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K&C - The Sox lose but win the A.L. East, Ben Maller on Dino's Casting Couch 9-29-16

Sep 29, 2016|

In hour number one, Mut, Gerry and Ben discuss a wild night for the Red Sox.

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He scourge. And Callahan zoo Q against those. Is this. Our bills having to. Neither do leave. I ride senator Baylor judging going back and what we're. You win the ballgame. Bubble collapse began last winter Gerry Callahan who. Robredo Federer another group over it has ordered the Atlanta and let go banning peck away from the fact that of course they probably couldn't. As I watched the champagne reply options here knows like the good stuff okay thanks for joining us let's go back to mind Kirk minute. He by the way of getting emails from. The management practice of the bad about all the way I apologize corrected you would play his future role whether they him look at it like for this team and being me you never going to be under their take on Sports Radio WEEI. Gary was just. For Kenny was Mark Teixeira yesterday Borneo and walking off where I was too big walk off CS I only macro I think tang ways was more entertaining and in the text message that that the effects. The sheriff's I'm sure that John Sterling said on WFAN last night the Yankees win but the Red Sox here's quicken up. Yankees and Red Sox clinched the AL east even losing in a or rather than most black tar and I've seen a lot over my years in lottery as the pirates looks out the Red Sox game. Games and outcomes and finish is this is the most bizarre thing I've ever seen in Red Sox did know what to do. They didn't know what to do as Ortiz said we wanted to celebrate on the field but they couldn't. The Yankees were busy celebrating on the field and then everyone wondered they showed the scene of the locker on the clubhouse for the plastic stuff. And you wonder are they even gonna they gonna celebrate and they did good for them but what a bizarre. Night and more bizarre because in the post game then Mallard this year in the Dino casting couch cheered today and it's a good guy out what you guys in those protesting cuts and if anything goes wrong I'm leave I have pulled it anyway I'm going to vote I'm back to LA body it's it's at that's been done before and I think it's a new original fire he's all over the Africa what worked then that is our one. Russians have favored over like that we liked them all were big a monitor my favorite all of a body through our number one in my hair yet your the mind can you imagine guys like where we're hoping to get our money on the yeah on the casting coach for this whole process is over I think. That over the years it's been a one of those today you guys didn't like it. Where he just think that unique good it. Athletes could do more to help and. I think. You think we tampered with that I think that was spliced he's had rare form today we have body today a dual ballots jacket and pulled that on call until Melancon. Ever listen he's not my competition and much as you you wouldn't believe that you would lead. A bad the that was an awkward and his partner is partnered. In Schwartz and his listeners liquor. In some kind of therapist don't commute is. How and that must be a struggle for port and sportsmen are. I don't want to ever it. It's not walking off actually right yeah that's it sees nobody that Joseph my neighborhood setting dissent and it would Rodney Harrison and rob these tough but he's just in Lincoln speaks at least some sort happier. Be there on Saturday morning great show you can hear in the station Schwartz with Harrison tackled the big CP's safety blitzing team bullets safety bliss. But here's my favorite haven't been Mallard and he eats in the lobby and walkers can argue that. John Candy in planes trains and relentless suitcase. But it's. That housed the hotel that Asus it's right on the corner. And then tells you the name but I'll leave that though we don't need more problems as this week. Or you know who stayed there once the nine elevenths hijackers. It winners when my iTunes is ma and first thing we're all doing prep read the paper and read the notes and it goes computers holy crap you write down all. Excellent convinced. I don't who wrote about it I mean even knows a Harvard news they write who wielded in Google's favorite Q open it was late at they were in my group to 41 I was in 213 night. Just I'm all for borrows there and that they haven't been there for awhile wise it's and I think you'll I didn't see that on the Wikipedia page the hotel it's not a review of the lowest but Libya did get a review and yelled at. As integrate very it's that would probably shouldn't joke about that we gotta be careful the rest of this week month grateful jacket and a season you're happy with the hotel they rolled out the red card that it's wrecked his friends like him aside yesterday arrived. And was able to Juli before it was just some down station ran them all like to think that issue paper. Records last move into a more upscale hotel that I am yes well my wife's commences on the shore it's you know bring a bind show released it last night apparently that's not as high as terrorists and terrorist states and terrorists they summarize stated I am a journalist would walk by the Romans there at that it's. It's and they didn't like boarded opera anything. Incredible what ruler or yeah rule over the FBI had every every you know as soon. Obvious and I want to know they have not clean the hotel since. The standings in the elevators are still say that unfortunately I'm this some. Nice hotels on him I'm disappointed but you know you get something different when you go back let's see I care. Gopac's pat. Pick the Graham backed talent. I'll I'll I'll be yet it's like back though did you it was played in OK and if I was I ideas data polonium much body clocks Obama's not that you