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Mut and Joe Castiglione close out Day 2 with Larry Lucchino and Lisa Scherber

Aug 31, 2016|

Mut and Joe close out day 2 of our radio telethon, they talk with Jimmy Fund Chairman and Red Sox President/CEO Emeritus Larry Lucchino about what the Jimmy Fund and the Radio Telethon mean to him. They then close out the night with the lady of the hour, Lisa Scherber, who means as much to the Jimmy Fund as the program to the patients is cares for.

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Peace be sick WEEI special broadcast. Itself fifteenth annual WEEI nets in Jimmy Fund radio telethon. Brought to you by DR Kelly insurance foundation. Now here's Mike Mike Netscape and Red Sox hall of Famer Joseph Castiglione. Reality. It's almost stretch of the UK WEEI destined to meet. On a radio telethon after a tough Red Sox lost here from Fenway Park like finance to review soon to be joined by. Joke estate Leone and a cast of thousands for the final. Hour plus a what is an amazing two day event amazing because. I'll be patients and who show up here and tell their stories amazing because of the family members who show up and support. Other patients who are suffering or suffer fighting cancer. Over Dana Farber and the Jimmy Fund amazing because the doctors. Who are here are telling their stories and most importantly may be amazing because donations of people listening. I took his radio station radio stations Red Sox radio access trip. As we look at the our ballot insurance told board the amazing generosity of you people right now. 3191000. At. 507. Dollars a tremendous job but the folks who picked up the phone and called 8777381234. Kate cancer too 28 Q2 Q is a 25 dollar donation. We cannot thank you enough for those who have. Show that generosity. Picked up the phone log onto the web site sent in the text. It's an amazing response. We still have work to do you if you were writing the stories here the last date plus Yunel. The disk disease is not going anywhere without the dollars do you guys provide the coast the research that goes into. I'm trying to fight what is an awful awful disease so we're gonna ask the folks who have not picked up that phone yet. And not yet donated who stayed up with a Red Sox and a tough loss here tonight at Fenway Park to dig deep here for the next hour plus. At 877731234. Or very simply texting Kate cancer too 22 to two and donate 25 dollars. I CEO emeritus of the Boston Red Sox and the up president. I'd chairman of the Jimmy by Larry Lucchino is I think on the air here for what the tenth. Time I don't know it's nowadays there are areas that a lot of these other important days of fun days at some point favorite days of the baseball season. You're great to be what working as hard as you Mars Susie Q. Keep people on donating. We have and then shut this shot down yet and don't intend to until around midnight so for those you haven't given. This loses so worthy a is as I think you can find anywhere and it's a great community opportunity for all of us to. Contribute to this community and and feeling part of the larger community. On your legacy is going to be you helped bring championships to Boston layer that's when I go down people are going to know that about you but. They should also note that you worked very hard committee EU and Tom and John got here. To work with the Jimmy Fund and make sure that the Red Sox in the Jimmy Fund and events like this telethon continued that's a big part of what your ownership group did what you've got here to Boston. Well on that is a point of pride I must say that the relationship with the Jimmy Fund has been so strong for so long and their relationship with Dana Farber of course. But the first week we were here in. January of 2002. John and Tom and I went over to the image refinement of farmers who walked around taken two or get a sense of how important that component was to the operation is French so we of course centered agreed deal about it it has some firsthand experience with it. But I thought it was important that we that we start out right away with a sense of how critical this activity was and how critical it was to the identity. The Red Sox. Community. And I heard you say this tonight in the broadcast we joined him that you got officials from other teams actually come to you guys and ask about the relationship because I. I can't I don't claim to. Know every team in sports but I I don't feel like they're too many teams who have this type relationship Larry the you guys have with the specific. A vent to specific group like the Jimmy Fund again apart you're absolutely right month. Is this is unique. It is special honor in my Howell two to answer that question my has put to me because it's so hard to duplicate her replicated in other places. The commissioner of the former Commissioner of Baseball life commissioner Bud Selig. Made a contribution today. In part for that very reason he said that he was in a make the country's nineteen gave 101000 dollars of his own money. To this. To discuss today because he said an all of his time and sports it never seen anything like. The relationship that has developed over the course of the last 63. Years. Between me and Jimmy Fund and the and the Red Sox and he wanted to play a part. In nine in keeping it alive and prosper. What's it mean to UN a player like David Ortiz comes down here and matches in a nation gives 25000 dollars he seem out on the field. With fake cancer survivor after her amazing first pitch by the way with a big bouquet of flowers which I should get from my wife here at some point. Given how much how I spent this ballpark. And to see. Though the love that those those kids have in the love that he has for the kids layer cuts that make you feel. It makes me religion in off. David Ortiz and and so many of our players I think our players come here. Recognizing that the Jimmy Fund relationship is something they've got to plug into that they've got to become a part of because that's part of being a member of the Boston Red Sox. And one reason why it's so hard to replicate his because that that passage of time over the last 63. Year plus years. And it is hard to duplicate relationships there are born stories are told and passed down. Experiences are and we're joking earlier today about creating a Q refund all stars team the players who over the years have contributed so much of the wellbeing that Jimmy Fund. And of course he thought of Ted Williams then we thought of Mike Andrews. And we thought remote bomb. But there's only Tim Wakefield name eskimo there's so many players did Johnny Pesky W door. Over the years I'm the measure was fantastic with the Jimmy Fund and Dana Farber so it is just the part of the identity of being a member of the Boston Red Sox. And and it's just part of being a member of this community. I had the good fortune of coming here when I was not a member of the community I had to fly out from all from Baltimore Washington. With great frequency to receive my treatment for him them fairly aggressive form notch in lymphoma. 