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D&C with Jackie MacMullan in studio to talk Danny Ainge & the #Celtics 7-25-16

Jul 25, 2016|

ESPN's Jackie MacMullan are in studio to discuss the state of the Celtics, including Gerald Green's signing over the weekend and a glut of players on the roster.

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Dying to know. Why daddy games reminds me of my grandmother Lovie sellinger. Like. These that your now. What he collected hubble's and every couple we should get another Hubble from a lead our arts. That on the show. New humble a picture daddy. Going getting another guard in putting on the show and think oh look. I've gathered. Another guard we now have Gerald Green we now have 4371. Guards played for the Boston Celtics. After each. Well for one thing. And he's all about and they always has been and always will be about gathering assets and so he doesn't care. Where do you think are I think. He just takes the best player OK so there ego. So that's rosier last year they thought he was the best guy on the board. Make no sense to me at the time I didn't know enough about currency players to make this team better next year he makes the team. Guarantee so what's so it Earl Greene wins two games for you. Is ports. Just ask you know he can be a shooter shooter in knockdown shooter now. You know the only the best remaining suitors are Dion Waiters and scarce and I would say buyer beware on both. So Gerald green is no risk low volume. You know insurance via about the idea I. I'd a little surprising take on Gerald Green because. You know I am the folks in Miami weren't so pleased that Gerald Green off. Shockey really well Ichiro latter won the dunk contest yet and not to rise of immigrant labor sixteenths or seven times these. It's been around I was OK with Phoenix Wright didn't have a veteran surgeon had to be kind of came back with Phoenix but. DR remember when Dickerson was doing the sideline he called he called me from Vegas and said. Gerald you showed up without entourage. In this was his second season right you've ever at the end of the rookie season. Yet some great games when it's all garbage time yeah you know he won the dunk contest it was Gerald has an entourage. This is not good. And alleys and you know he was Ryan mates at Mara timers who of course they decried at a town right its ship camera that account. So I will see I don't think it's a big deal either way but that that doesn't mean that the Celtics are done I don't think they are but that might. That might not not mean now that might mean. We I think there are a great position took on the title we have to wait probably another year or two from Wickes. Fireworks due on our race that fire is trying right I know let's I I don't think the people are missing with Al Horford is it's just not as simple. As to any Al Horford. Like getting first I'll get in Al Horford was significant because we've we've covered ad nauseam. The dearth of free agents have come willingly write this down member KG was traded near Ray Allen was traded here Bill Walton mysteries. So that in itself is significant and that and it got them into the conversation with Kevin Durant got him in the room with Kevin to. And that's why it's it's as much as what Al Horford will do for them on the court as what it's done for them now. As in terms of perception and a destination yes as a destination. And that's almost more significant in a way that what Al Horford will do for them this seat I thought Durant had put out his list of. Five or six before the Horford thing was consummated. But. You don't think that they just signed Al Horford starting July 1 you know. According date talked about a remember at the all star game or everybody and it just argued he said to somebody and politically for you next article I've I've and that's right. It's so this is a thing so be it you know they're sanded to rent we're gonna get Horford so what did you consider us because we're we're we're pretty sure we're pretty I'm pretty confident we're gonna get our. So going forward here. It tried for Jimmy but when you try for Jimmy Butler maybe you get a media don't again the actor Reinsdorf again. I don't think they're gonna move Jimmy Butler that's not rice are only good moment if you watched it and right now he doesn't want to. So we've moved on from Kevin Durant because obviously he chose to the not the alpha dog but one of three in the lead pack. I want to Jae Crowder a problem with that in just a little bit that your take on on on that pact but. Now we turn our attention I think Celtic fans. Westbrook bright and I'd be fine with that. However take a page from Dave Dombrowski I don't wanna give up the future and these draft choices from Brooklyn. Guy who's going to be essentially a rental and has Hollywood stars in his eyes bright some. My MBA sources had told me before free agency began and I heard from. GMs and coaches. Andrei John and and Russell whispered we're gonna be a packaged Italy. They were gonna. You know prick their fingers and blood Brothers and go together LA and what a drama do. You re upped. So so much for the blood Brothers what that doesn't mean though experts still you know he's from Los Angeles it's right that chatter. It makes sense that he's a Laker kind of guy that makes sense to me. But if you trade for Westbrook without a guarantee. The