guys can you do over morning's rise brutal and more Indy and -- Neitzel the big companies from commute from humvees iced coffees are different enough that I've never had a cup of coffee. And I never had a cup a couple of I would like some water that is completed appointments some want some water current tomorrow. On. The reds game last night that she John Henry's got started celebration pretty early and that. He should have ignored that game you know 'cause it didn't think I mean. The players jays Orioles game at the end he was watching the scoreboard or on the phone whatever and we don't know too but. Perry was right next in the dug wells buddies and Werner and where life and it was by article there with a buck up. Somewhere latency and so they're all or did you think at the word they start iPod and stop bumps and just keep on let puts thing unfold it's much more dramatic they knew they clinched. And I don't laugh the Kimble now they clinched a safe is that the excuse arguably uses that it wasn't really save situation because they'd already won throughout their enter 28 pages couldn't get an out had to be. Replaced by Joseph Kelly it was too bad and in Ottawa on what my heart's not broken forum but buckles shipment super deserve better there's good he deserved to be the guy in the middle of the celebration just let that in just. Franken all in and Campbell ruined it. Matt thank you so good when he's good. Why can't just throw like he's got the greatest the greatest break in both agree no real gas. He's good he's unhittable why can't he just throw strikes. Last night he had out that was exactly the problem he could not throw strikes to the bottom part of that Yankee order. And we actually was annoyed look like when he came out it Ferrell came out he said I I I got it nota you don't have it Greg you'd. On the anniversary the fifth anniversary of him blowing a game for the Braves the cost in the playoffs against the Phillies five years ago Serra yesterday. He melted down the mound in a game that I guess didn't matter for the Red Sox and cubs in the Yale lease but the American League pop records of the best record in the ails the air 28 pitches for Campbell fifteen. It's fifteen balls. Thirteen strikes melted down on many walks three walks one hit. No outs didn't get out here John Farrell that's gonna do it for several. And then Kelly comes in gives up the text message the Grand Slam to Mark Teixeira. Who looks banks. Retiring this is his last two at it they having ceremonies for this year and you this final I'd put it up again that's my last mentally hold the media after the against my a lot of them know that you'll probably not play this week to go home now as he's done why would he not plagues that still live in I guess he would. I don't know that's true that other thing is that the Yankees through its exit one they eliminate the yankees' yes. Native. And won the division. They're gone crazy on the Yankee Stadium field and yet blow you off. I. It's opposite to write those down no and I numb Microsoft's office said then it is not over yet lips are the key to broadcasting is the ability ad lib and that's what Johnson happens. Yet so we see her hand them my hair. So bad US nest here hotels you guys yeah I was watching the F bombs rain down I love it came eyes at the last thing the terrorist watch. That was MF NF back and forth which we were debating right in the in the big pre show especially reading this just get carried away. That's a lot of people get upset the still complain right call and it was a big deal and on Twitter and in the in people read John's he's written about it but is it. And the rules it's on cable and we just chill out about language right you could just feel like it was what level almost eleven was after temperature. After as close gives ten net 1020 game. And in the celebration we know one them was Ortiz the guys Haas wears a lot of Ortiz that was a buckle one in there as well watching some of that back or uses already gotten a pass from Leo it's at DC area the panel for right now because of that money the FF CC doesn't have any control over cable etc. so if it was over the years you'd be allotted was it on or along the TV stations withered in the final I think NASA was just the only one line there was no delay that exciting Olympics where they swear. No delay other stations were there with cameras go on and on opening with I've is really we are live there you can never wasn't it wasn't in there again Joseph wasn't in their wives' tale wasn't in the and to always chug chug and we talked after the game was even down yet. What is spray with a champagne from rookie Beth. But they were swearing. People complain people really watch that call normal plane but you know when it was as of this station complain about your listeners not utter a profanity I don't know I hope whoever the NASA bosses and celery in on this real human emotion just works on post group. That's such a process to do you have to defend your defend the product in this case it was the emotion of double loose on the field. Winning the AL least the first time in a couple of years and B or T works offers no. And worst the worst the worst first worse yet was your belt. Unity at that right that's the roller coaster at last 56 years for your boss that you finish anywhere but first or last. It's a good thing that every amid them is the worse that the BI and 88 in the NFL bends rams. Right at the Somalia 7988. This year it's the worst place to be in sports is right there in the middle and you wanna sucked. So your fans are pumped up bottle or you win. Etc. plus ramps will be in second place in the AFC east and the impact. And appoint a patriots later guys watch no matter what we got that it's in a few weeks that the unit at Sears so vote pitcher should win by forty in that game. Case scheme that but it's the I guess I understand brits baseball players are different