1985. And I was eager. To do that. But now. I mean I anti drug testing Jimmy Fund. Regularly. Virtually every day. And I know I realize what an extraordinary asses for those of us who live here you have this. World class cancer center in our myths and available to everyone and I mean to everyone in part because of the they Jimmy fund's extraordinary support. And it's not just relationship between those the players and and what they have gone in and like Brock COLT who's just here in east now pick in this. This leadership role in the Jimmy Fund its relationship that. Patients tablet the doctors there and watch I've would have been able to watch you over the years with your doctor relationship you have. I see these kids. Who are talking about how they had fun they they they're going to let cancer treatments play and they and they they said he used the word fun that. That does it make sense to me I hope people saw that because that's where these dollars are going people or donating between now and midnight to three million dollars plus has been raised. It's going to make it big make events great events that had these kids coming on the air and instead of talking about the pain of cancer the enjoyment of going to that Jimmy Fund. Or you've touched on on something important anonymous say there was a young girl being treated. Who over the clinic in Cleveland clinic and she referred to it is the Jimmy Fund not to defund. The Jimmy Fund so every time she went there. You know she she was sick which is so much fun he did so much training she does so many other kinds of things he referred to news that Jimmy Fund. And I think that the that's owes a lot about the quality of care. Over there and that doesn't even begin to approach the the equality of first class avert the first class quality of the mindset in the people over there doing their research. Which is so fundamentally important cancer not one known assists five or 600 illnesses maybe more. And we're we're finding cures for each of those along the way. We wanna conquer the mall. But I think more likely we should think of his as a set of and diseases that are all related and you can conquer warning after warning here's another when you him pass is some medication and an. And develops a medication is curious this thing and you see gigantic changes in some form of cancers and take any improvement. Well a Jokester it Winona has been a part of the Jimmy Fund. Well before I even knew it existed to Joseph has been a part of these events and Joseph stuck it behind you Larry someone introduce them. I just sat down Joseph has been doing these things since Ken Coleman was going to stations in Maine and New Hampshire and Vermont show and raising it. I'll say a couple of bucks but it AD this small amounts of money here and there have been piling it all together you have seen it. This thing grow now now the fifteenth year of the way we've got to hear on the radio on the TV side WE. EI nest yet can we get two to 3000 dollars and callous mean there that burly New Hampshire and then. When we took it over 2001. Is just skyrocket. It'll continue that way and it feels like the relationship is stronger than ever and I'm Joseph you recruit we talked about some of the players that have been a part of this. I Ted Williams in particular. Well believe today would have been his birthday ably due date is August thirty or rather direct right. What do that is currently 98 ironically. The second day it is Jimmy Fund radio tell Bob falls on his birthday and head. Love this. Charity and he loved the kids and he put his own time and effort into it. From the minute he was here in Boston he was amazing and everything I've read and heard and I did see him late in his life. When he comes spring training and he always asked about the Jimmy Fund it was really a passion for him and a he continued that right at the end of his life. Joseph we're talking earlier about the end Jimmy Fund also a team right you as you would of course. To Ted Williams rated. But who us would you include from them from re in recent years but not not currently necessary what Carl Yastrzemski gizmo is thought it was treated at. The Dana Farber and there's the strip ski wing. And of course Mo Vaughn. John ballot and it's so much than he befriended. A couple of kids and took them places and one in fact it didn't make it. And John was right there with a family while and he he really had as hard. In the right place. Tiger in my current players certainly brought cold and all he's done as a co captain of this fund for the last father's Red Sox a team. And in its relationship for the Jimmy Fund is who is one of those people what does David Ortiz I don't know Monkees song ended a holding on your refund patience in his arms than yeah that team picture. And he is got the give them the biggest target around me just exceptional. Extraordinary and he cares and but so do so many other as such players we're we're lucky to have the players that we can. And it's not just the look on David's basically comes down here that so which IDC the look of love and enjoyment that yes. It's the reaction he gets from the kids and whether it is Ortiz with a with Roger Clemens showing up as uniformed. Across the street the Jimmy Fund. If it's the reaction that they kids give these players that I always find myself. Drawn to and the smiles on their face in the joy given what. Some of these very strong kids it had to go through and the treatment they've gone through win. Sometimes two and three times over again to see them for even a small that it time. Forget about their pain and forget about their sickness and or illness. And think all this is David Ortiz is here revered today that's an amazing site. See they're so brave to we all four year old on today Joey. And he's remarkable sources dad and mom and he. Hit the world class. Journalist there in the world last known as four years old. But he's doing and he's doing very well what a cute kid and the parents come now from Dover mean for. Their treatment and it really is one wonderful to see. I'm glad you told that story here for a lottery not least of which as you mentioned over remained. The Jimmy Fund is it's been a the heart and soul of Jimmy Fund will always be in Boston and Massachusetts I believe. But it's spreading and throughout New England. In a very positive way and people in Maine and New Hampshire and Vermont and Connecticut to Rhode Island especially. Friends and heard and if they haven't had an opportunity. To 22 Colin. We've got another hour or so that lets you do it because this is a regional asset that all of you can enjoy. And enjoy maybe they're right or wrong war on Q can take advantage. You know she. In the injury front and Dana Farber Cancer Institute you have new England's number one cancer institute for the last sixteen years in a row. And is spin. It's one of the top two or three or four in the country for the last dumped him years. Well here's the reality there are two people they would talk about this disease there are two types of people those who have been affected by it. Had a themselves or those who that family members or friends who had it. And that is the majority of us and there are those who have been lucky that is not yet touched their lives were asking people those people. The donating here