patent it what you it is not just a umi yeah right right is significantly different than what you're gonna give up. If you have an agreement with. That you know expert will come but how about how does that work in the celtics' favor what's the best case scenario in Mets in nets and well the best case scenario as you you say don't say we want you treat people we want and we want to extend your right away right. And he says OK I'll do and then you pull that it no peace is no. You know what do you do that as you bet yeah I think I'm a Celtics. I Estrich I get that I get why anyone would want Russell Westbrook but I'm looking at the 2000 and I know people I know another year seems like attorney but I think they're gonna improve next year let's start of that right. And then you go look at that 2017. Free agent class. And we know the obvious Westbrook a lead lead the pack their we've heard about Blake Griffin also freeagent Durant again right. Antibodies I I sincerely doubt it but let me just throw some other names you know the ones that interest me almost as much. Yeah honest until the corps ball is a free agent in 2017. Gordon Hayward. Is a free agent if she collaborated. Is what is what does that mean. Well when I look at Gordon Hayward pizza shooter. Yes but but people say. Well he played for Brad and that's were the reasons she could could and that and that's spots now way I would being busted women well but like when icy Westbrook. Indeed it differs or two to Westbrook and I hate to lose leaps and bounds right but you have to give you're gonna have to give up. A lot sure west for you might not have to give up anything but if you look at what Hayward and you have. You have Gordon Hayward you have Al Gore was a year old there. What I was only 27 you're right all right revved up but but let if thousand year old does that make your championship contender. I think it does. Well really I could just because I think then you fill in the blanks after that Hayward I think is underrated in this way people talk about his offense I think he's a great defender. If you go back and look at the Utah Jazz over the course of the season he started the best player on the opposing team it currently at. They democratically I think I can't I think they have an economic radically I think they can I articulate because I don't think that would be yet seat that's what happens right you have a player than an. Ernie but OK but if you record it would mean that's a Max deal correct yes it's an annual seven Max deal already in the books with with more right to let me give you some numbers here okay. So here's the thing about your core your Boston Celtics score in this this brings us back to our frenzy Crowder. Such Crowder is signed through the year 20/20. You know the most money he'll make that deal. Seven point eight million dollar and yet not even known I didn't seven point eight million in the year 201920. Euros that just signed teller. Tyler's Ellen yeah eight million dollars for next year and yet on guarantee. The first actresses completely get text and you're probably never will see right Amir Johnson's up next year there's twelve million. Tyler is Alex take the eight million off shore radko makes five million could take that off Gerald Green at that doesn't work out one point four million. And you have a team option for market Smart Terry rosier RJ hunter James Young. All look on. I don't all America I'm I mean it the identity it. Keep market Smart I am not a gap I'm not a fan I'm a big fan really I'm a I can't think she's a good shooters not a shooter I don't care about is shooting so much it's everything else about that I love. The fact not a threat at the moment but he's he went to a worries me. Now and help heat heat heat impacts the game on the defensive end of the floor and he turned back to one that that Atlantic and right turn that series around you could even argue with that one expert. But if you're asking me in a perfect world onto the coop that's on. I would probably going to do to be 22 years ago I announced at a dining spot and I would go there and how it's because I I only filled in for like two Celtics games in my whole life is as oh with us yet and it wouldn't want them beat the Milwaukee I had to learn how to say on political bloc is Gorman at best to work with these days the green backs so as soon mean. Maybe you could do this little bit all of closets and it was a great wonderful one candidate or two times it was just tremendous I would go to addicted to global I would go at him. I wanna go over Haywood. Gold and that's that commercial because he's 22 years all these guys have now that the code below and there is a little bit but I'm gonna talk about lack of maturity. There's a little bit doesn't always play hard and that's a Euro deal that's Euro well it's really fair though. They're they have been fatal if it's a different type of game it's that it's a gross out more perimeter game right but I don't know if they're. Against unfair to say that all Euro guys don't play hard I don't believe I backed it games that we can produce. I would say. I say if the price were the same if all things were equal and bowl Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant were avail. I might rather have Kevin. Umps are Russell Westbrook and Kevin. You know alone on my team you know and I really flipped the thing we're Westbrook I