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Dale and Holley's Four at Four Heartbreak Edition 07-05-16

Jul 5, 2016|

Inspired by KD going elsewhere, we look at four times Boston was the bridesmaid and not the bride.

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Hollywood. The voice yeah. That's not right. Not good. For Ford brought to you by AT&T mobilizing the world are we playing as an outline different now because. We're talking about here and Jimmy Ruffin. Because sometimes you feel like. You should've had that happened. After weeks of being York city. Work your for your team. Bringing your city championships. And sometimes they get away. You have to learn how to deal with being. Broken heart. All right gentlemen thank you December day it was flat last. Hole I BM. Nixon and our whole our people are counted. I don't know radio. So December 2003 the Texas Rangers expressed interest in treating highly paid for stuff out whoever hits. Boston considered before or by most to land him but ultimately. Ended up in the Bronx. By early December of 2003 I think the sense within the industry was that Alex Rodriguez for the Red Sox was inevitable the interest loan from Texas is and was removed as players out there. In the market camera and certainly hope the boss that wouldn't get them maybe we could have something to talk about whether Anderson they would take me we would take hours. Some parties the Rangers or Alice and make the difference in the in the contracts. But soon you will soon give his stamp of approval on Alex Rodriguez going to the Yankees thus continuing. Their legacy of success over the rest up. Rob Bradford if Alex Rodriguez who come here. Would 2004 happened. With their champion how many championships with a Red Sox have your. More than three. I maybe would have been exactly number. So you would have been great here buddy go to 2004. That could very easily one of 2004 without right. Yes yes we did it had Alexandria you know bar would have been the guys go. Beatty was great Nomar was traded. 2007 go to 2007 World Series. Where right in the middle of the World Series he was still really stood. And the reason I remember that was because it's golf course in game four decided to have him opt out of his contract. At during the game up. Episode. The third RDR I knowing what he had the he had 2005. We also wanted to know seven. After she was really an original seven. Objectively which means you're probably glided by the fact that if that what he is now in in the perception of Alex Rodriguez because. During the time that we're talking about you with us. So we have embraced him of course you have been a fan favorite because Roth frauds ever at us. He would hit forty something I hope they win it 07 he wanted to several hours at lower numbers in 07. Probably crazy. I'm an O five he was it was down the stretch it was remembered it was Rodriguez to Ortiz seven yet oh. Moment. It's clean 10670. Yes on at all 54 home runs. I'm shocked that he won him be fish. 10056. RBIs. And if so a 156 RB. We didn't hate until we went to the he was you know nobody is excellent. That's true now when he wanted to come up with the my cousin. You with the Yankees it has a cousin told me do it taxes. You know yet area and slap the ball over to throw him under the bus. You look at you look at 2005 a if you got five Red Sox were on you Cindy petered out. You and Austin music that you're forty home runs 10310. Yes. Hundreds 162 gave 162. Games he played in a pirate 62 games. 2001 you go well to 2005. Plated a 158007. That almost seems unnatural it's. I don't know how it pops. You ought to me it's BR. May of 2007 after sitting out the first part of the season Roger Clemens announces fuel return to the breaks. First final season to pitch for one of his former teams the Astros yankees or Red Sox. The Sox wooed him. And when as far as having a Mateen produced video to show how awesome would be. For him to return to Boston but ultimately. My good. Another dramatic video I haven't seen a lot of love and right into it I'm way more money. So she's upset that broadcast Booth before. And often times I thought if I could ever Muster an assortment that's better for it thing. What is she stopped to yell in the middle law might. I noticed that look like I up up up up up and over the floor right now. A ball. Dramatic things she's ever seen so wait you know David Wells no hitter on. David coombs that are yankees World Series champion and it elder just Monday that it was exactly like what Mike Carp immigrants Clinton mystic Leo. Oh what a joke thought Joseph has this guy's story. So it Mike Carp is what a lot of our guys I was in the boot when my carpet game winning Grand Slam and you know almost. Out out. Mike Carp one after the game all of us have all had no doubt you know ho works. Re in the break we gotta get my car up Micah reed got to get my car we've got to get my car. Yeah all my security you have an unbelievable. Isn't. It Joseph after Joseph had this is the biggest thing right now that the captain that he mystery fail. That's the captain. Do you want Rachel back while they NGOs he your skull rhetorical Rich Hill Bob. The bill to. Freak me. March of 2013. Calgary Flames shot to Rome get on the trade market. A minute of march 27 Bruins fans go to bed thinking it's a done deal is coming to Boston. But wake up the next day to find out he went to the Pittsburgh Penguins Wednesday. Around noon