apparently will never learn from the act people against the Steelers in the playoffs. Sunday perfect while low on the back of Martellus bands lags. Away from the ball in the fourth quarter the play could seriously injured Bennett as it is the move was so egregious it because perfect more time on the suspended list. In the locker room after blowing leads of 73 and 1410 there was laughing and giggling and joking in the vicinity of Jones kicker Patrick. Finding new ways to lose in Cincinnati must really be. Entertaining. And hilarious. Audits good stuff interrupted due at this point army how many new ways in this angles team finds that lose Marvin Lewis Aaron I have no idea. But talk to drags. Talked to the people man. So much it's and then did this this article at the Cincinnati. And you leave is making it. Buried there on that I missed the playoff game. Is he speaking it that was the eighth the day after. That angle Steelers game I think Antonio Brown was still up to our alliances. Pacman Jones says he deserves a Grammy for Aiken and now. So it. If it was hit it. Didn't seem that bad and yeah okay. There was. Do you not he got hit directly in the head. And was down for like power. That was one of the most brutal it's seen in years that that entire playoff game was in sand I don't even know if that was the worst thing that the angles hold that team I mean there's so many things to pick from. They're really they're really day. I don't know what it is about the team. Going out there for. Awhile. Pretty talented pretty pretty top. Which just Null. Discipline at all. It's you'd wonder if the front office. Airs about what's going on which team it is. Mark Lewis and it is the second longest tenured. Head coach I could be wrong about that it was that for fourteen years he owing seven. In the plants every other year he could say they're going to the plant's losing. And there's been no changes he's gonna head coach and so three Syria I think that that's got to be. And it's known an emirate. How long has now now now it's not that long I was about to say our speaker elements you know when I close. Yeah everybody else's moved around. Is anybody else cloning thing in all of that be close out agreement and Tomlin is is. Touching fourteen years now on era meant not that yeah. It's amazing how many chances this guy gets to just. Bring this team back to the flaps its one thing you know when you consider all the playoff losses like that's wow. You in just accidentally fall in the wondered did all this time it's arguably the patriots every year either mean it was whoever they play. It's just amazing because you would think that we we saw that you guys stayed perfect in Jones I mean Kirk Patrick was definitely part of it to you but. These two guys have. A very theme is loss. Against them when they could've gone on to the next round. And Indy recruits who instigated you'd think they would of learned by now yet you think that Marvin Lewis would have done something about this and it's the steam to guys getting into it it's the same two guys chop blocking Martellus Bennett. And you know I don't grunt grunt says he takes full responsibility for what hitting it should resetting graves really was trying to antagonize them towards the end. But really it's I mean if you authority to Bengals players today we're going to be eight oral pain in the ass in in taking shots at people I I. Could've told you it'd blind sleep. That it would imperfect and jobs yep. And Kirk Patrick got in the Maggie got he got involved there too but it was really those two guys and there. For better for worse. Leaders and Al locker room. And that's what happens when your leaders are guys like that it's this story get led. You lose in the AFC wild card game every single time you make the playoffs and I mean every time they have never advanced past the AFC wild card game. 20050 loss to the Steelers or nine of the jets' 2011 of the Texans 2012 of the Texans again 2013 of the chargers. When he fourteen of the colts last year to the Steelers. Cannot get out of that wild card game. And they've never earn the right pieces at the skip it. And you're absolutely right Brian 100%. It's the same two guys Marvin. They seem to. How do you let that keep happening. Where is the accountability where is the responsibility where's. Anything. Where's the coaching where's the leadership where's where's that sacked a look at your players and say okay. Are you guys tired of this yet is I am I'm tired as the coach of ravenous see the same movie every year. As I know how it ends. It ends at the AFC wild card game and along the way you to a olds keep getting in trouble. And get flagged him penalized and fines and dejected and whatever I mean it's like it's it's the definition of insanity. And Marvin Lewis ended that whole organization just refused to do anything about it. These are the same to knuckle heads are dead. Not that that was gonna save me in this game I mean the patriots had just wanna hand. But there's a chance perfect when they take a look at them diet and ended bandits these. It's gonna get maybe a gamer too and certainly he's gonna get five advocate find the right. When they hand and then now know that destructed on herself both offense and defense together. Yea sure did. As you always do. I mean try some new Marvin. I understand doing the same thing every year for the working. But this is did very I mean yeah they make the playoffs most years. That's it. Always seven that that is a big