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Danny Picard - Adding whiffle ball to the Olympics - 8-7-16

Aug 7, 2016|

Danny talks about all the strange sports during the Olympics, and argues his case for the inclusion of whiffle ball to be included.

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Solid number 3 on channel 4 o'clock and I'm I am the Coptic Christian odd candidate. I'll take your phone calls up until 461777979837. 61777979837. And it's 3 o'clock how lucky I at a couple things one is the Red Sox lineup. Which I do not she just yet image should be within literally the next half followed and when that comes out I'll give AT and I'll react George. I also. Keeping an eye on the east standings in the AL east because coming into today. Because the Orioles and blue jays both lost last night and Red Sox lost the Red Sox remained two games behind the blue jays and the Orioles. But the Orioles and blue jays a bold currently. In action now. The good news Kansas City in the top third in Kansas City they lead Toronto to not. But Baltimore in Chicago top of third well. Orioles are ready with an 810 nothing lead in this one that's all. At least one of these do teams. Is gonna pick up a half game it looks like on the Red Sox before the Red Sox even begin tonight. In LA David David Price and Obama we get that Red Sox got lineup I will dish it out two years to keep and I am most and also. I got Olympics on him running. Re all. Right now. Voted this is some type of triathlon and I believe that's going on. The streets of real. TV has done a nice job yeah. Make it look a little bit on did you get ousted the nights the nicest spots in the spots in real disaster stores already. Which are bad real race. From what I actually. It doesn't look too great in fact why the Philippine justice it is what's but it'll. Beats the women. So I Ol nick suggest. A certain area I would have a ban to real I are friends who have gone who lobbed it. I ever to have gone loved it you'll also said you know if you leave the beach area all the placed directly to go a couple of blocks up. Like his people walking around machine guns around national. And note and then not pops it is random civilians. This was like 56 years ago. And people in the stores while real well at the Olympics that well it's not really any different we. Like she may be clean that up a little bit obviously they have even more issues now it's well. I feel like wheat and Olympics we always hear. Like did the possible bad stuff that's gonna happen in these cities and just how terrible days. Last album it's OG OG I was like you're basing his biggest disaster and it was. Good and I am in right. Mean I'm not I wasn't Russian citizen so what this rates donated terrible for them but the viewing public. And I don't know I mean athletes didn't have a name athletes. I thought they did I forget. And I'm sorry that I forget but I do what I do remember is. The fact that I forget might be a good thing when it comes to. How bad actually what it's like if it was as bad as they were talking up the Beagle and what we remember about that you think. We don't and with three all right well at least all the shots that I'm season like last night a watch in my. Again Patrick and Mike to Rico dish on the beach as a write secrets last name was dancing with like Alex very rusty Brazilian women. Worked towering over you not very I yeah that was on NB CL and I. And Nevada and other channel at odds it's usually what elevates. Because I was watching the two want to volleyball but last night. Some oxygen etiquette that makes it. And that's a good it's. I don't know enough about the Summer Olympics to be able to control my own schedule of it in it and it gymnastics. Not really in the gymnastics. Is dirty and that you Selig is on the unit are they wanna watch managers did not your basketball. What is what would it be Summer Olympics now. I mean he's he's not you know I like they say Broxton Alec handball and your watch that I have all it's entertaining. It's a good sport. I play it. Yeah I've played it to racquetball handball yeah not talk to the team handle on all that you like to want to. No lake it's like countless violent by the new iPod as an amateur and the goals it's in a scene you know calls the games. Mike Gorman. All right yeah he called and dealt with radio noted that I've never seen it got me involved seat. When you Olympics and an idol this Michael back in conversation and maybe people don't wanna have. About Boston 20/20 four. You can you can pick a sport. Right. Like you at the Olympics in Aussie you're allowed to tickets. You not. But he name but I I believe you're allowed to like that but that's what that might not be any what it's like. A lot of people would vote would Boston while I was don't appropriate taught. What's each Roby talk and I have no idea that you've ever watched like roller hockey probe each jockey on ESPN two academic. Now all pro beach jockeys the best. Like street it's street hockey it's like. I don't know if you've seen it I not promote this all the time and people might be sick habit to be sick of it want to watch it. My street hockey movie I've ever seen. No 363 the road that it's LP three on street hockey insulting and and around a lot of places. Is played on public. They did it lock myself into a plug for your movie. And you know and go to your word I really wasn't what what you should know that. Back in the day and you know what might still have some leagues in fact I played an indoor leagues. Angela. Were it's full court services it's a hockey you play it completely blocked an epoxy. I