management that there mentality news. You know the marathon not a sprint but watching this and how he would celebrate. All c'mon Bob I have a dollar deal him that well if they're given a speech don't tell and and I guess it's party issue that he should they should he saves this year isn't blowing hearings. Was in weird watching them for for Kimball and open. Took Kelly I didn't find it weird all I heard Markey and it was on late night until 2 o'clock last night I heard and taking calls from people who were frustrated they celebrated. I don't know if I don't get Ellis frustrated and just weird. I can't get parents now Pope phones. I'm mentally. Who's and is now we'll go and you've got some power it does the best running got to be a little better feels awesome. Restaurants ice crises so famous amusement suit and goggles on every play and there shouldn't be layers of this guys like when you win the division immediately. Non alcoholic in the new Ukraine queued up at different levels we like guys said the other day like natural light for the next later and then if people bolsters everything it is funny that in on the east. When Beckett that wild currently one game while parent in their supposed to win like a hundred and they only win like eighty at the one game marker of the duke at half past. And whenever there you ago but if you're there are different levels but this the same thing every time plastic goes on the lockers via the dock in the goggles ski goggles. Same thing every time and it attaches no one thought we could do it and I love a stroke every every athlete these guys are here we believed in ourself exactly people out there and believe in us up John Ferrell had our backs the entire year to media was not to get rest and the guy all the exits and Nancy who's a little husky news new slightly. He predicted sixty wins last place finish. You wasn't far off now very close and keep check in the standings like they like they changed the tenth loss that you pick and they must want you know because they won the division but. This ticket 92 wins the other thing month and and that is. How how much they care about home field game and halftime Texas game and a half Rangers to a last night they're off today CO four games left they have agreed and there one up quickly if they win at the range even win a game you've got to find a way to go for an oil which seems pretty unlikely Sinai to lock in it to. George what's tight exit AAA I know Henry owns kitchen she Henry Owens last night the shot Owens he would speak to guys get after it. Who Budweiser bottles of the woman's. Double twisting in the back and he's pitching today corner on the L double fist they just keep plugging like it was as if he is a first let a college it is fair to just drop them off and Henry Owens is street killing at the last. Who Budweiser gulp between that picture of these great video itself out yet judge helpful if this integration today he's pitching tonight starred in the camera laugh about it four games is a 779. ERA not tonight's hasn't won a game and he's guzzle and we at least I'll leverage on a Clinton looks at all that's Louis Louis tonight tonight the call your bookie and been on the Yankees would not be easy to do it won't what you gonna do wide review legal comic book if I did I Y I my posts he he won't guys hang around that hotel long enough. Did anyone I don't know mob rule story Epstein it is it is and night for the triple oil whoever doesn't play. Obviously owns pitcher. Is it Ortiz sits Atticus. That looked bad but. You watch and I'm sure when he slid in the home on the wild pitch yeah he got up slowly very slowly walked slowly when he does that he say that hurt. Did that hurt today do you think he's so I did there I don't think he'll play today I think he'll probably play. I would say one day over the weekend how can still threatens David Ortiz weekend Ali he's gonna play a lot of Mimi may get a courtesy of bat early these gains but I think John Farrell's gonna protect them a little bit this week anyway with house ceremony there and offer. Friday Saturday and Sunday and bottled there's rain all weekend the potentials for. Rain outs and double header would you be surprised refinement today that he has some kind of an ailment. Surrogate of some kind ailment I mean after the slip and homes while pitching just made it. With the ball made all the way to the wall happening at three nothing and just made it and he got up he banked in two what's in the former Red Sox pitcher Tommy lane yeah. Got up slowly looked around and who use these Conan missed some time you know day to. But they know clinch so it doesn't matter the gonna miss tonight. Is he going to be okay going forward I think you'll be okay he's been OK all year and he's gonna get off days once the jailed the F start at three days off yet again be up Monday through Wednesday and then he played two games are off on Saturday play two games begin to game five off on Monday there's enough. Downtime right think he's going to be OK adding giant acoustic asked John Ferrell after the game. What is the plan now for teach you clench but it Jerry said it look at last night slotting it all. What is the plan now for the last five games at the rate was seized just try to secure home field it is you know I don't think that you ever wanna. Necessarily take your foot off the gas pedal you your how to maintain a mindset bull bull rotates and people through. But you know playing in Fenway Park as deep as we can. Is always an advantage will looked do that is best possible. I will stay on course as far as our rotation goes so that as Henry owns tomorrow that proportional Friday Rodriguez on Saturday David Price will throw Sunday. It may be an abbreviated outing for David but will begin to start to focus on how this team and rosters can achieve problem in the post season. You talk about focusing in Canada that you see in