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DH - Jess Reihl and Steve Sorkin From ARS Restoration Specialists

Aug 30, 2016|

ARS has been raising money for breast cancer research for years with events that draw well over 1,000 people. (Michael Holley has been to many). Giving back is essential to the ARS culture

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Even jets from Arab air wraps the restoration specialists there here. Stevens just that you guys have been doing this for many years now right. I think this is our fourth year. Hi Gerri idea over Michael embassy and he loved to be here and on behalf of they IRS. And all of our employees and is our footprint grows in New England. This is such an important. Thing for us to be involved with and we just wanna think you WEEI. We wanna think the Jimmy Fund. We wanna think the great hospitals Dana Farber. Because I heard your show yesterday and someone said. 1015 years ago camps was a death sentence. Right and it isn't anymore and what you guys are doing and all the other people these last couple days is amazing so congratulations to you. Thank you. Absolutely and. I'm glad that that they RS has that take the lead here and we know. And I know that you guys are are very involved. With any type. Cancer research cancer. Keep curing cancer yep casino night. You're you're very involved with cancer so. I come in geared our art in itself as a glad you guys are really stepping up and contributing really appreciated. For giving up pretty neat style of Harry aren't any in this atlas and these these folks are pretty involved in the community we got a football former football coach here in these. Paula Gerry today. Our yeah enjoy you know. But finally we understand it well enough I know he thought I would never have you don't understand how how much do you going to be jealous of him because he has some insight when it comes to coaching box for these guys that you talk off the air he knows. Yeah you know where Leon and I we are not allowed to talk about that yeah. And our job as they want to get back coach Ernie Allen junior varsity I think youth football world champs I think I can relate to. And I. I think I may have I may have been barest. I may have bears Q1 year on year announcer Barrett. An early age you can get a hint about how you. Actually engaged at that point it was oh good night. He wasn't like him and Robert have you told the world data did Michael break the news that it's all month people all that is pretty early Annie and it cotton Owens and hidden tax. You're yes they do OK it is literally a unilateral the president hybrid of earlier it was all I did with all. By design though Steve Sorkin just real from AR us restoration specialist thank you guys for your support thank you for being here to help us. We really appreciate it's great signal that he's. Got a late eight plus rock what I think I think I think that's important. I kind of let it out. I've noticed that great value left arm is a good four inches long that you're right I don't look at that thing around and geriatric out your notes because you said the same thing last year. How how well. I'll. Thank you so much guys. Thank you so much every holiday yet the end please call in the Jimmy Fund and please donate. We're shouting out to everyone we know all there please help all the people that need it thank you guys a good history thanks.