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Late Night with Christian Arcand - Red Sox Playoffs and Colin Kaepernick Hour 2 10-04-2016

Oct 5, 2016|

Listen as Christian Arcand discusses Red Sox v. Indians ALDS. Colin Kaepernick's protest of the National Anthem is a nerve touching subject.

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These pieces late night with Christian art can talk Sports Radio telling you. With a late night with Christie and art can. Right yeah our Sports Radio WEEI. WEEI highly Christiane again nice to have you this tonight. This is the. Whopper of a game here I love playoff baseball man have so glad the Red Sox are part of it off god. It's so much better. This time a year just so much better in the fall in general. Is so much better in the Red Sox are involved and I know I sound like the most spoiled Randy. DOS Boston fans are what the patriots winning every year is an up the Red Sox got to be added to there you know princess. I'm sorry I write this about the Red Sox in the playoffs some about playoff baseball. It just to get it does. Different when it's not there. And I can't wait for Thursday I did tonight airing this and if the if he ever needed. Primer to get you psyched up for this. Did turn it over to TBS I mean that's that's what's happening right now I got an out in the background where an extra innings in a winner go home game. Between two teams who had the exact same record and in nineteen games against each other the or via a blue jays won ten out of nineteen. They were ten and nine in in Baltimore is nine and ten. These two most evenly matched teams of all time it's no surprise they're going into extra innings I love playoff baseball I'm so glad it's back 6177797937. Is your phone number 37937. If your number on text weekend that he bit. Even baseball related here innocent people still hang on the line wanna talk about the well the general conversation I guess we saw in the NBA tonight is the pre season kicked off a lot of players a lot of teams as the entire team actually. Getting together and I don't want to protest that although I think the rap. He said that they that it was a protest. Because those mounties man they really don't treat anybody get up there. This can. I don't know what the man select open up again and even though the mounties are there police that there is there actual there's real police announced the mountains there's a police cars they don't just write horses. Like Montreal's city at that police cars there. I was in Montreal I spent some time there recently but it was her bachelor party and you could it dominated the street to prayed with milk chocolate and I wouldn't on the difference because I was that. I was that bad for parties said. So I don't know but the they're raptors said I guess said that it was a protest the knicks did something the Celtics all joined arms the team the players and the coaches line a whole floor arms and are locked. As a show of unity and they showed a little movie I think about solidarity yourself like that. I listen whatever whatever annual wants that it was fine. I am totally for anybody. In making any statement that they wanna make so long as it's not full line hate speech really it's that's pretty much right drum line. So good for them and good for everyone. I think the stranger's good things I think is good when people talk about these things. Go to the phones Tommy is in Warwick with a thought on the at the guy had done. It's actually army killed Kwame excuse me in Africa yeah you can bet that this that I thought I would who learned to add. Says it all Kristen ahead. Took the topic bad work you all and on and talk about it one way. That all of those people let's call it not talk about our current. That wouldn't knots and managed my respect them and they're talking about is this respect concentrated. Ed and most of these people let and edit them that our troops. Yeah the freedom that veterans. And I'm back home. They can't get it. Britain Barack treatment and I'm hospital put our money and that it wouldn't you rock band that acts and and kind of dispute that bad. Now that publicly he went into service added to have a brand that we should do it and then you let it. Kwame I feel like you're describing one specific person right now who could seems like it seems like you're describing one very large. Very orange person who may arena after running for president right now. So yeah yeah. Pat them. But my pet and ended. At bat as. And rudeness and doing at Johnson. And quietly spoken about that and I wish they would look at the National Anthem. And then the rest of the spouse. Or not. He. Let it stand out as. And let them when it's not but. That country. And we get what's. New and out. It means a complete without. People understand that there are people that understand yeah you'd be. At. And I get the job. They are trying to compassion. And let. Him out and not a report that bad out there. And use the man and I'm on the ground shot in the policeman's. And that granted. And not made any. I mean it's something that it's. Keizai about Oscar grant across his earlier in reference are right there is actually fact the he got that officer got manslaughter pretty sure. I am only a couple months yeah only