the sweet between that the picture and realist right starting pitcher. With 216. Ounce those of the aluminum bottle I think out bottles six you know boys hold guzzle limit the same time we don't sit in my video we have the same with portable amid I was just beginning and he's an Ellis this Joba wants you ever bomb garner when the giants the of his a couple of years ago he had like seven. It was kind of a but it your world it didn't shoot now. So every element since whatsoever or drove. My creativity and my progress last week I was sixteen borderline me I know you'll have to drink but. Looks like. Like a surfer dude skate boarder leaving that the first time that's an ugly very comfortable at stake Tedy Bruschi Islam Islam and some veteran Durham Carl Willis I say Henry Hank. Their cameras and hear a lot of people think you're biased. Hubbell won its time one beer to tie him. That's not a good look but. You know I guess he feels that he earned it with that. 44 starts 01 record to 779 ERA he worked hard they would not have been huge year without Henry Owens have a part of a roster the Red Sox would not have made the post C you'll see tonight he says not good no he doesn't throw strikes Kelly Campbell last night it was maddening as. I look intimacy. Or can hit you for Google and they can't EQ you're too good. He was the one of the best closer in the National League he gets here and he did good this year right and it's not only it wasn't like you look at the start and said the close last lines say. You know he's a huge question mark in the playoff numbers are. OK for Campbell he's not that David Price category of guys you're gonna start the policies and really a big questions about but it was just. How many voice in my sight back it's just he's got to block Sais but I guess five losses now. He threw inside this he's pitched in these tight games and games and are still in it. And that threes really struggled in tie games you wanna use your closer yet in tie games in the post season so these. A bit of up and approve the question is you trust and if there are suddenly the news do you trust Kimbrel you know one run lead in the ninth inning now include what you have no choice so more than David Price they admitted that list of things you are concerned about as a Red Sox they have cut the fact that prices well had a Kimball from it you know or so hasn't won playoff game no one brings that up and if you pitched in a few with the tigers he's never won a playoff game. Self Parcells the biggest surprise. He he is he still looms Cy Young favorite I haven't Charles Edwards closed out the Orioles last night that Britons get votes 47 saves but I I think one earned run and amazing. And I guess he's gonna get MVP votes are Bravo. But I was think to close or wins these cyan when there's no starter for the you know this is sees the need a moment and and and earn that. More cells alone has seized. He's got the below we ERA he's got the innings and he's got the wins was again because he don't care about wins that's that is the most frustrating thing people do I'm not sure though one key base of baseball right evidently either win or fifteen or a member of the year Eric King Felix in Seattle won like thirteen games and through that won the Cy Young award. Yes I still I'm old school like you elect the winds are probably crazed Arctic over rated now though band added that based on what we know now about pitching a guy you know buckle last night. Buckled and and Brian Mitchell in particular both guys pitched great one guy went seven innings no runs that went six innings no runs and okay credit for a win they both pitched well enough to get. I eyes I'm old school I'm I still buy it was I don't you go by all the statute even need to look at wins and losses on that's a lot of baseball writers don't do that for me. Growing up watching baseball the Wien is an important thing is still as an old mildly old farmers report Bob well. She won the sign in with 27 wins and every I think every other number favored Clements. I wouldn't happen today Clemens would now he eyes closed that's why. We were and we can get to this book. Steve buck he's right about the MVP race. He thinks Ortiz should win and that's is going to win right now evidence today that's when he bats as the MVP but what if there is some splitting hairs in the votes of Ortiz and he gets picked some votes away from vets who sneaks in. And it's always the answer is always trial because. Lots of baseball writers and they take pride in looking at those. Ancillary numbers would advance numbers and I like this. And and they love war. And then and pro wins those numbers in the angels attack and Clinton in LA angels whore. Then you need to be literally millions of soft and it doesn't is that a factor in your email address what the best wins it women asked winning matters involved. So young and MVP but not just wins for the salient wins for UT that people bring A-Rod one with the Rangers and they sucked in old school laundry DOS and using one on the cult director finish last you could win a you've got to put up numbers that are just this old beyond that I tested on notice about the choice they're asked. To a severe iBook wants to make the case for two guys on the Red Sox team IDs created and pets is that clear and be paid. William Donaldson in the division that Brittany talked about Mike Trout who could just. Default Tibetans and above may winds come every year based on his numbers which is sort of silly emote enough at any rookie Betts has twenty more wins. And my pro. When he more wind that matters if you're. Talk among you how much value is there to a team to a guy that wants him to games burst again the 192. And Ortiz and that's bull 192 so far have been sees that team how much worse could they possibly be for a better. Much worse with the angels beat it like for what seven it's ugly image Jerry could be starting for