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D&C - Are media schlubs worthy of the Hall of Fame 7-25-16

Jul 25, 2016|

Dino, Gary Tanguay & Jackie MacMullan discuss the weekend's induction of the Boston Globe's Dan Shaughnessy into the baseball HOF and whether he should actually be in there.

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In a sports media landscape peppered with barking dogs and 24/7 commentators folks like me. The hall continues to recognize the importance of old fashioned daily baseball coverage that's where everyone else gets there information. I hear it all the time from Pulitzer Prize winner's news reporters columnists who cover politics war religion. It's the same with lawyers not doctors and captains of industry they all want my job. Well congratulations. To baseball hall of Famer Dan Shaughnessy but I will correct you. In not everybody want to drop I would not wanna be a beat writer columnist. Covering Major League Baseball pre season or two or ten anyway the discussion now turns to. Should broadcasters. Should writers should journalists be in the Baseball Hall of Fame Jack you've already exposed cards in poker and did they should be. I find it a little bit. Unsettling that the people who were there to cover that and and a popular old school person with all due respect Jackman and about annals okay urgent change my day is fine. And Dan Shaughnessy who who like I think really sort of highlight. My discomfort with broadcasters and journalist being in the hall of fame. You are separate from baseball analyst at I have no problem whatsoever with somebody like. Ernie Horrow well as an example being man or Vin Scully being and they're almost in my mind a part of the tigers and part of the Dodgers. Man and an anybody else Dick Parnell eventually York you know young Dick young whatever. Weren't part of the team I think it gives away gives off. This error this Mara. And a perception that you are part of the team. I'm sure I'm surprised that Dan and you Jackie are comfortable with that sort of jumping into bed with baseball. I don't see it that way at all I couldn't disagree with you more in fact the reason one of the reasons I think Dan is in the hall of fame was that. Because he was an independent voice who is want to take on all comers and it took a took longer than it should've for. But there's value to that now I I don't know about I can't speak to the baseball hall and I can speak to the basketball hall of fame. It's so for full disclosure. I won the Kirk Saudi award which is the basketball equivalent I believed to baseball. But we are not the hall of Famer to where we are no I'm not saying if I'm I'm trying to say this for the for all disclosure number one number two to explain. We are not technically in the basketball thing it's a separate. In addition it where you know the plaques or whatever right are displayed in the best often. But we are not technically hall of fame inductees but I Dan is in the baseball hall correct I don't know and I don't really care. Because to me it's a completely separate entity. And clearly no one is gonna ever accused Dan Shaughnessy of being in bed that. Was not my point but but it but he gives a way this gives off this perception that there is a eight likable EB nobody more than Dan. You know. Is is above reproach in terms of being in bed with a baseball team or anything that covering for that matter and it will certainly give him that and congratulations to him being in the hall of fame just for me it seems a little. Uncomfortable. Well I think that these. You know I look at Shaughnessy and eggs. As Jim writes to a degree. Tim Rice to weigh in I'm sure if he's auditioning alumni autograph and I had a well. He's gonna commit to Comcast and rice before or after Steve he ripped dusty figures show me if its regulatory drugs and often vote Crowley cargo handler every which Jackie said it wants cameras that it if Shaughnessy was a house man he would get in earlier. You have he would get an earlier in the the way that I look at stand. And I think his role is being replaced now by Sports Radio. Rick you know I had was that the donut Dan was you know you article on the voice of the fan the voice of the baseball fan but he would take on everybody. And there are times when we've all disagree with him and course which is what makes him fantastic. He's in my three B and he sets the tone he's a must read. Either you either go you know Shaughnessy Demi you're right where you go Shaughnessy you'd jerk. And that's what he's supposed to do and that's what you should be in a hall of fame because he's represented the fans he quite often a stool we're thinking especially in a town like base. And I just eat you know I mean was he the guy that wrote about the with a gorilla suit that was him was at his line they would guerrillas who. I try to. I think everybody Ronaldo. Was the first times I thought what actions in the analyst. But you know the Jose offerman thing you know again I did or not the idea I mean the whole bit. And that's why I think it should be in a hall of fame because I think he represented them the you know the voice of the fan. And to another point you know Gammons I don't Gammons many people considered to be a house guy and so forth. And there are varying opinions on him. Bought the weight gamut started covering baseball initially. You know with a Sunday notes I was revolutionary except the home set the tone for everything