played at least with the orange ball. And you just Wear shin pads and helmets gloves we play outdoors though we just. You might or about that glove on no equipment all these recruitment Wii's were rolled like every jockey was legit all equipment. I believe it was full contact they had these ramps behind the net. It was unbelievable it would like outdoor or checking yes it was an outdoor rink but it was sort of a book like the court. On the beach wrote re talking. They need to bring that back. And that should mean what were you an idea pro Olympics or Boston or anti because of that and I had a little. I don't wanna say deal. We were doing a sequel working with Boston 20/20 four. To promote. Rural peach hockey in the Olympics that year Boston point. And it was they help and fund it. More cameo sick at two cameos in the first image Boston Bruins it was with the Chicago Blackhawks at the time we felt it. And keep the handle was with the coyotes at the time. Now what department is formally of the New York rate rate cameo. We are getting more cameos network what Boston point when he bought so that's why I guess I was. Robots at one point four or selfish. Reason was also a pot meet all dream for himself he still living that. Where they wanted to put the Olympic village. Like right in between Dorchester and shelty. They wanted to put a bubble of Columbia park. I mean I don't know if you've ever gone through that rotary read at the police station state police station at Columbia pocket lenient to Dorchester now all. I mean 3 o'clock on Tuesday after don't steal it like you avoid that at all costs annual imagine. Every single minute when he Olympic village is that big of biggest disaster of all time. My biggest problem with the I want of the Olympics it's that the one's lifetime equal novelty at Shia city OK but my biggest issue with the people who didn't want there was a traffic. Excuse. You're you're planning on traffic fifteen years down the road. I just didn't know could argue. I I get is saying what that. However at the same time. I do believe that. Some areas that they wanted to occur rams certain things into it would just be no good from not just the traffic perspective. But just. Just this civilization respect I mean I just didn't think. I just didn't think it worked at this selfish part of me because introductory video wanted to go through could we gonna have a phenomenal movie put together I know that for a fact. And it yeah I would also maybe make some money off it I mean at this selfish reasons. Never got I wanted to but the autonomy like there was also taught me that didn't want it because of those for other resentment. Shot under traffic. Just regular civilization incredible things in what is really makes cents. What are you watching it Null and real I guess the point is this a lot of bad things being said about the area. And look for all we know all in the camp you know the plots the camera's not on. I just as bad if not worse than what they've been talking about we just don't see it maybe not even hear about it. Other urban some things that I've seen or read on the Internet and no good but I think it has got to get to expect that don't end. It's not all gonna go smoothly imperfectly. I guess the bottom line is this with the Olympic park. On. Maybe I just don't pay enough attention at the end of the day to see some of the bigger issues medical unreal it's not a Summer Olympics got. I'm just not. A Winter Olympic alta Winter Olympics the sport that really gets me. I will go just yet one against US read it is Summer Olympics is there a sport I look at the schedule. And I say on the finance ministry this out and she got to watch it there is not one for its summer winter they're aware that there skeleton. Now. Curling yes you like Earl early. And not marquee guy. You know what is so lucky kids that are on the right. What are instead went to Carolyn. This is something about this and Arnold. To colonel. And maybe it's because I really wanna try it. And I just you know I have rules. I have no it luck. What it's all gonna I have to you but they have to refresh my memory at the beginning but once it goes on and the more I didn't let. The more I'm like I I did she got strategy like I could she what they're gonna do yet his what I would. OK like I put tigers on the show intrigued by that because it is so stupid. It's not even funny. Saturday I don't know where that's portent for. Like now of like curling night in America. Based on NBC package is in general. Like outshot. It's I don't go back. That's the most that's at but the funny part about the Olympics is to me is that every four years ECD's kind of now we called a novelty sports the people spend their whole lives playing NL east ornaments are still going on it's not every four year occasion. But it does no one ever talks about yeah glad your anchor on now I mean. I remember one time. I mention I hadn't then and I was looking for places to go we literally got ten calls them like a five minute span with all these different places to go correlate. I apologize to all those people I never I never had a chance to go I'd like eagle I really want. Put a ticket because. I'm so intrigue of the unknown of not having an opportunity to actually be one who curls. That's why watch me get a text or from the to a three what is their rink in Quincy that teaches curling in cuisine so emotional ones we're talking about. I don't as the ranking Quincy is multiple Ritchie and Quincy Quincy your three says they just said there's a rate there that. As curling lessons and the leak. And Quincy you re not have