yesterday that that. We had the player we we we won the sweepstakes and so to speak. He he just had to talk to Truman and his agent regarding logistics of everything we believe we had a deal. We operated on the premise of the deal so later that night. Got a call from. Saying that there was a player's choice and he yup to a Pittsburgh so we wrote. That the strange situation. They make a deal. With Calgary. You guys agree on the terms and deal on the players or player hears about it from a woman says now. I'm not doing. The best one day. With GM gets a look at about it aria we had a deal. We thought we had a player. So it's not a mistake and it here drama Jimmer decides to go to Pittsburgh the Bruins beat Pittsburgh in the playoffs. In the next year yeah Emma comes here. The Bruins with the Montreal. That what was. Swept the yet they were the year he was here. It was they and they let him walk. It was a great it was a great fit the like it was a lifelong girl he fit better here than it was the thing is them. Latter date back. I there but I was as it sounds good but it did its job related I you kind of know I. Little you know little bit of leverage to get the latter date back if type situation. Right here is that that you talked about Helio back the disbursement. I haven't got her act bad call backs for that night I tell you what though you talk about GM getting precede. Remember the Jay Gibbons. Back thing would Lucchino. That date that trading goes through Colorado Colorado. What the network for a player who was just okay with Jay Gibbons. Know what it was somebody else or the other guy I don't know I don't know about mr. Jake you shake your. And that that the players from the mine in the nose and I'm reason I'm Lyle over. Well like old days if the latter date. And we're who has also allotted practice. And couple of honorable mentions before we get to number four patriots missing out on titans wide receiver Derrick Mason. Yankees beat the socks the ball Mike Mussina and Mark Teixeira. Selz missed out on David West the poignant. Bought in march of 2014. Carolina Panthers are ways with veteran receiver Steve Smith junior. Smith arranges free agent meetings with several teams including the patriots but never made the Foxboro. Because he never got out of ball. I was very interest we had conversations. I own and I was well through the process has been a free agent for the first time my career like everyone else. It's out just won't do the process that process started in the very quickly form I had never really been created so everything was new to him. It's so I was just trying to absorb everything in it also look at did this situation is. I liked it here I'm not it's not just say out would know like in doing them but never got that opportunity because I chose to play here off my visit. Here. Are great with that guy that you think there will kept them. They would have kept him from her from. Patriots Monday patriots Friday it would let him speaking broadly. The unbelievable go to guy. After practice after games. Now that I thought he was done when he left here on. There really wasn't done it's coming back again he has yet he's done now but the plays he made down remember. We just like tipped ball for like it was like everything was worked with local mosque came here ever worked down the field when he when he drivable. Still my favorite moments so where does. The recent loud crowd got after these sugary Simone the little kid. Oh yeah Steve's patriot yes and they don't go ravens bloated bake it and it looks like you want to punch him at the AM. He has a history but people who got us enterprise people I think you realize it was him water he might punched a seven girls. So it freeagent. Why not make all the visits the outback every you know if you say why would you make all the visits. Why would you why not. I got there people. You don't get out of there BA freed freeagent a hard time for you ought to make seven teams come to. Why would you not you know it's like if they're putting the dessert cart in front of you in as an option I'm tasting all of them before I ordered the desert but back to Germany for Calgary. For example on one of them started on Friday yes so sixteens. Friday through Sunday. Wouldn't be a little overwhelming. You kind of make it one of the biggest decision of do you wanna be the first team in the last game. Of the middle. Well Oklahoma City thought. We'll get the lead off spot there won't get the outlook at closing time and we'll bring him back. How you know that that is the fraudulent. Sort of clippers rumor and how are you wanna collar. Big global away the clippers bloom a way. And it would the first one eliminated from the right I do think I 'cause I'd wanna be first. Because we I think we do have enough historically in all sports where the first just just end it somehow. Closes seal any worries are gonna the other five received here after Oklahoma City. You mean with number five hours five hours. And he walks out he says okay thanks a lot. I'm competitive Hamptons. You don't you know what that point you would think after five hours. Eight and say you know what this is what I'm thinking. This is home. You guys. Love playing with Russell Westbrook. Their love Oklahoma's already mr. Oklahoma all thought. Love that's open college football we're on the still water park and not a audit faults I'm a forty year old man. I mean. At that point they had no notion.