okay bit but the decision that's why he should be at all with the. Are you missing the point that discussion here is not specifically whether day and deserves to be your Dan you know is done the job correctly with the Peter has for that matter. In general terms are you comfortable with broadcasters. And journalists who were covering the team. Meant to be objective many you know are not the end certainly is an end and you know I can't speak about Peter I think Petersburg Italy. Are meant to cover the team are now being honored as well as you be far out of it should be. It has nothing to do in the way out of me that I right now I think that's what you need I just kind of cost obvious separation of church and state and I think that Ann and I are I think there is that a word specifically given to journalists and I mean no most people in America are waking up this morning and seen pictures of Mike Piazza Ken Griffey junior and dance honestly I could see the back page of the Boston Globe's on the sports section K but come on. John that's that's showing that's on love for someone that has worked for them for many decades. Was taken a lot of crap in this town and a lot of crap nationally and has had his moment I can't argue with that either. Again I'm sorry I'm not talking about debt as a deservedly under the rules of the situation I'm just talking about the fact. That the situation exists that broadcasters and journalists can't be in the big east. All Paul I think they should be because I think that there are people like I am like Vince Scully like Peter Gammons. That have had eight had a monumental impact on the game. And the players can tell us Dan's impact on on the game. Oh that's impact on the fans and the readership the Boston Globe certainly is is measurable. But what was Dan's impact on Major League Baseball or even specifically the Boston Red Sox interest. You know the conduit to the fans I mean obviously he didn't have anything to do with the ground balls and what happened on the field in who have widen so forth and he didn't help the red sex with a World Series. But the wait didn't cover the team the day of the week it wrote about the team in the weight Dan sparked debate about the team to meet. Makes him all of them were. Absolutely and I mean. John I don't I maybe just. I'm gonna say this too without offending you well and yet you spent a talk show I'm going to let you listen there's an outlet I don't think you really understand what our board our jobs about. You know our job is. And we heard layers of information. I get in against gays and purveyors of opinion and ended formation. And sometimes people can shape change. And that's happened throughout Europe the years and I I. Yeah I understand. The people and I don't equate. I don't equate professional athletes with journalists and and I don't think by giving. DN or anybody else this award. You're Satan that your lumping them all into the same category. I don't think that yeah I grew get a pick anybody looks at your Mike yachts against Shaughnessy into the one thing I had to tell things Dan was just let's be real well right out cracked right. Well I did chuckle when I saw Dan I saw a clip of the video and and I I read his transcript online. But what I saw evidence to tough it. In front of a podium at the baseball all of that I did have to laugh a little bit because it really was like the fox and and house a little bit. You know which it's a compliment to him I mean how many times overseas Tennessean a tie I mean I don't know you know you know along and meet you know. This is a big deal for Dan didn't you know what's surprising about it is win because he was a Comcast I think. When he got the word or he came in at today I didn't realize. I didn't think it would mean as much to him as it did. Of course it's listen it's it's. For for all of us it's the culmination of your career it's validation of your career front and really and really bigger award in our businesses the red Smith award. Which is a by the way our our former colleague and good friendly Monfils was the reds with Smith award winner this year and that's that's the highest honor in journalism. But when you're covering your own sport. An economic and equated with bats that well he's equated with baseball. We are both columnist but I think it's pretty clear winner right we you know we are true passion lies and passion is the word I would use when it comes to the and a baseball. There is no better honor and it doesn't matter for took a really long time. Or for some guys it never it's never gonna happen it's still validation. And. Well I'd just because Dan was Foley's. Dan has never been concerned about oh questions in this. He he's taken his lumps. And I think that you know I've learned he's he's that sensitive but ideas theories he's Mort cents a that I thought which makes him very human but. Because he had been so provocative. And sort paid mediated it just I didn't think that it would mean as much him because earlier he'd always been comfortable wolf. 39 years ago at a hotel elevator in Cleveland my first road trip the great Brooks Robinson. Ask me how old I was told me how much fun I was gonna have covering big league baseball. Brooks Robinson. How many hours of my youth and I spent pretending I was him. Brooks was so right. Thank you players. Thank you fans thank you baseball hall open. You're. Fox in the hen house analogy applies right there and I don't gamble hate this