number. Ticket David Price number. David Price is the Marvin look it's. Of of pitching and in the playoffs in baseball. Same record and especially with the matter turn over you see as far as coaching goes in the NFL I know you gotta wonder what is he'd done. To get this team to hold climbing because they always looks so good. In the regular season hot this year yeah every other year everybody thinks Alder at eighteen to BP started eat no last season everybody's flat since. Michael Farr and then just the clip that we just played eight self destruct on themselves. You can play that clip after any game anyway it would sound. As if it's any loss. That the angle any big loss of the main reasons operatives spend more on then the other team plane. Yep sure and they of why I mean they won. In the last four years of a 43 game. Tendon 1110 and twelfth. Double digit wins every year. And they just cannot. Solve the basic problems that they have. And it seems like you would be just disease he has you know drafting a different position. Moving some personnel around maybe you know not extending guys' contracts when they're. Clearly not leadership material on there your veterans in the locker I mean it's just off got it. It's the same thing. And not only is Marvin Lewis the head coach Rick you know. He's basically it'd general manager that team Terrell. Since 2009 Lewis has been the guy I mean he's he's. Had pretty much all the authority of dated a personal stuff. Mike Brown still layered general manager Lou Louis that everything means you know. He's been there for her. Thirteen years. He has basically the same amount of power that it did Belichick as a New England. Only Belichick as a sterling playoff record for super roaring. And oh yeah he's won some playoff games. Unlike Louis I mean it's just it's unbelievable it's the bizarre. Our world really is bizarre version because here every single guy that comes in media that's at a Martellus Bennett is. Petrified to say anything it's true that might be misconstrue her. As lot bore a billboard material I can't get retirement trying to think of but. And then on the other hand you got. Adam Jones going to the gay actors show two days after knocks out into audio Brownstein he's speaking. It's in say I mean isn't it as a patriots they and it's almost. On abnormal yeah I think that a player and he would ever go on and national option in and speak like add another player. It's really amazing. Marvin Lewis sign an extension. April of last year April when he fifteen. And the extension goes through this season. Let's see what they do let's see if they bring him back Ian obviously it's gonna depend on what happens here at Lambert and let's see if they bring him back again. You know Bengals fan I just I don't know I would say that he is like the Mike Scioscia. Of football but Mike's -- is actually want to yeah he had very long ago but Mike social still want I don't understand Mike's -- still the man entered the angels now you know. It was sort of like that was like Lindy Ruff from buffalo to all of your. Like what the hell mean that act as though there. Alice they call 6177797937. John's in the card shark. Not much up there are such a fantastic. Idea yeah I'd have you on late at night accurately six one of the national goes. Not representing me it would not oppose that war. Incompatible. With the idea that we where are. Just. Not. But to the quality. That. During the day are. So you're saying you're not a fan of college football Johns. The. I'm up at yours and you know a great job. And they're different I got our work nights and I just got off or it saw predicted it'd be able on aren't like. Well thank you she's like where we're looked like. Good Sports Radio talk to be able to track. Like that's solid it's really really thought the market and you know it's really really good. Sean thank you so much you can ask what you do that sky yep this laid on us on a. Other blog girl political battle it out. Are apt to get. I was gonna guess like bartender but Sunday night that's really really out there right. Very good. So you know watch sports all along audit she'd eaten or Craig that's great. The bankroll today or Pagel. You know what they've got a great up plans for the first half. The patrons made adjustments they made no adjustment yeah you know that bank if Marvin Lewis if you could alleged head coach. Yup you good good head coach. But it got a great head coach he doesn't make theory that there are jobs that. Look at pictures in the second out they have no discipline. Herbs are dead perfect guy to have but rod broke out in the face. I mean I don't know why eating it like for bat. Yeah when my drive was pointing it it judge Jones is on the ground Johns lake sitting on the ground Brock locked up to a sort of look down at him and said something. And perfect yea right just rammed into one alma alma. Because. Ray crock of you know like they're just adjusting the bank of being able to go forward on what the one particular point. You know yeah the decision that that decision I will say one thing. About the angle aren't mean. Pat Jones was a complete total loser in his personal life at the beginning of his career. Totally a sort of sulfur out on as it is personal side. And he's a great power but also really. Fantastic. Fantastic effort absolut well he's come a long lake is the last time news in the strip club instead it's it immediately shot them. Contrary to popular. I'm not a stripper at I'd just about arbitrary