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Live from Patriot's camp day two 7-28-2016

Jul 29, 2016|

No Ordway today, as Lou and Christian discuss Pats camp and the Red Sox losing streak

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Our ID eight nearly year patriots camp. A sunny overcast light drizzle left the baseball guys would do anyway there's appeals. We easily bring players. What looked outside come out the dugout. Someone's hand would get wet by what little drop him that well well skip looks like it was probably take it in and play video games and Libya there may be you know get a medical golf that's sort. Happen Libyan cage boom it would probably be out there so it just myself. Will baloney Christian Fauria here's the up back the old school and efforts calculators room nicely look. For the big open. I already have no more pitches no more complain and no more him talking over Joey axle feel like good old days you don't you don't block is noticed that he would orderly out Joey shows up. I don't think there's something through that or let you know orderly if mr. denies there's gonna sit around home down social go to the beach. Yeah yeah exactly don't have any ought to dump this on for awhile now weighs in humid it's been oppressively hot with a nice elaborate. It would do is all so good right there we just and it in the trees in the plant flowers but it measles school bills won't drink if we get the one island to do it and I hope that people will be calling and the and apple you'll pick on order went a little bit more today because he's not here. He can't defend himself he can't they but it in like talk over so no one hears the wine so he called could still have time. And if you want to get six point 7779 for 3535. Eagles and emails are one in line at WEEI. Dot com arts and yesterday. Percent maybe a third string how they can use these guys yes they did a show. Just by our I would though like guys understanding that we we for the most while we thought it was split up replica. Believe it was pretty even as far as drop below and Brady went. Even this morning when they're going through there I guess the call walked through what's about baseball players call full sprint Gator caught through federal orders. And so we have three different line combinations they and it decode percent is as his own little group. Wind. All the young rookie offensive linemen and lenders Brady and and it's Rockwell. And then you could tell how to split up because Bryant stories with one group and David managers is another one and it has kept flip flop that. But that's all the kept doing what the Senate's flip flop you know they're you know they're trying to make sure that you have you know the most stressful both those guys but. If your chart at how the hell can you tell it's day two there's no way you're gonna know. Out of Jeff Parker breaks down the barrel drop below 2429. Attempts. Eighteen of 2111 elevenths and completed his last seventeen of his that's. Eighteen pro and you know what's gonna happen it's it's going to be an every day you feel that people are going to be. And Heidi you know and I can even tell that's good Heidi no that's good who is grapple thrown too easy sort of some god has no idea worry where the office is going. This he is he torrent with the Martellus Bennett. Going to get some scrub quarterback that has no business covering him to operating linebacker number eight when he won it to a new nine grew up mostly forced Alina. Starter fame is that the starter is doing with starter should hear what. He should do but I did think you know because again what were up here you looked around and you know you trying to figure this thing and you look at them who's he with what senator valid but Tom Brady no seven on seven on seven. He was kind of splitting it the first reps. But what got to 1111. Going to Jeff file second string offensive line okay gore against the back up defense which is kind of will we expect not a maybe today grapple takes first reps seven on seven. Right and Brady's first reps level I don't know. And it looks like they're there you know the looks like gonna implement goal line personnel employed do much rough like that. I mean I like the fact that these guys duke it gives you an actual data on number you can chew on. But realistically just it just doesn't mean anything does anything whatsoever. All everybody right now is is split reps he'll want to Arctic a significant rep elect a fourth and fifth ring at wide receiver linebacker they're getting practice. After practice to practice sends. And because there's not enough time to get all the reps and up for younger guys who need to work also basically after practice and they run the exact same routes that the ones the Tuesday during the practice but. It's like ten minute the extra period that they run. As we sit here day to patriots mini camp down here in Foxborough we're gonna get that Red Sox and David Price is out and. Ought to athletic Christian wants to say if you were to vote Haley premieres perceive. Buffalo this first hour of our show host brought you by Buffalo Wild Wings for the location nearest you go to Buffalo Wild Wings dot com. Buffalo Wild Wings wings beer sports spectators buffalo wild. Right Mansfield elected to listen and you get picked buffalo while you love in the so we can whispers of time through talking about you know week for week five you roses opened. With the situation going to be like for Brady in in bill addressed that yes they read out the top the bill was this almost the start of week five. But then this morning you know with. Someone walks and we can even identify this guy that he asked an usher aren't you might not do it there wasn't anybody I've no idea what this is because everybody cared