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Butch & Tomase- Tomase vs Schilling

Oct 15, 2016|

Guys talk about Tomase's stand off with Schilling and how to fix the Red sox

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Are we spent the first two hours talking about the Schilling to mossy. Debate. Yesterday is better is better than Hillary and trump right now. I mean Erica pretty heated. It I talked to Red Sox baseball some pages football at the Bruins tonight but the Celtics kicking things off soon. Stock NLCS for a well the cubs are as compelling stories you're gonna find in sports rate. Because. Because of the way they're post season has started. Because of their long history I don't think there's anything else like it in sports. You've now got loyal cubs fans in all sports fans with their finger in the side of the amount welcome their mouth. Wondering how it's gonna end again is again and like it hasn't ended over a hundred years or so on apartment as Santa Barbara where he somewhere. So as you tune in tonight and there are so many local ties David Ross's farewell tour now takes over for David Ortiz. Roughly with the app. Jon Lester on the mound pitch spectacular. In his game even though Johnny Quaid on matched him pitch for pitch and gave up a home run widow did by the way where it came. On. I know and and you know last year at Kansas cities that are mess he's very good in the World Series. It. Against hale struggled. Broderick this year well when you watch Lester tonight it obviously brings up the price compares. From a strictly Red Sox perspective John Andrew decided not to go the extra mile on Jon Lester did go the extra mile on David Price and now. You're watching David Price go three and a third and you're watching Jon Lester. You know once again add to his post season Reza. So we get into the ace in the post season demonstrated success in the post season. The guys that were in this post season coming into it. There's some story guys there's Madison Bom Gartner command and pitched 65 plus innings of relief in game seven. To win a World Series there's Jon Lester who has won World Series on there's John Lackey. There is like David Price who still pitching. Now when added to his legacy not detracted from it Clayton Kershaw of the Dodgers there's Max Scherzer. What do you make of Max Scherzer and his policies and yeah not good enough yet. Bottom line. We still get my not to overpriced in the post season don't you spoke. So. I guess when you look at it and you think about all the needs for the Red Sox next year. With the year that reports LO had. Waited another year possible emergence of Eddie Rodriguez and we David Price. Is your 123 set due in other words if you're gonna require a starter do you need to do the dirty do it drew Palmer arts. They haven't gone one way or hearing about. You know David number us he's saying things like you know hopefully he's not too injured days certainly liked the Specter of surgery seemed to be sort of hanging over pom rants that was. The implication anyway from the Red Sox. I'm so I don't know what you make of him if he's healthy comes in the camp as a starter agree with that. I wonder what his ceiling is honestly it's one thing to be an all star in San Diego in the NL west. It's another thing to do it in Boston in the Yale at least game after game after game. I wouldn't forget about Steven Wright I mean he's your number three starter as things stand now is going as he gets healthy. And it's a shame the way his season ended you know completely. Unnecessarily just the way that all went down. If they can upgrade any spot there taste and I wouldn't object to them not sold on Buchholz or pogroms or you ride for that matter. So if you. Our decision maker with the Red Sox price or Seles Steven Wright. Are your top three right now yeah and your bottom three are. We want which one is gaga and out buckled sends up the odd man out because he showed you enough from the bullpen this year. And we've seen and I and I hesitate to even use this name there is no comparison army Beckley for people get mad but. You look at Andrew Miller. And how the Indians have been using him kind of I don't wanna say revolutionary but it's certainly change the way people look at an open usage and suddenly. From this idea of you need specialists who can get. Two guys out here and ending there now cycle wade if you have an and an effective reliever over multiple innings that can be a weapon. The one guy on the roster who could potentially fill that role. Is buckles and not gonna put. We're buckled goes into the season as that guy who can sort of clean things up in the sixth of December I know that's a roll of the dice because consistencies been an issue with him. But judging based on how good he was at the end of the year pitching solely from the stretch you learn how to pitch in relief all of that stuff I concede that role for him. 61777979837. Do you go into