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SNE Sports Saturday 7-30-16 Segment #1

Jul 30, 2016|

Jason Taravella is solo in studio while Rooke and Cordischi plan their comeback. This is Jason's solo debut and he's champing at the bit to voice his positions.We review Boston's win in Anaheim, coming off their 4 game losing streak and celebrate Rick Porcello's first complete game as a member of ...

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Now it's time for southern new England sports Saturday southern away with sports Saturday on sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. Windup he owed to the wolves. Mom brought it to third grabbed by you know he says he fired ballgame over for the Red Sox end a four game. Losing streak behind red horse sellout. What's his record of fourteen into road and they beat the LA angels six to do here in Southern California. It will still within a game and a half of the first place Orioles in the American. And lately he's been division race. Good morning everybody welcome into southern new England sports Saturday. I have Jason's marvell Scott Courtney she is not what this genre is says Scott would say somebody in somewhere in northern Massachusetts is cranberry bogs. And I'm flying solo today so I hope you'll caller ID and call often you can group this call that. 417371287. You can Texas 737937. You can reach me on Twitter at. WEEI. Letter. TAR a VULA. At WEEI. And I want to start up the show talking about the Red Sox obviously that was a cut of the end of the game from last night's decision with the Sox. Earned it 62 victory ending a losing streak. And Rick yourself for everybody and I've been one of the biggest Rick Rick Marcel bashers just because of the contract in the time. That they gave Rick Marcelo the Contra before he even pitched. Really for the Red Sox in a significant in any significant gains and I think it was it was unwarranted at the time but. Seeing what we've seen from reports seller right now I think. Without. Without question as of this year he has been their most consistent pitcher. Just in terms of the contract and what he's done for the team you can look at Steven Wright and what he's done in his league leading RA in the American League. But I think from from top to bottom consistent wise reports all has been their best pitcher I think of his. A all his starts almost I think it's. Fifteen of on the big quality starts where he's gone at least six. At least six innings for the Red Sox and that is that is what you want from a number two pitcher that's earning twenty million dollars last year obviously. Last night he was able to gold the full. Full nine innings Hudgens seven pitches a very very efficient box score for Rick Marcel last night and it's something that. I think the Red Sox obviously needed given the recent slide they have where they have lost five to six. Split the first two games with the Minnesota Twins. And really kind of fell out of favor with a lot of Red Sox fans and lost a little bit of faith on what they were going to be able to do if they got into the playoffs. You know you they had a bit of recent homestand where. You were expected. That they were going to take care of business against the twins and against the tigers and obviously it worked out in the exact opposite worst case scenario you could say where they split with Minnesota. And got swept by the Detroit Tigers in Detroit's not a bad team. But they're also not a great team. And the Red Sox needed to make some hay. On their home stand in order for them to really kind of tread water when they go on the road is that's what good teams usually do. And they weren't able to do that and to be able to get a win last night and rest the bullpen it was extremely extremely important. For the Red Sox going forward on this road trip they have cause to Morris. With the angels including tonight and tomorrow night. And then they have games at four a four game set against Seattle in the up before game or excuse me three game set against the Dodgers is. That is not an easy way to start West Coast road trip it it those are three pretty good teams I know. LA's been scuffling a little bit but they are still. A very very good team their their team home. And the Red Sox needed to right the ship a little bit minority get back on track and to start trending in the right direction because they were allowing some of the some the other wild card teams to come back of the pack to come back to them and right now yup Baltimore Cleveland and Texas says your division leaders and Toronto Boston are still the wild card. The teams that are holding the first two wildcard spots that you have. The budget teams that are very close own. You know you look at Houston is only game and have back Detroit is only. Two games back in the Yankees the Yankees who everybody thought was dead and buried early for an halfback in Seattle is right there. At five games back so I think the Red Sox. Really need to take these next two dean two games. And hopefully Seattle slips up a little bit over the next couple games and now will allow the Red Sox that have a little bit of breathing room. Against the good pitching Seattle Mariners team a four game series against the Mariners is extremely. Important for the Sox to really get under way and put themselves in a good position to kind of separate from the rest the wild card pack in IE. I've really. Not I've not been impressed with the pitching as with the pitching for the Red Sox this year they have. You know first started CRA's they have warned their rank in the lower portion of the American league for the Red Sox and I. I just it's it's not necessarily the talent that's on the pitching staff that I'm not a fan of it's the attitude. It's really the the way they approached the game and this has been an ongoing theme with the Red Sox. For a long time in my opinion. You obviously had Lester who was fantastic but I think he kinda did his own thing when he was out there but. Odd the way the Red Sox approach. Hitters it seems to me they they nibble there's not really an aggressiveness of their approach to pitchers. The date don't really attack hitters when they can when they have that's how you look at a guy like David Price who absolutely without question. As account to be able to go after hitters and attack hitters and be aggressive. And get hitters off the plate and he doesn't really at least this year for the most