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Butch & Buck- Guys discuss Pats back ups

Jul 30, 2016|

Guys get into who the new back up will be if they need one and discuss Sox along the way

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Welcome back. And butch taking your phone calls got a couple open lines at 6177797937. Buck little programming note. We are getting a lot of text that one of three point seven was all messed up. Of course for all your constituents. Out in western mass and on the key. Itself in Rhode Island up in Maine. Who might capitalists and wanna three point seven because they wanna go to the old time baseball game on August. We haven't fixed now. And I was here there was a problem. Yes so now western mass the dime double Nickels they yet well but I probably point seven is that whenever I go out of the Greater Boston area I can Erie iron on that but a BS so I think it's a good opportunity for you. To put in the latest plugs the opening edit when he dimensional Sunday's game Leo Thursday August 25 to sell Thursday night the Thursday night the night for the patriots play their third pre seizing an. And the effects of a big city is confidently nestled. Between a site today game on Thursday afternoon and Friday night at what can be better opting. It's a beautiful night bring a beat here blanket in sports Boston vs bully us Britain's police sealed Maloney go for the fences. As you said told John dentist the other day if you wanna smoke cigar you knock owning it but. You know there might get away NC came which you cannot smoke at these public venues but I'd. We. I don't I don't the chief of police to Cambridge's listening and it. PC police whatever so here we are the hundred ballpark answer this question. Who's better equipped of the American League east contenders Orioles Red Sox. We're jays. Put the Yankees. Orioles Red Sox or jays from me itching stand. Who better equipped to compete on the stretcher got me thinking about this when you said if it weren't pitches great and it's sort of opened her eyes the price arsenal. Pom rants right. Sony's for the names up there and you tell me how you answer this question. When I read them off the Red Sox have price where sell armory it's right in Iraq. That's their starting rotation right now portion Craig Campbell coming back. Baltimore Orioles have Tillman cy young and one B ball billion minutes every Guardsmen are your money guys are. Tillman Bundy him and has gauze and IR. The blue jays. And Aaron Sanchez with all respect might be the best pitcher amongst the mall maybe not Tillman. Of the starters in the American League is up to this point. But is unknown and may have innings limits and all that stroman Dickey Estrada JA happ and the able sooner. As their closer. With the euros having Britton as close with better equipped pitching wise to emerge pock in the last 6061. Games of the year and commodity American League. My guess would be the blue jays with a caveat. Because we don't know what the plan is for Aaronson says that they me. Limit his innings down the stretch because he's very pitched more ratings. That he has at any of the time in his career. Majority matched what he did two years ago and doubling tripling in the big leagues. So there is that now you're Vernal for the Red Sox won the World Series. I believe. 155. And at the look at out of the always start these two yeah were started by eight. The same five guys yet it's obvious it's showing. Wakefield Pedro Pedro. Arroyo. And went missing Jericho yes OK and the other five or so games. Kim made a start fighting paid northstar she'll the last game of the season just a few lights and ends. What's interesting but the blue jays 2016. Is that. Market stroman parents inches RA Dickey. Now there was that Seattle season a few years back with the same five guys Freddy Garcia. To get the rest Brett looking up but they went through the entire season with five guys starting on it to two games I don't know that'll ever happen again. The closest you may get is what we've had so far with the blue jays. The only two games. Not started word to Hutchison is now so you bringing up this example because you're saying that the blue jays are better equipped. Because of that that's a factor in law mean in more stability its well it stability but I mean happens thirteen 33 point 27. Sanchez 1112. Point 72 best theory in the American League. Major talk about what they've done amassed about what about it. What I'm saying I mean that's all I can tell you what they gonna do abortion camp but everything I say about the second at the season's based on what they've done so for a storm to make and I have a solid rotation in in a closer. Okay wanted to make the Connor argued Jeannie in I did get under what are you Jeanine buck that's what I'm getting at okay died. I'm gonna make the counterargument that the Red Sox well equipped. I'm actually take what you said about relied was article you know where pom Pons Sam Kennedy would be proud I begin the argues parties why the Red Sox. Are better equipped I'm with the product pushing aren't that the last thing that we they're pitching down the stretch it's the argument to what Jesus may. The fact that they didn't go as planned the fact that they didn't have their regular five the fact that rod. Went on the DL and Stephen Wright came out of nowhere