order so he was archer. Corey I honestly did you serve him this weekend there was a some others are. So there aren't Saturday out there Iberia and yet you're respectful. You know polite. Cory was a great guy didn't shoot anybody. Sharp nobody. Well hey listen. Baby steps John thanks for the call police say is all this garbage in the team via. The that the Pacman Jones I should ask them where worked I don't know if that's I don't know if there's like a thing about that that a you know realize that there we led the part of a plan that your where the only bar I ever talk about the eighth while it's close so I can. Now just reminiscing and the days and raise them active social life which is. Well admirer premiere 617779793. Savage or phone number 37937. On text a quick break we'll grip back. Went ahead and enough know that destructed on herself because sleep. Is for losers. Of the season late night with Christian art can talk Sports Radio week EI. So terrible terrible. It was terrible. Affinity. You know you see my game plan they turn to aside and they obviously picked only Zumaya my phone when it. From a Kennedy stayed at a place to do the conflict flow and they won't vote. Drake curt Boettcher gives the ultra classy Cincinnati Bengals gracious in defeat. Per metric as drive point seven WEEI dot com had a pretty. Pretty legit beef about that if called the first half. That illegal contact on third and eighteen Chris Hogan. That was that was BS that was bad call I want to do that while not now take it did not not a your caller. The face mask though in the fourth quarter. I give him gonna say the speaker Patrick actually at the point they're too. Element in her tragic grabbed each other's face mask if anything that should have been offsetting penalties and I'm stunned that it wasn't. Element reached out and he's not in real time that you saw the replay clearest day. Out of reach that he grabbed her tragic face as regret your grabs is and they both Yankee each other's face mask and that was the play element at the end of it W somersault. And it was because of the momentum and pull forward guided by the neck basically but it was. It was just really obvious I side. Yeah okay it's double basements offsetting penalties. No harm no foul or double that whatever. Instead they just call it soccer record terrible. He's very he's right what terrible call but you know why. Shut the bleep up about it MIT you guys watched. And you lost in part. Because a stupid penalties now. He thought and individually about his two penalties any at a decent grip for both of. But to blame it on that I mean my god. Giving Margaret could I told everybody day. They ask you about those calls you know playing blossom. That's not why we lost well I I. I don't even beat the talks to his players after the game probably Knight is the autopsy probably sits in the front of the buys. And changes you know put on his iPod in you know yeah box out and he goes calling it as. These guys tomorrow. Probably go to school pedestrians in a few videos and there was little office like me to see. It's easy Drake did you Jeanne odds today. And in your post game press conference Tuesday that the grass calls BS no rate. Oh OK now Euro Scioscia that they're streaker fractured okay his team lost these venting he's going off about the bad calls an area after the game. Rob Gronkowski on the other hand we have this rock after the game. Was asked about that same well not that same calls Oscar grant was involved in but he was asked about third of the practice at the end there with perfect and Jones and pressure was involved a little bit at 20 and he answered the question this way. For or something I take full responsibility on that personal file on me can't be letting that happen I mean. Good thing I mean it didn't hurt the team in the situation still got the win put down the road they can always certain team in person follow Eric Duffy got to be more. He says it didn't hurt the team. And technically he's right I mean they wanna game but that killed a drive it could have been a touchdown drive could put the game boy a little sooner than they did obviously it didn't matter and ended up scoring again. In that particular instance it wasn't so far out of reach yet they. You know you can. Act I thought that was a bit of. A bit of and then it was a one possession game at that point yet that point it was sort of just you know explaining it well at and then cross the many it didn't but it could've. Any just I think they got to be better than that I do ultimately think that the united. I'm not gonna freak out over can you don't see the patriots fall into the trap very often and I'll think there's too many other teams in the league. Quite like the Cincinnati Bengals when it comes to DNA holes although they do have to face mr. Sherman and to see oxen couple weeks. So it are now. By that's. That's that's a bridge crushed when you get to. Another thing I really liked. Was the way the offensive line adjusted to the pass rush Brady was sacked twice in the first half. He was pressured a lot in the first half Lotta time seat in I had the run away from treasury debt passes off freed you know get hit in. After throwaway year or whatever it was a it was at some real trouble especially with the interior Russia when he got a guy like geno I can they're pushing. Pushing against its pre it's pretty tough to do so they couldn't get too much running room. Patriots didn't get a lot of rushing yards on the day