disagree with what 1000% where do you win Westbrook place. The game right. He has phenomenal but you can't always that. When he can be when he finally realized. In the playoffs Oklahoma City that. Durant has to take the shots it was a what's on the post season acumen which gave it was a both took third when shots and they lost. And it was like in no rush she got to get the ball to rat. When he manages the game and takes the shots and give it to him I think Westbrook is lethal when he tries to be a Kevin Durant typed. What hurts that's. Bassist there's only one speed for west Burke and that's what I respect so much it's fast for all the time not all and I love that about him. Andy he had accident story earlier this summer for espn.com on. How NBA players train and how we we think because they played two games a year that can eat whatever they want they can do whatever they want. And I was talking to the guy that works with breast book he said the test he's the guy that you have to tell you have to take it day off. And. I believe that yet I believe so you but you would take you your direct them well I just I'm looking at the team and and the function of it and and how he would fit here seven quota they can make threes and also a data I don't know I kind of think that works yet I guess I mean out of the race to connect it to Westbrook. You know and I think that's one of the reasons why Durant left in is because I don't think he'd. He wants to win a championship which is which is great and those of people had a problem because he left to UN played for the team that bounced them and Larry would have never done that match narrower than that. But I don't know if the ring it felt he could trust west. That's for a while obviously I mean there is always at an angle Canucks beat the out on the list of Enron I'm citing close. But I I think too if you are if you're to rant you're saying it was for what you gonna do because he's up now is that what you gonna do and let's for. I don't know if he said hey man I'm not a year or maybe he said I don't know either way you're looking at ethnic and what I'm Rea for six years. With Oklahoma City and this duke leads nominal Oklahoma City. Right so the Golden State decision didn't surprise you as much as its brightest most people. It surprised a little bit I thought it what I thought he was gonna do was go back to Oklahoma year one more unity and you'll all in and out and do it all over again that's what I thought you know Oklahoma City has all sorts issues 'cause that Stephen Adams is up next year you know. Gold states going to be the Villa in the black at. Right it's not final yet I know I know about those guys are hot guys you know it's a but I agree is the fact that he's super teams have been assembled the Miami Heat related ailments and that's the point out I was right to view the San Diego remember. If he were a mess for a good portion and yes a mess. There a lot of talent they expect to play very well and they debated in the first year right who the data when the first year they would. Know that diversion but the second in the press check in and that right. Let's check in one. What that was was that would with Dwyane Wade now that outlook our bronze yeah yeah yeah confers no rights that it would to a report out with the broad and and they had trouble jelling the first year. And that's what until a few gold its stated there is they've already occurred here and dream on greens probably gonna realist touches right. And I. Green is is is a wildcard for them in that he is probably. Their most outspoken leader. And but he's crazy. And I think you've seen a little bit of it with this thing that happened in the solid state he dodged a major bullet right or some issues there that need to be addressed. By the front office of the Golden State Warriors to. C you know if dream on green is going to calm you know we were talking about Iran currently right yeah he's got to change some of the way he handles himself crazy is it easier to feel like the odd man out. I don't think that you know what that is so he's crazy but he's not crazy like that he's one of the best teammate he can ever asked where he doesn't get hung up on numbers and attention and all that which that's not his problem. Brings us to this I don't know Kevin Durant back on the river interview haven't. I. I think he's they wrote the Smart guy can you confirm or deny that Jackie it's not a dumb not a doubt right now notes are very thoughtful yet there was a lot of room and needing about where he was going to go and assessing the situation may be made a list of pluses and minuses. Brawl five or six of these. Teams that he was. Allowing him to the real. I assume at some point he had to Satan himself when he narrowed it down to say Oklahoma. City Boston and Golden State. Are aptly Thompson. And haven't ran I am going to get fewer touches so he has to be okay with the ultimate toll finally understand that but but. But the fact of the matter is that's going to happen through whom does the offense run and all three will get you were shots correct. And it's everybody on board with that. I think they aren't and here's the other thing that I think I can tell you about step curry in the wake of what went on in the finals it is. You know he became our dark IE BK everybody starts right and and they struggled. And I think. He's OK with the idea of