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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Sox unlikely or undeserving All-Stars edition 07-08-16

Jul 8, 2016|

Inspired by Steven Wright, we look at four other Sox players through the years who were either unlikely or undeserving of an All-Star nod.

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Hollywood. I'll go. Of my karaoke song. Soon. Personally that we weren't worse. Of course auditor for a fourth brought to mobilize world. This day like that great job. Pops off. Like tough guys. I know there are your options about that is not one of them. If you have to rule only made the regionals groups. Opposed. There's. Him here's payback for you saw. Them all we. You know wake up tomorrow morning on from there on Sunday at Sotheby's it. So use. It to him he should do that it does at this. Or irritated. Bob Marley. At that it's weird about it from bits you'd take redemption song. Can remake. You. Got 44. Like we all stars you can hear from the song. One of them like real stars for the Red Sox pitchers and write another one. If Jackie Bradley junior which is thinking about other holes are you. Surprised. Some of them were unlikely some rumor undeserving. First up under the unlikely category matched Clementi in 2005. In the first half of the season. He went ten to two with a three point 85 ERA. Paper that seems pretty good but did Matt Clement and really deserve to be an all star in 2005. Actually think they did and I regretted he had it he he was borderline. That one constant trouble in the Red Sox clubhouse as Mike Timlin was forty whatever years old. But never made line everyone thought this was his chance. T Terry Francona was managing the teams he's gonna definitely picked Mike Timlin and Tito tried to explain over and over again it was out of his hand the league picked guy's comment was voted in by players or something like that and he'd have to pick a man. Wasn't players there was some reasoning that typical met him and got lapped up the team comment then proceeded to just completely. Come bust and once us. Yeah he was and I usually don't say this about professional athletes because most guys. That's like using hate saying choke. Guys don't show that's it that's just at the moment is too big forum and that there's some fear involved. But Maclin meant that member of the playoffs start in Chicago. To mossy. Low yet. Yeah yeah it was you scare this team it's called cupcake buttons back. I'd never heard that but wouldn't. Second half of the season he went 34 with a five points to any surface. It take. Line drive to knock so when the Red Sox. Acquired Scott Podsednik a couple of years ago I remember asking him about that game you let off that game against man actually a homer. Homer starter member when he did that lead never homered they awful about holding on David lit up the game winning it I remember that I don't think majors but anyway. He was told before the game out there hitting coach. On the other side if you'd get on base he's gonna fall apart he's going to be model and you update the national series. Oh. Yes we are up next mark Butler. 2006. All star representing the Boston Red Sox. The first after the season that year he had played three games or so. And at 305 batting average pretty good. With three home runs and 37 RB I Mark Loretta unlikely and deserving. Power of the Internet maybe yes do you remember at all that's got to. It's a starter that means the fans beta. That but what's fascinating about that vote so he was not winning. Until they tabulated olive view it was basically like. You know a year absentee ballot system and there was some weird thing where he got. It's huge bush at the hand and he ended up I'd forget who the other second. But he got to push and he jumped maybe no progress against the united Robertson. I don't remember rule at the time but yap but he he he overtook him at the last second. This guy. But it democratic election and you're gonna. You're gonna my maybe they know what you know. This shows what he ripped the pro bull. But the one good thing about the NFL probable is that it's at the end of the year you had a great year accurate the for the most part you've been like the twelfth quarterback. But that's the baseball you have these guys and a great first and then they're all stars and and you look back on the season their baseball card. All star that he was but he sucked in the second half that outline that and it seems like it happens more 'cause obviously you have in the NHL NBA if mid season All Star Games. It seems like baseball is a place where you can have a great first. Make an all star team and then you're you're you're actually saw. The risk of being dirty. Variants human experience. Variance. That's and is excited about the very talk radio terms again after the market will resonate here he batted 261. With two home runs in 22 so I don't darker responsible for. They still a mystery. Up next. 2000 entail. First of the season batting 298. Thirteen home runs 51 RV right decent line. Is that deserving of all star's. Car. Yet here and it and he was voted starters well. His numbers are legit yet his numbers were legit and he was a good story because he was the guy who jumped from double play to the majors in 2001. Man it was not highly thought of by the Red Sox but just kind of like forced them well. Staying in the line up caps thing lineup made himself in an off target particularly. Josh Powell's position. Initially was that the guy who else. Items like new balance and it might have been after he would pluses position Nomar year's tour second half stats like these cops. It's announced that he added to 88 here for you but his power numbers went way down he had five home runs in the second half of the season with only thirty you are the strong on base. 320. Yeah redneck all star team he would be or about what. Elaborate and respected. Field writers needed for ironically Toledo area