WEEI>On Demand>>DH - Queen Ellison, 81, acute myeloid leukemia (AML), Hyde Park, with Dr. Richard Stone, chief of staff and director, Adult Leukemia Program, Dana-Farber

DH - Queen Ellison, 81, acute myeloid leukemia (AML), Hyde Park, with Dr. Richard Stone, chief of staff and director, Adult Leukemia Program, Dana-Farber

Aug 30, 2016|

Queen had not been feeling well – she felt achy and tired all the time – and was ultimately diagnosed with AML by her primary care doctor in November 2014. She is participating in a clinical trial at Dana-Farber. She enjoys cooking, spending time with family and attending church. She is the mother of 8 children, 9 grandchildren, 10 great grandchildren and 1 great-great grandchild. She loves Dr. Stone and Dana-Farber, they all feel like her family and make her feel so welcome all the time. Dr. Stone leads the Adult Leukemia Program at Dana-Farber. He can speak to the importance of precision medicine and a very hot topic in the medical world right now: immunotherapy. Dr. Stone grew up in Swampscott and has been a life-long Red Sox fan. His favorite player was Tony Conigliaro who was also from the north shore. Dr. Stone is the Chief of Staff at Dana-Farber. In this role he leads all clinical divisions and staff. He can speak about how far we have come in the past decade in treating leukemia and how we are making new strides in treating this disease.

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Welcome into our studio queen Alison. It says 81 but none of us are buying and that she says she's almost 82 the worn out by an anti there there's no way that lady is that day is that age. Conductor Richard stone chief of staff and director of the adult leukemia program. Dana Farber. Ms. Ellison I understand your your participating in a clinical trial at Dana Farber yes I am at the age of eighty ones supposedly yes. How did you decided he needed some help what what we have what we are symptoms. Well I had been down most of the cancer and other hospitals. And my kids wouldn't season that they wanted to set an opinion so they went in the sex and you found doctors. Found. And best attack guiding. Has some friends say in where in men. Dana father in the hours eight got my patent work in a ticket. And headed rating today's analysis and got to stone's office in two days thank god for that. So queen you say you're 81 you gotta be eight Houston that's what you that's what you say we still haven't seen any birth certificates we I don't believe that I'll believe it but. If magic ritual word. Give us some advice on how we can let the way you look. At this day. Tiger who hurt. They get down to get anything else and my share and I have an amount of hate. And a grandmother of me Mac and in great grandmothers. And great great grandmother wind. Does that keep me going foam wind to an island so. I always love to cook. I love to do things that. And Jonathan myself not do enough to travel to when act so like I did a lot of trends and nine. I have just the team I don't want me. And I tell him and I will came to him I sit ups down. I know I got to can't estimate that they have them guide I'm I'm put him first. As tonight and I use your house second and I say he got them apple worked with me not gonna be days. And beaten to. I have missed today. I am midnight today. So I'm I'm therapies. I think cancer messed with the wrong woman. But Phillip chance it doesn't stand a chance against you win if he had worked with yet that I MacKey is asked me mom please write to us. They they need to do it's it is doing things that day. An 8288 neighbor bringing me doubts docket today you're that they were a brain mean my signed an economist it made me while I was taking treat it and things. So I had no problem Wednesday that they want me to Leo they. As a mom we want to steal it. The doctors don't I gotta think that attitude means so much when you're battling something like this and it sounds like ms. Ellison has the perfect attitude. She sure does what a fighter what do what do bravely ridiculous. She's a clinical trial there is chemotherapy involved maybe not the most toxic kind that. Studies to go through and if you are you ready to when she is just fantastic. Should never complaints. The queen you said you like to cook. At that that's that I ought to be to get hurt that much scrambling it and and sounds like they're great but what's that what's cooking specialty you have to. Say two or three things that you really aren't the best dad what do. Grew out of green oh yeah. I'm pretty fried chicken his status so regularly argue that. And no where right now and I it's not going to be held and I'll let you read this now read this existed I I went to a outing online. I don't add me in her house once I mean yes of friends over. And they said. Mom mom mom you try to ticket. Have a strategy in Dallas Sydney airtime I picked the ticket out of five fever reaches an an and and and volleys and he was taken. I do anyway I want to come in my house and from recent ticket. But you know it's love that against them if not it's just put it there yet to have an. They wanna do stuff in and lastly I am I have denounced them things that do. The captain. Doctor can you walk us through the immunology. Treatment there did it we had a a doctor yesterday said it had a really bad. Reputation but that it's come along waking you can you dumbed down not for the audience or for queen but for us sure. I don't think that down but I'll tell you anyway. Which went huh doctor he has no no in Atlanta Atlanta record which went harness the immune system what do we get cancer from our means as was working perfectly well. It would kill the care of yourself that doesn't recognize them. Maybe because the cancer cells have things on and say don't neatly immune system leave me alone but now we have drugs can harness that. They can get rid of that don't signal and system it's the cancer killer and we've had great successes and diseases like melanoma kidney cancer and lung cancer. Harnessing the potential witnesses about might say well that worked the scientific work leading to that. Those successes partisan and as Susan was done that in part by gambler and Freeman so we're in the could have been that Welch were public so. It's it's coming around. Ms. Ellison when you go to Dana Farber to see doctor stone to get treated what's it like for you there. I JU I I enjoy going there. I'm net outweighed looks like him without seeing in my asked Biden if you don't travel and I asked about yet he outing is my. C to be my best friend at a teen there they have a team and it acts truly fuss over me. Who wanna give me Timonen. For. And that Melissa she's a line. And Shiites he said well I'm I'm gonna give it so I was down to six and also to move me up on eighth and also when this gimmicky but he looked came on. I mean and I said. It's you know you have blessed me to have a team like this they have in Iran actually anybody go to Dana. If they have any idea what happened to me whine game. When I of my night I got sick and now it's not house alone. And I asked I debated from a bows. And I didn't know what to do. After a sit on the final lap so we tested on a roll. And I active trade in upgrade in that I stayed there I ain't hard to get in make out on the next day but ask. What happened. I called Baptist thought outing the next day mowing your body and she tell me say get up Bernanke to the hospital. Haven't asked frank called me and never economy and how long time she came back. Call me and to stab the Vatican has yet to be second honeymoon. They got me rim a sign came in make American and I got it past them add that I think the level of nineteen much in nineteen. And I still was moving around. And apps to console and that let's make it to add on ACY unite these. But I did it and I act and act and act favorite I think stuff I don't believe that this team to him. S react he would play acting in a day god is very happy shared pain about it is for me. It sounds like the staff at Dana Farber is not far behind. I did good in that house of polygamy any day diet van we can do my site says it fame he can do he's a detective. And he'd say is an it thing acting ability in India did the ponies is about tying him in many have applying raise it stayed there. And that and that actress in AC mean they always in the south on me. And that thing but it then be in that way doctors don't we asked ms. Ellison what she thought you what you. Think her. A lower. And a little much patience for it but strictly queen bigger issues especially. Amazing friendly they're all over as I'm sure she was there for them. When they were younger and to its original wanted to take your people in general what's of particular our particular. Queen because she shows us what strength and courage and what was all boats so it's actually a probably gonna what the medical school in Cleveland won't let that we're doing in them to we're glad to meet people equipment like. Let's work. Well we had we have a three year old in your little earlier. She wasn't quite as QDQ which he was close miss Alison thank you very much for coming in here and see in us today we are only three in coming actually come back next year. I real bummer now that's not nearly everywhere out none are back thank you do it.