per. Hopefully passed back to a third advantage exactly were and what anyways that's Winter Olympics it's Summer Olympics on on. I'm not really paying much attention to it I I watched the little old to want to volleyball last night a little blocks and I'm just not you know it. I just can't find myself into it unless they had some electoral beach which I think they should seriously consider. I really don't they should seriously consider that if not that what are his this is my Summer Olympics. What is. Is this Summer Olympics version of Karl. Is there are several I think Perez I think it should be an Olympic sport well it's not currently has gotten as far as I know this is what I would also. Go a lot of my way to watch. What is it. Poland. I think polling used to be in the eighth yeah I believe it it should be back if early Winter Olympics you should be able triple in the summer. And they should have I. Can't. It's. A full. They should have all this it can't open bowl in the Summer Olympics. If you haven't curly and went that disagreed all of its summit and I would go a lot of highway to watch that. But right not a fun myself when adamantly watch. One time in the Olympics 1988 in Seoul really wasn't so that means you can add you can mix and match sports. People have told me that won't workable or Japan or not I I don't think it's that crazy with the ball. It's not an appraiser that I didn't but if it don't. Think there are literally people. Taken whites would books on them and their bring out soon about Russia's. And scraping the ice. It isn't the most may I am repeat. Who bought one day. What is they haven't even had baseball camp has doubled in just that with music and you know like there's no football player is a plane a Major League Baseball the sub. That's why not the fact that that's why you're great how people you know all I'm dead serious about with. And it's that serious of all right out of the district. I need to I'd other series of all of Europe and Z. The popular dead serious I'll act we run in different circles let's edit. And I tell you what everywhere football tournament I have ever been and whether it's to show people up about classic whether it's the ocean Alabama football classic in Braintree whether it's the door just a little while classic and Dodd clock. You name it gets serious I mean to a point where they're up fights there arguments all day long. This stuff on a lot of it is money on the line. Talk about medals on the line I at all tells me. We do you wanna watch a football if there was an Olympic. Hollywood. If you know whats credit cards equities and of that. National bullets and a radio professional football players the pitches they're great. Some like it's it's on third. Pitcher in all. Movement on the ball. And August. I mean. And how we make it happen. We just got a caller if you wanted to but he said there's and called Cape Cod hurling league play now and so there's obviously he's not a it's tough to what you wanna show is over we're working on alcoholic and I got currently at. If I wake up one has just wanna go girl I don't I just gonna wake up and see myself. Got a curl it like let's play let's go currently edgy. As much it's don't wanna do. I don't think that mindset will ever add that wake up I just don't know what ball. Different sort like I wake up almost every game this out I say let's go play some workable. Did they play with all other countries that's the question is or is it purely and Americans. I yet three might answer. That three. It's your might have something. I don't well. I don't know the answer my question are willing to bet that there are some countries that when lovable. I'm also well and to bet that if there are some countries it's not a lot. While we're on the all these before you switched. Would you be able to make the Olympic lovable team. I think I would average I get a trial as a pitcher. I what I can pitch I joke out of Iraq I can get I just like playing a tournament I'd rather pitch. That's just sort of my expertise when it comes to with the ball blood. I think I would be able to get to dry out. If you want to say a bronze medal in with a ball on the Olympics would you display that proudly. I would be. On Broadway. Where and it probably run around and you name it you many establishment on Broadway itself on the what my bronze were football metal. And it. You know I I think yes I would be where that probably and I would be. You know what people. People like they would respect that. 'cause I Wear out front people respect the good workable again. Six what 77797983761777979837. From the Olympics the Whipple ball dollar we watch now we got it. Kayak. Through waves. Like. Arise when I say Whipple ball is just something that they do and they give you any Olympics rob like they just made this not. Pitches made this stuff up. This obstacle course they may not I don't know. Producer facet you win a medal. Actually the book falls into critic nearest bullet. Pellet. You might weapon before what you can't laughable adults. You want lover of football you think maybe it's only an American banged. By. Bola. Bullish if Curley of the Winter Olympics bullet should be in summer Olympic six point 777979837. Red Sox lineups. Maybe there are we take we're gonna check if they I'll give me after this timeout. And I and those Red Sox lineups. Not yet. Not out yet seventh and first pitch there in LA the rubber match of this three game series. Take a phone calls up until 4 o'clock I handoff to Christian I can 617. 