out back ID cards or cards they rednecks and other equipment repair and some moderate and rightly or an editor for Nixon and my forget about it and it about a number. And I it was about brightest guy eats up he is like an animal preserve that is ranch like this it's a story. Well it's not for overhead interpreter and also go to the team plane and some other stuff. Oh and finally we come to last year's Red Sox representative in the star game. Utility man Brock Holtz he now Europe rocks. My god Dakota Democrat Bernadette good. Michael's let us all their car accident. First and I'll wait for the first half of the season last year for chronicled batted 2922. Home runs 22. RBIs yes I know someone's gotta represent every single team and the officer to be. All star game. Analog aren't the right guy gets it have been vote but Ned Yost money utility. Like the utility guy yet. You are on utility at an all star game and an all star game and a guy plays out of position fans think that's cool yeah it's fun. Guess what it doesn't really matter in each itself that it matters it's an exhibition it's both be fun you do not need utility man. We gotta get along reliever in there to know what inspectors it'd have a great candidate that I was and not a good or isn't the problem also. That you have to have. You have to pretend like you're playing a real thing you don't have the game you don't get out of it yet that you don't. Yeah this guy has ever meet I help. That there's no doubt this guy you don't want another tie and you don't want a thirteen inning game where yet and Brock I can't that are happening yet because if he's on the field. It's so we're we're talking about this earlier and we were thinking about all the unlikely all stars. And I was reminded that J. D. Drew actually was the all star game in BP make an all star game. Shady true all star game MVP you remember that any heart I do you do remember that sort of vaguely. I was I was trying to thank you on the dream that followed a little bit but it was amendment. Major it was a clutch player he's got to give the man wasn't you do that. Why don't I six I clean it up black votes more than that almost every home run he hit in the post season was huge. Yet one where they were facing elimination against Schilling went off the ceiling. And like the eighth inning to tie game losing I mean he kept that series alive. Yeah a lot of dignity and yet all of run it out yet when he was when he was in Nam. They'll play in Arizona not. So where I was at Anaheim LA thank you whatever he was not what I went oh Atlanta Atlanta. Okay when he was in Atlanta now I'm talking about art and Angelina I mean he had a home run and that the comeback against the rays that huge game. Will that your that J. D. Drew was an all our 2008 his first half of the season was incredible. Added 30217. Home runs 55 RBIs yeah look at his June look up next you know I don't to look at is you get your rest easier one homer his second half of the season. He batted 2112. Home runs Michael Turin or Libya. What he did that June or who was that are teaser Manny one of them got hurt. And so they needed G-8 leaders step up at like twelve homers in. Twelve home runs 27 RBIs and patsy everybody 37. Thought somebody didn't get hurt. Should remember him Ortiz and Manny is a big deal. These guys are real text or loans and that we your buddy John priests are right in front of you guys are jerks that ignorant. Or rip rock COLT as the Red Sox pick last year for the all star game that guy it was a heart and soul of the team. Did everything for pound. You guys aren't really playing he was an ankle terrorists and and I'll tell us how to continue to say how much effect on. You guys are really getting on whoever was the victim. Because the practice he deserved to make that he deserved to make that team last year. And you have very short memories and married and and he's. Yeah well that that parts troop but he didn't deserve to be. It's possible to say that I suck and that brought COLT did not deserve being in Austin. Are both going to vote based in feature now as far as this this year's team are you willing to. Are you willing to say that Jackie Bradley junior. Is now in the group of in the untouchable group. For the Red Sox would you say that Andy. And I'm not big on untouchables. You'd be pretty special to be so you would say for the rest taxes into blogger yes untouchable and moved bets on that is certainly. Thought I would say untouched and untouchable idol history of the three d.s. Bradley would be the ones. Again yes yeah I mean I've listened Ingraham animus and I'd listen anybody I mean listen maybe someone was to get let's be realistic pray you're not getting Clayton current shy yes of course you have to drag it you know who knows maybe like a really. Desperate. Idiotic team that calls you and they wanted to hear everything's all right I. Can't believe you're doing this but I'll take advantage of like I wouldn't trade Bogart's their bets that a deal for Chris Sale is best which would either Iraq. I think Bradley I would. Is it but you get the sense that people feel like. Bradley is Luke or they think it's something flew to restore because we saw him struggle. We saw on struggled the first two years. And it just had a a league legendary time trying to make contact. So they just expecting him to go down to a 240 to fifty hitter and that's we have and I just don't believe I think he's turned a corner. What you we've seen it so that's left in the back of our mind because he was sort of the next big thing. Then he didn't live up to being the next big thing. Many kind of lived up to being the next big thing but you still have that view that visual that mentality of we're seeing him win. Well if you can just hit ax whatever the number was you'll throw out there with his defense if he just hit whatever that number is Euro you'll except when I can actually hit. And but you still have that mentality that you can't wash