the season wealth you're gonna trade one of them Iraq armor it's a Buchholz. But we agree that buckled says the lease value of all three of them. Trade value not what he could because I agree here National League team and you think and you watch how he bounced back. Going from disappointing starter. Two good reliever then back to good starter that's a notch in his cap especially for National League. Team but Eddie Rodriguez or Palmer to younger contractually they're much better situations. Than buckled you gonna have to pay about culturally and I am for a year. Yes rates yeah so buckled CI mean you could conceivably if you treated forma for the season you get a draft pick for him when he leaves the back right I. So there is that Alex was valued in treating and yelling at you Robert Palmer yeah I mean definitely you rod would have the most value of the three of them I'm not super high empire grants so I'm I'm having a hard time. You know saying what his value would be especially if their concerns about the health of his elbow or health of its I think it's elbow with him so. I don't know that I'm willing to concede upon emirates has more value them buckles. 617779793. Sevens go back to the NLCS so many compelling stories of the cubs are playing such great baseball. Are far I thought that I wished that jarring series went five games. Although they're fatal flaw was that bullpen how huge that debt on my goodness let down. I mean giants are such gamers in the post season that series deserve to go. Five games it just didn't in the cubs earned it so how do you look at this annals yes would you rather seen the national them Dodgers. Not my cigar visas storyline like you know yet Dave Roberts and the and Mike map hold. Connection is always going to be that 04 connection. He seemed like George Lombard is on their staff former Red Sox guy. You've got Rich Hill and irritation former Red Sox guy suited and Adrian Gonzales obviously so. The Dodgers have their Red Sox connections the cubs are all Red Sox that's almost crazy Red Sox they are Lester. BO and gentler and Jason McCloud and there reporter and a down and David ross' like a down the list. I think this is the most compelling series because I really think its two best teams and now and you have. It's sneaky good dodgers' lineup you have Kerr shot can be NX factor I know he's probably not a starter and tell. What games in the race is all that they would this story today that the stock will start game two railing yeah that's crazy so yes some maybe he goes out and does that. And this is his bomb garner kinda post season Marie put the team on his back. You have the cubs' history working against them or for that matter you know what it is you've got there in my opinion. Their best player this post season so far Harvey a bias yeah making a name for himself and oppose yeah and he was you know he was considered. Part of that young core of great players and then he sort of didn't quite he didn't he didn't take the leap forward. That some of the other guys to write it out and and so this was almost there was kind of that feeling that OK it was inevitable that he was gonna join that group as well at some point. It's just degrade the cubs are great story out in for Lester and Lackey and all of that it's it's worth watching. Six on 777979837. Couple mobile phone lines for you Thomas in Brewster with butch and Tomas I Tom. An important good. God paper. Oh. Appreciate it. What a lot of Alitalia on what you would race and it will be a great earlier right now something. Well concern about that your request. It's all in Donald Trump thought Tom Brady when you're a ten year old. What would you say Edwards air chilling Akamai. Out of that on figures I don't throw up I mean. Trump wasn't looking at little boy from a just gonna say from our conversations of the of this past week. Trump what is said he's a beautiful ten year old bull yes they need to neighbors left. And hang on I'm not alert a lot else to get that out as McDonald's rounds. They want that I took out of in arms there the other day when and and you know his name in Mecca reporter stood up. Turned his iPhone nominal fees videotaping himself for Brady screamed over all of you up. And said to Brady you know do you talk to your kids about Donald Trump's locker room. And Brady the expression on his face was priceless. And Brady just literally the programs at thank you guys and left. One of the things I left for the lasting impression that was Brady basically sand. Sorry pal I'm on a mission. Roger Goodell the bad guy. And you can ask you about Donald Trump and anything else as a real bathing naked none of it's going to be answered right now we come back and I'm on a mission so. Knock yourself out yeah I mean I don't fault the questioner draw and I it was yes I do guys. Oh I don't like usually wrong we thought you were there you would have who was the wrong way to do it he made it all about himself