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Yoan Moncada struggles in his first stint with the Red Sox 9-7-16

Sep 7, 2016|

Yoan Moncada has struck out in 7 straight at-bats, and the Red Sox have decided to sit him for a little bit. Glenn, Lou and Christian talk Sox and get into what the Sox should do with Buchholz in the long term.

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All you read me. Peace or no way we're moaning and 48. Right now on Sports Radio WEEI. I six point 77797937. Targets of football gonna get in the baseball here in the in a second. And we'll hear from Jimmy drop below coming up in this hour eleven through life you've talked in the media. That's onus would rather he's been through but he did buy that vehicle you're much. To operate one thing before we get a two Brothers are watching you use a baseball where it's been talking about how well we. Hard Knox is this year. So they get the the fifth episode last night. And it it was by far the best but only because. LaMarcus Joyner is totaled don't. We aren't dinosaurs again the journalists don't work Wal-Mart yup he wants or at Wal-Mart he's not gonna start the which role coach so he's on Eric reader hello welcome to Wal-Mart the election. And he he's walking out into the field and and so well. A Fisher Jeff Fisher asked him if he had overslept and he responds don't even warm. Right now then got another scene in which east sit there restocking of the secondary coach he said the rams can have their money man. And it goes on and on I work hard and if I'm not gonna start medical work. I did it. Ultimately full plate escape from money. I don't play but I don't go to each candidate I did notice I watched that show anymore it's. Her brother footballers. At a rock of love that watch all six the other day REI got a mollid ethic is seven may be actually of that show. Could ever want it easy watch a lot of parties to join an additional. You always has also been on the boat is always doubt and the hot hand tonight Paula welcome right now. The cameo. In it to wherever the football we're gonna win any awards. But it's nice to Atlantic. About it in my eye candy not the bathing suit on a mom's life on. Forums that he needs a lot. Of drugs sex and and so limited nudity he had a terrible people hope disguised orchestra on TV. You look like a complete idiot you're lucky. Talented pitcher lucky to be able to play in the National Football League and certainly becoming but the series. The only totally serious I know he was totally serious where's it hit from Arkansas. Through that horrible market. Is where where they started quarters up out of that Bob's discount whatever it like it's the worst part of it isn't as Wal-Mart started the Arkansas the port as the Jeff Fisher has the most going to be donors. Report won't know is that wal mart's stock here that can. Or could argue it should you're basically starting you're part of our nickel package and getting used a nickel awful so you're going to be out there unlawful illegal. It started and have decent. Website it says Wal-Mart shopper or shall all the pictures of all of it. We you're gonna go to Wal-Mart and outages oddities that exists with Wal-Mart shopper through this you think he can walk into Wal-Mart behead him issue the first week. It doesn't well to be huge sweep floats. If you don't like away or not. He's out of there is an American. Gay don't make me dead come out. Just that you would you rather like. That your hand off work just. It just. And stories. Are let's get to well let's get to the Red Sox. Com. How many things I can be. Warned about. With a it's harder to death. Project that probably sell it for what you got to go back to how many times have you changed your opinion I haven't changed my towards your ritual and it would defeat since I did you change your opinion when we're seller goes out there and he's competing for Cy Young years at Peking is going to be. A Boston they vastly overpaid in the war with the thinking. Going out and paying him just because he was 26 years old. He may be coming into the peak of his career should start results when you start a book I'm gonna get the book at them get to I'm. So I get the personal couldn't be more wrong about ports and I can't tickets or for a while Hanley Ramirez. Though wrong he has not been at the level. Or anywhere close to that or solo I thought it was going to be total Boston it was going to be disaster but they are for disaster. He is been fine he's been better than fine he hasn't been an issue. Eight if I think this secret his offensive numbers believe it or not. Ehrlich second or third for first base in this position itself a democracy well he's been terrific and I was wrong got one out of the room did you brought it up. That's when he bombs 89 stakes. So I bet that's that's stationary to 84 right in septa said. Of these days of it in 3035 whatever but he beat me twenty to 25 and driving coast on the out of the O 280 commit these. He's been better than I ever ever ever thought you would think so I say I'm wrong about that when he went to Clay Buchholz. The thing was I didn't want to give him away I think you wanted to give them what you with a year ago a year ago you wanna get away this year on the but I started like boat people that houses Don when the season start of it. While we do this again about god so. I never thought that he would be able to come back because. Specially since he's been up and down and throw multiple open he's back as the stars back the ball but he's back as part of me I always feared. That teaches us. Mentally tough now to be able to fight through this and say F you know I'm gonna show you how good idea. And I got to give credit that bouncing around like that. If you're a guy that's fairly weak if you have some issues some you don't. Self esteem issues or whatever. That's enough to knock you down to