779798376177797. ID 37. Alex is in the college up Alex. I think it's crying and I'm guiding it in Chicago out. And the outlook about bad English it. Okay yeah I think it do you play it laughable Alex. I hear I think you're going to hear chat and picked in the my grandmother has sent in decades that we're all experience I seek it get Iraq. I. She's like me Houston. A league of their own but for with global. I don't know we're known as cell. Maybe we'll just move on Agassi grandma is. Pretty good. As saying that it you'd toss it inside she's gonna smoke. Don't give the okay. Today at the Ryan's in the let Debra. And what does it. I talk that lets lets it. I lets you want to women last night. No you know what is pretty good and it it it may only. A sports that. A minarets and the Olympics other sports that I I would like to play or have played. I like a player that's what went down. I'm a public Debra unwritten. You know volleyball it's not like. We don't have volleyball nets. Growing up they would just calamity to play volleyball. But I mean I've played before. Usually just on the occasion like I was in the Dominican and watch yet you know majority set up on the resort beach volleyball. It's Sony's on TV brings you back and like I had a good time playing beach volleyball and obviously you're more competitive. And their roles are a little bit more strict in the rules we had. Like every what is emerald volleyball you can only get three times. As a you can really wants eats at you Canada twice tomorrow. But as a teen can only get three to where you get. They were up at. Eight I'd like that I think to have. Accept. Or it's sectors or even poker. Go to twit world outward to local group is awesome it yeah. So why not again you know the world that players don't have. It. You know at first I wanted to hang up on an angle what are you nuts. But then it's like like Rick written into this world with ESPN. Broadcast the World Series of poker. How much but. This broadcast. The huge sports. Judge you don't what that. About eastbourne yeah and I know that it's. People watch until it all we see I think it's and mental and let him edit a minute wait. Have you and I this year but yeah before I believe light and live tweeted. I had people coming at me sweet meats and you. Ignorant as Obi. Like yeah make it fun I made fun of the whole thing because it's in say. And I stuck to make it started to get in the making fun. I was pleased about actual live tweet with factual stuff. An idol on. But you can't liked trolling on the people I have ever been liking the actual sport I began to troll and I found it. Extremely at that. It again Astro all of it and that's the Manning that I would probably pay attention to again. Is also humorous yes a funny humorous but it iPod at the payment. And maybe that's probably inputs not. The world out yet is actually putting a stop on his agent as a sports station. Can't shares which brings up a sport in the Olympics would that last quality at all World Series of poker. You can't you collaborative. What if this channel gonna broadcast it how can actually lap. As popular. I think the baseline for Athens Olympics that you actually have to get off year. You're rear end in order it is to qualify at Olympic and can't be single. All tactic. Is something of movement. At least the curlers are their what is it gliding down nice so. Don't do the thing. Honestly just approached sludge the rock and Karl that's what I want. Out of the person is flood the rock it may be bought like my love camps rock slide down ice right. Like I think you know they at a breaking element to it in the Olympics Nate you'd be bored or salads and. Can you finish the year before that the rockets that lately and I bet you could get crazy if you wanted Summer Olympics is so many things and jam. I'd like all spite all those abandoned broker Jeff Biehl and put put put people web site. Sometimes in the Olympics round like what is dole on. Why did people mention that on stop that some type of beef at the World Series a book all try to say it at first I think it'll have better. Have to stop when you actually realize what's station broadcast. Okay. We have we have sort of like most of ESPN broadcast comes to tell you that not. And that's what they tell you that that it can't be involved Olympics. And it shouldn't be on. That case. Yeah I think it's. I don't necessarily think of bulk as a sport and but if the station that broadcasts strictly sporting event has got to broadcasts. I can't just completely that can. 61777979837. Ought nationalistic and attacked that I'd never really expected. I guess that's what happens and you should and you wait for the Red Sox that we got a lot of you don't have idling for these Red Sox lineups in my head. In my head the planet for. Right on the West Coast but it's really seven which it and it would lineups and in the meantime we take our football mile thick skulls. The Dodgers just deleted their ads there's they did assume the reds are red Chinese often. Just any any second Steve's in no way in which upstate. Got a patent what's that. I live about Iraq. Apps whoever the OJ that as a direct visit other lady's seventh generation about the little four brand was invented. Or are manufactured the first time in Fairfield Connecticut. In 1953. And the guys did it. Because his son couldn't hit it and offer for squads so he ripped all the time to correlate to Whipple ball. And the interesting thing is. They're the guys that make it was interpretation not immediate Shelton Connecticut this year and by the millions and billions right. And it never ever advertised. On television or radio for any thank. So. Competitive compared. Why. That was right yeah exports all