a couple months. Outage event that that's my point I want to emit certain opt. And and look at that everybody has continued the rest debit. Okay thanks for the call Tommy I've hired sir Kwame who have tested yet. I a have heard and I I didn't really researched this so I'm sort of talking now align your goal mode other people's that. The other verses of the National Anthem which I did you know I don't know what they sent. But there's. Talk of maybe our next caller can tell us here because I I don't wanna I don't wanna speak out of turn your dot as a low bed now. Yeah hi my my problem is with the National Anthem Welker. It's about one guy sitting in a boat in the Cho outside port so nerd in the war of 1812. Right. And we started that war first order sir recurrence of Japan British because we could. But the other thing is he wasn't made National Anthem until 1931. Net. In 1931. The congress. Ported between three. That one that we have. Got let's America in America beautiful. Our bettors saw I think they're much better signs I think the National Anthem musically as it crafts aren't your way they're turned down I have no idea. Anti semantic congress they are written by a true. Burgers and is Eric you know and that in interest gave it strategic interest in terms of their song and insist that. And that is far worse and summer so here we can't Leo it's not a lot better off. Then maybe done thanks something we have burn ban akin to becomes. Why should we be subservient to a bunch of anti semites in 1931. Of mobile congress all sides of the congress. Yeah I do listen I didn't even know about that that's that's an interesting point they're done thanks for thanks for checking in I didn't I had no idea Paterno signs that is Irving Berlin's Jewish I'd global factor tendency. Don sounded very Smart and selling Smart guy. You sound like a professor yeah only guy that died tended to trust him just to his voice sounded. That's very bad. That's that's how plate that's tough facts to stress the proper because then I guess outsmart and think that I like it I say and I don't know what he's enemies outsmart. Josh is in Brunswick had yet. Yeah. I'm all over all the pros that surveillance tape is no adjustments going on as you know obviously wired for us. My problem is noise as he torture on where these issues come from a lot of you know. Come crime and poverty. It directly connect. Jerk and and edit and he's approach that you never really hear people talk about that it's not just about you know racial profiling. And you know that all stems from crime and poverty. Yeah I guess you could say that if you can protest crime and poverty but that's. It's it's a little different assertive go out and protest and Sam or nine the other crime in our communities people. People protest that all the time people marching community users. You know community leaderships in the in the end. Neighborhood watches and all these sort of things stranded trying to deal with with those issues and it now I think that when you when you bring in me a topic like this with with police. It's less about you know the internal community more about hey the police or an arm of the government. We don't think the government's treating us properly this is what word on about right now you know what I mean like you can have two thoughts or wants cash and a. Yeah yeah you're really stand there and it stopped and I president ever see anybody. Come up with solutions they're no ideas. And that's whole point of protesters are yet the talk going in you know come up with the idea that and solve issues. Yeah obviously I don't I don't know that Colin capita is necessarily the guided bridge that gap but you know what he's he's done a pretty good job whether he meant to or not. And that's sort of the thing I wonder if Collin college every first did this that he expects. Nearly this month long conversation to be go I don't think there's any chance that that was what he was expecting that. Probably expecting you get some hate mail. You know maybe do a couple interviews on the radio maybe be on TV if you thought I'll think he suspected this to turn into this. Huge thing. That's what does that mean is a huge thing. It's Brandon discussed debated dissected for. Good solid month here. And with the NBA starting Upton and whatever may go on there once that regular season begins just have LeBron James. You just have LeBron James endorsed Hillary Clinton. I'm sure wherever Mike Adams was when he heard that is had exploded what the huge mess. I wonder if there. Two people. On God's green earth. That would make him Mikey Adams. That's more angry than those that than Hillary and in LeBron. Rate there I mean that's youth. I don't mean to change the subject Christian but I just read the verses of the nationally by the star spangled banner yet seem racist it doesn't. They have a letter grade in Boca. I don't know war of 1812 they fought their British or black soldiers' right of the British but it was. I don't know I doubt wanted to jump out at turn on that is a really did that's for this this three teachers. That's for the guys selling Donna lol whether or not he was an actual history teacher eSATA like one and that's what that's what counts the radio after theater of the mind. If