the point where you can't go out there and do what you need to do. He's defying all of us would get more critical I never saw the stuff. In a three year that's virus. It would give him a white practice news I don't wanna give that equity was in that rotation. They're visible -- no ball play buckle to history but we talked about we noble buckle to sister talked about the negative but I understand why is that pissed you off. Don't we talk but the positive enough. And it's we if you really know his history. And you know they've run is in there. What he'll be the best pitcher and your staff. As it happens every single year. Mean look at the last couple years when all three years for six years whatever it is look at it. There's always 1112 game stretch. When used lights out. It just happens it quite frankly last year if he took Alec the second start of the year was pretty much all year long before he got hurt Emmys can turn every year. We forgot about the positive. And when he's on a twelve game run if you pull them out of their rotation that we re week four that you missed eight or nine outstanding starts every user gets hurt. We have very goes over that run we'll get our number. But there's no about sort of saying is that there was above and half left right so. And it is and is ideal but it clip buckles gonna be good for awhile get hurt and suck for awhile. Why not do that from April to July yeah. And at the guide in August September haven't run which is what he's in the middle of what you brought in bright he brought in Rodriguez. How's it look like right now I think that that they wish they put Stephen right and it DL stint or little. A rehab start. I'm gonna have second thoughts and says the did you look all this crap these gold right now read that coughing up to big league baseball games in the pennant race. What would normally has birth signs raider tendinitis. At at night and nobody thought they were seated autos are you so get two opinions by about that nothing but double dealing with the pain. That might get a little injection in there and your fine ability to want to come back. To me like they wanted to in my review is hundreds hundreds of late is that exactly my deal with the buckles was. You know you always do that you had skilled yet talent. Just knew it was a ticking time bombs are going to be an injury overs because she was gonna mentally implode when you just on reliable in combustible just waiting for it to happen. But based solely on the Agilent dot he can do that even going back to his wife up in the book big topic and active and nothing Elvis speak. Click anything you raising money to have a charity event in a mocking his wife but you could get any worse but he's close and his job is getting demoted. I would say that under the circumstances. I'm not gonna say he's mentally competent and strong but he's handled this it's like Steve brought yes I did a bit lucky that you write and. See I I always thought that he had these runs and that. Because if you go back to 2013. They don't win. Without that run he had where he won his first what 91011 games something like that so he's always had these runs we know that. The key was tough enough. To be able to mentally tough enough to be able to battle back when they're tossing him now. He was basically don't mop up guy get out of the bullpen and you know got he's a mentally collapse yeah authority right wrapped and you know they were trying to penalty at all over the league to see if they can get something back. And he just couldn't get enough back to make it look good. Now we're at the point power at the point. Blue wrap this up while blacks are given credit on this one where you're looking to pick up what is that thirteen and half million bucks for next. Yet but it's not for me it's not for the reasons of keeping. It's. You know if you see what he does yeah the last few weeks. And Richard it was gonna be freeagent. Out of matches at Dodgers might try to lock him up if he could finish as strong as well before leaving gets to a over chills not they're click buckles the best pitcher and free agent market got market the best pitcher to free agent market you have for thirteen and a half million dollars. Why wouldn't you pick that up. And move. What was the sidewalk it's not good for clay. Right because you turned on the option it's nice little deal we pick up the options go one year deal doesn't help him out but as an organization what would you pick and a. I think you would write in mobile up. And he's got enough so now outs. Questions about it this is a thorn in September of think he's going to be fine so this is a team that's gone over the if you look at from the all star break and so that's a fairly large sample. The one thing that we feared the most in the first of the season I certainly it was there's going purchase. Starting pitching has been literally as good as any team in the American League right in the eighth inning. Believe that it maybe he'll let the recent killer. Well it in and not timely hitting in that lol we are going to at least a bit wary least of their worries. It really it if you if you're looking at the rotation for the for the policies which is something else we feared. You feel better about David Price don't you you certainly feel good about report cell round consistent. In the you're looking at your third in your fourth I mean based on. Roger is when Eduardo Rodriguez feels under percent and he feels good physically. He's got pitcher is is it too early hours it isn't just back and forth to give it back on it did Joseph Kelly train. We agree on bottom and jokingly told that a bit harder to secure votes are to throw us off. As I've I don't you never got up but I'll let you get out like jump back god is there room for one please blessed with a gold mine and I think it all else. And yet get the eighth inning. What the other day. There's