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Red Sox Baseball - Larry Lucchino, former Red Sox President and CEO

Aug 30, 2016|

Larry Lucchino drops by the broadcast to discuss how special these two days are to him and the Red Sox. Larry discusses how this event is even more special to him as a cancer survivor himself.

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Dustin Pedroia on top of the order appeals silly Red Sox hit tonight files back for strike one. Balls at a strike triggering a serious face behind them to the first three innings that's like to have finally get to them. Pedroia Bogart's Ortiz. 23 Red Sox organization righthander will receive. Is he turns and fires holding. In the dirt outside and that's a ball one ball at once strike. Pleased to have Willis. In the Booth right now Julius. Answers questions. Larry Lucchino vanquished we. They're great seeing you again thanked him most of the year particularly on this thing. So it checks will again strike run opponent field balls two strikes well. You really have a unique perspective here's Jimmy. Network from all sides including as a cancer patient. That is the chairman of yes I I do it's just one. Very well. Any cancer victim. I am or. Those in its account back or don't receive 13 that put us want to go on both guards and brought to my kid who's retired about three years ago was. Position was not filled until they found the perfect candidate well thank you do things down might would have to great job night. Yes talking outside. About the possibility in the all stars. So it you. Key. Players and over the years that we really beyond homes. Trying. The Red Sox players most. Bogart's takes strike one certainly Ted Williams would be among them who would. Mike news. Twelve long. Bombs and others over the chip sector lobby doors and pretty active yes done. You have quite. Yet you would instantly feel it yet week. Motorists are you ready to deliver the ball good answers the 11. Chewing shoes and she thrives on COLT has been very active us that we used as a boat captain. Some flavor apple to be very. These Mike Reid. The senate for some young players who realizes he. Suzanne you straight back. The and other professional sports teams can be would say how can we do this with a charity. I have had some film. Officials refuse calling for more when I was in my old rule here SC. Not so much in this. He sent them if you were running in the keys. It's unique benefits vary your it is unique in at your reward because situated. But. It's. Recipe. Requires a lot tradition is certainly one of the things. World class can't listen. 22 pitch to both guards popped up shallow left shortstop packet calling for a waiting for it to come down and makes a catch. Or two away. Chairman of the Jimmy from. Red Sox. Of course. Varying. We'll figure out these. He up to. This guy oh my goodness. Yeah in the type of someone with a big right to be in the semifinals of the team races that they've got to figure it that they aren't. Lots of the first match. Back after it. His second baseman. Forsythe who make the catch big topic today matched. Yeah I saw that it hasn't. We you're gonna help was closed today and right now I analyzer and I can lead in the kids they thank you for the union members of its they. The fans who all of those who. Given so much. Thank you receive it hit him too little later here on the network and that's. More than three million dollars and you're headed that way we'll go to the fifth that's the rays one Red Sox not look at the shots WE Red Sox radio network.