you're doing like a prairie home companion type show. He would be the guy cast as the history teacher at late what went down or whatever you know that's. We're would be we got to take a break six point 777979237. Phone number we got to mobile phone lines go ahead and grab on this is WEEI Lleyton at a Christian art get a grip bag after this because. Sweet it is for losers. These easy late night with Christiane art can talk Sports Radio you wait TI. And others. There's beauty is supposed to pay rules that you think it's. There's no moral. The approach taken every day long field guy or that. It's. Experience. Draw upon whom we only benefited from it very important. Leading type veteran players and usefulness. We've got again. As John Ferrell. Without a conference call must have been based on the audio quality I think that was John Ferrell docket today. Do refuting the error report that could buckle to be the number three starter although. Too much smoke they're not to be any fired at a Red Sox are not patriots spokesman and when did leak like that comes out it's generally good you'd you'd that's what Agassi. Barring some sort of injury years setback or something along those lines. By the way. In Toronto right now you bald William Madison just commendable that getting crazy we've gone to the zoo in Toronto tonight that's what's happened. You've all the ministers come out of the bullpen. The Orioles have not gone to their closure yet which means. And I think I think I'm gonna make it I think I'm gonna make my prediction right now. You ball William man is gonna give up they walk off home run to I don't know who's coming up here. Who just made the last step career okay go on top of the line up Travis Donaldson anchor and as you know there's one out. I say you managed gets Travis. And then Donaldson puts one's stance. In the Baltimore Orioles will go home. Back to Baltimore. With out having used their perfect. Potential Cy Young award winning closure. In a winner go home game. That could happen. In fact I think it's about to happen. Then again you know give all those been good lately Humana says look good his last seven starts he has in the area under two and a half. And he was a bigger reason why they were able to sort of hang around fend off the tigers and everybody else Baltimore was towards the end here but I don't like this. In the bottom of the eleventh inning. Ya one out. I don't even know of Britain's warming. Aren't the sound on so I couldn't tell you but I I don't think he is. You wonder if perhaps he's hurt or why. But this is pretty interesting here by Buck Showalter. By the way. Buck Showalter has won three people always textainer Collins there why's everyone loved Buck Showalter what's here productive. He's won three manager of the year awards in three different decades with three different teams. And in this isn't really that impressive but it's just sort of funny. It's in a year that ends in four of each decade 9420042014. So on 20/20 four when he's like eighty or whatever and I will probably win it again. But those are some tax rate there about Buck Showalter and you managed gives up a lead while Natalie optics they got one now but he just give up and hit two DeVon Travis here comes Donaldson. If my proclamation comes true what you see this tape Matt morale. And when I go buy some lottery tickets okay. If Donaldson goes yard here as I'd just predicted. That I need better get this run going to I don't have very often. Let's go back to your phone calls you're 6177797937. Is the phone number we're here till 2 AM and let's get things going now Donnie in San Francisco what's up on it. Christie would not act they went thing I love in the late ninth in Pakistan does code. Gonna do our part making use the box in late night at our ports on seeing. Donnie thanks so much. Rabbit and you know I love you dog but I just a little row I'd look at it beat here on this one Emeka a statement about the actor to piggyback what you're saying about us being in the play out. And how much cooler and everything it is but I I was just. And that was made reference about that 1 morning. Like I believe literally enter an orchestra and acting Bartow wanna creek and work every morning and that is being made reference to that one more hero which silly enough alike got. I would like they can without. This warts and about the he's been so right by the altar right wing crude dike holding got an kind of in the middle and I'm not a Livan does go but I'm in the middle you know ban the. I think giants doing you know Gilani called me Brady are before a key right here I'm really not I'm really now. And I know they then tax those that you know I don't know what really wanna say about the European. Q and allowed corner like you weren't attacked a dig down even W do you have any good question and props to step brother but but I'm not on on another note it's like yeah man after the last two years have been sold out and out and it's so cool that we're back in the plant in and make these other games leading up to life and all the other web gains is so much more enjoyable you're just so into a more in order banned. Yeah absolutely it's. It's in this city got an inaugural of the Boston by it. He did OK so you know I mean you know at