to become an all star has them set up. Better for the rest of the 61 games than these other two teams the fact that they added rants. Was pitched better in two games again big start tonight we'll see. You know if he can pitch well I think I liked the rats and I mean objective would yes I like the Red Sox rotation. Better than the other two not decidedly not decisively. Clearly these last two games gives me pause sea world like you said. What we're Palmer it's pitches well I think you'll be fine in the open when they comeback which leads us to the trade him and if they're gonna do anything. I would pick up an arm and I heard John the mossy see this last night on the MLB trade deadline show they did. Don't necessarily have to pay king's ransom to get somebody else's clothes. Like there's rumors about Milwaukee and Jefferson's. You just need an arm you need it guy that's been throwing better than he jamboree. Better than Tommy Wayne can because he's out of options need another arm had to apple probably there's disappointment by the way. And he's on this team because he's out of options pretty write any. I expected growth in the cubicle so I think the Red Sox are better equipped than those other two teams not by much. I get myself to see it but I like where are seen in the second half from their pitching so far back to the phones or go to Bobby in Cambridge. I Bobby. Hey you don't want it generates. Just court reminiscent marked the first oh my game was Eddie's skirts and yes. Waited for you where. Joey grass yet in that old crow Indians or rockets that marriage. It while it poured buckets all app and only managed to get the game but you're correct it was that. We found out ports in 1994 personal time baseball game. It was the only baseball game played the entire state that I really yet literally I mean we we kept getting. Information from everybody was saying this game was rained out that game was rained out we did played it came at a very bad night. Bobby it says Sean Hannity or an old friend of box did you ride the trains would buck. I'd check actually rates sent it back to normal deal right here it's you know it's weird remembers well and so you're Barca. UA formal law enforcement official. You weren't kidding that's an act idle anyway yes. Which yeah Arie thank. Eight last week in the exit at about Stosur in got a lot of yelled as. I don't wanna oh David deployed about government but on March 1 by I really say that may chapter selection would look at what's that. And so I'm sorry I forget what you said last. We were target target and that you know proposal he drove aren't automatic right now it already is for you know backup quarterback. It has grown. Yet no I look I didn't thanks for the call Bobby I didn't completely dismissed your point I mean it's evidence. For other stuff that you know in a pinch he would do he would Troy Brown play defense Mbeki atom and play defense aback. He said other guys play receiver had to adapt its name. To rove Revis played receiver and one game so Bob's point last week when we talk about a veteran quarterback. Come in Iraq found it hard to believe that they're gonna win of the season which Kobe sat one snap away from abdic minimum win football games was actually anatomy could be a backup quarterback. In my account of what was those days are long gone even though Belichick has a history of using guys multiple positions I don't think you see Julian Edelman. Where quarterback he didn't playoff game against Baltimore yes when they threw that double. Every call double pass. I quickly Gloria given that particular topic what time in Paris because he's way too valuable position he's playing right now to to risk calamity as a quarterback. 61777979837. We covered a lot mostly Red Sox. In patriots got the PGA championship going on at the Sox 9 o'clock tonight out on the West Coast. We've got Steve Buckley here on which started again your phone calls it 617. 7797937. If you been down and fox borrow love to hear about the atmosphere about some of your observations. You know it's funny buck people make fun of us from we go to spring training. Because we make such a big deal out of pitchers fielding practice and all this Matt. But the same thing happens in Foxboro you go down there instead of pitchers and catchers you got linebackers and long snipers reporting and doing their drew. Looks good he's running like crazy right now and for all talk about the patriots running game. You know they have to get this they have to do that. Wiley Garrett went doesn't get more credit for what he has he's very productive back on he gets credit rating back of the moment. The audience but he's been that he's this couple years now he's going on in these Purdue and I think race is awesome all look I'm. I just fun to play running backs on this team. Okay. So what deal would you think Dion Lewis until we got her he was great. But now you worry about him hurting and that's been his history. While during the atlas midget time we sorry is awesome. We are living as I would what I think the patriot yes I always get the sense that. Running dogs analysis was filling Maroney in the critic Joseph Addai hip thing that that'll thing and it just seemed that that they plug in a running back. Joey I SF was all right CNET buffalo only got that one season them into once and once meant. And Corey Dylan they