tonight either in the memory of someone who's you team fight the disease or maybe you are lucky that is not touched your family yet is just as John Dennis said today. Keep that good karma going by donating 87773812340. So easy to pick up that phone. And dial an 8777381234. And if you're lazy like meeting got one a text in a you text when he toot toot too. Q 0222. Text cake cancer through that number up to 25 dollar donations even someone like me. Who consider on a couch for hours at a time watching sports I even you can text end. I KK answered it when he QQQ would make that donation right now. I'm glad you mentioned John Dennis he was one of the founding fathers. On this radio Thon telethon in 2000 and done to end when we came to town. He was it was one of the people along with Jason wolf over it to be. Who was wanted to do something more than than had been done before. And Charles Steinberg. Of the Red Sox got Terry active with them. Me and as soon there after Nelson joined up as well. That. John Dennis and and and Jason Wolfe of the the I deserve a tip of the cap for there. Good effort in the year earlier this year 58 years of this now objects argument I bought fifteen years it to me it was just WEEI at the beginning. And then when messing came on it just mushroomed and it still. Growing every year. I want to thank the people Tori we get to a break here will catch up until midnight and we are pumped up the beer to midnight because that. While a beaded hair for half an hour and we've already seen the Art Bell insurance taupe or move we need to it more between now and midnight the people who have been. Actively today on social media last couple days promoting this of people that are just fans of the Red Sox people that are WE yeah listeners that are. Spreading the war with the hash tag Kate cancer including at the Jimmy Fund just helping to spread the word to. Maybe the people who don't know all the opposite that we thank you guys so much as well not just for the dollars donated but for the awareness generated by those who use social media for those type platforms now. Which is one of the real there's lot of bad things on social media trusting people or tweets over the all the time you would not want to show your relatives one of the good things when events like this happens. People come out in droves to promote its other people who were on Twitter any mr. Graham and snapped out whatever. Thank you guys so much for helping us spread the word about this very important event in the two most important days that we have here at the radio station really all year. 877738123. Forts that simple 877. 7381234. It's XK cancer too 2222. We need your help we're going to be here until midnight. We gonna keep moving this umbrella insurance told Ford until that with your phone calls and your tax state to final hour in fact of the WEEI NASA Jimmy Fund radio telethon. Live here for Fenway Park. Hi this is Jackie Bradley junior please help WEI. And gas and strike out cancer in the annual Jimmy Fund radio telethon every dollar goes to cancer research and care at Dana Farber. Down 877. 7381234. To make it gift thank you for your support. As we continue to hear from Fenway Park the F final hour less than an hour ago that WEEI. NASA and Jimmy Fund radio telethon we still we need your help we need you donations. Region to get involved you have not already 8777381234. It's I donate. 8777381234. Or by texting K cancer too 22 to two. As a 25 dollar donation Joseph Castiglione voice the Red Sox is here chairman of the Jimmy Fund Larry Lucchino CEO emeritus of the Red Sox as well and your team suffered eight that's a tough one tonight. Larry it was caught up when they're all they're all important enough for me here on out. To be sure but this is a tough loss nighttime news in the later innings after having end. Which hopefully game winning lead. It's tough loss but them. We have tomorrow tomorrow afternoon to win this series and good news is are Austin to. They did yep Baltimore came back and score late so they win that game you know pick up any ground but I'd say that the silver lining here. Were about to turn the calendar from August to September and the last couple years of your Red Sox fan. When he got here to this part of the season as someone doing there the post game shows the talk shows we were talking trades we were talking minor league players we're talking future. The next month we're talking baseball we were talking games that matter meaningful games and it's been a couple of years that you could say that and that is a really great thing if your baseball being here in Boston have games that matter in the final month of the year. 87 against him debate should be better than that have been a couple of losses that we're very top the one on the error. At that camp today and of course tonight with a lead and magic that was an available he knows how with a loose so maybe that caused. The move to go to. Buckles who pitched last night between pitches you go home Ron. It's too bad because progress is very good again distance that it be went on gas just a little bit seventh inning. Well Palmer it's as good tonight and the office continues to be good and it's been it's been this combination of veteran guys like Ortiz in his final year. And Lara don't you expected at all once but to have bets and Bogart and Jackie Bradley junior all emerge at once not only here. Allie of a very good team this year a playoff contender. You now see the future right before guys here Red Sox fan and I don't feel potentially abandon ten. It's very exhilarating thing out there they are enormously talented guys they are good guys their people it. The fans can get behind. In and their their ceiling is enormously. It was in about 20122013. Were one hour clever front office guys sitting duck an idea of those guys in the minor leagues that are planned so well welcome on the killer bees. And that's the thing that's an that if courses they are referring to. Bradley bet Jen that's and guards at their own sort of turned to Matt Barnes it was the fourth music to movies that in 20020. Now we get then can be so we've been keeping me in the theme going here with Antonin debts and and for Bradley and in the outfield. He will be it will be fun September will be fine you put your finger I'm not the years. Turkey this game is to be playing meaningful games are only regain thereafter and playing them down the wire we want playing either it's definitely. In October all the time but he don't get dark too much for playing meaningful games most of them. While these kids Natalie is so talented but they really yet or are these kids have such great charisma. It's off the charts events. Standard Jackie. They really understand their role and what they're doing in it's just so neat to watch the watch them develop. And be so good it's it's really amazing. Through the best things about baseball or watching young players develop and watching them come through the it and in my early career in the beginning of the Major League career and develop. And people are seeing that inform me here right now. With these guys are coming in their own and then watching. Young players and plays and any age really