and I'm not I would never be as. Anybody I've watched or read in this town in the forty years I've been here. Qualify as less as a band boy. And Dan Shaughnessy. At some point there's a separation and I'm sure there was and has been for Dan but to talk about all with an elevator with with Brooks Robinson that has the fan boy what kind of thing and that's the kind of kind of blow back. That I think being in a Baseball Hall of Fame as a broadcaster or journalist. Casts. Doubt on dance specifically bit people in general about being part of the gate. But here's the thing you're sipping John. It didn't shots he had to cover Brooks Robinson. Brooks Robinson screwed up yes dot should be the first wonder right I have no doubt about it so that's that's the difference and listen to this a thousand cuts. Matt Clement was one of the nicest people I've ever met in my like Matt Clement the former pitcher for the Red Sox. What he had one of the worst years I've ever seen of anybody and of course turned out it was hurt we found out later. What we had to kill Matt Clement on a regular basis when you went to her because she was so awful and we noise was heard at the time. And as much as you like somebody. Your job is to be able to look at them objective. But not everybody. Either passed. And president. Feel that way they will give breaks to people that they like they will give breaks to people who were nice they won't give breaks to people who are nice to that. I mean there is not this they that the separation. And B&B complete separation Shaughnessy has been the subjects. The rights of reports and and write this column about is is a Manson it's obvious but I don't think that exist and everybody who covers baseball or basket. No I think on a regular basic course it doesn't and that's why some like Dan Shaughnessy deserves this honor because she had the guts to to do it properly did and now I would say again I've gotten and arguments about this before. He he always says that I have what he calls the velvet hammer. Which means I think it's pretty self yes it means you go after people to god and awaited big they don't even know right now you're going to have a right and you know and I said to him. You should develop I don't hammer what's gonna laugh at it because that's the only the only argument ever had with him is that. The one thing that that always bottoming out in its wake up purse like the the baggage door not comment yet so unnecessary you know right demeaning guys like that's the only the only argument I've ever had with then. Art 6177797937. Fault lines are lighting up will talk with you next baseball connects us to the past and the future. I love the fact that my soon to be born grandchild. That produces a hospital over there. We'll Sunday sit in an obstructed view seat. An agent Fenway his or her view partially blocked by the same green poll that block the views of my grandfather in 1912. That's baseball. And John Aussie Saturday. A choose his running down the number of global east Boston Globe sports writers who are in hall of fame yes. And I have to believe the globe's number one you're talking about maybe Washington Post. But you will have appalled applaud you Bob Bryan at Shaughnessy five via. Now. Major heading that is. Very good in a look like Dennis started at all I would say that will McDonough is the reason the globe. Became Boston Globe because talk about fearlessness I don't lose my goodness but also because he was a mention to all us in. And and not and the actors such. Dodging it it's a weird word but well as the guy they would like say hey Charlie Weis is having surgery. Our kids. I get it in the paper you know instead of want and it's a heat and ice that he really if you. Norman Chad that the TV yet critic he had the best light or not the glow when she said half of them are on deadline and the other half for and make up. And it's because will start it got us our television right and it it raised your profile. Raise cheer people paid yeah. It did swimming his money are at 6177797937. As promised to the phone lines early mics in lol I might. Good morning John Mike and Jack you know we in my sector is married and I'll I have no job I can see your point of the church and separation of church and state. Like broadcasting all the same but. You know when you think of sports. Certain sports you think of certain announces insert writers. I mean I think Sean has hit big at a baseball I think Jim Nantz I'd be a Sunday afternoon watching call. You you don't want what she was never up and boy are rump swab for the patriots. Army jacket and that the Celtics. I mean if you pick a sport or writer and the invoke. Some sort of passion but either ISIS' you want a column. Didn't join it jobs and lead our highest level ointment. But do you think Jim Nance should be in the golf hall of fame absolutely. Eat. It all. Audience is always as an announcer or as a writer I just think I just think there's a separation that needs to be there is that it can make it's a personal thing has nothing that would add congratulations to Dan and and and Jackie and Bob and and and will almost people that's great Collins who forgot a couple of stuff that's that's right right yeah that that's about. Well I mean yeah and I mean John I can understand maybe it should be a separate wings were announced the broadcast this sort of news service yes. Saying it out it's as the best interest or I mean John you you'll. You'll dunce as count