traded for Corey Dylan from Cincinnati was in and it it just seems like they. You know it's almost like you know to use. Bill Parcells is favorite line shopping for groceries. It's almost like they've shopped for groceries innate in their it's our market report square. And the put it analogy I gotta go back I get a running dad got a running back up right back at. Well here's the problem would that don't. You look at the box score in the AFC championship game in Denver. Now and bold and Philip son wade won because there were sixteen passes targeted that James White yeah. Soul. Are raping an afterthought. That's our number one priority on this team on its topic before going to break you you mentioned. Spring training vs training camp yes. You've been a sprinter. And it's now I always go the first two weeks pitchers and catchers and the players show up and in. Copies that at the picnic table one you know cameras lineup and it's all. Whenever I come back from spring training middleware ago. People who know logged in a spring training. Always say to me how they look yeah it's got this at an end I have just returned from watching guys like catch. That's what I've seen. And I always say they look great record should do because there is no object the seats you guys play catch what they couldn't complete the mission is keen to drop the ball like you know. You guys playing catch. Keep up in the book when that moment arrives when the two guys playing catch and it. Looked very good at it. Changes. Whenever I go to spring training and returned it was out of luck with that look awesome I give you this because they play catch really well. It's the same thing down in Foxborough 181000 feet and left there today saying they look rate they're gonna win another Super Bowl. I'm telling ya did you see that Whaley Gary put out running today and all the things that it Tom Brady was vocal in his leadership wait he comes back in week five. Org calls more sports talk after this would blocked. And butch on WG. It's. This in my business that. Sure oh yeah there's a lot town in this in that room. The others it brings it's great because it brings a lot of competition. You know and that's just how much you wines I can't you know you want guys push every single one of on everyone's out there. You know someone you ladies first touchdown it was going I had thrown. You know adapt them chaotic fail us tie Steffi Wyatt in a room might that everyone's real tight. That's new patriots wide receiver Chris Hogan and his impressions. The patriots camp love to hear yours if you were dominant today. Or fewer dominant in the past couple days 61777979837. To join us but what's great Barkley ambushed her as it's against her to get that. But I do wonder. And I think Martellus Bennett is the answer to this but I wonder who fans think who you think buck might end up being the most significant addition. On this offense either with Jimmy drop or for the first four games when Brady gets back. I mean they went and got Bennett. The tide and they went and got Chris Hogan. At best maybe or Wes Welker. In the making meaning he was a guy within the division. Ted for years now had a career year but it is at a slow steady progression. Not a big name called was my eye raising eyebrow raising moment that's in that regard when you look closer at a misty always sort of editors' names that blow. When they got him I was like well. My first thought was in in those days are numbered but of course the Annie was drank the punch. The compatriots and the contract he has twice now so you've got across the line. Whenever we comes out their excuse me win. Grapple look upstarts Brady gets back. You've got problems that wrong and endorsed the joke settlement. Rather useless to take grunt that she's. Ron cattlemen anecdotal. Then it. Hogan. Nate Washington behind them the forgotten man curious case of Benjamin buttons and I've been down to. Coming in many camps five practices now the page every single one that Democrats in altering died Jack and shrapnel. They give they give him equal with Fulham it. To a 23. Of what rob boys in the press. The forgotten man Curious Case Of Benjamin Button. 'cause it's Fisher cut bait is Aaron Dobson. All he's done. Is make. Kenny Sims game day type practice place in May not want the other day I mean a guy is looked good at it again it's been. That's it it's time for him. But I wonder with a guy like him we've seen as a baseball when you go to spring training to provisional spot for his team but any place so well in spring training. Feel like I'm sorry he's gonna make the team children. Yeah play on ran into does. Boo one so when you look at a guy like dobbs came to camp with not even on the radar emerges opening date third baseman. I guess my point is the question I asked was who's the one addition to this team. Other one guy that at the end of this year will look back to ball shared on defense. Was talking about him adamant look at the impact he ended up having. Nobody is gonna answer that question would Aaron Dobson. But stranger things have happened. What did a rusty simply got to Palmer ice. Switch is flipped at different points in their readers has Dobson flip the switch on what we don't know but I wonder if this guy into becoming a significant contributor to this. Offense like other fifth. Targets of Brady's offense has like. Who