the city's like when this is going on. Josh Donaldson. And we didn't nevermind sorry I was looking at a replay anchored as the only his all right I just looked up and I solve Ryan and I freaked out. Donaldson I don't know at Donaldson the air now like god. Well men that's the bears and yeah. What's Donaldson singled to left field needed in children they just showed a replay wanna anchored nasty and so run from earlier this year and oh wait a minute. Wait a minute. It's not don't actually get it all right that actually happened the game's over I called it why wasn't that Britain in the game. I was one better early hour I was what better way I said Donaldson would do it incurred as young did it right after they showed a replay having heard Lazio on doing it. And now you've got to be on the phone formula happened. Where are. I thought that that tiny things. But this happens pretty just think. Those does a pretty interesting sequence right there the Toronto Blue Jays are advancing. Buck Showalter is going to have to answer for this. You get to the eleventh inning. In you don't put your Claude you don't even you don't. I thought Zach Britton was gonna pitch for five innings and be perfectly honest with you I thought that Britain might come into this game in the sixth. And just did you know like go out there and do it he didn't throw a pitch. I don't even think he threw a warm up pitch. Why. What a decision. By Buck Showalter. That is gonna go down as one of the most questions. And criticize. Things Edgar wasn't. In Baltimore out or even though if they care and Baltimore. You saw down the stretch they couldn't even fill that park. But it's official it's over in Toronto they are going nuts at the Rogers Centre. Edwin Encarnacion a three run walk off home run off you bald William man is who they went to in a tie game. Instead of their ace closers Zach Britton who was. Perfect this year. Perfect this year and my guy did you man has ever put that one right down Broadway. Anchor Nancy undo it immediately. That was an at fastball straight as an arrow right down the middle about 9394. Miles an hour and Encarnacion put it way in the left field bleachers. Off man. Hot off playoff baseball so much of that I. That's that's a good way to get this whole thing going. October is here folks forgot walk off wild card home runs we got blue jays spilling out onto the field and I'll tell you why. I think Toronto Blue Jays got a real good chance to beaten Texas a real good chance. They got experience. They were there last year they're back. They got a lineup that's relentless. It's gonna be good series here with these blue jays and Rangers. But it's a final now five to two Toronto advances past Baltimore. In the American League wild card game at the Rogers Centre 6177797937. Is your phone number. 37937. Untaxed. Go to the phones here talk to Paul in Westfield who I guess threatened do you mattered threatened VA youth threatened to meet Paula what's on your mind what's going on with you tonight. Thinkers should it be great we don't have this act written an outlet to welcome relief absolutely. Christians who in which was sheet which he's undefeated this year a record amount of closes saves. Zach Britton was perfect this year I 43 saves and he's forty whatever it was he was that many for that many however many saves yet I have to go back and check the exact amount yes he was perfect he did not blow a save lawyer. Lot of that is wicket where western tradition union rep can't believe but it can't progress so we want to win the next series and took too wrapped over woody what that would. Well it's good question Toronto wins and you win and you have home field advantage in the ALCS which I think is certainly good thing that again. The Toronto blue Jay is they like they're they're looking pretty good right now. They're looking pretty strong they finished the season taken you know winning those games at Fenway Park against Dade. Red Sox team Paul that we can all admit wasn't. 100% dedicated to winning those games. Do we all agree with that I mean we sought David Price came out what the fourth inning of that last game in. You know you Saudi game after the claims that lineup they had out there Aaron Hill leading off and sort of in rather than the B team there it didn't seem like winning those games was the top priority for the team coming down the stretch but still that being said. Toronto uses a springboard in here they are now dancing on their fields sprayed champagne on each other's momentarily here. I think I'd rather see Texas between those two teams even though you'd have to play the games in Arlington. I think Toronto is just that the team that's familiar with you and they're they're they're dangerous that's that's elegance that we. Yet they are familiar in Texas is certainly pitched so that is sure. It being a Christian to seventeen symbol. When you're talking apathetic protests in the flag. There was a caller earlier who went to war literally laughed legs you know I have to have someone informed me I remember. Four years ago using what was interview and after Oakland and the anthem of the American team and stop interview with it to the end of the quick that was it that was issued those Olympics. Although this time yet that's