he then went around the locker messed same question every page. Haven't I mean sometimes you get these awful so it's that you just have to suck it up and do. The Herald once asked me when when he arrived at a missile stray rod thing where you know with the cheating on his wife. And then inside tracker somebody apparel they're like page one. Once you to go interview Red Sox wives about Iran last year I was like hold off now like. Italy and believe me I wanted to say no but it's like your total you know he got to do you got to do so. Variant socket Ashley Papelbon like man. I don't wanna be doing this so I'm sympathetic pat sometimes you just have to ask those questions but I also think it's a fair question Mike. Lots and lots and lots of athletes have been asked about trump in the locker. In event lots and lots and lots come out LeBron James you know that same day. Saying this is nothing I've ever heard one in my locker rooms and because. Brady has the connection to trump witches. He brought that on himself put the hat in the comments that would I think it's a fair question in a fair or not he had no interest in golden no lectures. Yes and I don't I mean I don't fall Brady for not answering the question at all there is no upside for him. To answering that question because it's just gonna prompt more questions. So I don't fall briefer for refusing to answer but I don't fall guy for asking you where you are you curious I mean you're aware of what Brady. Even just as a sports fan. Are you a little bit curious like I would Brady responded this question honestly I beat series you know and maybe they'll ask him on the morning. Income sporting McKenzie on you want I'm concerned appreciate them on the football field. I really am am I curious whether reasonable for trump or not he's they didn't care about whether he's offended by. The stuff the child's missing out. I guess a little bit yeah so I'd like to hear on this program on his regular Monday interview and you know it mean when asked him all that's so. He won't answer probably. Kirk as a way Kirk is the way to get nag at decent chances at a premium meats topics Joe's in Lincoln with butch and Tomas hello Joseph. Hey guys at the beginning of the I looked a bit back a sympathetic. But there's healing and realize their face and Israel well. Our willow out of the way the only player out everybody. Had a chance yet I'm. Sure that their. About a couple but. Terrible. You know budget set up a gene that. Think it's really a World Series that are already. That all of them are wondering how many people there are other. What they did this year there are. Well it's an interesting point so let's make the case for who had career years clearly Rick were so long clearly moved keyed spectacularly. Jackie Bradley junior. Hanley was halo in these very got to put him on that list while it wasn't if you wanna go by strict baseball reference numbers it was not a career year. 'cause he either is it does a year with Miami runner batting title like fifty steals yet to go along with forty something and runs but still it. He had a career year in a Red Sox uniform it's given that wells. Anybody else mistrial was club seated never career year but it was top three easier and I'm deeply for his career. I doubt it. It. All right output adrenaline so let's. Let's argue. Joseph let's argue those guys and I'm gonna and give me the names real quick can you tell me yes or no. They will be better or the same as last year reports cell. Jackie Bradley junior. All the same smoky that us. I I think the fire it. Because these you'd be better to handling. And a great outlet that they are here to let it change real. You know one of those guys he was speaking to with the players Tribune article. A guy like it a lot what everybody. Draw at will the joy of the same better or worse year. Worst of what way you get hurt. Probably. Yeah I I think he got to play harder. To get Kevin Youkilis. Egypt really are about to keep up. As well as they are. Well Rick or sellers if reports seller is not going to be the Cy Young. Candidate if not winner that he was this year. The movie's gonna get better Jackie's probably level off of him he's gonna get better and if Pedroia is going to be Norris. Hanley abused. You OK with that John you'd think you'd think I don't regret that I mean I think I think. Some guys will be better some Gaza be worse I I don't think Hanley him he's probably not gonna match thirty in one town you know like he did this year but. He could be at you know 25 homer under RBI guy you lose and Ortiz I mean you better place 38 homers in the league leading OPM. Well that that bring you Q your original point Cho about ceiling and floor you started pitching staff but for all the known as we have. Whatever is been established reduce Red Sox want to open their better and a lot of most currently teams. It's still a lot of unknowns are you gonna get anything it is even gonna play an easy