the angels and they might it might be a little better if you. Rescue force. I think it's good off speed stuff. Africa knuckleball screwball threw you know on the radio you yes it's horrible yeah my splitter. Dropped off. Purcell who's got starting went tomorrow. Tomorrow it will start tomorrow and volley in an abbreviated outing potentially start my daughter if things get 22 wins. 217. Innings and no one else and he leads the league in whip. Yeah as an ailment all fires he raiders' top reports of winds and a half the time and you probably haven't paid close attention that's the most. Unbelievable stunning surprising shocking thing. In this entire baseball season nothing compares the report so winning the Cy Young. That is so he was an it powerhouse or some similarly these demon movie where you know like some in and simply that the anfield this red wings and flying. We just in the had to wait plays that it is a horse that's true and its note that way I'm sure and then rookie is trump sure Jim Morse through eight at the right pitch by a was radar gun ninety yeah I'm sure sure that happened real IE Hampshire did what he really played now. He really played for the race you side I iBook I believe that's the real story monopoly who's up there on highway. Thrown a pitch and not realizing that in a battle that is more realistic and torso when messiah distribute Disney movie commuters in the future district that's the most bizarre thing I've ever seen reports is he gonna go back so awful I know get the play of some of the next year's torso shift back to good backlash forced fellow I don't know because he's looks cocky if you Mexican different guy now you'd. We can talk about or sell Gerri and and lauding him and I agree he's the biggest surprise in this team given the first four months and I'll paddy looked last year in fact the owner. When asked on the broadcast lectures and whites and reports hello we needed a pitcher. That was how he defended sending reports LO and if he sucks in the playoffs guess what McKee erases all the goodwill and Tibet's polite. No wins the playoffs David Price has two wins in the post season ball out of the bullpen and they never starter in his career in the in the playoffs so. You can celebrate today and or its auctions celebrated today and will start to turn the page the next week. Your your two starting pitcher. Are still looking for the first wins in those starts. But it started. Running Africa ever 1000020 on whatever his million a year it looks like a regular like the divorce signing ever. And now it's going to win the Cy Young it's just bizarre that's. That's. Has czars watching to share in the Grand Slam. When that game last night that was more bizarre most bizarre that org Gary integrys performance yesterday news it was closed hanger and the Election Day. All of his mind I know I haven't talked to them qualities that can. Thought it was and it was real in the group analyst sound like news now it could. Oh. Or get to a lot of people are already reacting to where he's Carrey they've they're looking for an update not maybe Jerry can provide one it's it's issue go but it's. As a listener. Couldn't turn off yesterday because Gary it would Gary does he can attack you don't. Captain walk off and he doesn't always just off the tech ways get going nicely Alice's scary isn't doesn't fake it means there is it's out of his mind and what he does what he says it is who's really that's who use I'd just get carried away. Op Ed bowers here W hear from what is it to 6 AME cnet's doing and the six molest prime real estate you guys are very lucky to have a model I mean to me and doing overnight rate Ali yeah there's no way the value. That's great question. That's caffeine pills maybe I don't get coffees we hear the reason we like mailers and if you have an actual model Ugoh bug from listening to you'll always. Talk about the loser you always root for the better stores and losing locker room right salute and you'll miss you you root for misery now our total from from you Red Sox would pose in Iowa until midnight not I in my early radio credits stuff after dodger games and when the Dodgers would win no one really gotten news ankle when they lost slow. It was pain in people witnesses and how it is with threats like when they win his account and in every single light yet to count on angry fans when they lose it and let him when he went in let me explain what they winning when they lose. The bond people among a lot but lost his mind the other day. Because he would post game after a loss and after couple calls that came out of the woodwork they think they came crawling out the bunt people. You need and I need bunt and you lost two mikes they want him on I think it was like milk he bets in the senate gonna scored 900. Rollins and I got two nights ago they lost they they lost that in the Los scored in New York. And the third called abort was why don't they play more mobile. Yet that we are still bend to your point yes that's what counts here or my response be just on the players don't know how to mark decided it didn't know. I Jerry kind of got. Terry calls once I'm told me I years ago when he was Mandy the angels and they may never bonded they were needed problem office. And they asked him and he just went on race he lost that one day he said the he ran on the line it was it is yet inaudible that got us an audible elect asking the bullet. It has gotten better twenty years well they're happy to play football players that were terrible bets as MVP that's 10920. Pounds policy. When he bought and months like it was the second week and edit. Out of there after me the bunt people. No special last night. And Obama people last night Red Sox lose but they win the division will certainly get a lot of reaction to it today guy at the bend Moehler callers today of people called ban law ban. You should be taught you more at them like at the airport