with a two receivers over the last couple years have seven great touchdown seasons on the current Teamsters can. In in over the last ten years that are that last six or seven years there was the key to get in the accident. And would that. Came back I'm I'm simply trying to make which is that you look for surprises yeah now but the biggest two parts to training camp. If so there are two parts of spring training is the joke that I had a few minutes ago while pitchers and catchers in the first how they love days. When it it's it's not discuss playing catch or is it drills pitches catches. Boning each of its batting practice infield growth and then they play the BC northeastern double header and then that and you draw a line. And you get the games. Than you you start to see things. And you can't take too much stock in what veterans and rookies do but you you do see certain trends. In conceit thinks it's the same thing in training camp and patriots. What we're seeing right now I mean with it if Jeff collins' Karen during unit down there in the AC things that I don't seek. It's because it's what you're trained to do that it every single day. Romney camp right through the suitable. And are gonna see things him I don't think it up but. In the days though guys blanket. Then they start playing games. And then you can you know as long as the first teams are up there opinion on the seat things I'd like I don't wanna see games. Great first teams agreed to see that before right talk about this surprise in that surprised because right now again not to beat this for the depth right now is just guys. But wouldn't you agree that. Probably more than almost any other team. At least by their actions in their words over the years Belichick as a guy who values practiced. And how are you perform and practice specially preceding him maybe even more than priest teasing games. But it Dion Lewis slash. Dion Lewis emerged in played himself into a significant role to start the season. By woody didn't practice and pretty much last year by the way they receivers I couldn't come to mind work Donte' Stallworth. For one of them where do you like that and who was a guy they just let go Brandon fell. Those are the two so I think Aaron Dobson while nobody would put him at the top of the list has an opportunity to fill both roles that were filled before vibrant fell last year. Or by Donte' Stallworth before. I don't know it's just going to be huge thing because often times the patriots a merger of players by the end of the year that you're never thinking. You know geno Grissom and Trey flowers might be those guys on defense when our second or third year guys and have a chance to emerge again if you were in Foxborough. We love to hear from 617. 77979837. Texture says didn't we say the same thing about Aaron Dobson last year. I think we did it right. So that's why again more so than ever for guy like Aaron Dobson it's Fisher cut bait. I mean the Pope on as a way of just there's so many guys are coming to camp that attrition in all sports especially football just push the guy's side. He becomes a cap casualty cut casualty. They used to be a second round pick what every was. You know Chad Jackson was another one of those guys picked high pick who just say we're done with you. So you've done in Foxborough I'd love to hear. Your thoughts about 6177797937. Would butch and buck Red Sox at 9 o'clock tonight will take on the Anaheim angels of a Los Angeles. Angels of Anaheim trying to win their second game on this road trip. Chemical back to the calls buddy Steve from Fall River has a comment on dobbs I Steve. How why it couldn't help but neither guy is way. I have to say it again I'm sorry that you're happy that he plays where this. Eating easier for real. Fight real game in target any dropped the ball. I don't want him caught here I'm not gonna believe. Me it's cutting and that. I need. I've seen him make him a place to date in my that this complaint is ballot yet loaded it does. All of our senate seat all. I want this guy. They have a bottom fight chided don't want here. He got caught like the last day here I don't I'm not gonna. So do you have. I get your point so do you have faith though that I mean if he keeps playing only has been. In camp he'll make the team they'll be a part of the rotation he'll get his opportunities but. Up to this point in his career hasn't shown us that he is the guy who's gonna drop. The ball. I don't know Bob that would mark I'm Paul warned about it availability which also counted accurately it small bodies that the concrete things. That are wrong in the true. The same thing with the kids get up and down the right they did the seven. They'll Jonathan Cooper I call it type of fresh idea really get you what you caught up at. Well what I don't understand about that when I heard that what happened. I had planned to fasteners and anybody that hasn't bought it right when you walk out right. It's done it's not something that gets aggravated it's something that aggravate you constantly. So. You ritual at night when you when you first get stepped on the balls what job all week well it's what you just did what you wait. Shot needs whether it goes to keep elect. Football but editing by the bottom line what that is what kind of in the same boat elections which are quick they and that's not the we don't like you