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Red Sox Baseball -Liam Slattery, 22, hepatosplenic T-cell lymphoma, Peabody

Aug 30, 2016|

Liam was diagnosed in July 2015 with a condition called hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HE-MO-FA-GO-SY-TICK LIM-FO-HIS-TE-O-SY-TOH-SIS), a life-threatening immunodeficiency which landed him in the hospital. Testing at that time revealed he also had hepatosplenic T-cell lymphoma. Liam began treatment at Dana-Farber right away. Liam’s treatment has included chemotherapy and radiation. He also had a bone marrow transplant and is now in remission. Liam attends Fairfield University, but is transferring to UMass Lowell to be closer to home. He has a sister, Elizabeth, 26, and a brother, Connor 25. Liam loves sports, especially Boston teams. He is a big Sox, Patriots, Bruins, and Celtics fan. He enjoys playing lacrosse, basketball and soccer.

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Back at Fenway Park with jokers that Leo I'm just never top of the fourth that I want nothing Tampa Bay Brett Miller leadoff against troop conference. As we continue all the W yeah that's Jimmy Fund radio telethon. Major players here that with this next 42 year old. William Slattery from here immediately him. Well welcome to the book thank you thank you for having an iron Peter Millar flies his first pitch down the left field corner. Holt on the run that he will not make its world sees. For you. It's been. The different. Different struggled. Tell us about treatment you've been receiving. In July of 2015. Blood disorder known as it relates. And as in the hospital for about two months. Trying to handle it and when they went through all the options. It goes down to you know it's like the final. And that's how I've initially got hooked up with their partner and started beating the out oncologists that I mean. And when I started going through the the keynote tests to check where you are everything when they found lymphoma as well. And not leave lymphoma. Regiment that they were going from the opportunity though was strong enough that they've handled both the exit dates and then from that one time. It's pretty nice and was five days you know in the hospital. Both both times today. Did that four times. And then. I had a separate. Chemo and radiation. Third bone marrow transplants. Completely. Okay that's catches a fly ball hit by the designated hitter Matt top producers following Brad Miller's. They should have the little show for the rays they've got one on one out even pronounced cured. That actually this isn't yet. On his treated. Was that how long we treated. About. They eight months. And then. Still since. O'Meara transplant it's like along pampered every and you still go to Iraq treatment during that time you just answered very. Pump breast pitching to the shortstop Tim Beckham here. No we're leaving it first pitch. It's time for a long she'll have put those running T cell phone yes. Tell us about the treatment that you Hannity and former. I was it was amazing. At first I started at children who had the agent makes when they found in the Thelma. They gave me the option on whether or not a quiet stich noted it's you period when women's. But I would have to change switch oncologists. And fires are getting no there's been things and everything so. Like phenomenal they really with the choice. It's kind of like a no brainer. To stay there. But I he had been I've been very happy with there. There and treat me like I've I would be here today that. When you won't want strike took him back a bomber ransacked. It's an excellent standard ready to pitch long look at first now with the delivery of bank of action for a strike. Lejeune and totals leave. 2695007. I didn't date or. Stan grant that is amazing. A lot of money for research nation cares yet. And so that is so going by. My specific type of lymphoma. There had been reflect on it before so. At first they were talking about giving all of these different types. Clinical trials what we settled on. Thankfully worked perfectly. By daylight they said at first they didn't know exactly with what was the best in. They needed to do more research into its own right on the money. That helps students. Took into account it's him that you visiting with 22 Lee Slattery the that he. Here comes the pitch to Beckham now with Alaron first braves. Should sway bouncer. It was a question deal. Count three suits him. That UMass Lowell yeah. Yeah very excited that if it's loud and then there a year inactives are involved. Have you fully answers going to be a tough and bad news if things and that is studying while. Definitely for accurate in back to Mecca normal lifestyle that the bush who yeah. A little closer to home we're at Fairfield that debt. It guys just to fire after this so I have a follow up appointments and everything. That was the payoff pitch runner goes Paulus filed off to the right. Plays tonight first base coach tiller. Want them to believe for Tampa Bay room topic before things. You like to make a donation you can line up. They are Bellic tote board at 8777381234. Text me cancer 20222. To 225 dollars. Jimmy Fund dot ward. Average. 2695734. Total we going to midnight tonight. Quick update two of the you're from radio telethon. Runner goes again and back it does not swing. Once again. Vampire series leadership. As they did go national people's war. High pitched for tolerance that Beckham was able to check his swing now one out. Raise rent them with runners at first and second. I get especially children. I have I want to say that this is amazing. Is this your sister your girlfriend knows my assistant she's actually my head go to that things going on wonderful. That you made it possible. If you're. Elizabeth. Yeah. That's the author of receive the phobia of needles so obviously didn't have brought this within two thrilling very good. Yes and she knows what's more important is right there and that's what we're Beatles are you that the brotherly love there and I definitely learned from that. Runners off first and second Steven Souza junior town to follow right fielder. And at 230 Sammy Sousa. Tonight walked in the second and so what's next to you have objectives that maybe six months. Right now it just transition there once a month. Actually just came off isolation to which means that you don't have to Wear a mask with my tonight public places. Which doesn't really seem like but those things that they're so frustrated that we. Consistently. One pitch on the inside corner for a strike pictures shoes two on one out here before. The docs via the spread that it has its best. Yet. Please it's. I accept your point. Just. Not most comfortable. Overall how are feeling on it pretty good yeah. Think it's that they act there was amazing they really thank kinda coach you through every. Next you know everything this like how you get a feel even though Mike might not be the best they let you know it's like and that's the story and you can just out so quickly you know everything that they they really do their best to make there. So just hasn't been like getting very short from it is if you. Walls and two strikes to Steve at Sousa junior's picture conference. Inside corner kind of called strike three. Strikeout for Pomeroy has to win them. I guess what do you know going through it you view yourself being young man. The positive attitude that you seem to have really had to help. Yes. I was always there joking around there's is when they came in. Great. Relationships with the doctors as well we've how how long I think they were all very upbeat team they like that you. And it did it out so much that. There's worry Dickerson left fielder. Two on in two out opera's trying to keep score right where it is pitch left handed hitter swung out popped up. Clearly and feel back to second base back pedaling his Bogart still backpedaling filmmaker. Strength. Slattery. Thank you for joining us think. Version. Raised little one nothing lead at this point in time. Wal-Mart foundation has stepped up to the plate and has generously matching all gifts. Made between the fourth sixth running up to 5000 dollars are you ready to strike out cancer and see your gift go to places far. Please call 8777381234. Now or go online to Jimmy Fund dot org. And your gift will be matched. Red Sox after the fourth we come back truly want to click on the Sean totally review I Red Sox review them.