blocked from any source of c.s texting one of his boys that it was not a regular. We've heard from others not a regular. Itself. During bill Belichick's. Media. Press conference were everywhere all at this morning. The bills get a little bit. Start. At the beginning he had he didn't do five starters in July. We've passed. Look I closed its. No. Odd to connect you can't go after did you ask the follow about the follower. You're better than that the actual audio in just drop an honest guy would be individual. But it Gigabit and you can just imagine Bryant was his field will be. Wouldn't socialistic. It is just drop in America really take bill out of the equation. Any coach. Would say it dude it's the exact same thing like a euphoric dictating the vote and overeat that your. If you're talk about it for you reply to every right anecdotal. I mean it's the second day of camp and here comes them out now like Yahoo!. Trying to light. Earl like it was not paid attention at all. Ordered some would say out twenty bucks that was released after the yachts and hello to order. It useful thing Glen or way past me or told you asked this question yet. Or somebody is that you do is gonna happen if we talked about for at least two. And I agree release it doesn't matter Buddhist NATO Bridgewater right but at this is Tom Brady you know I mean we answer questions on Green Bay you know Enron I mean that there is. They sort hierarchy here in the NFL and I agreed and ranked in overjoyed guys that level may Ryan of course right that he's my starter. But you could tell that Yotam billion bill's gonna have to address this. Mr. given knuckle heads that discount often in left and right after week one key plays well if he plays well let's say they play while they lose deeply while they went. What I think that's a question that's worth asking if he likes that up really a mile that music just that is like will mean. Yes it's Tom Brady but listen I'm the captain obvious here at the Geico I don't think he's gonna do this but he adds up. You know throw for 300 yard that he is looks unbelievable. Which he's not going to but it does you can't help but seeker it's a matter. It sure does feel weird like changing gears now we went and he's got it under control I know it's Tom Brady says Joseph Montana and Ron Amadon. Right Ron Amadon knew it was going to be a great quarterback mean he was he played great college it was great and it's a foul and it names of the baca. But yet then then it than usual question that you question are there to question a week five against Cleveland. Jimmy grapple plays great. And it goes in my view bill gives you that response. Whether to week 123 or four. You'll drop that on you even if we even Jimmy looked good. Is which still talking about Tom Brady and he targeted about Joseph attainable when Tom Brady's that Joseph once in a part of as Korea. I don't think. I I I think not only guilty of being the corner Max Kellerman can come sooner than later but still. I don't think he's there you know two years from now meet the same scenario played out we have a discussion but. I'd have to think Tom Brady last year. And airports last year member before the offensive line was in shambles and Julian Edelman went down in. We're we're done this agrees that looked in his. Career of Iran and looking back at the defense is that he went against the youth center Lockheed did better than I thought. Because like you broader outlook the Denver Broncos did that Cam Newton a meat beat him silly about him look what he was the MVP of the league. And he could not do anything bomb Miller a lot to do with that but now you know what he was up against really like. But when you look at you take it into perspective of look back you sit while he did better than we thought he. He was doing under the circumstances are the what he did what he had for help. We think about bush or defense electoral their offensive line and the fact that they were you position. To win that football game I think says a lot about where Tom Brady inside out a battle give Jimmy drop below is it's lights out for four weeks. Now relating to our fans disagree with that but if he's lights out this that this will get the same response from him. From every player it should get the same response from any credible national guy even though we know it's gonna be some guy who's out there that that will stir the pot. A little bit how Patrick should not Tom great trait Tom Brady back up Jimmy drop bloody that's a joke. I think that this this topic. Is gonna go the same way that the flaky when it's going to be the same stupid questions is going to be the same overkill on the same issues. And it's gonna be redundant. It's an Adam we get so sick of it because the answer is doesn't matter what Jimmy grapple does it doesn't matter at all what he does. Brady will be backed. Understand yes we I do agree in now if you wanna change your argument state is we are talking look this yesterday that's the you can get it week five out of here what Jimmy drop below does when you get it. And we seven. We gate. Yummy welcomes that looks as Cleveland which I don't expect him you know about it I've heard many people that there's got so bad for Cleveland. Well that week one after missing four games or would it shock we know because they've seen a duel before but I almost go with that game expecting. You know it'd VO a couple of drives that just you know stalled because of maybe it's time being miscommunication and bad bad throw whatever might be. But week seven at that continues for two or three weeks and been grapple with that look good that's still in your memory then I think people both department. My only a Mac Apple's getting weak nine I don't know but the sorts fortieth there's no bye week in between