but they played great in the second half and no penalties no penalties on the O line not one holding call. And that's impressive. That's impressive considering the youth of that of that unit. And the fact that you're going up against guys like at kings and perfecting guys hired talented and quick and generally I would think he'd have released the couple holding calls. Slapped on it there but none nothing. Very well played game. In the second half by the offensive line after a shaky first staff and that was great to see it. Very good this year. Armed. What else. Gronkowski is. Day. Outside of the taunting penalty was about as good as it can get. Career high 162 receiving yards. And it. Every time it seemed like he was in man coverage. Brady found immediately. And that's sort of got me wondering. When Jacoby percent was the quarterback. And you had. Less of less of a role for drunk I would say. I think you only play what fourteen snaps and I can't. In the Houston game. Only targeted once. In the buffalo game. Targeted twice made one catch. And I don't know if there was really as much emphasis put on trying to get him the ball he was still recovering from hamstring injury which I think probably factor more into it than anything else. But also I I think of Jacoby were set and the fact that he's a rookie third round pick. Getting in there and try and the learn all of the things that Tom Brady just knows instinctual. Like. How to change the play when he sees crock lined up in man coverage with a linebacker as opposed to when it's zone coverage or when there's a defensive back on number. What ever I mean there's just so many different. Things in in Brady's. Memory bank that you can never expect a rookie to be able to pick up that quickly earn all for that matter. Brady's got fifteen years experience. Knowing what works what doesn't work what matchups to exploit what plays the audible two what. Everything. And he still has the ability to make all the throws. My favorite play the game. Was earlier I think it was in the first maybe second quarter early in the second quarter Brady's in trouble look at. Pocket collapsing around him he gets away. And grunts on the sidelines. Running a he just went about eight yards and and stop right there on the sideline sees Brady in trouble. And takes off about three steps down the sideline. Witted. With his defender and are really paying attention Brady rolls out lobs one hit some right in stride and I might have been his first catch of the game crux I think. And I just was watching that thinking man you can't teach at a that's that's not something I even be eight cubic Rob Lowe couldn't do it on him no apparent artist to do that. Air writers can do anything today actually. I probably did anybody read it and your fantasy team today who who bad choice for turnovers he was awful all got received that. I don't know if there's any quarterback in the league right now can do with Tom Brady's doing maybe Drew Brees he had a big game. But that team around just so bad. I don't know. Every he had to go back to croc on net because crop is probably his second read on that play yep he was an open initially in great Brady sort of pumping his legs. Got outside the pocket just happened to look down the left sideline you know. Oh there's crock yep get your ground made a reply yeah. Great instincts to go up field Brady with a perfect just what the terrorists broke. And they were offered her and I mean I was there is like that all day long. And I just pray I really pray. The current cast he Bennett cattlemen can all stay healthy this year. And even if one of them goes down just just one in for a short time I'll take as it's being agree if you if I like to be realistic Monica moderated. I don't like to wish for things that are finest guy. And realistically I'd have to rescind one of the you know drug curry missed four games three and. I assume that those guys are printed stay healthy earlier might miss a game here in airman missed two. And that's you got to expect. India's legitimate concerns with all three guys as far as Andelman of course Martellus Bennett irrelevant question limited brags question all the way to the government bet it's been take its shots yeah these last two games he he was look I mean he ended up having pretty decent game after not doing anything in the first half but he is look a little tender right. EA is I thought that Hogan in Bennett would have bigger roles is that in thinker and cast you would be allowed to go awfully cute and think about Letterman thought they would. Really make mute point of stranded take humanity office but they couldn't I mean they tried Eckerd. Six point 77797937. Is the phone number quick break welcome back wrap things up next year's T I late night with me Archie and about ten minutes left in the and it's on to the evening. The pulse of new. Sports you're talking with Christian art can. On Sports Radio WEEI. Bancshares patriots Monday. Early patriots Monday. There's generic game yeah late night you wanna call door right now 6177797937. Texans 37937. On Twitter Eckert generically and that there C a and B. Was it nice and a Twitter followers and congratulations to the baby was born in the mass bike and I think that's a great story. Over Brighton. I don't know I don't know I like this story somewhat. Some I guess the idea being stuck in traffic to the brain bottleneck. Knowing you're going to be late to wherever it is you're trying to go through in this particular