just last night and it was like man I came in the eighth inning. And it was 99 it was 99 it was off speed 85 than it was 99. At it was a great eighth inning. Uga Uga vote two weeks year. And yeah you rotations is set. In my mind you at five guys right. Thanks comic view you appreciate the effort got to believe that that much damage happened the next liked it if you look at slide recently it's like back in the second base. I don't champ that a little bit but for the love of god. Europe pitcher which shall automatically us. But he does know a little bit of disarray and I think it missed the whole year because of that little woman's body it's not as not just Baghdad rotation this I don't know it a mile product out. It's a nice city here in the next week or so you go low leverage restart didn't. They'll bad start to give you something and Kelly and with your coaching gets in there so you'd. Like I would get some what's gonna step up some what's gonna figure this thing out musical are still in the mix. Vicious cut ziglar. Johnny can use them. Christ. I'll just say in right I mean I don't get this why did at a guy bigger ambient avid avid user I don't get the bleep out of get the sequence and I really don't summary doesn't believe in yeah. I don't know what it is he doesn't see him as of these are written into the Portland god right right and that's what it was it was isn't a sixty get a big a car whatever you're right but anyways. They got low but it time here. And they get to mark Joseph Kelly was a guy that you could sit here. You know what took so long. Honestly TC until the last cup outings while it was this now on this roster. The last two weeks of August that's a good deal them brought him back September 1 minute Kelly the last two weeks of August that's really gonna help the couple games Olympic cup from up. It was a tired that's what you do right shelf for weeks at a rest. You know and then send them back a much a let's get to my accountant who. Is striking out at every single at bat. Which at seven in a row or something like that it's had its neighbors Angela. He's really. You you could see it and I'm not a lesson misses. The kids coming in here in a tough situation. He's coming in it was gone through the cultural change over the last year and then you're asking him to go win there and suddenly they're developing a book on him. You could see it is struggling with a curve ball. Check the safeties Chris Kidd hit curve ball. And today and hear her at all and every fastball he gets us outside the strike zone you you can see it is that the book yet I can't market. And they and they know exactly what he is right now so what do you do with them you don't wanna give up obviously advocate he's got too much optional. Scott and memo of all. He he certainly looks like a player off the the scandal was confident he does appear he's on an extra calories before long programs. This is my bit it's and he came up in a dispute. You know because many more polished on the bases the ball almost in the field he's got a better idea the zone when he she'd been attendee up the playing. In the slipping John Husseini handles everything ready handles power fastballs he handles those sinkers away changeup curve ball. Is he left the up there is Paula fastballs in and he didn't sliders the other way you change it the other way or fastballs way the other way just covered all play. You know social Q2 what got a can do. Nokia's get a fastball. Well let's see begin to break a ball off it and let's begin to quick book you go right to a breaking ball simple yet. Up pull the trigger on hangers. He can't lay off the ones in the dirt like I said he's not get a learn how to hit a curve ball overnight this level that it just wake up tomorrow San Diego or in Toronto but second curve ball it starts with being laid off want. They'll lay off of it and don't miss the fastball curve also deepens don't right now he's missed a fastball he stuck in between he's in trouble so you sit appropriate for days. Now I give him go to test and I give below is the occasional star. Maybe it's one game at Toronto maybe it's not I don't know come back home give them a stark primary date anthrax in our own two days off I just. Now gonna bring it back a little bit you denounce the world these are start their basement every day or night got a real back. And he got to play Trevor shock poll tonight a team accused fight for his job. The night before eagle three for five of three for six when a bomb five RBIs. And into the field for three days. And you get left now. Now I don't know. That's not always stop at left is here at their base. We just it drives me go to remotely testing you want but you're going to take that doesn't sit CO2 both colts wouldn't say big hit a you know it it's their allegiance didn't matter where we want to type of giving you the answer I think they're bros list with animal you along. It's good that starting middle because they're gonna need at the skits of the fall calls his art in new report hi art. I don't. But it. Climate on the lookout no issue. Why do we are rationing and we're a little bit tender right. Oh I college actual oh the twentieth. News. I would that would bring up a clash in in the in the latter I don't know it beaten. You would if all your scene he's written a book warning. Well that's why it's not because of him. He came up because of the guys the big league level or get it done Bradley not hitting Bogart's anything. Well it. Didn't play enough or hitting OR that's why it's insane it wasn't him it was more of. He used to mention the other ticket for a price yet that this rally there I think. Day yes but he wasn't. He was not meaning for the longest time so they needed bats and he was killing it in triple. As Ben attendee was and that's why they brought him OK a double he was killing. So and they brought him rabbit disrupt traffic shock is the reason why he came up. Be honest with. Liggett Trevor shot the left handed bat was swayed in about consistently and well won't cut that would never be apparent Q what he's going. But he wasn't he wasn't out he was struggling now. He started to make about a contact and it to call the kid up and up she goes three for sixty and it with a bomb but if he was doing his job accountable and up in the first place. It's garlic Buchholz accused doing his job early on it still have a job in his rotation. Like Napa art I can totally understand my ball to those guys came to the big X. It makes all the sense in the world they were hitting and now you've got National League games were it's difficult to put David Ortiz into the lineup. Needed even more I mean take David Ortiz out of that lineup you could say it's it's a lot different. A lot different. I'd six point 77797937. 