there right now there about a week of the is we nine yes okay so no I don't listen I I do I sit there and I think about it. The guy's been in the same offered his entire career. The optics has only changed because he wanted to change or because they had different players that position that that they've that they can take advantage of certain matchups. But I can tell he will be back there. And it'll be like never left dump it here template there 'cause he's going to be jacked. You can imagine what raucous gonna view element and it dole up all those players are all going to be jacked for him so it's going to be. Almost like the start of the season all of organ in my opinion. I mean in hopefully. You know there at at 314 note type deal in their attitude to you can just tell that OK captain back. Things are fine. Every situation is the count full on the world about it damp day knows exactly what it's doing. So all he has to do all to grapple has to do. It's just keep the ship from sinking just keep it above ground even at the bail a couple of times bales of water that's fine. You don't have to be great doesn't stop screwed up to me give me Matt Ryan Q you mentioned Matt nice to meet Teddy Bridgewater give me. These middle of the road to point Jabber performance at fit. You know and and that's and that's all you need to worry about. Well Romeo go back to the Cleveland game would expect from Brady. Now after having four weeks off there's you know it's it's a different from me in baseball is different because you know vote and be in Arizona wrote that for 78 weeks and you train your absolute tail off. You know and it's like basically two days to agility than baseball Mitt day then it's you know lifting weights in the afternoon in he walked in camp. And after doing all that and you know what I'll. We joke about it we don't do anything in camp we stand around we swing we take ground balls in a matter what I do in the off season. When I come to camp that first week it to your body's a little bit sore withered to keep growing quad didn't feel the ground balls are back from swinging your hands whatever might be. And don't sudden you know weeks later you'd ethnic a couple cuts to jump into the game 1995 and the like will who. In the league than the season's start the point is that every single level at speeds up and you think you're prepared. But intrigue in it you enough to oak trail once for four weeks. We got here trained to speed on anchor regular season game. Islanders knew what I was silly that for vets for older guys you just don't need as much work and here's the thing so that's he was hurt. But say he got hurt weak one at them it's yet it need get a Craig Kimbrel neat we get to recap through reasoning was back so far too comes back. How would it be after that injury it's still up playing. He selected any physical reps to keep mental rest it's worth anything in the and he watched him you want but real the real timing of this of the sport. So look at it that way I think he's going to be more than fine better than five. I don't care if he's brought to public high school kids. Kevin ball I don't think it matters. I think when he comes back. He's going to be dialed in because he's never not been dialed. Was he not been dialed and even go back to last year the preached peace he didn't sock. But the offensive performance while he was out there sucked what completing passes could get anything thought it was like three now multiple times. Going into the fourth beaches were still starting and do things. And Jimmy grapple with doing everything musical while what's happened Brady can't get the ball out that's a drop passes can't sustain any drives. Then the regular season starting is just being dunked bam boom there you go eagle rock wants them this is adamant some of that. It was easy like art here we go again I don't I honestly don't think it's going to be out he's gonna lose a step but it's not like he's going to be sleeping intellect and you know he'll be up early work and now they'll do that we all will see if he's been allowed Colorado across the street TB twelve or patriot place. I don't know that considered. You know we have just been discussed is that considered what you know. Ball well Terrero either employee of the two and a patriot if you work out right so we're gonna sit here fox broke date through training camp and take your phone calls six point 77790937. All day long road to talk football to do wanna touch and Red Sox last night. Because it's becoming a habit. The last six losses now for the Boston reds that you look at and say that a chance to win each and every one of them. They just can't make the plays that gimmick you know executed pitch a ticket they hit when they needed. Whether. David Price gave you exactly what you needed and it still wasn't good enough because chaired we energy to 85 shot you'd down. And no balls were hit hard but. For a row now six of seven as you start this series this long homes whose road trip rather. You've got exactly what did you wanted from a guy David Price to you look at. All you do is listen to this out and guys have to miss out of the way this game and I wanna hear a sound about how this team and because to meet you bought. A not. Eight innings pitched great. I mean I don't it don't give me this all its and it's angels are not very good lie and it doesn't matter he went out there he needs to right the ship he did it and like this he delivers. When a ground ball hit the first Bentley throw the ball. Well. Okay stronger than throwing your mind. The Red Sox will. It home and. Win on the Droid here. Or storing the how crushing defeat for the Red Sox as they squandered great pitching performance. By David Price and the LA angels. Why. Now before you go off let me just say