having fun. You see both of those things when you come to roots in this. Especially in the outfield GO and I like that is someone who thinks at times baseball does take itself a little too seriously I like the a three outfielders. That are at the end of games they decide which one played the best and they take a little picture now I think they're probably some some older school fans that say. Why he had to do that you want to. I like personality and sports and your outfielders. They have that right now with those guys and I. It it adds to that your that the guys retiring David Ortiz is not just one that the best hitters in baseball still. He's one of the biggest personalities he he does things all the time that that stand out and so to have all these guys are once security your point. Have a personality I think it adds to what it's been a successful year so far for the rights. An extremely likable team and you know it's up to compare teams does every year's different but these kids are so likable. And they're so good. And they really enjoy what they're doing in the enjoy each other Leavitt when Jackie leads low key with a this post pattern as he leaves the field that smoky some things have been that was Jacki. In the do that little dance Rocco says he doesn't quite fit. That's amazing alliances may get to well he does her. What's also interest. Because you were to these young players playing and and Larry you've seen as a pollster in the game develop on this is. This is not how baseball is played when I was growing up memory the eighty's and ninety's you. US some time at the minor league level you were not there for me you are trapped the wreckage of an attendee was last spring. Play a year less than a year at the minor leagues and you're playing games August September. It feels like the game has gotten younger is that how you guys see younger players getting earlier opportunities that this. Point well I think that this is a varies from UN team to team but across the board I think people are beginning to recognize that there. The future of the team obviously belongs to the young players in the game and then there was a period and of the beating of free agency. Where notoriety and may career success was what was prize most highly. But I think it's a game I those conversation and with John Henry more than one time. But telling game belongs to the young players and young players are going to be integrated injury Major League team as early as possible that there is. Any CNN. And. And talent that this can't be. Those years into instant and he's pitched it right in right from the start. And 2013. Standard post season. Yep and had it. Stuck struggle a little bit of fourteen but. He came back with a flourish and then with my not a warrant a team was not the contribution we get from vendors in the season and in the post season. The LCS against Detroit man Max Scherzer is still telling him a year ago was still talking to Peter Gammons and spring training. About that at bat or get the 32 pitch and took that pitch on the outside corner. And walked in Max Scherzer a year later we're still saying I cannot believe the young kid in his early twenties when you're 21 at that point. Took that pitch and a year senior now bookie that's thirty home runs he calls himself be nice is not a power history tells a normal listen. I'm not power hitter well thirty home runs yes you're right it's September your batting cleanup behind David Ortiz you're officially a power hitter Jones sorry. And this might sound like hyperbole but I started it Joseph Deluca the scout that signed Manny Ramirez for Cleveland. Some scouts many of the fifth round pick they drafted him number one and you know we don't know but he was but Joseph told me just about a week ago he said that the bookie bet is the best young player he's seen cam up to the major leagues all around player since Willie Mays in 1951. Well. To countless. That is that is high praise and for people watch this Red Sox team into this Red Sox team it's a perfect time. To pick up the phone and donate and donate in honor of the Red Sox in the relationship with the Jimmy Fund at 8777381234. Can also text in a Kate cancer too 22 Q2 to donate 25 dollars and it's not just the Red Sox we heard. Joseph Torre call in today judge you talked about but Sealy calling in today John her respect the umpire called us last night. It's the sport of baseball that recognize the relationship here and I I think the sport of baseball and I'm not that going to take a step back in the Red Sox were second. I the sport isn't such a good spot right now and I think there are things we could do to improve the game. I look at the attendance numbers on a nightly basis and these ballparks are still selling out. The ratings are still good and this idea couple years ago that baseball is dying in the sport is in not what used to be. The revenues Larry if you go Petr they bite the revenues are telling you something completely different right now I I would the sport is in a very good spot 2006. I'm glad he said we do have issues we do have to deal with yet young people only getting more young people playing the game any interest in the game. And and we do have some trouble franchises that are in the end perhaps agencies that. Can't quite. Market them accommodate them. But by and large. This scheme is saved resilient team it's appealing game is say yeah. A game that so many of us. And the love and we'll continue love for the rest of the rest of our days so I root here I think that. Without. Revver code river with those sort of looking rubber stamp rubber stamping your idea. The general notion that everything is well other issues that are their labor issues that are revenue issues are there are. Instant replay is anything but instant and for example a another attempt on most things went to focus on but by and large the and the game is strong and resilient and will be we prospered for years to come. Would you say that they had the the age of viewers queries that is that the is that the biggest issue in your mind that it is a sport that is trending. Older when they look at the younger audiences there watching football there watching the NBA. There watching college football it's he's a little bit old on the baseball side is is that the biggest issue an opinion if not it's a guy has been a power broker in the league for a long time. What is the league's. These security that is that is one of the the issues and none that it has been for some time anomaly is the the new commissioner rob Manfred. And I and I would say also London the Boston Red Sox have made a concerted effort to reach out and two kids young people. Because there their options are more numerous than they used to be lewis' story. Childhood. Participation. And and I associates say is it's recognizing that we've got to bring people in the game expose some of the game him opportunities to. To play the game and to a and the watch the game. In and let the next generation and generation after that follows suit but you're right there were there was and has been firm for some time. And aging in green. Aspect of baseball when I think that's being changes teams in the league arm are more focused