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OMF - Somebody else wants Blake Griffin and Russell Westbrook, 7-19-16

Jul 19, 2016|

Glenn, Lou, and Christian examine the possibility of a Griffin/Westbrook team-up in...OKC?

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As a truce thing. Tidbit out there. That certainly would affect your not the good news. Show. We've sat there with talked about the possibility of the Celtics going out. Am getting Russell watched for making a deal taken a wrist that he's going to come to Boston. After a year we lava or whatever and if that doesn't work you go do the same thing to what Blake Griffin. Tom. But that's an interesting one. Both under. Rescinded Dion Waiters qualifying offer. People are trying to figure out. You don't add up which is a great player but you're already lost your best player and what we do here. And apparently they did it to prevent him from unilaterally accepting it and reducing the cap space they need. To renegotiate your capital there guys coming in this damp air conditioner which affects the tropics stuff. All over all over me although I thought to be a payday at about jobs too hot night pitcher vote boot of dust baloney. Prices as well what do we got a good idea as best of the citizens just all phones found the baby but yeah hey if you ask me about the baby but I think you. Don't want was. Are toxic enough for you. OK so let me let me finish this so perfect so they did this this weird move. They did this to prevent him from actually accepting it. And reducing the cap space that they need to renegotiate an extent Russell Westbrook contract. And that's only one component of Oklahoma City went. Not only do the thunder want to read do Westbrook did you. They hope to parlay that into signing Blake Griffin and Adrian low around ski. Yahoo! Sports the move protects salary cap space. For the funders primary offseason objective. League sources said. Persuading five time all star guard Russell Westbrook did not renegotiate his contract which would eliminate his 2017. Free agency. For Wes for the most likely scenario for a renegotiation. Would be to use the thunder cap space. To guarantee he will stay under contract with the thunder through 201718. Cities. This would now give Oklahoma City. The chance to recruit wanna beat top targets 2017. Free agent and Oklahoma native Blake Griffin. Of the Los Angeles Clippers to partner with Westbrook league sources said. So tell me that both players that. Celtic fans are hoping to get Westbrook. And Griffin herb. Potentially. Not gonna happen possibility and okay see what a Smart move by another team who wants to also like abortion are asking is saying is that they're putting themselves in a position to do this deal now we talked about. Getting Russell Westbrook here and by and getting him with a huge race you don't know when you get him and bring him here for year whether he's got a signed again. Wouldn't you guess that if they were able to renegotiated deal with Russell Westbrook it would be done on the premise that one. Oklahoma City. Is going to go after Blake Griffin and now they've maneuvered stuff around to have the money for. By renegotiating. His deal now and wedding Dion Waiters not allow India witnessed even sign a qualifying effort. But second of all. Russell Westbrook kept to have a wink wink agreement with Blake Griffin now this is what we're gonna do. It's Matt Hewitt or less of a risk. To that there's something that would be going on the order of success that the source from or euros to store I don't know but I trust them. Why do I do killed Simmons doesn't know oh and I do but tonight's thought for Oklahoma City Thunder ownership management. And they asked Russell Westbrook reason on this. The ones you want to stay in Oklahoma City. Now but I tell you what it's all broken down all the of the numbers. And and they've got a way in which the thing can work. Yeah launcher Gainey agent away for the thing to work with direct. But unfortunately it in Iran had something else. In my again so immediately Westbrook is if Westbrook is certificates which he has said he's not signing anything correctly he's not so he's not signing anywhere. He's a which election the best option for him is to wait till next year. So are what you can do but the if I am Westbrook again a you're trying to talk Rina Spain because you're gonna bring better players then. Then Ottawa trust that Griffin is gonna come when he has the same have a contract provides you. There's still the best again you're just waiting right agencies have to wait it out okay see nobody gonna give you a guarantee for anything. Now if you're Russell Westbrook you just lost Kevin to rent. Soul all have played but he Bream Blake Griffin it was going to be better. I knew we were almost there for now they know. He would neither one of those guys are going there are Rottweiler and all America. I'm not doubting ill load gently probably talk to somebody Oklahoma City guys is this is a this is their game plan misses like the message to their fans built correct don't worry we're not gonna blow it up. But okay well. With what's wrong. Russell was Berkus they've given you have one of the best players you got to figure out a way you know that guys it's like you know on the edge as did not dodged gonna give you one great years and lead everybody Alina says points. To do everything. You gotta fire away her how to bring some big names to him. And should be a destination should may meet Russell Westbrook should be a destination from the players if Russell Westbrook signed an extension. Annie asked to do it by February 28 but in all practicality you can do it in this offseason if he does that. Then they're probably for filling their plan because why else would Russell Westbrook do this. And 111 year out so we'll have it all could begin to the same thing. He decided to deal but it can be a one year out he could go to next season and then it got to put it on Oklahoma City. To next season you're promising you're good you're getting Blake Griffin. We don't Griffin wants out of the clippers they were major problems fish that may be suspended because you get into a fight with a straight right out and others bloody problem. Question is does he wanna go. Elsewhere the Westbrook thinks he's still doesn't make any sense ago you know. He's gonna wait. He's not gonna sign an extension because it's a one year opt outs who cares it's an extension it's just whatever it is one year we've all done anyways to the limit more money like everyone else in this league. You know the Contra figure out this summer will be nothing to probe of the ones a global way next summer but they give up this summer. There was