instance it was for the hospital them baby be born at this we I'll I'll be home soon I'll bring the formula that promise you know. I don't know I can relate to and yet. I wonder if it was in that spot on the on the pike you aren't aren't are and where you can't get this radio station. Right after I go right outside of of where we are right here well it's you get it here it's when you get it's when you get through the bottleneck if you're going eastbound intrigue into the bottleneck. An eagle pass BO. Right after you pass the B you'd arms up. You just. Gotta say he had nothing it's static and it's it's or any other state video game it's the same thing when it if you get within like. Two blocks of our building the signal cuts out rate. At which makes sense. I work at a station in. Well here Alice they were from an organization here in Massachusetts. And the signal. It wasn't like even there was even a parking lot there's a driveway the radio station. Here's their driveway and after you pulled out of the truck where you can years anymore. That was 1 of my first morning radio jobs and I got to read like. School cancellations. And all that sort of stuff and I thought it was the greatest thing I really did I thought it was so cool. It's pretty grown up what's better than. Wake up early in the morning on snow they'd seen if you get this school was canceled at that out the greatest. The only thing is if you want me here for me you had to literally be in the driveway of the radio station gather around the warmth and a ham radio which I don't think anyone ever watched. Just just the thought. Anyways. Com. Patriots now. At five in one. Go into what would have banned I think their toughest matchup. The Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field next this coming Sunday. Except now they won't have to worry about. Ben Roethlisberger. He tore his meniscus it was not a weird played easier to play that he that he went down on. He's scrambling out of the pocket going there right eventually interception yes it was an interception. And the he's running he's running outside of rocket through Israelis being chased by bad forget who was in the dolphins. And as he's running the guide dolphins player reaches down sort of slaps it is neat he takes an awkward step in and just throws the ball. And the European an interception. But it was us. It was not like. It wasn't like some crazy plan you didn't see who while at the ballot now like when Harrison got a variety heirs and got his knees taken out. That was it. You look at that wanna thought lol okay and that's that it's over the non contact ones are art probably just as bad as some really nasty ones stereo. Did you like a while he just took a step. I take steps. Who's to say if I take 12 feet stepped in lose my putting it in a while model Lehman a minute ago via. Its export by the way it was down for a little bit I just got to back up or read some of these tax Tennessee's Mary go to through his ninth touchdown today pretty sure he's played every game this year doesn't that say a special Brady isn't he served six and two weeks. Yes it certainly does. Dexter goes on to say the AFC is theirs for the taking you to work and the veteran defense and what better lately. You can assistant pastor yes I agree with all that about the pastor of got better as the game went along. Acres and you'll get the Brady interview on your show instead of the AM show no probably not. It is number I don't know there's. I'd they would pay a lot of money well thought Garrett on the adult all toxic artists and sealing upper eighties I don't think they'd have a huge problem with that I don't think Kurt many whenever big problem with me doing it out of the day on the don't think they would at 2 in the morning I think you know real final and we ought to beat stepping on knows this certainly. Texas as well was less than patriots are back to back games the safeties are nurture that's I don't know if they ever have. How often that ever happened period to be at the football equivalent to about spear on now one. Music Chris price and it might be at my price steep price America call him now it's 2 in the morning but yet there again it's octave. Thank you Mo Lewis for hurting Bledsoe a texture says Ehrlich descendants of champagne for every Brady win but I have to be the cheap stuff like you know for which he's used to. I don't know account champagne Mo Lewis used to Mo Lewis might be in the lake you know cheap stuff might be in the lake Andrei. Iran Andre champagne. I'm I don't I am I and I I generally don't see what's an add in the bottle with a look at the via. And finally texas' about the bad joke on a falcon Seattle game affected the argument again that was a horrible horrible non call Richard Sherman. Grabbed Julio jones' arm and pulled it back it was. Point is today I mean he spun him around almost in the air. And the refs don't throw a flag really really bad miss there and that well what do you do. I don't care about the felt accuracy auction the patriots have the plant that is my time. Go forth on this patriots Monday Tom Brady will be on these airwaves in about four and a half hours so I make sure your listening there with Kurt. And Jerry and I believe much in tomorrow I'm Christian are scanned. Ryan G great job on the glass collars Texas Twitter followers good everybody. It's a little Disco dancer. Don't tear. Terrible. Man Antonio Brown will not hurt. You leave is making it I know he was quick. Slow Disco dancer.