I met yet you know I am a man of the people Jerry and I wanted to meet some of these like yeah we did we always loses gets that I don't losers speak to whack job scary tangle again the reaction of I Gary's episode yesterday will talk to you with corking gallon and Sports Radio WB. Okay. They just don't do it well. Real. Brought around the field. It's not funny. I can take I can take so much. But it's an excellent material but they don't look like it's been it's actually stimulate kids that didn't do exactly that. I don't I don't. I glanced off here Gerri you've been at this thing. Full time very successfully by the way for nineteen years that's correct right gray yeah. Right about now actually. You know us and then they used. 97 and how many people have walked out of the studio not for a brief like a segment or small period time but it walked off for the rest of the ship you don't walked though for like an hour once went in and didn't homer in the came back I forget what that was all about but leaving the show we go to the car driving home. One person yet he's a twice in the last month. Then you've got a radio longtime and a guy recently he forced to walk out of a studio and not return less eager Cogent and the I had a woman I used were caring K who she got upset with me she would not hawk on the show she would you believe she just wouldn't call Tina studies that collect that -- so you do the show by ourselves at the corner and that when she would she she was going to be up this issue was supposed to go to the back and forth banter on the radio which you'd wanna talk use ups it was a senate what did you say number I ripped one of the team she likes it and also. Soledad. That's below the belt telling a gray area or job a shock jock I am and then the other one. I guess at the statue of limitations has happened there was a guy. Years ago from Seattle it was work and at fox mikes all no holds this all edges of bills who walked off in the middle which O'Connell like paying way. And never came back he was upset when his co host put the tape which team was amazing he was I was I was listening will but it Elly Jackson as a boarding the plane. And I thought that was kind of fake buyer that body as a. It's real he's insane and he is used to be the with a thick skin to their economy The Herald that summit told the saudis sell tracked so that was me don't sell I. Didn't K you could say anything you laugh enough that's that was his calling card he was on any in could take anything. And if that changes lost the most heard him take he was the only guess is you'd use it you to listen all four hours to the show doesn't it and to any crap is proud of that isn't prep doesn't listen and watch and things. He's kind of the goofy. Here which were column. That's an underwear for us there what happens is my brain goes facet in my mouth and that's rights group. I don't yet and it a couple this is by like six weeks ago. You know Gary was real ripping me on the year and Felix each applicable to me inward studio Laguna podcast. It suggests you know we just haven't bought it's it's the and I hope we don't get access I love you I said I love you much I hate somebody else and the other guy is the hates on the year you think so Gary no details. Gary knows that this is the show. Especially this show recently that's the show you play long and it Kirk is. Insinuate or on the air that he is the real father of my son and a four decade with my wife in my bed right. And that's why my son is alive that it if I checked the DNA he is the real father more poll which style but that's no believes he's the real father except for Kirk. And that's just the show Turkey not to get it I I'm so concerned for him because normally. Gets the joke it yesterday hitting Kirk. Was talent timely yesterday that he slippers like that yeah in balance with your wife Randi you know recently whatever it is that's all the time. This one day but it wasn't me or Kirk who pushed more over it and over the it was that call John EDT from east of the all star for the Davis and then cut something switch flipped and as his brain and some lead penguins became sensitive and we I didn't know evens serious. Anyway he broke the headphones you see this new ball they still handles a lot of hundred under the item on the more it was more he got a pair I didn't that's why is either I don't think they didn't give them too but those were his. Nice post headphones we're gonna get him and it appeared that you parent too I'd always so I'd love careless smashed into the console broke. Couple buttons are at their party groups that are on their plastic appeal to of the button here there's still that rented the barrage and Curtis for once that his job and followed him there and he was crying. Would you say that accurate Chris. Yet he was a couple of tears coming down he was totally out of control screaming just two random people on his way to the park. And Cathy and walk off our the guns normally in that seat and and here's the I mean you mostly Turks are happy. As when somebody's in two years there was a little blue pill the minute hand household like he was walking out you called it not matter because it was it was for you struck around harassment. And then I don't always hear it but might have to do that he is a little disagreement. Management over. Should be handled going forward say where the facts of what's gone nugget effect through it I think. Get defensive about it. That man it sure did you were sitting home listening month I was listening I could not turn the radio off because I've just I don't concern for Gary because it's it's he's not he. He's the guys normally in on the joke it yesterday sounded like. I don't broken and we're. I. But what do you talk about. Just get a good look at the picture of it. Bruton. Okay. Getting a kick goal. F himself as he walked out if you guys had any conversations people wanna know