it that's cool it'd if I can understand Colin meant some police are bad we know that and was seen evidence that would shock and now police too bad so why would you reject the flag Indiana I don't cutie connection how be an angry cops need to do is respect the flag and a Nazi repeat. Iowa taught me Colin cavern nick is his ex aide explained why he dated many many times now if you need it. If you need to find you can probably find it online and you two whatever you look up cabinet post game explaining his. His stance or whatever ill will tie it either do it there I don't feel like sort of reeker dating that right now but the but thank you for the call and thanks for checking in appreciate you 6177797937. Let's go to David in Maine with a thought on the anthem got their. Yeah. I keep hearing stage in pristine comments about that Colin Capp Burnett. And how many people realize it he was raised in theaters city of the Milwaukee. Irate call can be patient adopted an error. It is among the it was a talent and his father was black. And he was adopted nobody's ever brought to lots of people the well I'd never heard prevented the programs. But I bet around basketball football or 75 years studies might burst in. And I get the pleasure. Of gold with black coaches Saturday trait NCAA tournament they always help me get tickets. Then we. Would go to Kansas City one year. That or is barbecue all black neighborhood and who would sit there. All my friends flock our it was Bill Russell and stopped and talked to them. My friends and why should talk to them in Jindal reminiscent. All in new album and man of few questions to ask them about flights starting we have a climb insight schools and Oakland California then that's Bill Russell. Well we can't wait back east I talked to all of us and the chances that we kick. Gators from floored me and amp occurred. John Warden came up which is why it's an enhancement in global earned letter in this that can't conversation with all these people. In all the years that I went all tournaments where he's got all the paying coach can be sure. At a ticket in the extra ticket down in South Florida in the when Connecticut plate do. It's friend. Back and he cherry couldn't get down there in time whose team was playing in the state championship. David can you move the story along a little bit please of our area I don't know why don't even though you're talking about anymore. Or you could got a thousand dollars for that ticket reasons you have the tennis but I'd had this little old. And so that's opening lines it is all these people that always would would take care needs and look out. After every aspect of my life and see how all of this can be. Society. Insurers are applauding the good police officers but I had. Seen a lot of bad cops too in my lifetime occurrence so everybody in the same way you know. She got back from Vietnam and calm all your old friend should find out Larry and them. And I did fifteen years at college radio at Bolton college age and types sent messages out there. All the students about how to live and human race how to learn things. Okay Eric Davis I don't know what I. What was he talking about. I've really tried to follow. I've no idea what he was trying to say. He started off with did you know he cabaret was raised our way parents and I thought that the call was gonna go a certain way and then it just went I don't even know where and how does one. I don't know 75 birthday I have no idea what I just but I just listen to. I really don't know he was even saying. But he did bring up Bill Russell it because he brought up Bill Russell I just want to point this out. Bill Russell. When he played here in Boston. Was not the most well liked guy in this city in heat like this city very much either. A lot has happened between you know when he was when he was playing in the sixties and it where we are now. And in his relationship with the city and everything else. What it was not it was not good for awhile it was so bad in fact there's a whole entry about it on bill Russell's Wikipedia page. Racist abuse controversy and relationship with Boston fans it's about seven paragraph sent out about five paragraph. Check out sometimes see if there's a couple of things there that maybe sound familiar today. About dish. When the NBA all star toward the US in the 1958 offseason white hotel owners and segregated North Carolina denied rooms to Russell in his black teammates. Causing him to write in his memoir I stood out. A wall which understanding cannot penetrate you are negro you are less before the 6162. Season Russell's team was scheduled to play in an exhibition game and likes eating Kentucky when Russell and his black teammates were few service at a local restaurant. He and the other black teammates refused to play the exhibition game they flew home drawing a great deal of controversy and publicity. They were taking a stand because they were refused service. In the fifties in North Carolina because there were black. And that drew a great deal of controversy and publicity. So you see it's. We're not there right now obviously. But it's the same idea. This same idea is hey. What the hell you don't protesting this what do you think. It's it's not that far off obviously these are much