for most of the season and he didn't he doesn't really seem to be willing to do that. He labors a lot when he's out on the mound and it's just it just has a book to write up from from an aggression standpoint with the Red Sox pitching staff but no. For all the bashing again that I've given reports so I think he has done a an excellent job this year fourteen into you look at you go down there look at the league leaders in wins for the American League in one of the last not one of the last. One of the people that you would not expect to be up there at the top is is report cell. And I think it's just a it's a it's kind of a nod to how he does. Pitched this year how he has kind of righted righted himself from last year he did not have a good year last year. Yet a foreigner into ERA in his first season with the Red Sox last year but this year. He's pitched much much better. He obviously had a complete game last night and that's that's very important for the next two games in order for the Red Sox to be with the usable open improperly. And if you don't know which you're gonna get from drew pom rants prominence has been kind of up and down he's only had two starts. But that. That really was not at the I was a fan of because I don't think Palmer it's that great a pitcher I understand the need for I understand the need for the pit for the pitcher. In general because I think the last thing that people want to see for the Red Sox. Is Clay Buchholz making another start I think everybody's kind of all set with him and we've seen what he's done on the mound and he. Utter some words that you've never heard me say an issue before you ready listen I agree with Jason thank you Scott was that rule where is always calls me unity exec Imus that. You have that Laura your and idiot thank you thank you Scott and I know I am. Are but I'll say it Shaq. Know Scott united jackass I in the it'd. And Scott is not a jacket that's not fail or blah blah blah blah freaky implied well what do you do when you come in here for forty minutes. Anyway are on I just think it's important for the Red Sox to. To get. And they shot the areas are and I think it's important for the Red Sox to. Right the ship is a dead and no get gay. Get going in the right direction because as I said before I think a lot of the fans said started to lose a little bit of faith with the Red Sox and how they how they played over the homes the end. And losing that game. Thursday night it was just a brutal brutal way to lose a game. I don't necessarily put that one on the manager I know a lot of people want to. I personally. Would have would have let David Price in the game I think it's after. A hundred in two when he pitches David Price the average for the batters that he facing is 200. And I think that. He was in such a groove through that 678 inning where he faced. 39 pitches in those three innings. He was in such a groove. That in my opinion it would have been fine to be David Price in there. And whether David Price blows that game and you lose that game anyway or Brad Brad Ziegler gets brought in and you you do lose a game like you did on Thursday night in the fashion that they did. I don't think any of that could have been put on the manager because they think Brad Ziegler the unfortunate thing was set he left a a pretty bad pitch over the plate for pools they hit. To get two guys on. And the rest of it obviously know we know what happened with the short hop from Shaw in the terrible terrible throw from Hanley Ramirez where you can tell that he was speaking about the double play before he even threw the ball and I think that's what. That's what and that's why the error happened in the errant throw happened allowed the two runs to score. On but. Now between price Marcelo in Steven Wright I think. You hope with price. That he is starting to pitch a little bit better because I think last night. Earth excuse me Thursday night it was the first game where you really saw. The attitude in the aggression I think a lot of people saw when he was in Tampa day. And you want to see that from prom price where it. They're they're just these innings where he sits there. On the mound and he thinks about it any thinks about in Nikos is a size two or three times before you actually makes a pitch. And what makes great pitchers in my opinion. Gray is not only this stuff but their attitude their ability to control the game their ability to go out there. And throat pitchers consistently. And frequently in keep hitters off balance and price for the bounce of the season. Has not been able to do that. But that Thursday night game that is what you want to see had a Dave price night and I can get. You know I can get a shut out every single time. You're not going to get a complete game every single time from Dave price but I think it's the the the waited he pitched the attitude the aggression. The nature of how quickly he restoring his pitches. And that shows you detect a group that you isn't so role strikes dammit exactly exactly thank you Scott talk show makes. Roche right there are too many times initially is this is just not a problem. With the Red Sox in the Red Sox pitching set it's a problem in baseball with these guys to sit there on the mound fiddle with their jerseys since day. And just move around and grabbed their char and talk their shared in a move their gold chain out of their neck and move it back in. And then they finally throw a pitch a minute and a half later and it's like. These guys let these hitters sit in the batter's box and get comfortable in if you want to have an advantage over a hitter. Throw pitches consistently if you got the talent to be of both or strikes in and place it where you want a place it frank you can bang bang. Thank you Scott you to keep hitters off balance you don't need disappearance they can over think things and I think sometimes with the Red Sox pitching stepped particularly. And I think this is an organizational problem coming from fouling coming from the pitching coach. That they over think things and that they don't just go out there in user talent in user ability to keep hitters off balance. On so that's where I want to start off the view of one no other listeners feel about the Red Sox and I want to. See how the red are the fans feel about the Red Sox. Chances of gotten into the playoffs because of the although they're holding one of the two wildcard spots. They have I think 41. Or forty of