pocket why he was talking. We got a question but I. Offensive line that's like the question at all iPad didn't address it the one guy be drafted. That you like to play inside that I'll pick also the although I walked inside. And not care about what you all. I'd love to see them get a cut belt when there's a cut down it got to the idea that there are actually at the age but we've. Got on the. You talking about tackle he taught have a backup but not a tackle somebody. And yet but I got sick so I agree with you pointed that they didn't quote address that. But I don't I don't think it's accurate to say they haven't addressed the offensive line he's the third round draft pick. On an offensive linemen and by the way. Go let. Stephen I'm getting asked that I agree with your point. That they didn't address the backup tackle situation. What they do we have to me is less weaknesses than any other team in the AFC east that's for sure and may be contenders when it comes to the offensive line. I have both the return to health. Of Nate soldiering and Sebastien born or the addition of Dante Scarnecchia. That's when I was gonna go at this. What would you we just if the answer your question I think this the what you touching and what you say they've done not been at the offensive line. It's it's what it's what they've got coming back. Where are these ditches does that make any sense yes makes perfect sense because both guys were hurt in the. What should tackle depth at eight about achieving the problem is running back it is yes I heard about it yet if you'd like. When you're involved bought yen. Mile High Stadium he can't do what you wanna do what you need to run the ball. While up got. He would not that got. So they either running it did we pick up that much yet. They ever wanted it would happen tackled. Outside DC and letting it. And kids are white you Bob by hole look at the way. So key to lead shoot Charlton elected I'll be one of the top I'd be happy for the pick it up you've got a problem. I don't care what law. Well it never fails Steve you always got to endure on a sour note about something negative about it a little possibly for Reyes wasn't it. That's one of the top five good things that happened to the patriots a team Aqib Talib shooting himself in the leg ministry of joy oh really there's. Exit a nice job gains bins in Walpole Max hi Dan. Can't turn your radio down please go ahead. Furthermore. I don't. I voted on and see your guys opinion about. The possibility that Rob Lowe might not performed too well and treat season and leading up to week one. And I'm out on the senior pentagon had a lesion and Belichick has on terms of how how the prettiest look present in the game. I'm gonna take a guess here. Considering. They're going in pockets let me move back the clock. Don't you think a long time ago they plan for Brady up in those four games yes. So that time to play in war drop below not being the guy would have been six months ago not six days to plan yes so. I guess what I'm saying is I believe that they believe that he's going to be okay. Yes either actually absolutely though. Go ahead. So did yell at you question this way. If they're to what point if they are planning. Oh or what they're back up plan is if gravel doesn't play well it's not Jacoby percent. To quote percent may seem more pre season snaps in the pre season games than any one of the quarterbacks. But you can you can forget about him ever seeing the field in those first four games not a chance. Not a chance to be tests already sold around the 53 now it and so are very. Yeah he's not gonna be a quarterback on this team. During this season is just not gonna happen. I. Well make a case that he should be make a case that Belichick has ever done that with a rookie quarterback let's not forget Brady was in the system for a full year. Before it happened Matt Cassel was in the system. For several years Bryant's lawyer. Was in the system before he ever got to snip the field mean Jimmy grapples beanie for three years now going on his third year you -- percent is not gonna play. I. Thanks for the call. But their actions sparked your point. I can only go by their actions by their actions to me what they're saying is we wait for cut downs we're gonna go pick up a veteran quarterback. Near the cut down. Situation with phone is that that's mine one of it's the inevitable Walt McGraw calling me from five but low. We'll get back a BC welcome on August 15 at the media today until ten days or so. But what what I don't get in less they've got a wink wink phone call. With castle with pointer with somebody who's already been in this system I find it hard to believe that on September 11. When they start the season and Arizona model council that would Tennessee. I don't know where he is a look it up on the break but I find it hard to believe that the guy holding the clipboard. That the guy as the back up helmet would that would do its satellite EC two systems talking upstairs that job Josh and them. Whoever's upstairs I find it hard to believe that that guys on this team right now. But that's coming up quick break we're back with more pocket watch. It. My wife. And pass. Okafor right now Wikipedia. American football quarterback for the ten. I've been to grow and so. Hope the so more so they'll just solo to stabilizers. Yeah fifth place. Martellus Bennett