part of the future would problems are notable. Is Markota here yet what is Andrew Ben attending an economic event attendees for example. Gonna we all believed in this kid we all think he's gonna be special but as I struggle like Zander Bogart stated his first Apple's. Probably the but it took me accurate if Papa bought about well there will be their unbelievable dedication and chair except for a day and every that would be. Beijing it's not at all. Illegal about it get on qwest or which has. Are still all these years later have no clue about the job Lester and why on earth that they did not. I am what they had a chance what were they thinking. Yet they let battling get away from them basically. When they made the low ball offer to start the year in spring training. Negotiations never recovered from there are men. And if you talked to Red Sox people from that time they will tell you that they never really believed. That last year it wasn't that Lester didn't wanna be here. They believe that he wanted to get to free agency and he got to a point in the season where it's like they could've offered six and 150. And he's he was gonna say no I wanna see what's out there so there was that there is an element of that but I believe it's true I'd never quite spot this narrative that like. If they had just offered him you know six and 120 in spring training it would have been a done deal on not so sure about that but they did he shot. Well schooled by their own right big guy the guy who win money ball. Slide a piece of paper across the table and by his actions John Henry has always been that guy the guy who gave David Price 35 more million. Allegedly Abbott that was apples aren't that Sybase last okay great. What they'd like damage control but a guy who's pro active. When he wants something was reactive. Or are didn't buy his actions didn't want John let's yet but you don't I mean you don't how to negotiations were you make your best offer right now I don't care what we you're saying the you don't believe this narrative that they offered in six and 120 might take and they didn't know they write and offered to and so by their actions but I was pro record didn't autumn. Yes there their response to that would be we were never even allowed to negotiate and I don't know why you can't just today at night. You're not gonna negotiate fired six of what's funny we set it we offered writers of the way that I don't know why that couldn't have happened I agree with that. I'm not saying made big botched it I believe that they botched it. But I also think this idea that he was willing to just come back for any fair. Offer I don't think that was necessarily too quick break him back for more on butch. Tomas. Back with butch in Tomas we go to Matthew when a car came out you. Guy eight. That's. And I wanted to talk about the upgraded to pop well. And I don't own two hair salons got a lot of guys and women here. It is a cardinal rule. You never talk about sex politics or religion. And I think the best thing that Brady could not. Ask to report let me ask that we don't bode bode. Wire their curtain around. Because it's my privilege and writer is an American citizen to vote. How I want to either I'm a Republican or Democrat. You know frankly it's not your business. In the end and then block. Can't go to said that or he could have said thanks have a nice day it is yet. Because you know who cares. You know it's crazy anyway this political season and your private wrote our. Right as a citizen to go to war ought to sort out your pit you know an answer and this story let's kill it put it away stet. I mean in fairness the question wasn't about are you gonna vote for trump news what do you think of is this his depiction of locker room tock actively. Accurately reflect your experience. Yeah well you know again the cardinal rule. You don't talk about sex politics religion and you know outside of the reporters business and yet are grown truck. Look this political season has been every locker room classroom. I'm beauty salon and you know people can talk about their feet so they want to break Tom Brady is respected enough to just say hey guys. It is not a place yeah I wanna talk about this week's hero videos. And the television and so on court you know this is about sports. Like it tell you this much the guy. I should get his name. He was an anchor reporter he went around the locker masking a dozen if not seven or eight. Patriots players the same question he certainly didn't do his homework as he had he would or straight up the Martellus Bennett's walk. And asked him that's the one guy he would've got an answer for its long. Was a thoughtful guy he looked at the Malcolm Butler. You ask Malcolm Butler about Tom Brady and he's got its eye on just get ready for the Bengals are amnesty policy in the new found Omar literally asked about a Contra right. When is and ended our conversation. Now so. You know for the people that