1145. You will hear from Jimmy drop life from fox. On air online via FaceBook Twitter and it's grab more of or wade were loading and 48 right now. Sports Radio WEEI. Why are growing Fauria talk a little baseball mixing in with the football they're from much illegal ruffle. But he thinks that. Polls show. We'll have that is in a few minority or better way it is really. Tightening up if you look this is going to be an unbelievable month between the start of the football season. And a month in which the Red Sox are going to have to fight and claw their way. Into the postseason because it is really tightening up right now the blue jays in the Red Sox or tied for first place in the elite Baltimore's only game now. We have to worry about right now is if you don't win the division. You're on a battle would Detroit and Houston. For a wild card spot. And by the way the Yankees have been playing some decent baseball as well though they're three and a half out in a while cardinal to get good enough you think David after. No I don't but the but the problem too is that you know the month of September he played division. I think these the best division. And amass the best team. Texas might be that but is our topic Texas. Houston plays the the eighties we saw that you want to let three should've won three three to pay the angels sock. In the that it twins the White Sox in in your division. You gotta go play the race who we've seen him in that they get good pitching. They got to explode bullpen did pick up some power they can be chipped in L and yankees playing outstanding right now yeah they are so you know that it's to have. It's one of the issues that you feel the Red Sox and you look at Theo. No real these last few games here we don't really have any easy once complained. Terry and I'm still amazed I was saying this weeks ago and I'm still saying especially with the improve. The improvement of the of the starting pitching. At the Red Sox are are tied in the division and still. You know a spec away from not even make it into the post season there at the offense there's a lot of recent look at starting pitching. What does not come down to the bullpen. And the manager. Basic music that he ever to break if a driving emergency brakes on a little bit if elect eagle pretty good regulate I should go better ship and I guess also emerged breakdown Diego. It's called emergency brake from now he smelled so it's not follow him for what Michael it's not him I don't these good manager you know is in the last few games they lost is nothing on him I mean Kimberly comes in a way back some most loss that's the right move record nuts about it he should know old. He can't come in now actually recently he's been doing just fine weaving in and see situation he's got a committed an ugly situation what is. But he but he hasn't done well in the past so you should know what's on him that's. Ansonia only shoot at me it's on the play that's on him but he brought ziglar yes particulars of milk cart you don't do you put a big poster in the back of jobs and apple over shoulder and I got out of Boca it's not significant is it and it's love affair with Pedro. And this Ramallah I hear the music coughed up games that cost them games that's why this. Did that they shouldn't be tied it before five games up on us. In the scheme of things in the annual look at those you'll look at those games and you've got to have some remote rightly everything's got chemical perfectly right there's going to be up you know a 5050 decision like I you know you just guessed wrong. It to me it's it's. Africa's rich is that the team league got to win the games this poster yes. That's a sick coughed up games I'll sit there it's July. But it it is they've they've coughed up games in my mind yes under sixty twos can be gained had a crappy team whose pitcher who's best pitchers. Just great Oakland then San Diego which got the lost those two games. But could endorse good scoring runs right but there's other I'm talking both those games and struggled games that given way. Whether the bullpen late had a couple of at a couple like you know block off error wins or losses are revival out. Up up eight to nothing and used again. They're they're been some bizarre games I just look at them and look at the offense look at the starting pitching now. And I would say they have the best starting pitching in the division. The bullpen is shaking put rentals ball. They're having all sorts of issues right now duke and shoot Toronto gives up of the lead me eight the other day an open trial of the truck and bought typical. Ticket the auto soda and ticketing problems all year long night before they lost the Yankees Angela read an article without read a Boston Globe with a Errol. Is that it's offered to wait too inconsistent. The coaches great offense but you inconsistent. And that's where ya what the Red Sox score all those runs c'mon score one run the next few nights I take two teams this would be a shame and it would be a disaster. If