different countries I don't know remembers that but. Daughter knows. People didn't Shelton Connecticut. And I was born again invented it was maybe twenty miles away in Fairfield. In 1953. Settled leaders like most of considerations but very I would have to remember playing awful called I'm seventy. Anyway step that's my that's my mighty important on the issue of the football a lot of Rondo left to play. Absolutely get back up this team get back out to the aide told you back on a constant with the ball game. How does your rational laughable at app is that true. Eighty could I have looked it up could be totally talking atoms that are good at just did get a nice drop level. I've. What's do you think. He's he will global historian that his official. May it sounds like he knows the guy. Sounds liking the guy. Tells you don't. Ball. Everybody plays to a well maybe not as seriously as maybe I've played in tournaments sometimes what it. I've played at it's ethnic you have a problem with as you think it was just me it's like. When this tournament's. Like I remember when I was kid going up the time in school god and watching the title laughable I mean. At some intense ruffled you haven't seen anything like. And I can only imagine what re on and played and some other tournaments like there was one a out on the field and hop can then that we traveled soon. And there's like teams that have their own jerseys in uniforms then you global it is leagues is legally put the stats online that. Standings. Football indoor outdoor you name. They've got people take it seriously. And you wouldn't think these people's lives are like outside of there with bullies that Alyssa standings and the statistics. I I assume that you know in their home towns villages neighborhoods that day on and for the committed with all the players that they muddies the college my. You're out there and guys like nick Markowitz haven't. The only problem Asian what all the export. There are so much better words played in somebody's backyard and you Dario pine trees. Almost certain they're not my house were to be Almonte correct. I'm not incorrect I mean that's your own personal opinion. As I've. Got god. How are also other job by the Specter you know and other stadiums built in the critical thing but. You know go back cute fighter yard reader over some pine trees thought. Building a plate bill and that's I think that's graduates were all. You know what I see people playing volleyball for fun all the talk. On the beach. All the time. You know what the big tournaments we plan is in Braintree every dollar was supposed to have an issue kidnapped and. The old cell with a walk classic is actually in T ball field it's running the bases Jack you gotta think you're gonna pick. Yeah I never talked me out of this but one of the north alternately plan is they run the bases were able to it's not just. Pitch and a hit with a feel go to a field. It's you have a catcher. Yeah you you put a guy at shortstop thought that if there's a lefty at second base at a guided help feel a pitcher and you run the bases it's a poke for all rat. Sixteen teams to an elimination today tournament and layouts to three outs react three outs you call a month. First second they're gonna call them up they throw the pitcher's mound pitcher calls the guy out he's pitched on home got a tag about. You can't want the got a tag that's why if you catch just engage in that situation you also have to catch it and because. Five balls is a walk. One strike is about. Either caught looking in the little net and we got strikes on. Or foul tip unless there's too much you can foul tip and that's why the catch him catch it for out mandatory. But there's a lot of after each race after surgery to get generous. Because if you pass that whine like if your balls you know like I'm Michael all man. It is of all the outfield. You passed the line. You can't have any second thoughts once you press that line you gotta go you gotta go home. Now are you responsible for bringing your own equipment to people that custom at all that that's the balls they're ready pine tar was that'll help and that's sometime he's got the got to stop the balls up. You plan an open field ball's gonna get Scotty is the brand new got to stop the balls that got us got the ball if you know that's up in the balls you know to. Not but that's the tournament that we usually I end it has it doesn't happen anymore and. You know it's it's like as people grow God's people grew up. And such artists and their and that's and that's pretty much at market and graduates about. And manager. At let's not. I. I want to talk about what the odds are pretty down first although I'm sorry and turn off all ten to not yet. Right my dog now I hear us now. Well I know how advocate well in Kenya that killed. A neighborhood are outbreak and all enter wrong with the ball are in their backyard. In the general retreat or optical Leo at all. Bill rules. The only new trade is Ronald double. Bill that all around it that aren't being out of it well. But you know we probably. We generally that we make a schedule. And it was it was a bad time in the life. Andy didn't need the equipment. Now you don't need a court of law of the ball. I let me I. A about every ball numbers I just thought it was all its summer. Is something else. And a lot. I don't know what this and we we talk about what Obama is and we don't really have a story on. So actually it's been 779798376177797. 