on a young people. Right the young players coming in I'm sure we've seen that here we will keep vets and Jackie Bradley and Zander that we have a lot more younger fans. And we we know we we worry about that it detected as well we we spend. I is said earlier one of the most done delightful things of a baseball is watching young players progress and move through this system. And now we've got to get young people to to partake in that the minor league level as well. It's 45 minutes from from my home in Boston to two them of course stadium. And now we're eager to have Red Sox fans. Come on she's the players at an early stage being connected to them and see them in a more. Smaller Mariano Duncan ballpark. Will also more it's it's an affordable take the good and he's ball marks here's your little watched players when they're young. A tablet your relationship there would pick a player like Andrew Bennett and he was in Portland for a couple weeks you want month caught up playing in Portland players who have been through Pataki and if you're young kid. And you watch one of these future stars play you you don't you forget that and don't forget connection them exactly and it's something that you can't. You can't replicate the you saw Hillary when I was growing up I saw mobile on play at a at a Miley ball wide. I've ever all that sort of thing so as a young man that's a great pull for the sport there I didn't think that way. And I I wonder now going for when it baseball look to some of these young stars like smokey bets like Sander Bogart like Mike Trout. Promoting these young players and voting these personalities in the game because that the franchises are great and it beat teams are powerful. I from my standpoint the younger players I'd love to see them marketed as much as possible to make sure that these players get. Two it's said to Larry's point to the younger fans of the game who know that there are young athletic. Flashy talented players playing this game and that it draws people to when you see a player lake Trout or bets that agrees it's so good though they skip triple. That's how I don't that they don't tell Larry that in effect now that they can withstand and they we were eight years in pass to weigh in in perspective that. He's someone that we knew from the minute you draft it. Last June that he was going to be here quickly news at tournaments now. It's a tell the team right now a tough one tonight at Fenway Park is they fall to the rays 43 but a chance to win the series. Tomorrow on I would afternoon baseball should be good day for baseball tomorrow weather wise. I as well we are here. Talking baseball right now but up until midnight. We are asking for more of your generosity 3358000. 452. Dollars raised. The last day and a half two days. By Red Sox fans by sports fans. I'm buy you out there to listening audience all to fight the awful awful disease of cancer. And we are not done yet we need to move that help ward a couple more times. We're get out of here at midnight 8777381234. Is the number 8777381234. You can. Text Kate cancer too 22 to two. Make it 25 dollar nation it's that simple or can logon Jimmy Fund dot org and set up a monthly or yearly. Automatic giving to the Jimmy Fund it's just that simple final hour final minutes in fact really a bit WEEI NASA and Jimmy Fund radio Telefonica. We're live here from Fenway Park. Tightness there were these whatever goes goes. Answered here we surge acumen fund and that apartment you can do it in two days by texting take cancer. 20222. Hi it's looking bets that the boss threats are stimulus into the fifteenth annual WEE I nest and Jimmy Fund radio to look. Back here for Fenway Park in the final half hour or so of the two day WEEI NASA in. Jimmy Fund radio telethon Joseph Castiglione Mike and its key review up until midnight. I joined by a my favorite person I see here for two days Lisa sure how are you I'm good this is what your tenth time on TV or radio in the last few days here some like that. It seems like get you know I think it's it's been just an amazing amazing to gaze into the night it's exhilarating isn't it totally you just get so. You feel so blessed to just be a part of that. And to sort of hear it the family's talk about the story and I just it just doesn't get old every year it gets better and better. Like call you the play lady I don't know what your I don't know your official title is not a good though woman who has always smiling here and always making us laugh. And always excited to do this event every single year and when I see patients of yours Lisa they come through and like Carly Gonzales today and Abby yesterday again. The use these there are some amazing people who have come through the Jimmy Fund and Dana Farber and told some amazing stories the last couple days. Yeah I mean they're just solid just there spear. Is just beautiful. You know it's like you varied their beautiful people to begin with and then just their insides just. They make you feel joyful and humiliated to sort of look at someone and actually just feel joy. Is just it's a beautiful thing and that's what they are you know hearing Carly seeing. God bless America. During the game tonight it was eat just I felt like every language just tear fall. Because it is as you looked at her and you knew she'd the struggles he is just gone through with cancer and her treatments and and to know she's in front of over 30000 people and she's just bearing her soul. To be a part of this. Radio telethon and to sort of raise awareness for cancer raise funds I mean that's just an amazing. Corey just dropped when you talk to these patients there and and that the process. To bring them on the air because this for a lot of people I can't imagine this is easy to do. Command here in some cases it hearing today patient who was and I'm mid day show would just been re diagnosed the cancer or gone to his brain in their their. He's gonna be okay with there's lesions there. To get that news on a Monday and command here on Tuesday or Wednesday. What's the process like leasing in talk of these families and parents and is it. Is it hard to get patients to wanna come on tell their story. I don't think it is I think it's one of those things where I feel like every family that I speak with. They know this is a marathon there on you know there on this journey that just it really doesn't have an ending. And they just go with phase and they just believe it and I feel like when I asked them to do this and and asked them to tell his story to help others and to sort of inspire others that are going through this and maybe. Aren't at their point. They're like yes what else can we do and I just feel like those are my favorite. Kinds of things and in this into his parents stories and there's still struggling and they're still trying to figure out their way and yet their goal is to inspire. Parents that are just being diagnosed now. And show you the experiences on the air tonight we had little Joey command. He was amazed with this family in layers so you use that we've talked under the game what was the experience like in talking to him and his. His dad during the broadcast tonight. I was it was incredible and he's going