this team did not make it to the policies. It would give you what I'm away I know that I know that's that's out of saying it's insists this is scary when you look at where they are in the stand. And it's you could win the division. Or you could be totally out of this that. And housing and you know looking at New Yorkers looking up a run you know they've been on two and as you know where the rat I mean this is a team that was basically selling everybody. Is getting rid of advice of put pretty well for a team that's. The league gave up by so listen we're focused on next year and all the studs evident can't afford any stumble all know I had only lip slightly point one aliens well screen well the two teams of mean I believe it in the in the east like you said their that's the best division so you can have three teams Boston Toronto and Baltimore. I mean and you gotta look at the wild card in your rear grip against. Detroit it's a Boston Toronto Baltimore when you must have obesity just goes to Houston New York Kansas City. But the point is that Detroit. You know you recently played Baltimore right grind it out in a four game series and it Blaine Minnesota. It and eagle from Baltimore to New York who's playing great baseball and they go to Chicago White Sox right. Or Houston I think they're kind of they're on the outside but still there rated gas. Same thing you grind in a Baltimore Toronto and New York or playing good both side order Tampa Bay was kind of sneaky. And they got us the seven game home stand against Oakland and LA. The angels this would be an absolute. Disaster. If the Yankees made it in as the world record in the red so right when you can. Better than what we you can suggest that the Yankees blew up their team. And blew up three headed monster out of it would it would be out anything that would leave this date this should be off the charts as. Asked to go win this division I I agree they got to win the division I accustomed to when I'm not so sure play teams come out of this interest because of that scenario played out. Baltimore Toronto Boston all played each other New York's play each other vote grind it out. The better when it division developing preteen to come in the east that I do think team like Detroit. It's gonna get another wild card just because of who they've got mail. They've got Chicago and Minnesota got a bunch of games with them the right let's go to Matt that's implement IMAP. I don't. Well upon. Back until Kelly. I've never remembered usual no labor it must start. But after seeing them accountable and our potential Kelly it's stale Altman pitcher he burned out on by a Florida it's 999 and I 85. His pitch and it seems so much better it would only goal to enrich our reality to him that he he went to a little one yeah. Even warmer. It seemed like you know. He comes out and you know he isn't it all the children and our bullpen right now need someone like that. I agree I I Iowa studies better rentable that he's a two pitch guy throws pure heat out there. He is of open. That there aren't they also won New York has Joba Chamberlain unfortunately east you fiddle but. Don't you just killed in the bullpen that what I'm not a starter in terrible on that are made to those 67 inning the right to know. Two props. Yeah I got to find them it's you don't wanna give up on him as a starting your hope is Wade Davis. You know so yeah he could be I I just. I can't believe he was not appear before. A diet I have no idea he could change last two or three weeks for this team to be one more game. It is out that's out of there you don't at the island combat give him a break right now OC a coach you can look like that's gonna be a big one. Of course you can demoted to all the ball anything close to what we're accustomed to or is gonna be a guy's going to be at this hour. All great Gonzales come on people actually before it is outcome of the DL yeah as he both. For a reason charge show what makes you think he's gonna be any good is openly coach he's different. Third year and roadways and our children that I mean after awhile you figure out he's got only so many miles in him and then he just can't do it. It's a great question I don't know why they didn't take this hour put him on the sidelines with the afraid that he was not gonna handle well. I mean amicus Kelly was doing what he's doing now if I wanted to finally Eric is so much this year yeah for some weeks analyst. I don't get yours David in Florida I gave. What are gentleman I was doing. Thought I don't want then. Go out there and got an hour I rarely. Passionate about some help on how you vote. The ball is being I eat and go out at the current. Product I'm comfortable. That the simplest I mean. Batting out. In a band or attic. I bullied that over the next couple weeks. That it will be extension to get them double and Jimmy Kennedy that the despite demand. I. Am I handicap how integral they are all. About California angels pitcher credit Telecom I wake up and at. Yes. I'd just go light on me. I really didn't we have got abused or. No down side of baseball pitcher wearing kind of like hockey goalie mask. Crocker and inhibit their vision doc and border but now that I hate or beat or they make I mean you know. I mean not eagle eagle no amount I mean. I'm that they that they require. Pitcher to Wear some sort of element. Among now. At an album cages or whatever batting ailments but one thing except that in almost pitches ago. Probably feel uncomfortable with the and like anything else that takes a while right you do you work through the the comfort level and you get to the to a minor leagues like everything so in those that crop comes the big leagues there wearing at the comfortable don't know what's gonna throw one little. Wilhelm right now we just don't wanna do our let's check and see what Jimmy go rob poll asked the states and able do that coming up next.