not gonna sign anything and not have that opportunity to make more money I. I just don't see him signing that and then I think what you husky. May be accurate that may be OKC's game play yeah that's their plan to get a feel very proud but if waksal Russell Westbrook while I'm. While I thought if he signs a deal. To extend this contract even if it's one year but it's one year beyond because he already has one year left on books. Right if he signs he's done it this year. Well you opt out of the this year but they all can that would be signing a one year extension how would that make any sense that puts two years left on the counter doesn't. But if he does that wouldn't you say to yourself the poker from thinks got to be real. Powell's what happened. Why else would he do to Asia next super team this thing you would resume next super team he would never do that. Well in those aren't afraid to you for next year. Never do it a million years what because he can he can get the one year out. After next season and then he'd get 35% of the total but what's the difference besides a poignant and honest days in the contract he's not. How does that change the scenario what Oklahoma City has to do. Does it. Help. It doesn't change anything nothing different there Westbrook is slated to earn seventeen point seven million taxis. So as long as the plunder have eight point seven million in cap space. Which they now get Byron announcing waiters that the weakest link to me is strange. That's that's a player that they could use look at he was okay and plans to go to the play. Why would you just announced immediate. Nothing ever saw what they've got players on your team your loaded with element to it you'll just lost one of the best players in the entirely. Aren't so they could actually sign Westbrook to a lower salary. That is cap holding or trading. They can and renegotiate whisper celery up to was Max of 26 spot so when I guess that what they're saying is they can give him more money. For this year as well I mean it's confusing to sell let. It does water rescues I think correct. Is that all signs of white Oklahoma City is doing these things. Is actually to bring these two players to get it and it doesn't look like they wanna completely start from scratch OK so now you're gaining. And now you know that this is kind of the plan of okay say. You have to look at this much differently argued. Because he saw Wayland anymore because you don't know Westbrook and and Blake Griffin have a wink what what different. You don't know I mean we you have to assume that that there might be something garlic. You read in that inning got a wink wink I think it's just Oklahoma city's plain and this thorn out there a fan base that's it bottom out again no lawyer but when a player on bottom of this is our plan. That means nothing candidate. Keeping about listening and they go to Oklahoma so there's them you know return of return of the Sandra and radio on and it a lot of polish American wealth but if you aren't a give nobody. Russell what sports science and extension. And Danny Harris Blake Griffin out of on the table and he says public revenue gonna commute to Boston public are not willing to commit. To stay and sign an extension. With Boston right now wants to go to free agency next year. Do you reluctant to give. Much up for Blake Griffin knowing that this is now a possibility teams like if players like put together the super teams. And that's what they might be doing here. I don't think it changes anything. Of course and I think it would change the only unwittingly that automate create a super team other knicks have a plan oh no we shouldn't move for what we wanna do because the knicks have a plan knicks don't have Russell and his whoever wants got a plan empathetic than ever Russ awards for top five player in the league right now yeah and it's a fear for everybody if you're Blake Griffin. And you're looking around that league you look at it Stephen Adams you're looking at at at the rest of that roster. With a Oklahoma City you go there with Forsberg is sending ground. Pretty good. That's pretty good team. I don't think aggregate certainty from anybody so I don't think it changes. You it's certainly completely different Russell Westbrook retreat from that mistake he'll no no I wouldn't serve anybody I don't. He's I think Contra I think Danny and in the Celtics would be cocky enough to think. That. We can convince him after year. Compact and state was OK I think if Russell Westbrook re signs here is going to be. The real fear that this is an inside job. And that Blake Griffin is going there next season now obviously I think it Danny Ainge if he's not planning on that and he's not doing his job. If he isn't all that's an option for anyone in this league they're going to do it's a little different if he's doing his job it's a little I think it's different if Westbrook signs. And stays in Oklahoma City that Russell Westbrook is not he lost Kevin Durant. He is not staying. In Oklahoma City without the promise. That they're gonna go up seek another player. And why would he do that when he can he can he can do whatever he wants at the end of next season and he can beat him and it freeagent drugs and have to play the game. And if Oklahoma City wants the tradable final go somewhere else and bring animal the player with me I would be really leery. If eons of signing there Oklahoma since that's with the waiter situation. And that and I don't know the connection with admirably graphic display referenced that like Oklahoma. What you wanna play in Oklahoma City sponsored by winning goal. There are areas you'd have to have some type of some type of love affair. With state. Maybe you'd ballots maybe that's I don't know it's enough it's actually. No idea idea I just think that's a possibility and a medal what out of fuel reports c'mon Oklahoma City and you know doesn't. Doesn't matter I mean sits in its own report on Santonio at their game plans. That it they plan on going hard after Russell Westbrook. Should Oklahoma City to trade him because here in San Antonio is going hard after that a player dig a money problems in trying to squeeze him man you know they are going to be offseason don't. The other kind of trouble squeezing innocent Tony if if I'm Danny I'm looking at what Oklahoma City is doing right now I am would be. Fearful of now bringing Blake Griffin in for a year if Russell Westbrook resize it's if they're both free agents. And I feel even though I may not be totally confident though. I got a I got an inclination I got a good game. I'm playing in the game. I don't think it's Russell Westbrook central Oklahoma City I'm gonna go hard after Blake Griffin feeling that I got a shot.