would that glib line yesterday outdated two girls before backtracking forum. Purposes but also. How long before you think his enthusiasm it's curb blocked. You know veteran coming here glib. Gregarious guy great quote when he talked some believable and a guy could be an impact player column read it. In Foxboro if it hasn't happened already. Amber. Ellis stopped his rookie season the patriots and Elena damage did the interview area and Ames talked about everything. While he used innings watched. New car he bought. Apparently got a good talking to afterwards the two. Had it's soft spot over the years is certain guys can win I mean. And there's really like to talk there's reasons for. It but Martel. The Martellus Bennett wanna listen this again my notably through doing it ventriloquist act here Martellus its own. To record experts wondered where backers little chemistry thing kind of a talking point that we. Update to grow the same time before. The same night. Hello. That's O more Togo there's so don't we just didn't quite hear that. Happened this. I got so again. How long before he stops some stops being Martellus Bennett and drink the Kool Aid and fox. It happened at courts what happened at the simple prediction for the day it. 3:47. PM brats in Springfield mass were blocked imports fellow Brett. Or bring a few points. First Ottawa talked about is like you guys talk a little bit more about bet bet that you actually that's issuer name. I ever did it but I need to find factor. Yeah I mean you duck Libya Hernandez type by the neck and produce. A huge charge though here in there with. That's my point that that would be affected me well he sort of just set the parameters you know there's Scott Chandler who had great hopes it was a huge disappointment. And is Aaron Hernandez despite if you can get past all the other stuff couldn't have been a better. Factor on the field when he played and that's why that's why ask what you mean by a you know a factor may be a factor could mean he's in the pro ball. Or could mean. He he's a needed added extra piece. That gives you bow out of that. We have no outside threat I mean they can be outside wreck or something along those I find extra. When you say you have no outside threat you have Andelman you have an Amendola. As Brady calls them witty columns that the pygmies. That's Brady's work he called that naive attic Chris Hogan to. I mean if you wanna go the old they haven't had a long deep threats since Randy Moss but okay leader has that an outside. Well but but their outside guys are excited after a sometimes all right guys in the gonna run around trying to. Right so let's just not their offense I mean rhetoric we were spoil. And I'm the biggest offender. I keep warning Randy Moss to combat I keep wanting. Rate to drop back and throw the ball 45 yards in the care. And have that one guy that is arm outstretched and kept the ball and keep running. But that's not what he does but he doesn't spread the field for the volley eighteen yards over the middle of the guys breaks at work. I don't thing when they have them now and 07 when that break in the records you know running up. Bradley go back to your question about in running an up and quotes. Okay soccer moms and if if if you're asking if Martellus Bennett is gonna be somewhere between the disappointment of Scott Chandler. And somewhere. In between Aaron Hernandez and how prolific he was meaning that in Iraq. Caught more balls as too tight ends and anybody in history of football yes that's safe to say it's gonna be somewhere in between. I would say there what I hope for for Bennett I think Bennett is going to be a guy. There is gonna get three to four catches some games. And ten to twelve others I think Bennett has got a guy is gonna be targeted. Multiple times I think at the end of games you're gonna see after we Jimmy drop below specially after four games I think Bennett. Is going to be the third target on this team buying drunken moment ar Edelman and wrong. I would hope that Gillick yeah at the talent to do that I'm not at Iowa talk about what about it. All you think they bring up and. Now why you come in here if you're nick falls. Oh. Okay then that's a good answer. But that that might be the only way you get him here. If you're and it folds and as a quarterback it's hurt the pre season which always happens. And an opportunity for you to start somewhere and I still got some value in this thing why you come into New England. Where. You may be for four games the backup and one play away from getting in but after that what what are you gonna do what your role. So who are legal action is no doubt that lenders. Is that could only help market way. It's a good question we'll discuss that right now so Barca looked this up in the break you are correct. Matt can I think the patriots as a backup quarterback are gonna get somebody that's either been in their system. Or recently out NFL experience that Belichick feels safe enough can hit the ball off without fumbling. And have an idea what to do when the patriots off Matt Cassell signed with the Tennessee Titans in March. Brian Hoyer signed with Chicago Bears in April. Ryan mallet. Was traded to the Baltimore Ravens last year if you remember played well enough in his seventh career start that he beat the Pittsburgh Steelers twenty to seventeen. So those three former