through some serious stuff and he's night me and you know he's he's struggling some but he's got such a good attitude these narratives such they're beautiful people over me. And we get some reaction. Couple in particular that. In what their names mentioned that people in sports who were Sobel Biden it would contribute to. If they were taxing you directly during the game personally today I'm donating on behalf of what. Well I just heard Joey and had. Well you know it's interesting I when have we put all the kids that took part today in to a sweet. Which is a beautiful sleek it's called air is sweet Erica leaf quest was whenever patients that passed away. But you know a few years back in this suite is in her honor so it just so perfect that her parents. A lot of that had this week to put. The children so I go I went up there right after doing came back from talking with you and his parents were so filled with sex. Pride in him and they were so joyful in it is. It was one of those things I just felt like this is sent to a good. Feeling for them and they will never forget. They never let me down NetSuite area it's almost like it's off limits on I'm not allowed down that's how to get down on how to enable my idling Joes are. Offer not being down there I can do it L a truck what about kind of busy on the air during most of the games work when a future that's why not allowed down in the behind pollutants weeks. You have been a part of events leases that. I see the patients rave about and that I've. The thing that always confuses me is when I hear these patients committed talk about having fun at the Jimmy Fund and talked glowingly about their treatment and here the parents say. It was fun to go in there or we looked forward to go when I don't understand that at but I've heard it over and over again where I I I know it's true. I also know it's true when you take groups of kids to Red Sox games or Red Sox spring training. It is a life changer for these kids talk about the experience of the events that you've been a part of taking these patients away as a group to things like Red Sox for entry. I'm adding the first thing just to know that these parents you know when their child is diagnosed in their teenage Ares just. He knows the teenagers locals to be independent from their parents and then and it and it's second and the they're diagnosed him and they're shoved it back again and an in this adults you know world of doctors and nurses and and then that parents when they hear that we're gonna take them away you stay home. It's so scary for these parents because they know their children. Are just not themselves right now they're they're feeling hill there and going through their treatment and how do we allow ourselves to sort of send them and they trust. They trusts are the other doctors they trust and nurses that we take and that's wonderful and once those kids get down there they don't know each other because right feet on different days and am really think I know by the time we land on the plane. It's this community. That is just unbelievable. Where. The cancer just they have now connected for Africa and they tell their stories and they just high school kids with each other. And yes the Red Sox players are. You know a big piece of it and that's the reason we actually get these kids to hop on a plane that you know that at 49 other strangers. And but the Red Sox do for these kids is beyond anything that we can never thank them for you know they just bring magic. They are the faces light up. Here are amazing sixty to seventy teenagers you very well we have like about the Mets fiftieth and we have the traveling party of twenty chaperone her doctors and the nurses with that. It's a huge group and I think back when he started this you know fifteen years ago and never did I think revealed to take teenagers. Better end of life. That are truly. At their point where how do we take them on a plane in and we have doctors and nurses that figure out we're gonna get them there and they get them home safely. And they're gonna have moments that they just. You know just really bring just so much deleted them. You mentioned these events and cannot imagine them happening and edit and I'm forget I forget his name. But in listening to the the big show with the lord what years ago. I'm you're 11 patient in particular. This was his idea to on the hot so hot Schwarz right and yes he. An amazing amazing guy and he came to view and fill in the rest of the story of Iran became view and said. We need to do something right more fun of what we we let's go away let's have a trip and it was all. Caught Schwartz yes it was outside and I think everything I've accomplished in my 25 years at the Jimmy Fund Dana Farber has really just been me listening. To kids and parents and just putting it together you know and Todd was one of those kids nineteen years old UMass Amherst. Com really just a disease that you know he kind of knew I always knew the outcome of this disease for him. And he just I did day trips for teenagers and I thought I was doing really great absolve myself I have a team and I don't like I'm just cruising along and and he's like now you do and how wrong you can take us away and he knew that from being in college and sort of just sitting in. A room till 2 in the morning in talking with the kids he just men in his dormant. And I just didn't end right away trust that the that would work and you know he passed away a few months after our conversation and in an instant I knew you know the wheels are spending a month we got to make this happen and and we have the most amazing doctors and nurses that when I asked them and he said yeah we're gonna make it work and it's because of one of nineteen year old boy Todd that we had contained below heights of hundreds and hundreds of teenagers and their parents. You say 49 street and the cable the kids are strangers when they go on these trips a laugh at what point that your Lisa there must be a common is it is it. A couple hours in is that the first night where you start to see them. Bonding and talking about their illness and talking about their treatment and at the walls of being strangers breaks down and all of a sudden they're just friends talking about their. Like making for us I mean we're so fortunate jetBlue flies that there each year you know and they they treat us flat which is unbelievable we're so grateful. I always feel like we have a little bit of a delay leaving Boston. But in our world you know that delay is magic because it allows these kids to sort of sit in an airport from may be next hour. And and these kids are. Just talking. And bonding and you've got like the kids that are in the band he knew connecting with the kids that are the athletes and you know things that just don't happen in high school in. But that doesn't matter anymore they all have cancer they'd me into this community which they never wanted to be part of but now that they are. They they want to bring as many people as they can't. Here's the reality though and this is where we ask for your help. You don't do any of these things without money these this is not there's not a money tree for the you know under Dana Farber org but