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DH - Tom Werner, Chairman of the Boston Red Sox

Aug 30, 2016|

Red Sox Chairman Tom Werner joins the telethon. He talks about this Red Sox season, David Ortiz's final season, and the Red Sox long relationship with the Jimmy Fund. Werner ends his appearance with an announcement of a $215,000 donation by the Red Sox foundation!

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Chairman of the Boston Red Sox Tom Warner is that it's it's great to see again to me Tom and I spent the early part of our conversation discussing Liverpool and the other place where he's chairman and and the early season for Liverpool but I don't. Good start and not a bad start and and we it and American clock we like this the new manager Debbie to. I this guy just doesn't all of Texas knows a little bit of what is kicking in we'll talk about more Monday in matters that little while ago we had the pleasure having David Ortiz right where you are right now. And it was just captivating listening to him talk I was watching in the office and everybody stop with they were doing. You know when David talks. He's such that's Smart guy and such a charismatic guy and that. And he doesn't speak in cliches and when he was talking about his work ethic that's something that resonates not just with the Red Sox than anybody. Who who is playing the game of baseball and the fact that he is so. Charitable you know right there it was and the year giving 25000 dollars to just. One more member of our community who is standing up and in supporting this great health. I tell you what up also resonates with a baseball fans in Boston avenue team and we're on the doorstep of September having team. That's competitive in fighting for first place. Is that something you expected to have you always want it to happen is that something you expected when you. Came out of spring training. But we we always expect to play based on October but the fact is. It hasn't been a lot of fun the last couple of September's so. I mean you guys now because you've been at the ballpark the last. Month or so I mean even from the very beginning of the year the energy and the enthusiasm that the fans have shown. This is have a very entertaining team and it's. You know and up and down the lineup that's you know I mean now wanna start singling out one player because they've all contributed but. It's a terrific team and and our pitching has come around and to play baseball on September meaningful games is what we want obviously want to play baseball in October when trying to extended David Ortiz last. Day past October 2 that it is Fonda to watch this team plane got great offense and a relentless lineup so I mean as a fan it's been a terrific here. A few weeks ago we were talking on the air about. Ortiz a once he leaves who'll be that piece of baseball like guys who. Transcends the game into pop culture the way Jeter did in. Pedro Martinez did and I read a national website that suggested it might be your right fielder. Well he certainly. Yeah I mean he's he's at the beginning of his career and I don't know I mean I think it it's fair to say that David Ortiz is place. In in Red Sox history is irreplaceable. I don't know who baseball is gonna anointed as the next. Real superstar but I think it's been very gratifying the way that this season has unfolded with David because he announced at the beginning of spring training this causes last year. And he's done. Everything. On and off the field since then says. Tim merits. The accolades he's receiving not just in Boston when he goes around the country is it's terrific to see the the reception that David has received when he goes to visiting ballparks. Don't even worry about in that the whole that it must take on him I mean every place that he visits. They wanna make up a presentation to them that wanna say goodbye don't which is of a nice thing it's a wonderful thing. But do you worry about you know over and over and over what it does still. If his stamina is remarkable we we've had internal conversations about. We certainly tried to limit and we're gonna try to limit in September. Request that he he has immunized you can see from the minute he enters Fenway Park you know David David. And so we're gonna try to limit that that. But is it's remarkable that he's been able to to prevail given the demands on this time. You know dale has been here bird for all of these. Radio telethon so fifteen out. And he can he can test this morning I can but it's amazing over the years. David Ortiz has been very charitable. Mo Vaughn. It is is extremely involved with that and Dana Farber Roger Clemens extremely involved Pedro Martinez. On and on Michael mean so many players. How does it make you feel to know that. Despite. Different rosters. Guys don't have to be talked into it. Guys just have a desire. To go outside of themselves in go for something speaker really contribute to a larger car. All you know we Euro fall through the years standing here knowing people who been touched by cancer but when Dana Farber has done. Is extraordinary and and in saving lives and I've been watching that. Tell us on the last few days and you see the patients who have who were prevailing who who are who are beating cancer. And I think I think somebody else said he knew when you've. Put on the Red Sox uniform it's almost the first thing you you learn is that you were part of something that. Is meaningful and that is the relationship between the Jimmy Fund and Dana Farber in the Red Sox. And so. You know that this is not you know the Red Sox. Suppose this is a community in and you know. I mean I've I heard before it was on the air that you know Bob Kraft donated 25000 dollars and we're pros spec donated 25000. Charlie Jenkins donated 25000 Bud Selig donated money today. And the amount of of of support that this has is it is terrific and it's because all of us feel like. This is this is a mission that Oregon and we are gonna cure cancer and Dana Farber is that there. Is it the haven't had a line doing great great work every day. We've talked about how hey it's it's a tangible difference between your early days of this and today because this is a sense of optimism among the patients and doctors that you is that something you picked up on an app. Absolutely I mean I think that. A number of years ago if you if you have visited the C word I think you felt like. He knows an uphill struggle one I think I think this statistic now is that something like 80% of the various forms of cancer become people. Our our feeding it and and we you know when I can arrest told a 100% but most of the people down going in Dana Farber for treatment. Have been cured so you know hats off to the doctors and and everybody involved. We mentioned at during the production there's been a 63 year relationship between the Red Sox and the Jimmy Fund. And or ownership group has every year done so much to help this cause and you guys have stepped forward and a huge way again here. I'm happy happy to announce that this year we're pledging. More money than we've ever done in our history we've we've been doing this for thirteen years that she said the telethon this fifteen years that. We've had the partners challenge for thirteen years and every single one of our partners has stepped up. So I'm delighted to say that there we're donating 2151000. Dollars to this telethon. And I might add that on is it is now in the U it wasn't a hard call everybody stepped up right away and so. I wanna thank this seventeen you're so limited partners who. They don't get enough recognition that as they stepped up and a big way. They can't get enough recognition and that number can't be repeated. Enough time to say it again how yeah. I'll throw it out 2151000. Dollars. While awesome that is memorable but thanks to you guys for. For joining this effort in and thanks everybody listening and I've been watching all day and if you can give five dollars or fifteen dollars or 25 dollars it's it's meaningful and important though. You know everybody in this community as a part of this this effort so thanks to two everybody listening Tom it's great to see you thank you and thank you very much for your generosity thanks great to see it. Tom Warner is the chairman of the Boston Red Sox and as you just heard made an incredible. Pledge. A gift of 2151000. Dollars.