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Red Sox Baseball - Christopher Buchanan from Walmart

Aug 30, 2016|

Christopher Buchanan is Director of Public Affairs and State and Local Government Relations currently responsible for state and local government and community relations for the states of Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut on behalf of Walmart and SAM'S CLUBS. In addition, Chris manages media relations and is Chairman of the company's Foundation Philanthropic State Giving Councils. Buchanan holds a Master's degree in Public Administration from the American University and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Providence College. Born and raised in Boston, Chris currently resides in Plymouth.

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So we go to the sixth inning wretch that I just decided it wanted to include radio telethon. But about three hours fifty minutes left. We want to welcome Chris you can't it from the Wal-Mart foundation Wal-Mart has stepped up in the wake generously. Matching law gives me between the fourth and sixth inning of the 5000 dollars. So I'm ready to strike out cancer. Well exhibit symptoms that we would do three war. There's Pomeroy it gets at the pitch to look Corey struck out twice. In the first pitches hit the year to shallow center Jacqui cousy you. Want to pitch Warner and Chris great to see you. They don't joke here you get what inspired this. What inspired your. But they are what your generosity it's what Wal-Mart is so very active in the communities here Massachusetts across new England and we were at stores where we don't have schools that matter and the Jimmy Fund Dana Farber with a great great organization great group to get behind sponsor support. Company's general to do so. Did it you know it and it's really cute too partner W re young as well. You know glad to have you is Brett Miller takes calls striking singled and run their run in the first inning missing the rights that are. In the fourth. Relatives hurt you're doing with guys. Providence College guy she would Providence College graduate of the friars and Boston Boston done as well once Red Sox fan. The left side I think you look at America's hometown I do America so to out of Plymouth you got it. Only do they do. Your doctor says hi and Aetna and that would be the that is. The equipment but just to exit but I think it out of and I in my system that's an issue of medical. None violated any vehicle violations goes. Equipment but no you brought it up big hit them up exactly at a so it's great that you bring doctors well. It was his patience and equipment at. Is the notes due. It is suing and high towering pop up around the second base bag with a shift. Travis show on the right side makes the catch but it passed out here. So Chris went to announce that he total for a silly we'll that the new totally areas. 2785556. Dollars in horizon so. Please please continue to contribute a great cause. Wal-Mart foundation so active. That Duffy is grounded out for three and hit a fly ball to right field. In the pitches low ball wound. Matching donations to the under the sixth running of the 5000 dollars Wal-Mart at some live up to do so you know Wal-Mart again and so active in the communities we serve it involves so many different initiatives. Giving back facility groups and organizations it would have some would industries that you please the company US manufacturing veterans fiery enough sustainability program. Health care you've got to do its obviously due to poverty fun silly you know we've we've really run the gamut of the company so. Not a short holders those out Duffy put 123 inning. Chris could get a for the Wal-Mart foundation thanks for joining us and fans that affidavit. That new matchup that you appreciate it after round five and half 11 of the Shaw's WB average size radio network.