different times and racial climate is much different than it was in the fifties in North Carolina. But the same sentiments. Words protest in towards doing something about it. Still very much exist I think. Take a look at that sometime today it did bill Russell's Wikipedia page and now this is that is what constitutes research now but it's right there every night I was renewed the other day. Read it you read through it. It's very interest. Six point 77797937. The phone number case you missed it the Baltimore Orioles. Did not use their closers act Britain. They're perfect. Cy Young candidate closure did not make an appearance in this game instead you bald alien menace came out of the bullpen and gave up 83 run home run to Edwin Encarnacion. Just like I said he would sort of I said there's gonna be all right the human hasn't given up I did call that that is on. Record here we have that audio and I will. Used at any time and try to talk about how good I am making predictions. We got one open phone line it's 61777979837. Go ahead and grab it we're talking baseball here on WEEI late night. Boston sports never read this piece he's late night with Christian art cash aren't Sports Radio WEEI. You don't actually get an all right. The game's over I called it why wasn't Zach Britton in the game yeah. Well not to pat myself on the bag here because they did say it was Donaldson was gonna hit the home run you know we can't all be perfect rate. Like debts they give Shaq could make free throws and he would be the perfect basketball flag it can't be perfect you know I was one batter late. But I called it it happens. Baltimore is going on Toronto's going to Texas. And at a baseball playoffs are in full swing very cool very cool stuff here 61777979837. What's gonna be talked about the most here in the next 24 to 48 however many hours. Is Buck Showalter not going to his closure not going to Zach Britton in a tie game. Instead bringing in your ball billion menace from the bullpen after he'd exhausted his. Is set up guys really bracket pitch though Dade pitched and pitched very well. And nannies instead of going to the closure he goes to a starter starters pitched well lately but. The one right down the middle anchor as Dion and Encarnacion did not miss it we're talking about that now here on WEEI late night at 617779. 7937. Let's go to the phones here before the top the hour talk to Scott in Denver's Jay Scott. Crept up what up. Hundred bucks a walker put you bought into this situation. Well I'll I'll I I don't know I don't know how to explain this because I really don't see why Britain didn't come in this game at all I mean you. You get to the eleven dating you're going through the middle of that order again and you're gonna hand it to a guy like you medically. Listen you volley a menace has been a big reason for the Orioles down the stretch anyway his last seven or eight starts were very very good they found a hitch in his delivery. They worked on it with them and ever since then he has banned a different guy from that. Aspect pitcher they've had for most of the year but still this was not the right time to bring him in the should've brought in by Anita should it not anything other than this this is awful hard. What's that would Britain art. I don't think so. IE at a I didn't even see him warming up which makes me think maybe maybe he wise. I didn't even see him get loose so maybe there's some we don't know here but if he was hurt and we didn't know about it going into the game. And IE I haven't heard anything yet we'll see if Showalter says some after the it. We got. Yeah but but practically. Music aren't in Baltimore shall all the county Murray. You don't there. What's that but so awkward always like. Next in the locker. Next to the altar. Like championships. OK but the Yankees Arizona. Yet all we can coat. The heck. Yeah and he walked away like they won championships after you leave. That's true that does happen that has happened before Buck Showalter never won anything and that's the biggest criticism about a but he's also one. Manager of the year in three different decades or three different teams which is pretty impressive in and of its owner it. You know some managers cruised to a worlds here season and win one without deserving it a lot of people said that very thing about John Ferrell are one hour series and so it. You know Buck Showalter is a longtime baseball man and he made it. A gay gamble today and you ball though you man is and I don't understand why did it considering it was a winner gone home. How you wouldn't wanna get your closer in that game at some point yes you'd rather have a man when there's a lead to protect but it. You don't have a lead to protect you just have this game to win in if you don't win you go home and instead you bald William and is is that they're pitching in the eleventh inning. With Britain. Sitting in the in the bullpen. Now Buck Showalter stalking right now I don't know what he's saying I don't know if he's speaking on the availability. Of Britain or what but we will try end up Parse that for you and tell you about it when we come back coming up at the top of the hour more of your calls a 6177797937. This is WEEI late night when meeker generic generate back after this.