now. So what's the update on Gary because truth be told the reason I'm here right now is is Gary was supposed to be year. And Ford every he's not Errol that is some sort of on break or exit done for good. But that's why I'm here I work until midnight last night back here today is Gary couldn't be here forever reason what's the update behind the scenes of any Geary. Newser you guys are for management as to what the plan is going forward to date Gerri stock ticker class I'd like to Turkey had spoken to him. Kirk's handling it is it buddy's kids are hurt at all that's after yesterday they are definitely I am I'm not involved in this I hope he comes back. I just perfect in the game a few days to chill out if he's listening today. Of course not regardless of how most special fatal to people in the replay is April every single human being on the planet like seven billion human beings would listen today after what happened yesterday. There he is not is the one exception to that rule I don't do well back to back days but I. I don't know what number it is on the dial it's just he doesn't pay. All the vita mobile leader globally and went and got one for five and. It doesn't pay attention when he's not involved. But. In a may be east changed yesterday was very much out of character that he needs in maybe some therapy. He's of a sucked on a toe. And I think he needs some kind of medication don't wanna sit laid out every Thursday in on the couch for the quality somewhat healthy yes yes if you into virtual thing anyway and just play the drop soon as chart do we got a few of those and get a few of them in interviewed anyways reaction yesterday. We'll see you how I I hope he's OK it's all over the inside track today The Hague Gary Gary you're the headline today brother tank weighs the WEEI. Melt down over cohosts. Jokes that's the inside track today. Bible super get an update at some point during the show maybe he'll call and I've no idea will be here until ten reacting to the Red Sox spend hours here. Big national guys in the Dino casting couch Kalla and here at all crews here. I'm gonna tell you and when will we get back yet what I'm most excited about on Sunday and no Uga is due to her exit the vote on the the point spreads in the betting lines and little answer. Month's rent that would give then he. It is even looked out when you ask what the line is he's got the mall memorize this and they come out. One very interesting wager is no longer available. Four tonight. Correct off the board tonight off the board yeah as soon as Henry Owens guzzle a dubious at the same time. That game came off the board but Sunday. And and you guys can. Implement your bank and the one thing interest in the most votes and we'll find out next. Kirk and Callahan he can I puck in Jerry took her hand Boeing jets have seven days don't you give them seven games bits you've got this reason Kurt can Callahan. You see fox Sports Radio W. Check the mustache yesterday because you say listen you know we got to race them. Suffice it I don't. You guys got the last thing my. UN must listen guys and east champions over the August on the block where on this stuff that you absolutely and I think the month that's often now living here is on the season and do some special. There's strikes me right in the middle last night the hard hit questioned my guy Gary was guzzle and veers through it time to. Why don't bash. It was a weird seldom are judged on unity among weird celebration but it's funny. Feels like. And those like them than anything yet doesn't win division is a bunch of teams in the playoffs. I think they're they're set up nicely. Who clinched earlier set of mostly pleasant. Emily Red Sox that is no. The wind like it. One series that shouldn't play with one seers to cut its us us and discuss the layers of celebration yeah it's with the of the non alcoholic beverages in the crank it up a little bit in the few in the World Series you go for everything. They are set the Cleveland Indians are two teams you wanna play in the playoffs this year the the nationals in the National League. Is there a broken apart and the Indians. They're pitching staffs in shambles right now. As and they're given these things and look at the depth chart you wanna play the needs of the Red Sox. But you little while we're normally it won't know you think they will go after one more day the goal of the best record correct. Well the picture Henry Owens tonight with a scrub B knows we think there what now there you can bet on this game the Jerry's point. We bentonite. Under the generic bad habit Lou I try to rally proudly made it very good suggestion during the opening segment symbol Richard bet on the Yankees tonight. You can't it's off the board you can't bet is stay off the board. Might win this fight hot or Henry Owens how many Beers Henry Owens had last night in a what kind of lineup that they put out there you know the run line's going to be. You know one and a half either way but you know what kind of logical leap for the Yankees my guess is once Salina has posted. You get to Bosnia allay a lot of money to win a small amount of money. With the Yankees the Yankees got to try to win this game is still while I truly think on the Red Sox. And a Red Sox gonna put Marco and and there is and Christian pastor says and rock poll LV. All the backups tonight so my guess is that'll be on the board later today but right now you ticket outlets in ruby circle through you'll be all we. Partly that was then. Related. Protect themselves and they gamble sharks like valor and jumper in and if they lose tonight your prediction is that's it they give up on the best record yeah game and half pint Texas. Texas off they have three games left the rails I have to back the beat to back if they read us. And they can but but Cleveland crickets are gonna want Cleveland connection do you. The Indians or for the of their game the game lead