their last 62 games that are on the road and it's not going to be an easy stretch for the Red Sox they think they have. 34 days they're playing and they have one off day in that timeframe. So that they are going to be living out as lit living out of a suitcase and you know these guys do make millions of dollars and make a lot of money but it still. Not not an easy thing to play that many games in that many days without having any days off so it's gonna be interesting to see. How the Red Sox fare over the next few weeks because I think obviously that is really going to tell us whether there are going to be. In the play off makes or whether there are going to play themselves out of the playoffs. And I wanna know what the fans feel about how they feel about Farrell. How they feel about David Price per barrel. Is not going to be buyer know years and now now I think a lot of people wish that. I think a lot of people want that to happen and I just don't know that that's gonna happen anymore because. The Red Sox for the bounce of the season have been. Obviously ten or more games above 500 for for a large majority of the season I think. In order for John Farrell to get fired I think you were to really it had to have this slide that the Red Sox were on current. Continue. Through this and I'm series and I think through the Seattle series and maybe then you talk about a but I think at this point. With them being able to get the victory ink kind of write themselves a little bit. I I I just don't think it's gonna happen this year made it all happening offseason because as we got to remember one thing that Dave Dombrowski. Was brought in here and and he Farrell is not Dave Dombrowski sky. I think there are obviously. Some. Outside circumstances that that had foul stay here. Whether people want to believe that or not whether they like better or not I think that was there was some unfortunate circumstances without without going through. Chemotherapy in cancer treatment and you obviously applaud him from being for being able to get through that but I think. That was of one of the reasons why he was still there and I think the Red Sox brass I think the ownership in particular John Henry and Tom Carter one to stick with Farrell. And see what happens. It in the next in the next year or so and if at this point at the end of the season. They don't feel bad or Dave Dombrowski particularly doesn't feel that. Feel that he belongs there then. Then at the end of the year it's it's up to Dombrowski because again it's not vows guy it's not felt fells guy. So. You know I wanna get the fans' thoughts on that how they feel about probably how they feel about the Red Sox chances going forward and you know in particular. What are what are the what does that gritty feel about David Price you know because this is somebody that was paid the absolute ton of money. At the in the offseason to common here and B the quarter pole ace. And I just don't think he's been able to perform to the level that people who have expected him to you know outside of Thursday's game where he went eight innings and gave up apps and no runs and was fantastic. You know yeah he had those two games against twins in the and the Yankees where he went five and two thirds innings and gave up 22 hits eleven preach team. We earned run against the Yankees in five earned runs against the twins and notes in my opinion that's simply not good enough for a pitcher. Who's making them that type of money we all have to do better in especially David thank you. And if you simply wanna take the contract out of discussion. He's gotta ask yourself this. Is the performance that David. Nearly ten I think is nine point six strikeouts and nine in. Foreign net four point eight strikeouts walk ratio which is. Which is a good strikeout to walk away ratio and a I'd make one concession most of pitches Red Sox have required that were a big impact or significance. A sharp opened their first year you look at Josh Beckett. Coming in in 2006 with the Red Sox he was 1611. Vienna five ERA gave up 36 months in his first year. And obviously you divert Marcelo. Last year in 2015. Yet a for an eye to ERA with a Red Sox in his first season you know there is there's some people that would look at and say on the other hand though Curt Schilling was excellent with the Red Sox in the Al three. Season and in the post season in even though Josh Beckett was pretty bad. With the Red Sox in his first season no sex. He was absolutely nails for them in the post season every time he went out there at the end it was ugly for Beckett but for the bounce of this time that he was here. He was fantastic in. Maybe we have a bizarre world situation happening with David Price where he is pitched so well bird. Every year that he has been in the major release him he has pitched horribly. In the playoffs and maybe this year we just yet that average performance from price in the in the regular season and we get if the Red Sox are fortunate enough to make it. Maybe we get a situation where price pitches out of his mind in the post season and I think that's what everybody's hoping for. Because that up up to this point it it really has not been what. People have expected from a guy like David Price a guy of his talent. And some people look at thirty years old and see that he's transitioning to be different pitcher that the velocity is not necessarily yeah. But. You know he was throwing 9596. Consistently over his last three or four sides so I don't think the velocity is an issue. It seems to me to be a mental thing with David Price and you hope that. A performance on Thursday night is going to be able to get him in the right mindset to pitch. The way that everything and it's expected this pitcher to pitch for the bounce of the season and hopefully for the playoffs. So we were a lot of take your calls we can take your calls 741737. 12 we seven you can text the show at 379 or ten runs or our phone lines are open though. Well once again I am Jason Tehran Times my has opened thank you Scott you sound just like bill. I filling in for John rookie and Stockard this year who neither of them aren't studio today. We do miss them severely we missed you Scott who wish you were here. But good Vettel took off like. And I think we're gonna take a break. And when we come back from break we will Ross starts to take some phone calls 17371287. You can Texas 37937. You can nip yup on Twitter. At. 37. SN USS.