wanted to defend. Thanks for the call Mathieu for the in. He said John you know yet it was a legitimate question okay he can make that argument again. It just doesn't. Wash when you add it all up. While awaiting I was doing out mile I didn't CN NC. But I understand like you're gonna get these assignments he probably your race added so market figured out who we should be talking. Did you try to ask Jamie Collins. Market. Know who's the other guy taught you to ball sheared. Couple weeks after game like which volume certainly those wanna talk to me. Now if they are and act. Like her or talk to you go to ability Maine hello bill. I'll argue that I don't. A good beautiful I admit that I wanted to reach out to mop the because I was nearly get through the other day you don't shoot but I wanted to say. Hey thank you for standing up to the a B I think people ought to next start hopefully sensible people bought it started to realize that Curt Schilling. While we repaired and for what he did on the mound himself. Going to be. Very ignorant I I honestly believe that he wasn't genetically blessed with the ability to Burleigh. Baseball he'd be asking vote they want a ride that. And beat the grouping itself. Could be you know what what we see in school these these guys that are bully could just think they scream the loud and getting your basic call you name. That they're going to be incriminating you'd and there are right. Instead it might repeat that would stand up and say you know what you're not right and I'm not afraid to view and in golf town band because you're ignorant. And to market such I think you get a pretty good job it would have been a little more forceful but I understand you can't burn every Bridget when you're in the media but I wouldn't let them I would let them take her. Where would this locker room talks forgiveness when the tweet about your daughter route they're knew where battle is determined to go hang a couple of kids. Birthing base that on Twitter. And yet golf trumpet vine saying it you know out loud about people and you're gonna write it up and walk or talk. And I would've I would have gone up one side like kind down the other and if you wanna come out real well. Yeah I forgot about the things get a bunch of people brought that up afterwards and he certainly was on the warpath I don't necessarily blame them. In that scenario but you know I mean as far as ideal of a guy like that I've I've. Don't look nice series of aggressive athletes before seeing now cozy just OPEC deal. Wanted to compliment you for standing we you're actually standing or sitting in the studio I was standing. Narrowing from announced higher. They call Oprah you know it could pick a good date you don't just say well he Curt Schilling and you are clear that we ought to have to let him steal it hateful diatribe. Some content update you know what you're you're great on the mound but as a human being your terrible person and he's a terrible person proving himself to be that. And I am I appreciate hearing. Somebody in the media stand up to a guy like that but you know what that I'm Kurt your your ignorance is not appreciated here. Well sent. Dexter says Tomas. You've become a must listen vote check that out and I I don't eateries and five other I was Suzanne don't get too many of those let's just operate another text about it point 68. It's completely off topic. Is mark trumbull freeagent he has. I looked at aunt I mean I I'm not big unlike all enough things wonders you know like. That's sort of I mean he was he was a better version of like Napoli this year. And I realize he ended up. Yeah. That it is so he's he's to me he's kind of and nothing like 47 homers. And it's fine and I yeah I I would much rather anchor the like him as the overall hitter I think he's a better all around. Here's some interesting names on the freeagent lists some of them come with a option for team they're probably won't pick it up. Encarnacion. Jose Batista who's 36 Encarnacion is 34 I'm a big fat no on Batiste now amputees but this twelve million dollar. Option. For the Cleveland indians' Carlos I am sorry when your dad that's gonna get up yet. It agree year 34 homers whatever. Young assessment as. And don't care 37 year old Matt Holliday now. They attacked my emirates possibly 39 year old Carlos Beltran. That's kind of an interesting one to me if you wanted to go one year and DH you know and try to strike better tees lightning again they probably wouldn't cost at time. The Red Sox have been linked to Beltran on active when Theo was first hear it talked about trading for him the royals so. There's always been interest there but I would still anchored us in on his mind got that right in its swing for Fenway. I think there is real value to having Matt dominating designated hitter and and other teams don't. Here's the argument for a guy like Belcher. Beside him overpaying for a one year deal yet. You don't stunt the growth or let me