we wish there was. But unless you get donations we know federal funding the last five or ten years. For everything not just Jimmy Fund. Has gone away and gone down a lot I've talked to doctors the last two days here told me federal funding was. Way up here 510 years ago and now it's way down here and so. These things only happen Lisa with the generosity of people calling in and donate that's all these trips get done. And that's it you know we can think of his many things as we wanted to change the lives of our patients but we can't do any of it. Without the generosity of so many people to sort of come together and say we can be a part of this and we can make a difference. There's no Red Sox trips there's no bonding there's no getting these kids away that we touch warts wanted to happen. Without you guys picking up the phone that's the reality of it it's the harsh reality and that's are asking for help you these last few days and that's why these two days the most important this radio station all year and you can help right now. By calling 8777381234. Pretty simple phone number 8777381234. You can text Kate cancer too 22 to two. To make a 25 dollar donation Horry can logon at Jimmy Fund dot org and set up a monthly giving schedule. And your funds your dollars go to helping out the play lady Lisa server put together these trips and events that as she just told you. Change the lives of these kids and it's wonderful call dealt more of those things happen 877. 7381234. We continue in the final couple of minutes here. The fifteenth annual WEEI NASA Jimmy Fund radio telethon were here. From Fenway Park. I just Dustin Pedroia please help that he and that's in strike got cancer. In the Jimmy Fund radio telethon. Every dollar goes to cancer research and care at Dana Farber dial 8777381234. To make gift thank you for your support. The final couple of minutes of the most important few days and this radio station Mike and ask you Jokester and the only server nice enough to hang out into the wee hours. Almost Wednesday you've been here since what yeah 8 Monday morning it's 6 AM yes but all. Are you go home to sleep at Fenway during the next. I think you know you want Molly just they just caught a lot somewhere else sleeping bags and attendance at a time and again. You do that just can't I win here. Latest our belly insurance told Ford you folks are really move this such hope for in this hour plus we've been here. We can't thank you and up 3444000. 470. Dollars currently donated I will duel may well want one more update may be tonight but they'll be out a final update tomorrow morning. On our station WEEI with curtain and handed Gerry Callahan Kirk can Callahan. At 6 AM to get your final mommy can also see the final number at WEEI dot com and you folks at 877731234. Have donated you guys know anybody in. North Dakota. By any chance Joseph you know everybody who do you know what North Dakota we just had a player from there are the other day if that code was. They haven't contributed that is the only state on the map I I put this plea out for people to donate that. My last please if you know anybody North Dakota. Call them right now the price central time to their top athlete. Call and get to the don't me if I have disappointed every that's a terrible job at North Dakota today I think 5050 yes it if that's your article you live with this this is on your resume going for every time you're stake comes up it's the state that did not donate. On the second day of the Jimmy funds in North Dakota I feel like Larry Larry King match a mapped strata pitcher Kansas City right easing. He's from North Dakota who knows that we didn't currencies of young good pitcher let's get him. To donate too bad guy I don't Kansas city's arraigned Billick we call causey the umpire you're your buddy umpire Kansas City gets drawn to donate between now and midnight. And order voted out here. What's the next big event for the the pad your Christmas party is in huge Christmas party that the next big event. I make you know suck us we have the girls' weekend will be coming out while the end of October and the girls weekend is weekend away with just the teen girls. You know being eighteen is tough being a girl not going through this I mean any any parent of a teenage girl knows as just. It's so hard you know you are you worried about how you look in and it do you fit him and everybody do it looked the same as everybody in. And then you're diagnosed and you looked different maybe use luster hair may be. You just with treatments are just looking different in. And this is hard and so we take them away and they have data beauty. And they really what happens after that is they have their portraits taken. And they connect with the girls obviously. With each other but they realize how beautiful they work an arm and you know we look at these portraits after the weekend done and is just there. She Europe odd because their strain is so unbelievable. And it's just one of those things where after this weekend these lives have changed. And he had these girls talking about this event for. The rest of their lives she says their lives are changed but they're also. It's a memory as a group they can look back on in times that might not be so good down the road and think about. What you'll do with these girls yet it's about self esteem and what teenage girl. Really truly feels good about themselves and I think once they finish that weekend. They really found near inner beauty in their inner strength which they have all along and I just think it's one of those things where. You know I just don't know what would happen if we didn't do those kinds of events. That's amazing to me if that is so many of these. The middle aspects. And the emotional urgency to social you know that's the whole thing it's you know kids go through just the battles of social. How do you fit in what do you do. And then cancer just sort of you know do reels all of that. Andy's a lot of these kids have to leave school we heard does students here today you. And including. Carly aren't that speech yet to go give freshman year I pulled her out kid outlaw honors classes went to the summer took the classes. Now she gets to go back to not only do with the social aspect of it. You're away from your friends your rate from the people that you grew up with for. Long periods of time so events like this. Must make life feel normal at some level going to wait an awful awful disease is just normal thing and that's what it is it's sort of like their pulled away from their friends that they grew up and now are they having different. It's an amazing thing what you guys do Lisa and you is completely. And I hate I did see some more out there and I was surprised by this. This is your 24 year yes it is so hot they let you start working at the age ten. And now that I refused about it what they really tagged and acts that. I now I'm really old an eight. Think what's amazing with being here for so long as I get to sort of see patients come back after twenty years that I knew his four year old and five Euro from. And I quickly grabbed the newly diagnosed four and five year old kids and they bring their parents up to their parents that just