patriot quarterback's aren't going anywhere and less. Cassel gets cut by the titans quarry gets cut by the bears are Malick gets cut by the ravens which is unlikely. Ryan Lindley. Remember him is he freeagent. Is that when a free agents don't don't know what that up a second. Marriott Matt Hasselbeck is on FL Sunday for ESPN right now when his brother. Writing a tandem bike. In problems. Telling Matt Hasselbeck is coming Foxboro so I don't know what veteran quarterbacks. That they gonna bring him I find it hard to believe they're not gonna bring in a veteran quarterback. Really don't. Let's go to Kevin. Dean wants talk about Trot Nixon. What's on your mind Kevin. Hey guys so I could forget that Clinton does quite slow climate does an art director mark in particular I brought it up and tell us what. My position that Grady Little made a great call capital. It will go back out to stop the next inning and not it was a little won't fly ball truck that Nixon totally misjudged. Chop it out. Realizes the state to watch succeed over Petrova double. Such Urban League locked out. And it would change to the not. Simple context of that game. Maybe but there was way too much more than half the body guard yeah delegate race. Yeah Hideki Matsui that the the gods don't cheer with Jeter camp Tenner I'm looking it up not a retreat. You you are by the way in the minority of people I've ever spoken in my life who feel that Pedro should have gone back out there and I'll tell you why. There is a stat. That Pedro Martinez I don't know if it was that season or career was probably that season after under that's half the 100 pitches some big bell went off inside him. And the opposing batting average went from this. Who's this. And it was it was get him out after 100 pitches. And ended the way that means you can you can you can cherry pick one particular play but I don't get beat up pretty good that in. Look pretty after the game that he didn't get the it is not our repentance you know that some may have been arrested and. Oh this is sort of a I'll hear argument is that the benefit of what actually happened right favoring here so Kevin as you point it cannot put the ball cavities your. Sex. Beyond what. Kevin beyond Trot Nixon and the way which is legitimate. Is your point that he should his Grady. Because are you gonna go down when your best you know best weapons agree. It's more than that just buying CDS all aren't greedy little. All managing which are to keep it a great job overall I think the assault on Grady littlest are. Overstated and not trot skated. On the play well thank you again completely local law. My point counterpoint to what you just said would be. That there was so not overplayed its ball you nuts he's box we're demanding now that this site crazy and in that in a loan at six. Are you nuts. I got to accept it. Ascendancy go to YouTube. And so instead he reached up 400. And. Oh my god Apollo doesn't. You it would have been a fine play feet made it do not tell me he misplayed that ball. Sorry no what what is treated no but doing and it's hitting the ball right you know. Trot Nixon acted like Michael do you that the leg still for the first turn in the end. He gained. Kevin yeah we're arm. Pedro was done he was to post even he knew it. Tim McClelland the home plate umpire who are rated to a 3 o'clock in the morning at scruffy Duffy in Times Square. Came in and I talked about the game said he was done. So where a judge okay so we've guides you side's second base now Bernie weighs just it's a rocket to center field was that front exits while so now. OK so so that that's them that's not hard basic. That by Bernie Williams it's cool is Derek Jeter. And now we've got a picture now we've got a picture right now we've got a week at Grady Little while the mob ought be just added an update on the shoulder means go back easily been a man right. And now it's not Pedro is still in the game now ago a judge still property of the rope on the right field line maybe structured to have that one so. But that I was like. That's the line drive to Hillary feel -- aren't. I'll repeat it's it's it's partly. I get that but I think debt if there is an awful lot of slope on. Great posadas up now. Libel law lets think about sort of does that appeal drops then great run well at Grady was fired because of that team. But it was bigger than that Grady was fired because he ignored. The entire front office and all the minions who came up with the stats and said that as a certain way to win and says that after a hundred page should take. Mean he was. Viewed as in subordinate. The result became a became a decision I mean that he was a guy who said you know what go get them. I'm gonna stick with what got me here I'm one of old school this is the guy who brought me to the dance on the dance would Pedro. But it was more than that was. Oh I think and it got what it. Sometimes you argued it tried to an awkward first step on the ball was hit off the bat could you can do that the fact that matters ball with all over his head. Off the right field walls the let's let's be measured here. Speaking in measured it's been so long had to go back and look at to make sure anywhere outside the top of the hour we are trendy coming up we get the final hour another hour ago after that another article on Saturday afternoon Aaron. WEI porch and buck stick around.