put it differently you sign Encarnacion for three years 75 million. Josh Hamilton type deal right 34 years old maybe it's more than that you let him go but let's say eSATA for three years do you stunt the growth. Of a Gallic Markota. I don't see any I don't see how he impacts. Will season because he got a hand on your team today is Ramirez case. You know third bases is made from what do you doom problem we don't we shall see you later. Back up. You know I mean yeah I I don't think you that if my cot is as game changing a talent as people think baseball America's number one prospect. All of that stuff. If he's as good as you think Travis shot and jobless in law are not standing in his way. Other names on the free agent list that are interest Rich Hill. And we've argued about job before you know where I stand I think he's dot back which is solid but not. Not like you do not build a team around him. Original. Like Rich Hill but aides Larry you'd have to see what the years took many years yet my guess is that. With the dearth of pitching that somebody would give him a three or four year deal even at age 37 whatever years Red Sox probably going there RA Dickey. Now you got married and Obama are all local or not it gates make you get him and Beltran. Jason Hammel at a club option GO Gonzales club option Jeremy Alex in freeagent. Derek Holland club option has the I don't really I don't see them gone after this kind of starter in free agency and Edison Balkans as a ten million dollar option of the royals Jered Weaver. Freedom there's like fifty our relievers so very inching names on here. Wade Davis. Has a ten million dollar option with the royals to a half million dollar buyout. And there's lots of stock of the Red Sox potentially being linked to him this is somebody had injury problems and only through like forty innings this year so. You don't know how healthy he is but certainly. He was he was the Andrew Miller you know I mean he was basically. The right handed version of that. The last couple years so that would be an entry about these names been there done that 36 year old Jonathan Papelbon back. Well pap had his chance to come here at the end of the season in decline I don't know what that was about I don't know if that was. Personal thing if it was a health thing whatever it was I think he cost himself some money though night just disappear 32 year old mark Lance. Is he free ad in and realize that National League guy to me yeah I mean he had it in its first obviously is first crack here didn't go particularly well. And when you assign him to be a setup man Mike somebody you'll pay him to close is inching. 29 year old can legions. That is interest again though. Because he's got a bye and I'd see I think just from an exchange I heard a knock and say who with a reporter and with Koji. Just the way said it I think coach is gone. Jack thanks a case of coach he's gone. And Carson's Smith is a huge X-Factor. But what is his best role is he automatically eerie feeling guys even healthy. I think you I think you signed reliever from the top down I think a guy like Jay answer who's willing to buy into you overpay for another closer to backup Kimbrel. And you build yourself look Wade Davis or Janssen but are those guys going to be willing to do if you pay him enough may be. Wade Davis I could definitely see because he was a set up guy really until late last year in out and then he became this dominating closer cause injuries they had. Then this past season he got hurt. I could see Davis going back into that role being in eighth inning seventh slash eighth inning guy. Janssen save like fifty you know forty something games this year. So he's I can't imagine that he's gonna hit free agency and say yeah I'll be your setup guy. Then their done there has another name free agent pitcher Andrew Bailey. Via a bona that it has it what did he last Europe I don't know Ares I other names on the list for free agent relievers Joaquin Benoit was 39. Joseph Blaine is 36 Santiago Casilla. Who's just given up with the with the giants 36. Joba Chamberlain after Bailey went three and one this year for the Phillies. And it's Joba Chamberlain's 31. Neff colleague for a Feliz 29. Jason Grilli is at three million dollar club option with the forty years old with the blue jays will hold shaver that a pronounce it. Seven million dollar option about Greg Holland Daniel Hudson Tommy Hunter Edwin Jackson can only Janssen. Mark Lance and pat me Shaq Bud Norris Ross or north. Jonathan Papelbon stop me when you find a name you'll like Fernando Rodney Fernando Rodriguez. Era 33 years old. That's whole team he thought could be stuck like nine yet panel. That these sites and in the attitudes about nineteen or twenty when he came up that your daddy and a it's an interesting name. For your eighth inning guy. Yeah maybe I I would think. That they might look at somebody with a little less aware and there you know you don't wanna