9837. I continued to refresh my Red Sox beat up or edit it Iran to edit the Red Sox lineup but the night's game. I don't see it yet when I do it should be in the next couple minutes. I would give video and I will react on it till 4 o'clock. Yeah and Coptic Christian I can't. I got phone calls I can take a couple mall 61777979837. Back after this final. All right wrap up the show. And not the Christian hockey and at 4 o'clock Red Sox tonight at seven and that. Jedi get a lineups are echoes on repression and now it's like they don't they want us about global it's almost like they want us to keep doing what about doc and you know lot. I will. And I well I I told judge during the break I wish I were football and not an. That's not what football when Ray Allen coming of the Celtics. Watched Ray Allen at what is old is X. I. So areas. I think it off and Ray Allen tangent but the people who want you know what they're gonna say oh he's ready in the gym. Rail Albright Allen's been working out he's been in the gym. How do you well but he's funny I thought I assume he has not only looks like imagine. Beer in the gym. And is actually DN. Productive in the gym. Or an NBA team we're watching it at 41 years old people with Elliott these images and they make it sound like they've been in the gym what I. He's working out against what they always date puts up the chair of they compete share something in innate nature issued over early ping pong paddle or tennis racquet. I don't know what he plainly I ray Allen's it would some. I just a poll if he's going to be any good but that even the reason I don't want hip it's just that. This Celtics don't where they stand it there's just no room for big got a heavy they got kids they should be plan. And that's that Ray Allen has a 41 year old was appointed to about the fourteen. All we would be doing is take away minutes from some kids should be get and that's. Jennifer is down McKay put subject. And guys. Iowa and a lot of local ball. I'm art you have terrible story I'm fifty years old. And back in the day when analyst Tony client. Nobody in my buddies get together on that we can't replay a workable and we used Adobe opaque. It aired over the part injury though it online. If you get your pulled at all yet how might draw on all retreat right I we have Colin on the entries. So it and he did everything right after all now. Any war burger and Kristy Lee is you can bet can't. I would put so much Indian could make a network ball co op but now now let's get right nobody can. Come. You know you're in these guys the old school art it'd great. Kid and a lot. Aren't yet guess what do we know for strikes white striped. One strike you're out. I play one strike yet that that's that's we were I don't want strike. Great story. I'm sorry the Whipple ballroom when you're on the tube there's no Tommy John when you and I applauded the wits out its global credit the trees you guys. I mean it over the second we'll always home run humming ominous sit at a added these players are playing the suburbs. But. Still he's always a pint. Know you don't you think no jury it and I it's always a always a pint Gary's on the sell its again. About great local ball and two they were proposal of any game. We we played with the ball when we were playing organized although we played well for all long. Before and long after we put organized well is kept called neighborhood to get him. And like your previous caller we did that everybody had their own field in each one had her own rules not some he ran bases I can argue there was one bit. First bacon home base. My mom we we would force her to get Ol -- laundry off the line by not at a clocks that we could get started. And we just said the whole neighborhood yet but it was about the love etiquette as we would listen whatever Major League out I improved Phillies will be delisted as a Philly why we were playing and and you know it was just together result neighborhood but. I mean we loved the game and and they kept that loved going you know lead and we didn't need adults that was the best part about it no adults tell us what did. Yes and you know once you know it's away or throw a football to talk about love of the game. If you haven't you know once summer day. Ever want one with the ball UN again that might be a team. Well there was Little League ever ever once you are planned laughable that you watch you are chilling in a while that. What a mess you up I don't know but in ahead you're like I'm not playing with the Baltic is gonna mess up my swing my game not. Like the the players who play and armor under Ian and their swings messed up there hasn't. If that ever tell you what you would not swing a football bat today again that night up entry pock want to block or floods. Everybody can be quite laughable you watch. Slice of pizza on the street watched. When when this Ngo and today in unison this segment to the Olympic Committee is flushed them out passion that the people are. A livable Boston 20/20 four just thought you know it was it was dead. We bring up attempt to Whipple ball and 20/20 four. Columbia pot. Whipple ball the Olympics is a possible. Probably not but. I appreciate what about calls that came in in the laughable memories that came with it I won't be playing with the ball today. I will be listening to Christian hockey and he is next at 4 o'clock. They can get and the Red Sox three gamma I've been waiting for a Red Sox lineup I don't see it yet it's not out. Christa we'll get to it. Make sure you call him Joseph 617779. 7983761777. On seven and 937. Jet. Nice job behind the glass that you get my podcast Vinny got showed Danica cod. Dot com and anywhere podcasts are available I believe I'm back here tomorrow night they'll tend to midnight. So while talking.