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DH- Carlie Gonzalez, 15, Ewing sarcoma, Milford, with her parents Julie and Steven, and her younger sisters Bella, Julia, and Eliza

Aug 30, 2016|

Carlie was diagnosed in October 2015. After seeing her doctor upon initial concerns, a CT-scan revealed a tumor, and Carlie was sent to ER for an MRI and biopsy. She was then diagnosed with Ewing sarcoma, a form of bone cancer. Carlie's treatment has included surgery and chemotherapy. She completed treatment in spring 2016. Carlie's family chose Dana-Farber for treatment as they believe it is the top-rated children's cancer center, and they are very grateful to live close-by. Carlie's grandmother, Jane, was also treated as an adult at Dana-Farber for acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), a common childhood blood cancer that is rare in adults. Carlie is a rising junior at Milford High School and loves to sing. She says that singing has been hugely therapeutic for her since her diagnosis, and she is involved with the music therapy program at the Zakim Center for Integrative Therapies at Dana-Farber. She will sing Gold Bless America during tonight's game! Carlie's family includes her parents Julie and Steven, and younger sisters Bella, 14, Julia, 11, and Eliza, 9.

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Carla Gonzales is here she's from Milford could say it Oreo and again you're missing and yes I am and singing god bless America. That's great and since you look to things that you're missing later tonight. Well you've got nothing. About that later tonight everything and at some point during a particular thing but let me goblet America. If something also to be be prepared I just think. About a song mad you want to thing and we'll get back you have a couple of minutes and hey. Oh how long of an instinct and I I ask this because I'm married to read voice inspect my hopes. Wants only filled with teenage girls belting out in the end didn't. I've been singing since but since I was born and my dad's family is very musical. So it's just kind of pass on. My mother's side it's not I don't want to get them. Well it's and Karl all night laughter. Jack shots fired on an. I have members that might be a man I wish I didn't think it a musical goods that Manuel Aybar went where have you sung is it just amounts to and it one. And it's at acts shapes sometimes in different events that scientists have come along the way. Any interest in pursuing it like theatre anything I'm gonna defeated SC and come in school definitely so yeah I definitely have. Warning yet from time issue except in the morning to the time she goes to bed she sing it. Coach Stevens gets injured Julie rank and now actually in who else is here Julia is when about the dollars and this is our. Baby Eliza and we have one more daughter Gabriella he'd bella she's had done. She's that field hockey practice so practice lobos. Now Charlie you're going to be a junior Milford high school now us sophomore I'm sorry at. With your schooling disrupted by the treatment if chemotherapy had surgery did things get disrupted the law. Yeah I was three weeks into my freshman year and they told me that I really would be able to go to school I had chemo every other week. So it and the weeks and it didn't have he knows I couldn't get out of bed I would spend like two weeks at a time not even leaving my parents and that's exactly. So that's register was terrible nine months. No school for me to play your radio back right yeah yep I did I was an honors classes before X I did all my five on his classes this summer. Some already are Leo. Very hard she's too good throughout the summer so she'll be ready to start her sophomore year this week nice that's great and in Julian Stephen I wanted just get your take on. Just what it was like Jesus let us know what it was like on the family after he heard the diagnosis and Somalia initial thoughts that you had. You know it's. I'm a nurse myself and actually Costner so ideal allowed went cancer patient that's what I do for a living and when you hear those words that your daughter has cancer. It's not supposed to happen to people. Like me. And it doesn't happen this year average everyday person it happens to be kids on TV that you have no that you don't know. Bill and it and you hear those words it it changes. It changes everything. It is. So you know. The data we heard. You're dealing with their with childhood cancer there is some cancers that are 10% survival rate in summit have a much higher chance that tonight also. You know. It's it's very overwhelming it's not that we're as everyone here. Let allies are can I ask you to take the microphone for a second. What what what kind of an older sisters currently in in general because he's not even here which is it's just us girls talking. Plus she's played in over protecting him. Today and might. Cheese. Like one of the closest series. That. You really don't like talk teen now likes that didn't seem like that. I noticed now we like that everything's in and everything. Ideally I need an idea is that you jar is on the floor here again that's what it is you'll agree that let you just heard. I write your thoughts and he is name of it is okay. She is my expertise is eaten half on the it. Here are as accurate in terms. Secret so Sobel that it when she gets sick do you feel like I can't. I can't I would go the way I did before I can't like tell it has stopped a gym and stuff like did did you did you whole relationship changed in what did federal wars. I. Carly let me ask you when we were at that when we're at the Jimmy Fund and when we go and visit every year there's that little room way in the back. For all the musical stuff takes place and there's the keyboard and there's the drums and there's all guitars and everything else. And then I read that you're involved in the music therapy program. Tony what's involved for you with that. I do a I think at AD and boundaries and events. And so that was kind of they really only involvement I had I wish I was more involved with that but. I just. I slept record. All the time has. At the clinic and everything so tied to get involved once when you're in that state but I would love love love to be more involved in it in the future because I think it's such a great program. So what song which Europe practicing right now. I didn't write as a mother I didn't write my dad go to sun and Scott together at us on about how. Like we all need to come together and like fund raises like that the telethon in other local fundraisers they need to come together because we're all. Shooting for the same goals so confidently. Among them this time. It's going to Intel. Sound happens nation. I don't. I've got still a bash. And by us and that he's the bait and so the don't get. And this time yeah and I am not and yeah. Of the still ahead. Again. I hit and and the yeah. My luck. Couple track Natalie back. On how you know. Did he wrote another song you know I I like she said my my family's very musically inclined and I never thought to right. Until she got sick I started writing. And all of a sudden just started to flow and I've got several songs and that's that's one of them that I did right yes so so much great art comes from. From this from yeah from from pain and toughness yeah. Yeah so does he got his available where. No no we we will reap the recording soon. Our Thomas Austin the town of Milford held a fund raiser for Carly specifically. And they raise enough money to build us our own recording studio in our in our basement. And now and so I. Town has been so incredibly supportive everybody people that even now which. Cooked meals and every day that I was in the hospital and at the clinic we always came mountain. Like at press eon and it was just it was amazing that our town. Com but just how bad backs that you don't know how many people Levy until something like this happens. Carly you've been saying my friends and I think I I look at Florida meeting with you and and it was all worth it album I'll look forward to doing things and I hope they really go back. Everybody I know I look back up singers and everything in the rhythm section in today's players back home in excess. Guys it's great to meet all of you thank you very much else should pledge thank you.