on the Indians and the Indians third as Ben's point they're all banged up general what starter Corey Kluge might appeal to pitch in the Yale BS. Potted a million injuries it feels like. There's locked into the to see right now is that they're gonna get Cleveland with and that's the best you want apple that's the best at the right sauce so good to see cleaves to three seasons in the wild card is what Tuesday wild card to play Tuesday you play Thursday at home against the Indians that work out the Rangers would play. Where would the wild card which can be one of three or four teams are so Cleveland ISIS' and if you finish with the best record. The Red Sox played the Indians on Sunday October 9 yep. Painful and there patriots play the bra and what oratory you'd be watching Gary politically in Cleveland correct they'll all be in legal in Cleveland wanted day October 9. Right the return to Tom Brady and the Red Sox or Indians in game four back of being eliminated which brings me two month thing and I'm watching most closely most excited about interest and on Sunday. And I assume. All the media though the globe and herald all the TV stations are aware this win number two number eighty returns. I'm I'm predicting a dramatic return to the stadium like with the police escorts and look like that beer belly yeah I compare it got there please just rating I've I think we haven't confirmed is going to be allowed to return to the stadium after the game. It was hard currency just 5 o'clock suggested 5 o'clock on Sunday him strolling back into the stadium to the hugs his teammates and for all record. If they win the players are all hang in Toronto the fans are hanging around. How cool would have pretty. If in the B helicopters and will be immediately in the trees the Brady polls and cast gym bag back to work and he walks in the in the locker room. And they're all hanging out celebrating the win over the lowly bills the place just erupts. In the behind the scenes patriots dot com access right they'll post the video. Two days later Tom coming in know give a problem in the game ball but they'll be big celebration for Bree. At 5 o'clock in each should be he should go back you shouldn't wait until Monday due to get back in the building suspensions over the you know so wanna wait right. I don't watch the games get a sense what's going on. I. The community and our hope and nor why it. The big story I couldn't believe it. That's mad dog Russo I know allegedly did didn't think Brady should have gone to Italy. He can go to Rome Hewitt who wherever coast. But I didn't think Brady should've gone to where do you want to go one of hang wouldn't send one and two of Colorado would have been OK Colorado. Aspirin exit ads similar yes this Florida is an aspirin or Florida but not easily. Because each was supposed to be watched the game he can go on a weekend rent it was during the week. That dollar knows how much to the camera guy you paid it to those pictures we don't know we try to find out who it is my guess is got more pictures as. He sold them to New York Post match. It is more to come upon gives the added video to right guys TMZ tech has a video as a result they've begun the boat and ISO I think you probably sold maybe there's a couple of paparazzi with a sold TMZ probably pale lot. So in the post but he probably has more and he's holding on for. A big number. Yes we don't. Wait till the pitches when suitable one of those opening night of the real good ones being a one with a towel all slight slip away is always a little Brady all of the one which Zell is next to remove. Let me be honest with you see is that if we're kind of that is cool I'll come back there on the and it. CT MC paid for the that the pictures and then they did that the hard hitting report but. Those are my guys travels work did tunes actually interviewed him in the 21 times editorial Levin's office I was almost. I was running out of Cuba Ben Mallard dot com I bring in this website would the success on fifteen years ago. And the guys that teams easily as in. Ready in the invited me interview you heard the rumors are rumors before Twitter killed that but I. I went to a team Zemin over Harvey Levin's office with some of the executives as you'd be one of the people on that rule when they do that TV show on that is hoping it wouldn't be I don't look like those again and now pleading with those fish I would be a bad. What an holiday eleventh. I'm not enough Food Network is Matt Damon today all our elites which got Matt Damon come out and start by seven lunch with John Kaczynski. Didn't work out though. And I didn't quite we're I they actually a woman from teams he called me and she said we're gonna call you back this afternoon we're gonna make it offer which he couldn't. And I'm still waiting for the phone and I'm still waiting for them do is to give it was WA 450 point yes seven more than that actually Lou one win more than four if I did at my biggest fear what would you bring I don't look like Chris person he's lost when you do the same surgery he did all I did not and I have full Obama's great though he's and it took the fan out of his belly in the brain and was. That a Amanda when he was fat was crazy angry. He's he's smiling now are very happy never smile when this thing about smiles and a space for about four weeks necessary to ask Miley has Eric tires he smiles and smooth the somebody's not here and I. Any last thoughts anything. Any better now pathetic speech you just it's just wanna say thanks I really enjoyed my time here she goes over. A ball boy that is spent hours on the Dino casting counsel get his thoughts a Brady what this has been like. For the patriots during this stretch we'll talk you guys both Red Sox clinch its cork egg Callahan Sports Radio. W we put I can see I could she go on to Aspen Colorado how I can see it hang out West Palm Beach, Florida I just you always don't know role.