not having. Teams being able double team him. Every second up the floor if you've got clay concentrate on green Kevin Durant stepped curry on your defense is spread out like what the heck you know who gonna double team it. How can afford to do it itself I think stepped curry welcomes us especially in the wake of pretty bad collapsed back on mistake by Leo play well in the play as evil and one I do think I was still at clubs submit that he was hurt for much of that playoff series. I don't think there's a 100% I think it's wise not at Rio. And so. It we can do we can debate how much that in effect you have to play through injuries everybody was hurt in the playoffs that right now sick and you gotta give LeBron as chops with most incredible performance. Again that's you know and everybody gets carried away with staff and in the splash Brothers I would still maintain the brunt of this planned world still is which you know what. Funny when they were down 31. And you're watching LeBron you're thinking. In his what does in his could he can't. Is his outside shooting is gone all those those questions were battle and then I could turn it around wish they were caught on and it was incredible. All right this takes us back to restore that the couple of days shall I still find it a little bit injured pocketed Jackie's of this Libya would get her take. Jae Crowder is best at the Boston Celtics not so much Kevin Durant. But the Boston Celtics and he talked about a trip to the the Hamptons that Tom Brady was the pay mr. He's in what may be mad is we bleep and told him everything we do to beat these guys we beat both Cleveland and Golden State on their home court. We told him everything we did the beat these guys and we beat them. And then he went and joined him I mean that's part of the process but I do did not think he would go to those two teams. Afterwards I was talking to Isiah Thomas like maybe after you sit back we shouldn't have told him everything but who the bleep body was gonna go to Golden State now if if his anger is genuine. And he thinks. The state secrets. The secret recipe that was handed to him. Is somehow not evident on tape when they look at it prepare for the Boston Celtics next year I mean is this is this like a straw man argument. I think. I am I. The Boston Celtics they've embraced the idea that I wanna be here I wanna be part of this I wanna win I wanna make this happen and let me just tell you something if you trade for Russell Westbrook. Jae Crowder will be in that deal for any significant declared you're gonna. Trade for. Jae Crowder is going the other way because he's turned out to be a wonderful two way player for the Celtics we know he was also. Banged up a bit the policies he didn't shoot the way you'd like to but we just went over his salary six point 76 point 26 point seven very attractive. Just it's so. So the passion is great. His argument is still. Honestly right I mean it just doesn't make any sense at all is he somebody I cannot and and I think it's really nice it should be Cleveland and Golden State on their home floor but. You know you couldn't in a milling you could even beat Atlanta in a serious idea yeah I went to some respect. I wish they'd heard the audio of it. Because you wonder if it's a bit tongue it's because he's a Smart guy anybody prices are giving away secrets it's ludicrous and everybody watches film. Everybody understands what the other guys who are especially basketball solid football. He it's just not that complicate. It's also do you have the personnel to do what you wanna do in the Sykes plays certain way because they're built on this. The you know bad series has looked at what he said he's an okay here's what we're gonna do. You know. The Golden State Warriors. Don't care what the boss so writes and directs a wide yet it would reduce Ike tactical question you may yet. When Brady went in we used to rant because they emit from over two hours. If Brady's not there. They meet for 45 minutes good question good question I think the the love the Kevin Durant and all the others have given Tom Brady was genuine. It gives you an idea of the star power. Of Tom. Again here and and I I you know the elegance of flake and I know nobody does but I'll tell you what the worst thing for me about. That super ball was with tuchman introduced I'm pretty neat booed the living day Ariel Australia I just still can't believe now that I still can't surprised by that. Really why the village the peso bill now I know what I still I don't know just. Panel and it's always handled himself well like I just people can Denver travels on. Deborah travels well Richard problems before we take a break rich what's. On your mind good morning however it more important. To get someone like Okafor and Westbrook. I don't know Dave I mean I love vocal for and I would make it I would mated dealer at that it at that the draft the Westbrook. Easy game changer communal good for you need to. A covers goodies at that could. When he's constantly he's easy defense alive god and I'd rather umbrella had girl is now well then Okafor and I and I think that ship has sailed. Because that what they wanted was that one that like to pick Chris Dunn. Buy or use and I predicted that Don. But but there is a glut of pigs arts is coming over to Philly now it's a you're one of those guys gonna go somewhere. 61777979374. Lines open will talk.