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SNE Sports Saturday 8-27-16 Segment 4

Aug 27, 2016|

Scott and Jason take your calls, texts and tweets on John Farrell's managing performance with the bullpen and what's up with Steven Wright, it's not the heat it's the humidity.

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It's a Camara an inning to find his release point once he did he he's settled in give us five more scoreless innings and after the first inning to. To look back and nobody got through six innings so long was it was a plus first given. You know some guys on some short rest down the bullpen. But still you know couple fly balls and outgoing on the ball park here from the fire runs in the first but it's. You know we continually do a great job of creating opportunities and I'm confident that this will turn. I can't say that we expanded the strike zone with men in scoring position of the bases loaded the Kennedy challenged us it in earlier we came up empty. With the with the number scoring opportunities well that's great John Ferrell woody settled down after the first thing the problem is that five run first comes to the freaking game last night. It's really it is unbelievable. You know. I just said that I can policies hurt like nobody nobody's business and it really. Other than at any given it's like it's like the famous rock rat for hours at an outdated tick up back to earth street starts. Yeah had a great year where he was just terrible. It's unbelievable and was. Was he set down. Engaged use some good innings after he shocked in the first strikes dammit again I'm not blaming John Ferrell copyright have a crappy Frist and joie the commentary afterwards that drives in the authorized you don't don't try to convince them it's gonna. You mean it makes it sound like a win it's the virus you got from like the keel few years ago you know it Dustin Pedroia has gone back and we're gonna have our varsity team it earns mine passed does that Bill Parcells is not it is not in all our entire lives that is true I don't know why she played them but I still I'm gonna go. I'm gonna go to my grave. Fighting for Bill Parcells to be in the patriots hall for his its its a joke it's a joke that people want to defend its while he was only here for a certain amount of time mall just ask yourself this question it's it's. What type of shape with this organization. And Parcells never came I'm blaming my good friend Bryan Morry. I go back and forth in the moments all the time it's either the director of the hall at patriot police find a way to get to an end Ozzie I think that part of the problem is that because of its vote already has gone on and on my dollars and but obviously his defense it's insane that they have this being against Parcells because well. How much was he focused on in this ball when he RD knew it was gonna listen Bill Parcells was coaching Bill Parcells couldn't tackle Desmond Howard okay. I wasn't his fault so it's not okay what does that Bill Parcells couldn't stop Reggie White knows Max and means job he couldn't do it. Okay that's the reason we lost Super Bowl 31 of the Packers now because Parcells had talked to the jets that week. All right that's what is the jets thing I'm leaving guys in all the hate ourselves. For it not that he did not it drives me nuts and does. Listen he is the reason in this franchise turned things around. Without Bill Parcells. There is no Bill Belichick putts and that's what patriot fans need to get to their heads because they for. At that Parcells are a ballot check in India too is it. John Payton worked under Parcells. You know in Coughlin for what and plus years bright but under indeed it that's a big reason why the patriots were. A laughingstock in the NFL Parcells came Manning gave him instant credibility. And one voice and direction. Turn them around instantaneously. Have that great draft where he got like Oklahoma law. You it was a north there was all this in drab Bruce the Ted Johnson within a couple of years and got Curtis Martin and I mean part over Foreman fight sure. There was a there was a lot of guys on this team. Parcells huge reason lies the pages are chipping to and yeah. Brought Belichick he went when when Cleveland moved to Baltimore. He brought Belichick in and that's where Kraft got the Nobel Jack yeah. Just don't you think you and god it would definitely some issues between Kraft and Parcells Ian. What we're learning that was a learning experience for when Belichick got here at that Kraft said. OK definitely need to back off and allow a guy that I trust. To go out there and do his job is to not step is to osu this. We are Brian Moore and I go back and forth we talk about the divorce between Kraft and Parcells I blame it on craft Maury blames it on Parcells. And Maurice story is. Bob Kraft was only protecting himself. Because Parcells had come to him the year before and asked to have a year removed from the end of his contract. So when he did that that's an kraus said well then I'm not gonna let him. Be in charge of the final personnel decisions instead. I'm gonna Bobby Grier conspired rigors going to be here for the long term. And my point is this I said the reason Parcells as to have the year reduce from the end of his contract is because when he got hired he got hired by a hands off owner James Busch or point you said. You are in control of the entire football operation. And then. When Kraft took over. It was a fan boy that wanted to be involved in the football side of things and Parcells is like. To want wanna work for this guy is a famous quote and if you Albany fidelity Asia for the exactly you know and and and craft to his credit learned from his mistake because he brought in Pete Carroll he wanted to have a puppet that he could pull the strings on so he and Carroll as the coach Grier is the GM and then you realized you know what. I shouldn't be involved in the football operation. To buy higher those guys for. And I need to be involved in just the business side so. Again count me as one that thinks Bill Parcells should be in the patriots all fine. Let's say hello to JP in Providence JP your next in southern new England sports Saturday MW EI. You don't include umbilical. A appoint people like at the correct date. I don't look through it pretty well but. Nicole Laporte it probably aren't being. Now. It's not that we are now white award yeah and we're at where