get into that situation success in the American League Abby don't wanna get in that situation where year it's sort of like Koji that coach used different 'cause VH back. You want a guy who you can. Count on I'm not taken somebody who's got that much mileage or somebody who's got injury history which. You know makes Davis a little bit iffy Ari went to that a car since that this year you need reliable. Can't you see. Koji signing with a National League team on a back end loaded deal with some options is 42 years old he gets to be that guy again. You know I don't know who sign. An ounce to really just because it creates. If we see again it would have to be a team friendly deal and again it would. That we've seen John how many times have we seen this in free agency we make a statement like that. In other words there's no way that Jacoby Ellsbury is a hundred million dollar player Willie wasn't what he got. So your point. On continue to be wrong. What history tells you probably will be someone will sign them the as a club or not I don't think so not as the closing close this year you know I mean he was an eight inning guy who is hurt. I would see him get a little older audience set up deal somewhere. Johnson Osce which starts quick break the back of more. Idea break on through the other side Lovett. I need to make a correction is not Francisco Rodriguez that was on that list even though he is it right I think he is a tree it yet here. Probably got an option route Detroit. But he's 35 he's going to be 35 and January. Yes it is Fernando Rodriguez you know anything about Fernando Rodriguez to. You should. He is 33 years old. He has pitched for the LA angels the Houston Astros in the Oakland Athletics. He. Was a free agent signed with Houston in 2010. But then. Came a member of the Oakland days on February 14 2013 which trade about used and we. Jet allow. To the Oakland Athletics for Chris Carter Brad peacock and Max as. Easy right handed reliever who has appeared. Over a six year career. In. From. 216. Games. He has struck out 242. And walked a 190 is a career ERE a four point 35. Do you want Fernando. It is fascinated. Let's hear some more I probably know what is wild pitches intentional walks sixteen. And I'll let's go to Matt fall river's next time oh. There were thrown on. I'm Conan well I'll know look at some options whatsoever at all the last well. He goes back and obviously you pick up a little while prime listener so the morning show part two years. You know Curt Schilling on parent you returned not that are the posse. Here's the thing you know I wanted to do. Yeah compared. Ali and can enable the he'd known he really did he did and it's and I don't politically you so much. You know that you not really politically educated. On the issues. We're going. This country group but you don't really hear sports rather sort corporate. As you know if you actually. Like myself you know I actually have done the research is under Clinton are actually equal are trapped and we that was an optical. Actually spoke actually with them so Tallulah and on the scene that well has shut. Not cheap compared to what the clintons have done. This is one of the Clinton tactics. This is what they do. Smear campaign. Lying cheat and that is not. Clearly they don't need to smear campaign right now I'm saying to himself compass Arab. So I mean that by people are you paying all these pictures. Accusation these false victims come on let's get a point here what you want to point at all. They'll play under point of reference is the reason why are Brady. Hadn't come forward and I don't let them could not what you are obviously your Republican. In the conservatives. You know you're good guy. Yeah hitting it out see what graced that's an act you know bigger. You know Hewitt secretly build out our locker Q what the simple reason as we look at society to direct where your conservative race that. And we can we stop this I can't Allison has anymore thank you for educating me on the issues let's go to Paul in Westfield is next I talk. Good afternoon good giant hairy guys that. Eight what you gotta think Yankee real quick and get right on point out a few years they'd different names different parts of the country and because I can absorb and assimilate like import job and argues what guys. I actually had an elevated status recchi you're ideas which are. Not politically correct form a politically correct statement people who love and I think you really quickens usually. I mean and yet does that did it. Continue it. It would always mission in Iraq and politics. The joke when I went to a hockey game in a fight broke out we're watching and argument to mudslinging and occasionally debate comes in because we're at a critical point oh yeah they. Indecision. And the truth is both groups and but when Tom Brady says at a press conference thank you it's the end of the conference and walks away politely. She absolutely sure professional