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Red Sox Baseball - Joey O’Neil, 4, neuroblastoma, a nerve tissue cancer, Dover, MA, with his father Joe

Aug 30, 2016|

Joey had a week of very high fevers last August, and by the end of the week, he had stopped walking on his left leg. After several trips to his pediatrician and the ER, the family went to Boston Children's Hospital. That night Joey had X-rays, labs drawn, and an IV installed. He had an MRI the next day to look at his left leg, the one he had stopped walking on, to see if there may be a bone infection in his hip. It was then the doctors saw his tumor. His tumor originated in his stomach but had extended to the iliac nerve and spread to his spine. Joey began treatment right away at Dana-Farber. His treatment has included 6 rounds of intense chemotherapy, tumor resection surgery, 2 stem cell transplants, 20 straight days of radiation, 6 rounds of antibody therapy, central line placements, numerous MIBG sans, MRIs, CTs, and tumor biopsies. While his family is originally from Maine, the decision for Joey to receive treatment start to finish at Dana-Farber was one of the easiest decisions they had to make. They have relocated to Dover, MA. His hobbies include baseball and karate and he has a sister, Autumn, 6. As of July 2016, Joey has demonstrated NED (no evidence of disease)!

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We got to the second's been worth up to raise it we welcome and four year old good Joey young the hill who's here with his parents Joseph Stephanie. Julius from Dover. And he's being treated for the aero glass dome of his visiting list of the Booth. To Beckham the batter. Into 34 with five homers. And the pitches whenever there's did you get the meats have Red Sox players Joey. Would you be. Not no not right tackle today. He has dusted. The Dustin Pedroia. Very good here's the pitch. Father the backs that we your favorite player. It. Trying to. He's red hot you know getting hit four and already he's got sixty its last 26 at bats he's not apply here. But the Tampa Bay's lead it was nothing. Armory it's deals oath to. And it's taken time. Yeah a lot of friends at the Jimmy Fund clinic. What's the best part of doing there. I soon not until I mean yeah. It's teams of toys. You know lease in the play lady. His passion burns. That's low for ball. What that she's doing well. They believe that I. Want. That's positive. We want some way. Here's the 02 with a group bought top the third base like probably be that get. Put on the headset dissect it. During a chance to watch the T. Is it. Joseph won't be I was Joey doing. Thank you thanks two he's doing really well you. Battled through thirteen months of treatment so far. He had a pretty tough prognosis. Off about. Let the his medical team that Dana Farber and all of the care takers at the Jimmy Fund have done an amazing job particularly back on the road to health. It would be history too is that your sister appeared Joey yeah. Sister's names on them from seventh as well in Davis. Struck upon my fastball. Australia family events which you have to go to the gym before a clinic. It is and the Jimmy Fund as an amazing job acknowledging that in taking care of our whole family. You know when you're faced live. A child news. Gravely ill you'll do anything. Make sure that. They get healthy in every one of the Jimmy Fund that Dana Farber that's the thing which is pretty anything. Here's David Suzanne 8237. With thirteen homers. Here's the pitch and he takes it. Too high ball want. Talking about doing anything. You relocated from me to have the opportunity to have treated here. Boston we absolutely did you have there was no question after. After received the diagnosis and net the team oncology team and specifically this specialists and Arab left them at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute it was a no brainer. Again just bringing world class and world renowned care knowledge. Research to. To our doorstep into our son's situation. You know it it made that decision really easy. Count goes the wanted to with a pitch to make you and I both Joseph that you announced that the total cost them but that's pretty exciting doing. The RR bell insurance tilt forward it now sits at 2663641. Dollars. I'll. Italy side how often do you get treatment. So Joseph he's been through five months of you know major abdominal surgery. Back to back stem cell transplants. Among them radiation and now he's than it is. Third out of six months antibodies that are it's a pretty blonde rigorous regiment. As I thought forces it takes a walking here's Dickerson. We're just hard to imagine a four year old going through. That many looks like a trooper he's amazing he's an absolute warrior. You know he has. An amazing ability to appreciate everything that life has to offer and he never never ever complains. Well dressed he's got a great both time tonight he loves fashion there's no question. He certainly nutrients that are. It's more. Live he's always been zone man and that's certainly think that. Feeds the resilience of fighting them afflict us too he's barely three what he was diagnosed that's correct. You know he that he that the name and and then matter that we. We. Built the fever that would break and he's lost almost total mobility in his left like it was also quick. And we really strike we brought Caylee down so Boston children's and within about eighteen hours we were meeting. His turn on college team and talking about the reality of doing this diagnosis and getting started the treatment. It is just such a positive outlook. Well wanted Dickerson rhetoric first one out. Nothing raised at the sector. Pitches outside. He does he has an amazing positive outlook citizens mom and his daughter. I mean his sister and positive that he isn't really important and powerful tool. And battling an illness like this. There's there's a lot of power and for sure. She has to be tough on the family dog traveling let alone all the party. It is that you take it day by day and you know we're committed the ultimate game fairly healthy and that's that's their only goal and again the Jimmy Fund and Dana Farber Cancer Institute. Our third literally saving elites like every day and obviously he's not alone we've met so many families and so many kids. Who were battling. All sorts of areas that youth and again at the Jimmy Fund data for cancer institute committed to getting all of them healthy and full commitment all of them. What do swinging strike three the fastball away. So is the second round three strikeouts for primary exit now. And really the catchers and 243 with one homer. If I can make an appeal for. For donations than than we do. To all the dinners potential donors their you know we were talking about the power positive that he. And that freaked out friend brought us along the way as that the love our family and friends. Employers and everyone in our lives who's been helping us you know we decided early on that. We would accept any and all hell that was going to be an important part of getting fairly healthy. But in the end Caylee needs is oncologists and he needs nurses. And it's. And they need everyone's help to generate the research findings. And the medical care and we care taking to get QL itself. As far as staff and myself and fairly anonymous concerns. You know. We would ask everyone to try to donate generously to the Jimmy fund for the game Farber cancer institute and just let them know that it's saving lives every single day. Certainly they'll be a lot more lives to save him a lot more answers to be accomplished. And we know that it's in the sun this is the vehicle toward that end. 02 pitch swinging strike three retired the side. Jovial. Certainly had heavy Burt but you handled it very well as his views on where you'll generally yeah we wish you good health. We hope that people will he repeal it don't think you guys thank you very much. And there when they have more about the rays of the Shaw's WE average size radio network.