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09-11-16 David Ortiz Player Of The Game Interview

Sep 11, 2016|

Joe & Tim talked to the Sox DH, whose 3-run homer put the Sox ahead for good in Toronto.

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What they've waterway he'll wind up your last game here Rogers Centre with a game winning home run and you'll love this place man displays them you way. Mend adrenaline in this game than that today was a hole and beat you like you with it looked like it was in the playoff game you know say it like. I should be updated the field they could notably have him because we've we've fighting for the first way. Get the W into enough and indeed he would enough. And last year and I mean they've been they've been. Dominating. The past couple years than its competition meant that a review rhetoric that you play against them. While there there was competition home runs today you have the best one. In the sixth inning yeah a clutch home run it wasn't like you're gonna leave this series to leave Toronto about hitting once. You know with myth that round thing and that way if you like you have to root it out. And I know you went back to our good friends we are surprised they plotted and after which it told me in the NLCS he had been to an outstanding what surprised me the most was that he keeps the room that's that we've been you know like. A dot out dot it was gonna throw a meal with fast horse and way. I mean when he took over the first one and and and and that utilities. We use we you got to be looking for the wise because reviewed the so was that wasn't a bottomless wait I account like make Obama and the first is world. You know. I mean the remake of my mind right here for one full phosphorus fields would expect as much as well. They don't win the game ended just before you put the headset on a talk does she take your game Jersey often presented it to somebody down there. Oh who is that well. That gets them and he thought tonight guys diving theme for the years Veoh which you write that in. He had been so nice to me you know and and and and great person you know and ended and ready. But nice person and and and you know being my last game Leo and our conversation we meet with for now. If the blue your friends let me tell you what he's super nice guy and it and being my last day he did and and and and you know theme for the years that I feel like a lot of influence in. You know being from memories about it when. And you majors are very magician David now a two game lead there with the Orioles comedian in the Yankees it. I'd never lets up but there has to feel good to go six entry on the trip and come home two games ahead. Definitely definitely I mean I think it was an outstanding growth through. We'll be in I think they're gonna have Rome. Remembering that we backed my house because of how about scoring from first base and that double what was that like for man. They listened to this kind of game you know you've beaten very you know I think you know. That it out by you know window seat though. But that guy in both he hit it out. I. That there way always let chatty with the congratulations once again another many more milestones that job they think government. Right David Ortiz. You'll find his way home I think so.