away. You know John this is why am start to think that this is we're not starting to I do believe I believe he is that guy. I would listen but I'd be very discerning extremely discerning before I. And thought about making a deal on a for Jackie Bradley junior. Are dealing Jackie Bradley junior the one thing I didn't see coming with him solid defense. Audi hit a little. Noted that I totally agree and all of that that's that's about say that's what puts him over the top now is the guy. That may be is entering that untouchable category because. Even in months in stretches where he doesn't hit for a high average he's still hitting for arias and at an open yes. Under 800 any month this year and that includes do you when he like 200 so he's giving you he's producing that way doubles homers. That's taken into the net. Let me ask you questions. You probably answers while for the John pastor suburbs you have no idea no but. I am generally a pessimist when it comes to prospects yeah you know it's only times the next Kia miss missed. And they they're nice little stretch here that he misses are hitting. Is that do you know is there any you know top ten baseball America organizational prospects hit also give any numerical. Data saying. What percentage of prospects actually end up hitting across baseball so like it are they do go the other way would be my question shall we unload some of these minor leaguers Seattle of dad that's obviously Dave number of these jobs so like of the baseball America top 100 prospects how many of them something like that yet. Yeah there actually happened studies on this I don't have like eleven or 12% and mine head. It's love it's not it's I sell sell sell again you're out in the street real likely becoming all stars in Mac brightening but a look at these three guys Eric. These three guys have become all stars don't go to sleep and I believe that does. Anyone you want the commitment and it does your past but your estimate yes it is actually messing you up because you can also look at the other way optimistic guy here. Wisconsin. Hit produces oh yeah it's not our number two are now gone from a number one to an amateur I hope you guys can keep you happy. You're misinterpreting. And twisting it to join a purpose. You you hit would Bogart's you hit would bet you he would Bradley so. You look at optimistically. Say that a top prospect in the top. The other top prep prospect and Espinoza a top prospect admitted to any rate hit most guys Phil gonna put the numbers. Only I'm overdue for a cold yeah but I mean you can't if you can't race that I'm Matt. All I know yeah I mean that's that they M I always get back to this with the like with Belichick and people say you know he. The deep ball straight in the first round whatever that's why he's Smart he treats Al gets set. I don't know 'cause the bus straight includes people making picks who I think are morons. I want ballot check making the pick 'cause I trust him to not. Picked the boss strike yet and yet sure if you trust Dave Dombrowski to analyze his own prospects and say this one's gonna hit this one's gonna hit this one isn't. I'm just saying law of averages would seem to say they're at a nice hot. Spell it was prohibited but he's at the date to grab what they generally do well Dave Dombrowski usually unloads on why won't he try to restarted but what. You started in this business when he is what thirty. You started gas. 220 something years I was in Montreal it was. Florida you know fla Detroit. Into and it's for a long time and I think there's an art to a I think they're there's an art to two things in baseball that just can't teach one building the bullpen. An atomic despondent dominant closer fining knows. Middle relievers and gazette this season the season. And the best general managed just happened back on. Him or not there was a starter but we put them in this role will be good. Go to the bullpen. And knowing. When this. In whom it era. And so far so far he's held on to these guys you know only a few years only a couple of in the short Spain but he held onto these guys and I get the sense that there are unavailable god I bet you know Espinoza he'd treat. No it's definitely not trade name you're and you ought to know hi am pitching in your system right now investor knows you Ko Pacman guy who's. Been busted for drugs and for punch and out his roommate but he was he had under in three miles an hour I think yet. Yes and to let you have like you have one or two widget pitching prospects are Espinoza is not going anywhere. He starts a look at among cotta devers and you say OK you have to potential third baseman. We've already talked about trading Travis shots may be devers is a guy who gets dangled whose. For a time was putting up better numbers than Bogut sat at the same age in the same level. I he started out slow this year and has come on recently I think so. You have you have potential got some of the timber skis history. He traits prospects in mammals never amount to anything you remember what EU would remember too and you know once heard of half of these people but what he traded to get Dontrelle Willis. And Miguel Cabrera. Was a whole bunch enough of the best players Andrew Miller turned out to be good yeah but after he left Detroit yet to come to Boston had to become a reliever the whole thing. Burke maiden hop you know Cameron Maybin was probably like one of the centerpieces of that deal and he's you know he's an okay outfielder but. Ambrose he's history is I get good players and I don't give away good. Players. Out untrue untrue Willis and Willis are kind of a message hardly any of those shaky. Rap on him. That's one of those Sports Illustrated where they now Dontrelle Willis probably you know working and wrecks and or somewhere in. Helping out it is for many notes which we had a machine you can take things and look for answers to what is your last pitched in big leagues in two. Doesn't Hillary is now every night these days.