I don't know how many years forty and your job. And you guys toward pretty well the morning he went all comments and passion one way. What the other agent not a right here already announced spoke to that particular war. But doing your job in my estimation doesn't qualify you to be any hall of fame of the sport you were covering. Broadcasting hall of fame is separate unit of the separate entity what do you know whatever that may be. But a Baseball Hall of Fame Dan Shaughnessy is now in. Cooperstown. As a hall of Famer in gradually instant dad would. It's just different I don't think you understand that everybody up and say again everybody can separate just no one is putting Dan Shaughnessy in the same category. As Mike peanuts it's just it's a separate its it has in its own name the Frick award it to separate awarding it. People also took its somebody times' Jackie and I think he is from what I understand it Cooperstown and the media wing. Is like a closet. It's a sick thing at the best ball fine there's a little section for all let's X ray Alley where it's Nolan sparkle confusing us with. Larry Bird right now Kurt got the award because I associate Kirkwood Kirkwood baseball and football very good question and answer that I've never been able to have vehemently basketball game surely didn't have similar data undoubtedly did but I don't know it ABC IDS and my guess and only my guess is that. He was probably a staunch supporter of the amazement basketball golf arraignments on I don't really honestly no I Toms at New Hampshire Tom. And Jack if you agree you know you. One of my two favorite sport the alt Larry Bird and chart a the it sent out there. But I have a question Jack. It is ought to do and been elected. I kicked in about who should go out there are many young six. It'll. Well Seattle by the way you have to be sixty before you get honored I I've never bought that. Danced and covering baseball and I held the I think in seven years older than me so one okay sixty ones of them that are right so anyway. So I think. He's been to a baseball since he was twenty years old you know he's been doing it for forty some odd years so I don't think you have to wait to you or certain advanced age be recognized. But try to point you know. It mentally. And like that and they know. Aren't the only one or. Like it elect in the debate all right right into light it up but there are great I didn't cut. Haven't got you know look at that and there are but if it but I do I gotta bring up a list but if you look at that list. I'd there's no doubts that you could see each honesty should again and before and also the thing that I liked about dance speeches when he talked about Brooks Robertson. And what people don't realize these people. Get into this business because were science but the two people that I will always admire the have been my heroes forever John Allah chicken Dave Allen's. You know even one time when I called they just ask a question he talked to reflect an hour and a half by the use lonely do we talk about everything. Up from the grandparents have been to the NBA. And I just say my god I just ought to be I mean he got NB you know the Brooks Robinson thing I'm sure Jackie has a story to. You know who we don't get into this business lobby York's hobby yours mine Bob generally you know dean post I mean I Dino why don't you you would go to college football Ewan Lamprea whatever mean. You had various reasons for getting at nobody gets its business to be jerking everybody gets its business because week. As a kid we worship some of the sport. It's easier the work in a steel to want that I would say I don't. Might my John have a check story if you were pretty sure my very first year channel seven we went to Philadelphia to cover the Celtics and the 76ers. And that. Those were the days that they flew commercial bat and runner on the plane with them. And I had been channel set from EB a bumper to whatever age maybe. I Saddam plane I'm sitting in the aisle. And one row over and one rollback on the op as a dial was John have a check I'm sitting elect they'll all look at Alec right oh element to get the off field. And John have a check I feel tap on my shoulder. He's a heist is money jump tablets that come on no. Really no one knows what I did I says this it says you're the new guy at shell sent via a city he said listen you sit if there's anything and he would get to Philadelphia anyway can help you show you them the ropes. Ask imagine that yeah that's not happening now doesn't happen I don't know what sort you know I was thinking about. It's trying to get yet compared of the person to Shaughnessy spurred the basketball. Award right now our keyword and I I've come up with it it's Peter best. All right appear destined for the New York poll out just all talk about Steve makes Dan's shot simultaneously. Peace and he would call up and say you better tell me. Automatic chili in my column I mean I would US and so when he was a pioneer. He broke more stores and anybody he was deep at the top of his game right but a vicious kind of Dahlia Novell would hammer there. And key. For years was not. He was not in the best ball. He did not get Becker county where for the same kinda reasons coming up our number two Tang Wei McNabb always joked that Jacqui first Jack and Gary dean L. The summer of drunk. Is over officially I suppose. Wednesday morning when all things turned to the knowing compatriots which is what will be next.