we're looking at Arco. And I truly. Loves to see I can guarantee a right has a picture of himself as a half the Gaza senate tar. With his head I can guarantee that day and Utley has something similar to that in his bedroom that guy is. As an ego like you read about. Our bit hysterical. I'm. The doctor and I'm gonna try to make an analogy. We'll low on but didn't have a point done well I don't like people oracle. Did great point out that call and the problem there. Make them cool. Want to get overshadowed by about what we're all look cool. It'll go about it through some of the vote is so great. You don't believe it when you shouldn't. It's a victory could hurt late so I think the issue whitbeck. We have dramatic that they didn't help make it a move because of some pain go back and then open or shut up like this very try to clear it up and clean it up and and I wonder picked out. Believe right out the draw I have not heard any what was the what was. What did well with Derrick I don't know what Wright really ready to come back were that old points. While it is here's my thing idling Farrow for. For putting. Steven Wright in a pinch running situation to begin with JP because. George Rupp comrades is a guy that has played in the national league for the majority of his career and a guy that was more than half in capable pinch running in the situation. You know between the two. Drew progress Ysidro is more athletic and neither armor very athletic department has done before. I believe. But I also you know it's Steven Wright is if it's true. In I don't know for a fact that it is that he's gonna whine and cry whine cry but he's not going to be as effective in the heat humidity as he can't well largest brought up. And up and it's a great point we hear that he's not effective. The more humid it gets last night was one of the stickiest night of the year it was humid right now. I don't know I mean. A. It was quick point guard. It was late buckle Flickr they've defeated and we make the playoff fight through game 4200. Bought cannot account. You say that you won a Clay Buchholz and nobody's more down in the sky than I am his last three starts when he got called on he did a nice job and you got to give credit. Called by god nine and nine year. I think the good news with with Buchholz is performance as a spot starting here. Means you can keep some of these other guys on the shortly says Steven Wright can't all of a sudden figure it out and rediscover what he had earlier in the season. You comport buckled back and if if you rod comes back and is an effective. You can maybe plug Buchholz and so. I mean that's kind of the good news and and in the interim. We'll see Buchholz can assume maybe a little bit more of an important role lot about bullpen and whether or not he can do anything there. After orders worth going to anyway Eminem and it's worth it. But we have to watch going to September finally guys have a great week got into work. All right thanks you did you pay for a 17371287. The phone number got a text in the 50 wait until. Kraft clearly said he wanted Bill Belichick when he was in Cleveland he got to know him better when he came with Parcells the crowd starting new Bill Belichick Dmitri can break. I never once heard Bob Kraft say when Belichick is likely that he wanted them that's like that's revisionist history. That's like the pages. In invalid checked taking credit for earned the Baltimore Ravens were in the Super Bowl because they drafted. Great Louis and they had their eyes are great unit read like a mock him and that's revisionist history but you know to Judy's point about question about Stephen Wright and about the dry. What was it is a first inning. Poses both to though gore as well and after the first yeah you can't I mean you killed EU you have. Worn out your bullpen already this season you've seen the the not awards but the negative negative impact that it's had a new season already. With some of those late late games that they've blown. I think it was I looked up on baseball references and he talked about this there in the course of the week to. They have when he called from behind wins. On. But they had 34 blown leads. During the course of the season that is second behind only Oakland in Oakland and Los Angeles Angels were two terrible our baseball team this year so that kind of is something that has been a problem has plagued this team Malia and to get which territories and. And again and that goes back to when I talked about in the first hours marchers and not a huge Ferrell fan. I don't put the bullpen failures necessarily on him there have been times when I don't think he's a great manageable and don't get me wrong I don't think he's a great manager of the bullpen. And knowing when to pull guy. Guys went to keep him in accent or. But I think that guy is just haven't got the job done enough consistently. Witches. I think made him would have more of a basket case when it comes to which they do now which would push it department we should keep an ocean and you know. He still thinks everything. Just think that the problem Mike and I think you would too if you had a pool and we need time after time again I think if I don't more like it botched it up shall see as you know dream scenarios. That situation you have box Buck Showalter. Or John Madden as me and you it's open do you think John Madden joined Joseph Maddon excuse it's. If you add those two in the bullpen won't. The guy was like. To. Do you think that those problems that the openness at this year would still be as apparent as they are the view that those that image maybe not. I did not only point I absolutely again I agree to a lot on the players but I think. You know on our pitching coaches don't make good managers because they all were doing everything it's been pretty distort the. The preferences of pitching managers pitching coaches that going out to be managers that have not figured out very well. And I just think that's why the over analyze and over think everything they try to get right matchup at the right time. Just wait for the time with browse gonna bring it. Robbie Ross for one strike he's gonna bring in Brad Ziegler pressed right to it ain't gonna bring in Craig Campbell first for a week that moment. Because that guy just over analyzes it too much I think that they. Big problem. For a 17371287. The phone number southern ointment sports Saturday on WEEI. Spur.