came in with. You know they're twenty something year old and and give them hope and and today seeing amber tonight mean. David Ortiz after you twelve years. When she sat on his lap as a six year old while and I remember being in yet picture was taken and now she's stunning she's beautiful she's. Brought her boyfriend she's eighteen years old. He threw the first pitch out and that first pitch meant so much more. Then probably people in the stands understood it was like everyone I was watching that from the patients Tiki and his three years old. Her parents knew that may be taken Monday at hope so enough follows our own image as it is just. Just hope. It's what word tribes what you give those kids every day you give these kids hope you make their lives normal. You let them live some semblance of life that feels like teenager or even younger than that even all the and that. That's what you guys do leasing cannot thank you enough for what you do for these kids and their parents and their families and what you do frost during a not just these two days but. Events like fantasy day at Fenway Park and other events that we've been and that the fun stuff you are the fun lady you know play lady. And thank you so much for what you do what you do during these two days here the Jimmy Fund radio. I mean nests and WEI. The Red Sox what they're able to do. In these two days is priceless and we're so grateful. Well we just went past a big milestone folks we are not quite at midnight but we here at 3507000. 470 dollars we just went past 3.5 million dollars. We are still taken donations up until midnight and beyond. An 8777381234. Or texting Kate cancer to 22 to two. Joseph you've been a part of this since the days can Coleman was going to Maine and Vermont and New Hampshire doing this event. Thank you for all you've done for the Jimmy Fund and thanks for sale late tonight after another aisle long game here Fenway parts. It's so much fun to see the success that we have it and how everybody works together. It's so remarkable. So apps are happy part there are there are too many people to thank and I'm gonna forget a million people but just briefly. Kabul police and Molly with the Jimmy Fund and what they do and our relationship with NASA and and WEEI to make this event. What it is and it is seamless and it's seamless because. Joes are mono has taken the reins from Jason wolf who is here for a long time doing this event. And all Joes are bottle was done is put together in my mind this year the most seamless event that I have been apart of I've done this now. For five years and I've never seen it runs so well that's because Joe's. WE Yahoo! lost his dad to cancer. This year you're Douby so proud of you gel and it always watching you right now. And what you've done here for this event the volunteers. Are our producers. All the guys on on the on air staff on NASA and and WEEI all the off air people that make this thing happen. That the ball again the volunteers. Who are here for two days taking phone calls and making sure. Your donations can. And most importantly. Bull most importantly the patients and the fan was a command here. And the folks who have donated to the point of 3.5. Million dollars that is because of your generosity. And your donations we cannot say thank you enough for what you have done. For these kids and for these families. And for the Jimmy Fund. And if you are not yet donated still plenty of time at 8777381234. 8777381234. We cannot say thank you enough. I think everyone involved here today and those who donated and dipped into their pockets and wallets and got us over 3.5 million dollars. A full total recapping a final number tomorrow morning and embellish here and still pour on the young Kirk and Callahan show. 6 AM here on WEEI. We send you out here tonight with some of the sounds of date two year fifteen the WEEI NASA and Jimmy Fund radio Telefonica. Live here for Fenway Park. The WEEI nesting Jimmy Fund radio telethon helping to strike out cancer Christen your favorite player. What was your share pusher and a variation. Brady. Talk same kind of tongue Christensen had a. There actual guy that you windy tonight. The is. Do this. In the same how to Tom. I have you heard. A lot of mental toughness and determination and yes he certainly got bad. I get myrtle out of that. Tom Brady is a pretty lucky guy that you agreed to come to you do you realize that you know that like every day when yet. You know put your head on the pillow every night say am I got a pretty good deal going here. You know you knew you'd get back in your mind that a lot aren't that big yard. I'm bound at the hope I'm realign them although they do. Well now first and foremost analysts had no time in my treatment at Dana Obama tonight you weren't turmoil. And that is critical to anyone that has this disease. And any form of cancer that the roots it's always special to be here but I do want to. Commit to this year's campaign on behalf of the Bruins rank 5000 argued very much that they are gonna go over there you have all goes out body goes and does that it's. And yeah. It isn't. And I can't begin to lose. You. Yeah. And I didn't get anything. This year you. Wow I heard a lot today. People sharing their stories and talking about how different. It was going Dana Farber and the bedside manner inning I can't tell you how to study is doctor Horowitz I felt like he would talk to me for five hours and I mean it means that he's just this. Really great runway. We kind and up to date. The doctor yeah and and the first thing Keith Hampton and he's he is giving me the story. For Stewart. Of all the stuff they're going to do fine thank you wanna say something out cool in a radio. Okay how about this this is. Ice. Good Jimmie and listen and news and radio low and Abdullah god I can't take it away dale. It is all one oil well you already know we don't believe mistakes. There was a reason I was drafted here's a reason we're here and how my signed that extension just in time to where we knew we'd be here for a few more years and and thank god because we know that this is one of the best place in the world you're going to be true. No we met you in the clinic few weeks ago and you're having a remarkably good time. You were smiling laughing and and you were hooked up but believe me you're getting your infusion. Trolley and were oh you're the smartest girl talk about dogs and music in the whole act. He didn't mind treatment. Like chickens that it's yeah. Not true but you don't let it get you down on either me the most today and I have favorite people like planet and teachers and friends that come and visit you tell. Who have not. The only and in alone in the end of the world again and still on yeah do you want. A mom again I am not add. I'm gonna love. You get a box I loved Robert very high love Glenn don't hurt me on the yeah everything to jail and they go out to the date of our broad middle everything together to Jimmy Barnes thanks to Colin including I talked oh yeah that's yeah. Thanks to the new England sports network the Boston Red Sox aren't belly insurance foundation and you want for your continued generosity he's supporting the WEEI Nixon Jimmy Fund radio telethon.