ethics in addictive than an attachment to this war and Belichick does all the time couple locations he's not rude if he had shipped and the answer about at least our cap that you did a professional tournament golf tournament. Call capital with trump says that if you sit and didn't I do that every Atlanta will be used against them and that's kind of really did and did your eyes. He set penalties that would be great. Whether we don't want to be distracted we focus certainly in range which we do and because Belichick got yet what does it where it's sponsored actions all obsolete keyboard so bloody. But it let's give us. Can I get the last cut its in my life. Tim and hello we have these kids I wish her good periscope this because. You looks I'd ask him to a warrior hello Tim. Are in solid guy you don't DiMaggio not negotiate radio aka the best thing about you being on a morning show it'll launch tablets that it that morning show. FedEx final field built it bought switch it over to look at it in Dallas fort station when you are on a year from now need to supply you with that that motivates. You know the best thing the patriots have a bid at the libel bit slant. But the the good today the salute to. So China sea and I access Coventry. Burke is in now it's carbon tree Burke are you in Coventry. Are. Okay where are you were you calling from college were not yet all the yet we're can I Cobb island. You've taken away from my yacht worked at Coca. Personal electric shock. I don't agree with everything Schilling says. Agree with the way voices opinion. Like I like that he has an opinion I like that he says was on his mind because mostly app which don't. You know like maybe ma Rodney Harrison Lou Maloney and I love was in those guys. And the only problem I have I have two girls myself and win. They were growing up my kids are rolled another thirty years old pregnant when they were fifteen years old 1210 is a bit fragile place sick. Their parents got to watch a black girl you know. That they knew that would be good looking. But he didn't say how the Dayton earned ten years. Oh I know that but I don't eat sometimes they think sometimes some social indeed it is like oh my god it's like just give it a break I mean it's it's not a begin modest set of wrong. What you got to think about what he really may. He had become number come a father of three daughters 22018. And sixteen now. And there's certain things you just don't know. And that but it did it say it. Nobody can never retracted and so I didn't need it in amazement and. When that he's running for president this is not an isolated comment. This is this is numerous comments. Right in the the only other thing in and I'm not taking it you know we've got stand on anything and don't even know I don't care that mattered to me. But it doesn't matter you Wear it it I don't I don't care what you want a people to the bottom of terrible but it's pretty obvious listened to show. Death poll to view pro Clinton. So I'm you know and I am on the anti trump I'm not even Portland. Or their anti trust what people February epic tropic and put that way and whatever and you can see it is so transparent. Listen into the radio it's like but at some old on the radio in your position that work wrote prop this open will be going getaway. If you have been just to be clear voice yes I'd I don't hide that I meant that trumpets sound like it here and attend an objective about it. No and it will be Ichiro yeah so it is like I'm not trying to hide it does Allah tell result. But Robert is holed a lot of that perk we're up against a break each it says he said let the Brady comment go. What's your comment about that what did you wanna say about that. What Brady's probable I hadn't really seen me operate but appreciate it was fine I mean. Walk away I don't think he's got him any questions except football questions when he's on the podium. I don't agree to I don't view it I mean again. I agree with Charles Barkley athletes are role models although it is hypocritical because they are. And the ones that do understand and accept that understand that there words to hold wait all that said I'm not let athletes raise my kids. The kids ask him what happens all the time could you when I get to see him all the time yes the one and offers a good guy he's good person. Vacuum up to me even in the locker room. And said man look at that ten year old grubby Dayton earned ten years even locker taught I'd be like Arlen view really. I'd say you know my daughter asked me is that guy good guy I'd say no argued yet. And I don't this Brady shouldn't I mean I don't fault. Him a question he's insulin pump sewage garbage a last year and I don't go to the point we can't ask them human interest course and I've on Mardy on record we talked about that but that question was appropriate for Brady at the end mistress are we get another hour to go Butch Stearns and John to mossy on Saturday on WEEI stick around.