this. The problem wasn't trying to turn they'll play. Those bases loaded one out he's you can actually see it as he releases the ball he's actually trying to get back to first base. Any made a mistake. And you know I've seen it before but it cost this team dearly he should've been more focused on that. News that comes from the first baseman because if they do about it back to back a little as one of the first mistakes you you make his first basement. And it's as its first base do you throw the ball at second. And as an opponent ought to second base you know we gotta get back the first that a guy can relate back. And at one of the first things he says don't worry we'll get back to the back make sure you exude good and it is second because maybe the pitch you can get over it after you make it to pitch. Then try to give back don't try to do too much nearly repairs last night tried to. The senate so what's the most important thing get a four out one out one up and that's it that's what does little to Portland or just wrote. Okay this. The chatter on hand has basically and me he's taken some great plays defensively very good over it. The ball release while he made nice nice nice play earlier in the game yesterday. He missed another drop Shawn eighty but I blame. Mayors that. Like guys that you like months ago. Eventually. Games that matter and big time games were the circumstances are high and you need to right the ship it back on track he's gonna screw it up. I screwed up. And I know he's trying to maybe do too much for that job to do too much or jobs to get out. The one out stop the bleeding the was not pitching great bases were loaded. To stop the bleeding man if I hear it's one that nothing it's nothing. And he he says all the right things trying to do too much of the matter it's not about you. It's not about you about the team giving. Think it may not matter at all but at this point time when Baltimore had lost cavity out back of them and you lost the you know it. I don't wanna keep harp on it but I know it's gonna happen again if that is to hear it for every great things that he does. Because he does a lot of great and they are trying to blunt. Like it's gonna get up there like five people I knocked him like. He does that. Come on now and can I play that. That big of a bonehead play and that situation. Another guy a lot of games all right and by this it's a race every game matters and Europe and team has not been playing well you get an opportunity. Eight shutout innings from your race who's been struggling himself. He needs some. Solid. Have a mental error could not be considered mental error if your if your rating at their regular you know minus minus. That's the Mets the mental that's amid the letter and a physical that's trying to. You cover the bag before you can throw that was mistaken is that this that this team right now. Has some issues. You know because you're you're you're losing ball games in this one guy you can rely that is been outstanding since you acquired it was Brad Ziegler that you of one Heatley point Unix. Whatever it was this last institute join the club. And he goes up gives up the bomb that Miguel Cabrera makes a bad it may be elevates it will be too much. Allman Cabrera that he comes at last one up the rest and David. Three consecutive it. In the bears played an above average first makes. It makes dinner tonight Anderson they're saying okay. Mean those things are gonna happen right but unfortunately it happens when. The consistent things aren't going well right you finally get an appearance from David Price and guys have been relying on in certain areas. Now said they don't give it a bit it's manipulate it it would be like. Playing a game and executing epic tonight for example everything going well and all of a sudden in nine. Jackie Bradley dictionary and you lose the game UT's I was even thinking that he would screw up. You know and I was in the thicket at this now problem or whatever might beat. Four straight six of seven. You make some adjustments this team this roster. Should be winning these games in his team back last night. Every budget come in every that you become what it should have been warned often in night. I've gotten to Weaver is Jonas soft serve up there to lead by an industry and that's an adjustment believe me it's below hitting speed. And they hit balls aren't idiots a bad luck. Doesn't matter I mean just as soon find a way to put three or four up on that you absolutely. Have to. This goes back to elect of the offense stopped the use that word ball right now. Lleyton close. Yeah things late in games in and you know focusing on hand because that's. Basically you know that's the walk opted by Daniel for you now are. Are right that it took to. Battle you should never get interviewed related game winning ground ball for that need to monkey beliefs. Okay like a close data that was Gatorade on what I spinning me. The Red Sox the thorny tough is it five ask about real quick image on them to rate the rate. Now I agree if you missed it should have been in that position as one. They work. And it's the young guys a rookie. Up first year player. Making a bone headed decision and and the man you know you're smack himself on and got an open that yeah got to be Smart and got to be at the and it got up. If look at this everybody's on it the crowd go crazy. You can't make a bonehead mental error and that's the way should just get easy outlets. If we can buy this thing. A witness and now with the starting pitching salute the leaks you've got that bull that upstart a look at this offer it's no wonder what's going on with that as well. Will get your reaction 61777979837. How concerned are you with the Red Sox. A out there and West Coast we'll talk about it next week with us.